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When Jake was last seen, the intensity in his eyes, and the determination in his voice were as obvious as could be.

Thanks to his father's words, Jake found the source of all of his emotional woes, and now can utilize that knowledge as he moves forward in Supreme Championship Wrestling.

The question arises, however, what does the second coming of the "Social Misfit" actually mean for SCW? How will he be any different from the Jake Starr everyone has grown used to seeing?

Looking back at his career, the "Social Misfit" was once notorious for "ruining" organizations that didn't cater to his needs.

Fans adored him, owners loathed him.

This Jake Starr is one Supreme Championship Wrestling has never seen, and in many cases hoped to avoid.

The "Social Misfit" as his nickname suggestions, reflects around his inability to ever feel like "one of the guys" wherever he was currently employed.

He's always been kind of, an outcast.

Eventually, the shunning by his peers lead him to take a new path in life. One that suited him better than the path of being "one of the guys." He began to become defiant, and play by his own rules.

In essence, he stopped being a "team player."

As he moved between organizations, he found others who were similar to him. He found other superstars who were shunned by their peers, and treated as inferior.

He welcomed them to his group happily.

Thus formed the "Social Misfits."

The "Misfits" became a band of "outlaws" who went around between organizations looking for a place to call "home." They never could fully find a place that could handle the collective force of the three main members of the group.

Eventually, they all basically quit wrestling.

Jake has had the most successful return since the three collectively left the business, and with the exception of a few instances, the three haven't had too much in the way of contact. They know that if there is ever a need, they are all "Brothers in Blood," and would be there for one another. But at the same time, they know life moves on, and they have all done so.

Jake, obviously cannot move on. Jake knows he IS a "Misfit" and a "Misfit" for life. He knows that is who he has to be in order to be happy in this business, and it was something he was afraid to admit.

He looked around at his "brothers," and he saw two men who were able to step away, and lead normal lives. He knew the fire may burn within them, but he also knew they didn't have the nagging NEED to return to the ring.

He felt he, too, needed to put the "Social Misfit" behind him, and just be "Jake Starr." Instead it just was never meant to be that way.

He now realizes he is who he is. He now realizes he cannot be anyone but himself. He now realizes he must allow the "Misfit" to emerge from its darkness and be who it was born to be.

Since talking to his father, Jake has become more and more focused on allowing himself to return to the ways he once knew.

The reaction among his peers has been a positive one. They have openly seen Jake becoming more and more like his old self. Deep down, Jake can feel the emotional turmoil beginning to exit his body as stops repressing his old self.

Also since talking to his father, Jake has gone on another mission. With the ressurgence of his "inner Misfit" he has gone out seeking those whom he has crossed paths with in the past, and who have stood aside him as fellow "Misfits." His goal... To bring the group back from the grave, and help them rise to power in the professional wrestling business once again.

When he battled the Infection, he was thinking of flying to the top of the business alone. Now he realizes that it requires others to aide you in your journey to the top.

He has placed several phone calls, and hasn't gotten any response. As he sits and waits for others to potentially call him back, he decides to make one more call. The camera watches as he scrolls through his phonebook on his phone. He finally stumbles upon the name he was looking for, and clicks. As the phone connects, he holds the phone up to his ear and awaits the response on the other end. The camera can hear it ring, and as the other party picks up, the camera does its best to listen in.

Jake Starr: Hey man... What's up?

Whoever is on the other end of the conversation answers.

Jake Starr: Sounds good... I...

Jake is interrupted.

Jake Starr: ... I was calling to ask a question. You by chance been keeping up with things?

Jake grins.

Jake Starr: No not that thing! We all know which celebs have taken nude photos thanks to WWTDD!

An audible laughter is heard from the receiver of Jake's phone.

Jake Starr: ... I'm talking wrestling!

The voice has a noticeable reply affirming his inquiry.

Jake Starr: Good! I have been doing some thinking lately... I think it may be time...

The caller obviously has his interest peaked.

Jake Starr: ... We've talked about it several times my friend. The time is now.

Jake's look turns from grinning to slight frustration.

Jake Starr: You have nothing to worry about! I...

Jake is interrupted. Jake and the caller continue to try and talk over one another.

Jake Starr: I... Dude listen!

The caller goes quiet.

