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As the battle for power continues to rage, within the walls of Supreme Championship Wrestling, a new battle is seemingly emerging.

That battle is a battle of one man attempting to break the perception that he has reached his peak, and is now on a fast downward spiral.

The criticism poured in from the get-go. Jake Starr began his career fast and furious. He won three matches, and was crowned the new Adrenaline Champion. He continued his winning ways until round two of the "God of Wrestling" tournament, and was given a second consecutive loss at the hands of Adam Allocco.

Now, his mentality has changed.

He has faced his own mortality.

He has faced the demons that haunt everyone in this business.

He has faced defeat.

... And he's faced it head-on.

He also knows it is something he does NOT want to be faced with for a third consecutive time.

Unfortunately, his looming battle is one that could prove to be another that he is unlikely to prevail from.

Across the ring from him, he will see Ace Marshall.

He will see a man who stands ready, willing, and able to drive home the thought that Jake's 15 minutes of fame are over.

He will see a man ready to end his title reign, and begin a new age in Supreme Championship Wrestling.

As rain pours from the skies on a dimly lit street, only one soul is seen braving the elements. The man is shrouded in a black, hooded, "pitcher's," jacket, and his hands are stuffed in the front pouch. From behind, the man's head is seen to be pointed towards the ground. The man strolls through the glow of one street light, and the camera slowly begins to pan around him. As the man comes into full-frontal view, the only the man's nose and chin are seen. Regardless of the obstructed view, it is obvious this is SCW Adrenaline Champion, Jake Starr. Rain drips from the top of his hood down his face. A car passes by Starr, and he gives a slight glance over as it passes. As the camera continues to go stride for stride with the superstar, a voiceover from the superstar mixes with the sounds of the dripping rain.

Voice of Jake Starr: My time to ultimately prove myself is here. People doubt me. People believe I'm a fraud. People simply don't believe I was worth the hype. Everything I did in the prior to losing went out the window. Now everyone bases their opinion on one match. One f_cking match. Nobody looks at a bigger picture anymore. Everyone looks at the last thing they saw, and say that it must be a complete indicator of the future. It's an unfortunate truth in this business, and it is something I cannot allow to sway my beliefs in myself. I believe... No I KNOW I can persevere against another member of Greaternity. I KNOW I can walk into Redemption with the Adrenaline Championship, and walk out with the Adrenaline Championship. I need to accept that I am overlooked. I need to accept that the majority of the locker room in Supreme Championship Wrestling doesn't like me professionally, or privately. Those other wrestlers HOPE Jake Starr loses. They WANT Jake Starr to leave SCW. They need to understand I'm not going to just walk away. They have to understand, I'm here, and I'm not backing down from anyone... And most importantly... They must understand I'm the PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE of this business... Plain and simple!

The scene cuts away from Starr walking, alone, down the wet streets, to the front of a crowded movie theatre in Manhattan, KS. People are waiting in lengthy lines, hoping to score tickets to either "Star Trek" or "Angels and Demons." There's a much shorter line of people who, obviously, bought their tickets online, and are simply waiting to pick them up. In that line stands Jake Starr, his wife, Roeper, and his nephew Thören Holt. Jake holds their confirmation number, and they slowly move towards the front of the line.

Thören Holt: Damn I'm excited to see this...

Roeper Hart: It's a good movie!

Jake Starr: Yeah... It's rare Roeper and I see a movie more than once in theatres.

Thören Holt: I'm just glad you got tickets... Looks like it'd be hard here!

Jake Starr: Nah... These people just need to buy online. They wouldn't be in such a panic, thinking they may or may not get a ticket.

Thören Holt: That would SUCK!

Jake Starr: Yeah... I've been there many times myself.

Roeper Hart: No fun!

Jake Starr: Nope!

The line continues to slowly move forward.

Jake Starr: I'm honestly just glad you swung through town while we were here.

Thören Holt: Yeah me too..

Jake Starr: This will help me have a mental break from getting ready for Sunday.

