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The dramatic shifts in emotions have taken a toll on the SCW Adrenaline Champion, Jake Starr.

Since coming to SCW, and resuming his dormant career, he has had many highs, and few lows.

With only one loss on his SCW record, one may wonder how, exactly he could actually have any shifts in emotion. But if you were to ask him, it is not that difficult of a reality to be living in.

Sure, the victories have been exciting, and sure, being the SCW Adrenaline Champion has been satisfying, but something is missing. He hasn't been able to fully identify the issue, but those around him have definitely begun to notice that something is preventing him from being himself.

Everyone surrounding Jake has done their part to help him, hopefully, figure out what it is that is missing. Many have offered verbal support, while others have offered up ideas of tangible reasons Jake could be feeling this empty feeling inside.

Everyone except one person, his father.

As the scene slowly fades in Jake is standing in front of a mirror, staring deeply into it. The look on his face shows that he isn't his normal self. His feelings of nerves and emptiness have slowly begun to encompass him and his thoughts.

He knows he is searching for that proverbial "missing piece" to the puzzle, but also knows he hasn't come anywhere near finding it.

At one point he thought it was pure nerves causing this emotional turmoil, but one thing he is certain of, there has to be much more to it than just nerves. Never in his career have nerves engulfed his emotions in such a immense way. He's never encountered this feeling before.

That's where Jeff Starr steps in. He thinks he may know the answer to Jake's internal quarrel he has been fighting, and he hopes to enlighten his son.

If Jeff's insight to his son's mood swings are accurate, could this bring a new Jake Starr to the forefront of SCW?

As the camera slowly shifts from behind the Adrenaline Champion, from a side entrance to the room Jake's father stands staring at his son. Jeff breaks the silence, hoping to get answers, or offer answers to his son.

Jeff Starr: You're nervous...

Jake looks over his shoulder to see his father standing in the doorway. As he responds to his father, he slowly looks back into the mirror.

Jake Starr: ... What makes you say that?

Jeff Starr: Because I know you're not so narcissistic you have to admire your own reflection.

Jake snickers.

Jeff Starr: ... And on top of that, you're my son, and I know your moods.

Jake Starr: Fair enough!

Jeff Starr: What's on your mind?

Jake Starr: Nothing major...

Jeff Starr: Yeah right! You don't get that look unless it is something major.

Jake shakes his head slightly.

Jake Starr: Nah... I'm really ok!

Jeff Starr: Thinking about Breakdown aren't you?

Jake snickers again.

Jeff Starr: I figured...

Jake's eyes just look down from the mirror.

Jeff Starr: This reminds me of the day before you and oo6 met for the OWF Heavyweight Title.

Jake peers over his shoulder towards his father, with his silence still confirming many of his father's suspicions. Jeff slowly strolls into the room with his son. As he continues to talk to Jake, he picks up a photograph off of the mantle and looks at it.

Jeff Starr: ... It really does. You were the long time, and multiple time, Intercontinental Champion up to that point. You hadn't been given any chances for the World Title, and then DK decided to offer one up to you. It was something you never expected, or anticipated, to receive. It was something you got really excited about. Then you worried you'd waste the opportunity. In the back of your mind, you didn't think you had a chance. You were a mental mess. I remember Bane doing everything he could to convince you that you were worrying over nothing. He wanted you to get the doubt out of your head. I don't see why you have doubt now...

Jake drops his head down, and finally responds.

Jake Starr: It isn't doubt...

Jeff Starr: Then what is it? I've heard you be everything from confident that you'll win, to nervous you're going to be screwed...

Jake sighs. His head remains looking down.

Jake Starr: Dad... You know this business as well as anyone. You've been in my shoes for virtually every scenario I have faced in my career. How do you not know what is going through my head?

Jeff Starr: It's not a matter of if I do... It's if YOU do...

Jake Starr: It is just surreal to me. I came back to wrestling to prove I was still one of the best of the best. My goal was to be the "top dog" once again. I didn't want to just come back, be the "old guy" still hoping to get that taste of what once was, only to fall short. I wanted to succeed...

Jeff Starr: And you are... You have moments where, even you, see it too! I heard you talking about the fact you're the hottest superstar in Supreme Championship Wrestling right now.

Jake Starr: I told you... It is not doubt!

