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When we last saw Jake Starr, he was being tended to by medical staff thanks to an attack by the Infection. He was brutally busted open, and potentially softened up for his match at Rise to Greatness, against Christian Savior. He was, however, able to successfully complete the trifecta of victories against Stacy Kissinger. While all this happened, we also saw Thorn come to the aide of Starr, and save him from a potentially even more brutal beat down from the gang.

Now, Starr lies in a hospital with his physician doing a more proper suturing of his wound. At his bedside is his long-time friend Shawn Wright, who is no stranger to seeing cuts and gashes such as this. In the lobby, however, a scene of soon-to-be panic is looming. Shawn's wife, Roxie Wright, is awaiting the arrival of Jake's wife, Roeper. Roeper was called by Shawn, alerting her to them being en route to the hospital to have Jake's injuries tended to properly. Roeper, when alerted, began to panic. Roxie was sent to the lobby to catch her prior to her being able to frantically begin running around the halls of the hospital in search of her husband.

Roxie stands pacing in front of the sliding glass door, entering the emergency room. The camera sits behind Roxie as she stares at the door awaiting Roeper's arrival. As the camera slowly closes in on the door, a car comes screaming into the parking lot. It immediately parks in the first space available. Out from the drivers seat springs an, obviously distraught, Roeper Hart. She comes rushing towards the door. As the sliding glass parts, Roeper comes rushing in, and tries to pass Roxie. Roxie quickly snags the frantic wife. Roeper tries to back off and sidestep her friend, but is continually impeded.

Roeper Hart: Oh my God where is he?!

Roxie Wright: Roeper... Calm down!

Roeper Hart: Calm down?! How am I supposed to calm down?!

Roxie Wright: By taking deep breaths?

Roeper begins to frantically take shallow breaths.

Roxie Wright: Ok not like that, you'll hyperventilate.

Roeper tries to shuffle past Roxie, who continues to block the doorway to the room Jake is being sutured in.

Roeper Hart: Let me by Roxie!

Roxie Wright: Roeper no! You need to calm the f_ck down, and try and relax. He's fine! He just got a little bloody...

Roeper Hart: A little blo... A LITTLE BLOODY?!

Roxie Wright: Ok so maybe he looked like a one-manned slasher flick, but regardless, he's going to be ok!

At the thought of her husband being a "one-manned slasher movie," Roeper's eyes bulge.

Roxie Wright: So maybe that wasn't the best way to describe it...

Roeper Hart: Guess not!

Roxie Wright: I know it's been a while since Jake has really bled in the ring like that, but you and I both know he's going to be ok.

Those words seemingly strike a chord with Roeper, and her demeanor changes. He shoulders begin to relax, and her breathing begins to take on a more normal and regular pace.

Roxie Wright: Good girl!

Roeper Hart: That was... Just... Just...

Roxie Wright: Pretty rough to watch?

Roeper Hart: Exactly!

Roxie Wright: It wasn't easy to stomach that's for sure. But it's the nature of the business, and especially the nature of that match.

Roeper Hart: Yeah... But why did it have to be so... Gruesome?

Roxie Wright: Because the Infection had to get even. To play Devil's Advocate, Jake got himself into it with that gang. He had to have known a response, or retribution would be coming his way.

Roeper Hart: He probably did, but who would have thought it would have gone to THAT level?

Roxie Wright: Well from what I've seen on television, and heard from Shawn, the Infection are a bunch of goons who HAVE to end on top. If they don't, and are beaten at their own game, then they up the ante to gain that advantage.

Roeper Hart: Yeah... I suppose...

Roxie Wright: Yeah... Now come over here and sit down before I force you to.

Roeper Hart: Ok...

Roxie walks Roeper over to the empty waiting room. Roxie sits her friend down in a chair so she can begin to relax. She then walks over to the complimentary coffee maker, and pours Roeper a cup of coffee to help, hopefully, ease her anxiety level down.

Roxie Wright: Drink this... It should help you relax!

Roeper Hart: Is it laced?

Roxie Wright: Do you want it to be?

