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There is an unmistakable feeling of excitement, and more importantly, relief in the air, surrounding the SCW Adrenaline Champion. After suffering two consecutive losses since he returned to the ring, Jake received a, much-needed, victory over Ace Marshall at Redemption. Jake feels that it was at Redemption, that he was shown to be, in fact, for real. Even with this elation and happiness, there is still the understanding that Jake's job is never fully finished. The next task Jake must face mimics that of his most recent. The main difference, however, is the fact this WILL be the most decorated superstar Jake has faced since entering the world of Supreme Championship Wrestling. Donovan Kayl is a former United States Champion, two time Underground Champion, and two time Adrenaline Champion. Needless to say, Jake knows he is in for a challenge. Kayl presents many hurdles for Jake to overcome. One is his numerous accolades in SCW, and another is the momentum he, too, is riding, coming out of Redemption. That matchup itself presents an intriguing battle; a seasoned veteran of SCW, and the fastest-rising "Starr" in the business.

Surrounded by friends and family, Jake basks in the success of his most recent win in SCW. Going into his match with Ace Marshall, everyone knew Jake needed to refocus himself to successfully emerge victorious. It took visits from his father, talks from his wife, brief discussions with his nephew, and a complete re-engineering of his mental game to get himself back on the track he needs to be on to continue his reign as champion. Now, they look to share in the celebration of his success, while continuing the effort of helping Jake grow into his potential properly, and not falling victim to the bloated emotions that caused him to slip up in the "God of Wrestling" tournament, and against Adam Allocco. They know that Jake has every ability out there to successfully win, and continue his rise in SCW, they also know that his successes have gone to his head in the past, and could very well do so again.

Jake Starr: Well I think it is safe to say... I'm back!

Shawn Wright: It's about damn time!

Roeper Hart: Hey!

Jake Starr: Ass!

Shawn Wright: What?! I mean... He did trip over his own two feet against Allocco and his penis-sucking cohort.

Jeff Starr: Ew!

Jake Starr: Ha ha... Yeah I did. But I think I redeemed myself at... Well... Redemption!

Jeff Starr: I would have to agree!

Jake Starr: I mean... I walked in, defended my title against someone HEAVILY favored against me, and subsequently ENDED his FEEBLE career.

Everyone in the room does a double-take at Jake, completely bewildered at the comment.

Shawn Wright: Ended

Jeff Starr: Yeah, ended? What do you mean?

Jake Starr: Guess you guys didn't hear that piece of breaking news did you?

Roeper Hart: Apparently none of us did!

Jake Starr: Seems like losing to me was enough to send the "next Adrenaline Champion" packing his bags, and running for the hills.

Already stunned at the initial claim, the group in the room, collectively, open their eyes wide in even more shock.

Shawn Wright: You're sh_tting me!

Roeper Hart: You have to be kidding...

Jake Starr: Nope... Ace decided that the business was "too much" for him, and has hit the road.

Shawn Wright: Damn!

Jake Starr: Yeah... Who would have thought that I would end the career of Ace Marshall?

Jeff Starr: I don't think any of us think you were incapable, but someone with THAT much momentum just taking off is pretty shocking.

Jake Starr: No kidding! I mean guys like Anderson and Logan, who both haven't reared their head since being DESTROYED by me, I can understand. But when I heard I had run Ace off too... Talk about a completely shock.

Roeper Hart: No kidding!

Jake Starr: I was anticipating something along the lines of, me winning, him whining, rematch. Not me winning, him crying, and gone.

Shawn Wright: I guess it just showed what kind of person he really was. He rode his little streak, figured he would just keep on steam-rolling everyone, and the minute it ends, he ends his career. That's a pretty baby-ish move if you ask me.

Jake Starr: It explains why he was never really given a chance at gold prior to my match. Everyone knew he didn't have what it took! I mean all he did was tout his own successes. He made it seem like he was unstoppable. Guys like him disgust me in this business.

Roeper Hart: Look at it this way... At least it is one less guy like that around.

Shawn Wright: She has a point!

Jake Starr: Yeah... But the point is, guys like him receive all of this praise from his peers. Everyone thinks he is so wonderful, and so talented. Everyone thinks so highly of him. Then even though he left on this note, he'll STILL get those types of accolades from people. THAT is what disgusts me.

Jeff Starr: Yeah... That's understandable!

Jake shakes his head in disgust.

Jeff Starr: But hey...

Jake looks over at his father.

Jeff Starr: There is an upside!

Jake Starr: Oh?

Jeff Starr: At least you know Mr. Drachewych is satisfied.

Jake lets out a slight chuckle and smirk.

Jake Starr: Hopefully! He always seems pissed off though.

