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Jake, his wife, Roeper, and friend, Shawn, are all relaxing at his residence. The group know that in, just a couple of days, Jake will be defending his Adrenaline Championship against a man who has held the belt twice, and conceivably pose the biggest threat to his reign as champion. Regardless of those factors against Starr, and the fact that most people are, once again, betting against him, his outlook has remained positive and upbeat. The difference between his match with Ace, and his upcoming match with Kayl, he claims to have a surprise in store for Kayl and SCW today.

Shawn Wright: Alright... What is it?

Jake Starr: It's a surprise!

Roeper Hart: You know what it probably is Shawn... He always calls his "specials" a "surprise."

Jake Starr: Now don't go and ruin it!

Roeper Hart: Oh... Sorry!

Shawn Wright: Another video huh?

Jake Starr: Yeah... I decided to do some research into "Kayl TV!"

Shawn Wright: And what did you find?

Jake Starr: Found out when he tapes his "Secret Episodes!"

Roeper Hart: "Secret" episodes?

Jake Starr: Oh yeah!

Roeper Hart: Why are they secret?

Jake Starr: That's the surprise!

Roeper Hart: Goodie!

Shawn's eye get bright and wide.

Shawn Wright: Do they tape it dressed as Smurfs?

Jake and Roeper both look over Shawn in complete confusion.

Jake Starr: No stupid!

Shawn Wright: Damn... I figured Kayl parading around as a Smurf would be funny.

Jake Starr: Well it probably would be... But that's not it!

Shawn Wright: Then what is so secretive about them?

Jake Starr: Let me just say, he isn't who he pretends to be in SCW.

Roeper Hart: With the videos you seemingly come across, who would have thought?!

Jake Starr: I know! I get lucky to find the GEMS!

Shawn Wright: I wish I could have found some like that...

Jake Starr: The best part about this is...

Shawn Wright: Oh there's a "best part..."

Jake Starr: Oh yes! The "best part" is that I was invited to be a guest on the show.

Roeper's eyes spread wide open.

Roeper Hart: Oh no!

Jake Starr: What?

Roeper Hart: You're on this tape too?

Jake Starr: Oh yes! And I bought time on several channels to broadcast this, so the world can see what he's REALLY like.

Roeper Hart: Oh no!

Jake Starr: He he!

Shawn Wright: He actually let you on his show?

Jake Starr: Just watch and see my friend...

Jake pulls the DVD out of his computer bag and walks over to the entertainment center. He pushes the DVD of Kayl's "Secret Episodes" into his DVD player. Shawn, Roeper, and Jake all sit back and begin to watch. The camera slowly zooms in towards the screen of the television, and eventually, the view shifts from a picture of the television, to the video itself.

As the video begins to play, the television countdown begins...


As the countdown finishes, the following words slowly fade into the frame.

May 30, 2009

The words fade out back to a black screen. Slowly a very "girlish" logo appears on screen signaling the beginning of the show. A theme song, only fitting in specific demographics begins to play, and a very "loud" and pink set is shown. On the stage are two, pink, fur, chairs, and posters of semi-nude men adorn the walls. An announcer signals the entrance of "Donovan Kayl," as a silhouette appears behind the set in a "disco-esque" pose. As the announcer announces the "namesake" of the show, a very flamboyant impersonator of Donovan Kayl comes prancing from behind onto the stage. He is handed his "microphone," which is in the shape of, what else, a massive penis, by his "companion, 'Brittany Kayl,'" who is also being impersonated. Her impersonator, unlike "Donovan's," is a large, gruff-looking man in a dress. As the audience applauds all of the "goings-on," "Donovan" walks up to the front of the stage and tries to settle the rambunctious crowd down. Once everyone has settled, and returned to their seats, "Donovan" begins his special episode of "Kayl TV."

"Donovan Kayl": Like OH MY GOD! Welcome to a super-special edition of...

The crowd screams in unison...

Crowd: KAYL TV!!!

