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Redemption - re·demp·tion

Definition... The act of redeeming or the condition of having been redeemed.

Many times, when people fail, they have two options.

Option one... Give up. Accept the failure. Move on in life.

Option two... Learn from the failure. Trudge forward. Realize your mistakes, fix them, and try again.

In most cases, people take option one. They simply accept the fact that they failed to achieve their goal, whatever it may be, and forget about it.

They see the failure as permanent, and they can do nothing to remedy it.

The small percentage of people who decide to believe in the addage, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again," take the opportunity to evaluate the situation and see what it is they can do to change the outcome.

Even in those cases, sometimes the failure returns.

But, the mentality of not giving up is the key for ultimate success, and success is what everyone wants to accomplish.

Could the magic have ended as quickly as it began? For Roeper Hart, wife of Jake Starr, that fear has possibly become a reality. Her husband's past two matches have lead to back-to-back losses, and risk of derailing a career that was off to a fast restart. Since his loss to Adam Allocco, Jake has spent much of his time in his personal office, behind a computer screen. The audio from his past two matches has resonated through the hallways of his house, and conversation with his wife has been limited. Roeper worries he is sinking into a depression, much like that of the one he encountered when Drachewych first revealed the fact he would be calling upon Jake for a "favor." Much like that incident, Roeper knows she, alone, cannot get through to her husband. Jake's father, she found out, was already on his way up to visit his son after seeing his past two matches. He, too, knew his son would be a little disheveled, and he wanted to see how his son's mental state was handling the situation. As he arrives at the abode of his son and daughter-in-law, Roeper answers the door, and Jeff walks in.

Jeff Starr: Hey Roeper...

Jeff hugs Roeper, and kisses her on the cheek.

Roeper Hart: Hey Jeff! I'm really glad you came up...

Jeff Starr: Yeah! I figured after the past week, he would probably go into a shell again.

Roeper Hart: I'm not sure if it's a shell, or what.

Jeff Starr: What do you mean?

Roeper Hart: Well... He went into a shell, initially, about the whole "favor" thing.

Jeff Starr: Yeah...

Roeper Hart: ... And, well, that's not really how he is right now.

Jeff Starr: What do you mean?

Roeper Hart: He's more quiet than anything. It... It just doesn't seem the same.

Jeff Starr: Well, speaking from experience in the business, losing puts you into a different mentality than when you're on a streak like he was.

Roeper Hart: I can imagine... But it's still not something I like seeing!

Jeff Starr: There's probably a very good explanation for it, just relax.

Roeper Hart: I'm trying... I've been out of the business, myself, for so long, I just don't remember how to deal with things the same way anymore.

Jeff Starr: And neither does anyone after an absence of this length. Hell, had Jake lost coming out of the gate, he would have not known how to cope.

Roeper Hart: Yeah...

Jeff Starr: It's all going to be ok. I'll see what is going through his mind, and everything will be ok.

Roeper Hart: I hope so!

Jeff Starr: No worries Roeper!

Jeff hugs his daughter-in-law, and proceeds down the hallway of his son's house. The scene shifts to inside an office down the hallway in the home. Jake is seen sitting behind a desk, reclined in a chair, and staring at a glowing computer monitor. The camera is facing the doorway, and the shadow of Jake's father is seen approaching. As Jeff gets to the doorway of the office lit only by computer monitor, his stoic son's expression can plainly be seen.

Jeff Starr: Hey Son!

Jake Starr: Hey Dad... You can hit the lights... How's it going?

Jeff hits the light switch and illuminates the room. Jeff goes and sits down on a couch across from his son's desk.

Jeff Starr: Apparently better than you!

Jake Starr: Oh? How do you figure?

Jeff Starr: Roeper says you've been pretty down because of your past two matches.

Jake Starr: Nah... Not down really. More like... Oh how can I describe it... I'm more aware now, I think is how I can describe it.

Jeff Starr: Aware?

Jake Starr: All of the streaks are over, but one. My run in the "God of Wrestling" tournament is over, my undefeated streak in SCW is over. I realize now I have to quit being stupid about things, and get my mentality back in line.

