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With Apocalypse right around the corner, Jake Starr readies himself for the biggest match since his return to the business of professional wrestling.

He has elected to help promote his match by taking up an offer from two friends of his, Poon and Peener, who host a morning show on satellite radio. The morning show duo have known Jake for years, and have wanted him to come visit for quite some time. Jake feels that this could help hype up his match a bit, while at the same time being good exposure for himself as well.

Like always, Jake is flanked by his friend Shawn, who also has known the pair for a number of years. Shawn isn't the biggest fan of the radio industry, due to some bad spots he had done in the past. He doesn't know why he is as uncomfortable on radio as he is, since television never bothered him before. Nevertheless, he agreed to join his friend on this venture.

The two are seen walking in to the front of the large building that hosts the radio station, along with several other businesses. Before they can be allowed in, they must first confront a security guard to issue them visitor's badges, that allow them on the premises. The camera slowly zooms in on the pair as they begin walking towards the security desk, and the obviously unhappy guard.

Shawn Wright: Another radio spot?

Jake Starr: Yeah... Radio is a fun medium!

Shawn Wright: I've never been a fan.

Jake Starr: That's because you usually suck a fat-one when you go on the air.

Shawn Wright: Do not!

Jake Starr: You really do. You're quite the monotonous one when it comes to being on radio...

Shawn Wright: I thought I did quite well on the air!

Jake Starr: Well... You thought wrong!

Shawn's shoulders slump as Jake breaks the news to him that he isn't as productive being on the radio as he once thought. The two approach the desk of the security guard to obtain their visitors badges. The guard is noticeably dull, and lacks in good "people skills."

Guard: Can I help you gentlemen?

Jake Starr: Umm... We're here for the Poon and Peener show...

The dull security guard stares at the two emotionless.

Guard: Names?

Jake Starr: Jake Starr...

Shawn Wright: Shawn Wright...

The security guard glances down at his list of guests to appear on today's various shows. He scans the list, and finally comes upon the names of the two.

Guard: You guys got forms of identification?

Jake and Shawn awkwardly glance at one another as they reach into their pockets, and pull out their wallets. They each flip their IDs at the security guard, who is not appreciative.

Guard: You could have just handed them to me gentlemen!

Jake stares at the, obviously surly, man.

Jake Starr: And eventually you could learn to accept the fact you're a security guard, and not be a crank-ass with everyone.

Shawn can't resist chiming in as well.

Shawn Wright: You'd actually MAKE friends if you smiled occasionally.

The guard glares at the two, who have now begun to smirk.

Guard: I don't have to even let you in, you know?

Jake cocks his head to one side, chuckles, and responds.

Jake Starr: Yeah... You kind of do!

The guard gets even more annoyed.

Guard: And how do you figure that one?

Shawn Wright: It's simple... You don't let us in, your bosses get wind of the fact you treated fancy entertainers such as ourselves like crap, and then who do you think will be in trouble? Us? Or Mr. Surly Security Man?

The guard's upper lip begins to quiver in anger.

Jake Starr: Dude... I think you actually pissed him off!

Shawn Wright: I know! The way his lip is quivering, he's either royally pissed at me, or is having one wicked muscle spasm. Maybe I should try and touch it?!

Jake Starr: I wouldn't... By the looks of it he is about two-beats away from frothing at the mouth.

The guard's arms begin to tense up, and his hands curl into a fist. Noticing the tension, Jake leans over his desk and looks down, seeing said fists. He leans over to Shawn and whispers...

Jake Starr: He's about ready to punch us!

Obviously whispering loud enough for the guard to hear him, the guard explodes.


He slams his fists onto his desk. The sound echoes throughout the building.

Guard: It is people like you who make my life a living hell everyday! If I could, I would kick you out of this building right this very f_cking second!

Jake and Shawn jerk their heads back stunned. Their eyelids flutter, and they slowly look at each other, and back at the guard.

Jake Starr: So... I guess that means you're going to give us our visitors badges now?

