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Finality - fi·nal·i·ty

Definition... The character or condition of being final, settled, irrevocable, or complete.

When an era of existence happens in history, it has defining moments. It has a beginning, middle, and end.

The beginning of an era usually can be nailed down to a period of a couple of years that mark a transition from one era to the next.

The middle is easily characterized by the time that passes between the beginning and the end.

The end of the era marks the point of finality, the point where the era has come to a complete halt, and fails to continue its existence in its former, and usually more glorious ways.

Finality can also mark the end of events as well.

When the last name was signed onto the United States Declaration of Independence, in the eyes of the founding fathers of the nation, the rule under England had ended.

When Robert E. Lee surrendered at Appomattox Courthouse, it ultimately marked the finality of the United States Civil War.

Professional wrestling has endured finality as well.

When Wrestlemania III, arguably the most influential Wrestlemania ever, ended, the reign of Andre the Giant had reached its point of finality. It was that night that the reign of the Giant ended, and the next reign began under the banner of "Hulkamania."

Wrestling thrives on moments of finality.

If it weren't for moments of finality in wrestling, the business wouldn't be as profitable as it has become in the modern day.

If it weren't for finality, the torches could never be passed.

Finality isn't seen until later in life, but when the moment of finality passes, most generally recognize it as the "passing of the torch," the "changing of the guard," the "beginning of a new era."

It is these moments that define beginnings and ends in history, and cannot be avoided, no matter how much it is attempted.

Finality will occur, and the next era will begin.

It has been weeks since Supreme Championship Wrestling has heard directly from its Adrenaline Champion, Jake Starr. Indirectly, he has been making an impact since his last match. Last we saw Starr, he and, ironically the same person he'll be meeting at Breakdown, Stacy Kissinger, were duking it out, and Starr escaped with another win due to the interference of Infection. Since then, Jake has been wreaking havoc on the member of Infection, beginning at Taking Hold of the Flame, when he elected to enter himself several times unofficially into the match. Since that match, he has taken every opportunity he could to send a message to Drachewych and Infection that he is out to get them, by attacking his opponent at Rise to Greatness, Christian Savior. These next two matches could mark a distinct power shift in the world of Supreme Championship Wrestling, or verify to the world that Infection is ruling its walls with an iron fist.

As the scene comes in from black, Jake is seen along side his long-time friend Shawn Wright. Jake has just returned from his stalking of Infection to finally meet up with his friends and family once again. Shawn hasn't heard the news of the booking of Starr at Breakdown against Kissinger, but is aware of Jake's match upcoming against Savior. Shawn sees the fire in the eyes of his friend, and knows that it is this battle against Infection that is driving it to burn out of control. Jake also feels the fire inside, and hopes to let it engulf his two upcoming opponents when they meet.

Jake Starr: So by the sounds of it, third time will be a charm.

Shawn Wright: Oh?

Jake Starr: Seems like my return to Breakdown will mark the third, and God-willing, FINAL meeting between myself and Stacy.

Shawn Wright: You and that bitch again?

Jake Starr: Yeah... Apparently she isn't too keen on the fact she hasn't been able to beat me.

Shawn Wright: I doubt this will be any different.

Jake Starr: Oh me neither. But she wants to try and utilize her little numbers advantage, and win finally.

Shawn Wright: That's what she's tried already. I mean the first time she hit you with Infection attacking you, then it's Taskmaster attacking you. Why wouldn't this just be another iteration of the same?

Jake Starr: It's first blood...

Shawn Wright: Seriously?

Jake Starr: Yeah...

Shawn Wright: Wow... Maybe there will be a definitive winner. My only concern would be those numbers advantages coming back to get you again. This time, they can't pull the whole "no decision" card, and try and hide the fact they cheated to save themselves.

Jake Starr: Trust me... I FULLY expect Savior to try and play a role. I also FULLY expect Infection as a whole to be a part of this match. I don't expect it to be a completely fair fight. But I DO expect to emerge with the blood of Stacy Kissinger on my hands.

Shawn looks shocked by one of Jake's comments. Jake looks over at Shawn and noticed the look he's being given.

Jake Starr: What?

Shawn Wright: One of your comments seemed a bit cryptic to me.

Jake Starr: Why?

Shawn Wright: I know you well... You're meticulous with what you say.

Jake Starr: Most of the time... But what are you over analyzing?

Shawn Wright: You said it isn't going to be a "completely fair fight."

Jake Starr: Yeah...

Shawn Wright: Well... By my count the Infection has you outnumbered, like, four or five to one.

Jake Starr: I may be able to even up the odds slightly.

Shawn Wright: How so and how slightly?

