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The losing streak has seemingly entered the rear view mirror of the SCW Adrenaline Champion, Jake Starr. Since those unfortunate losses, he has retired Ace Marshall, and is now fresh off of a strong victory against two-time Adrenaline Champion, Donovan Kayl. Although Jake has defeated Kayl, their paths could be intertwined in the future with the emergence of The Infection after their match. With the brutal attack of CHBK, Donovan Kayl, and Jake Starr, one can only assume that the two will cross paths again eventually in their respective quests to rid SCW of it's "Infection."

But before that can happen, Jake looks towards his immediate future. It is one that closly resembles his recent past. Jake has been slated to meet one on one, again, with the woman who joined The Infection after their first encounter, Stacy Kissinger. This announcement confirms the assumption that Mr. Drachewych is none-to-happy with his Adrenaline Champion's past defiance, and wants to do his best to show Jake who is in charge. Jake, however, sees himself as someone who holds a victory over Stacy already, and will subsequently make it a second at Breakdown. As he sits and chats with Shawn Wright, he fills Wright in on his next match within the walls of Supreme Championship Wrestling.

Jake Starr: It looks like the old "Rematch Train" is pulling into the station.

Shawn Wright: What do you mean?

Jake Starr: Drachewych is officially sending one of his little cronies after me.

Shawn Wright: Ok... And how does that have anything to do with a "Rematch Train?"

Jake Starr: Oh... He's sending the "Queen" of "In-f_ck-tion" after me again.

Shawn Wright: Stacy Kissinger?

Jake Starr: No Henry Kissinger... YES Stacy!

Shawn Wright: Alright!

Jake Starr: Apparently Drachewych realizes that his "masculine" goons couldn't even wipe my ass after a nice wasabi-laced sushi s#it, so he sends his BROAD.

Shawn Wright: Well I wondered why they decided to make a "guest appearance" at the end of your match with Kayl.

Jake Starr: I doubt I was the only one.

Shawn Wright: Hell... By the way things have been, I would have pegged CHBK in being your next opponent.

Jake Starr: Yeah... Knowing Drachewych, and his complete inability to defeat his own enemies, I would have picked someone like that too. Instead he sends the one member he knows I can beat. Hell, think about it... His little crew had to save her ass the last time we fought. So he sends her after me again. Now, don't get me wrong... I'm not bothered that I'll get the distinct honor of embarrassing her for a SECOND time. The first time, she was saved from COMPLETE embarrassment the first time. This time WILL BE different. This time, her little sex slaves from "In-f_ck-tion" won't be running down to the ring to help her salvage SOME of her dignity. This time, it will simply be utter and bitter defeat.

Shawn Wright: Well that sounds like a plus.

Jake Starr: Ha ha no kidding... Drachewych is trying for the umpteenth time to send his goons to knock out his opposition. He wants to try and use all of the brute-force he can muster to win. Has it worked yet? No... Will this feeble attempt work? No! All he knows how to do is send others in to try and save his ass from even bigger embarrassment than he's already facing most days.

Shawn makes an observation about Jake's opposition.

Shawn Wright: You know... An even bigger downside is having to listen to her completely incoherent, ignorant, "twang" in her speech.

Jake Starr: Holy s#it no kidding! If I had a choice of listening to her open her mouth and speak, or die, I'd rather die!

Shawn Wright: Ha ha!

Jake Starr: People who cannot speak INTELLIGENTLY drive me bat-s#it. I understand that coming from the south gives a person a sense of "entitlement" about being able to speak however they choose. Hell I used to be that way. But as I grew older, I realized that I had to actually allow myself to GROW in intelligence. I couldn't sit there and allow myself to remain ignorant, and sound like I don't possess enough intellect to figure out what the answer to four plus three is.


Jake Starr: Yeah pretty much! There are times I wonder why the world economy is in the s#itter, and then I look at some of the people who actually HOLD jobs in this world, and realize that the employers are to blame.

Shawn Wright: Oh?

