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Having survived Breakdown unscathed, SCW's Adrenaline Champion, Jake Starr, can finally begin to fully worry, solely, about his upcoming encounter with Christian Savior. He has battled through injury, and battled through the pain he suffered a couple of weeks ago. He now is able to work out fully, and prepare without hesitation. That hasn't stopped his wife, Roeper, from worrying that there is a high potential that he could walk out of Rise to Greatness with even worse injuries than he left Breakdown with, after his match with Stacy Kissinger. He feels confident, however, that he will be able to walk in and out with, not only his health, but with his Adrenaline Championship. He hopes that with enough reassurance, his wife will finally believe him and trust his adamant attitude about being OK.

Roeper Hart: You made it out of Breakdown I see...

Jake Starr: Yep! I told you not to worry...

Roeper Hart: Like I have told you, if I wasn't worrying about you, you'd think something was wrong.

Jake Starr: Probably!

Roeper Hart: See!

Jake Starr: You just need to stop worrying about the Infection and Rise to Greatness.

Roeper looks annoyed at Jake's insistence on her not worrying.

Roeper Hart: How can I stop worrying about those guys?

Jake Starr: You just need to trust me...

Roeper Hart: These guys tried to end your career last week. They wanted you out of this business so they don't have to worry about you being a threat to them anymore.

Jake Starr: Well that's a defining reason why they will NEVER succeed. They need to understand that I am not easily intimidated, I'm not easily stopped, and I am not easy to take out.

Roeper Hart: Like it or not babe, they have you severely outnumbered.

Jake smirks.

Jake Starr: They tried using those numbers to their advantage once. In fact... They tried twice. They have not succeeded once. They can knock me down, but they can't KEEP me down.

Roeper Hart: But they are going to not stop until they succeed!

Jake Starr: Then let them continue their fruitless effort. Let them continue to pursue a goal that is IMPOSSIBLE. No matter how much they strive for the downfall of Jake Starr, they WILL fail. Haven't you noticed that they NEVER contradict the fact that I am out to take them OUT? They just say they'll take me out. They never admit the doubt that their downfall is imminent.

Roeper Hart: Well...

Jake Starr: They don't ever deny what I say. They just avoid the issue. The skirt around the issue like trained politicians. They know they can't deny that their days are numbered, and they are just accepting reality.

Roeper Hart: True...

Jake Starr: So you really don't need to worry all that much babe!

Roeper Hart: Face it... I'm going to worry, no matter HOW MUCH you tell me not to.

Jake Starr: Yes but it is my job to continually tell you NOT to, to try and hopefully relax you.

Roeper Hart: True...

From off screen an approaching thunder of feet approaches.

Jake Starr: Stampede?

Roeper Hart: Apparently!

From the right side of the frame, Shawn Wright comes running into the scene.

Jake Starr: Damn son... Did you just run in the Boston Marathon?

Shawn Wright: I damn near feel like it!

Roeper Hart: And YOU'RE the one who is training my husband?

Shawn Wright: Oh hush!

Jake Starr: She has a point dude... You came from the other room.

Shawn Wright: Shut up!

Jake Starr: You're winded from a run of like... What? 200 feet?

Shawn Wright: Can it!

Shawn continues to pant.

Roeper Hart: Do you need an oxygen tank there?

Shawn Wright: NO DAMMIT!

Roeper Hart: Jesus... Just trying to help!

Roeper snickers.

Jake Starr: Ok, why the blitzkrieg in here? Weren't you passed out on the couch a minute ago anyway?

Shawn Wright: Well... Yeah... But I woke up and the news was on.

Jake Starr: Riveting story!

Shawn Wright: Listen asshole... I can help you, or go back to napping and watch you get annoyed.

Jake stares at his friend silently.

Shawn Wright: Good... Now I can explain!

Roeper Hart: Finally!

Shawn Wright: ARGH!

Shawn turns to walk away as Roeper chuckles. Jake catches Shawn by the arm and restrains him from leaving.

Jake Starr: Dude... Just out with it already!

Shawn Wright: When I woke up, the news was on...

Jake Starr: OK we got that far!

Shawn glares back at Jake.

Shawn Wright: ... Anyway... Then there was an ad on the television saying that coming up next would be comments from SCW superstar, Christian Savior.

Jake Starr: Oh you mean the douche is actually going to open his mouth?

Shawn Wright: Apparently! C'mon, it's coming on next!