A thunderous applause erupts from the audience, obviously comprised of homosexual men and those of the "transgendered" variety as well.

"Donovan Kayl": You are so right! Welcome to Kayl TV! I am your hostess with the mostest, "Donovan Kayl!"

Another thunderous applause erupts.

"Donovan Kayl": This is a very special episode of Kayl TV, you know why?

The crowd murmurs a negative response to his inquiry.

"Donovan Kayl": Well then you all are in for a SPECIAL treat! You see... We all know I am the most DIVINE wrestler in Supreme Championship Wrestling, and at Breakdown, yours truly, me, gets a chance to fight for a title! How COOL is that?!

Again, applause.

"Donovan Kayl": And you see... I have this opponent, who honestly has been rather mean and cruel to me. Quite frankly, he made me cry.

There's a collective gasp of air from the audience, and a unanimous response of...

Crowd: AWWWW!

"Donovan Kayl": Yes I know! When I heard the AWFUL things he was saying about MOI, of all people, I nearly broke a nail! And... Let me tell you this, if that had happened, OH MY GOD... I would have been SO PISSED! But thankfully, by the graces of the Baby Jesus, that didn't!

Another applause break.

"Donovan Kayl": So I decided that I would get to the bottom of this. I decided to have Brittany, who I must say tried one of those "Do-You-Want-A-Bigger-Penis" emails out, and let me tell you... They are NOT spam, but GLAM!

The audience laughs.

"Donovan Kayl": Anyway back to what I was saying... I decided to get to the bottom of these heinous comments made by one, Jake Star...

The crowd boos loudly.

"Donovan Kayl": Yes... Yes I know! But I decided I was going to bring him RIGHT HERE on my show, and get in his little face!

The audience cheers again.

"Donovan Kayl": You see, I am SO not one to back down from a challenge. I mean, at one time in my life I was challenged to deep-throat a balloon, you know the ones for balloon animals, and do you think I turned it down?! No! Why? Because I knew I could outshine all of those little bitches who were claiming they knew how to deep throat. So HA!

Yet another applause break.

"Donovan Kayl": Wow you're one of the best crowds ever! Thank you!!!

More applause.

"Donovan Kayl": But like I said... Mr. Starr is HERE on MY SHOW, which we all know is the most watched show on LOGO people... He is here to answer my PRESSING questions to him. And trust me when I say this... He will be very worried about losing his precious title when I'm done with him tonight! What do you people think about THAT?!

The crowd goes crazy.

"Donovan Kayl": Now before I bring him out, I want everyone to promise me one thing. He IS a guest on this show, and was kind enough to come here today. So PLEASE, let's treat him nicely. Let's show him we're a GOOD bunch of people in this community. Can we do that?!

The crowd gives an affirmative response to the host.

"Donovan Kayl": Good! That's what I wanted to hear! Now... Help me please welcome to my show, the current, and soon-to-be FORMER, Adrenaline Champion of Supreme Championship Wrestling, Mr. Jake Starr.

Jake walks out from behind the set to a majority of boos, but a smattering of slight applause. He walks over to one of the furry chairs and just stares at it. He looks up and shakes his head in disgust and shock. "Donovan" approaches the champion to shake his hand.

"Donovan Kayl": Jake... Welcome!

Jake begrudgingly shakes the hand of the host. As the two disengage their handshake, Jake cringes and wipes his hand on one of the chairs on set.

Jake Starr: Do you... Umm... Have... Like a "big boy" chair I can sit in?

"Donovan Kayl": What do you mean?

Jake Starr: You know... One that isn't so... Furry?

"Donovan Kayl": You don't like them?

Jake Starr: I just don't want them to shed onto my clothes.

"Donovan Kayl": Oh... I suppose we can find you one!

From stage left, "Brittany," the hulking lover of "Donovan," brings in a stool for the champion. "She" mistakenly flips it upside down, where all four legs are pointed to the ceiling.

Jake Starr: Umm... Ahem... "Brittany?"