The guard slams his hands on the desk again, and throws the IDs of the two back at them. They juggle to catch them before they fall to the floor. Before they can fully catch their IDs, the guard throws their visitors badges at them as well. They both flail around trying to catch them. Once they both successfully get their IDs back, and badges clipped on, they walk towards the elevators leading up to the station. Before they get there, Jake runs back to the security desk.

Jake Starr: You have a wonderful day you Mr. Cranky-Pants you!

The security guard flips off the Adrenaline Champion as he cackles running back towards the elevators. The camera view flips to Shawn standing near the bank of elevators. Jake comes around the corner, and Shawn pushes the "Up" button.

Shawn Wright: He was sure a piece of work wasn't he?

Jake Starr: I get the feeling he doesn't like his job very much. I don't know why, but he gives that vibe off!

Shawn Wright: I think you may be right!

The door to the elevator swings open. The camera shifts inside the elevator as the pair steps in.

Shawn Wright: Which floor?

Jake Starr: Seventh I think...

Shawn reaches over and pushes the button for the seventh floor. The elevator door closes, and begins to rise.

Shawn Wright: So I've been meaning to ask...

Jake Starr: OK...

Shawn Wright: Where in the HELL do you come up with names like Poon and Peener?

Jake Starr: Good question! I think they're mocking that dumb bitch Lady Gaga.

Shawn Wright: Umm... How is that spoofing her?

Jake Starr: I think in an interview once she said she had both a "Poon and a Peener."

Shawn Wright: WOAH! She's a shim?!

Jake Starr: Not a tranny... I'm thinking a hermaphrodite.

Shawn Wright: Wow... A legit penis and p_ssy combo...

Jake Starr: Yeah... Quite the freak!

Shawn Wright: HA maybe Stacy is related!

Jake Starr: Oh God... I think she is a tranny though. No woman I know has an Adam's Apple protrude like that.

The elevator dings as they reach the right floor. The elevator doors slowly open, and at the end of the hallway, the studios where Poon and Peener broadcast can be seen. As the two slowly approach the studios, the Executive Producer catches the two, and welcomes them to the building.

Executive Producer: Jake Starr and Shawn Wright, I presume?

As the producer comes into frame, the two are greeted by a man extreme muscle mass, tattoos covering both arms, a flamed t-shirt, chest hair protruding from the top of his shirt collar, and horrendous Capri pants on. He introduces himself as Steve, the Executive Producer for Poon and Peener's show. Shawn, completely distracted by the ungodly Capri, looks over at Jake and whispers.

Shawn Wright: Dude... What kind of show is this?

Jake leans over towards his friend and whispers his response.

Jake Starr: Apparently one where you can hire bulky men resembling the "Bear" fetish of gay pornography.

Jake quickly snaps back up and smiles at the aforementioned Executive Producer.

Jake Starr: Yeah I'm Jake, and he's Shawn.

Steve: So very glad you two could make it today! Welcome to the building, and to the studio! Like I said, I'm Steve, and if you need anything just let me or one of the staff members know! We'll hog-tie an intern and get it for you.

Jake cocks and eyebrow.

Jake Starr: Why would you have to hog-tie an intern?

Steve: It is just how we do things around here!

Shawn Wright: Sounds kinky!

Steve: It sure can be! Let me show you guys to the green room!

Jake Starr: Wow... You guys have a green room?

Steve: Well sort of! It also doubles as the break room for the staff.

Shawn Wright: Better than if they called it the "brown" room, and told us to wait in the sh!tter...

Steve: Touché!

Steve begins to lead the two down the hallway towards the "green room." As they walk, they pass the studio where Poon and Peener are broadcasting. They can see in, and wave at the boys as they pass. They approach the break room, where they'll be hanging out, and much to their surprise they do have quite a number of luxuries to partake in. They have a flat-screen television, and snacks while they wait.

Steve: I will come back for you guys when they boys are ready. Just make yourself at home!

Jake Starr: Alright thanks...

Steve: You're welcome gents!

Steve exits to go back to preparing everything for the pair's entrance into the studio. Shawn starts fishing through the snacks, while Jake lounges back on the couch and starts surfing through the channels.