Jeff Starr: I'd say that's a good start.

Jake Starr: I started to let my arrogance take over, once again. The one thing that drove me to NOT want to be in this business anymore crept up on me, and overcame me once again. Thankfully it was brought to my attention like it was.

Jeff Starr: Over...?

Jake Starr: Over say having it brought to my attention by being stupid and losing my crown.

Jeff Starr: Ah!

Jake Starr: I still have my belt, and I still have my streak of title defenses...

Jeff Starr: There's been one!

Jake chuckles.

Jake Starr: Ha ha... True... But from how I'm looking at it, that's what I have left right now to hold true to myself. I am the Adrenaline Champion, and I must remain the Adrenaline Champion.

Jeff Starr: Sounds like instead of "aware," the losses have made you wiser.

Jake Starr: Only if I rebound...

Jeff Starr: Only?

Jake Starr: Yeah... If I can't rebound from one blatant screw-job, and one tough loss, I don't deserve to hold this belt.

Jeff Starr: Still thinking you were screwed over?

Jake Starr: Yeah... But my complaint about the racism screwed me. I knew in Majestic, which we both know is completely run by a "good ole boy" system, when I pissed some of them off, those writers wouldn't have stood up and defended me winning to save their lives.

Jeff Starr: Valid argument...

Jake Starr: But my loss in SCW... That one really opened my eyes.

Jeff Starr: Good...

Jake Starr: I shouldn't have lost it. I let the fact I was robbed by a bunch of unfair dips#its cause me to lose focus in a federation that actually has SUBSTANCE to it.

Jeff Starr: It happens son...

Jake Starr: Oh I know... But this same thing has happened to me in the past. I get an over-inflated ego, thinking I am untouchable, and next thing you know, BOOM...

Jeff Starr: Like I said, it happens...

Jake Starr: Yeah... But unlike before, I'm not going to dwell on it. So Allocco beat me. He did it when I wasn't on my game. He did it when I was thinking more of how I was unfairly screwed, instead of when I was fully prepared for him.

Jeff cocks his head at his son in confusion.

Jeff Starr: You're still thinking about it...

Jake Starr: Not really... I just want to make sure the point is reiterated many times. I don't want people to forget what REALLY happened.

Jeff Starr: Ah...

Jake Starr: But now... I have to look forward. I'm not going to whine and cry about losing to Allocco. I'm not going to piss and moan about it. It happened. It's over.

Jeff Starr: Yeah...

Jake Starr: I'm focusing completely on what's ahead of me.

Jeff slightly reverses the conversation.

Jeff Starr: What about Drachewych?

Jake Starr: What about the egotistical s#ithead?

Jeff Starr: Well... For one... From what I heard from you, and what he said on Breakdown, the "favor" he requested wasn't exactly matching up.

Jake Starr: ... Oh?

Jeff Starr: Yeah... You were claiming felatio and salad-tossing, and he was claiming he asked you to be a hitman against Greaternity.

Jake Starr: OH!

Jeff Starr: Yeah...

Jake Starr: Well, I figured, when I looked back on Breakdown, and nobody really knew what happened but Mr. F_cktard and myself, I'd reveal what I wanted to reveal.

Jeff Starr: Well which was it?

Jake smirks.

Jake Starr: Ok... So he actually gave me an option on the matter. He said "Diddle my doodle and eat my ass... Or go take out someone I loathe." Since I wasn't ever going to be doing EITHER... I received the jumping I received.

Jeff Starr: So... You both were telling the truth?

Jake Starr: As I recall the meeting... Both were offers on the table!

Jeff Starr: Wow... Umm... So you have to still repay him?

Jake Starr: Apparently, in his head, beating up on Greaternity will give his prostate a tickle, and then after that, maybe, he'll get off my back.

Jeff Starr: You hope!

Jake Starr: Yeah... I really don't want to have to deal with him anymore...

Roeper is seen peering down the hall at the two. Jeff spots her.

Jeff Starr: Roeper, everything is fine! Come on in here...

Jake looks over and sees his wife.