Jake Starr: When an employer is willing to actually give a job to someone who cannot speak PROPER English, and continuously gives those who actually are SMART in the south a bad rap. Let me look back at the first time we encountered one another. I learned that this BITCH is COMPLETELY incapable of pronouncing any words ending in "-er" or "-ing." I didn't think it was possible to butcher a language so much. I mean, Soopaman Luva I blasted for messing up a few words, but this tranny is officially the WORST. He, she, it, whatever, actually shows me how STUPID people can be in this world.

Shawn Wright: How so?

Jake Starr: She actually uses words like "wrasslin" and "newcomah?" WHAT WORDS ARE THOSE?! Seriously! I understand there are dialects in this world, but dialects actually still base their language off of a common one. They develop "lingo" that may be region specific.

Shawn cocks an eyebrow in confusion.

Jake Starr: Like... Say over "across the pond," for example... They have what they call a "loo," right?

Shawn Wright: Yeah...

Jake Starr: Well what do we call that here? We call that the "bathroom," the "restroom," the "toilet," et cetera here. But over there they still know how to pronounce words that are accepted as PROPER English.

Shawn Wright: True...

Jake Starr: I mean I'm not perfect in my English, and I know that. But I don't completely DISGRACE it by butchering it like she does.

Jake gets a text message on his cell phone. He looks down and chuckles.

Shawn Wright: Who's texting you?

Jake Starr: Ha ha... Roeper... She just got my text from earlier about me fighting Stacy again.

Shawn Wright: What does she think?

Jake Starr: Her exact response was "Oh... Great!"

Shawn Wright: Sarcasm?

Jake Starr: I'm assuming there was a substantial amount of sarcasm there.

Shawn Wright: Figured...

Jake Starr: Yeah... She didn't like the constant referral of Kissinger as a tranny...

Shawn Wright: Well, she is awful manly...

Jake Starr: And I am CONFIDENT that I saw an Adam's Apple in the throat of that mongrel.

Shawn Wright: You have been closer to her than any of us...

Jake Starr: Unfortunately...

Shawn Wright: And hey... You get to do it again!

Jake rolls his eyes.

Jake Starr: Wonderful!

Shawn Wright: I knew you'd be thrilled!

Jake Starr: Trust me... You have NO idea.

Jake takes a deep breath. Jake smirks out of no where.

Jake Starr: You know... The more I think about things, I have come to realize something.

Shawn Wright: Oh?

Jake Starr: You see... Drachewych had me initially fight Allocco to repay my "favor," right?

Shawn Wright: Yeah...

Jake Starr: Well when Allocco beat me, I think Drachewych figured I still owed him.

Shawn Wright: Ok...

Jake Starr: And so he sent me in against Marshall.

Shawn Wright: Yeah...

Jake Starr: And I conveniently retired his ass.

Shawn Wright: Yes you did...

Jake Starr: So by all accounts, after the match with Marshall the favor was paid off.

Shawn Wright: Ok... I still don't see where you're going...

Jake Starr: Bare with me here...

Shawn Wright: I'm trying...

Jake returns to his explanation.

Jake Starr: Anyway... Drachewych decides I'm going to basically "repay" him again by beating up on Donovan Kayl.

Shawn Wright: Ok... I may be seeing where this could be going.

Jake Starr: Well by my calculations... We WERE even, and now... Drachewych OWES ME!

Shawn Wright: I was right...

Jake Starr: If he wants to play that kind of game... He owes me a favor now.

Shawn Wright: You do realize that won't fly with him right?

Jake Starr: His little game didn't fly with me, but I had to own up to it, so he should too.

Shawn Wright: And if he doesn't?

Jake Starr: His life will be an even bigger living hell than it already is. And truthfully... I'm going to begin making a point to show Drachewych what will happen every time he doesn't pay his dues to me. It'll begin with his protégé Stacy Kissinger. She's coming out to take me out. What will be happening couldn't be further from the truth. She'll walk in being her usual "gilded" self, and walk out with her face looking like a battered and bruised vagina. And in truth... A raped vagina would be more eye-appealing than what she'll be looking like. She will be the FIRST EXAMPLE of what will happen to Drachewych's goons until he REPAYS me.

