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There is one philosophy that, since the dawn of time, has governed the Earth...

Survival of the fittest!

The idea that "only the fittest organisms will prevail" has always held true, no matter the situation.

For all intents and purposes, it began with the dinosaurs. The carnivorous hunters survived by picking off those whom could not defend themselves against their wrath. In times of drought, the meat eaters could survive by continuing to pick off plant eaters who were growing weary of searching out plant life for their nutrition.

As time progressed, and humanity evolved, so did this theory.

Cavemen were forced to defend their land and their keep from predators and other cavemen. Whoever won the battles won the bounty.

Colonies formed of like-minded people, sparking wars against those who differed. The winning forces were able to assimilate the conquered into their society, thus spreading their ideals.

That mentality continues to this very day, as wars are waged for ideals, land, resources, anything.

It all boils down to someone wanting something that someone else has.

In professional wrestling, the mentality is the same.

There is always someone who has the bounty everyone seeks. It comes in the form of a belt. A belt that only one may hold.

Ultimately everyone seeks to defeat the "king" and turn from hunter, to hunted.

With the thought of "natural selection" governing how people act, there is more that should be amended to the end of "survival of the fittest."

... "To the victor belong the spoils!"

Fresh off of his very first victory in SCW, at Breakdown, Jake Starr looks poised to go into this weekend's pay-per view, Retribution, and score another win. At Breakdown, Jake backed up his words with a strong showing against Eric Anderson. Anderson looked overwhelmed, and overmatched. Retribution marks his next task. Four opponents stand in his way in a "Furious Five-Way," with the winner receiving, what is only referred to as an "opportunity." Unlike the last time Jake was heard from in SCW, one of his opponents has openly spoken about their meeting that is approaching quickly. As Jake sits with his wife, Roeper, he begins to open up about what he has heard regarding his upcoming match at Retribution.

Jake Starr: Finally! Finally someone has the manhood to try and say something towards me about this match at Retribution. I figured, again, I was going to force everyone to run back up their mommy's snatch and hide from me, but thankfully, the "Steel Man Lover," I mean "Man of Steel Lova" sorry, actually decided to come out of the woodworks and say something. How delightful!

Roeper Hart: What did he say?

Jake Starr: Well, from what I could cipher between the weed-induced babble, not much of any importance.

Roeper Hart: Was it bad?

Jake Starr: Oh it was horrendous! It was like watching Flavor Flav on weed reading a Dr. Suess book.

Roeper Hart: Oh damn!

Jake Starr: Yeah... I taped it for you!

Roeper Hart: Nice!

Jake Starr: Oh yeah, trust me, I didn't want you to miss this spectacle.

Roeper Hart: More like debacle!

Jake Starr: And you haven't even seen it yet!

Roeper Hart: Oh trust me, I am in some serious suspense here...

Jake turns on the DVR, and scrolls down to the promo cut by Soopaman Luva recently in SCW. As Roeper watches in complete shock at the farce that is on their screen, Jake is falling over hysterically laughing at what he is hearing again. The promo slowly winds up with Jake still laughing, and a completely look of disbelief on the face of his wife.

Roeper Hart: Oh... My... God!

Jake Starr: Was that not CLASSIC?!

Roeper Hart: That was terrible!

Jake Starr: But entertaining... I mean think about this. He is a PROFESSIONAL in this business, and parades himself around on national television like that? Does he seriously think that's how he should be?

Roeper Hart: Works for Flavor Flav!

Jake Starr: TouchÈ!

Roeper Hart: You think you'll hear from anyone else in this match?

Jake Starr: Very doubtful. I don't put any faith in it really. Like I said, maybe Prime, if anyone, but that'll be all.

Roeper Hart: I gotcha!

Jake Starr: Yeah, ultimately, once the pay-per view is over, everyone is going to realize how the times have changed, and it's out with the old and in with the new.

Roeper Hart: Don't you think they realized that at Breakdown?

Jake Starr: Maybe... But it wasn't like Anderson was anything special. Nobody is going to go "Holy Christ this guy's good! He just beat Eric Anderson!"

Roeper Hart: I guess I see your point there.

Jake Starr: Now beating four others guys, that could possibly be a different story!

