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Just days before Breakdown, and Jake's meeting with, now Infection member, Stacy Kissinger, the world awaits any word from Stacy regarding the match. Thus far, she has been completely silent as to her thoughts, plans, or intentions for Breakdown. Granted, it was what was expected of her, it is still shocking that, even when called out, she has remained completely invisible to the camera. Jake, however, has continued to voice his disgust with his opponent. Jake hasn't missed an opportunity to lash out at Kissinger, especially since he is still upset with the outcome of their first meeting. He, too, seems a bit in shock that Kissinger has remained hidden from view. He can't seem to fully comprehend why his opponent wouldn't be responding more promptly to his verbal assaults. As he sits with Shawn Wright, he voices his thoughts regarding Kissinger's absence from the limelight, which she claims she loves so much.

Jake Starr: Should I honestly be shocked that Stacy hasn't actually opened her "service" hole, and said anything? If I am, I'm not. I mean it's her "modus operandi." Granted, she probably wouldn't know what modus operandi meant if she heard it. She would probably think I was insulting her if I said it to her face.

Shawn Wright: Well she isn't really a "bright" one.

Jake Starr: Very true...

Shawn Wright: Hell we both already know how retarded she is. She can't speak english!

Jake Starr: Yeah... Maybe she's hired a special "speech coach" to help her sound "intelligent" next time she actually opens her mouth.

Shawn Wright: Do you think it'll do any good?

Jake Starr: Not likely...

Shawn Wright: Yeah...

Jake Starr: It is one of those things that she would have recognized long ago. She would have made attempts to fix it long ago. Instead she still sounds like she has the IQ of a turd.

Shawn Wright: Good point!

Jake Starr: Truth be told... I don't expect her to actually say anything of any vital importance. She'll come out, she'll say something to "Dearest SCW," and she'll retard the intelligence of anyone who actually takes the time to listen to her.

Shawn Wright: Another good point...

Jake Starr: Oh I'm full of good points!

Shawn Wright: Ha ha!

The two men look over to "stage left," as Jake's wife Roeper enters the frame.

Roeper Hart: Talking about Kissinger again?

Jake Starr: Yeah...

Shawn Wright: Is there anything better right now to talk about?

Roeper Hart: I'm sure there is!

Shawn Wright: C'mon Roeper... Ole "Labia-Lips" is a hot topic right now!

Jake does a spit-take, surprised at Shawn's new "nickname" for his opponent.

Jake Starr: Oh s#it!

Roeper Hart: That's a rather horrific thing to call her!

Shawn Wright: Well Jake and I did agree that her face was going to be resembling a raped vagina once he was done with her.

Roeper's eyes widen emensely. She looks over at Jake, who quickly jumps in to clarify his friend's comment.

Jake Starr: When I'm done BEATING her at Breakdown he means!

Shawn Wright: Ha ha! Yeah... That's what I meant!

Roeper Hart: I was about to say...

Jake Starr: Besides... If I was single I wouldn't "tap" that manly THING...

Shawn Wright: If I got drunk enough I may...

Jake Starr: Ew!

Shawn Wright: Never know... Under her "manly exterior," she may be quite the lady!

Jake Starr: Or she may have a large penis she may enjoy f_cking your ass with.

Shawn Wright: Hmm... Yeah I don't think so!

Jake Starr: Dude... I told you she has an Adam's Apple!

Roeper just shakes her head in disgust.

Roeper Hart: You two just f_cking amaze me sometimes...

Shawn Wright: What?!

Roeper Hart: Give the girl some respect here! She has done some good things in SCW.

Jake Starr: Yeah... Like relying on the "In-f_ck-tion" to save your ass against me. I have NO respect for pieces of s#it like that.

Roeper Hart: I actually meant the fact she's a former United States Champion...

Jake Starr: So... Have you seen how many times that belt has changed hands? Hell they have had "interim" champions, champions who quickly retired, champions who forfeited... That says a lot about a "championship" if you have to have six "million" asterisks associated with it.

Shawn Wright: I have noticed that it seems like everyone you've faced has held the United States Championship at some point.

Jake Starr: Yeah... Hell my guess is everyone holds that belt. And when you have everyone and their dog holding one title in the span of five years, the belt becomes meaningless. The Adrenaline Championship has been held by the LEAST number of people of ANY belt. The United States Championship has been around LESS TIME and still had EVERYONE UNDER THE SUN hold it. So why should Stacy holding it mean ANYTHING?!

Roeper Hart: Because it's a title nevertheless.

Shawn starts surfing the net on his smartphone.

Jake Starr: So... OWF had the Lillyass Title for those who weren't able to actually achieve winning a REAL championship. Does that mean I should look at those guys and say they accomplished something because they won a "championship?"

Roeper Hart: I... I guess not...

Jake Starr: I mean... I'm not trying to be a complete ass to some of the people who have been legitimate champions, but when I went and looked over the United States Champions list, Greg Cherry seemed to be the only one who had a strong reign with that belt. Everyone else had rather meaningless reigns.

Roeper Hart: I see what you're saying...