Shawn sulks his head, closes his eyes, and shakes his head. Jake notices Shawn's reaction.

Jake Starr: What?

Shawn Wright: I can NEVER look at a vagina in the same way again.

Jake Starr: Why?

Shawn Wright: Because every time I see one now, I'll be simply thinking about Kissinger now.

Jake chuckles.

Jake Starr: Seriously?

Shawn Wright: Probably not... But at this moment, any sight of a vagina will be mistaken for her raw-meat, cunt-face.

Jake's eyes bulge from the random c-bomb dropped by Shawn.

Jake Starr: WOW!

Shawn Wright: Sorry... C-bomb slipped out...

Jake Starr: Well if you're going to be referring to her as that, make sure to refer to her as a callipyge as well.

Shawn Wright: My f_cking God...

Jake Starr: What?

Shawn Wright: You and that word that NOBODY else knows...

Jake Starr: It's not my fault she's named herself after LIVESTOCK!

Shawn Wright: But it IS your fault for knowing such RANDOM s#it.

Jake Starr: I try... But in all honesty... This "southern" bitch is hoping to come into Breakdown and "avenge" her loss she already has from me.

Shawn Wright: If she even looks at it that way.

Jake stops and looks over at Shawn.

Jake Starr: What?

Shawn Wright: Well you know she's going to make comments about the fact she never OFFICIALLY lost to you.

Jake Starr: What do you mean?

Shawn Wright: Infection just came down and interrupted the match. There wasn't really an announcement of a winner or loser.

Jake Starr: Oh yeah... Well the record books show her losing to me, like it or not.

Shawn Wright: But you know her STUPID mind thinks there was technically no winner. So she'll probably just make a comment about this being her chance to prove she would have won and all...

Jake Starr: You mean she'll run her mouth like she normally does?

Shawn Wright: Yeah...

Jake Starr: You never know... Her mouth could be so busy sucking off Drachewych and his fellow "In-f_ck-tion" members, she may not have the chance to talk about anything but how tasty the duck-butter under Drachewych's balls is.

Shawn is grossed out.

Shawn Wright: Nasty dude!

Jake Starr: Hey... I'm just stating the obvious here! I could sit around and make s#it up. Stacy Kissinger is Drachewych's little slut who he keeps around so polish his balls off since I wouldn't. She's a no-talent piece of garbage, and she has no in-ring abilities what so ever. Like I said... Both Drachewych and Stacy know that had she not been rescued by Drachewych's fellow ass-lickers.

Shawn Wright: You really are disgusting!

Jake laughs.

Shawn Wright: Can we get away from the disgusting world, and actually be serious for a second?

Jake Starr: You, OF ALL PEOPLE, are wanting to be serious?

Shawn Wright: Well I don't want to talk about Drachewych's balls.

Jake Starr: Well what would you prefer?

Shawn Wright: Ugh I don't know!

Jake laughs again while Shawn just cringes.

Jake Starr: Ok ok ok... I'll be serious...

Shawn Wright: Christ... Thank God!

Jake Starr: Ha ha!

Shawn just shakes his head again.

Jake Starr: But in all honesty about this bitch... She's going to come out, she's going to do her "Dearest SCW" crap that makes no sense what so ever...

Shawn Wright: Yeah... I mean is she writing these in a note?

Jake Starr: Apparently! I mean she acts like she is giving some kind of acceptance speech about some made up aware she hasn't won, and doesn't deserve. But it makes sense to a degree...

Shawn Wright: How?

Jake Starr: Well, Drachewych is one who likes to band together with people with over-inflated egos. He likes knowing he is surrounded by people who THINK they have value. Sadly none of them have the mental capacity to accept the fact that they have the collective worth of a fifty-cent condom in a s#itty convenience store bathroom. They cannot win individually. It shows how weak they are. They can only gain an advantage over people if they do it as a group. Why don't ANY of them hold ANY championship whatsoever? Seriously... Nobody has a championship, and when they get one, they quickly turn around and lose it. What kind of "power" does that show that they wield? They have NOTHING! WHY would anyone take a group that is supposed to be this "powerful" gathering of talent seriously, when NONE of them have anything to show for it? Christian Savior has what? Jason Wheeler has what? Patty has what? And Stacy has what?