Jeff Starr: And I asked you to tell me what it is, and you tried to deflect it back to me...

Jake shakes his head once again.

Jeff Starr: ... Am I wrong?

Jake Starr: It's more of not seizing this opportunity. I feel like I'm almost where I wanted to be, but also know I'm walking right along the edge of a cliff. I know I could reach the summit, and have what it takes to do so, but I also know one minute miscalculation in any way, I waste the opportunity I've been given.

Jeff Starr: See... Now you're over-thinking things. This business isn't about over-thinking anything. You go out there, you beat Donovan Kayl's ass, literally, you beat Rachel Foxx's ass, figuratively, and you walk out with a chance to become the SCW Champion at Apocalypse. How difficult of a process is that?

Jake shrugs.

Jeff Starr: Jake... It's a big moment for your career. It's a chance to prove that you belong. It's the opportunity to finally leave the shadow of the OWF, and prove you aren't like some of their guys, and one-hit wonders when it comes to places you can succeed.

Jake quickly looks over at his father with a shocked look on his face.

Jake Starr: I've succeeded elsewhere!

Jeff Starr: Yes... But in the eyes of many of them, you were always someone who could only be "big" there. Jesse has the same curse, although he hasn't had that desire to step out of his comfort zone and prove to everyone he is the same way.

Jake Starr: It's almost like I feel that if somehow I do trip up, and miss out, I won't see this kind of chance cross my path again anytime soon.

Jeff Starr: Why is that?

Jake Starr: I don't know... Maybe because it seemingly has been 4 years since the last time?

Jeff looks over and sees Jake's Adrenaline Championship lying there.

Jeff Starr: What do you call that then?

Jake, realizing his argument has been countered quite effectively, resigns to that very fact.

Jake Starr: I guess you call it a chance...

Jeff Starr: Yeah, it was a chance you got THREE matches into your career here. Everyone quickly took notice of that fact, and immediately wondered if it was a decision that Mr. Drachewych...

Jake quickly corrects his father.

Jake Starr: That's "Daddy D..." Since his daughter is the boss now, "Daddy D" seemingly is a better moniker.

Jeff Starr: ... OK... Everyone wondered if it was a good or bad decision that "Daddy D" made. Nobody knew if you really deserved the chance. Nobody knew if you would turn around the next match and drop the belt. Nobody knew what to think. You began to draw interest. Now, you've established yourself, and people don't like it. They don't want to think this "outsider" can just stroll in, and dominate these established veterans here. Think about your "heyday," and when you would see some of the newcomers come walking in. What did you think when they would come out and say "I'm going to be the best of the best?"

Jake Starr: I thought they were a dime-a-dozen. Everyone said it...

Jeff Starr: EXACTLY!

Jake freezes. He realizes his father, this whole time has been trying to instill a message and mind-set on his son. Jeff sets the photo back where it was originally sitting, and notices his son may have finally gotten the message. In seeing this Jeff continues to hammer his point home.

Jeff Starr: ... Son, you're worried that this moment is going to pass you by, like many before. You're worried that something is going to interrupt this surge you have had, and cause you to stall out, and miss out on your chance to fully achieve the goal you set out for yourself. You came back to the business to become number one again. You came back and knew this time it was serious. You came back, not to just fill that urge, but to do what you do best. Now that the moment is here, you want to enjoy it. You want to thrive in it. You do NOT want to be the dime-a-dozen guy like most people still think you are. You don't want people to think they know you better than you know you.

Jake Starr: I want people to give me the respect I deserve!

Jeff Starr: Trust me I know! Don't you think that by winning at Breakdown, and then winning at Apocalypse would help to make that happen?

Jake Starr: Hell I've thought several moments would have gotten me the respect.

Jeff Starr: Yes I know... But don't you think by capping it off with these types of victories people may go "HOLY SH!T WE WERE WRONG?!"

Jake Starr: I'm hoping.

Jake slowly turns back to facing the mirror.

Jeff Starr: You need to believe in it. You need to quit giving these ingrates so much credit. Quit basing your emotions on people who believe in you or not. Those fans out there believe you can win. They could give a rats ass what others think. They're out there wanting to the f_cking "Social Misfit" who made a name for himself bucking the system, doing this his way, not giving a crap about anyone else or their opinions... That is who they want. And I know deep down, that is who you want to be. That's the only person you're comfortable being. You need to get back to being that person. You need to become the true "Social Misfit" once again. Quit being this loner. That's not YOU!