Jake Starr: I have my ways. And as for how slightly... Enough to keep it less than four or five people from beating on me at once.

Shawn Wright: You're a cryptic bastard sometimes.

Jake Starr: Ha ha... I try!

Shawn Wright: Well... Stop it already!

Jake Starr: Then it'd give away all my secrets!

Shawn chuckles and shakes his head.

Shawn Wright: If you say so bro.

Jake Starr: All I know is that I plan on ending this little "feud" with Kissinger once and for all.

Shawn Wright: I think she feels the same. Hell, do you know how offended she was at you after the last go round?

Jake Starr: Yeah... She seemed to not appreciate being called a... Well...

Shawn Wright: Go ahead and say it... She didn't like being called a cunt!

Jake Starr: Yeah... I think that was probably the one that sent her over the deep end.

Shawn Wright: Maybe you should refer to her as Ms. Cunty McCuntyCunt?

Jake Starr: Ha ha... Funny! Childish but funny!

Shawn Wright: And you're not childish?

Jake Starr: Well that seems a bit more so than my normal childish ways.

Shawn Wright: No it doesn't!

Jake Starr: I did notice, also, that when she came out and challenged me, initially, to this first blood match, the southern, unintelligent, bastardization of the English language vanished.

Shawn seems shocked.

Shawn Wright: Really?

Jake Starr: Yeah... She instantly spoke perfect English, and didn't have that drawl.

Shawn Wright: Wow... So she's a phony?

Jake Starr: Yeah pretty much. She isn't who she portrays herself to be.

Shawn Wright: Didn't you know that already?

Jake Starr: Yeah... She is pure "Fool's GOLD" if you know what I mean...

Shawn Wright: Yeah I hear ya!

Jake Starr: Did you hear her little commentary before the Breakdown where Drachewych announced I wouldn't be in the Taking Hold of the Flame match?

Shawn Wright: I try to not pay attention to her.

Jake Starr: Before that was announced, and before I was ever involved in the match officially, she was out cutting promos talking about how she was going to keep me from winning and such.

Shawn Wright: Seriously?

Jake Starr: Yeah... She's pretty out of touch. I mean she was going on these tirades about how I wouldn't win because of her, and blah blah blah, and I'm not even officially in the match. It made no sense. She goes off on these little tirades about me, obviously because she's OBSESSED with making a name of herself by beating me. She can't be proud of her GOLDen accomplishments, albeit they are very few. She has to focus on me because she has this one track mind, and can't put it behind her and try and move on. She has to remain all pissy about being called a "cunt," and make it this HUGE ordeal to fight me again.

Shawn Wright: Well, if I were a girl, I'd probably take some offense to it.

Jake Starr: It's WORDS. Besides, I made a stink about someone using words, and was chastised. I guess only if those words are directed at the "GOLDen assets" of the company, are they considered offensive.

Shawn shrugs.

Shawn Wright: Who knows...

Jake Starr: This dummy thinks that, even if she was able to get LUCKY and finally win, this would end? No! It will not end unless Jake Starr is on top. So, when I win at Breakdown, this WILL be the end of this little "grudge" of ours.

Shawn Wright: Let's hope!

Jake Starr: Look at it this way. When I win, and her blood pools in the center of the ring, I will have put her GOLDen dreams to rest THREE CONSECUTIVE TIMES. In the eyes of everyone but her dumb ass, it will be painfully obvious who is superior to who. The superior one won't be someone who lives a life of GOLD, but someone who has been the BETTER wrestler in this business. It is NOT someone who has issues with their own identity. It isn't someone who can't decide who they're going to be day to day, or how they're going to act.

Shawn Wright: And it isn't going to be someone who waits until the day of your match to even open her pie-hole.

Jake Starr: Right... I am still annoyed at people like that. Hell it's people like HER that put the fate of places like SCW on the brink of closure. They don't put forth the right amount of effort into the company or the industry. They just hope to skirt by on the fact that they have a GOLDen reputation, and can do whatever they choose, and expect to be rewarded for it. Quite frankly, people like her aggravate me and make me wish they would fall off the face of the Earth, and get out of the business many of us take seriously.

Shawn Wright: Yeah... I mean how are the fans supposed to be able to react properly to someone when they're as close to non-existent outside of the actual events as they can be?

Jake Starr: I guess it's that "I'm bigger than the fans" mentality.

Shawn Wright: What a bitch!

Jake nods in agreement.

Jake Starr: What's funny is, I heard her once throw a fit about people doing it to her.

Shawn Wright: Seriously?

Jake Starr: Seriously! She bitched about people not cutting promos when SHE decided.

Shawn Wright: Hypocrite!