Jake Starr: And Kissinger's was just like that. It was meaningless. Nobody really talks about it much anymore.

Roeper Hart: Yeah... I haven't really heard anyone clamor about it.

Jake Starr: Exactly! Nobody clamors about any of the United States Title reigns. It's a moot title.

Roeper Hart: I'm sure when Nathan Kaye hears that one he'll be real thrilled.

Jake Starr: Oh don't even get me started on that guy... He's one of those asterisks I mentioned earlier.

Roeper Hart: Oh really?

Jake Starr: Yeah...

Roeper Hart: Guess you'll have to tell me about it later!

Jake Starr: Oh I will... I love ranting about that stupid title...

Roeper Hart: I would have never guessed!

Shawn's head snaps up from his smartphone. His eyes are wide open, and he has a smirk on his face. It's obvious he has discovered something.

Jake Starr: Find something?

Shawn Wright: Dude... I know why she always does her "Dearest SCW" crap.

Jake Starr: Because she's a f_cking moron?

Shawn Wright: NO! Because she actually THINKS she is writing this in a journal!

Jake Starr: Really?

Shawn Wright: Yeah!

Jake Starr: Wow... Not only is she retarded when it comes to the english language, she is completely delusional!

Shawn Wright: Sure as hell sounds like it!

Roeper Hart: Wait... You mean to tell me she legitimately thinks she's keeping a journal of these little diatribes she makes?

Shawn Wright: Yeah!

Roeper Hart: Ok... Now I'm starting to see what you guys are ranting about.

Shawn Wright: It's about time!

Jake Starr: Dude if she actually thinks she is writing something in a journal, and in fact is actually just rambling, she needs some SERIOUS psychiatric help.

Shawn Wright: No kidding!

Jake Starr: And I wonder if, when she is "writing in her journal," if she writes with the same way she speaks.

Shawn Wright: God let's hope not!

Jake Starr: Maybe Drachewych ought to use his vast wealth to send her back to grade school.

Shawn Wright: No kidding!

Jake Starr: They should quit worrying about her wrestling, and just try and get her educated!

Shawn Wright: Exactly!

Jake Starr: Although...

Roeper chimes in.

Roeper Hart: There's always an "although."

Jake Starr: ... Drachewych couldn't have anyone with more "smarts" than he has.

Shawn Wright: Cockroaches have more smarts than he has!

Jake Starr: Ha ha! But why would he even THINK about putting people with brains around him? They would QUICKLY realize how worthless it was to hang around a power-hungry, failure-ridden, piece of dog s#it, like Drachewych. So of course he won't actually INVEST the time and effort into helping her increase her mental capacity. He knows the consequences that he would face. He knows he would be abandoned by those around him, and he would be faced to fight his battles ALONE.

Roeper Hart: That would be something interesting to see.

Shawn Wright: No kidding!

Jake Starr: We won't though... Kissinger is a perfect little minion for Drachewych. She has the intelligence level of sperm. She only knows how to do simple tasks, and that's all. It's too bad battling me is no simple task.

Roeper Hart: Right!

Jake Starr: Needless to say, Breakdown can't come fast enough! I cannot wait to turn Drachewych's "ball washer" into nothing more than a walking, beaten, vagina. I want to brutalize her. I don't want there to be ANY doubt on who is the stronger superstar in Supreme Championship Wrestling.

Shawn Wright: You'd think your ability to win like you have would show that one!

Jake Starr: Yeah... You'd think!

Shawn Wright: Hell... It's more likely she'll wait til right before your match to say something anyway, you know that!

Jake Starr: Ha ha... Then she'll complain people don't say anything early enough for her.

Shawn Wright: What difference would it make?

Jake Starr: Hell I don't know... Like I said before, I bet she is hell bent on being the one who gets the last word in, and if someone rivals her on it she gets pissy!

Shawn Wright: Dumb bitch!

Roeper looks at him appalled by his comment.

Shawn Wright: Oh please Roeper... You know, just like I do, she is.

Roeper Hart: Not the point!

Shawn Wright: Then what?!

Roeper Hart: You don't say those kinds of things when a woman is around!

Shawn Wright: Whatever! You don't really apply...

Roeper Hart: Oh? And why is that?

Shawn Wright: You're Jake's wife! The "typical" rules don't apply to you!

Roeper Hart: They apply to ANY woman!

Both look at Jake to see his reaction.

Jake Starr: Oh don't look at me! I'm staying WAY out of this one!

Roeper rolls her eyes at her husband.

Jake Starr: Oh no! I'm not even getting involved with this mess. This is between you two!

Roeper shakes her head in disgust.

Shawn Wright: But you'd agree she's a bitch right?

Jake Starr: Well... I don't think anyone would necessarily argue that. The point is that you pick your shots to throw those comments out there.

Shawn Wright: Oh...

Roeper Hart: Exactly!

