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Rise to Greatness proved to be just that, great! The card was jam-packed with thrills and disappointments, but most importantly, a changing of the guard in SCW Management. Mr. Drachewych walked in with ownership in the company, and left watching his daughter now wielding said power and ownership. It wasn't a fond night for the Infection, as not one of them was able to pull a victory out, potentially solidifying an end to their reign as the "top dogs" of Supreme Championship Wrestling.

With belts changing hands left and right, those who were able to hang on to their championships garnered extra attention from those watching in the back, and at home. One of those able to retain his championship was the Adrenaline Champion of SCW, Jake Starr. Starr added to the losing streak of Christian Savior, who continues to ride a losing streak, dating back to the month of April. Many believed this could be Savior's return to glory, and instead it was merely a continued spiral into a world of mediocrity, and mid-card prominence. This victory gave Jake the closing he needed against the Infection, and once Mr. Drachewych's match was over, the Adrenaline Champion was able to breath a, much-needed, sigh of relief. He knew Mr. Drachewych's days as the owner of SCW were done, and it could hopefully mean the beginning of a fresh start for him, as he hopes to continue his rise through the rankings.

As the scene fades in, the mood amongst Shawn and Roeper is that of elation. They know Jake had achieved the goal he had set out to achieve, and taken down the Infection. Since the event, they hadn't seen much or heard much from Jake, as he had taken a couple days away from the "real world" to go spend some one-on-one time with his father. When he got home the previous night, it was late, and Roeper was already asleep in their bed. He simply came home, kissed her goodnight, and went to sleep. Hearing Jake was home, Shawn made a "b-line" over to their house to finally get a chance to talk to his friend. The two have been sitting and waiting on Jake to come downstairs for a while, and from the hallway they hear footsteps coming down the stairs. The camera looks towards the hallway, and Jake comes around the corner, and bursts into the room with a loud proclamation.

Jake Starr: When it comes to Rise to Greatness... I've got TWO WORDS FOR YA...

Shawn Wright: Let me guess... Suck it?

Jake Starr: No sh!t-head...

Shawn Wright: I just figured...

Jake Starr: Well you figured wrong! And on top of that, you killed my rhythm!

Roeper doesn't miss the chance to crack a rare joke, at her husband's expense.

Roeper Hart: "I'm sorry, but you've thrown off the emperor's groove!"

Shawn Wright: Ha ha!

Jake, somewhat shocked at his wife's quick quip, even lets out a bit of a smirk.

Roeper Hart: I have to get one in every now and then!

Jake Starr: True...

Roeper Hart: And I figure I won't be like Shawn and just try and be funny every five minutes!

Jake Starr: Yeah... Then you end up bombing 90% of the time!

Shawn Wright: HEY!

The husband and wife tandem enjoy a laugh.

Jake Starr: Anyway... Can I try my grandiose entrance again?

Shawn Wright: Why would I stop you from your "amazing" acting prowess?

Jake just glares at his friend, and proceeds to exit the room. For the second time in a row, he boasts into the room.

Jake Starr: To all those who doubted me at Rise to Greatness... I'VE GOT TWO WORDS FOR YA!

Shawn can't resist.

Shawn Wright: Suck it?

Jake picks up a water bottle on the table and heaves it at his friend. Shawn quickly flinches as the water bottle hits him directly in his groin. He doubles over in pain.

Jake Starr: Suck on that dummy!

Roeper cracks up at Jake's aim.

Jake Starr: Now.. Those two words are simply... MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Jake holds up a framed photo of the famous incident involving former United States President, George W. Bush, on the aircraft carrier, USS Abraham Lincoln. The photo has been doctored, somewhat. Instead of President Bush standing at the podium, Jake has been Photoshopped in with the referee from Rise to Greatness, lifting his arm in victory, and hoisting the belt in the other hand. Roeper's eyes spread wide open at the sight of the picture.

Roeper Hart: Oh lord!

Jake Starr: Isn't it wonderful?

Roeper Hart: Wonderful isn't really the word I was going to choose...

Shawn slowly rises up from his hunched-over state.