The little exchange of quips between the two leads Roeper to finally letting out a slight chuckle of laughter. As Roeper begins to drink her coffee, Roxie sits down in the seat next to her, and begins to pat her friend on the back. The camera slowly begins to zoom out from the pair, and the scene instantly changes from them in the waiting room, to Jake lying on a table in the emergency room, with the doctor hovering over him. Shawn is standing to the side of his friend, as the doctor finishes removing the temporary stitches put in at the arena. The doctor is hoping to put some more permanent, dissolving, sutures, into his patients head to let the wound heal, and prevent Jake from having to make another visit for them to be removed. As the camera closes in on the group, the doctor goes to make the first insertion of the stitch into Jake's head.

Jake Starr: OW!

Doctor: Oh... Forgot to numb the area some more.

Jake Starr: That would be MUCH appreciated!

Shawn Wright: C'mon pansy... Take it like a man!

Jake's eyes glance down toward his feet, and then over to his friend standing, arms crossed, next to the bed.

Jake Starr: You do realize I could kick you square in the junk right now right?

Shawn looks down and sees the positioning of Jake's food in relation to his reproductive organs. He slowly inches towards the head of the bed to get out of range.

Jake Starr: I figured that would shut you up.

Doctor: Ok let me numb the area real quick...

The doctor injects a numbing agent into Jake's head, around the gash made by Christian Savior and the barbed wire.

Doctor: Now... Tell me again what happened?

Jake Starr: Well... It involved a buffalo, a nine iron, a black dildo, and some ice cubes...

The trio share a chuckle at Jake's comment.

Jake Starr: Nah... I kind of expected to be blind-sided by this guy, Christian Savior, and his group of power-hungry creeps, but not to the degree it went.

Doctor: What made it go to that level?

As the doctor asks that question, he begins to stitch up Starr's wounds.

Jake Starr: Apparently... Savior didn't appreciate the fact I have been embarrassing him over the past several weeks, time and time again. So he felt the need to seize the opportunity to get even with me, and repeatedly bludgeon me over the forehead with a pair of brass knuckles.

Doctor: This came from a pair of brass knuckles?!

Jake Starr: Yeah... Apparently when they strike skin repeatedly, they'll bust you open quite effectively.

Shawn wastes no time throwing in his quips.

Shawn Wright: On the positive side, he won the match!

Jake rolls his eyes. Shawn continues on a more serious level.

Shawn Wright: It honestly could have been a LOT worse.

Doctor: Oh?

Shawn Wright: Yeah... Luckily Jake actually had someone apparently looking out for him that night.

Doctor: Like an angel?

Jake laughs.

Jake Starr: No... Trust me angels wouldn't be coming to my aide much. Apparently I'm not the only one who is slowly getting sick and tired of the Infection.

Doctor: The Infection? Do I need to check something else out after I finish with these sutures?

Jake Starr: Ha ha no... The Infection is the band of miscreants who did this to me.

Doctor: Oh... Ok...

Jake Starr: But it seems like this guy, Thorn, was tired of seeing things going on like they were, so he and I had met up backstage about a week ago, and I told him that if he would help make sure I was capable of making it to Rise to Greatness, it would be another defeat that the Infection would be facing.

Doctor: So I take it you're fighting another person from this group?

Jake Starr: That's the Savior guy I mentioned...

Doctor: Oh ok!

Jake looks over at Shawn.

Jake Starr: I bet Roeper is having a FIT right now.

Shawn Wright: When Roxie talked to her she was in complete hysterics and on her way here now.

Jake Starr: Oh I bet that's going to be a fun sight to see.

Shawn Wright: Why's that?

Jake Starr: Oh I can just imagine her busting in here trying to find her way back here. Hell I have a feeling she could bust through any moment now. When that woman goes into hysterics, look out!

Shawn Wright: Roxie's the same way. But I have a feeling Roxie may be able to calm her down.

Doctor: Is your wife a worrier?

Shawn quickly answers the question for Jake.

Shawn Wright: YES!

Jake Starr: Ha ha... She can be.

Shawn Wright: Oh she is trust me. That's why I made sure Roxie was basically in "linebacker" mode before Roeper even got here.