Thören Holt: Oh yeah! I forgot you wrestle on Sunday...

Jake Starr: Yeah... I've been doing some working out here with some of the guys at K-State.

Thören Holt: Nice!

Jake Starr: ... And trust me I needed a mental break!

Thören Holt: Worn out?

Jake Starr: Nah... Not really worn out. I just know I overdid things in the past two matches, and I wanted to make sure that didn't happen.

Thören Holt: Makes sense...

Jake Starr: Yeah...

Roeper Hart: He's honestly been more relaxed this time than I've ever seen him before.

Thören Holt: That's good!

Roeper Hart: Oh yes it is!

Thören leans his head to the side to see down the line.

Thören Holt: My God! This line is slow!

Jake Starr: Yeah...

Thören Holt: You'd think the whole "buying in advance" and "only picking up" aspect of buying online would expedite the process.

Jake Starr: That is the ideal situation.

Roeper looks down the line and counts the number of people ahead of them.

Roeper Hart: We should be one of the next ones.

Thören Holt: With all of these people ahead of us?

Roeper Hart: Well like four or five of them are one group.

Thören Holt: Oh..

Jake Starr: Well that's good!

Thören Holt: Yeah... I'm anxious I admit it!

The trio finally reach the window, and Jake slides the confirmation paper under the slot at the ticket window. The ticket clerk types the confirmation number into the computer, and three tickets pop out for the group. She hands the tickets to Starr, from under the window, and the trio turn and walk into the theatre. The scene slowly fades to black as they swing the door open to enter.

The scene slowly fades back to the rain-drenched streets. Starr continues to walk along the sidewalk, head slumped, and hands in his jacket. He comes to a crosswalk, and looks both ways. A car passes in front of the star, and its wheels splash through the pooling water in the street. Once it has passed, Jake crosses the street. Jake's voice echos over the video as he continues to walk down the streets.

Voice of Jake Starr: I cannot allow myself to focus on the past two matches I've competed in. Focusing on them will ultimately lead to a third to emerge. I must learn. I must improve. I must look at what caused me to slip, and correct the problems. Ace Marshall is looking to claim his first championship, and will be driven by the urge to taste the sweetness of holding championship gold. It's a drive I have felt many times. I know how his mind is working. He can close his eyes and feel the gold of the belt. He can feel the leather wrapped around his waist. All he lacks is the chance to open his eyes and recognize it as reality. He needs that chance to change the desire, the want, the need for a championship, from something he lives in his mind, to something he lives with the rest of the world. It is the goal, it is the desire, it is the WANT of every person who enters this business. And when it is your first taste of a championship, the feeling, the elation, and the emotion cannot be described easily. It is a feeling Ace wants to feel. He feels like it is his turn, and his time. It is deeply unfortunate that his time will not be Sunday. It is a day of "redemption" for one person in Supreme Championship Wrestling, and that person is Jake Starr...

Once again the scene fades back to the crowded theatre. The trio have finished ordering their refreshments from the concession stand, and now are making their way to the line of people gathering to await entry into the theatre for the movie. They quickly secure their spot in the quickly growing line of people.

Jake Starr: We should get some alright seats...

Thören Holt: Yeah... We shouldn't be stuck with the sh_tty seats up front.

Jake Starr: Good God I hate those!

Roeper Hart: I don't know people who don't!

Jake Starr: Yeah... I had to see one of the newer Star Wars movies up in that row. My neck was sore as HELL the next day.

Thören Holt: I can imagine! Did you guys get good seats when you came opening night?

Roeper Hart: Yeah..

Jake Starr: Oh hell yeah! We got the "foot rest" seats, as I call them.

Thören Holt: Ha ha... Always a perk!

Jake Starr: No kidding!

Jake takes a couple kernels of popcorn out of his tub.

Jake Starr: Wow...

Thören Holt: Good?

Jake Starr: Not really... It's been sitting a while!

Roeper jokingly looks annoyed.

Roeper Hart: Stop eating it all!

Jake Starr: I've had like two pieces!