Jake motions at the stool. "Brittany" stares at it confused as to Jake's intentions.

Jake Starr: Can we... Maybe... I don't know... Flip it over?

"Brittany" obliges, and the crowd lets out a resounding and collective sigh.

Crowd: Aww!

Jake stops and looks out into the audience.

Jake Starr: Damn... Sorry to burst your bubble!

Jake takes a seat on the stool, and "Donovan" collapses into his furry chair.

"Donovan Kayl": So Jake... You know why I asked you here today right?

Jake Starr: To profess your undying love for me?

"Donovan Kayl": HA!

Jake Starr: Thank God!

"Donovan Kayl": What?!

Jake Starr: Nothing... Continue...

"Donovan Kayl": I asked you here because I have some issues with some of the negative things you said about me.

Jake Starr: I said something negative about you?! Parish the thought!

"Donovan Kayl": Yes you did! You called me a "paparazzi wannabe."

Jake Starr: And?

"Donovan Kayl": And?! Well why did you say that?

Jake Starr: Have you ever watched yourself? And by watch yourself I don't mean in a mirror as a power-bottom...

"Donovan Kayl": Oh! Well... Umm... I think so! But THIS is the REAL Kayl TV my good sir!

Jake looks around the studio, and out into the audience.

Jake Starr: Well... This certainly isn't paparazzi Sally Jesse...

"Donovan" gasps at the insult Jake hurled at him.

"Donovan Kayl": Now THAT was not nice mister!

Jake Starr: Hehe... Sorry...

"Donovan Kayl": And this talk of me being some kind of "rip off" of another professional wrestler is absurd!

Jake Starr: Is it?

"Donovan Kayl": Yes!

Jake Starr: How so?

"Donovan Kayl": I am an ORIGINAL being mister! I just happen to have some similar aspects as some others in this business...

Jake Starr: Like?

"Donovan Kayl": I'd rather not discuss those...

Jake Starr: How about the fact you try and be "coy" about your little taping times backstage? The fact you try and be "sneaky". All you're doing is... Well... Redoing what has already been done! You call this little "show" you have in SCW "Kayl TV," which, like I have already stated, is nothing more than a copy "Paparazzi Productions."

"Donovan Kayl": No it isn't!

"Donovan" crosses his arms and huffs.

Jake Starr: Oh now don't pout... That's very unbecoming of you.

"Donovan Kayl": Well if you were me you wouldn't be cumming either!

Jake Starr: You're probably right there!

"Donovan Kayl": Oh hush!

Jake Starr: Seriously though... You try and put yourself over as an "original" idea, and yet, there's nothing ORIGINAL about you. Well maybe here, but not in SCW. Here you're... Well... I'd say pretty one of a kind.

"Donovan Kayl": Well thank you!

Jake Starr: That wasn't necessarily a compliment, but hey... If it helps you sleep at night...

"Donovan Kayl": You're such a meanie sometimes!

Jake Starr: I never claimed to be a sweetheart there f_ck-face.

The crowd boos fiercely.

Jake Starr: Oh can it... You're paid to be here anyway!

The jeers continue, and Jake chuckles. "Donovan" tries to steer the conversation back to what he brought Jake there for.

"Donovan Kayl": Now... Jake... This little comment you made about beating me, don't you know that isn't going to happen?

Jake Starr: Whatever you say dude.

"Donovan Kayl": I have people behind me saying I'm going to win!

Jake Starr: As did Ace Marshall!

"Donovan Kayl": Who cares about him... I'm talking about ME ME ME!

Jake Starr: You have people backing you, big whoop! Hell some of them I see in the audience today. C'mon, where's "CHBK," "Drachewych," "Greaternity," c'mon guys stand up!

Flamboyant imitators of those Jake mentioned rise from various parts of the audience. The camera sees "CHBK" pointing to a heart tattoo on his arm, "Drachewych" pointing at the guy next to him seemingly performing oral treats on him, and "Greaternity" are all seen grabbing the private areas of the one standing next to them.

