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It was four years ago since the last time Jake knew he was walking into ANY wrestling event as the headliner. He walked into an arena for an upstart wrestling federation vying to become its first World Heavyweight Champion. This federation had signed the long-time veteran, hoping to draw in the interest of the masses, and make a quick name for itself.

Unfortunately... It was the first, and last World Championship the federation ever saw. It also was Jake's last.

After that moment, Jake began to feel that his "appeal" to the professional wrestling business was in its dying breaths, and he should consider abandoning the career he loved.

He spent the next few months trying to find a place to call home. He tried to find a place that would suit him in his desires. He also looked for a place for he, and his Social Misfit bretheren, to thrive. Many organizations pitched themselves to Jake, but the fire was slowly becoming extinguished in his soul.

Jake couldn't figure out why he even bothered trying anymore. Why should he continue to grasp at straws he knew were out of his reach? Why couldn't he accept the obvious?

Those were thoughts that plagued him, and thoughts that finally he succombed too.

The bulk of the next four years passed with Jake being a shell of the man he once was. His friends noticed, and his family noticed. They noticed a man who was once full of life who was now simply going through the motions of everyday life. He wasn't the same man anymore.

He did everything he knew to do to adjust to the "real world." He knew his family's financial situation was good for life thanks to his wrestling career, and he tried to enjoy it. He and Roeper often took vacations around the world. They would go to wrestling events in various parts of the globe to see the talent, and try and get Jake to adapt to simply being a fan.

It never fully worked.

The next thought was to put Jake in a setting where he could, potentially, fill that void within his soul. He dabbled in the world of announcing, but it wasn't right for him. He tried his hand as one of the members of the staff helping make federations run day to day. And again, it wasn't right.

Then he finally came to that moment when he knew what he had to do. He couldn't go looking for an upstart federation that needed him to carry it to greatness. He needed to find a place he could go that was established, and he could rebuild his legacy from the ground up. He felt this would be a way to give him concrete proof on whether he is truly done with wrestling, or the best is still yet to come.

That brings us to today...

It has taken four years, a number of failed comebacks, and a number of failed retirements to get to the point Jake Starr is at right now.

He is at a point that is the penultimate culmination of his decision to return to the world of professional wrestling, and it has been something he has yearned for the entire time.

Jake leaves this week's Breakdown, not only with his Adrenaline Championship still draped over his shoulder, he walks out of Breakdown with a chance to earn a shot for the prestigeous SCW Championship.

He gets his chance to return to the main event spotlight. He knows this potentially signals the next evolution in his career.

All that stands in his way are two other SCW stars who desire that same goal.

Should Jake succeed, and defeat the two standing in his path, he'll have the chance to complete his goal at Apocolypse, and realize that the best, is truly yet to come.

When last we saw Jake Starr, he was hoisting his Adrenaline Championship over his head in victory. He had just stiffled the attempts of Brayden Walker to capture his first singles championship since joining the rankings of Supreme Championship Wrestling. It wouldn't, however, be the last time that night that Jake made a definitive impact on the world of the organization though.

In the waning moments of Breakdown, the Canadian Heart Break Kid dropped a bombshell announcement on the fans of SCW. He announced that Jake Starr, Donovan Kayl, and Rachel Foxx would be given a chance to become the number one contender for James Exeter's SCW Championship next week. The only catch... They'd have to eliminate the other two.

This is the chance that Jake has been hoping for. Upon returning to the business, he had aimed at simply winning a championship, and being dominant. Once that was achieved, his next focus was to become the best Supreme Championship Wrestling had to offer, and now he gets it.

Since the announcement was made, Jake's emotions have been in overdrive. He's been battling a balancing act of excitement, nervousness, and serenity. The excitement began when he found out he was being given the chance he has strived for. From there, thenerves took over. He knew he had two formidable opponents standing before him, and he knew they both had to be taken out. After all that had sunk in, he realized a moment of serenity that stemmed from the fact that his return to professional wrestling was everything it was meant to be.

He returned to see if he still "had it," and the fact he is being given this chance puts a stamp of validity on it.

With this pendulum of emotion running through the Adrenaline Champion's body, those surrounding him have been very cautious on how to approach him. Nobody is sure which side the pendulum is swinging on, and nobody wants to be on the side when the nerves are ruling his mind-set. Regardless of those concerns, the positivity surrounding the superstar has grown substantially since he was ultimately rewarded with the potential shot of headlining at Apocolypse.

Jake Starr: I can't believe it's finally happening...

Shawn Wright: What?

Jake Starr: I'm finally getting a chance to shine again.

Shawn Wright: Again? Haven't you been doing that already?

Jake Starr: I have to some degree, yes, but you've been there man. You know what I mean...

Shawn Wright: Why are you so shocked?

