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Since discovering his opponent for the next Breakdown event, Jake's level of intrigue has blossomed.

This is the first time Brayden Walker will be having a chance to capture gold in Supreme Championship Wrestling, and Jake knows how that can effect one's mentality. He wonders exactly how Walker is handling the pressure of focusing on two matches where he can potentially score gold. He wonders how the fairly newcomer is handling the anxiety of potentially going from a nobody, to a somebody, in just the span of two matches, or for that matter just one.

It is a curiosity he knows will only be answered the day of their clash, or the day Walker steps in front of a camera.

Jake, on the other hand, knows where his focus is. He has the same focus he had going into Rise to Greatness, and ever other title defense he has had. That focus is simply to walk in, and walk out, with the Adrenaline Championship still draped over his shoulder.

It's a focus that has, in a sense, consumed him.

This "focus" has consumed him before.

He once was the Intercontinental Champion of a, now dormant organization. The belt seen as the "top" championship became one passed around thanks to political favoritism between those few who passed it around, and the management of the organization.

So what did he do? He realized the Intercontinental Title wasn't tainted in the same way, and proceeded to take it, and make it more coveted than that of the "top tier" title.

In a sense, he sees a similar mission before him now.

The Adrenaline Championship, he now holds, is a belt he hopes to raise to the same level of precedence and prestige that he did in the past.

He knows that with every opponent thrown in his path that he able to emerge victorious against, the belt's allure and value also rises.

It is a desire that drives him day in, and day out, and will continue to burn until it is completely, and totally fulfilled.

With each passing moment, Jake thinks more and more about his match with Brayden Walker. Walker walks in undefeated, and hoping to make a statement. Jake sees the match as a striking resemblance to a moment he has already encountered since joining Supreme Championship Wrestling.

He has expressed these thoughts in private with Roeper, and now has gotten a chance to sit down, in his home, with his father. His mother and father decided to come visit the pair after Jake's victory at Rise to Greatness, to celebrate, and also simply spend time together.

Roeper and Jake's mom, Denise, are off doing "their thing" together, while the father and son tandem get a chance to talk wrestling.

Since Jeff left the wrestling business, Denise has tried to distance herself from the world as much as she could. She remembers the days when she would get completely wrapped up in all of the "goings-on," and when that ended, she has done everything she could to try and keep herself from, once again, becoming enthralled. At times she finds it difficult, but with Roeper's help, she is able to be involved in her son's life, and yet not feel like she is being dragged back into the business.

Jake's father on the other hand has never fully left; physically yes, mentally no. He loves the chances he gets to sit down and hear stories about the modern wrestling world as compared to the one he left. He also loves hearing his son talk about his matches, feuds, etc.

As Jeff and Jake converse about Supreme Championship Wrestling, the conversation finally shifts from Jake's stunning win at Rise to Greatness, to his match at Breakdown. Jake finally gets an opportunity to explain his thoughts on Walker to his father, whom he knows is excited to sit back and listen.

Jake Starr: ... You know... Honestly this match has a lot of interesting parallels in it.

Jeff Starr: How so?

Jake Starr: Well, I was thinking back to my match with Adam Allocco, right?

Jeff Starr: Yeah...

Jake Starr: Well, going into that match I was, I think, 7-0. Maybe, 6-0, but somewhere in there.

Jeff Starr: Ok...

Jake Starr: I felt I was unstoppable. I felt that I was on this mission to completely win and decimate every opponent that is thrown in front of me...

Jeff Starr: Alright...

Jake Starr: ... And then came my reality check in life, and in my career. I realized that I wasn't Superman; I wasn't invincible; I wasn't unstoppable. I was human! I was human like everyone else here in Supreme Championship Wrestling. I had this mentality that gave me the mentality I couldn't be beaten. I honestly had points when I thought I would remain undefeated for my entire career in SCW. Going into my match with Allocco, I had no reason to not believe it.

Jeff Starr: Yeah...