Jake Starr: This should be good!

Jake walks out of frame with Shawn, leaving Roeper behind. She chuckles as the scene shifts from Jake's office, to the entertainment room. The two have made it back before the comments from Savior begin. Jake sprawls out on his couch, while Shawn sits in the recliner. Jake grabs the remote and increases the volume. The television program is interrupted, as, what are assumed to be, Savior's comments towards Jake commence. Instead, the pair are treated to an older promo of the former champion's, and not one concerning his match against Jake.

Jake Starr: Holy sh!t it's not even a new one!

Shawn Wright: Well that was a load of crap!

Jake Starr: I thought they said this was supposed to be some new one, directed at me?

Shawn Wright: That's what they said.

Jake Starr: Maybe he couldn't come up with anything of value to say.

Shawn Wright: There's a shocker!

Jake Starr: No kidding. Like this drivel here he's spouting, what is it relevant to ANYTHING? I mean the guy just... Babbles!

Shawn Wright: Didn't you know that part already?

Jake Starr: Well... Somewhat! I mean I have occasionally heard from the guy. Granted not much since April...

Shawn chuckles.

Shawn Wright: Well how much would you actually WANT to be heard if you haven't won a SINGLE MATCH in 3 months?

Jake Starr: Exactly... And on top of that, being considered someone here who is actually, I don't know, TALENTED, and having not even SHOWN for a couple of matches, how pathetic is that?

Shawn Wright: Well you can't blame the guy for being a complete chicken sh!t...

Jake Starr: Why is that?

Shawn Wright: Well, he's lost to people you have decimated, he hasn't even shown up for some matches, and then on top of that, he tries to make excuses for why he has been embarassing himself as of late.

Jake realizes Shawn meant his comment about the "bigger picture" and not the promo they are watching.

Jake Starr: OH! I thought you meant he was a chicken sh!t in this promo...

Shawn Wright: No... I'm talking about against you!

Jake Starr: Oh! Well yeah... I mean look at his luck recently. He FINALLY wins the SCW World Championship at Retribution, and then TWO WEEKS LATER, the losing streak begins!

Shawn Wright: Yeah...

Jake Starr: Is that a "champion" in your eyes?

Shawn Wright: no!

Jake Starr: Mine neither! And look at some of his other title reigns. When he won the Underground Championship, he lost it ONE MONTH LATER. His first Adrenaline Championship was less than TWO MONTHS. Hell, those three reigns together I have beaten with ONE CHAMPIONSHIP. Doesn't that give everyone a clue about how "champion-like" this guy is? He's a PRETEND champion. He basically plays dress-up with SCW title belts.

Shawn laughs.

Jake Starr: THAT'S IT! He's the four year old daughter of SCW. All he does is play dress-up, and play with little dollies. Aww... How cute!

Jake looks up at the television, as the promo is still going on.

Jake Starr: My God he's long-winded...

Shawn Wright: It's GOT to be coming to an end here sometime soon, don't you think?

Jake Starr: I'd hope so! If not, the sponsors will be even more pissed they're not getting the air-time they paid for.

Shawn Wright: Well maybe... Just maybe... This will get better!

Jake Starr: Doubt it...

The two go silent and focus heavily on the television in front of them. As the promo continues on, Shawn's eyes are glued heavily to the screen. He notices that Jake has been silent for an inordinate amount of time. He glances over, and quickly does a double-take. The camera pans over and sees Jake's head leaning back, eyes shut, and mouth wide open. Faint sounds of snoring can be heard coming from the Adrenaline Champion. Shawn leans over and smacks his friend on the arm. Jake quickly wakes up.

Jake Starr: Wh... What? Did I miss something entertaining?

Jake pauses the DVR and looks at his friend.

Shawn Wright: Dude... You passed out!

Jake Starr: Sorry!

Shawn Wright: How can you go to sleep when this outcast from the movie Twilight is saying all of this?

Jake chuckles.

Jake Starr: He does look like someone who is just a little TOO OBSESSED with the vampire-love books.

Shawn Wright: Exactly! But how can you fall asleep when he's the guy that will be addressing you... Maybe... Sometime...

Jake Starr: Dude... Did you not hear what I was hearing?

Shawn Wright: Yeah!

Jake Starr: Then how could you NOT fall asleep? The guy just droned ON and ON and ON! It was like non-stop monotony for WAY too damn long.

Shawn Wright: So!