Jake Starr: See that's why I would have loved to see that. It'd be like an episode of American Gladiators. You'd have Roxie, the gladiator, in a game of Breakthrough and Conquer all in one. She'd try to break through to get a score, and if she couldn't it'd instantly turn to wrestling to throw her down, and get in regardless.

Shawn Wright: See... She's a worrier!

Jake Starr: No she's just a caring one!

Doctor: Ha ha!

The doctor brings the conversation back to Jake's wound.

Doctor: I must say, though, this is one of the worst cases I've seen that have resulted from a pair of brass knuckles.

Jake Starr: Well I can honestly say, it didn't feel good.

Doctor: I'd imagine not.

Jake Starr: But I figure I can utilize it as motivation.

Shawn Wright: To never let it happen again?

Jake Starr: Well that too!

The doctor chuckles again at the quips going back and forth between Jake and Shawn.

Jake Starr: ... But more so for my match with Savior. He's coming in and wanting to take what is RIGHTFULLY mine. He knows that he's been on a tremendous downfall in his wrestling career, and he KNOWS he'll need all of the help he can get to even have a CHANCE at beating me.

Doctor: So he decided to try and potentially kill you?

Jake Starr: Yeah... They're a bunch of scared-sh!tless buffoons like that.

Doctor: Seems awful harsh.

Jake Starr: It's the nature of the business.

The doctor slowly finishes up the final stitch in Jake's head.

Doctor: Well that should do it for you my friend.

Jake Starr: Oh you're done?

Doctor: Yep!

Jake Starr: Wow...

Doctor: Yeah it went smoothly.

Jake Starr: Well that's good.

Doctor: Yeah... I've had some that have had some that were kind of rough.

Jake Starr: I can imagine...

Doctor: But you're good to go! I'll just put this gauze over it to keep it from being just, well, open.

Jake Starr: Ha ha ok...

The doctor bandages his sutures up, and Jake rises from his back.

Doctor: That should do ya!

Jake Starr: Excellent... I appreciate it doc!

Doctor: Just be careful out there. Try not to get those stitches busted open.

Jake Starr: I'll do my best!

Shawn Wright: I'll Nerf his world!

Jake Starr: You're a dick!

Shawn starts walking out towards the waiting room. He swings through the door, while Jake is stopped by a couple doctors, who also happen to be big fans of his. He poses for pictures and signs some autographs while Shawn approaches the wives. Roeper sees the doors open and quickly jumps to her feet. Roeper runs up to Shawn concerned about where her husband is.

Roeper Hart: Where is he?!

Shawn seems befuddled. He turns around and sees the doors swinging freely behind him, and no Starr is to be found.

Shawn Wright: Well he was right behind me...

Roxie Wright: You lose him?

Shawn Wright: Apparently!

The doors suddenly swing back open, and Jake emerges.

Shawn Wright: FOUND HIM!

Shawn points at Jake.

Jake Starr: Sorry... Got caught up by some doctors.

Shawn Wright: Any hot nurses?

Roxie smacks her husband in the arm. Shawn chuckles and rubs his arm.

Shawn Wright: What?!

Roxie Wright: Don't be a sh!t!

Roeper quickly embraces her husband, and looks over his wounds.

Roeper Hart: Are you ok?!

Jake Starr: Yeah I'm fine... They roughed me up some, but nothing I haven't encountered before.

Roeper Hart: But you were bleeding like... Like I've never seen!

Jake Starr: Ha ha... No worries. Savior's hopes of "softening me up" before Rise to Greatness will have been fruitless. I have plenty of time to make sure I'm back to 100%.

Roeper Hart: Are you sure?

Jake Starr: As sure as I am that you're panicking over nothing!

Roeper Hart: You ALWAYS think I'm panicking over nothing.

Jake Starr: Exactly! You should realize the trend.

Roeper Hart: I'm your wife! It's my job to be concerned and worry!

Roxie Wright: She has a point Jake...