Jake Starr: There is a time, and a place for everything. We thought we had all the answers, and knew everything. We didn't know anything back then. You know as well as I do that times have changed.

The caller replies.

Jake Starr: The times have changed, and it time to act. So... The ball is in your court. Make it happen, or don't. I'm giving you the choice.

As Jake hangs up the phone, he begins to grin slightly. Whomever he was talking to obviously knows what Jake was referring to. Jake leans back in his chair and just stares at the screen of his phone. It is obvious that his mind is wondering if the phone call was a success or a failure. The uncertainty shows through the grin on his face. The scene slowly fades to black with Jake sitting there, still obviously contemplating the outcome of this outreach.

A Misfit Reborn

The camera fades back in inside an ill-lit garage. One light shines in the corner of the room. The room is filled with tools, and other items being stored within its walls. In one empty corner, the light illuminates a man sitting in its shadows. The man sits with his back against the wall, and both legs outstretched. As the camera slowly approaches the figure, the camera sees the man wearing a shirt with a skull logo on the sleeves, and a "Revolution Fist" in the middle. Around the fist are the words "Social Misfit." Once the camera is close enough to make out some of the facial features, the features reveal the man to be Jake Starr himself. Once the camera is fully upon the SCW star, he begins to orate his feelings about returning to the roots from which he was born.

Jake Starr: Four years... It's a pair of words I have used on several occasions since coming to Supreme Championship Wrestling. It's a pair of words that I have utilized as a crutch, just on the off-chance I slip up. I had to keep telling myself that I haven't fully been myself due to the fact I'm still trying to get back on my game. I've constantly been using it as an excuse for why there are some people here who don't seem to recognize what I have achieved. I have used it to assure myself that it wasn't anything I was or wasn't doing that blinded them to the fact I was running through every single human being put before me. This whole time, however, I should have been using it in another sense. You see... It has been four years. Yes, it has been over four years since I thought I retired, and have sense returned to professional wrestling. Yes, it has been over four years since I last headlined a card. Yes, it has been over four years since I was, undoubtedly, the best superstar in an organization. But that's not why those two words have plagued my vocabulary for so long now. I thought it was, but thanks to a reality check, I was shown how wrong I was.

The light shining on Jake continues to flicker.

Jake Starr: Four years have passed since Jake Starr, the "Social Misfit," has entered a professional wrestling ring. In those four years, he all but lost himself. He became someone he wasn't. He became, what he perceived as "normal." Since coming to Supreme Championship Wrestling, I've just been "Regular" Jake Starr. Nothing has set me apart. Nothing has really captured anyone's attention. Everyone just figures I'm your everyday "run-of-the-mill" guy. What everyone didn't realize is, I was fighting demons inside. People have seen me outside the ring. Some days I was happy... Some days I was sad... Some days I was somewhere in between. Nothing was consistent. Nothing was regular. People got kind of worried because, that wasn't who I am. That wasn't who I am. I am not someone who has mood swings. I am not someone who is a mental train wreck.

Jake folds his hands together and places them in front of his mouth.

Jake Starr: Like I said... As far as I knew, it was still rust. It was still me trying to "find my game" again. No... None of those are true. None of those were "the reason" for me to be riding the mental rollercoaster. The reason was, I wasn't being TRUE to myself. I was being who I thought I had to be in order to be perceived as "one of the guys." For some reason, I decided I cared about what some of the pieces of garbage in the back thought of me. For some reason, I decided to think their opinion actually had some worth to it. The fact of the matter is... IT DOESN'T! Every person in that locker room looks at me as just another "Joe Shmo." If that's what I am to them, they can think it everyday of the week, twice on Sunday, and thrice on Wednesday for all I care. They can think I'm lucky every week. They can think I'm overrated. They can think whatever. If it helps them go to sleep at night, while cuddling their little teddy bear, then far be it for me to disrupt that one. I'm oblivious to their existence anyway. They could walk in stark naked, and I wouldn't even realize they existed. They're a collective group of NOTHINGS that don't even deserve to be acknowledged as living, breathing, carbon-units.

Jake unfolds his hands. He lifts one knee up and reclines back even more against the wall.