Jake Starr: It's more amazement than shock... I mean think about how my past was... For years I was known as someone who "ruined" organizations. I went around thinking I was the best there was, and I could have very well been. But the fact of the matter is, I treated everyone outside of my clique like dog sh!t. I was a "cancer" to many organizations. Then, when I decided to grow up, I decided to try and help brand new federations start from the ground up like I did in the OWF. I wanted to recapture my "glory days." I failed at all those times.

Shawn nods as Jake continues.

Jake Starr: ... Then, while I had way too much damn time to think, I realized I needed to just be myself. If that happened to be a complete ass, then so be it. If it turned out I was just another wrestler, then so be it. Regardless, I just had to go in and be myself. That's what worked in the past. That was the mentality I was trying to, in essence, imitate.

Shawn looks perplexed.

Shawn Wright: You tried to imitate yourself?

Jake Starr: Yeah... That's why it failed.

Shawn Wright: So why the amazement?

Jake Starr: Mainly because I was able to be myself, and succeed at just being me. I didn't feel like I was pretending to me the "Me" that I was in the past. I just have gone out there, done what I do, and left it at that. I am just amazed I was able to really get to this point.

Shawn Wright: You seriously doubted yourself?

Jake Starr: It was getting to that point. All of the doubt being cast by others surrounding the organization, compiled with the fact I was just being kind of slung around from random opponent to random opponent, I kind of began to think I was one of those guys who they gave an opportunity to, capitalized on it, and then they went "Ok what do we do now?". I didn't feel like there was much "This guy deserves more" until recently. And even then, it's still kind of surreal. I thought when I took out both Kissinger and the complete FARCE of a "Savior," I'd begin to garner a little more recognition. Nope... At least that's what I thought until I heard what CHBK had to say. Then I kind of second guessed it.

Shawn Wright: Yeah I would too!

Jake Starr: Now I see that it is just a slower progression than before. I'm used to people changing opinions like underwear.

Shawn Wright: Well hell, where you come from that's the case. You win one week, you're the greatest thing in the locker room, the minute you lose ONCE, you instantly are deemed a joke, and lose any credibility you ever had.

Jake Starr: Exactly... SCW doesn't seem to be like that too much. You really have to work to convince people you are what you claim to be.

Shawn Wright: Yeah...

Jake sighs.

Jake Starr: I thought taking out people like Justin Davis, Christian Savior, Stacy Kissinger, you know, people like that, would really add to my credibility here.

Shawn Wright: It has some. I know it may not be everyone, but every week it seems like you get the respect you want from more and more people. You have to understand people here aren't just going to bank on newcomers jumping at the opportunities like you do. Most newbies usually storm out of the gate, and almost immediately fall into a comfortable trot. You just keep storming...

Jake Starr: Honestly that is all I know to do. I don't know how to "cruise" in this business. I just know one mode.

Shawn Wright: And that's why you're not like the others.

Jake Starr: Tell that to them!

Roeper walks in. She was obviously just out of frame and listening to the entire conversation.

Roeper Hart: Babe... They're not just going to instantly wake up and realize you're something unlike the rest. They probably just see you still in "busting out of the gate" mode, and figure they don't want to look stupid when you start to "coast."

Jake Starr: True...

Roeper Hart: Next week gives you an opportunity to set yourself up for that moment where everyone is FORCED to open their eyes, and say "Whoa!"

Shawn Wright: No no no! It's...

Shawn quickly slips into one of his wonderful impressions, this time, Keanu Reeves.

Shawn Wright: WHOOOA!

For some reason, Jake feels the need to join in.

Jake Starr: Strange things are afoot at the Circle-K!

Roeper rolls her eyes.

Roeper Hart: Oh lord!

The two laugh.

Shawn Wright: But seriously man... Like Roeper said, you have a chance to really set yourself up to be noticed. And the thing is, it's not a challenge that is going to be all that difficult to emerge from.

Jake Starr: How do you mean?

Shawn Wright: Do you not realize who you're fighting?

Jake Starr: Umm... Donovan Kayl and Rachel Foxx?

Shawn Wright: Ding ding ding! We have a winner! Tell him what he's won Roeper!

Not missing the chance to join in, Roeper plays along using her best, and stereotypical, announcers voice.

Roeper Hart: Shawn, by guessing the correct opponents Jake has won a trip to JAMAICA!! Yes you'll be flown round trip coach from Miami aboard Bill's Airlines! Value of this trip is... Oh wait... Bill has crashed his plane! Instead you get a lifetime's supply of Q-Tips!

Jake's head droops and shakes back and forth.

Jake Starr: That was one of the most retarded things I've ever heard.

Roeper shrugs.

Roeper Hart: I thought it was creative.

Shawn Wright: I concur!

Jake shakes his head.

Jake Starr: No... EPIC FAIL!