Jake Starr: Those are moments of my life wasted listening to something that, honestly, BORED ME TO SLEEP! I have been bored with promos from opponents before, but NEVER to the point I legitimately fell asleep. I mean that was audible-brutality at its finest. I honestly don't know if I can listen to anymore of this.

Shawn Wright: Oh c'mon! You're not really going to bail on this are you?

Jake spins his legs off of the couch, and faces his friend.

Jake Starr: Dude... Why shouldn't I?

Shawn Wright: It could get more interesting!

Jake Starr: The day that anything this guy says becomes INTERESTING is the day the Moral Majority becomes OK with a woman's right to have an abortion.

Shawn laughs at Jake's comment.

Shawn Wright: He's known for having the occasional moment of hilarity!

Jake Starr: Shawn, he's like the living-embodiment of the teacher from Charlie Brown. All you hear is "BWAH BWAH-BWAH BWAH BWAH!"

Shawn Wright: Nah... Every now and then he'll have a good one... I think...

Jake cocks and eyebrow in complete disbelief.

Jake Starr: Like what?

Shawn Wright: Oh c'mon... You've heard some of his parodies haven't you?

Jake Starr: I remember one, where he tried frivolously to parody Spaceballs.

Shawn Wright: Yeah...

Jake Starr: And my BIGGEST issue with that is, HE IS PARODYING A PARODY! He's, in essence, voiding any parody he may be able to come up with by trying to mock something, that's already mocking something. You can't do that.

Shawn Wright: Well.. He did!

Jake Starr: No what he did was try and be funny off of someone else's work. If you parody something that is already a parody, you're basically going to repeat the humor. The jokes will have already been done, the play on characters will have already been done, everything would have been done for you! Hell he would have done a better job going ahead with a parody of Star Wars itself.

Shawn nods in agreement.

Jake Starr: ... Granted that's been done thousands of times, and his wouldn't have been very original, it would have beaten going after the parody of it already.

Shawn Wright: True...

Jake Starr: Parodying a parody is like taking a crap on a pile of sh!t.

Shawn looks over at Jake confused.

Jake Starr: Well think about it. You have a pile of crap on the ground. You think that by going over to the turd, and crapping on it yourself, you have just one-upped the log on the ground, when in all actuality, you've just done the same thing, and did no better.

Shawn's mouth is wide open in disbelief.

Shawn Wright: That is... Wow!

Jake Starr: What?

Shawn Wright: That was one of the most... That was just a strange way of explaining your point.

Jake Starr: But it did get the point across didn't it?

Shawn Wright: Yeah... I'd say you did a good job of it.

Jake looks up at the television again.

Jake Starr: Holy sh!t he is still just going on...

Shawn Wright: It HAS to be almost over...

Jake Starr: We can only hope so!

The two look back and watch the television as Savior's promo finally begins to come to a conclusion.

Jake Starr: Oh my God, we're finally finishing this one off!

Shawn Wright: I told you it was almost over!

Jake Starr: Yeah, you've said that multiple times.

Shawn Wright: I guess this time I was right!

Jake Starr: I literally thought this was going to drone on and on until I personally destroyed my television.

Shawn Wright: Well at least you'll be able to actually deliver one to him that isn't ancient.

Jake Starr: ... And on top of that, it'll be relevant!

Shawn Wright: Very true!

The camera swings around from behind the pair, and slowly positions itself right in front of the SCW Adrenaline Champion. Jake grins, and slowly goes from looking at his friend, to looking deep into the camera. He begins to lash out comments directed at his opponent at Rise to Greatness.

Jake Starr: Savior... I know what you think of me. You think I'm not that good. You think that under, what you would call, "normal" circumstances, that you'd beat me every time. These aren't normal are they? These aren't those "ideal" circumstances you wished you were getting to fight me under. You wish you were on your "A-game," and weren't riding a losing streak half of a mile long. You wish you hadn't been looked at by EVERYONE as a fallen star in Supreme Championship Wrestling. You wish you hadn't faltered on your attempts to be seen as the best champion this business has ever seen. You wish you had fulfilled your namesake, and been a "Savior." Instead... You're a complete, and utter failure. You're not someone who is FORTUNATE enough to get me under YOUR ideal conditions. In fact, fighting me NEVER allows for your "perfect" conditions. Why? Because you're NOT anywhere near my league. You may have this delusion that you are, somehow, talented. You're not. You're just like your "pal" Stacy. You're a NOTHING.