Jake Starr: That's an understatement. When I heard it I was completely taken back. How can someone want to be this "top star" in a legit federation, and then completely be hypocritical about something that they are guilty of? It is RIDICULOUS!

Shawn Wright: Sounds like it.

Jake Starr: But regardless of those facts, the focus can't be on her completely inane ability to pretend to be two people, her uncanny ability to butcher the English language, or any of her traits that make her the piece of crap that she is. The focus has to be on Breakdown.

Shawn Wright: Well yeah...

Jake Starr: And the fact of the matter is, I'm not really favored to win anyway.

Shawn Wright: Again?

Jake Starr: Yeah... Apparently people think Kissinger is actually a talented "superstar."

Shawn Wright: Are the blind? Or just retarded?

Jake Starr: Probably a mix of both. For one they don't see her for what and WHO she really is, and secondly she's associated with Drachewych. So odds are they think that makes her a "favorite."

Shawn is obviously disgusted at hearing this.

Jake Starr: I mean so what that she has this entourage of people. So what if she outnumbers me. The fact is, she hasn't beaten me yet. She's lost twice to me. This numbers game hasn't played in her favor ONCE yet. On top of that, she didn't follow through with her goal of winning Taking Hold of the Flame. She couldn't even live up to the hype she gave to the match. The "GOLDen Princess" of SCW FAILED. When the money is on the table, as cliché as that is, she can't collect.

Shawn Wright: True...

Jake Starr: And then, she's only been a "champion" ONCE.

Shawn Wright: Somewhat true...

Jake Starr: Yeah somewhat... But STACY has only one...

Shawn Wright: Yeah...

Jake Starr: You'd think if she was as talented as people think she is, she would have been in a title picture of some kind. She's been in NOTHING in almost a year. Doesn't that say how effective she is? She'll win a match here and there, and then end up falling flat on her GOLDen face before she can actually achieve anything substantial. It took me all of THREE matches before I attained gold here. She can't even win enough to get into the HUNT for anything. Hell, you could hand her a championship, and she'd lose it before she could even lift it above her head.

Shawn chuckles.

Jake Starr: Dude, she's a bona-fide loser. Regardless of what she MAY have done in a previous life, she is doing NOTHING now. She's a pure FAILURE now. She can't attain anything higher than "lackey" with a group of FAILURES.

Shawn continues to chuckle.

Jake Starr: How people actually BELIEVE in her boggles my mind, but if they want to believe she is better than me, fine. I'm not concerned with anyone but myself. When I bust her ass open, and I end this battle, people MAY finally realize I am for real.

Shawn Wright: If they don't at Breakdown, they will after Rise to Greatness!

Jake Starr: Yeah. That is true. But the fact of the matter is, I have to eliminate Kissinger first... And I will eliminate her.

Shawn Wright: Good!

Jake Starr: Like I’ve said, my goal is to "cure" SCW of the Infection. The only way I can fathom doing it is by tearing through these chumps one by one. The only reason Kissinger keeps getting thrown in my path is because Drachewych knows that the longer he can keep her from having an out-right loss to me, his other cronies are safe. He knows that he can keep throwing Kissinger at me, and not have to worry about me embarrassing his other dimwits. That is one of the main reasons I started going after Savior as well. I want Drachewych to know that NONE of his lackeys are safe. Drachewych knows the clock is ticking. He knows Kissinger is no match for me. Otherwise he would have trusted her from the get go to finish the job.

Shawn Wright: Yeah...

Jake Starr: She can't accomplish her "mission." He knows it's a pure kamikaze and suicide mission. He's hoping she can beat me down enough to help Savior out. Once she's done, he's next. The members of Infection will drop like flies.

Shawn Wright: Good!

Jake Starr: Hell they're like flies already!

Shawn Wright: Oh?

Jake Starr: Yeah... They are really good at gravitating towards sh!t!

Shawn laughs at Jake's joke.

Jake Starr: It's true!

Shawn Wright: Well... Yeah... I can see that! And since they are purely "sh!t," along with "curing" Supreme Championship Wrestling, it'll be like wiping SCW's ass from the sh!t-stains that have laden it for too long.

Jake cringes.

Shawn Wright: What?!

Jake Starr: You know how disgusting it sounds for you to imply I'm going to be wiping the asses of grown adults?

Shawn Wright: Well... Did you ever think they may need assistance?

Jake Starr: Dude... I don't think they're incontinent!

Shawn Wright: Never know!

Jake Starr: Besides, you'd see the Depends poking out from their wrestling gear.

Shawn Wright: Or maybe they just crap their pants?

Jake Starr: I think everyone would smell that one. Or it'd slip out onto the mat, and everyone would be grossed out.