Jake Starr: The man who has been walking into the arenas, and winning those matches hasn't been the Jake Starr that I wanted to see back in the ring. The man who has been winning those matches has been a mere SHELL of who he once was. A SHELL! I don't know if that says how good I really am, or how completely SH!TTY some of the people I've faced really are. How about you give someone like Christian Savior a call, and see how it feels knowing he lost to someone who wasn't on his "A" game? That is if you can actually find the guy... And why don't you call up Ace Marshall and ask him the same question? I'm sure their egos will come up with some form of bullsh!t answer to give you. Their egos won't be able to handle the fact that they didn't just lose to some "newcomer on a hot streak," they lost to a "newcomer" who wasn't even on the top of his game. How does that feel?

Jake lifts his other knee up to his chest, and sets both arms on his knees. He tilts his head back and continues.

Jake Starr: Supreme Championship Wrestling is at the dawning of a new day, starting TODAY. Before, it was "Regular Joe" Jake Starr. It was a man going through the motions of wrestling, with the occasional hint of being who he once was. Today marks the day where that all changes. The days of walking in as a "shell" and leaving as a "shell" have passed me by. With a small dose of reality, comes a long line of returning emotions, and returning intentions. They came out in spurts against "Big Daddy Drachewych" and his band of quacks. Christian Savior got tastes here and there. His little, GOLDen, bitch, Kissinger got a smattering of it at times. But nobody has faced the full brunt of what I can dish out. Nobody in Supreme Championship Wrestling has seen what made Jake Starr a name synonymous with victory; a name that was once seen as a pestilence upon the world of professional wrestling; and a name that evoked a waterfall of emotion from those who crossed his path. It will be something new for those bearing witness to the "second coming" of the "Social Misfit."

He lifts one hand up to his mouth, and brushes the edges of his lips down to the bottom.

Jake Starr: That ultimately leads me to this coming Wednesday, and Breakdown. I have said a lot regarding this match with Foxx and Kayl, and probably will say more than the two of them combined regarding it. Can't say I'm surprised, but that's just how I am. These two are going to walk in and try and take something they don't even have a chance at cashing in. Neither one of these jokes would be able to actually BEAT James Exeter, so why are they even going to show up? Do they think that just because they don't stand a chance in hell against Exeter, they stand a chance against me? Who cares if there is two of them, and one of me? The fact of the matter is that I am here for a reason. It wasn't just to win titles. It was never just about titles. It has ALWAYS been about proving I'm STILL the best in this business. Donovan Kayl and Rachel Foxx are just the two most recent wastes of space that will be crossing me, and inevitably losing to me.

Jake leans forward.

Jake Starr: With Kayl, I see a man who is, like I was, a shell. He isn't the Donovan Kayl who everyone thought was one of the best things this organization has ever been able to offer. He isn't this mater of "Kayl TV" anymore. He isn't even that great of an in-ring performer anymore. He's basically fallen off of a cliff. What happened to him? Where was the guy that actually made me think, for a brief moment, I had some competition I had to look out for? Where did he go? What hole did he crawl into? The Donovan Kayl I've seen over the past couple of months has been nothing short of, well, a bust. He's about as inconsistent as the Republican Party's stance on, well, almost everything! One week he comes out with guns blazing, the next, he is firing blanks. This is the kind of person Sasha Drachewych thinks should be vying for a shot at the most prestigious championship in the organization? Or should I say CHBK decided that? Going back and looking and listening, it seems like Kayl just got in because of WHO he knew, and not WHAT he did. If that's truly the case, that's fine with me. I haven't made any qualms about who I embarrass out there, and I'm not going to start now.

Jake snickers.

Jake Starr: Think about this... When "Big Daddy Drachewych" was in charge, I mowed through his cronies like there was no tomorrow. He desperately wanted to see Kissinger finally get that "big win" she has been searching for. She failed THREE TIMES! Next he sends his "Savior" after me, and we all saw how hard he fell. I mean, seriously, who ACTUALLY believes that he has any talent anymore? He's a joke! So those should be lessons to Sasha Drachewych and CHBK. If you're going to try throwing your little buddies at me, hoping it helps them actually step their game up and win, it won't help. If you're hoping Kayl can finally start getting back on track by putting him in this match, man you both are severely mistaken. Just like "Mr. Washed-Up" himself, Christian Savior, a fight with me won't help kick-start their career back onto a positive track. I know, on paper it seems like it'd be the perfect solution to the issue. It'd really motivate guys like them to be "more gooder," and then next thing you know, everything would be back to the way it was. Unfortunately, the "powers that be" decide to use this methodology of thinking against me. When will any of you brainiacs ever learn? You don't try these inane ideas against the "Social Misfit" because they'll inevitably bite you right back in the face.