Shawn Wright: Wasn't that a premature "Mission Accomplished" anyway?

Jake sets the photo down, and proceeds to throw another water bottle at his cohort. Shawn quickly ducks to protect his groin, and the bottle smacks him square in the face. Jake has to turn away as he begins to laugh. Roeper doesn't try and hide the fact she is highly amused.

Roeper Hart: Damn babe... If you decide wrestling isn't what you want to do, I'm sure, somewhere, there's a water bottle throwing championship.

Jake finally stops his laughter enough to turn back around.

Jake Starr: Yeah probably...

Shawn gets up, rubbing on his face where the bottle hit.

Shawn Wright: Why am I actually friends with you again?

Jake Starr: Because you have no one else?

Shawn Wright: Pretty much...

Jake finally goes and sits down with the group.

Jake Starr: But back to my excitement... Rise to Greatness happened just as I had hoped!

Roeper Hart: You came back in one piece!

Jake Starr: Well... Yeah... But that isn't what I was really referring to.

Shawn Wright: ... And you brought the Adrenaline Championship back with you!

Jake Starr: ... That's part of it yeah...

Shawn Wright: Umm...

Jake smirks.

Jake Starr: Dude... The Infection is DEAD... Er... CURED!

Shawn Wright: How so?

Jake Starr: Didn't you watch?

Shawn Wright: Yeah...

Jake Starr: Savior failed... Kissinger FAILED... And Drachewych, himself, FAILED!

Shawn Wright: Ok... So they're failures!

Jake Starr: Their existence has been destroyed. They have nothing. Savior had his big chance to remedy his losing streak. He had a chance to be under the lights, and finally shine again. He bombed severely! Then you had that dumb, BITCH, Stacy Kissinger, who had the numbers game on her side, and she couldn't win AGAIN! Both of them are on SEVERE losing streaks, and hopefully they realize their time in the sun is OVER!

Shawn Wright: Ok...

Jake Starr: And then that left the puppet-master himself. The hopes and dreams of the Infection rode on his shoulders. He knew going into his match with CHBK that his little pile of feces was 0 and 2. He HAD to salvage something in order to try and continue his reign of terror on. And thanks to help from CHBK, he failed too! So like I said... The Infection is cured!

Shawn Wright: Well alright then! Speaking of Savior... Did you hear that promo he finally cut?

Jake Starr: I heard about as much of it as I could before I wanted to claw my ear drums out with an icepick.

Shawn Wright: I have never, in my life, heard something THAT LONG!

Jake Starr: I have... But never have I heard something that INANE and POINTLESS!

Shawn Wright: No kidding!

Jake Starr: I'm VERY glad I ended that nonsense at Rise to Greatness. I would NOT be able to sit and listen to that talking bobblehead yammer on and on, had he won. Holy sh!t that would have been TORTURE!

Shawn Wright: On everyone!

Jake Starr: Yeah...

Jake's excitement is unable to be derailed. He reverts back to his comments about the events of Rise to Greatness.

Jake Starr: Anyway... Drachewych did everything he could to try and make my life hell since I wouldn't do his bidding. He tried to force me into doing it, by putting me in matches with people he didn't like. Then, when I took matters into my own hands, he hoped to intimidate me by sending his goons after me en-masse. That didn't stop me. I made it CLEAR that I wasn't going to be stopped until the Infection was OUT of power here.

Shawn Wright: True...

Hearing Jake mention the Infection being out of power, Roeper chimes in with the realization that even with one "Drachewych" on the outs, another "Drachewych" is in.

Roeper Hart: Speaking of those in power... You do realize who is there now?

Jake Starr: Yeah... Sasha Drachewych...

Roeper Hart: Yeah...

Shawn Wright: Isn't she Drachewych's daughter?

Jake Starr: From what I know yeah.

Roeper Hart: Yeah... When I heard that she was going to assume control, my worry-factor didn't ease any.

Jake Starr: I wouldn't expect it to. She's another one from that family.

Shawn looks confused.

Shawn Wright: But... Wait... Wouldn't someone other than "Daddy" Drachewych be better than the sh!t you've been having to endure?