Jake Starr: You really think guys like THESE will help you win?

"Donovan Kayl": Well personally I don't care for some of them...

Jake Starr: Snub you on a date?

"Donovan Kayl": Yes... "Drachewych" and I had a date, slated to be filmed for Kayl TV by the way, and he never showed.

Jake Starr: Probably because of the guy next to him slobbering all over his hog.

"Donovan Kayl": He's a cheating bitch anyway!

Jake Starr: If you say so Liberace.

"Donovan Kayl": I do dammit! And you will too once I'm done with you.

Jake Starr: Please, for the love of God, rephrase that...

"Donovan Kayl": Why? OH! I meant at Breakdown...

Jake Starr: Christ... Thank you!

"Donovan Kayl": I have held that championship TWICE!

Jake Starr: And a cock in your mouth over a thousand, what's your point?

"Donovan Kayl": My point is simple... I will win it again and be the PRIDE of the PRIDE!

Jake Starr: By the looks of things, I think you MAY have that "title" already.

The crowd applauds their "leader."

Jake Starr: ... And quite frankly. I'm still waiting for you to come out with some sort of "Kayl TV" for SCW regarding me.

"Donovan Kayl": It's in the works...

Jake Starr: Does it involve gerbils?

The crowd cheers loudly.

"Donovan Kayl": No no no...

Crowd: Aww!

"Donovan Kayl": But... I'm sure I have it in the works somewhere!

Jake Starr: Whatever... You can bring your infringing gimmick to Breakdown, bring Kayl TV, leave this Godforsaken set though, and make sure you watch when you're overmatched.

"Donovan Kayl": Listen mister... I am THE "Donovan Kayl!"

Jake Starr: And there's a school in Columbus called THE Ohio State University, your point?

"Donovan Kayl": You can do your best to insult me, but it will not work sir! I am going to win because I have the PRIDE of the world behind me.

Jake Starr: Ew! All at once?

"Donovan Kayl": Yes... I mean...

Jake Starr: Ew!

"Donovan Kayl": Dammit! If you do not behave, I will be forced to ask you to leave.

Jake Starr: And that's a threat right?

"Donovan Kayl": Kayl TV is NUMBER ONE ON LOGO DAMMIT!

Jake Starr: And my fans are out in droves supporting it, I bet.

"Donovan Kayl": They should be!

Jake looks over his shoulder towards the way he came in.

Jake Starr: And besides... I could just walk off of this set if I wanted.

"Donovan Kayl": Oh is that right mister?

Jake Starr: Sure! You let David Miller just waltz away at the pay-per view, why couldn't I do the same right here in "Fagland?"

"Donovan Kayl": Miller RAN away from me!

Jake Starr: Did you try and f_ck him?

"Donovan Kayl": Ye... No!

Jake Starr: I'd be running too!

"Donovan Kayl": How rude!

Jake Starr: Face it small-fry... You have no chance at Breakdown. Stick with this... This... Whatever you call it, and stay out of the business of NORMAL people.

"Donovan Kayl": Oh you're going to get it now!

"Donovan" stands up out of his furry chair, and begins walking towards Jake snapping his fingers wildly in the air. The crowd begins to erupt in applause for their "leader" as he gets inches from Jake's face trying to tell him off. Jake laughs and begins to walk off stage. As he gets just barely within arms reach of "Donovan," his arm is grabbed and he is spun around. As he spins around he grabs a vase on one of the "mantles" of the set and as he comes back to face "Donovan," he smashes it across his head. Water and glass spew behind the host, and the crowd is in complete and utter silence and shock. Jake looks at them, and raises his title in the air as the scene slowly fades to black.

As the camera view changes from the DVD back to the camera watching the television, there is laughter emitting from two of the individuals in the room. As the camera zooms away from the television, Jake and Shawn are both doubled over in laughter. Roeper sits with a slight smile on her face, but eyes still fixed on the screen still shocked in what she just saw. Her eyes slowly begin to blink as she comes out of the "trance" she was in there at the end.

