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Rejuvenate - reïjuïveïnate

Definition... (1) To restore to youthful vigor or appearance; make young again (2) To restore to an original or new condition

Often times, it takes some kind of meaningful event to bring a persons virility back, and make them feel rejuvenated.

It could be a happy event, life event, or a tragic event.

Some might consider a man's "mid-life crisis" a point of rejuvenation in his life. According to the definition, it fits. Usually, when a man reaches that point in his life, he goes out of his way to regain the looks of his youth, and have the same essence of life he held back in the day.

Other people consider a "vacation" a point in which rejuvenation can occur. At times, when people begin to feel "burnt out" with jobs, regular activities, relationships, etc., they'll take a vacation that removes them from the elements causing the negative feelings inside, only to return excited and ready to, once again, resume the activities that initially drove them away.

Sadly, tragedy can rejuvenate someone too. Tragedy can lead someone to feel like nothing is worth the effort anymore. It can lead a person to want to "give up" and just accept things in the negative light they are perceived. But it is in these times of sadness and loneliness, people must to turn to things and people we love to be consoled and given the necessary positive emotion to press forward.

Whatever the cause of the sense of rejuvenation, the feeling of that fire once again being lit within the soul is undeniable.

Ultimately, most people listen to their hearts, and follow the flame.

The scene picks up outside of the home of Jake Starr. Shawn Wright, Starr's friend and unofficial trainer, is seen walking up the sidewalk towards the front door of his friend. He climbs up the short stairway to the porch, and knocks on the door. From inside, the footsteps approaching the door can be heard. As the door opens, there stands Jake's wife, and former valet, Roeper Hart.

Roeper Hart: Oh! Hey Shawn...

Shawn Wright: Hey Roeper!

Roeper Hart: C'mon in Jake's been expecting you!

Shawn Wright: Thanks hun!

Shawn walks into Jake's home, and is lead back to the entertainment room where Jake is lounging on his couch watching NHL hockey on his television.

Shawn Wright: Sometimes I honestly wonder if you picked the wrong profession!

Jake's head turns back towards the entry way and sees Shawn walk in.

Jake Starr: Oh hey man... What do you mean?

Shawn Wright: You OBSESS over hockey more than anything. Hell you played for a while, why didn't you pursue it?

Jake Starr: I suck!

Shawn Wright: Alright!

As Roeper stands there she quickly shifts into the role of "hostess" while the two talk.

Roeper Hart: Shawn can I get you a drink while I'm up?

Shawn Wright: Sure why not! Jake still have any Alaskan Ambers back there?

Jake Starr: Always got to be drinking my good s#it huh?

Shawn Wright: It's good! What the f_ck do you want me to drink? Meister Brau?

Jake Starr: Grolsch!

Shawn Wright: You're a sick f_ck sometimes!

Roeper walks over to the fridge and grabs an Alaskan Amber for Shawn. She walks over and gives it to Shawn, who quickly pops the top off. As Jake continues to lounge on the couch, Roeper walks over and joins him, while Shawn takes up residence on the recliner positioned adjacent to the couch.

Shawn Wright: So you heard anything new from SCW?

Jake Starr: Actually yeah, which is why I called you. Figured you would be interested in this new bit of info...

Shawn Wright: Ok...

Jake Starr: They're putting me in a match at Retribution...

Shawn Wright: Nice! Second match in, and you're already at the pay per view. At least they realize who the hell you are...

Jake Starr: It's a pre-show match...

Shawn Wright: What?!

Roeper Hart: Hey that was my reaction!

Shawn Wright: Wait wait wait... A pre-show match?

Jake Starr: Yeah. I guess they want to do one of two things. One, insult me by putting trash in my way instead of putting me where I belong, or two, have me demolish the drivel so then I can say I've "worked my way up."

Shawn Wright: Makes sense...

Jake Starr: I figure if I'm being insulted, it won't take long before I step up and start making sure the "powers that be" understand who the top dog is now.

Shawn Wright: Who's it against?

Jake Starr: A plethora of opponents!

Shawn Wright: Plethora eh?

Jake Starr: Yeah.. It's my word of the day! But, seriously, I'll be fighting four other guys in what they're referring to as an "Opportunity Furious Five-Way."

Shawn Wright: Well that sounds kinky!

Jake Starr: I know! Hopefully these opponents don't see it as a chance to bend one another over!

Roeper Hart: Oh no...

Jake Starr: What?

Roeper Hart: Here come the homosexual slurs!

Jake Starr: Hey they wouldn't have surfaced had the match not been dubbed an "Opportunity Furious Five-Way!"

Roeper sighs.

Roeper Hart: I suppose... But...

Shawn takes Roeper's pause as a chance to maybe bring the conversation back onto the road of normalcy while Jake continues to be fixated on the televised hockey game.

Shawn Wright: So anyway... Who're these other four guys?

Jake Starr: Leon Logan, Sean Michael Prime, Soopaman Luva, and Eric Anderson...

Shawn Wright: Wow you'll get to beat the piss out of Anderson twice within days of one another?