Shawn Wright: So you realize that, once we both get settled, he's going to come get us, right?

Jake Starr: That would sound about right!

Shawn continues to rummage through the snacks.

Shawn Wright: You want anything?

Jake Starr: Yeah toss me something...

Shawn throws a couple of snacks towards Jake. Jake catches them, and begins to eat them.

Shawn Wright: Do you have any clue what they're going to talk about?

Jake responds while chewing.

Jake Starr: Who knows with these guys. They're big wrestling fans though...

Shawn Wright: Ah!

Jake Starr: So it could be any number of things...

Shawn Wright: I gotcha...

Jake swallows his food.

Jake Starr: I honestly just figure we'll go in there, and it'll just flow. I'm sure we'll talk about SCW, probably my match with Exeter, my streaks, things like that.

Shawn Wright: I wonder if they'll as me anything...

Jake Starr: Yeah... To leave!

Jake laughs.

Shawn Wright: Asshole...

Jake Starr: I told you dude... You're terrible on radio!

Shawn Wright: Yeah... I bet I redeem myself today!

Jake Starr: How?

Shawn Wright: I'll be a great guest in there!

Jake Starr: You're not even the one they'll be talking to most of the time...

Shawn Wright: So! I'll make the most out of my opportunities!

Jake Starr: I bet you will...

Jake just smirks and shakes his head. Steve walks back into the green room.

Steve: Guys... I wanted to ask a quick question before I take you in there to the studio...

Jake Starr: Alright...

Shawn interjects before Steve can ask.

Shawn Wright: Sorry, but I won't have sex with you!

Jake Starr: WHAT THE F_CK?!

Jake pelts his friend in the arm with his oatmeal cookie he was given from the snack bin. Steve gets a laugh out of the scene.

Steve: Don't worry! I get comments like that often!

Shawn Wright: In clothes like that I can see why!

Jake's head slumps.

Jake Starr: Sometimes I wonder why I bring you anywhere!

Shawn Wright: You were a dick to the security guard!

Jake Starr: Yeah but... OK you have a point! Anyway... Steve what's your question?

Steve: I was wanting to know if there was anything you didn't want brought up... We've had some guests with illegitimate children, murder accusations, third nipples, you name it. Some people don't like it being brought up!

Jake laughs.

Jake Starr: Third nipples huh?

Steve: Yes... Apparently that was an embarrassing feature!

Jake Starr: I don't know why, but whatever! But to answer your question, no there isn't anything I'm afraid to talk about. If they can conjure it up, have at it...

Steve: Alright! Let me go get that all setup real quick, and I'll come take you back to the studio...

Shawn Wright: Yeah because the 20 foot walk back the way we came is so damn difficult!

Steve stops and pops his head back into the green room.

Steve: You would honestly be surprised how many people have gotten lost!

Steve walks over to one of his Assistant Producers and quickly fills them in on the fact Jake isn't going to be avoiding or dodging any questions they may have. He then is seen walking back to the green room to get Jake and Shawn.

Steve: Alright guys, if you are ready...

Jake Starr: I'm ready... How about you stupid?

Shawn Wright: Yup...

Steve: Then follow me!

Jake stands up from the couch he was sitting on, and Shawn walks over from the snack area. Steve leads the two past some of the other studios, and in front of the door where Poon and Peener are broadcasting. Steve stands in front of the window, and signals to the two radio personalities that Jake and Shawn are ready to make their appearance onto the show. The camera sees one of the guys motion to Steve to let them in.

Steve: Alright! They just gave me the OK that they're ready for you guys...

Jake Starr: Sweet...

Jake turns the knob on the studio door, and pushes it open. The pair walk in, and the camera shifts, once again, to behind the radio console in order to see all of the people in the room. The man identified as Poon, sits at his station at the console with his fumanchu mustache, and his cowboy hat on, while Peener, sits near the phone bank in his jeans, t-shirt, and backwards baseball cap.

Poon: ... There they are!

Peener: Walking into the studio now, from the world of professional wrestling, and currently Supreme Championship Wrestling, our good buddies Jake Starr and Shawn Wright.