Jake Starr: Yeah babe... I'm fine...

Roeper breathes a noticeable sigh of relief, and strolls down the hall. She sits down in the room with the father/son duo, and joins in the conversation.

Roeper Hart: That's a relief!

Jake Starr: Sorry babe... I didn't mean to freak you out again.

Roeper Hart: I just didn't know what kind of reaction to expect. And then when you were quiet, I just had a feeling it was going to be a repeat of the last time.

Jake Starr: It's ok! No need to apologize or anything...

Jeff Starr: He just needed some time to totally get his mind around everything.

Jake Starr: Yeah..

Jeff Starr: ... At least that is what I gathered.

Roeper Hart: Still I'm just not used to being back in the business. It is annoying I know...

Jake Starr: Nah... I'm still adjusting myself.

Roeper, again, lets out a deep sigh of relief. The comfort is noticeably returning to her eyes from the visible worry she had been experiencing.

Jake Starr: Ultimately... Like I told Dad... I just started letting things effect me in the ways it used to. I was getting those feelings that drove me to leave the business, and I had to actually be a little more mature about them. So I just kind of took a couple of days to focus on them, be logical about them, and confront them the right way. I see it as a growing process I never went through before ha ha!

Roeper Hart: From what I see a lot, many people never go through it.

Jeff Starr: It's been that way since the business began...

Jake Starr: And probably will never change.

Jeff Starr: Nope!

Jake Starr: I mean... When you have guys who fancy themselves important, and aren't, namely people who resemble lard-asses like Chris Lawler, the business will never change.

Jeff Starr: You REALLY don't like that guy, do you?

Jake Starr: Not in the least... When young pieces of s#it, like him, try and ruin this business, that I helped build for guys like him, I lose all like for them. It would make me EXTREMELY happy to see him infected with AIDS to slim down some, and subsequently have congenital heart failure and die.

Both Roeper and Jeff's eyes, shockingly, go wide open. Jake cocks a smile.

Jake Starr: Too much?

Jeff Starr: Wow... Umm...

Roeper Hart: Uhh... Yeah... Hmm...

Jake Starr: Ha ha... Good!

Jake shifts the topic forward.

Jake Starr: But enough with people who have equal value to canine feces... Let's move on to someone who is JUST ABOVE canine feces, and someone who will resemble said feces at Redemption, Ace Marshall.

Roeper Hart: He's who you're fighting next?

Jake Starr: Yeah... Seemingly I'm the personal "Hitman" for Drachewych...

Roeper Hart: Oh?

Jake Starr: Yeah... He's just arbitrarily throwing me at guys he doesn't like, hoping I'll soften them up for him.

Jeff Starr: That's how crooked owners work...

Jake Starr: Yeah... He knows his band of losers...

Roeper Hart: And one cunt don't forget her!

Jake and Jeff's eyes bulge, hearing Roeper drop a c-bomb.

Jake Starr: WOW!

Jeff Starr: Damn... I don't know if I have ever heard a straight woman drop a c-bomb before.

Jake Starr: No s#it!

Roeper Hart: I couldn't resist... Besides... She is a cunt!

For a second straight time Jake does a double-take, and an expression of pure shock is on his face.

Jake Starr: I totally am in shock! And have absolutely no idea what I was saying before that!

Roeper Hart: Oh I do!

Jeff Starr: Glad someone does!

Roeper Hart: You said something about Drachewych and his minions...

Jake Starr: Oh his little band of losers!

Roeper Hart: Yeah!

Jake Starr: He sends me after these guys because he KNOWS his minions can't do it for him.

Jeff Starr: Yeah... From what I have seen their track record, as of late, has been pretty horrendous.

Roeper Hart: No kidding!

Jake Starr: Yeah... Bona fide losers! I mean... He hypes these dummies like they're, I don't know... Talented? And then he has me come after the guys he doesn't like? Doesn't really make sense to me...

Jeff Starr: Yeah... Does seem quite illogical.

Jake Starr: Thank's Spock!

Roeper Hart: Ha ha!

Jeff Starr: You're welcome!