Roeper Hart: Very true!

Jake's cell phone rings. On the caller ID, it tells Jake that it is Shawn Wright.

Jake Starr: It's Shawn hang on...

Roeper Hart: K..

Jake pushes the touchscreen on his cell phone and answers.

Jake Starr: Hey man...

Voice of Shawn Wright: Hey bro, how goes it?

Jake Starr: Can't complain my man, can't complain!

Voice of Shawn Wright: Nice work at Breakdown! I'd say that was a successful appearance.

Jake Starr: No kidding! I did like I planned, that's for sure!

Voice of Shawn Wright: Now you're ready for Retribution?

Jake Starr: Hell yes I am!

Voice of Shawn Wright: Speaking of... You hear Stupid-man's little, drug-induced, shoot?

Jake Starr: Oh man I almost peed my pants I was laughing so hard. Does he honestly expect anyone to take him seriously?

Voice of Shawn Wright: After the match I saw him have at Breakdown, I don't think ANYONE will EVER take him seriously!

Jake Starr: No kidding man!

Voice of Shawn Wright: Seriously though, you ready for Retribution?

Jake Starr: I couldn't be more ready. I am ready to go in there, make my statement and make it loud.

Voice of Shawn Wright: Good.

Jake Starr: Trust me, it is time for the "Social Misfits" to once again be back in power.

Voice of Shawn Wright: I hear ya!

Jake Starr: We once ruled this business, and dominated everyone we came in contact with. It is time we do it again.

Voice of Shawn Wright: You talked to any of the other guys?

Jake Starr: Nah... They've long sense gone on about their lives. I fight for the future of our band of brothers.

Voice of Shawn Wright: Oh I know man... The brotherhood runs in your veins, and I guarantee they're proud of you. But I got to go man. I just wanted to call and congratulate you.

Jake Starr: I appreciate it! Thanks for helping me get ready for this...

Voice of Shawn Wright: Anytime bro!

Jake hangs up from his phone call with Wright.

Roeper Hart: He calling to congratulate you?

Jake Starr: Yeah, that and make sure I'm ready for Retribution.

Roeper Hart: You seem ready!

Jake Starr: Trust me... I am ready!

Jake takes a swing of his drink that was sitting on the table. After he sets the drink back down, he looks over at the camera that is filming the two.

Jake Starr: When it comes to Retribution, I'd say it is obvious where I should start. It's about time I actually hear the voice of one of my opponents here. Sadly it happened to be Stupid-man's voice. And what a pathetic voice it was. Stupid-man, let me begin by telling you a little bit about this business. This isn't some kind of party you can spend in a haze. This isn't a way for you to be "cool." This is a serious profession, and you're making a completely and total mockery of it. I don't see how you cannot figure out a way to make SOME kind of excuse for your performance at Breakdown. And then not two seconds later, you make the excuse that you were outsmarted by the Mercury brothers? Did you honestly smoke that much to forget what you had JUST SAID?! You honestly believe that you can come back bigger, from that mess, against someone like me? You don't just have me to worry about dummy. You have me and three other guys to worry about. You won't be able to have a chance to "come back stronger" this time around. All you're going to be able to do is luckily stumble to the ring, realize you have the munchies, and go help keep the Pop Tart brand selling! You're not going to be doing any of this "making up" for your first failure at Retribution. You talk about being one of the "biggest threats on the roster, and nobody knows it? Damn that must be some good, no GREAT, s#it you're lighting up there. Holy Jesus, you? A threat? Seriously? Yikes! If you consider yourself a threat, it's only because you lose cognitive abilities when you're flying high as a kite. You become a threat to yourself. Unless you plan on using your craving for the proverbial "munchies" as a weapon, I don't foresee you being any type of "threat" in this business.

Roeper Hart: I'm still in shock he actually believes he is a "threat" in wrestling.

Jake Starr: That is his problem. He is delusional. He decided he was going to talk big and not back it up at all.

Roeper Hart: That is pretty normal in this business. Everyone thinks they're the "next big thing" or "savior" to the business. Instead the end up becoming a fledgling piece of garbage, and a waste of money.

Jake Starr: Damn right they do!