Poon: Yes!

Jake and Shawn take their positions at the console where guests are seated.

Jake Starr: Oh man! Hey boys!

Poon: Hey man!

Jake Starr: Been a long time!

Peener: Yeah it has!

Poon: For those of you out there who don't know the back story, we met Jake several years back when Peener and I were still starting our careers back in Austin, TX. We met at a house show, wasn't it?

Jake Starr: Yeah... I was down promoting a house show, and the company decided to put me on the air with you guys.

Poon: Yeah... Since then, we've kind of kept in touch, knew he'd be in the area today, and had to get him in!

Peener: This studio's a lot nicer than the last one you were in with us...

Jake looks around at the studio amenities.

Jake Starr: Yeah! Less leaking ceilings, and less rats-nest cabling...

The group all laughs.

Peener: I think the last time you were actually in studio with us was when that new organization was closing down, and you were contemplating retirement.

Jake Starr: Sounds about right!

Peener: Well... What exactly brought you back?

Jake Starr: Honestly, I think it's mostly because I felt like I wasn't done yet. There was a lot going on in my life, both professionally and personally, that I just wasn't happy with how it ended. So, earlier this year I began working out some, and trying to see if I still really had that passion, and it turns out I did.

Poon jumps in.

Poon: Speaking of your personal life... How is the misses?

Jake Starr: Good... She's still slowly adapting back to the "wrestling" lifestyle.

Poon: She happy you're back in?

Jake Starr: Yeah I think so. She had some times when she wasn't real keen on me being on the road so much, but I've been able to be home a lot more than I used to be. That seems to help out at least some!

Peener: Ha ha!

Jake Starr: I mean you got to understand, she was used to me being home all of the time...

Shawn finally speaks.

Shawn Wright: And being miserable, don't forget that!

The radio pair quickly notice Shawn's abrupt interjection.

Poon: Oh yeah Shawn's here too!

Peener: Where'd he come from?!

Shawn Wright: Ha ha... Thanks guys!

Peener: Good to see you man...

Shawn Wright: You guys too...

Jake returns to his answer to their question.

Jake Starr: ... He is right though... I was home and miserable. She had a feeling it was because I wasn't in the ring, but didn't want to throw it out there, just in case it had nothing to do with that.

Poon: Right...

Jake Starr: But all-in-all, she's happy I'm happy being who I am supposed to be!

Peener looks over at Shawn.

Peener: Shawn, what about you? Why haven't you come back too?

Shawn Wright: Umm... I'm lazy?

Every laughs.

Shawn Wright: Honestly I really feel like my time came and went. I've gotten to hang close to the business hanging around with Jake, and quite frankly, my time is pretty much done...

Jake Starr: That and he knows everyone would compare him to me, and he'd be an EPIC FAIL!

A chorus of laughs erupts again.

Peener: One thing is for sure, you can't hide that comparing people to you, right now, would be a difficult one to make...

Jake Starr: Oh yeah...

Peener: Was that, like, an expectation?

Jake Starr: What?

Peener: Just steamrolling through everyone like you have...

Jake Starr: Oh! It was a desire. I don't know if I'd quite call it a full-blown expectation though. I knew my first matches were pretty much shoe-ins, but once I started getting dealt some of my more difficult opponents, I was confident, but not stupid. I knew I'd lose sometime!

Poon: But since your loss, you've just owned everyone!

Jake smirks and nods.

Jake Starr: Well I used it for motivation. I honestly expected, when I first returned, that when I lost my first match I would be completely exhausted and be done. I didn't figure it would actually make me want to just beat the sh!t out of everyone even more... And ultimately it has all paid off.

Poon: Right...

Jake Starr: You can't fully expect to win every match. You can be confident and all, but in the long run you know it's going to end somewhere. Then you have to regroup, and start over.

Peener: Makes sense...

Jake Starr: Having said that... I am starting to get to the point where I expect to win every match. I mean half of the time I never even hear from the people I'm facing, and when I do it's just inane drivel!

Poon: I wanted to get into that a little...

