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Less than a week before, arguably, the most difficult challenge he's faced yet, Jake Starr is at an unlikely standstill. Since he endured the brutal attack at the hands of the Infection, and namely Christian Savior, doctors have virtually forbidden him from any type of physical exertion, until they completely evaluate the healing progress of the gash on his head. That fact hasn't sat well with the Adrenaline Champion of Supreme Championship Wrestling. He is used to being able to relax for a day after one match, before being thrown back into the fire that is the professional wrestling business. But this time is different. He has been stuck in his house, and unable to do much of anything. He has passed his time by analyzing video of his opponent, and trying to get the mental aspect of his match ready to go. As anyone can imagine, a constant onslaught of free time can overwhelm a person, and for Jake, it has definitely done just that.

Jake has finally been able to get an appointment with his physician to get a time table setup for his return to the ring to train. He has been calling non-stop since the day after the stitches were put in his head. He has wanted to get to the gym so he can prepare for his match with Christian Savior. He and Shawn have driven to Jake's appointment hoping to receive some good news. As Jake pulls into the parking lot of the clinic, the only available spots are towards the back of the, rather enormous, parking lot. He grabs one of the first spots he can, and the two step out of the car. Shawn seems completely in shock at how far they had to park away from the front door of the clinic. They begin walking towards the clinic and the camera begins to pick up their conversation.

Shawn Wright: Christ you should have dropped me off and then parked!

Jake Starr: WHAT?! I'm the "injured" one here. Shouldn't you have dropped ME off?

Shawn Wright: No! Besides, that'll probably be the ONLY time I hear you actually use that "injury" as an excuse.

The two laugh.

Jake Starr: You know... I really don't see why we honestly have to get a release, so I can begin training for Savior.

Shawn Wright: Dude... You know Drachewych as well as we all do. If you didn't have a release, he do something f_cked up, and either prevent you from competing, or outright strip you of your championship.

Jake Starr: I doubt he'd stoop that low.

Shawn Wright: You honestly don't?

Jake Starr: No... Like I've said many times, Drachewych is focused mostly on the almighty Dollar. Do you realize how much money he'd lose in viewership if he pulled a stunt like that? Stacy tried to say she is the reason I haven't been fired or suspended yet, and completely avoided the issue of money. She knew if she had tried to argue that point, she would lose. When merchandise sells, you're allowed a little wiggle-room on things.

Shawn Wright: Yeah, but at the same time you're trying to completely destroy his "masterpiece" of a group that he has formed. You've flat out said you're going after him once you've beaten Savior.

Jake Starr: So... In the end, if his pockets are lined with cash, he could care less how he gets there. He's like Donald Trump. He doesn't care how he is portrayed, he doesn't care what people think, he doesn't care if he makes himself look like he has the mentality of a toddler, if the money comes rolling in, THAT is what matters.

Shawn Wright: I just think that this could be one of those few things he may not think that way about.

Jake Starr: Why's that?

Shawn Wright: Well...

Shawn and Jake finally make it to the entrance of the clinic.

Shawn Wright: Good God that was a hell of a trek... Anyway what was I saying?

The two walk through the doors into the clinic.

Jake Starr: Ha ha... I had asked why Drachewych may not think along his normal path this time around.

Shawn Wright: OH YEAH! Well this is one of those rare occasions that it isn't about "does he" or "doesn't he" like somebody. It is completely about being personally threatened by somebody. He's not looking at this from a business standpoint like he normally would. He's looking at this from the standpoint that he is personally being attacked. Nobody reacts the same way when they're being attacked personally, like they would in any other situation.

Jake Starr: Fair point...

The two approach the clinic's secretary desk. The secretary looks up and greets the pair.

Secretary: Hello how can I help you today?

Jake Starr: My name is Jake... I have an appointment to speak with Dr. Rogers.

The secretary starts typing into her computer. She locates Jake's record and appointment.

Secretary: Here we go! If you guys will have a seat, I'll let him know you're here!

Jake Starr: That works, thanks!

Jake and Shawn go and sit down in the waiting area.

Jake Starr: Back to the whole Drachewych thing... If he goes down that road, that'll be fine with me. My goal is to destroy the Infection, or cure it depending on how cheesy I feel like being, hopefully it may knock some sense into Drachewych and he'll get SCW on a better path than he has it right now.

Shawn Wright: Wow... You're hoping for a lot!