Jake Starr: Regardless of what adjective you use to describe her, the general feeling is the same. She's a piece of garbage who is being sent to the wolves to be decimated. She is being entrusted by the "In-f_ck-tion" to bring a championship. The only problem is, she is expected to beat me! Drachewych doesn't really have the best luck when it comes to bringing championships in to his little clan. And if he honestly expects his wench to pull off a victory against ME, and take the title I have grown to love, he needs to think again. This is MY time to continue to bring the Adrenaline Championship to the forefront of the title scene.

Shawn Wright: You really think you can do that?

Jake looks over at his friend shocked at his lack of faith.

Jake Starr: I've done it before!

Shawn Wright: But that was in the OWF...

Jake Starr: And? It can be done!

Roeper Hart: Just not against the likes of Stacy Kissinger.

Jake Starr: Yeah... She's not someone who really makes a title more valuable. Pinning Donovan Kayl and retiring Ace Marshall are matches that make a title worth much more.

Shawn Wright: Yeah...

Jake Starr: It's plain and simple... Every single time I defend this belt successfully, it gives this belt even more value.

Shawn Wright: I suppose...

Jake Starr: Everyone needs to realize that, even though this isn't the World Heavyweight Championship from SCW, I will make it just as valuable. I relish this championship like it was the World Championship. I don't care if it doesn't have the "namesake" associated with it, the value I KNOW I can instill on the title itself is what I am after. Stacy is wanting to show that she would have emerged victorious. But it was HER CHOICE that put her in a position to have to back track, and actually enter the ring with me again. She could have been smart and... Oh wait no she couldn't have never mind. Let me see if I can rephrase that... A smarter person would have gone the distance with me, if they thought they would actually win, and then had the "In-f_ck-tion" come and join the party, instead of having them come in early, and put your skills into question.

Shawn looks slightly confused.

Shawn Wright: What do you mean?

Jake Starr: Think about it... Every "talent" that Stacy thought she had shown the world she possessed was thrown out the window when she couldn't finish the job against me. She wants to be taken seriously, and yet she can't even fight her own battles. What kind of "talent" does she want people to think she actually has when she resorts to that? Does she think people will look and go "Oh no! She's super duper talented! She's with the Infection now!"? People aren't going to be doing stupid things like that. They realize that bunch aren't self-sufficient at all. They're completely reliant on each other. Stacy is going to completely rely on her dumbass collegues to save her if she is about to lose.

Shawn Wright: Well isn't that how groups like that usually function?

Jake Starr: Well yeah... It doesn't mean I can't bring it up!

Roeper Hart: He has a point there!

Shawn Wright: I'm not saying you can't bring it up, I'm just saying it's pretty common.

Jake Starr: It is... But truth be told, a lot of things are common in this business. I can't take Kissinger lightly, as much as I would like to. I know she's going to come in and be prepared. She knows, in the back of her mind, that if she gets into trouble she has the watchful eye of the old "Head Cheese" of the company protecting her. She knows that if there is an opportunity, her "In-f_ck-tion" cohorts will step in and do everything they can to save and protect her. I'm not delusional thinking this is going to be a fair fight. I know it'll end up three, maybe four, on one.

Shawn Wright: What about Kayl and CHBK?

Jake Starr: What about them?

Shawn Wright: Don't you think they may come and join the party?

Jake looks lost.

Shawn Wright: By attacking Infection?

Jake Starr: OH! Who knows... But I can't rely on two guys who I don't know, and pretty much wouldn't trust to save my life.

Roeper Hart: What about the addage, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend?"

Jake Starr: That may be the case here. I don't know! Kayl and CHBK have had issues with "In-f_ck-tion" for a while now. Just because I was part of the little ambush they pulled last week, doesn't immediately lump me into their battle.

Shawn Wright: But they may be able to keep it from becoming an, overall, cluster f_ck.

Jake Starr: Like I said... I can't rely on guys who I don't know, and don't trust. They could, very well, come out and help if it gets out of hand, and the sides could even up pretty quickly. Or, they could see me as someone they don't need to bother with, and wait for their opportunity to get ahold of those guys on their own.

Shawn Wright: I kind of see your point...

Jake Starr: Ultimately, I'm going out there, going to beat the crap out of Stacy Kissinger, and if her little walking dildos decide to come prancing down to the ring and get involved in MY business, I'll make an example out of them too. If I see Kayl and CHBK coming down to join in the melee, as long as we all understand where each other stands, and what we're there doing, fine. If they decide to involve themselves with me outside of this, I won't hesitate to make them part of MY business as well. It's as simple as that. This match is for me to show the world DEFINITIVE PROOF that this meat-lip-faced tranny isn't even of the same caliber as myself. She's merely another bug I will squash, and rub into the pavement.

With those final words, Jake rises from the bunch and exits the frame. His companions remain seated and continue to talk amongst themselves as the camera slowly begins to zoom out and fade to black. With Breakdown on the horizon, and the uncertainty of the outcome of Jake's match looming, the questions begin. Will Infection have any say in the outcome of Jake's match with Kissinger? Will CHBK and Kayl come to the aide of Starr, should the rest of Infection get involved? Regardless, Jake will be looking to continue his path back down the winning track, and his quick rise in the rankings of Supreme Championship Wrestling.

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