Jake Starr: Alright!

Poon: What is different about the guys here as opposed to other organizations when it comes to like cutting your normal wrestling promo? We're used to seeing them, and the rare chances we do they're not really... Well... Normal...

Jake grins.

Jake Starr: Honestly, I think it is mainly different wrestling cultures. I think everywhere else I've been you've heard the guys coming out, lashing out, doing the shoots, and instead here, you really don't have much of that.

Peener: Do you like that?

Jake Starr: Not at all... Quite frankly I feel like most of the roster is wasting their time when they actually do any promos. You have guys like me who, try to get out there quick, let the world know what I think, and just speak my mind, and then you hear crickets until the day before an event. Then, out of the blue, you get the barrage of promos all at once, and it's like the stupid paid programming that comes on the television at 3am. It all is worthless, and you simply tune it out!

Jake opens the water bottle sitting in front of him, takes a drink, and continues.

Jake Starr: ... And if that doesn't happen, you get guys who come out and just have these elaborate scenes setup that make absolutely NO SENSE! It's not like there is any point to half of the crap you hear. The best part is, a bunch of the retards here actually think that is GOOD! I sit back and am honestly disgusted by what I see, because encouraging such HORRID behavior ruins this business! It's people like Christian Savior and Stacy Kissinger that made me leave this business to begin with. Christian waited until he knew I was done talking about him, to hash out this God-awful, unnecessarily long, BORING, and quite frankly, LAME, promo against me. And then Kissinger has this asinine speech impediment that just angers me to listen to!

Both Poon and Peener nod.

Poon: I guess that answered that one!

Peener: I'd say so!

Jake Starr: Shall I get off my soapbox now?

Peener: Be our guest to stay on it as long as you'd like!

Jake Starr: Ha ha!

Poon: Makes for great radio!

Jake Starr: I mean, it's like you're rewarding poor and sh!tty behavior when you praise some of the crap I see, or don't see for that fact...

Peener: ... I was going to say, you hardly hear very much!

Jake nods.

Jake Starr: Yeah half of the time I don't expect people to ever issue their "rebuttals" against me. Savior I expected something from, and he failed, Kissinger was the most reliable I suppose, and Exeter's lack of a showing thus far has been disappointing as well...

Poon: Well before we get into Exeter, let's backup a bit...

Jake Starr: Alright...

Poon: Let's go back to Rise to Greatness, and the aftermath. SCW has seen a bit of a "changing of the guard" management wise haven't they?

Jake's eyes widen and he nods.

Jake Starr: Oh yeah! "Daddy D" was forced out, and supposedly his daughter took over.

Peener: Supposedly?

Poon: Yeah I thought she did...

Jake Starr: Well that was the initial stipulation. But it seems like her little boyfriend has been calling the shots instead, so who knows who is really in charge. It could be Sasha, it could be CHBK, hell it could be anyone in this room right now, and I wouldn't have a clue.

Poon: What happened to Mr. Drachewych?

Jake Starr: The little I pay attention to CHBK when it doesn't pertain to me, all I could cipher is that "Daddy D" is still somehow bound by a wrestler's contract. I guess that's why they're ordering him around like he's their personal slave...

A couple chuckles come out of the people inside the booth.

Poon: So with him, then, as a wrestler, would you ever be up for standing toe-to-toe with him?

Jake Starr: Sure... I've wanted to sock him in the mouth since the day he tried to get me to do his bidding.

Peener: I'd love to see that!

Jake Starr: I'd love to experience it ha ha!

Jake takes another drink from his water.

Poon: Now... I'd like to shift the focus back to what you briefly mentioned earlier, and that's your match with James Exeter.

Jake Starr: Ah yes! Something I figured would come up sooner than later.

Peener: Well hell... What'd you expect? Did you think we'd just nonchalantly ignore the fact you're getting a veritable "dream match?"

Jake smirks.

Jake Starr: I don't know if I'd call it a "dream match" necessarily!

An Associate Producer walks in and hands Poon a CD. Poon looks over at the young man, smiles, and nods.

