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Apocalypse - a·poc·a·lypse

Definition... 1) Great or total devastation; doom. 2) A prophetic disclosure; a revelation.

When most of humanity thinks of an "apocalypse" they don't tend to believe it is something good. In fact, most of the time it is used to refer to the "end of days" or "Armageddon."

Within the walls of Supreme Championship Wrestling, last month's pay-per view, Rise to Greatness, could have had its name swapped with this month's.

Last month, we saw the foundation of Supreme Championship Wrestling completely destroyed by the demise of Mr. Drachewych, and in a sense, the emergence of Sasha Drachewych as the new leader of SCW could be seen as another "apocalypse" of sorts.

This month, however, doesn't mark an apocalypse in the way last month did. This month does mark a "Rise to Greatness."

Since bursting onto the scene in late March, Jake Starr has been adamant about his goals.

He has wanted to be the best of the best.

This month he has his chance to realize his goal.

Jake Starr has a chance to have his personal "apocalypse."

Should he emerge victorious he will have had his revelation, and achieved the prophecy he foretold upon entering the halls of Supreme Championship Wrestling.

For Jake Starr, the time has arrived.

Since joining Supreme Championship Wrestling, he has been setting his sights on achieving the ultimate goal, becoming the SCW Champion, and that day has come.

After emerging victorious at Breakdown, Jake now knows that all will be coming to a head at Apocalypse, where he will fight James Exeter for that belt he craves.

Although the question of WHO will be meeting Exeter was answered at Breakdown, some questions continue to loom.

Who was Jake on the phone with last we saw him? Who has he sought the aide of in his crusade to dominate the rankings of Supreme Championship Wrestling? What role does Asher Hayes play in this whole mess?

These questions have been on the minds of many, including Shawn Wright. In a rare showing backstage at Breakdown, Shawn accompanied Jake to the arena. Upon winning his match, and returning to the back, Jake knew many question loomed on his friend's mind.

Today is the day when those questions will be addressed.

Shawn has been waiting as long as he could before bringing them up. He wanted his friend to have time to enjoy his victory, and also have time to refocus on the task at hand. The task that is, James Exeter.

All the waiting, though, has finally come to an end. Shawn plans on confronting Jake with his questions, and hopefully getting some answers at the same time. And, whether Jake likes it or not, he'll have to come clean about everything revolving around Breakdown as well as Apocalypse.

Shawn Wright: So... Let me get this straight... You called Asher Hayes to throw off Foxx's guard?

Jake Starr: NO! But damn his timing was perfect!

Shawn Wright: So... You didn't?

Jake Starr: Right!

Shawn Wright: Then... What was his deal?

Jake Starr: Hell if I know! But the fact that dumb bitch actually was looking over her shoulders, waiting for whatever it was I had in store, made his timing perfect. When she thought HE was coming after her, man she went into all kinds of panic modes.

Shawn Wright: It really threw me off too!

Jake Starr: Good!

Shawn Wright: So... If it wasn't Hayes, who was it?

Jake grins and shrugs.

Jake Starr: The question is... Was it really anybody?

Shawn Wright: Sometimes you're a cryptic bastard!

Jake Starr: And sometimes you're a clueless dummy!

Shawn Wright: Thanks ass!

Jake Starr: Eh... What can you do?

Shawn Wright: Apparently not much!

Jake Starr: You're probably right!

Shawn sighs, and shakes his head.

Shawn Wright: So what happened with Kayl?

Jake Starr: Honestly?

Shawn Wright: No... Lie to me!

Jake Starr: Alright... He was violently raped in the back by CHBK, and couldn't recover!

Shawn's eyes bulge in shock.

Shawn Wright: Really?!

Jake Starr: No stupid! You told me to lie!

Shawn's face gets angry.

Jake Starr: So does that little pouty face mean you want the truth?

Shawn Wright: Preferably!

Jake Starr: He got scared, just like the other rubes I've encountered. He realized he was completely out of his element, and just cowered in a corner in the fetal position. He looked back on our first match, realized he had no chance in hell of beating me, and elected to, basically, sh!t the bricks.

Shawn Wright: Ah!

Jake Starr: Can't say as I blame him... But I would have at LEAST tried to save some face by knocking off the power-hungry bitch, and losing to me instead.

Shawn Wright: Yeah...

Jake Starr: Why lose even more credibility by letting her dumbass beat you? She's predictable, she's boring, she's irrelevant, she's just a boob.