Roeper Hart: So! You're eating it all!

Jake hands the tub to Roeper to hold.

Roeper Hart: Thank you!

Jake smirks and shakes his head. He looks up at the clock, and is obviously antsy and ready to get into the theatre.

Thören Holt: Anxious are we?

Jake Starr: Just ready to relax, and enjoy a stellar flick!

Thören Holt: You really that tense over this pay-per view?

Jake Starr: Nope... Just wanting to avoid thinking about it for a few hours. I've realized that if I dwell on it for days-on-end, I end up shooting myself in the foot for over-analyzing it.

Thören Holt: Ah!

Jake Starr: Don't get me wrong... Marshall is going to be a tough task, but I don't want to try and think about every single possibility out there, and then throw myself off.

Thören Holt: Ah!

Roeper Hart: ... And living with him was a pain in the ass sometimes!

Thören Holt: Well with this guy, I can only f_cking imagine!

Jake Starr: What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Thören Holt: C'mon dude... We both know you... You probably aren't the easiest to live with if you're pissed off.

Jake Starr: Ha ha...

Roeper Hart: Yeah don't deny it honey!

There is a murmur from the other people in line ahead of the trio. Jake, being the tallest of the bunch, looks down the line.

Thören Holt: We moving?

Jake Starr: I think they're getting ready to start letting us in...

Thören Holt: Good!

Jake peeks down the line again, and sees the ushers removing the roped off entrance.

Jake Starr: Here we go!

The mob of people slowly begin to to file in towards the theatre showing their movie. Jake, Roeper, and Thören are seen handing off their tickets to the ticket-takers, and following the direction of the ushers to the right theatre. As they are seen walking into the door of the movie theatre, the scene slowly fades back to black.

Back on the drenched streets, Jake continues his walk alone. His mind has been racing about his upcoming battle, and yet, he knows he IS capable of winning. He is continuing to learn from his mistakes, and continuing to mentally overcome the two losses he is coming off of. As he passes by an alleyway, he hears commotion. He stops in his tracks. He slowly turns his head looking to see what is causing the ruckus. Apparently a cat has knocked over a trash can. Noticing it is nothing to be concerned with, Jake lowers his head once again, and continues his walk, with his voiceover, once again, echoing over the rain.

Voice of Jake Starr: I know Ace wants it. I know Ace feels like he NEEDS this. He wants this to legitimize himself in Supreme Championship Wrestling. He knows he has, arguably, done more thus far than I have. He knows he has amassed more matches, and more wins than me. He needs this championship to feel vindicated for the fact he has exhibited more effort than I have, in his mind, and hasn't achieved what I have. I know that, in his mind, I was given everything I have accomplished on a silver platter. He sees a man who hasn't EARNED anything since he arrived. It kills him inside to know he has kept having meaningless match, after meaningless match, and is just barely getting a chance to shine. I've been there. I know how much it eats away at a person on the inside. It grows to a point when you can't stand it. Ace, I can almost guarantee, is to that point. He wants to be the one to solidify the "fluke" that Jake Starr is currently viewed as. He wants to take my championship, and show the world I didn't deserve what I was given. Truth be told... Ace will legitimize one thing. Ace will legitimize the fact that I have, in fact, deserved everything. He will show the world that my past two matches were the only "flukes" that should be synonymous with my name. Outside of those two matches... I am no fluke. I am better than Ace Marshall. I am better than Greaternity. I am better than anyone put in front of me. The only person who has beaten me, is myself. Ace will be the proof of that...

Jake turns down a side-street, and into a shroud of darkness. His faint silhouette can be seen walking, as the scene slowly fades, once again, to black.

The scene cuts back to the theatre, and the trio has just sat down in their seats to watch their movie. As the advertisements roll, the three wrap up their conversation with each other as they await the start of the previews.

Roeper Hart: You keep eating all the popcorn!

Jake Starr: That's why I bought a large...

Roeper Hart: Not the point!

Jake Starr: Oh please... It's not even that good a batch anyway!