Jake Starr: Anyway, back to Ace...

Roeper Hart: From what I have heard from this guy, he talks a LOT.

Jake Starr: Yeah... He is seemingly a long-winded individual.

Jeff Starr: He should give you some interesting fodder then!

Jake Starr: Yeah I expect him to. I bet he'll go on about how I lost twice in a row. He'll hype the fact that his wife, Adam Allocco, beat me, and he'll be doing it too. He'll go off about how "great" Greternity is, and how they'll soon be adding the Adrenaline Championship to their "stellar" list of champioships. He'll bank on the fact that the past two matches show that I wasn't worth the hype I received when I first got to Supreme Championship Wrestling, and the third match will help to prove that I don't deserve anything I have gotten. Sad thing, for him, is... I did lose my past two matches since I returned. I lost them for reasons I shouldn't have, and ultimately it is my own damn fault it happened. Not ONLY am I going to be coming into this match with my back against the wall, but I am going to be using that to help push myself even harder. I'm going to be taking the opportunity to completely avenge my past two attrocities, and make an EXAMPLE out of Ace Marshall. I have reason to be motivated, and no reason to worry about what happened in the past. EVERY time I have had my back against the wall since my return, I have emerged victorious. It happened with my first match... It happened with my fatal five-way match at Retribution... It happened when I won this championship from Ace's fellow cream-filled cohort... And it WILL happen again when Ace steps into the ring with me.

Jeff Starr: You sure are killing his fodder...

Roeper Hart: That's not very nice of you!

Jake Starr: I know... I don't mean to hurt his little feelings.

Jeff Starr: You know he'll come up with something else to ramble about.

Jake nods.

Jeff Starr: He just may have to work a little harder at it.

Jake Starr: Oh don't tell him to work harder...

Roeper Hart: Oh lord...

Jake Starr: Hehe! But seriously... From the experience I have in this business, I know what he's thinking. I know what he's going to say. He has EVERY intention and EVERY belief that he is going to be taking my title from me. He expects me to dwell on the past two losses. He expects me to focus solely on that very fact. He doesn't expect me to be looking forward, and learning from my past. He is, definitely, more talented than my past two opponents. He knows it too. He'll equate that to thinking he OBVIOUSLY will be beat me, since I lost to the past two guys. His mentality will be one of his ultimate downfalls. I can GUARANTEE it went from a goal for him, to an expectation. The match has gone from a combative environment, to a mere formality in his mind. Unfortunately... That's not how I roll... If he honestly expects this match to fall in line with my previous two, he doesn't even remotely deserve to have a title shot. A title match requires a completely different mentality than that. You have to KNOW it's going to be a war, and not going to be just a "formality" until you walk away with a championship.

Roeper Hart: Do you really think he is thinking that superficially?

Jake Starr: Yeah... Anyone would! Your opponent comes in off two hard losses, you know he is frustrated thinking it was unjust, you expect him to not be as "mentally sound" as he would be should he still be winning.

Jeff Starr: Yeah...

Jake Starr: He sees me as a farce, and I plan on making it very apparent that the only farce were the two losses I endured.

Roeper makes an observation.

Roeper Hart: For being over your losses... You're sure bringing them up a lot!

Jake Starr: Yeah... For good reason too. It is all I've been hearing, and all I will be hearing Ace base most of his little claims on. It won't be on anything, but the fact I lost in God of Wrestling, and then lost to his love-slave. He'll sound like a broken record! I mean think about what Allocco was saying. All he was hinging his arguments on was the fact I lost in his little tournament. Nothing else...

Jeff begins to nod.

Jeff Starr: Yeah... That's about right!

Jake Starr: Ace will NOT be any different.

Roeper Hart: He'd probably whole-heartedly agree with you there.

Jake Starr: What do you mean?

Roeper Hart: He'll tell you he won't be any different than Allocco was.

Jake Starr: Good point... He will probably agree that the outcome will be the same as when I met Allocco.

Jeff Starr: Very good observation Roeper!

Roeper Hart: Well thank you!