Poon: Excellent! This is what I've been waiting for!

Peener: What is it?

Poon: The audio from Exeter!

Peener: Oh yeah!

Poon looks over at Jake.

Poon: Were you aware of this?

Jake Starr: Nope! First time I've heard anything about this!

Poon: Awesome! Well you're going to be hearing it now!

Jake Starr: At least I'm hearing it not minutes before I'm stepping into the ring. That would just be another disappointing opponent ha ha!

Poon puts the CD in their deck, and presses play. The Producer's have already cued the audio up to where Exeter addresses his opponent. After one sentence, Jake quickly interjects...

Jake Starr: Ok can we stop that right there real fast?

Poon quickly pauses the audio.

Jake Starr: This ass actually spoke of himself in the third person?! How self-absorbed do you have to be to refer to yourself, when you're actually the one talking, in the third person?!

Poon: Apparently quite!

Jake Starr: Apparently! OK let it play...

The audio is restarted. After another set of comments from Exeter finish, Poon pauses again.

Poon: ... Sounds like he's complimentary of you at least.

Jake Starr: Complimentary is all well and good, but he needs to understand everything he just said isn't as "meaningless" as he may perceive. He may think that since neither of us have tallied a loss in quite some time, it is meaningless, but quite frankly, I see it as a definite sign of how meaningful this match is. He is right, though. We're both at the tops of our game. We both have had some tough battles that have finally lead us both down paths that have finally converged at Apocalypse. Neither of us want our runs to end, and I definitely know I am unwilling to believe he'll be the one to end mine. I could be wrong. It could end as quickly as it did when Allocco ending my first run. It is unlikely though.

Peener: Why do you say that?

Jake Starr: Simple... At the point in which Allocco beat me, I was flying on "cloud nine" and cocky as hell. I didn't believe I had a flaw in the world. All I knew is that I was unbeaten, and planning on staying that way forever. I was naive. Thankfully, I'm no longer that simple-minded about things. I accept the reality that losses come every now and again. But Exeter needs to accept that fact as well. He can't just assume that his first defense will be a cinch. He can't assume he'll win by default. It just won't be that easy. I'm going to give him a war like he has never seen, or felt before. It may not be pretty. It may not be one of my better performances. But it will end like every match but one...

The audio is resumed, and Jake, as well as everyone in the room, and listening around the world listen in. Jake quickly hears something that peaks his interest. Seeing that, Poon quickly pauses to get Jake's insight.

Poon: Comments?

Jake Starr: First off... He needs to understand that I'm not really experience a "change" in my personality. I'm not "changing" who I am, I'm simply allowing who I am to shine through. What I was when I first came to Supreme Championship Wrestling was a "change." I was someone different. I wasn't me. So what do I do? I go back to my roots, and I go back to my family. I take into account what lead me to greatness early in my career, and I quit trying to change. I quit trying to alter who I really am. Change inevitably hurts a person...

Peener: What about the talk about not the "Social Misfit" stuff not making sense?

Jake Starr: He's just an uninformed, and soon to be well-informed, boob. He may not be aware of the impact the Social Misfits have had in this business, but he will be soon enough.

Peener: I gotcha...

Jake Starr: And this whole idea that his inner "changing" isn't good for me just sounds, well, bad. I realize Exeter is someone to take seriously. He's the SCW Champion for Christ's sake. You don't just become the SCW Champion by complete mistake. You have to work at it. You have to grind it out. You can't just sit back and expect it to be handed down. Hell, he had to battle through how many people during the Taking Hold of the Flame battle royal to get his chance alone?

Poon: And don't forget you were in that, unofficially, several different times!

Jake Starr: Exactly! And then he goes on to beat Winters at Rise to Greatness. Quite frankly, I give him many kudos on that. But to imply that this inner "changing" is going to hinder my quest is insane. He very well may be insane. He has to be if he honestly believes that I'm not going to take him seriously. I'm not stupid enough to just ignore who he is, or what he's done. I'm not ignorant like that. I know who he is. I know what he's about. All that is fine and good, but none of it is capable of emerging victorious against me...