Jake Starr: Well... I was wrong! I'm not this super-human God who can just take everything for granted, and assume I am going to be rewarded in full. That was not the case. I got a solid dose of reality handed to me in a way I never thought I would. Going in, I thought that if I was going to get a "reality check" it was going to be thanks to a close call, but still a win. I thought that would be my "dose of reality." I never expected to lose. I never expected to walk away without another win under my belt. I never expected my streak to end!

Jeff nods at his son.

Jake Starr: The naivety of my thought process killed me. And then after that, I realized every match I had to understand it could all come crashing down on me. I couldn't allow myself to believe I could never be stopped, or that I could just mow down everyone. Don't get me wrong, I firmly believe I can mow down anyone and everyone who crosses my path. I'm just not willing to go in EXPECTING it. Mentally I know I can perform equal to, or better than, anyone out there. I have accomplished that goal I set out to do...

Jake's father interrupts.

Jeff Starr: What goal was that one?

Jake Starr: The goal to prove I could still compete on a level I was happy with. I didn't want to return if I couldn't compete. I didn't want to go out there and feel like I tarnished my legacy or the family name.

Jeff Starr: Which you didn't do!

Jake Starr: Oh I know... But what I'm saying is, I have a distinct feeling Walker may be walking into this match with a similar point of view.

Jeff Starr: Oh really?

Jake Starr: Yeah... Hence the "parallels" reference!

Jeff Starr: Oh yeah!

Jake chuckles at his father's mental lapse.

Jeff Starr: Slipped my mind sorry!

Jake Starr: I blame it on age!

Jeff Starr: Just know I will NEVER be too old to kick your ass!

Jake Starr: Sure Dad... Sure!

Jeff Starr: Want to try me?

Jake Starr: No... I bet you taste gamey!

Jake grins at his dad. Jeff goes to comment, and realizes Jake just took the comment in a completely new direction. He can't do anything but laugh.

Jake Starr: ... Anyway... Walker is walking into this match perfect in singles competition. He hasn't lost a match yet, when it came to one on one matches. He's flying high at 6-0, I think.

Jeff Starr: You think?

Jake Starr: Well that is by my best count. I just know he hasn't lost yet in singles matches...

Jeff Starr: Ah! Ok!

Jake Starr: With a record like that, and momentum like he is carrying, I know how his mind is working. His mind is racing with the thought of being able to win the Adrenaline Championship because he hasn't lost yet. He is thinking it is finally going to be "his time" to shine even bigger within the rankings of SCW. He knows that he could, potentially, hold two championships at one time if everything continues down the path he sees it going down. In his mind, he's already won both belts, and he is flying on cloud nine.

Jeff Starr: And... The parallels are?

Jake Starr: When I went in against Allocco, I already won in my mind. I was going to remain undefeated forever. Allocco was a proven veteran who had tasted both wins and losses, and knew how to handle someone who was in the mind-set I was in. I went in, was over-zealous, and ended up paying the price of losing my first match. It was an experience that put me into those shoes, and ultimately made me more dangerous.

Jeff Starr: I see...

Jake Starr: ... And truth be told... The "circle" can complete itself when I hand Brayden his first loss. He's expecting to win, everyone is expecting him to win, and he's going to lose. It's as simple as that. I will have gone from my shoes, to the shoes of an Adam Allocco, and passed it on to another. It's like "right of passage" almost.

Jeff nods again.

Jeff Starr: Yeah I guess I can see that making sense.

Jake Starr: It does to me at least!

Jeff Starr: Well I suppose that is what matters most!

Jake Starr: Always! If I don't understand myself, who will?

Jeff Starr: Sometimes I wonder that myself...

From outside the room, Roeper enters carrying beers for her husband and father-in-law. She walks over to the couch Jake is sitting on, and flops down next to him.

Roeper Hart: Oh trust me, you aren't the only one who wonders that one!

Jeff chuckles.

Jeff Starr: Oh really?

Roeper Hart: I don't understand him half the time.

Jake leans his head back and rolls his eyes.

Jake Starr: Now c'mon... Now you all are ganging up on me.

Roeper Hart: Who? Us?!

Roeper and Jeff look at each other with sarcasm.