Jake Starr: For all intents and purposes, yeah.

Shawn looks at Roeper.

Shawn Wright: Then why wouldn't you feel more at ease?

Roeper gets ready to answer, but Jake quickly jumps in.

Jake Starr: Think about it dude. How many father/daughter duos do you know that have really had differing views on how to run a business?

Shawn Wright: In general? Or in wrestling?

Jake Starr: Wrestling...

Shawn Wright: Umm... Well... Hmm...

Shawn sits pondering Jake's inquiry. He is obviously wracking his brain hoping he can come up with something to counter the point he knows Jake is gunning for. He finally looks up at Jake and shrugs.

Jake Starr: Exactly. The track records of daughters having differing views on the wrestling business isn't the best.

Shawn Wright: Yeah...

Jake Starr: They may start out in the role of the "better" boss, but it has inevitably turned into the same type of dictatorship it was when the father was running the business.

Roeper jumps in.

Roeper Hart: But at the same time, you don't need to necessarily rule out the possibility that she could be different.

Jake Starr: I'm not. I'm going to see how she does things. I could be totally wrong here. Sasha could be someone who governs SCW in a very positive manner, and doesn't turn it into a power struggle like "Daddy D" did.

Roeper Hart: That's smart...

Jake Starr: I mean what else can you do? You can either assume she's going to be just as difficult to deal with as her father, or you can presume she wanted this authority to help remedy the negative situations her father put this company in.

Shawn gets a cheesy grin on his face.

Shawn Wright: You going to suck up to her?

Jake closes his eyes and shakes his head.

Jake Starr: No... No I'm not. I'll be respectful, and expect the same in return. I'm sure she realizes I'm not someone to cross. As long as I am treated fairly and respectfully, all will be well. I may not like everything she does, but as long as it is ultimately fair, then we won't have any issues. The minute she turns into her father and tries to screw with me, I'll run her out of town too.

Roeper Hart: I doubt CHBK will like hearing that one!

Jake Starr: Oh well... Like I said, as long as she is professional and straight-up with things, he won't have to worry about anything but whatever she throws his way. But if this turns into "Daddy D" version 2, and he tries to protect her, he'll have to deal with me too!

Shawn Wright: You tell her there killer!

Jake looks over at his comrade, and simply shakes his head.

Jake Starr: You're a complete dolt at times.

Roeper just laughs.

Shawn Wright: Well fine... I'll be serious for a moment!

Roeper can't resist throwing a barb at Shawn.

Roeper Hart: That'd be a first!

Shawn Wright: ... Anyway... What do you think of Miss Sasha's first round of matches she's thrown together?

Jake Starr: For?

Shawn Wright: Breakdown!

Jake Starr: She's booked matches?

Shawn Wright: And I'm the one who doesn't pay attention!

Shawn hands over the newspaper with the card printed in it. Jake grabs it out of his friend's hand, and begins to read the print. He realizes he's reading the wrong side, and flips the paper over. He sees the ad for Breakdown and finds his name printed on the card. He nods his head seeing his upcoming opponent, and notices he'll be defending his title once again.

Jake Starr: Another title defense... Nice!

Roeper Hart: Already?!

Shawn Wright: Apparently she wanted to start off strong!

Jake Starr: I'd say that's a pretty solid way to do so. I mean look at this card... You have Thorn, who is one of SCWs fastest rising guys, having already beaten Stacy Kissinger, is going to now take out Christian Savior. Then you have the new SCW Champion in action, and highlighting the card, a title defense from the hottest superstar on the roster, ME! She definitely wants to make an impact, I'd say.

Roeper Hart: That some cockiness if I ever heard it!

Jake laughs.

Jake Starr: Babe look at this... Of all the championships defended at Rise to Greatness, only TWO did not change hands. Everyone expected virtually every title to change. You had the SCW Championship change, the United States Championship change, and the Women's Championship change, all in one night. The Underground, and my Adrenaline titles were the only ones to remain around the incumbent’s waist.

Roeper Hart: Ok?

Jake Starr: And not to insult the Underground champ, but I'm not the tenured champion here.