The audio is begun again, and before Exeter finishes another sentence Jake signals for the audio to be paused.

Jake Starr: Did you rewind it?

Poon: No... Why?

Jake Starr: Didn't he just repeat himself?

Shawn Wright: Yeah... I think so...

Jake looks over at Shawn.

Jake Starr: Way to chime those two-cents in there!

Shawn Wright: That's my job!

Jake Starr: But seriously... Didn't he just say the same thing AGAIN? I get it! We're similar!

Poon: Well... Maybe he's going to address that...

As the audio continues on, Jake's facial expressions slowly begin to tell the tale of his annoyance with his opponent. As Poon finds another good stopping point, he pauses once again.

Jake Starr: Class? This horse's ass thinks he has class? He thinks I'm boring? Holy hell what crap has he been watching? Boring is when you can't carry someone's attention for more than twenty seconds, and we all know that Exeter falls in the category of EVERYONE ELSE in this organization. He is capable of running his mouth in little spurts, and figures it actually makes him legit and "powerful." He actually insulted you too Shawn... Granted you are kind of robotic sometimes...

Shawn glares at Jake.

Jake Starr: But to think that I control these guys? Jesus what planet is he living on? Oh wait... I got it! He's been hanging around with his little band of juvenile delinquents, and actually believes the debauchery they decide to throw his way. They sit back and kiss his feet, give him the old "Dutch Rudder," fan him with fans, and then he emerges all big and powerful. Does he realize what he is claiming I do, HE HAS AROUND HIM!? Holy Christ... This douche actually believes he has class, when all you hear is Hurse and his personal male-stripper coddling his fragile inner-self? I don't surround myself with people who just compliment me. I surround myself with people I trust, and people who know what the hell talent is. I don't have to surround myself with people who could walk over to a petting zoo, blow the camel, and perform better at that, than they do in a wrestling ring. He can prance around in his mankini, claiming he has class, but in the end, he has about as much class as Scott Peterson.

The studio sits in silence as Jake continues on.

Jake Starr: Then he wants to criticize how I talk about myself? He wants to call me out on the FACTS that I point out about myself? What does he do to debunk them? NOTHING! He just points it out, hoping it makes people think that there MAY be something there that is wrong. He is playing the Fox News strategy of reporting, just mention something, do it in a negative tone of voice, make a hypothetical situation, and everyone is supposed to buy that it is a bad thing? What planet is this guy living on?!

Jake takes another drink.

Jake Starr: And then there's the best part of that last clip. He actually did exactly what most of the self-righteous dullards do here, and that's pull out their handy-dandy thesaurus. I mean in one sentence, I think he was able to throw out about 4 or 5 words that had 3 or 4 syllables. Impressive! He knows how to have his personal script writer use Microsoft Word and look up synonyms. I'm so impressed. Hopefully they at least spell it right on the cue cards he reads from, because anyone who has to go OUT OF THEIR WAY to use big words, is about as smart as child with an extra chromosome.

Laughter appears sporadically throughout the studio.

Jake Starr: Oh wait... Let me sound intelligent too... Smart as someone with trisomy 21!

Poon: Ha ha... Well thankfully he did point out who he is...

Jake Starr: Yeah in case anyone out there didn't know who he was already. Anyone who has to be so belligerent in their announcement of themselves, has a severe inferiority complex. He had to announce to the world every one of his little nicknames he and his mommy and daddy came up with when he was graduating kindergarten three years ago. They patted him on the head and went, "Oh he's our little Extraordinary One!" Which is true. Anyone who takes almost their entire existence, thus far, on Earth to learn to color inside the lines, and count past the number one, out to be considered "Extraordinary." An "ordinary" child would have already surpassed that, elementary, junior high, high school, and college for that matter. He acts like being "extraordinary" is a good thing. In his case, nope!

Peener: Right...