Jake Starr: Yes you two!

Jeff Starr: Nah never! We wouldn't do anything like that ever!

Jake Starr: You're an ass!

Jeff Starr: Where do you think you got it from? Your mom?

Jake's mother enters into the frame.

Denise Starr: No I'm pretty sure that's 100% you Jeff!

Jeff Starr: Ha ha!

Denise Starr: What brought that on anyway?

Jake Starr: The acting like an ass? Or what lead up to Dad acting like an ass?

Denise Starr: Either or...

Jeff Starr: Basically Jake sees this match as the "circle of life" from Lion King...

Jake instantly gets confused at his dad's interpretation of his explanation. His mom looks over at Jake lost at what his father is talking about.

Jake Starr: Oh God! That isn't what I was saying at all!

Denise smirks and shakes her head.

Jeff Starr: Oh! Well that's what I heard!

Jake Starr: You heard me relating a pro wrestling match with a 1994 Disney movie?

Jeff Starr: Something like that!

Jake just ducks his head down and shakes it from side to side. Roeper simply pats him on the back.

Denise Starr: It's ok Jake... We all know how bright your father can be!

Jeff Starr: HEY!

The group shares a laugh.

Jake Starr: All I know is, is that Brayden Walker is going to walk into our match expecting to be handed another win. I know he wants a chance to upstage Jake Starr, and show that the Liberation has prowess over everyone. He wants to prove that the Liberation is a force to be taken seriously. Up until now, they haven't really done much. They came in boisterously, he and Kross, and next thing you know, Kross is getting suspended for some kind of substance abuse, and then Walker is left to lead the Liberation's "charge" alone. Then, he finds this Rupp guy on the side of the road, and they decide to fight the Mercury Brothers 147 times, and in the end, finally get a chance to make a solid statement.

Roeper Hart: And don't you think he knows beating you would be a solid statement as well?

Jake Starr: It definitely would! The only issue is, and I've said this before, can he focus on both opportunities at once? Will he be able to prioritize both chances he has been handed? I honestly don't think he can. It isn't something many people are particularly skillful at. They can mentally think they're ready, but when it rolls around, the second match usually causes the first one to become a bust. It isn't easy to focus on one match when you know a second is looming. I think what will happen is, he'll come in thinking he is going to capture his first single's championship in Supreme Championship Wrestling, be holding his own, and then somewhere in the middle remember he has to start preparing for the Tag Team Titles down the road, and slip up. It's not easy trying to dabble in a little bit of everything.

Jeff Starr: You don't think that desire, or that "want" will drive him?

Jake Starr: The desire will. But you have to remember, when he fights for those Tag Team Titles, he isn't fighting for himself. He's fighting for the Liberation. The Liberation dictates him in those matches. He is so wrapped up in the ideology of the Liberation, he doesn't know how to think for himself. Sure, he has gotten some singles wins. But he hasn't faced the caliber I have. Nathan Kaye was close, but he wasn't someone he can just walk around bragging about beating.

Roeper Hart: I thought you said he could brag about Lawler?

Jake Starr: Anyone can brag about beating Lawler. Hell everyone should! He's a fat piece of monkey-sh!t, who lives in his mommy's basement, and sexually molests his Barbie dolls all day. Then once a week he convinces his mom he has a living, breathing, date, and then proceeds to go wrestle instead. So yeah, he can brag about beating Lawler any day of the week.

Jeff Starr: Ha ha!

Roeper Hart: Molesting Barbies huh?

Jake Starr: Yeah... He's a perverse creep!

Roeper just shakes her head at Jake.

Jake Starr: And on top of that, he's a nobody who thinks of himself as a somebody.

Roeper Hart: If you say so dear!