Shawn Wright: Or a pair of...

Jake Starr: Oh please... She's one of those girls who helped men create the rhyme, "Roses are red, Violets are black, Why is your chest, As flat as my back?"

Shawn Wright: That's a rhyme I haven't heard in some time!

Jake Starr: Mainly because it's for pre-pubescent boys in elementary school.

Shawn Wright: And yet... You just quoted it!

Jake Starr: Yes... To illustrate that it is flat-chested, bimbos, like herself, that helped those young boys to create the rhyme. I could have been creative and made one up on my own...

Shawn looks skeptical.

Shawn Wright: Oh really now?

Jake Starr: Easily... Like this... "Roses are red, Cum is white, Where are your boobs, They're nowhere in sight!"

Shawn laughs.

Shawn Wright: Alright... So you proved me wrong!

Jake Starr: Told you! Nevertheless, I made it clear I was walking out of Breakdown with this shot at Exeter. It was a true case of "veni, vidi, vici!"

Shawn Wright: Oh I know that phrase!

Jake Starr: Well it is pretty popular around the world.

Shawn Wright: And I think I saw the movie with the same title!

Jake cocks an eyebrow confused.

Jake Starr: Do what?!

Shawn Wright: Yeah! Granted it was a porn movie. It was those words, and right under it, it said "I came, I saw, I came again!"

Jake opens his mouth to respond, and then it sinks in what his friend just said. Jake stops, dead in his tracks, and stares at Shawn.

Shawn Wright: I'm right aren't I?

Shawn grins, thinking he's correct. Jake remains completely shocked at Shawn's interpretation of the phrase.

Shawn Wright: I knew it!

Jake Starr: No... No you're wrong!

Shawn Wright: No I swear that's what it said!

Jake Starr: No... It probably said "Veni, vidi, veni," instead, but don't quote me on it...

Shawn Wright: Oh... Isn't that what you said?

Jake Starr: Not hardly!

Shawn Wright: Really?

Jake Starr: Really! "Veni, vidi, vici" means "I came, I saw, I conquered."

Shawn Wright: Oh...

Jake Starr: Yeah! Slightly different there genius!

Shawn Wright: I'd say! The porno wouldn't have been the same with that title!

Jake Starr: It could have been... The conquering could have been the achievement of hooking up with whatever gaping snatch was the "lead actress" of the time.

Shawn Wright: Hmm... Who was it in that one?

Jake puts his hands in front of his face in shock.

Jake Starr: Oh sweet Jesus you know their names?!

Shawn Wright: Well.. Yeah!

Jake Starr: How do you pay THAT MUCH attention to porn?! I see about 3 minutes, get aroused, usually beat off, and I'm done. I don't sit and wait for credits to roll so I know who to attribute my erection to.

Shawn Wright: I just like to know who I'm watching!

Jake Starr: I could care less what their name is. They're porn stars who get paid to f_ck for a living!

Shawn Wright: Wouldn't that be a great life?

Jake Starr: To f_ck in front of a group of strangers, and not actually get to enjoy it because you're being ordered to assume positions that aren't normal?

Shawn's face goes from one of excitement, to one of ruined excitement.

Shawn Wright: Well if you put it that way...

Jake just shakes his head again.

Jake Starr: And how exactly did we get from my match at Breakdown, to porno?

Shawn Wright: Umm... You conquering?

Jake Starr: Oh yeah... All I know is, I made a lot of people open their eyes, and see who is really the "hottest" thing in SCW.

Shawn Wright: And apparently Foxx, Kayl, and Exeter weren't the only ones to notice either.

Jake Starr: You talking about the "King of the Name Droppers?"

Shawn Wright: Yeah...

Jake Starr: Isn't it cute though how people like Stephen Strange mention guys like me just HOPING that they'll garner some attention from someone other than their mothers?

Shawn Wright: Yeah...

Jake Starr: Mommy babies guys like him so long, that he thinks he can just waltz around, and people will just fawn over him.

Shawn Wright: True!

Jake Starr: This isn't the first time he's tried to become a "somebody" by using my name in his name-dropping schemes either.

Shawn Wright: Really?

Jake Starr: Yeah, it's kind of a trend for him. For some reason he has this unhealthy obsession with me, almost to the point of me feeling stalked. It's kind of creepy!

Shawn Wright: I can imagine.