Shawn Wright: He's a f_cking owner! What do you expect? A thank you?

Jake Starr: Pbfft! From that guy? HELL no!

Shawn Wright: Phew! If you were expecting that much I'd have to say you're clinically insane.

Jake Starr: No, I'm just saying that I didn't even think I owed the guy anything to begin with. Then he comes at me with this stupid, Don Corleone-like, mental game of...

Jake slips into a fairly-bad impersonation of Marlon Brando from "The Godfather."

Jake Starr: "Someday - and that day may never come - I'll call upon you to do a service for me. But until that day, accept this justice as gift on my daughter's wedding day."

The room erupts in a sea of laughter.

Jake Starr: Good huh?!

Shawn Wright: That was s#it!

Jake Starr: The s#it?

Shawn Wright: No just plain s#it!

Jake's father continues to laugh.

Roeper Hart: That was pretty bad babe...

Jake once again slips "into character."

Jake Starr: "YOU CAN ACT LIKE A MAN..."

Jake slaps Shawn. Shawn immediately looks at Jake with shocked and confused eyes.


This time the laughter is at Shawn for his completely confused state, and Jake's completely random slapping of his friend.

Shawn Wright: What in the HELL was that for?

Jake responds while trying not to burst into roaring laughter himself.

Jake Starr: I just couldn't resist! I call it... Being in the "moment."

Shawn Wright: You're an ass!

Jake loses control and joins the others laughing.

Shawn Wright: I really hate you sometimes!

As the laughter slowly calms down, Jake's focus starts to turn away from the past, and towards the next edition of Breakdown.

Jake Starr: Well that was a laugh I needed!

Jeff Starr: No kidding!

Shawn Wright: It wasn't that funny!

Jake Starr: Oh c'mon... Anyway enough about all that... I get to defend my title AGAIN at Breakdown.

Shawn Wright: Already?

Jake Starr: Yeah... This time it's against someone who, in my opinion, is the first, PROVEN, talent I have met in SCW.

Jeff Starr: Who?

Jake Starr: Donovan Kayl...

Shawn Wright: The Kayl TV guy?!

Jake Starr: Yeah...

Shawn Wright: Dude! I love his stuff!

Jake Starr: Seriously?!

Shawn Wright: Yeah... No... I have seen like one or two "editions" of his little paparazzi drivel, and I'm not impressed.

Jeff Starr: He's the paparazzi wannabe?

Jake Starr: Apparently!

Jeff nods with his eyes wide, in a very not-so-impressed expression.

Jeff Starr: Ah!

Jake Starr: Yeah... In that regard, I don't think Drachewych is done having me "repay" his favors.

Roeper Hart: Does he hate Kayl too?

Jake Starr: From what I gather... Yeah...

Roeper Hart: So you're getting to play "hit man" again?

Jake Starr: Seems that way! Like I have said before... I think Drachewych is coming to the realization his little band of dimwits aren't going to be able to win. He sees me as someone who can achieve some of his ridiculous goals, and hopes I'll help him out.

Jeff Starr: And your plans are?

Jake Starr: If he simply is going to be throwing opponents at me he doesn't like, then I guess I'll be "helping" him. If he tries to get me to do anything else "special," I think we may have some issues that arise from it.

Jake turns the focus to Kayl directly.

Jake Starr: ... I mean, with Ace, it was the fact that I wanted to shut up EVERYONE out there who doubted me. I succeeded in doing that by retiring the piece of s#it from the business. Now I have to face a guy who, much like some of the “characters” in Supreme Championship Wrestling, is about as "uncreative" as they come. A lot of these guys who obviously thought all of two seconds about their gimmick seemingly run in a pack.

Shawn Wright: What do you mean?

Jake Starr: Well we have the CHBK. His look... His "feel..." His persona... His EVERYTHING is simply a rip off. The only argument they have is that it is the "Canadian" version of the character. I mean what's next... The "Rated C Superstar?" Or "Shane O'Mac-Mahon, the Irish Son of Vincent K. O'Mac-Mahon?" Or how about this... "The American Crippler Chris Benwah?"

Shawn Wright: Wouldn't that be "The Familial Crippler?"

Jake Starr: No he already existed!

Jeff winces at the reference.

Jeff Starr: Too soon!

Jake Starr: Ha ha... Hey maybe we'll soon get "American Samoa Joe."

Roeper Hart: Ha! Or maybe a CHHH!

Shawn Wright: These people are coming up with gimmicks that warrant Vanilla Ice interviews...

Jeff cocks an eyebrow.

Jeff Starr: What?

Shawn Wright: You know... When he was confronted about sampling "Under Pressure" by Queen and Bowie?

Jeff Starr: I'm not familiar...