Jake Starr: Oh I do! But back to Walker... His time to shine doesn't involve the Adrenaline Championship. He may THINK it does, but it doesn't. His time to shine is along side his little friend Aaron Rupp, and vying for those Tag Team Championships. I mean, I understand why Sasha decided he'd be a good fit for this match. I've said it before... She wanted to make a splash and a bang. She didn't want to start her reign as "boss" on a dull foot. So what does she do? She takes the HOTTEST champion of her arsenal, finds one of the young guys who has been successful as of late, and makes a match of it. I can't fault her thought process. The only way her thought process is flawed is if she ACTUALLY believes he can win. He can't. It's simple. It's cut and dry. Maybe one day he'll vault up to the level where he actually has a legit chance against me, but until then, it's just wishful thinking.

Jake's mom shrugs her shoulders.

Denise Starr: Who knows, maybe she has a legitimate reason for giving him a chance?

Jake Starr: If there is a legit reason, why not just come out with it. It seemingly is something she DOES have in common with "Daddy D." Hell until I took matters into my own hands, he just put names in a hat, shook them up, and decided my opponents like that.

Jeff Starr: Well, words from the wise... Don't go taking matters into your own hands with her quite yet.

Jake Starr: Don't worry Dad... There is no chance of that one happening. I already assured Roeper and Shawn of that one!

Jeff Starr: Good... I'm just saying...

Jake Starr: I know... You're my dad and your job is to worry!

Denise Starr: Hey mine too!

Jake Starr: Yes Mom yours too!

Jake sips some of his beer.

Jake Starr: ... Ultimately my level of concern is pretty low. I respect what he has done in the past, but right now he is going to be standing opposing of me in the ring, with my coveted title on the line. And from what I've seen of him thus far, meaning since this match was announced, he is turning into just another opponent. He's turning into another Christian Savior, another Stacy Kissinger, or another Donovan Kayl. He is becoming a recluse until it is just before our match. It's like, when they hear their name is against mine for an event, they turn into a hermit. You don't hear from them at all. You MAYBE get a peep right before the bell rings.

Jeff Starr: You think they're scared?

Jake Starr: I have no idea. You'd think with a belt on the line, the LEAST some of these guys could do would be to try. Hell, look how long it took Christian Savior to say ONE WORD for our match.

Jeff Starr: The only issue then was shutting him up!

Jake Starr: No kidding... That atrocity never ended! But the way I look at it... I ended that atrocity at Rise to Greatness. Now he's left scrambling and having to decide if his career is worth continuing. Personally I would love to see his ass GONE from SCW, but I doubt that will happen. He is simply a disgrace!

Jeff Starr: At least this guy, Walker, isn't like that, or hasn't been.

Jake nods slightly.

Jake Starr: Yeah... For the most part he's been vocal. But his passion shows more when he has Rupp by his side.

Jeff Starr: It could just be nerves too. You said it yourself, this is a big opportunity for him.

Jake Starr: True! But if he was taking it like he should, he would have realized by now that silence isn't a good weapon against me. The attempt to strike fear into me by waiting until it's time to fight just does not work. He needs to simply man-up, step out in front of the cameras and try and show the world he is serious about this. It doesn't matter if the guys in the locker room take him seriously or not. It doesn't matter if upper management takes him seriously. Hell it doesn't even matter if I take him seriously. He isn't taking this opportunity seriously.

Jeff Starr: Well, "oh wise one," what would you recommend?

Jake Starr: For one, don't follow in the footsteps of some of the LOSERS I have left in my wake. Christian Savior isn't a "model" to follow. He is someone who believes his name alone should garner him all of these free opportunities. You have to realize how much longer I've been at this business, and how many MORE people I have crossed. My name is MUCH bigger than that of Christian Savior. Does that mean I walk around saying "Gimme, gimme, gimme!"? No! I EARN what I deserve. I know what I deserve, but I don't expect it to be handed to me on a silver platter. I expect to have to work for it. If Brayden Walker is emulating those who he thinks "know" how to achieve success by playing the "quiet game" with me, he's going to find out how disappointing it is to follow in the footsteps of LOSERS, and not winners.

Denise Starr: Now I sincerely doubt he is trying to imitate them...

Jake Starr: How will we know for sure though? Seriously? In his previous matches, he has stormed out of the gate. His mug was all over the television. It's almost like people who fight me don't take me seriously, and for that matter don't take what this belt represents seriously.