Jake starts using his hands to add more emphasis as he talks.

Jake Starr: I mean there is a legit reason I'm in this match. The fans know why I'm in this match. The WORLD knows why I am in this match. You don't go out there, destroy everything in your wake, and if you don't destroy it, you force it to leave, if you aren't deserving of an opportunity like this one. I can guarantee that NOBODY out there could make a LEGIT case of someone else MORE deserving than I am. Seriously... Who is out there? I saw one report that ranked some of the SCW stars, and it gave me some options to suggest here. Asher Hayes... No... He beat Kaye and has a championship now. Big deal... It seems like everyone is beating Nathan Kaye nowadays. Why should that be something people look at as a "good argument?" Ah... What about Mr. Brian Kinney? Well, this guy seemingly won his little personal war with the Infection as well, and now what? Eventually he may very well get up to the point where he can have a legit argument, but against the argument for me? I think he has no chance in hell of putting up a solid reason against mine. Like I said... NOBODY DOES!

Jake reclines back again. He looks off to the side, obviously regrouping mentally. The light once again flickers.

Jake Starr: But yet... We have another wonderful piece of manure that seemingly thinks she is deserving of this match, in Rachel Foxx. Now, from what I gather about this piece of work is that she actually MAY possess an ounce of talent. I honestly think she possesses none, but she brings along this menagerie of talentless wonders, and she looks SPECTACULAR! Maybe I should do that. I mean hell, people here think she is just "God's Gift" when it comes to wrestling. I think they just compare her to the pool of mediocrity that surrounds her and go "Wow... She's good!" It'll all come out at Breakdown though. The MINUTE she gets into trouble, and is potentially vulnerable to being eliminated or flat-out losing, you'll see her little pack of Chihuahuas come scampering out and try and rescue her. But just like all Chihuahuas... All this group is, is a group of pure annoyance. She'll call upon them to come and try and save her, and expect me to be frightened. But unlike the rest of the SCW locker room, I'm not going to be running away hoping this little mob of estrogen doesn't catch me. Instead, I've enlisted a little "insurance" again.

Jake gets a cocky grin on his face.

Jake Starr: Think back when the Infection and I were having our little tift. I knew that they would be coming en masse to try and take me out. They didn't want to be embarrassed. So I talked to Thorn, and he and I came to a little agreement for him to look out for me. It appeared as if the Infection wasn't too thrilled about it, so they chased him, and what did he do? He took out BOTH Kissinger and Savior like I did. I think that also demonstrated how feeble they were. Two "newcomers" take out two "elite" stars. Hmm... Quite interesting I say! But nevertheless, Foxx, I know, will be trying to utilize her numbers advantage to her, well, advantage. Just like when the Infection did it to me, I'm making sure I'm covered for when she does it. But UNLIKE that time, I don't foresee this being one of those "one and done" kind of ordeals. I see this as being something... BIGGER! Foxx Global will be one of those unfortunate entities who just happens to have crossed the wrong people, at the wrong time.

For Jake's final words, he leans forward and looks deep into the camera.

Jake Starr: I full intend on making a clear, and concise, statement at Breakdown. It will be one that isn't misinterpreted, and one that everyone realizes is a turning point in Supreme Championship Wrestling. The days of normalcy have passed, and it's time for the world to see just what is before them. It's time for the locker room to realize that the days of "Regular Joe" Jake are over, and the days of the "Social Misfit" have begun.

With those closing words, Jake stands up from the wall he was sitting against. The camera closes in on his face, which is definitely different from the looks we have seen in the past. As the camera gets one final, and clear, view of the Adrenaline Champion, the light flickers once more, and Jake punches it with some object out of frame. The scene immediately goes dark, and the screen is filled with the image of the "Social Misfit" skull and fist logos. With these final words, Jake heads for Breakdown in search of the opportunity to face James Exeter at Apocalypse.

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