Jake looks down slowly.

Jake Starr: I don't know if the true "Social Misfit" exists anymore...

Jeff Starr: How come?

Jake Starr: ... Because it just feels... Different... I don't know how to explain it. I just feel like the "Misfit" has moved on.

Jeff Starr: You know... As your father I think I know you about as well as anyone. When it comes to this business, I know I do. If the true "Social Misfit" wasn't alive anymore, everyone would know. But that person has sustained wars only few could ever survive. He's outlasted people creating his gimmicks, and telling him how to act. At one point, in one organization, he was forced to wear blue body paint and look like an extra from the Blue Man Group. He wasn't even allowed to call himself the "Social Misfit" anymore. He had to be a "Grand Admiral." After that, he was allowed to be the "Social Misfit," but still couldn't be Jake Starr at the same time...

Jake interrupts.

Jake Starr: ... Part of that was me...

Jeff Starr: I'm aware. "Justin Halesz" was born during the time of you wanting to be your own man. You were afraid of being another "Starr" in this business. You were afraid of living in my shadow. Deep down inside, you weren't happy though. You were having to be this "character." You were having to be someone you knew you weren't. When you finally started being yourself, and being the "Social Misfit" you were born to be, you were on top of your game. You were someone who was feared and revered. Once that man returns, you'll understand why that fire never stopped burning. You'll realize that this business burns within YOU and not some other persona.

Jeff paces back and forth as he tries to get his son to fully realize the message he is delivering.

Jeff Starr: ... Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying it's going to take the "Social Misfit" to win. You've won being both that man, and being just "Jake Starr - The Wrestler." I'm just saying, once you allow the "Misfit" to be released again, you'll feel complete.

Jake continues to look down at the floor.

Jake Starr: How do I know that man still exists after all of these years?

Jeff walks over to his son, and puts his hand on his shoulder.

Jeff Starr: Because I've seen glimpses of him throughout your time in SCW. He's eating away inside you.

Jake peeks over towards his father.

Jake Starr: Glimpses?

Jeff Starr: YES! The "Social Misfit" that became the legend, and the icon, and the man who's reputation preceded him wouldn't be able to cause people to go into an uproar like you have. Look at the reaction one of those times you faced Kissinger. People were out there claiming you were "too obscene" and "too vulgar." You figured out the way to get under their skin, and you exploited it. You didn't pull any punches. You were brutal!

Jake Starr: Ok one time...

Jeff Starr: And then your run-ins with Christian Savior, leading up to Rise to Greatness. You damn near drove him to drink because you wouldn't leave him alone long enough to wipe his own ass.

The comment gets a chuckle out of Jake. Seeing his son have a moment of humor, in the midst of his serious emotions gives Jeff more hope he is getting through to his son. He removes his hand from his son's shoulder and resumes walking around the room as he talks.

Jeff Starr: ... That was the "Social Misfit" coming out of his shell once again, Jake. That wasn't "mild-mannered" Jake Starr. That was the pest, the annoyance, that little fly that you can never seem to get rid of. That was the man who, deep down, you want to be. That's the man who invaded "Kayl TV."

The reminder of his parody of Donovan Kayl's trademarked, "paparazzi-esque," television show brings a full-fledged laugh out of the Adrenaline Champion. Jeff is quick to notice.

Jeff Starr: SEE! That's what I'm talking about! The "Misfit" is there. Even when I have heard you cut promos, you have moments where he comes out. Why are you holding him back Jake?

Jake Starr: Like I said, I don't think he exists in the manner he once did!

Jeff Starr: Then allow him to be whoever he is NOW! He's allowed to evolve! He's allowed to grow!

Jake lifts his head up, and looks at his father through the mirror.

Jake Starr: Jesus... You're talking to me like I'm a "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" kind of person here. It's almost like it's this third person supposedly in the room with us...