Jake Starr: Oh I know... First thing I need to do is successfully defend against Savior. Then I can finally aim for the "head" of the snake. Beating Savior will show Drachewych the end is nearing, and his days are severely numbered.

Shawn Wright: I hope so... For your sake!

Jake looks at his friend stunned.

Jake Starr: What the hell does that mean?

Shawn Wright: Dude... When you trip up on ANYTHING you start kicking your own ass. If you don't succeed in destroying the Infection, I'd honestly fear being around you.

Jake Starr: Well then you had better trust me that I will NOT be failing.

The secretary looks up from behind her counter.

Secretary: Jake?

Jake looks towards the secretary.

Jake Starr: Yes?

Secretary: Dr. Rogers will see you now.

Jake Starr: Thanks!

The two stand to start walking towards the doctor's office. Jake looks over at Shawn confused.

Jake Starr: Why are you coming?

Shawn Wright: Roeper made me promise I'd go in there with you?

Jake Starr: Why?

Shawn Wright: So you wouldn't lie to her and say you could do more than you could...

Jake Starr: Would I honestly do that?

Shawn Wright: Umm yeah!

Jake shakes his head in disbelief. The two continue to make their way towards the back.

Secretary: Do you guys know where his office is?

Jake Starr: Down the hall, take the left, and second door on the right?

Secretary: That's it!

Shawn Wright: Then he doesn't have a clue!

Paying homage to Leroy Jethro Gibbs, from televisionís NCIS, Jake smacks Shawn upside his head. He then smiles and the secretary and nods.

Shawn Wright: OW!

Jake Starr: Thank you very much!

Secretary: You're welcome sir!

The two walk down the hall, and follow the path to the doctor's office. They follow the route Jake had mentioned, and come to the door of Dr. James Rogers. The door is ajar, and the doctor can be seen sitting at his desk, filling out some paperwork. Jake knocks on the opened door, and the doctor's head rises.

Dr. Rogers: AH! Jake! Come in!

Jake and Shawn both walk into the office and sit down across the desk from the doctor.

Dr. Rogers: So... How's the head feeling?

Jake Starr: Not bad. Haven't done anything excruciatingly severe, so as far as I can tell it's fine.

Dr. Rogers: Stitches holding in OK?

Jake Starr: Yeah... Like I said as far as I can tell!

Dr. Rogers: Very good!

Jake Starr: I'm just wanting to finally get to start training again. I've been going crazy not being able to really get ready to get back in the ring.

Shawn jumps into the conversation.

Shawn Wright: I can vouch for him... He's been an annoyance because he's been crazy bored.

Dr. Rogers: I understand that. What kind of training are you looking to resume? And I'm assuming you want to resume this training today?

Jake Starr: Oh yeah!

Dr. Rogers: Well I don't know if anything "contact-wise" would be a good idea just yet.

Jake sighs.

Jake Starr: How come?

Dr. Rogers: Honestly you need to give the sutures a couple more days to fully begin to heal. You don't want to jump right into full-contact competition this soon. You'd risk the sutures rupturing.

Jake shakes his head in disbelief.

Dr. Rogers: You do have the option of lifting weights, running, but contact I'd highly suggest shying away from.

Jake Starr: For how long then?

Dr. Rogers: Only a couple more days max. Tomorrow, if you HONESTLY feel the wound would hold to some light contact, I can say that would be OK. But I'd wait until the end of the week before going for full-on combat.

Shawn Wright: I can probably hold him to those guidelines.

The doctor sees that his recommendation has dejected the Adrenaline Champion, and tries to help explain his logic.

Dr. Rogers: I know you want to get back in there. But think about this. If you were to get in there today, the wound were to somehow open back up, and you'd start bleeding again. You'd be right back in here getting re-stitched, and be forced to possibly miss your next match which is...

Jake Starr: Sunday...

Dr. Rogers: Sunday! That's right! If you were to be reopened, you might not be ready for Sunday.

Jake Starr: I'll be honest... If that happened, I'd fight anyway.

Dr. Rogers: But I don't think anyone WANTS it to happen. That's what I'm trying to get at.

Shawn Wright: Dude we could work on some more basic stuff today, and then ease into the sparring tomorrow.

The doctor tries to help Jake with alternatives to contact training.

Dr. Rogers: Is there video you could watch to study your opponent?

Jake Starr: Trust me, there is, and I have watched every minute of it.

Shawn Wright: I can verify he's watched those tapes time after time after time.

Dr. Rogers: Well alright then...

Jake Starr: This Sunday is just a big moment for me doc... A BIG moment!