Shawn Wright: Now that's something to imagine.

Jake Starr: What?

Shawn Wright: Think about it... You're wrestling someone, kick them in the gut, they cringe in pain, yet look uncomfortable, then a little nugget falls on the mat.

Jake Starr: What the f_ck?!

Shawn Wright: It would be funny!

Jake Starr: Not if it was happening to me!

Shawn Wright: Ok... Then think about it happening to someone else! Then it will be funny!

Jake starts to nod in slight agreement to his friend's comment.

Shawn Wright: SEE!

Jake Starr: Ok maybe!

Jake chuckles again, and shakes his head.

Jake Starr: All I know is that I'm ready to fight again. Taking Hold of the Flame got everyone attention. Everyone saw that I'm out for blood, and am out to make sure I get the respect I deserve. For too long people have been taking the "safe" bets with thinking everyone else will be able to beat me. Nobody has really wanted to go out on a limb and fully "bet" on Jake Starr. Once I spill the blood of Infection at Breakdown, and subsequently defend my title against the man sent out as the "Savior" of Infection, my stock will rise. Everyone will BANK on Savior winning at Rise to Greatness, just like most are banking on Kissinger to spill my blood first. But I am not going to be topped by someone who is living in their "GOLDen" age, and not living in the present. No matter how much she tries to convince people she is STILL IN her "GOLDen" age, people will soon see that she was merely delaying the inevitable. Many people don't want to accept the fact that Kissinger has long since past her prime, but when she loses for a THIRD consecutive time, how can they deny it?

Shawn Wright: Because those same people are the ones that dislike you?

Jake Starr: Good point! Those dummies just bet with their "safe" views, instead of betting on the new guys who may, and in most cases ARE, more talented.

Shawn Wright: Well the "safe" bet just seems, well, safer!

Jake Starr: Oh I know... But it takes major wins against those "safe" bets in order to start turning them around. They don't see you as "legit" until you take down those that have already poisoned their minds.

Shawn Wright: Infection is some of them I take it?

Jake Starr: Yeah... Some are the "GOLDen" children, some are the "Savior's," and others are just the ones who have a legit reason to be seen as the "best."

Shawn shakes his head and smirks.

Shawn Wright: You love those "GOLD" references don't you?

Jake Starr: How could I not?

Shawn Wright: Well...

Jake Starr: I mean, she is the "Solid GOLD Sensation," isn't she?

Shawn Wright: And a cu...

Before Shawn can finish Jake interrupts.

Jake Starr: We get it! She's a "C," and hates being called it. She threw her little temper tantrum about being called one, and everyone heard it.

Shawn Wright: At least you know her "soft" spot.

Jake Starr: Or her inverted penis... Depends on how you want to look at it.

Shawn Wright: Ha ha!

Jake Starr: I'm trying to be more "sensitive" towards the females here.

Shawn Wright: What about the cross-dressing transsexuals?

Jake Starr: Well for them, I only mock their "GOLDen" eras in their career.

Shawn Wright: Then how do you even find material on Kissinger?

Jake Starr: I have to hunt and look very hard!

Shawn Wright: I can imagine.

Jake Starr: Kissinger is in for a treat at Breakdown. Hopefully she'll realize her time in the lime light has come to an end, and will finally fade into her "GOLDen" sunset. She needs to quit trying to be relevant, and quit trying to be someone she isn't. She isn't worth a damn anymore. She may have ONCE been relevant to this business, but that time has come and gone, and she didn't latch on. She tried to piggy back her career on her "GOLDen" past, but obviously, it was a dumb thing for her to attempt. She is only tarnishing her legacy, and making herself look even more horrendous than she already does. She looks like she's grasping at straws, and ultimately failing. Hopefully, for her sake, she realizes it early enough, before it's too late. If she keeps trying to become something she's not...

Shawn quickly interjects.

Shawn Wright: Like relevant?

Jake Starr: ... Yeah like being relevant, or talented. If she keeps trying to become any of those, she is just going to look more and more like someone who is wishing to relive their past, instead of moving on. It's a sad reality many professional wrestlers live, and she is becoming one. It's sad the path she's had to take to go from "GOLD" to "old."

With those final words Jake walks out of the frame, followed closely by his trusted confidant. The two leave to go continue the preparation for Jake's match with Stacy Kissinger, and hope to prepare him for whatever she may try to do to force him to bleed. They also look to begin to conjure up their plan to do the same thing to her. Jake wants the blood of Infection to pour over his hands in his quest to become the new "powerhouse" in Supreme Championship Wrestling. He also hopes these two victories will solidfy the downfall of the Infection, and the dawn of a new day within the halls of SCW.

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