Shawn looks completely unsure if Jake meant those as legitimate questions, or one of rhetorical value. He just sits there staring at Jake, waiting to try and figure it out.

Jake Starr: ... EXACTLY! Nothing! If Drachewych had more that brain cells in the head of his penis, he would have surrounded himself with people who could actually win. He could have sucked up to people like me, who actually win matches, and potentially been better positioned to call the shots.

Shawn Wright: Well he is the boss. Doesn't he call the shots already?

Jake Starr: Theoretically he does. But look at who really is in charge of how things are run. Drachewych is like the President of France...

Shawn Wright: Sarkozy?

Jake Starr: Yeah him... Does ANYONE really take that guy seriously? No... They listen to whatever bull s#it he has to say that day, they pat him on the head, and then they totally ignore him and do whatever really is going to happen.

Shawn Wright: Ah!

Jake Starr: Yeah... I don't know if Stacy was supposed to help put "In-f_ck-tion" over the top or what. If that is the case, all I can say is, WOW! Picking a helpless woman, who has barely done anything in this business, to help save your fledgling faction that lives in the s#itter?

Shawn Wright: Who knows...

Jake Starr: I just think it's inane stupidity. I don't think any of those guys realize how truly powerless they are.

Shawn Wright: Even if they did... Would they stop trying?

Jake Starr: Probably not...

Jake receives another text from Roeper, and quickly answers it back.

Shawn Wright: Anything special?

Jake Starr: Nope!

Shawn Wright: Bummer!

Jake Starr: Yeah...

Jake continues from where he left off before he received the text.

Jake Starr: But I wouldn't be surprised if they don't stop TRYING to achieve that totalitarian reign Drachewych desires. Just like I won't be surprised when Stacy stays completely silent until the last minute before our match, then she'll say something so she can get the "last word" in.

Shawn Wright: You've noticed that about her too?

Jake Starr: Oh yeah! She wants to hear everything, so she can make sure she gets the last word in about every little thing. She doesn't have the ABILITY to step up and speak out before then. She's a complete chicken s#it in that regard.

Shawn Wright: Seems to be a trend with some people here.

Jake Starr: Yeah... But with her it is probably constant rehearsal.

Shawn Wright: What?

Jake Starr: She has to practice her lines in front of a mirror, record herself, listen to herself, make sure she sounds, as she thinks, coherant, and then will actually do it publicly. She is incapable of doing it off the cuff. She thinks it is some way for her to seem like she is in control before the match. Now, she doesn't want anyone to really notice that, or point it out, but the fact is, she does it. Hell, I got word the other day that she once complained about others doing it too.

Shawn is stunned.

Shawn Wright: Really?

Jake Starr: Yeah... Talk about a hypocrite! She bitches about others wanting to be the last one to have any word in, edge wise, and then she turns around and becomes one of the same kinds of people. That shows a lot about her CHARACTER as a person too. She wants people to think she is this stellar talent, and instead she is nothing more than one of the same. She is one of the SAME KINDS OF PEOPLE she threw a hissy fit about. Talk about a dumb-ass bitch. She can't whine and cry about others, and can't step up herself? That just gives me more want to beat the piss out of her.

Shawn Wright: Don't ruin the mat like that!

Jake Starr: Ha ha!

As Jake chuckles at Shawn, the scene begins to fade out. Jake made some strong allegations towards his opponent, and now comes the time where everyone gets to wait and see how truthful they may be. Will she come out of the gates quicker with a response? Will she be able to speak in a normal manner? Or will she continue to present herself in the same way she has thus far in Supreme Championship Wrestling? Regardless, this rematch is slated to be a beauty. Jake has his chance to finish what he claims he would have accomplished during their first meeting, while everyone surmises that Stacy believes she would have officially won their first battle, and will subsequently emerge victorious in this iteration of their feud.

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