Roeper Hart: Oh... My... God...

The laughter continues to echo in the room.

Roeper Hart: Did I REALLY just see that?

Jake calms himself down enough to reply.

Jake Starr: I think you did honey!

Shawn takes deep gasps of air to also calm himself down.

Shawn Wright: Holy s#it dude!

Roeper Hart: You DO realize this won't fly well?

Jake Starr: I DO! And most importantly, I don't care!

Shawn Wright: And you SERIOUSLY bought time on different stations?!

Jake Starr: Oh yeah!

Shawn can't contain his laughter anymore, and once again bursts into a roar.

Jake Starr: It should be airing several times tonight.

Roeper Hart: I do not believe my eyes... You smashed the vase right in the guy's face!

Jake Starr: Well... He put his hands on me, and I was acting in self-defense!

Shawn Wright: And you didn't know if he was trying to turn you around to punch you, or kiss you!

Shawn breaks into laughter again.

Jake Starr: Ha ha... Kayl should get the message, I surely think.

Shawn Wright: You would hope so!

Jake Starr: If he doesn't, I'll pound it into him at Breakdown. I'm SICK of being considered an "underdog" to these guys who have been here for a while. Donovan Kayl isn't in my league. Ace Marshall wasn't in my league, and I depressed him so much he quit. It is about time for people to look at Jake Starr and accept the fact I am the REAL THING. I'm not just some newcomer who is going to be a "flash in the pan" and fizzle out.

Roeper Hart: With the people here, though, do you honestly think that's a feasible desire?

Jake Starr: Probably not. The "good-ole-boy" system that is engrained into the minds of some of these DUMMIES here is just sickening.

Shawn nods.

Jake Starr: I mean how can someone put up a 9-1 record, and NOT be taken seriously? Hell Ace had only lost ONE time this year and was taken more seriously. Kayl, on the other hand, he gets a fluky win over David Miller at a PAY PER VIEW, and is still more highly regarded over a guy who PERSONALLY RETIRED one of the "elite" superstars of Supreme Championship Wrestling.

Shawn Wright: He was only "elite" because of the guys he hung around with. You proved how "elite" he truly was.

Jake Starr: Yeah... Intimidation is a big thing here, and I just do NOT get intimidated. Kayl can do whatever he wants to try and best me. He can run his mouth, throw half-assed attempts at originality, or as some call it, Kayl TV, out there, or he can try to get in the ring with someone who he KNOWS is FAR superior to him. Whatever he wants to do, he can do. I am just SICK of this complete LACK of respect given to me by the blind f_cks who doubt me.

Roeper Hart: Well in time maybe it'll change...

Jake Starr: It had better! If it doesn't I'm going to take matters into my own hands. I'll MAKE people realize I am a force to be reckoned with.

Roeper Hart: I honestly think once you defeat Kayl, that'll put it over the top.

Jake Starr: Again... All I can say is, it had better. If putting Kayl's shoulders to the mat, and hearing the ref count to three doesn't make people realize Jake Starr is legit, then there won't be much else to do, but do it myself. It is that simple.

Roeper Hart: Just focus on Kayl, retain your title, and move on...

Shawn Wright: Yeah... Once you punk him then worry about everyone else.

Jake Starr: Don't worry... I know Kayl is my opponent. I am just annoyed with the disrespect my "co-workers" give me.

As Jake says those final thoughts, the scene slowly begins to fade out and fall silent. Jake's "Secret Episode" he uncovered of Donovan Kayl's, Kayl TV, is sure to light a fire under the former Adrenaline Champion. Jake knows his antics could come back to bite him, but at the same time he knows they could also completely throw his opponent off of his game plan and work in his favor. As the world awaits the response from Jake's opponent, people can only wonder what is going through his mind, and how his entourage feels about what Jake said about them. Regardless, Breakdown is just a couple of days away, and the much anticipated clash between the legend and the next generation will happen.

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