Jeff Starr: With the way you repress who you really are, it is almost a "Jekyll and Hyde" situation. This person you've been recently, is a mere shell of who you are deep down, and it's time you, well, break out. Like it or not, you're pretty much forcing your "Hyde" into obscurity and trying to just be "Jekyll." Those of us who know you, know that is one of the main reasons you've been feeling like you have. Jake Starr, the "Social Misfit" would give a rats ass about what other's thought of him. He wouldn't care if anyone respected him, because he knew he was better than them, and you KNOW you're better than everyone you've faced. This Jake Starr, that I see before me, is so concerned with "missing out" or, in a sense, being "picked last" on a team, that it has almost consumed you. You need to quit caring about what others think. Quit caring about if they respect you. The fans respect you, and that's the ONE thing that has translated normally between these two "versions" of yourself.

Jake tilts his neck from side to side. Several "cracks" are heard as his neck pops to each side.

Jeff Starr: ... Why are you so scared of being yourself?

Jake responds in a soft tone of voice.

Jake Starr: I'm not scared...

Jeff Starr: What was that?

Jake spins around with an intense look on his face and yells.

Jake Starr: I SAID I'M... NOT... SCARED!

Jake begins to breathe heavily as the emotions have boiled over.

Jeff Starr: Ok...

The volume in Jake's voice continues to be dialed to 11.

Jake Starr: It's not my fault I seek some appreciation. I came here thinking a lot of these, so-called, "veterans" knew what real talent looked like. Then they go around playing the "good-old-boy" system. F_ck that! They don't know sh!t! All they know is what they feel comfortable with, and I'm not part of it. I go out there, and I beat down everyone they've thrown in my path except for one. One person... ONE PERSON... One person has been the only successful one. The rest have fallen, and fallen damn hard. They continue to overlook me because I'm not "one of them." I'm this "outsider," this "newcomer," this "up-and-comer," this... Whatever you want to call me. They have the NERVE to overlook someone who has done the sh!t I have? They have the NERVE to insult me like that? F_ck them! If they want to overlook me, fine, overlook me! They can each continue to become victims.

Jeff senses he has potentially unleashed the beast within his son, and he begins to smile. He and Jake begin to almost circle each other as if they're about to clash.

Jake Starr: ... Look at what has happened thus far. Once Allocco ended my undefeated streak, everyone figured I would fall downhill fast. It hasn't happened. I have trampled through opponent after f_cking opponent. And does anyone see that? Apparently not! Apparently they're all too blind to know when the tide is shifting from their little "friends" to the new blood that is slowly taking over Supreme Championship Wrestling. Everyone seemingly thinks that the same people will just win and win and win, and basically trade belts amongst themselves. That isn't the Goddamn case anymore. I'm sick of this "good-old-boy" system here. It's about time people open their stupid little eyes, and realize that whether you like someone or not doesn't mean you should just count them out. It is SICKENING!

Jeff Starr: You know they won't open their eyes...

Jake Starr: Then I guess someone should vice their eyes open like in "A Clockwork Orange." I guess someone should make their idiotic selves realize that the times have changed. It's not "Ye Olde Days" like they seemingly want to live in. When I first showed my face on SCW television, I made it clear to Shawn Winters that the SCW Championship was what I would eventually be after, and he and his little piece of crap buddy Alex Jr. laughed me off. Then what happened? Alex Jr. lost his Adrenaline Championship to ME! Laughing me off is a BAD choice. Every single piece of sh!t who has laughed me off has FAILED!

Jeff continues to see his son's "true self" slowly emerge.

Jake Starr: If they want to overlook me... They can be the ones who CONTINUE to look stupid. It's their sad egos that will be damaged in the end. They'll be the ones who doubted Jake Starr, and were proven to be completely wrong. Everyone I've faced doubted me. Everyone I faced swore that they'd be the one to either put another blemish on my record, or take my Adrenaline Championship. They were all complete FAILURES. It is the SAME thing that will continue to happen as long as I'm on this roster. I'm not going to fade off, I'm not going to eventually cool off from my hot streak, I'm not going to be stopped from finishing what I started!

Jeff Starr: Sounds good...

Jake's intensity continues to rise. Jake stops circling his father, but continues to vent.

Jake Starr: People may think I'm some "dime-a-dozen" newcomer to this business. I'm not. I'm not some rookie who wants to become something special in professional wrestling. I have already been there. I've been places some of these "veterans" WISH they could be at. I've been places people like Christian Savior only dream of. Those nights that guys like him wake up with their pants covered in their own semen from dreaming of being one of the "special" talents in this business, I've already been there, and done that.