Roeper Hart: Again... Not the point!

Thören Holt: He is right... It's not that good!

Roeper Hart: Don't agree with him!

Jake Starr: Why can't he agree with me?

Roeper Hart: Because! He is supposed to be wrong!

Jake Starr: But I'm not!

Roeper Hart: You're always wrong!

Jake Starr: Ha ha!

Jake turns the conversation towards the movie.

Jake Starr: You're going to love this movie dude...

Thören Holt: Like I said, I'm stoked!

Jake Starr: It's intense, and well casted... Well Kirk is somewhat ok... But he doesn't have his trademarked "delivery."

Thören Holt: Oh well... It should still be good!

Jake Starr: Oh trust me... It is!

Roeper Hart: He's actually right there!

Jake Starr: So I'm not ALWAYS wrong am I?

Roeper Hart: Shut up!

The three share a laugh.

Thören Holt: It's good to see you relaxed, even with the match on Sunday.

Jake Starr: Yeah... It feels good to be relaxed before one, instead of tense and constantly "wigged out" about who I'm fighting next.

Thören Holt: Yeah...

Roeper Hart: It's nice to see him relaxed, like I said!

Jake Starr: And I can be focused without being stressed.

Thören Holt: That's good!

Jake Starr: Yeah... I had a nice reality check, and I've learned from it.

Thören Holt: Sometimes, that's what it takes.

Jake Starr: No kidding!

The advertisement telling people to silence their cell phones airs on the screen.

Jake Starr: Alright!

Thören Holt: NICE!

Roeper Hart: SHH!

Jake Starr: Movie time!

Roeper Hart: SHHHH!

Jake Starr: Ok ok!

The scene fades out one last time from the theatre, as the trailers for upcoming movies begins to play on screen. The theatre is packed to capacity, and as the camera pans away from the trio, their heads slowly get lost in the sea of patrons. The scene goes to black with the trailers illuminated the faces of those in the audience.

On the pitch black street, Jake walks towards a door that can barely been seen in the distance through the darkness and rain. His rain-soaked jacket and face still keep the stoic look of intensity on his face. One final time, the voice over echos through the rain.

Voice of Jake Starr: Time is ticking down until "D-Day" for Ace and I. I know he is ready. I hope he knows I am ready. I hope he knows I have a purpose, far greater than that of any match I have had in the past. Every single match I have had previously, I have simply been rolling. I haven't necessarily had to prove anything. I did that in my first matches. Now, I have to prove I'm for real. I lost to Allocco, and the mood has drastically changed as far as perception of my abilities. People see me as someone who has run his course. My goal... My dream... My DESTINY is to prove them wrong. I cannot fail a third time. I cannot falter in my quest to achieve success. I cannot allow myself to trip up. This is my time to achieve a new level of success. When Ace becomes the beginning of my next string of victims, Supreme Championship Wrestling will begin to accept me for what I am. Ace can assume he will win. Ace can bet on himself like a selfish piece of trash. Ace can assume that he has this already in his bag. He will be wrong. This is MY time. This time belongs to Jake Starr. I am undefeated at pay per views in SCW, and I will remain that way. I will not be dethroned by a pompous-ass like Ace Marshall. In fact... He may have an "Ace" in his hole... But the fact is, "Aces Up" does not guarantee a winning poker hand. Nobody has forced him to show his cards. He's always been able to force others to fold. I don't fold... His "Aces" won't hold on Sunday. The odds may favor him... But when the river card is dealt, Jake Starr will be stealing the pot.

Jake reaches the door he has been apparently walking to this whole time. He walks up the short staircase and places his hand on the doorknob. Before turning he pauses. He looks back towards the camera, and stares directly in the lens. His eyes glow bright in the little light that is available. A smirk crosses his face, and he turns the knob, and enters into the darkness, and out of view. With these final words from the Adrenaline Champion of Supreme Championship Wrestling, the quest will come to a head Sunday at Redemption. Will Jake emerge victorious, or suffer defeat for a third consecutive time?

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