Dr. Rogers: I understand that...

Jake Starr: And I'm NOT going to let them feel like they successfully "softened" me up.

Dr. Rogers: Again I understand...

Jake Starr: So then you MUST understand that I'm resuming my normal training as soon as possible!

Dr. Rogers: I wouldn't doubt that...

Jake Starr: Good...

Dr. Rogers: But if you're looking for me to give you my OK to resume a full training regimen, you're not going to get it today. I said that in a couple days, you're good to go. That's what I can offer.

Jake's head slumps down again.

Jake Starr: Alright...

Shawn Wright: I'll keep him honest doc!

Dr. Rogers: You do that!

With Shawn's final words to the doctor, the three men stand, and exchange handshakes as Shawn and Jake exit. They are seen walking back down the hallway, with Jake remaining completely silent. The camera follows them all the way from the doctor's office, back to Jake's car. Jake and Shawn both get in, and as Jake shuts his door, he elects to slam it, hopefully letting out some of the frustration he feels.

Shawn Wright: Feel better?

Jake Starr: Why can't he just release me to train normally?

Shawn Wright: Maybe because he wants you to not walk into Rise to Greatness a mangled mess? You have to realize he doesn't want you to be forced into not fighting at 100%. He is simply looking out for, what he sees as, your best interests.

Jake Starr: But shouldn't he take into consideration the fact that I know myself better than anyone?

Shawn Wright: Yeah... Why else would he give you the option of being able to begin more contact tomorrow if you felt like things were better? He's trusting you to make the INTELLIGENT decision about whether or not to amp it up starting tomorrow and the next day.

Jake Starr: You know what I mean...

Shawn Wright: And you know what I mean! When you get back to training, and you're prepared for Savior, and you win at Rise to Greatness, this whole ordeal will be an afterthought.

Jake finally puts the car in gear as he sighs.

Jake Starr: I know...

Shawn Wright: And we BOTH know Savior isn't going to be the "challenge" he is being presented as.

Jake's mood seemingly seems to lighten as he accepts the fact that he will be prepared for Savior, regardless of when he can begin fully training.

Jake Starr: Very true... I mean the guy hasn't even won a match since, when?

Shawn Wright: It's been a while!

Jake begins to drive towards the gym.

Jake Starr: ... I think it's been since sometime in April. He's been fighting some of the "upper echelon" of talent in SCW, and he can't even muster ONE WIN in that time frame? Drachewych thinks I'll be the one who helps him break a streak measuring THAT LONG? Honestly?! Savior lost to Donovan Kayl. The SAME GUY I was able to beat in my last title defense.

Shawn Wright: True...

Jake Starr: ... Savior is on the down slope of his career. He reached his peak, it ran its course, and now there's nothing left. Drachewych REALLY wants him to achieve another "big" victory in order to help him, hopefully, get back on track. He wants Savior to be the true "Saving Grace" for the Infection before they are completely inoculated from existence. Drachewych knows that the likelihood of a victory, after this THREE MONTH STRETCH of losses, is slim to none.

Shawn Wright: Which is why he attacked you!

Jake Starr: Exactly! He has gone in, against a majority of fully healthy opponents, and completely tripped up. He hasn't been able to topple the healthy opponents, so what does he have left to do? All he can TRY is to try and mame them to the point of barely being able to walk the next day, and hope it benefits him when the match rolls around. If he wanted that to be EFFECTIVE against me, he should have waited until this Breakdown. He should have waited until we were in that proverbial "eleventh hour." He made a MISTAKE in letting me have time to recuperate.

Shawn Wright: He could go after you again...

Jake nods from the drivers seat.

Jake Starr: He could... But think about what has happened when I have been prepared for him, or not in a match at all. I took matters into my own hands. I made it clear I could play his little game. I made SURE he wasn't able to win Taking Hold of the Flame. He tried to catch me a couple weeks ago at Breakdown, and corner me in my suite, which I must say was a great view, and what happened? He was FORCED to eat a door. His track record, overall, isn't the greatest when it comes to him trying his luck with attacking me.

Shawn Wright: That is true...

Jake Starr: So as far as that goes, I'm not concerned with him. I just know what he was once capable of. I know of the man who ONCE was someone to fear. That Christian Savior is the one who I prepare for. I don't allow myself to prepare for the shell that, I know, I will inevitably be faced with come Sunday. Even though I am fully aware that the man who was once considered "great" in Supreme Championship Wrestling has long-since gone away, I will believe that he still could appear. He could view this as his "curtain call" in the business. He could very well view it as his "encore performance." It is just unfortunate that his hopes and dreams will be completely dashed thanks to me.