Jake Starr: And he talks about class. He talks about how I hype myself up, and then he goes on, after the never-ending list of useless nomenclature, to hype up what all he has done in SCW. Isn't that what he just said was not classy about me? Seriously? Class? Wouldn't a classy person not completely contradict themselves 45 seconds after the fact? I mean, yeah I mention I'm the Adrenaline Champion, and the fastest rising star in SCW, but God damn... I don't have to throw a temper tantrum about it. Did I mistakenly win a match to fight a two year old who lost his precious binky? Did SCW start allowing men with a fetish for infantilism to start performing?

Shawn Wright: Now now...

Jake Starr: I'm sorry... I know he lives by the rhyme "Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones, But Words Will Damage My Inner Child Forever!"

Peener: Ha ha! Let's see what else he had to say...

The audio is once again restarted. As another stopping point comes along, everyone turns to Jake for a reaction. Jake simply closes his eyes and shakes his head from side to side.

Jake Starr: Does anyone have something I can stab myself in the ear with? I'm seriously having problems listening to this horse sh!t! I mean he HONESTLY thinks this match is my glass ceiling? I don't think so. This match is no where near my glass ceiling. If he wants this to be, he's going to be the one weeping in his buddy's jock after all is said and done. But, I can say, while talking about ceilings, that mine isn't anywhere close to his. See, he's is a mere awning compared to mine. He is so blinded by his own self-love of himself to accept he isn't the top of the food chain anymore. He isn't the "Godsend" he hoped he once was. He's a mere stepping stone for those, like myself, who have already seen greatness, and achieved greatness.

Shawn Wright: And what's with the middle name?

Jake Starr: Oh I don't know... He was trying to be philosophical, and instead made himself look even more illegitimate than he already knows he is. James "Your Ceiling" Exeter? His parents must have hated him!

Peener: Yeah no kidding!

Jake Starr: At least make it make sense like, James "Your Ceiling Will Continually Give You Concussions Due to the Simple Fact It's Made of Concrete And You're Too Retarded To Realize It So You Keep Banging Into It And We Don't Know Why We Actually Claimed You As An" Exeter.

Jake takes a deep breath.

Jake Starr: That's a mouth full!

Shawn Wright: I'd say!

Jake Starr: And I did like how he had to repeat himself again. He found a phrase he was all proud of in "verbally fellated" and just figured he'd use it over and over and over again. I bet he stayed up all night with the script writer going "this is going to get him!" Then he decided to try and throw it in everywhere he thought it might be useful. Unfortunately it was one that I think one of my previous opponents used on me, and so I can't really say it is all that creative.

Shawn Wright: But he's classy!

Jake Starr: Yep! As classy as one can be when bragging that they don't brag about themselves like someone else, then subsequently bragging about their stupid nicknames, their title defenses, and then who all they've beaten.

Peener: And he said you beat relatively easy people!

Jake Starr: I know huh?! I mean Christian Savior, Stacy Kissinger, Donovan Kayl, and Rachel Foxx are complete nobodies here. NOTHING compared to some guy I've never heard of, a guy returning out of the blue, and a guy who sucked dick, got lucky, and when he finally lost, ran away crying. I mean, those guys are f_cking STELLAR! All I do know, is that this creep is going to piss and moan about me well after Sunday. He's NOT going to be happy with the outcome. He's NOT going to be happy with being without his precious championship. And most importantly, he's NOT going to be happy looking at himself in the mirror knowing he's just been shown the TRUTH about his overrated, worthless, LUCKY, piece of crap career he's had.

Poon: Well alright!

From outside the studio, Steve gives them a sign to wrap up the interview.

Peener: On that final note... It looks like we are out of time! Jake... Shawn... We really appreciate you being here with us today.

Jake Starr: Our pleasure!

With those final words, the music bed signally the outro to their show begins to play. The boys begin to wrap everything up as Jake and Shawn both stand to leave. They shake the hands of the two personalities, and also sign a few autographs of fans that were allowed into the building to enjoy the show. As the pair exit the studio, they once again are greeted by Steve, who thanks them for their appearance on the show. He gives them a tote-bag compliments of the radio station for their coming in, and the two slowly exit the way they initially entered. The scene fades to black with Jake and Shawn boarding the elevator to head back out of the building.

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