Jake Starr: But, needless to say, he's a NOBODY, and will forever be a NOBODY! He doesn't DESERVE to fight someone like me, and he can keep name-dropping away in hopes it'll change!

Shawn Wright: Right on!

Jake Starr: Oh wait... Maybe I should be like him real quick and see if anyone recognizes me!

Shawn slowly closes his eyes, and shakes his head back and forth.

Shawn Wright: Oh no!

Jake Starr: Let's see... I have to phrase this right so I sound just like him...

Shawn sighs. Jake begins to speak in completely inane and incoherent thoughts.

Jake Starr: Poop, doo doo, excrement, ignorance, MR. DRACHEWYCH, ca-ca, crap, sh!t, feces, STEPHEN STRANGE!

Shawn stares at Jake, and a smirk slowly builds on the faces of both men. It builds to the point they cannot hold back, and begin laughing hysterically.

Jake Starr: Damn! How that guy actually thinks he is relevant, and talented for that matter, just is beyond me. OH WAIT... He's another one of those washed-up guys who prays that he can reinvent himself... That's why!

Shawn Wright: Oh is he another one of those?

Jake Starr: Yeah... It's sad when people have to reinvent themselves because nobody even gives them the time of day anymore. And then on top of that, basically BEG people to give them a chance to be seen as a legit star in order to justify their "transformation" to themselves. But oh well... Pieces of "excrement," like himself, don't deserve a chance at someone who has already proven themselves. They must work their way up like everyone else. And then when they lose to people they shouldn't, they should be kicked back to the cellar where their putrid selves belong.

Shawn Wright: Well OK then!

Jake Starr: Besides... I have a much bigger focus in my life right now, and it definitely has nothing to do with Stephen "My Looks Aren't the Only Thing That's" Strange.

Shawn chuckles.

Shawn Wright: Yeah... Yeah I'd say you do!

Jake Starr: It seems I finally get to come face to face with the goal I set for myself when I decided to return.

Shawn Wright: Yeah...

Jake Starr: Which I have to say, is something that is a relief.

Shawn Wright: I can imagine.

Jake Starr: I decided to come back to be on top.

Shawn Wright: ... And I think everyone knows that!

Jake Starr: Well if that's the case, then they should know that is what is going to happen.

Shawn Wright: Hopefully...

Jake looks at Shawn shocked at his comment.

Jake Starr: No... Not HOPEFULLY... DEFINITELY!

Shawn Wright: You hope...

Jake Starr: No... I KNOW!

Shawn Wright: OK... You HOPE you know!

Jake stares his friend down.

Jake Starr: Do you want to live to see dinner?

Shawn Wright: Ideally!

Jake Starr: Then shut up!

Shawn Wright: Do I get to eat then?

Jake Starr: You'd better HOPE so!

Shawn smirks.

Jake Starr: Everyone knows that if I have set my mind to something, it happens. I set my mind to becoming the FASTEST rising star in Supreme Championship Wrestling, and look what happened. I have the Adrenaline Championship. I have FIFTEEN wins under my belt. I took out the ELITE members of the Infection. I have defied the odds at every single turn. I have NOT failed when it has come to the major matches since I have been here. I only slipped up ONCE. I learned from it. I moved on! I have always looked towards my ultimate goal, and now it stares me directly in the face. I know that, in the past, Supreme Championship Wrestling has had someone who had won multiple, singles, championships, but it has been a while. It has also been a while since anyone did it with any, real, success.

Shawn Wright: Well I'm sure that'll change...

Jake Starr: You're Goddamn right it will. I get a chance to fight for the championship everyone considers to be the most prestigious belt in Supreme Championship Wrestling. I get a chance to prove that I am not a fluke. I get the chance to show the world why I truly returned to this business. Everyone around wants to think they truly know who the best of the best are. Hell, at Rise to Greatness, Exeter himself was the one walking in with everyone thinking he was in over his head. He showed the world he wasn't. He sent Shawn Winters packing, much like I did with Ace Marshall. Now, don't get me wrong here. I don't think Exeter is going to be sent packing when he drops that championship at Apocalypse, but I do think he'll truly be in over his head.

Shawn nods.

Shawn Wright: Don't you think people will say the same thing about you?

Jake Starr: What? That I'm in over my head?

Shawn Wright: Yeah...