Jake Starr: Yeah... And my goal is to still use him as an example at Breakdown, so these other three nobodies realize I'm walking out with whatever "opportunity" it is I win.

Roeper Hart: What kind of "opportunity" do you think you'll get?

Shawn Wright: Something big?

Jake Starr: Just for beating the s#it out of 4 mongoloids? It's not like it's going to be some feat or pinnacle of my career. If it were 4 people who mattered... It might be worth a little more.

Shawn Wright: So you're not expecting much?

Jake Starr: How could I expect anything? The only one of those four that may be worth the chunky log I dropped this morning is Prime...

Roeper Hart: Why him?

Jake Starr: He seems to have, I don't know, an inkling of talent in his body. Yet he isn't smart enough to use it as a building block to grow.

Shawn Wright: Well that's dumb of him.

Jake Starr: Yeah no kidding!

Shawn Wright: And who in the hell is Superman Lover?

Jake Starr: I don't know... Soopaman Luva is a wrestler apparently...

Shawn Wright: That's what I said!

Jake Starr: Nah you used a name that would get him sued for copyright infringement. See he is clever, he changes the pronunciation and spelling to create his own name.

Roeper Hart: Oh God...

Jake Starr: Genius I tell you!

Shawn Wright: You had sure as s#it be joking.

Jake Starr: And if I'm not?

Shawn Wright: You would be severely bludgeoned about the head with this beer bottle.

Jake Starr: You wouldn't!

Shawn Wright: Try me!

Jake Starr: Well you better finish it first!

The three get a chuckle at Jake's little quip. As the game goes into intermission, Jake turns from paying only attention to the television to fully joining into the conversation amongst his peers.

Jake Starr: Ok intermission...

Shawn Wright: So in all reality, do you have a clue what this "opportunity" will be?

Jake Starr: Honestly I haven't a clue. Truthfully, I don't much care. All I care about is going into Retribution, winning, and at the same time making another statement to everyone here in SCW.

Roeper Hart: Statement?

Jake Starr: Much like the first time I was at Breakdown...

Roeper Hart: Oh!

Jake Starr: Yeah. You see, there are certain people in SCW who I have my eyes set on. SCW is full of people who are determined to be "somebody" when in all actuality, they're nothing. I want to make sure everyone realizes how overrated some of the "best" wrestlers here are. First thing's first though, I plan on embarrassing those four rejects.

Shawn Wright: I still don't get why you, someone who has had the career you've had, was thrown in some pre-show match.

Jake Starr: No kidding... But that's how the chips fall sometimes. Regardless, I'll be in the building, which means I'll be very close when Shawn Winters steps into the ring against Christian Savior to defend his precious championship. It doesn't matter which of them leave with the belt. SCW is due for a real champion instead of what is parading around acting all high and mighty.

Shawn Wright: How soon do you think they'll make that happen?

Jake Starr: In due time... I plan on making things inevitable. I plan on making sure there are no alternatives to that of what needs to be done. I plan on making my initial case at Breakdown when I destroy Anderson the first time, and I'll subsequently make my second case at Retribution.

As Jake concludes his speil on his global plan for SCW, Roeper brings the conversation back to Retribution...

Roeper Hart: So what about Retribution itself?

Jake Starr: What do you mean?

Roeper Hart: Well, we all know your thoughts on Eric Anderson, and we all know he is no match for you. But what about everyone else in the match?

Jake Starr: Well... Who do you want me to give me opinion on first?

Roeper Hart: You think I remember these guys names?

Shawn Wright: Start with Logan...

Jake Starr: Leon Logan... Hmm... Talk about a name I am not particularly familiar with. I just know he was the supposed "Voice" of SCW before the last edition of Breakdown. Hell I didn't even know he wrestled until Shawn showed me the video of his match. I mean... Seriously... He tried this whole UFO gimmick that, personally I just think fell flat on its face. Who honestly comes into an arena on prop like that? Ziplines I understand, but that thing? C'mon! It was a flashy entrance that ultimately had a lot of build up and no climax. It's probably a lot like his sex life. He gets the girl all worked up, only to leave her disappointed because of a piss-poor performance.

Jake takes a swig of the beer he had resting on the coffee table.

Jake Starr: ... And don't even get me started on his wrestling abilities. This is one of those guys I would have BANKED on Anderson actually getting a win over. Instead, Logan somehow pulls a win out of his balloon-knot? That is seriously embarassing for Anderson. Logan's wrestling abilities I would put up there with, I don't know, watching someone get a colonic?

Shawn almost completes a full "spit-take," while Roeper begins to choke on the beverage she was drinking at the time Jake threw that line out.

Shawn Wright: WHAT?!

As Roeper continues to cough from the liquid going down her esophogus, Jake continues.