Shawn Wright: What about the tag champs?

Jake Starr: I don't necessarily count them...

Shawn Wright: They're champions aren't they?

Jake Starr: Yes, but they don't defend as often as everyone else, so therefore they usually have longer reigns.

Shawn Wright: Ah!

Jake looks back at Roeper to continue his point.

Jake Starr: I'm still flying high. I just dumped the Infection on their respective asses. Sasha knows I am on a roll like nobody else in Supreme Championship Wrestling. She knows that if she is going to be taken seriously, she has to come out and put a product forward that shows she is interested in seeing the brand succeed. Of all the champions here, I'm definitely the one to throw out there first. I have the crowd behind me, and I have proven to EVERYONE that I can pull off the big matches every, single, time!

Roeper Hart: I understand... Who's this one against?

Jake Starr: Brayden Walker...

Roeper Hart: Who?

Shawn Wright: He's a tag team guy who wrestles the occasional singles match.

Jake Starr: That is true. He is primarily a tag team competitor. But he has definitely earned himself a shot at singles gold.

Shawn Wright: How so?

Jake Starr: Even though he has been known as a tag team guy here, he's actually amassed some wins in the singles department.

Shawn seemingly is getting annoyed with Jake not directly answering his question.

Shawn Wright: Ok I got that... But who against?

Jake Starr: The ones that impressed me the most were his victories over Nathan Kaye and Chris Lawler...

Shawn Wright: Kaye I can understand... But why would a victory over Chris Lawler impress you? The guy is a punk, and he's a no-talent punk at that!

Jake Starr: It just did. I guess you can say it was his performance in the ring.

Shawn Wright: Ok?

Jake Starr: Look... The guy hasn't lost a singles match since he came here. Out of his seven matches, he has flat out won six of them.

Shawn Wright: And the seventh?

Jake Starr: No contest... Outside interference against him and Thorn, who he was fighting at the time.

Shawn Wright: Ah!

Jake Starr: But Walker is no slouch. He's earned this shot, and I expect him to do all he can to make this a close match. I know for a fact I can handle him, and will emerge victorious, but I expect him to give it all he has.

Shawn chuckles.

Shawn Wright: Well alright there "Peter Positive!"

Jake Starr: He hasn't lost yet, and that's a sign of someone who shouldn't be taken lightly. Granted his wins and my wins have some mirror images of one another, he has definitely emerged as someone who could be a powerful force outside of the tag division.

Shawn Wright: He'll have to!

Jake Starr: Why?

Shawn Wright: Well hell, he seemingly changes tag team partners like he does underwear. It started out with that one guy, Niq, who was kind of a dud here, and got suspended. Then he moved on to someone else, and who knows how long that one will last.

Jake Starr: The guy's name is Aaron Rupp...

Shawn Wright: Whoever he is, he'll end up flunking out just like his first did!

Jake Starr: If that's the case, at least the world knows Walker can stand on his own two feet. Some guys in the tag division aren't so lucky.

Shawn nods.

Jake Starr: Don't get me wrong here... He isn't taking my championship away from me. I've slain bigger dragons than him, and will in the future. But the fact of the matter is I'm not going to just write him off as a nobody.

Roeper Hart: Well that's good!

Jake Starr: Besides... He's going to have a lot on his mind when he comes into this match. He now has to think about the Tag Team Titles, along with this match for my Adrenaline Championship. That's a lot to think about. It was like when I was trying to run through the Majestic tournament, which we all saw was a complete and total waste of time, and then came back to SCW to try and fight Allocco, it didn't really jive that well. I flat out lost. I got beat. I was trying to think about fighting a battle on two fronts, and ended up getting burned.

Roeper looks up, seemingly confused.

Roeper Hart: I thought you were out of the tournament by the time you faced Allocco...

Jake Starr: I was just getting back to SCW from that tournament. Allocco knew he had a BIG PART to do with my elimination from it, and ended up winning against me because I let myself battle on raw emotion, instead of my skill and talents. But then he decided to run off like a p_ssy, so he is completely irrelevant now.

Roeper Hart: Ok...