Jake Starr: Of course! I don't expect people to actually think I'm going to win. Hell, they haven't thus far. They've thrown me out every chance they have got, and each time have gotten to eat their words. They'll, no doubt, assume that Exeter will emerge victorious. I am hoping to channel their negativity, and turn it into positivity for me. I'm not going to let these rubes, and their little "pat-each-other-on-the-ass" mentality effect me. I could give a rats ass what they think. I just know how to utilize their naivety to MY advantage. You have to remember, most of the guys and girls on this roster have the mentality of a fourteen-year-old AT BEST! Stacy Kissinger, however, I'll say... Nine-and-a-half-year-old. But nevertheless, these quacks have to run and grab their favorite thesaurus, and surf through to find words that make them sound intelligent.

Shawn Wright: You've noticed that too?

Jake Starr: Holy Christ yes! Everyone has to use these big words, in hopes it makes them sound like they're superior. Quite frankly I don't care how I sound; I have let my actions do the talking. I can say, for a fact, Exeter is smart enough to know that too. He isn't going to assume that because I'm not out using the "high-dollar" words, I'm any less capable or formidable of being across the ring from him. He's smart enough to know that. Unfortunately, I can almost guarantee he is going to expect, albeit formidable and capable, I'll be UNABLE to emerge victorious against him.

Shawn looks up at Jake confused.

Shawn Wright: For some reason, that didn't make much sense...

Jake Starr: He's the number one guy here, right?

Shawn Wright: Supposedly...

Jake Starr: For all intents and purposes?

Shawn Wright: OK he's number one...

Jake Starr: Thanks... Do you get there by thinking things like, "Oh sh!t, this guy could really beat me!"?

Shawn Wright: Not usually!

Jake Starr: Exactly! If you're a champion, you can believe that the guy you're staring at, across the ring, is worthy of being there, and capable of being champion as well, but you don't think that they'll actually be able to topple you. I can guarantee Exeter is of the same mentality there. He's going to expect that he is going to emerge victorious, and leave with his championship. Which is all fine and good.

Shawn Wright: And expected, like you said...

Jake Starr: Yeah, but at the same time, I have a sneaking suspicion that he could have his doubts too!

Shawn looks up quickly. The look on his face shows he's a little confused.

Shawn Wright: Wait wait wait... What? You said he wasn't going to have doubts, now you're saying he will?

Jake Starr: Possibly. The potential is there for it.

Shawn Wright: I'm confused!

Jake Starr: Well think about it...

Shawn Wright: I am! That's why I'm confused!

Jake Starr: OK... Maybe this will help then!

Shawn Wright: Definitely can't hurt!

Jake Starr: Alright... Then listen!

Shawn Wright: I AM!

Jake looks at Shawn annoyed.

Jake Starr: May I continue?

Shawn nods.

Jake Starr: When he went into Rise to Greatness against Shawn Winters, what did he have to lose?

Shawn Wright: Umm...

Jake Starr: NOTHING! If he lost, Winters would have left the champion, and I'd be looking to face him at Apocalypse. Exeter would go back to the proverbial "drawing board," and simply regroup. He'd make another run down the road, and everyone would know that, in the end, he didn't lose anything.

Shawn Wright: OK...

Jake Starr: Well, here, he does have something to lose. He's faced this adversary before. In fact, he was one of the last people to be the SCW Champion who wasn't affiliated with the Infection or Greaternity.

Shawn Wright: Don't forget CHBK!

Jake Starr: CHBK held the belt for 10 minutes at most! Besides him, it's gone between Shawn Winters, Jason Wheeler, and Christian Savior.

Shawn Wright: Ok...

Jake Starr: Anyway, Exeter was the last person to hold the belt before that whole trend began, and thankfully he is also the one who ended the trend. Now he has to prove that he isn't going to slip up again, and cause another trend of "belt tag" to begin.

Shawn Wright: Belt tag?

Jake Starr: Yeah... The "tag it's mine... Now tag it's mine... Tag mine again" game. The belt became severely STALE in that time period. Truthfully, I wanted to be the one to end it, but thanks to "Daddy D," he pulled me from the match that would have allowed me to achieve it.

Shawn continues nodding, hopefully slowly beginning to understand the point.

Jake Starr: Exeter has to prove he is a legit champion. He has to prove he stopped Shawn Winters, and emerged victorious by something that wasn't a fluke. That thought could weigh heavily on his mind if he isn't careful.