Shawn Wright: Well, can you blame him?

Jake Starr: For?

Shawn Wright: Wanting that greatness again?

Jake Starr: No... Not really. Deep down I'm hoping to do that with my own career. Will I be able to succeed? I have no idea. I do know that I am on a very strong path to achieving it. I also know that there are several guys here who have the youth factor on their side. But to people who say that, I say that I have torn through virtually EVERYONE thrown in my path since the day I walked in. Only ONE MAN has been able to beat me, and last time I looked, he isn't even around anymore. I know I have had some great moments in the past, and I know FOR A FACT that I will have even greater ones in the future.

Shawn nods in agreement.

Jake Starr: Unlike Savior, I don't have to keep hoping for the "next match" to make up for a mistake. I had my slip-up against Allocco, and I turned right around and made up for it against a "somebody" in the eyes of my fellow wrestlers, in Ace Marshall. Savior hasn't had that luxury. He hasn't been able to get over that hump. And yet, he feels he deserves a chance at me? Drachewych thinks this guy DESERVES a title? Then they have BOTH officially fallen into the category of "lost-their-God-damn-mind." Christian Savior hasn't EARNED anything. Hell, the entire Infection conglomerate hasn't EARNED anything... Which is why this moment, at Rise to Greatness, has become the next to last step in the "final solution" of the Infection.

Shawn Wright: Nice World War II reference there!

Jake Starr: Oh you know... I do try to throw in some historical references here and there.

Shawn Wright: Aren't you so smart!

Jake Starr: Don't be a dick!

Shawn Wright: Why not?! It's my job!

Jake Starr: I suppose!

As the two are talking, Jake's cell phone rings. The caller ID shows a photo of Roeper, and Jake immediately sees that his wife is calling.

Jake Starr: Looks like the panicky one is checking up on me again!

Jake clicks the touch-screen of his phone to answer the call.

Jake Starr: Hi dear... I'm not dead!

Roeper Hart: Don't be an ass!

Jake Starr: What's up?

Roeper Hart: Just was calling to see how the visit went, and what he said.

Jake Starr: He basically said I could resume light contact starting tomorrow. Today I can start just exercising and such.

Roeper Hart: And full-on contact?

Jake Starr: Starting in a couple of days...

Roeper Hart: Should I trust you?

Jake Starr: You don't have much of a choice!

Roeper Hart: Good point!

Jake Starr: Don't worry babe. I'll be fine today.

Roeper Hart: Ok... I just had to call and check!

Jake Starr: No problem babe... We're at the gym so I'll call you when we're done!

Roeper Hart: Alright! Bye!

Jake hangs up the phone. Shawn looks over at him.

Shawn Wright: Calling to see how I went I assume?

Jake Starr: Yeah...

Shawn Wright: She believe you?

Jake Starr: Who knows! I didn't lie though...

Shawn Wright: Very true. You were honest!

Jake finally finds a spot to park at the gym.

Jake Starr: So what do you suggest today?

Shawn Wright: Eh... Weights... Maybe some cardio. You'll be fine so I don't figure we'd have to overwork anything.

Jake Starr: Yeah... I just don't want the doctors finding out and bitching at me.

Shawn Wright: I don't blame you dude!

Jake Starr: All I know is that I'm ready for Sunday. I'm ready to prove to EVERYONE that they need to begin to take me seriously. For crying out loud, I've only lost ONCE in THIRTEEN matches. I've beaten the likes of Ace Marshall, Donovan Kayl, Justin Davis, and not to mention Stacy Kissinger on THREE SEPARATE OCCASIONS, and still I'm not taken seriously. Everyone expects Savior to walk out and avenge the Infection. And I know that it will be a day where the "Savior" begs to be "Saved."

As Jake finishes his final thought, the two whip their respective doors open and exit the vehicle. The camera watches as the pair walk into the gym to begin preparing for the physical battle between Jake and Christian Savior. The world will continue its waiting game for the challenger to respond to Jake. The silence he has been gracing SCW with over the past three months has become something difficult for many to stomach. Will Christian Savior emerge from his hiding, and do what he can to put his streak of losses to an end? Or will Rise to Greatness mark another month ending with Christian Savior losing? How will the Infection impact this match? Rise to Greatness looms at the end of this tunnel of questions. Answers are sure to emerge with it.

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