Shawn Wright: Oh... It went something like this... He was asked if he sampled the beat to the song right?

Jeff Starr: Ok...

Jake joins in the explanation.

Jake Starr: And then he goes "Nah... They're song goes 'ding - ding - ding - digguh - ding - ding... ding - ding - ding - digguh - ding - ding,' and mine goes 'ding - ding - ding - digguh - ding - ding - TING - TINGding - ding - digguh - ding - ding...' TOTALLY DIFF'RENT!"

Shawn Wright: Totally diff'rent man!

Jake Starr: And that's exactly how some of these characters are here. They're out there trying to piggy back on something that's been done, someone that is already there, something that WAS successful, and hoping they can duplicate it.

Roeper Hart: But how does that apply to Kayl?

Jake Starr: He's one of those people too! I mean Kayl TV? It's "Paparazzi Productions" version 2. It's not something original. It's not something that is "fresh" on the scene. All he is doing is taking something another wrestler did, and trying his best to make it his own. I mean, I half expect him to start walking to the ring with eye-black under one eye and pointing at his palm. HOW am I supposed to take someone seriously, when I feel like I am looking at someone doing their personal impersonation of someone else? Think about it... When you go to, say, a Frank Caliendo show, you expect to see FRANK CALIENDO. You know he's going to do his impersonations of John Madden, "King Bush II," and guys like that, but you NEVER forget you're still looking at someone purposely doing their version of someone else. Now if you go and be honest about that is who you are, that's one thing. But trying to put it over as something of your own, that's a load of horse s#it if I ever heard it. I don't get how people actually think this Kayl TV crap is, for one, original, but for two, actually something worth paying attention to. Seriously... If crap could crap, you'd have Kayl TV!

Roeper Hart: I never really thought about that...

Jeff Starr: Makes two of us!

Jake Starr: Well most people don't. They see what is on the surface, and accept it for what it is. They don't look beyond that.

A collective nod comes from the group.

Jake Starr: Think about it... Going into Redemption, nearly 100 percent of the people out there believed I was going to walk out of that arena with another loss. Their hopes of taking out Jake Starr, and dethroning him were dashed. Now, they have thrown all of their beliefs into the hands of Kayl. They see him as the one who will become the FIRST three-time Adrenaline Champion. Their collective opinions are being voiced, and, just like it was with Ace... Everyone is betting on Kayl to take my championship away from me. I caused them disappointment once... I am MORE than happy to do it again. If they want me to fail so badly, they can all go f_ck themselves. If I am going to drop this title, I DAMN SURE won't be doing it to some rip-off artist like Donovan Kayl. Someone who DESERVES a championship, at least, will be the only one who can tear this away from me.

Shawn Wright: So... What you're saying is that he's not deserving of a championship?

Jake Starr: Yeah...

Shawn Wright: And yet, he has already held it twice?

Jake Starr: Yeah...

Shawn Wright: So... How is he not deserving?

Jake Starr: Because nobody has really made light of his complete lack of originality. What he is doing, parading around with a camera and doing these "impromptu-like" vignettes can be done by anyone. For that matter... It HAS been done. Guys like CHBK, Donovan Kayl, and even Adam Allocco are butchering personas we have ALREADY SEEN!

Roeper looks over at her husband confused.

Roeper Hart: Allocco too?

Jake Starr: Umm yeah! His little "Alloccoism" is the same as, say, a certain "Fallen Angel!"

Roeper Hart: Oh... Yeah makes sense!

Shawn Wright: "Alloccoism?!" I could have sworn I heard him say ALCOHOLISM!

Jake Starr: He probably did... He and his whole band of s#it-dicks don't know what they're saying anyway. Remember... They're the "Contradiction Commission."

Everyone chuckles.

Jeff Starr: Nice name there...

Shawn Wright: Sure beats "Greaternity."

Jake Starr: Yeah... But think about it. These guys who receive almost ALL of the credit in Supreme Championship Wrestling are all doing one thing. Being a carbon copy of someone else.

Shawn Wright: No they have the extra TING!

Jake Starr: Oh yeah... Hell... Maybe I should look into copying someone's gimmick. Hang on one second...

Jake runs out of the room quickly.

Shawn Wright: What in the hell is he doing now?

Roeper Hart: I wish I knew!

After a couple of minutes, Jake comes tearing back into the room carrying a camera on a tripod, and wearing eye-black under his left eye.

Shawn Wright: Oh no... Please don't do a tribute to Left Eye and sing the rap from "Waterfalls."

Roeper spits out the water she just drank.

Jake Starr: Ok... Just for that...

Jake begins to rap.

I seen a rainbow yesterday
But too many storms have come and gone
Leavin' a trace of not one God given ray
You say because my life is ten shades of grey
I prey all ten fade away
Seldom praise him for the sunny days

Before Jake can go into the second verse of the rap Shawn is quick to jump in.

