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With just hours until the potential bloodbath between Jake Starr and Stacy Kissinger, the two opponents have both broken the ice in lashing out towards the other. Jake was quick to "draw first blood" in this final war of words, and unlike her traditional "last second" stab at her opponents, Stacy quickly responded to Jake. Jake and his confidant, Shawn Wright, were both shocked to actually hear Kissinger respond so quickly, compared to her normal MO. Shawn especially expresses shock to his friend, and Supreme Championship Wrestling's Adrenaline Champion.

Shawn Wright: I'm still in complete shock dude.

Jake Starr: Well, I am, but I'm kind of not.

Shawn Wright: How can you not be? She actually opened her mouth before the day of the fight.

Jake Starr: Well, she REALLY wanted to win Taking Hold of the Flame. She was storming out of the gate on that one, remember?

Shawn Wright: Umm...

Jake Starr: Remember? It was all about me?

Shawn's eyes spread wide open as he remembers.

Shawn Wright: OH YEAH!

Jake Starr: Yeah... When she seemingly wants something really bad, and yet will ultimately fail miserably at, she is quick to pounce.

Shawn Wright: I'm just gathering that she is frighteningly obsessed with you.

Jake Starr: What do you mean?

Shawn Wright: All she ever does is talk incessantly about you.

Jake Starr: Really?

Shawn Wright: Yes! Hell Roeper even mentioned to me that Kissinger talks a lot about you. It almost got to the point she was going to have to do something about it herself.

Jake chuckles.

Jake Starr: Ha ha... I wouldn't want to piss my wife off.

Shawn Wright: No sh!it! Neither would I. But she literally has talked about you almost NON-STOP since you two last fought.

Jake Starr: Well think about it dude... She's been on a complete bombing streak lately. She hasn't been doing anything she really wants to do. She lost TWICE against me, she LOST at Taking Hold of the Flame... She's a mediocre talent who is needed on rosters to simply help put guys like me over.

Shawn Wright: That is true.

Jake Starr: If she was actually a LEGIT talent, don't you think she'd have gotten chances for titles like I did? I mean I wrestled THREE WHOLE MATCHES, and EVERYONE realized I was going to be the next big thing in SCW. Wouldn't she have gotten that chance?

Shawn Wright: Well theoretically.

Jake Starr: Exactly... Instead she was just randomly thrown around match to match, and whatever may happen happens. Her shot was Taking Hold of the Flame. She BOMBED there too.

Shawn nods.

Jake Starr: But I honestly have taken the time to address all of these issues finally.

Shawn Wright: Finally?

Jake Starr: Yeah...

Shawn Wright: Then what have the past comments ever been?

Jake Starr: True... Let me rephrase that. I have finally taken the time to DIRECTLY address Kissinger and these issues.

Jake holds up one of his trademarked DVDs.

Shawn Wright: Oh no!

Shawn realizes that when Jake produces a DVD, it usually means Jake has gone down the parody route.

Shawn Wright: What did you do this time?

Jake Starr: I elected to go a little bit of a different route.

Shawn Wright: Yeah... Right...

Jake Starr: Seriously!

Shawn glares at his friend, knowing that his usual "modus operandi" involves parody, insults, and usual some form of references to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transexual lifestyle.

Jake Starr: Seriously!

Shawn Wright: Uh huh...

Jake Starr: I decided to go ahead and do something a little more serious!

Shawn Wright: Fine... Let me see the disc!

Jake hands the disc over to his friend. Shawn looks at the disc.

Shawn Wright: "FOOLS Gold Standard?"

Jake Starr: Yep!

Shawn Wright: Seriously?

Jake Starr: Yeah!

Shawn Wright: I thought you said you went down a serious path?

Jake Starr: I did!

Shawn Wright: This has "A Typical Jake Starr Production" written all over it.

Jake Starr: Or does it?

Shawn Wright: I would bet on it!

Jake Starr: Well then, why don't you pop it in and see?

Shawn Wright: I still think we should bet on it!

Jake Starr: Fine... How much?

Shawn Wright: You tell me!

Jake Starr: What's your life savings?

Shawn isn't amused by Jake's retort.

Shawn Wright: You're a f_cker sometimes!

Jake Starr: Ha ha! Yeah... I know!

Shawn Wright: So I'm really supposed to believe that this isn't your normal thing?

Jake Starr: Yeah. You should.

Shawn Wright: Fine! But I swear, if this turns into another one of your "typical" productions, I'm collecting on the bet.

Jake Starr: And when it doesn't?

Shawn Wright: I'll be shocked!

Jake Starr: Ha ha... Well we'll see I suppose.

Shawn Wright: Yep...