Jake stands up and walks over to the mini-fridge that he has in the entertainment room. He reaches in and grabs himself a beer. As he twists the cap off, he continues speaking.

Jake Starr: Christian, your silence speaks volumes. Just like Stacy's did. Stacy would wait to those proverbial "final moments" to even shed light on what was going through her brain. Granted, when she "enlightened" us, we were all dumber thanks to her inane dialect. I expect you to try and come out swinging as best you can. I expect you'll probably just go on, and on, and on, and on, and on some more. You'll probably be praised by those around you. They'll pat you on the back and say you probably have me worried, or shaking, and you're attempts at intimidation will have succeeded. Sadly, however, you won't hear the voices of the MAJORITY thinking you say nothing, and subsequently DO NOTHING.

As Jake continues to stroll around his entertainment room while he speaks, he strolls in front of his television.

Jake Starr: You try and be witty with your parodies. You try to inject your "talents" as a screenwriter into scenes already done. And then, you expect everyone to grovel at your feet because of it. I don't go that way. You see, what I saw on that television right there, was, sad. It was sad to see someone, so highly regarded, so shamefully lowering himself to a level that shows how past his time he is. You're not anything special anymore. You're a Twilight-outcast, who desires to be something he's not. You hope that by showcasing your lack-luster abilities behind a camera, you'll marvel someone. You don't! Just like in the ring. You marvel NOBODY! Drachewych is throwing you a bone, hoping that maybe, just maybe, there's something left in your tank. He's hoping against hope that Christian Savior can "Rise to Greatness" one more time, and protect him from the fate he knows looms ahead.

Shawn motions that he would like a drink, and Jake motions for him to go back to the fridge and get himself one.

Jake Starr: So how does it feel Christian? How does it feel knowing that you have the FATE of the Infection lying in your puny hands? How does it feel knowing that the fate of the ONLY PEOPLE who will give you the time of day, are entrusting you to keep them afloat? You and I both know Stacy can't do it. We both know Drachewych can't do it. Who's left? Nobody... You know you're going to fail Savior. Just like you have failed in EVERY TITLE REIGN you have had. You can try and argue it however you want, which we both know you will. But face it, you're a complete screw up. So answer the question vampire-boy... How does it feel? Can you stomach the thought of facing the locker room after ANOTHER loss? Can you stomach facing those FEW friends that you have after you can't even muster enough energy to beat someone who "isn't even that good?" I don't honestly think you can. I don't think you have it inside you to face anyone after you, again, failed.

Jake takes a swig.

Jake Starr: I have another question for you Savior... How would it look if you actually did win? How would that reflect on your career? Sure, you'd be the only three-time Adrenaline Champion. Sure, you would have taken the title from me. But think about it... You wouldn't have won a match in THREE MONTHS. You wouldn't have been able to really EARN the chance at the championship. You would have been HANDED one in the hopes it may light that fire under you to actually put forth an effort again. You would have, basically, been begged to, at least try. If you ask me, "Oh Great One," that's not something to be proud of. Only being able to win a match if the boss hands you an opportunity at a title is pretty lame. It's pretty lame that you have to be BRIBED to try. You really don't care about anything but that. That is the sign of a PATHETIC excuse of a professional in this business. You're no "professional" like you may think. You're simply a greedy little punk who expects to be HANDED everything you want, or you'll just be a big baby and refuse. No wonder you've remained completely and utterly silent. Just know, that, although this pay-per view has been called "Rise to Greatness" for many years, in 2009, there is only ONE person who it is in reference to. And yes... I do mean me!

With those final words, the camera slowly begins to zoom away from the pair, and down the hall of Jake's house. The two converse, and the sounds of their voices slowly trail off into the distance as the camera goes away. With Breakdown now in Jake's rearview mirror, he knows how healthy he'll be walking into Rise to Greatness. He knows how his body will be healed from the attack and the injuries sustained two weeks ago, and he knows he'll be able to give Christian Savior everything he has. This match promises to be the toughest test he has faced since walking through the doors of Supreme Championship Wrestling. Should he leave Rise to Greatness victorious, he will solidify himself as a premiere member of the SCW roster, and will definitely begin to line himself up for being considered for "main event" status among the SCW elite. A loss will send him back to the drawing board, and looking to regroup after a loss he is not prepared to face. Sunday marks the night that could make or break Jake and his continued success in SCW. Will this truly be his night to fully "Rise to Greatness?"

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