Roeper Hart: Even though I haven't been as deeply involved in the business as I used to be, I can still say, definitively, that most wrestlers are no where near what they think they are...

Jake Starr: That's very true...

Jake's attention returns to the camera, and back to Soopaman Luva. He returns to commenting on what Luva had to say.

Jake Starr: I heard you quip about not being a so called, "fake." How you're all real and such. You're not. You're a fake in the sense you think you belong in this business. You're a fake in the sense you think you're a star. The fans don't love you because you're "real." They love you because they know they'll have someone to point and laugh at. Fans don't look at you as a wrestler. Fans look at you as a sideshow to give them a temporary "mental break" during an event. You're the walking "Kiss Cam" or "T-Shirt Gun" at a pro wrestling event. You're not a performer. You're a wannabe!

Roeper Hart: You really don't like this guy do you?

Jake Starr: I hate people who are completely making a mockery of this business.

Roeper Hart: I can imagine...

Jake Starr: He basically is spitting in the faces of people like me, who helped pave the way for guys like him to even be able to have a shot to be in this business...

Roeper Hart: Not according to him...

Jake Starr: Yeah I heard that part...

Roeper Hart: He seems to think you're all a bunch of rookies...

Jake Starr: You have no idea how much that outrages me...

Roeper Hart: I can see it in your eyes babe...

Jake Starr: Soon, he will too...

Jake focuses, once again, on the camera watching this exchange. He now focuses his attention on Luva's comments regarding the fact that he believes everyone is new and doesn't have a right to talk big.

Jake Starr: I have to address this little comment you made about everything people say is just talk. You know, you may have not been in this business very long. You may still be a little "wet behind the ears." Unlike you, I'm not. I've earned my right to come into this business, and say what I want to say, and know that if you find it to be simply, "talk," you're going to be eating your little words, just like your Pop Tarts. I have long-sense paid my dues in this business. I grew up in it. I lived in it. I will eventually retire in it. Until you have even come close to walking that same line, you haven't done s#it to say nobody has proved themselves. You may haven't, and some of the others in this match may have not either, but the ones of us in this business who have, you do NOT disrespect like that. I have been in more main events than you have matches, kid. You are officially writing checks your ass can't cash, and just like banks when ask for a loan, I'm going to make sure your hopes and dreams to step up in this business are DENIED! You're right about one thing... Words are just words. Ask Eric Anderson about how likely my words are to come true. I think he figured he could remain silent, and I would just succumb to his will. Guess what, it didn't happen. And it isn't happening at Retribution either. What is happening is you're going to learn to respect those of us who have been around a little more than you. Period!

Once again Jake takes a drink of his drink, regroups, and sends his final message to the opponents in this "Furious Five-Way."

Jake Starr: As for the rest of you silent-types, each one of you had better listen closely too. Stupid-man isn't the only one who will have another loss under his belt. Anderson, it will mark the second for you by me. Breakdown you were given a simple TASTE of what I am capable of. Logan, after a win over Eric Anderson, you were decimated at the hands of AJ Donavan. Your true colors were shown. You're a one-and-done hack, who was lucky to get one win. At Retribution, your losing streak will be extended. I hope you begin to learn that you're outclassed by much of SCW. I can't say all, mainly because there is Anderson and Stupid-man here too, but you are a small fish in a school of sharks here boy. Sucks for you I know... And finally, Sean Michael Prime. Prime, I honestly had hoped you might come out of your little shell and manned-up. I don't know why, but I thought maybe, just maybe, you'd be there to fight. It appears you are proving me wrong. Nevertheless, you're going to hate what happens at Retribution. Pre-show match, or main event match, I take them all seriously. I make sure to treat every opponent like it is for everything I've worked for. Nobody will be different here. Another victory is coming for me at Retribution. And another step towards cementing my name as SCWs top performer will soon follow...

As Jake finishes his final, closing, remarks for his match, he and Roeper stand up and exit the room. As the hours begin to dwindle towards the SCW pay-per view, Retribution, Jake Starr's impact could be completely recognized soon. Could this match springboard Starr into the SCW limelight, and help cement his name amongst the SCW elite? With a victory, he could officially be seen as a serious force in SCW, and continue his quest to become the SCW's next Supreme Champion.

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