Jeff pats Roeper on the shoulder, and she chuckles.

Jake Starr: ... But needless to say Ace won't be making it a "trinity" of losses for me. It ENDS at two...

Jeff Starr: Good!

Jake Starr: The way I look at it... My first pay per view was Retribution! And at Retribution, I had my retribution. I was brought back into this business the RIGHT WAY. I was given the shot I DESERVED. I entered undefeated, and walked out a champion. Now... I walk into Redemption with two consecutive losses mocking me, and it IS time for Jake Starr to have his REDEMPTION. I WILL be redeeming myself. I look at this match as the match where I show the world that what happened, happened. It wasn't a sign. It wasn't a derailment. It was merely a couple of gaffes that I must overcome.

Jeff Starr: But on the plus side... You are fighting someone who is a relative equal to you.

Roeper looks over at Jeff, seemingly confused.

Roeper Hart: An equal? How so?

Jake Starr: We've both only lost once in SCW in 2009.

Roeper Hart: Ah!

Jake Starr: Yeah... Ace is definitely riding high. I mean from what I know about him, he's really only lost two or three times. He's had a solid run overall. He's not someone I can just take lightly. I have to look at him as a serious threat to my title. Unfortunately... I think he probably won't give me the same type of respect. Anyone who walks around wearing THOSE types of clothes, never gives anyone respect.

Jeff Starr: Those types of clothes?

Jake Starr: Yeah... He walks around in his fake-ass, designer, clothes, and snubs his nose at EVERYONE. He is a cocky son of a bitch. Like I said... He's going to think of me as a mere formality to his title reign. It is going to be interesting to see how he reacts whenever he realizes I'm actually going to be stepping right up to him, and beating him down. It is my time to rebound, and it's a perfect time to do so against someone like Ace.

Jeff Starr: Why?

Jake Starr: He's viewed as a star here. Yeah he is relatively new, overall, but he has definitely made his presence felt. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, is going to assume he is going to defeat me. And with his track record, I don't blame them. But this time, it is my time to shine, once again. I, mentally, gave up on myself in these past two matches, and the time has come for me to refocus, and resume my winning ways. A victory over Marshall will, not only, show everyone those two losses were mere hiccups in my career in SCW, but it will also show that I am back on track and ready to be taken seriously once again.

Jeff Starr: I love it when he actually sounds confident!

Roeper Hart: It definitely is a change from the anger that was brewing inside lately.

Jake Starr: Well... Reality checks are good in a career. Sometimes you need a nice kick in the ass to make you realize everything isn't as "perfect" as you may think.

Roeper Hart: Yeah..

Jeff Starr: When you think of things as "perfect," it is inevitable that things will crash down eventually.

Jake Starr: Yeah... And I think subconsciously I knew something like that had to be coming soon.

Roeper Hart: Why is that?

Jake Starr: Because the "fall" wasn't as hard as ones I have had in the past. I didn't completely tumble and fall flat on my face. I think that's just something I have learned over the years.

Once again, Jeff nods in agreement.

Jeff Starr: Yeah... I remember several "falls" you have had before, and some really were brutal.

Jake Starr: No kidding...

Jeff Starr: You're managing this one much smarter than those!

Jake Starr: Ha ha... Thanks!

Jeff Starr: No problem!

Roeper sighs again.

Jake Starr: You're still sighing!

Roeper Hart: Well you drive me nuts sometimes!

Jeff Starr: ... Besides... If she didn't worry, you'd worry something was wrong with her.

Jake Starr: You're probably right!

Jeff Starr: I'm the same way with your mother... But... I can honestly say, I think you sound ready as ever.

Jake Starr: I honestly feel ready.

Jeff Starr: Good...

Jeff and his son continue their conversation, as Roeper continues to relax seeing her husband's mood much more positive than she had anticipated. As Starr continues his preparation for his next title defense against Ace Marshall, the world waits to see if he will, in fact, rebound from his past two losses. If he doesn't, he runs the risk of walking out of Redemption with a third consecutive loss, and most importantly, WITHOUT his SCW Adrenaline Championship Belt.

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