Shawn hands the disc back over to Jake as he stands and walks towards the player. As Jake starts up the video, he and Shawn sit back to watch. The camera zooms in on the screen the two are watching, and eventually the television screen overtakes the viewing screen. As the video comes into frame, the words "The FOOLS GOLD Sensation" appear on the screen. Instead of, the expected parody of Kissinger's "Dearest SCW" routine, Jake is seen staring directly in the camera with a very stern face. If this is going to be a parody, it would need to take a dramatic turn soon. Jake, and his very serious attitude, begin to lash out, and address the potential for parody in his "FOOLS GOLD Sensation" address.

Jake Starr: Initially this was going to be my parody of Stacy's "Dearest SCW" routine she puts on...

Jake holds up a blonde wig.

Jake Starr: Instead...

Jake throws the wig over his shoulder.

Jake Starr: I think it's time I direct my comments seriously, and directly, and the one who thinks she's all-knowing, and all-wise in the ways of Supreme Championship Wrestling.

Jake looks down, takes a deep breath, and slowly looks up gazing deep into the camera.

Jake Starr: Stacy... It's been a while since I addressed you directly, so I hope you listen close. I know you're a fan of blood. I know you like to look down at your maxi-pad those four or five days a month and admire the sheer amount you're capable of losing, and not dying. What I don't get is that you desire to see the blood of others on you too. I know you have the thrill of your own coming out of your vagina, but why would you want to taint that "beauty" with the blood of others? Are you a vampire? Are you a sick-minded individual who gets some sort of sexual gratification from it? Whatever the case may be, it's disgusting, and I suggest that, for the good of humanity, you correct that issue before Breakdown. If you come into the ring and try and "crave" my blood, you'll be severely disappointed at the results. I will not be bleeding for you, mainly because I don't have a uterus and don't menstruate like you.

Jake's look of anger and annoyance is obvious.

Jake Starr: You like to refer to me as a "lil" boy. Now, to begin with, in the English language, the word "lil" is considered slang. And most people who utilize slang as the majority of their dialect aren't considered to be "serious" in whatever profession they choose. I mean, this business is the business of WRESTLING. This "Wrasslin" that you seem to think you're involved with is a non-existent profession developed by the media in order to decipher the transition of the business from the 1950s and 60s version of the business, to what we had towards the 80s. If you honestly believe that is what you're involved with, please leave. This business is not what "Wrasslin" is portrayed as, and the fact you even have the GAUL to refer to it as such is insulting to me, and the countless others who have taken part as an employee in it. But when I step back, and look at the source, I realize you're not someone who should be taken seriously in the first place. You're a parody of what a WRESTLER should be. For that, I hope you die.

Jake looks down once again, and again inhales a deep breath. He chuckles to himself, and as his head rises, he has a slight smirk on his face.

Jake Starr: Another thing that boggles my mind is your instantaneous jump from "Wrasslin," to my loss to Adam Allocco. You act like that completely derailed my career in SCW. Haven't you noticed that since that very loss, I have begun making an even greater impact in SCW? I took out Donovan Kayl with ease. But you want to make it sound like I didn't "pay" your little puppet master to make up for the loss. No STUPID, that's not why I didn't "pay up." I didn't "pay up" because I have integrity for myself and how I am perceived. I don't need to resort to blowing the boss in order to try and revamp my career. I don't need to disguise myself as someone else to try and make a name for myself, because I'm too scared of tarnishing what I did back in the day. I did it because I knew I didn't have to in order to be SOMEBODY. I didn't have to lower myself to the likes of YOU in order to be MAJOR. I just had to stand my ground, and I'd achieve the greatness I deserved.

Jake clinches his fists.

Jake Starr: What have you honestly done bitch? You've done NOTHING! You have hoped that by kissing Drachewych's ass, you'd become relevant again. Guess what, you're not! You're still a somebody, playing a nobody, hoping to be a somebody again. Plain and simple.

His anger continues.

Jake Starr: You are a delusional cunt. Yes I said it, you're a cunt. You're a cunt who likes bleeding cunts. How does that sound? You going to go try and get me fired over that now? How do you honestly believe that YOU, of all the people in Supreme Championship Wrestling, are responsible for keeping me here. What reason would Drachewych have to get rid of me? That's right... NONE! As much as he despises me, I BRING HIM MONEY. I bring in FANS. You don't bring in SH!T! You have the appeal of pneumonia to an AIDS patient. Drachewych keeps you around so he doesn't have to listen to you BEG for a job back. You're merely here so it makes his life EASIER to deal with. Not because you're, well, talented.

Jake picks up a drink from off screen and takes a drink. The refreshment allows the Adrenaline Champion to regroup before he continues on.