Shawn Wright: Aww!

Roeper Hart: Well sh!t!

Jake Starr: Now anyway... What about Kayl and Foxx?

Shawn Wright: Well for one, you have already beaten Donovan Kayl back in early June.

Jake nods.

Jake Starr: Yes... My memory sucks, but not that bad.

Shawn Wright: And then you have Rachel Foxx, who, for some reason, is thought to be talented.

Jake Starr: She IS a champion!

Shawn Wright: Dude... She cavorts around with that Davis dummy, and impersonates someone who actually is some kind of "CEO."

Jake Starr: Fair point! She does have this made up "company" that her and Davis prance around speaking highly of.

Shawn Wright: Yep!

Jake Starr: But regardless... These two aren't going to be walks in the park. Especially not at the same time! I mean start with Donovan Kayl. Yeah, I've beaten him once. He figured out what it was like to cross me. But that doesn't mean he is someone I should overlook.

Shawn Wright: He's also someone who really is kind of lucky to be in this match...

Jake Starr: Yeah... I mean if you look at both Kayl and Foxx, he seems to stand out as someone who really isn't the most deserving to be in this match. Yeah sure, he has done a lot in SCW. Yeah he is definitely a future hall of fame inductee. But he was obliterated at Rise to Greatness by that snuff film character. Sure he beat Nathan Kaye at this last Breakdown, but it is like one win notches some guys everything. And in the case of Christian Savior, no wins notches you a title shot. But Kayl has been up and down as of late. He hasn't really shown much moxie out there. He'll win one here, but then get a big chance to shine and fall down. He had me one on one RIGHT AFTER I was victorious over Ace Marshall, and couldn't get the job done. He's no cake-walk of an opponent, but I think there would be better suited people than him.

Roeper Hart: Makes sense...

Jake Starr: Like I said... Don't get me wrong he is somoene deserving of respect. But respect alone shouldn't get you an opportunity like this. Look at what I've done... I've wrestled FIFTEEN matches since joining the rankings of Supreme Championship Wrestling. Not like three or four. I have only lost ONE. I have emerged victorious in EVERY OTHER ONE of them. Now I get my chance, but they decide Kayl is deserving too? I don't see how! I don't see how a guy can be so good one week, horrible the next, good the next, horrible the next, over and over again, and then be rewarded It just isn't logical to me.

Jake just shakes his head in disbelief.

Roeper Hart: You never know... There could be a valid reason!

Shawn Wright: Yeah like maybe he went and buttered up Sasha Drachewych to let him in the match.

Jake Starr: Nah... I don't think he's that kind of person. He's not one to try and weasel his way in. I'm not saying that maybe CHBK didn't throw him in as a friendly gesture, but I don't think Kayl is one to try and snake his way into a match like this.

Shawn Wright: Never know!

Jake Starr: Dude... Trust me on that! I won't deny that I think he wasn't the best option for this match, but I'm not going to believe he just conned himself in.

Shawn Wright: Alright... Then what about the fact that it was the two of them together who came out and attacked the Infection when they were attacking you?

Jake Starr: Don't you get it? The Infection was a disease that affected a lot of people. CHBK, Kayl, and I all had a vested interest in seeing them taken down. I don't see it as them being so close they'd do the same thing that Drachewych and his cronies did.

Shawn shakes his head.

Shawn Wright: I just don't trust the situation...

Jake Starr: Then don't trust it! Listen... I've taken Kayl out once. Yeah it was one on one, and this is a three-way elimination match. The fact is that I have beaten Donovan Kayl once. I made a statement to him that I know he heard well. He understands the fact that when someone, or multiple someone’s for that matter, try to impede my progress when I desire something, they fall hard. He was thrown in my path thanks to "Daddy D" and his little attempt to use me as his personal "Hitman" against his enemies. I wasn't keen on the idea of being used like that, but when it came to defending my championship, I didn't notice WHO was across the ring from me. Every opponent looked the same when it came to defending my title. So Kayl has seen how my determination carries me. Kayl has witnessed that drive first hand. He knows what he is getting into, and I would bet money that he thinks that he'll be prepared this time around.

Shawn nods.

Shawn Wright: Probably...

Jake Starr: He won't. He can ask Stacy Kissinger how rematches go with me. If I win once, I'm going to win each and every time. If I lose, I guarantee the second time will be a LOT different than the first. I refuse to let up, and I refuse to be shown up. I hope he uses the knowledge to the best of his abilities. I hope he IS able to, at the least, leave the ring knowing he felt like he did some better than the first time we locked up. Whether he is the first to be eliminated, or the second, it doesn't matter to me. The result of the match WILL be a carbon copy as the first time we stepped in together, and that's me ending up victorious.

Shawn Wright: Ok...

Roeper Hart: Shawn... I understand you don't trust anyone, but Jake has a good sense of things too!