Jake Starr: Yeah I know... But we all need to be focused on ONE thing now. That's Rise to Greatness, and my match with Christian Savior. Savior got some revenge on me after I disposed of his broad. I can guarantee that won't stop there. He won't want to stop "softening me up," so his job is easier. He is fearful of failing Drachewych and the Infection. He can't bare the thought of being forced to walk back through that curtain after he has lost YET ANOTHER match. He can't bare to think about looking his "master" in the eye, and know he has failed to bring a championship home. This belt is one that means a lot to him. He has held it twice, and wants to be the FIRST PERSON in the history of Supreme Championship Wrestling to hold the Adrenaline Championship on three separate occasions. He wants to make history and be the one who takes this from around my waist. He doesn't want to be ANOTHER victim on my list of people who I've PERSONALLY destroyed.

Shawn begins to nod.

Shawn Wright: He is right... This is going to be ugly. This isn't just another title defense.

Jake Starr: Yeah... This is one I want more than any of my previous ones. Sure... Justin Davis was a nice one. Sure Donovan Kayl was a GREAT one to have under my belt. But the fact of the matter is, I want to eliminate the Infection from their existence in Supreme Championship Wrestling. Christian Savior will be the last road block until I reach the pinnacle of their hierarchy. There will be nobody standing between me and chopping the head off of the beast.

Shawn cocks an eyebrow at his friend.

Shawn Wright: My God... He's going all mythological on us!

This time it's Jake who backhands his friend. Shawn rubs his arm again.

Shawn Wright: Jesus Christ! Thank God we're in a hospital... By the time we're ready to leave I'm going to need to be treated!

Roxie Wright: Then quit being stupid!

Jake Starr: You had a brief moment of normalcy in there.

Shawn Wright: C'mon, you know me! You know I have to throw my little jokes in there...

Roxie Wright: Be serious for once!

Jake Starr: If he was ever truly serious, we wouldn't know what to do!

Roxie Wright: True...

Roeper is still concerned.

Roeper Hart: Babe are you sure you're OK?

Jake Starr: I'm positive!

Her facial expressions show she is no where near convinced.

Jake Starr: TRUST ME!

Roeper Hart: I'm going to try... But I also know how stubborn you are...

Jake Starr: And?

Roeper Hart: ... And I know how you'll just fight through anything, regardless of how bad it may be.

Jake Starr: Listen babe... I'm not fighting at Breakdown. I'm not saying I may not show up and make my presence known, but I don't have a match.

Roeper Hart: Thank God!

Shawn Wright: I'm kind of shocked..

Jake Starr: What do you mean?

Shawn Wright: I mean, Drachewych usually likes to screw you over as often as possible. So why not continue to weaken you for Savior?

Jake Starr: Very true... I don't think he thinks I will even be able to compete at Rise to Greatness after what his cronies did. He expects me to walk in to Rise to Greatness, hand the belt over, and duck my head and leave. He expects me to be hurt. He expects me to be battered. He won't expect me to be coming in ready, willing, and able to fight.

Roeper is still obviously uncomfortable with the thought of her husband fighting.

Jake Starr: Babe... As the cliche goes, "the show must go on." I set out on a mission to destroy the Infection. I am not going to let them try and deter me by trying to take me out first. This is when my stubbornness comes into play even more. I don't let pieces of sh!t like the Infection ruin my plan. They can try and keep me from being at Rise to Greatness as much as they want. They can TRY to take me out so I can't even walk. But the fact of the matter is this, I started on a mission. I started out to take out the Infection one by one. Stacy has been eliminated... This "Taskmaster" is no one of any consequence... Savior is next... And finally... Drachewych himself. I'm not going to settle for failure.

With those closing words, Jake and his crew walk out the front sliding doors of the hospital. With Jake still reeling from the beating sustained at the hands of the Infection, only he knows how much he is truly effected. He could truly be on the road to full recovery by Rise to Greatness, or he could, in fact, have sustained far greater injuries than he is letting on. With another episode of Breakdown looming prior to Rise to Greatness, will he seek some revenge before he meets up with his adversary on the following Sunday, or will he avoid risking further injuries? Questions and answers await as Supreme Championship Wrestling continues to move towards it's pinnacle pay-per view, Rise to Greatness.

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