Shawn Wright: Ok! Ok! Ok! We get it! For some strange reason you ACTUALLY know the words to the rap from "Waterfalls." I don't know if I am supposed to laugh, or be completely horrified! But what's your point with the Alex Shelley dress-up time?

Jake Starr: My point is, ANYONE can find a camera, throw some eye black on, and say "Hey I have a gimmick!"

Shawn Wright: I don't think we doubted you there Lisa...

Jeff Starr: HA!

Shawn Wright: Don't laugh too hard... He IS your offspring!

Roeper Hart: He has a point!

Shawn Wright: And YOU married his ass!

Jeff Starr: And now he has another!

Jake Starr: Whatever... The issue here is that he's going to go around and do some Kayl TV gimmick against me, and I just figure I'll make it clear, from the start, that I recognize he is just a gimmick-THIEF, and nothing more. He gets his breaks because he is friends with the RIGHT people, and that is all. He isn't talented. Kayl TV isn't some kind of "fresh" outlook on the world, or SCW for that matter. It is a contrived, diluted, pointless, and completely OVERDONE gimmick. Nobody is going to see an episode or a clip of it, and feel like they have been enlightened to something grandiose or spectacular. This guy is talented IN the ring. But his little shtick that he uses outside of the ring makes me look at him and realize how inane of a human being he is.

Jeff Starr: He may be "inane," but he is coming off a pretty good win himself.

Jake's eyes open wide, seemingly bulging out of his skull.

Jake Starr: Good win?!

Jeff Starr: Well... He did win at Redemption!

Jake Starr: He won via a COUNT OUT! You won't win via COUNT OUT at a pay per view!

Shawn Wright: Apparently he did!

Jake Starr: He actually LET David Miller just walk out of the arena on him. NOBODY knows how disgusted I was when Miller was just allowed to stroll up the ramp and be counted out.

Roeper Hart: Why would that bother you?

Jake Starr: For one... It shows Miller is just a chicken s#it... But for two, and the bigger of the two, Kayl allowed him to just leave. If Kayl was as "stellar" as he is portrayed, he would have gotten a hold of Miller, and beat the s#it out of him for embarrassing him like that. Hell... He could have let Miller be counted out, then go jump him and make him pay. Do SOMETHING to show you weren't going to allow him to disrespect you like that. Don't just stand around, with a fist up your ass, and sucking your thumb. I'm disgusted at that! I'm disgusted that someone is garnering THIS MUCH attention, and can't even man-up and show why he deserved to win. He just... He just stood there!

Roeper Hart: Maybe because he has the girl?

Jake Starr: If that were something he truly cared about, he wouldn't have allowed the whole situation to be s#it on by Miller. Good LORD this annoys me!

Shawn Wright: I don't think any of us would have ever known!

Roeper Hart: Yeah... You... Hide it well!

Jake Starr: Thanks... I try!

Roeper rolls her eyes at her husband's sarcasm.

Jake Starr: But I can safely say, I am going to duplicate my performance against Marshall, against Kayl. This championship, albeit not the World Championship, means the world to me. Eventually, after I defend it enough times, and dismantle the "elite" of Supreme Championship Wrestling in the process, people will realize this belt may begin to hold a little more significance to it than ever. I have done it before. I took the OWF Intercontinental Championship, and I made it THE most sought after championship in the organization. People looked at the same 4 people surrounding the World Title, and got bored. That's what WILL be happening here if Drachewych doesn't pull his head out of his ass, and break away from this STALE feud with Greaternity. The Adrenaline Championship WILL become the most prestigious belt in the business. Like I said, I've done it once, I'll HAPPILY do it again. I want to rock the foundation that SCW has been camped on for too long now. I want people to be in actual suspense when it comes to pay per view matchups. Right now, everything is either predictable, or COMPLETELY IRRELAVENT. And until that mentality, and that type of management is overthrown, it will continue to be that way.

With those final words, the group returns to idle chit-chat, and the camera slowly begins to pan away from them. The audio of their conversation slowly dulls to a murmur, and finally to silent. The final view of the group is Jake grabbing the camera he had brought out as a prop, and mocking the papparzi buy "secretly" filming his friends. Shawn fakes a look of shock, and joking blocks the camera lens with his hand. As the scene fades to black, the obvious emotion amung the group is generally upbeat. Jake has a slight err of annoyance about him, but overall he seems much more positive about things, completely opposite of the worry and concern he had shown prior to Retribution. This mentality also shows he has moved on from those losses, and is ready to continue his progression forward in SCW. Donovan Kayl marks the next phase in his progression at Breakdown.

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