Roeper looks at her husband with a bewildered look.

Jake Starr: ... It seems like everyone looks at the Adrenaline Championship as something of a meaningless title here. They don't see that this is a belt that has had the fewest amount of people carry it around their waist. It is a belt that, with it, brings a lot of honor and pride to a superstar. People just look at the label and assume it is fairly meaningless. The fact of the matter is this, I won this belt because I am as good as I say I am. I am not just talking out of my ass here. I set out on a mission here, and I intend on accomplishing it. I set out to be the best damn superstar here. I don't see myself slowing down. I don't see myself having any bumps in the road. Be it I become that superstar with this belt, or another, is irrelevant. To me... This belt is the most precious title in Supreme Championship Wrestling. It isn't the SCW Title, it isn't the US Title, it isn't the Underground Title. To me it is this Adrenaline Championship.

Jeff pats his son on the shoulder.

Jeff Starr: Son... You have a passion in this business I wish I had when I did it. Sure, I had a love for the business, and I miss it. But your drive... Your desire... You're intensity is one I couldn't duplicate.

Jake Starr: Thanks...

Jeff Starr: I mean it...

Jake Starr: I know...

Jeff Starr: I don't want to see it go away any time soon.

Jake Starr: Oh trust me that makes two of us. I'm sick of some of these pieces of garbage, who still find themselves relevant for some ungodly reason, criticizing me, and doubting me. I mean week after week I hear these SAME GUYS come out and bet that I'm going to trip up. I sometimes feel like Rodney Dangerfield!

Everyone looks confused.

Jeff Starr: What?

Denise Starr: Ok son, you lost me...

Jake does his best impression of the comedic legend.

Jake Starr: I get no respect!

Everyone laughs at Jake's impression, no matter how bad it sounded. After sharing in the moment of humor with his family, Jake's mood returns to the serious matter.

Jake Starr: ... But seriously... Every week I hear people banking on me losing. Every week these guys who are "legends" here, and "know everything," always expect me to lose. I keep proving them wrong, but their thick skulls don't comprehend that fact.

Jeff Starr: All you can do is keep shutting them up one by one.

Jake Starr: I wish it were that easy!

Jeff Starr: Why isn't it?

Jake Starr: Because those same retards keep thinking "Oh this guy will beat him!" It is like they're too STUPID to realize that it isn't going to happen.

Jeff Starr: They're probably just jealous!

Jake Starr: Well some are... Some of them I've already hurt their precious little egos, and I figure every week I prove their bets wrong, it's just another slap in their face. They want to assume that I'm just over-hyped. Well I'm sorry, that's just not how it is. I have disposed of many of these, so-called, "legends," and I'm going to continue. Think about it... Christian Savior built his reputation in another organization, and then tried to carry it over here. Everyone saw him as this big "bad ass" who would do the same thing in SCW as he did there. What happened? He BOMBED! His career here was comparable to Hiroshima.

Jeff Starr: Eventually people will open their eyes.

Jake Starr: Or they'll just continue to be ignorant pricks.

Jeff Starr: Or that...

Jake Starr: I mean... It's inevitable that Walker will be the next person who goes on my list of those DISPOSED of here in SCW.

Jeff Starr: And maybe that will help people come around.

Jake Starr: I doubt it... All I do know is that his world isn't in mine. His world is partnering with someone else, and going on their little mission of "liberation" together. His solo quest... Well it just is NOT going happen.

As Jake concludes, his level of irritation and annoyance is pretty easy to see. It is definite that he has the desire to receive the respect he feels he deserves, and yet obviously isn't getting. He continues to hope that a victory over Brayden Walker will bring that change. It's a change he has already done a number of things to alter, but feels that it continues to be overlooked. His drive and his desire to bring the Adrenaline Championship to a new level pushes him on, even amidst the criticism and disbelief that is delivered by others within the organization. The question is... Will a victory over this undefeated and rising star help, finally, elevate the career of Jake Starr in SCW to that "elite" level that he feels he belongs at, or will it be another name for people to look past, and brush away as a fluke?

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