Shawn Wright: OH! Now I am starting to understand!

Jake Starr: Exactly. The potential for him to doubt his own abilities. He knows that I'm walking into this match with, ultimately, NOTHING to lose. If he beats me, and proves he's the top guy in this business, then you know what? I will STILL leave as the SCW Adrenaline Champion. I will still be the longest reigning champion in Supreme Championship Wrestling. And inevitably, I'll be facing the SCW Champion again down the road regardless. He knows I can come in with guns blazing, and not worry about losing anything. He, on the other hand, knows what is at stake for him. So, ultimately, the pressure is on him.

Shawn Wright: I gotcha...

Jake's confidence continues to build.

Jake Starr: ... But you know... Thankfully I won't have to wait until the "next time." This is MY time. I've said it since I got here. Nobody will stop me from achieving that goal. I have respect for Exeter, and am glad to see he's the champion, but at the same time, I know he isn't going to be able to stop me from steam-rolling over him like I have everyone in the past. He'll be the latest person left in my wake.

Jake takes a second to gather his thoughts, then continues.

Jake Starr: ... And you know, the name Apocalypse is very fitting!

Shawn Wright: Why is that?

Jake Starr: Because it has multiple definitions. Two of those definitions will apply to the pay-per view as well.

Shawn Wright: Which are those?

Jake Starr: To begin with, the definition that most people attribute to the word is that of devastation or destruction. Exeter walking out empty handed will be an apocalyptic event for him. He'll be devastated at the fact he failed to successfully defend his championship. For a few moments, his world will begin to erode around him until he can quickly get his feet back under himself. He'll realize that he failed, and he'll have to start over from scratch.

Shawn Wright: Or use his rematch clause...

Jake nods.

Jake Starr: That too!

Shawn Wright: And the other definition?

Jake Starr: The other definition is one many people tend to not use very frequently. Another use of the word revolves around someone having a revelation of sorts. In that regard it refers to me. This pay-per view marks the day that I achieve my goal. I, in a sense, prophesized the fact I would be on top, and when next Sunday rolls around, it will be achieved. No matter how much Exeter hopes and prays it doesn't, he can't escape the fact his world will crumble, while mine is realized.

Shawn Wright: Ah!

Shawn's eyes bulge and he nods. He looks a bit lost and confused, but knows if he continues to press on, it could only cause more and more confusion on his part, and that's something he would ultimately like to avoid.

Shawn Wright: You're not worried about his little crew?

Jake Starr: Triple Ex?

Shawn Wright: I guess... Whatever they call themselves!

Jake Starr: Not hardly! Hurse isn't going to make a stupid mistake and involve himself in this match, and Rick Rohl is, well, something to behold I suppose.

Shawn Wright: Ha ha!

Jake Starr: I mean, anyone wanting to be taken seriously wearing THAT outfit, and being named after a viral internet crazy, is quite disturbed mentally. So no... I'm not worried! What I can say is this... After Apocalypse, Triple Ex will be renamed!

Shawn cocks an eyebrow in intrigue.

Shawn Wright: Oh?

Jake Starr: Quadruple Ex!

Shawn looks disappointed.

Shawn Wright: I thought it was going to be something funny, or profound.

Jake Starr: It is!

Shawn Wright: Not really!

Jake Starr: It does require thought! I know that it can be hard at times, but do try!

Shawn flips Jake off.

Shawn Wright: I have! I don't get it!

Jake Starr: Why are they called Triple Ex?

Shawn Wright: Because one has an ex-wife, another an ex-husband, and the third is an ex-male?

Jake laughs.

Jake Starr: No... And I'm not going to ask which is which either! But it stands for "Extraordinary, Excellent, and Exciting."

Shawn Wright: Ok... Still lost at why "Quadruple Ex" makes sense...

Jake Starr: Simple... When the lights go off in the arena at Apocalypse, they'll claim to still be all of those adjectives, but at the same time, Exeter will add one of his own. It'll be "Ex-Champion."

As Jake finishes that thought, the two slowly walk out of frame. With Apocalypse on the horizon, Jake knows how crucial it is that he takes every moment seriously. He cannot assume this will be simply handed to him like most of his matches have been. He knows that Exeter will not be like his previous opponents, and rely on the "silent game" to hopefully instill fear in Jake. Nevertheless, Jake knows he can win, and knows he has to in order to shut up his critics.

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