Jake Starr: I have to say you surprised me Stacy. Not just with the fact it isn't the 11th hour before the day of the event and you opened your little mouth and spoke, but because you actually insinuated that there is a valid reason I should be SCARED of you. How can you actually believe that? I haven't lost to you ONCE! You are having to resort to coming up with, as you called it, a "full proof plan" in order to win. You aren't able to say "I'm going to come out and beat Starr like I can." You flat out said you have to resort to cheating to win. Why should I be scared of that? Why should I be scared of someone who admits they no longer can do anything themselves, and have to resort to trying to sway people into agreeing with them by acting offended, or flat out beg for help to win? You're completely worthless now stupid! You can't win on your own, you can't hang with the "top dogs" anymore, so you resort to "full proof plans." How typical of someone simply hanging on to their past and hoping it can carry them on. Sad... So sad...

He pretends to wipe a tear from the corner of his eye. His "serious" moment is halted as he actually begins laughing from trying too hard.

Jake Starr: You think so highly of Drachewych's vision of SCW. Whatever "vision" it is you foresee being positive, you're stupid. EVERYONE knows that the Infection is EXACTLY that. It's an INFECTION. And guess what. Unlike viruses, infections are COMPLETELY curable. So you can stand around, look through your little rose-colored glasses that are Drachewych's eyes, and continue to feed the world your lines of BULLSH!T that everyone knows are completely and total farces at that.

He takes another drink.

Jake Starr: Stacy, you actually wonder why I think I matter? I'm the Adrenaline Champion you stupid hole! I have run over your ass twice. Why wouldn't the THIRD TIME IN A ROW be the same way? I do what I do because that's how I am. I don't have to have some pant-suit-wearing jerk-off telling me how to be in this business. I don't care IF he signs the checks, because in the end, if he sees dollar signs, I'll matter completely. Again, what money have you brought in? Drachewych said it himself, money is what matters to him. You're a cheap piece of sh!t he keeps around so people like ME have someone to repeatedly beat. You haven't been able to really add to the convincing of anyone that you're able to actually SUCCEED here again. You did ONCE, and then fell flat. You haven't even really had any GLIMMERS of hope since then. You can laugh at the two wins I hold all you want. I have it on MANY good accounts that you HATE that you lost to me. In fact, I know you BEGGED for this match so you could try one last time to beat me. But face it dummy, you're 0 and 2, and it isn't changing. You're going to continue to fade into your role of mediocrity, and continue to have to beg for leniency.

He takes a slight detour from Stacy's direct comments to address her consistently "southern" dialect.

Jake Starr: I honestly really cannot stand how much you sound like a fourth grader from an ill-taught school. I really does pain me to listen to someone who has absolutely no ability to sound intelligent. Especially after everyone heard you openly lose your FAKE accent when you called me out. Do you think it makes you sound "sexy?" It makes you sound like a retard. My God for the love of humanity, SPEAK NORMALLY!

He closes his eyes, takes a deep breath, and mumbles "OK." After regrouping, he resumes his onslaught on his opponent.

Jake Starr: Now, she said that she's just going to keep on beating me and beating me and beating me, blah bl-blah blah blah! It's to keep me from "hiding" from Savior. Well, Stacy, how does it feel, as Shawn referred to you, Ms. Cunty McCuntyCunt? How does it feel to have the Infection be FORCED to endure its own medicine? Think about it f_ck-face, you have done it twice to me because you knew deep down inside, you couldn't beat me. Hell, you flat out admitted that you couldn't beat me. Remember? Full proof plan? How conveniently that slips away from your memory. You won't be beating me at all. You'll simply be taking whatever I dish out, you're "pretty" face will be decimated, and you're going to have ANOTHER loss to me under your belt. You can TRY and save your "Savior" by getting me ready for him, but it isn't going to "save" him. He knows, just as well as I do, he's going to fall just like you. The Infection will slowly continue to die off one by one.

As like earlier, the spike in emotions is obvious.

Jake Starr: If you try and "humiliate" me, you'll end up doing exactly that to yourself. Why? Because it won't happen. I don't EVER leave humiliated, so you already have made yourself look like more of an idiot than you already are. How does that feel? How does it feel knowing you've failed in this "mission" you've set out on. It is an IMPOSSIBLE, not improbable, mission. You've already failed. You're already not going to be able to achieve your goal. So, with that said, I've already won. I've already won the war. I no longer have anything to even dread. I could walk out, cut myself open, cause myself the match, and not feel upset because I would KNOW that Stacy Kissinger would have completely failed in her goal of humiliating me. So... Stacy, fly in on your witch's broomstick, bring your fake accent, bring your little "plan" with you, and realize that you're sh!t out of luck from the get-go. You won't be winning, you won't be leaving happy, and you SURE AS HELL won't be leaving without your own blood leaving your body.

As he finishes his final statement he immediately gets up and exits the frame. The chair he was sitting in is all that is left seen in the scene. The scene fades out on the chair, and the the scene slowly fades to black. The wait is officially on for Breakdown. How will these two actually fare with the heavy feud that has been brewing over the past few months. These two have said harsh things, and battled fiercely in the ring up to this point. With blood the determining factor in their final battle, how far will they go to emerge victorious? Breakdown will hold the answers to these questions.

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