Jake Starr: Yeah! A colonic! It is something completely unappealing to the watch and it stinks! Good God would I love to know who gave him the inkling he could actually be successful in this business. I don't see why SCW even agreed to sign this guy. Are they trying to appeal to those with an extra chromosome and a much lower IQ level? He has no technique, no talent, no form... He's a boob! Quite frankly he is a nobody to me. So what, he's beaten Anderson. After Breakdown, you can add my name to that list. Ultimately there isn't much about this guy that is I worry about. He's going to get into the ring, be brutally assaulted, and then realize he's in over his head.

Roeper Hart: Wow... I'm still trying to get over the colonic reference.

Shawn Wright: That one even caught me off guard.

Jake Starr: That was partially the goal. The other part was because I think that highly of the fool!

Shawn Wright: If that's how you feel about Logan, what about the "Man Who Loves Steel?"

Jake Starr: Better watch out... DC Comics may come after you for copyright infringement for suggesting he's somehow connected to SCW...

Shawn Wright: Please... Not my fault he picked a dumb name!

Jake Starr: Very true... I mean his name had to have come from smoking way too much weed and being way to f_cking obsessed with Redman.

Shawn Wright: Isn't that a woman's love magazine?

Roeper Hart: No stupid that's Redbook!

Shawn Wright: Oh... My bad...

Jake Starr: Anyway, Redman is a rapper who still lives on food stamps and welfare. He still has his "bling" though. But if this is the kind of opponent he is going to be, then he definitely won't be any competition...

Roeper Hart: What do you mean?

Jake Starr: Look at it this way... When people take time to "roll up a fatty," and "smoke a doob," they have this instant ability to excel at nothing but eating. Weed isn't known for its "empowering" capabilities. It is simply known for keeping Pop Tarts flying off of the shelves. I mean hell, I once heard marijuana referred to as a "performance-enhancing" drug, and nearly crapped my pants from laughter. This guy, Soopaman Luva, or whatever he's called, is going to be so baked-out by the time he gets to the ring, that feat alone will be a miracle in itself. He won't have any chance whatsoever of getting in the ring and actually stepping up against four other guys, let alone me by myself. Quite frankly, this guy, I would bet, is simply trying his best to break into the business. It's just unfortunate that he, like these other three, have come across my path. So truthfully, this guy is irrelevant.

Jake looks over at the television to see roughly how much time is left during intermission. Roeper stands up and grabs the empty beer bottles off of the table.

Roeper Hart: Anyone need another?

Jake Starr: Shawn you're more than welcome to have another...

Shawn Wright: Sure, why not?

Jake Starr: Yeah babe if you don't mind I'll take one too.

Roeper Hart: Sure!

Roeper goes over to the fridge and grabs herself, and the boys, another cold one. She walks back over and sits back down on the couch next to her husband.

Shawn Wright: I still can't get passed this "pre-match" thing against four complete nobodies.

Jake Starr: I'd say three nobodies and one "could-be" somebody.

Roeper Hart: And you said Prime is the "could-be" guy?

Jake Starr: Yeah.. I have seen some of his work. He has some underlying potential, but just wastes it. Ultimately he could be somebody here in SCW. He could honestly become better and better. His match at Breakdown against Shyne showed me he has something there.

Shawn Wright: He won didn't he? And you saw that match but not the one against Anderson?

Jake Starr: Dude, the internet has all the videos I need. Don't you think I started doing my research? Anyway... Yeah he got the win, but it was thanks to Damian Angel deciding to get involved. Overall, he didn't step up like he should have. He didn't take advantage of situations like he could have. Instead, he just kind of muddled his way through the match. He was lucky to TECHNICALLY get a win. He didn't decisively win anything. It's sad and unfortunate. But it's true. If he couldn't finish the job against Shyne, he won't be able to finish the job at Retribution. Hopefully, for the sake of his fledgling career, he realizes the changes he'll need to make to take that "next step" in becoming more effective in this business.

Shawn Wright: And then there is one...

Jake Starr: Yeah, but I think we all know about how I feel regarding Anderson.

Shawn Wright: Yeah I would say so...

Jake Starr: Once this match comes to pass, Anderson will not be even a remote factor.

Roeper Hart: That'll be one less opponent to worry about.

Jake Starr: Whether or not he's in the match it won't change the outcome. The outcome is set. Jake Starr continues to lead the surge of "new blood" in SCW. It's a "new blood" that is pure MISFIT blood. The ways of the old are over. As I continue to press forward, it will legitimately be "out with the old" and 100% "in with the new." SCW is in for an awakening it cannot prepare for.

After a glance back at the television, Jake quickly quips...

Jake Starr: Oh s#it! Intermission is over, game time baby!

Shawn Wright: Is he always like this?

Roeper Hart: Oh trust me... Yes! Yes he is! Just be glad they're winning. He's a cranky ass when they're losing...

As Jake finishes, the camera slowly begins to pan away from the three. Jake becomes, once again, fixated on the television. Roeper and Shawn make small talk as they kind of half-ass watch the game along with Jake. The anticipation for this week's events can easily be heard in Jake's voice. It is very obvious he is ready for his first bouts in SCW, and the anticipation for his quest for a reign of "new blood" grows.

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