Shawn Wright: I know! I'm just stating what I see, and what I feel!

Jake Starr: I think what you're feeling is gas! Or maybe constipation!

Roeper Hart: Do you need some ExLax?

Jake Starr: Maybe some Milk of Magnesia?

Shawn just glares at the two.

Jake Starr: Hey I'm just trying to help that feeling go away!

Shawn just shakes his head.

Jake Starr: Besides man... If you want to figure someone to worry about, it's Foxx and her bard of minstrels.

Shawn Wright: Why is that?

Jake Starr: If you are so worried about Kayl having CHBK as a friend and a cohort, why not worry about Foxx and her, like, three or four? She would be more likely to utilize that advantage over Kayl in my opinion.

Shawn Wright: Maybe...

Jake Starr: And we all know how much Justin Davis doesn't like me either. That guy is a bitter son of a bitch if you ask me.

Shawn Wright: So... You're fighting Foxx!

Jake Starr: Listen to me... You're too focused on ONE person in this match. Kayl and Foxx are BOTH in it remember? Remember the whole "ding ding ding" crap you were saying earlier? Donovan Kayl may have the ear of CHBK on his side. Rachel Foxx has three pieces of garbage on hers. My guess is they are ALREADY formulating some kind of "ingenious" way to help make sure she wins.

Shawn Wright: Hmm...

Jake Starr: If you want to worry about a "group" or "outside" stimuli to this match, she's the one to worry about.

Roeper nods in agreement.

Jake Starr: For me... I'm trying not to think about what's happening on the "outside" of the ring. She is obviously someone who, I think, kind of deserves this chance. Granted I don't see her as being very talented in the ring, she has definitely earned a chance to at least SAY she could fight to be number one contender for Exeter's title. She's had a decent string of wins going along since she won the Underground Championship from Shyne. She was the only other successful champion at Rise to Greatness besides me. That says a lot. But when it comes to comparing with me. She's nothing. She's one of those failures of a singles wrestler who requires the aide of others to win. First she leaned on Asher Hayes and Justin Davis. The three of them paraded around like a "wish-we-were-powerful" menage-et-trois. Then I guess she whored herself out to whichever one of them she wasn't sleeping with at the time, and the other got jealous. Now she has this brothel that she calls "Foxx Global," that I am assuming is supposed to keep her from having to deal with that issue again.

Roeper Hart: Why's that?

Jake Starr: Oh she hired some other vaginas to be in their clique... My guess is they are, in a sense, the "community vaginas," and she can dole hers out sparingly.

Roeper grimaces.

Roeper Hart: Umm ew!

Jake Starr: Hell she probably goes through those girls like Spinal Tap goes through drummers. Once one dies off from whichever strand of gonoherpasyphilaids they had at the time, she finds another gaping hole to join her crew and allow everyone to play doctor with.

Shawn looks curious.

Shawn Wright: Sounds intriguing!

Roeper looks disgusted.

Roeper Hart: Sounds unsanitary!

Jake remains un-phased by his own comments and imagery.

Jake Starr: Sounds like a bad reality show on E!

Shawn Wright: True!

Jake Starr: But as far as her actually having a chance in this match, I don't foresee it being a possibility. She is streaking in wins right now, and that's all well and good for her. But look at Brayden Walker. He came in against me streaking heavily, and he fell. It all comes back to crossing me at the wrong time.

Shawn Wright: Is there really a "right" time?

Jake Starr: Not necessarily. But there are times when the timing of crossing me is even worse. When my sights have become firmly locked on a target, or goal, the timing is bad. My goal is not to just be A champion in Supreme Championship Wrestling... I want to be seen, simply as, THE CHAMPION in Supreme Championship Wrestling. I have said it so many times, I don't care WHO gets in my way, I don't care WHAT gets in my way, I am tearing through it to get where I want to be. Rachel Foxx can bring every single member of her bordello in the hopes they can take out Kayl and I. She KNOWS that's her only chance of walking out victorious. And as far as Kayl goes... I respect him, and everything he's done in SCW in the past, but this match belongs to Jake Starr. It is my time to shine, and it is my time to receive the respect I have deserved for quite some time now. It's as simple as that!

Jake's wife and friend both nod in agreement with the SCW superstar. The scene slowly fades to black on the three sitting in silence, and Jake's mood slowly begins to visibly swing back away from his calmness, to the intensity he delivers every time he steps into the SCW ring. In one week's time, Jake will battle for a chance at something he has yearned for for some time now. It is an opportunity he does not want to waste, or see pass him by. Could Breakdown be the day Jake gets to pencil his name into the Apocolypse card for the coveted SCW Championship? Or will the opportunity he returned to the business to achieve slip through his fingers, and force him to watch someone else take, what he feels, he has already earned?

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