Jake Starr: ... Now back on the point I was making. Walker and his various tag team partners have been aspiring to get a chance for the Tag Team Championships since they arrived. That has been their sole focus. Now he is forced to also think about another title. It isn't easy. It's not something most people can do. I sincerely doubt he'll be one of those rare ones who can execute it flawlessly. He may walk into our match and think he is 100% prepared for me. The problem is, in the back of his mind he'll have this continuously nagging feeling that keeps reminding him he has to start looking towards those Tag Team belts as well. It will be a nagging feeling that, ultimately, will cost him the match at Breakdown, and notch that first singles loss on his, currently flawless, record.

Shawn Wright: Unless he "liberates" your title...

Jake Starr: Ha ha... I understand where he's coming from on that one. I understand where Niq was coming from as well. They hope to do a lot of the same things I wanted to, and did do to, the Infection. They want to take out those people who have brought a negative presence to championships they are carrying. They want to restore the honor and respect to championships that have been disgraced. I highly doubt he sees me as a "disgrace" to the Adrenaline Championship, but if he feels that I am, then when his attempt at "liberating" my championship fails, much like Niq failed to "liberate" me in the Majestic tournament, he'll realize that, even though the goal may be a great one to have, carrying it out isn't something that comes as easy as he may think.

Jake picks up one of the water bottles he pelted Shawn with, from the floor, and opens it to take a drink. Shawn cringes at Jake drinking from a random water bottle.

Jake Starr: Don't worry... It was mine...

Shawn breathes a sigh of relief.

Jake Starr: ... Anyway... I respect his vigor in this "quest" of his, and Niq's for that matter. But it's completely unrealistic is some regards. Niq approached me after our match and wanted to try and "liberate" me, and have me join their quest. I had to deny for the very fact that, I knew it wasn't something that could be achieved fully. If I don't see a goal as 100% sustainable, and achievable, I'm not going to make it something I fight for. This dream of "liberating" the wrestling industry, and knocking out those who corrupt it is noble. I mean, in a sense I took on the same task with the Infection. The difference lies in the scope of this dream. The Liberation, as a group, is taking this fight on at the global scale. They want to do this across the board. Walker is hoping that by taking the Tag Titles here in SCW, it'll be a step forward in their cause. My battle with the Infection isn't global. It's a centralized fight for one specific change, and not change across the board...

Shawn Wright: I see...

Jake Starr: ... And with the accomplishment of my goal came change of "Daddy D" not having the power to ruin SCW any longer. My battles have a beginning, middle, and ending. This dream of "liberation" is one with no ending. It cannot have an ending, because human nature drives corruption. They can "liberate" one area, move on to another area, and then while they're not looking, the corruption can weasel its way back in. Then the cycle must be repeated. I'm not saying that, in my case, the Infection cannot be reborn. I am just saying for now, my battle was fought, and won. Now I look forward to my next battles, whatever they may be. It does begin with Walker though. I respect him; I respect where he's coming from; I respect his goals. But when it comes to Jake Starr and his Adrenaline Championship, when he steps into the ring it won't be about respect. It wont be about goals, or battles, or liberation. It will simply be about me making sure I leave with that belt around my waist, and he realizes that I'm worth the hype, and deserving of the respect. Call it a battle... Call it a quest... But my goal is to make people fully understand I'm the real f_cking deal, and I'm not going ANYWHERE!

As Jake finishes his last sentence, he stands up from the couch he was sitting on. He proceeds to throw another water bottle at Shawn, as he says "just because he can," to a fair amount of laughter from his wife. He exits the room knowing that his opponent is someone he cannot take for granted. He may not see Brayden Walker as someone of the caliber of a "Christian Savior," but he does see Walker as someone who COULD be that caliber one day. He knows, now that he's topped one of the SCW-elite, he'll have to prove he can still win on a regular basis as well, and not just against members of the Infection. Brayden Walker will prove to be an interesting opponent to Starr, and the two will inevitably put on a wonderful show for the fans at Breakdown. Can Jake hold on to his belt, and continue his rising stock in Supreme Championship Wrestling, or will we see the emergence of a new stock among the SCW singles roster?

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