Jake cracks the knuckles on his hands.

Jake Starr: And Breakdown will be further proof of that very fact. Rachel Foxx and Donovan Kayl are members of that "good-ole-boy" system, if you ask me, Kayl especially. He is viewed as one of those who can never lose, and when he does everyone seems to gasp. Everyone seemingly assumes it is safe to think he'll walk in, and walk out, with his head held high. If he loses, they just figure he'll make up for it the next time. Nobody ever thinks his opponents could actually be better than him. If people thought that, they'd realize I'm far superior to him. At the same time, they'd realize that I'm no damn slouch here. In time, most likely, every single one of those who're casting doubt upon me will be made fools of thanks to me. Donovan Kayl is getting a free pass into this match, much like Savior did at Rise to Greatness, and will ultimately suffer the same end result, DISAPPOINTMENT!

Jeff Starr: Good... It's good to see this attitude coming out finally!

Jake Starr: You wanted it... You asked for it...

Jeff Starr: Yes... Yes I did!

Jake Starr: And Foxx isn't going to receive any special treatment. She has a band of retards cavorting around with her, patting her back saying she's wonderful. She has others in the back giving her the same kinds of praise. So, she walks around with her rhinoplastered nose pointed straight up in the air, and her eyes facing forward, and thinks she's intimidating. How are you supposed to be intimidating when you look like a zombie, and your facial features don't even point in the same direction? It's like she went to the "Michael Jackson School on Plastic Surgery." It could explain how she actually wins some matches. Her opponents look at her, get the fear they're actually living inside the "Thriller" video, and see a zombie about to attack them. By the time they realize it's just a grotesquely-deformed living piece of Picaso art, she usually has beaten them up too badly for them to recover. And the times she may encounter someone who actually could give her a run for her money, she calls in her "special" minions to help her out.

Jeff simply nods.

Jake Starr: And so she is a champion... So what! Yeah she deserves to be in this match, but so does that mean she stands a chance in f_cking hell? NO! She's going to get punched in the face like the uppity hooch that she is. She's going to realize she has felt this kind of beating before. It'll bring back those memories of working the street corners, using the money she made from hooking to feed her crack habit, forgetting she had to pay off her pimp, and then getting slapped around like the HO she is. She'll realize wrestling against the OFFICIAL "Social Misfit" of professional wrestling, is just like forgetting to pay your pimp, a price you sometimes just have to suck it up and pay. She knows she never got to "get away" with shorting her pimp, and she'll learn you don't walk into a wrestling ring with me, and expect to "short me" by stealing a win.

Jeff begins to laugh.

Jeff Starr: Wow...

Jake Starr: Honestly... I don't care who says what anymore. They can say Kayl's the favorite. They can say that dumb bitch Foxx is the favorite. I just don't care. This, I know, is MY MATCH. Whether Kayl or Foxx or anyone else sees it, doesn't matter. I see it, and what I see, is what is going to happen. It's as simple as that. They can be delusional and feel they are deserving, and actually have a chance to go on and face Exeter, but reality supersedes their delusions of grandeur. This is MY TIME! This is MY CHANCE. Like I said, from my first day in SCW, I made it clear my intentions. I made it clear to Shawn Winters, at the time, and now, I hope Exeter keeps a keen eye on this match. He had better watch me especially closely. He and I WILL be meeting at Apocalypse, and his reign will be coming to an end. I have said it before, and I'll say it again, I'm not just A CHAMPION of Supreme Championship Wrestling, I'm THE CHAMPION of Supreme Championship Wrestling, and at month's end, everyone will accept it.

With those final words, the camera slowly zooms in on the face of the Adrenaline Champion. From the somber and depressed mood he began with, Jake's expression has shifted to a very intense, and very determined scowl. The veins in the side of Jake's head slowly begin to become engorged, and it is very obvious he has begin to grind his teeth in angst. Does this, in fact, mark the true beginning of the reign of the "Social Misfit" in Supreme Championship Wrestling? How will it differ from the Jake Starr we have seen up until this point? What does this mean for his opposition at Breakdown? If the true "Social Misfit" has emerged, the entire field of competition in Supreme Championship Wrestling should be put on notice. Jake's time is here, and his mood may have been righted, and the world could be flipped upside down because of it.

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