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Fresh off his first loss since returning to professional wrestling, Jake Starr's level of anger has increased to a new level. His understanding of how "close-knit" the politics are, and his understanding that he isn't a part of it, has pushed him to begin a new "quest." Whether or not that "quest" succeeds, is unknown. What is known is that he isn't pulling any punches, or hiding the fact he knows a lot about the truth of the "behind the scenes" scene. He plans on exposing a lot for what it is, hoping that people begin to realize the truth, and fix the political bulls#it that is currently ruling the decisions made. Having been through this "rodeo" on several occasions, as has his friend Shawn Wright, Jake knows that venting to Wright will not fall on uninformed, and unaware ears. Instead they fall upon the ears of someone who completely understands, and has seen this type of attrocity, first hand, as well.

Jake Starr: You ever wonder how some federations actually last?

Shawn Wright: What do you mean?

Jake Starr: Well sometimes you have instances where management is too scared of looking bad in order to do what they KNOW to be right, instead they just succumb to peer pressure to seem "cool" to a larger group.

Shawn Wright: I take it the guys in Majestic didn't take too kindly to your requests for them to issue punishment for the racism?

Jake Starr: Nah...

Shawn Wright: How come?

Jake Starr: Well it seems like the "good-ole-boy" system is actually here too.

Shawn Wright: Oh lovely...

Jake Starr: And sadly it spills over into SCW as well...

Shawn Wright: Oh?

Jake Starr: Yeah... Let's just say a lot of those who have a "say" in Majestic do in SCW, and hell some even are wrestlers here too.

Shawn Wright: Really?

Jake Starr: Yeah... I'm starting to learn that people in both feds wear a lot of "hats."

Shawn Wright: Hats?

Jake Starr: Yeah... Like they have many rolls...

Shawn Wright: Oh ok!

Jake Starr: Yeah... People basically wear masks and pretend to be other people.

Shawn Wright: Oh one of those ordeals!

Jake Starr: Yeah...

Jake has a thought.

Jake Starr: Oh I just want to randomly say Justin Davis and Chris Lawler are children in their mother's basement jerking off to kiddy porn.

Jake ends his random thought.

Shawn Wright: I'm not even going to ask...

Jake Starr: Better off you didn't!

Shawn Wright: Anyway... Back to these "hats..."

Jake Starr: Oh yeah... Well I am just finding out people end up being opponents, then bosses, then back again.

Shawn Wright: You gotta love that one! Anyone I would know?

Jake Starr: Yeah... Some I have met and am meeting in the near future...

Shawn Wright: Tearing down the proverbial "third wall" huh?

Jake Starr: Yeah... I figure everyone needs to know how "close knit" everyone is here outside of the kayfabe world.

Shawn Wright: I gotcha...

Shawn brings up Jake's match.

Shawn Wright: What about Allocco?

Jake Starr: What about him?

Shawn Wright: Well you kind of have a match with him coming up...

Jake Starr: He'll probably pull some special strings anyway!

Shawn Wright: Oh?

Jake Starr: Yeah...

Realizing what Jake means, Shawn's eyes get wide.

Shawn Wright: OH! Ok!

Jake Starr: Yeah!

Shawn Wright: You really think so?

Jake Starr: Umm... Yeah... Not like he hasn't done it already once to make one of his FRIENDS happy...

Shawn Wright: What? OH!

Jake Starr: ... Yeah... So he'll probably do it again and somehow receive a win.

Shawn Wright: Then why even bother showing up to the arena?

Jake Starr: Because unlike everyone else in this "scratch-my-back-I'll-scratch-yours" system, I actually believe in fairness...

Shawn Wright: Yeah, but...

Jake Starr: ... But it is inherently obvious that that makes ONE of us around here. I mean how else does anyone actually get ahead around here?

Shawn Wright: Show off their talents?

Jake Starr: No... You kiss ass, and become all buddy-buddy with someone, and you'll get ahead!

Shawn tries to get Jake to shift back into character.

Shawn Wright: Well... How about in a kayfabe world?

Jake Starr: Well I know he filmed, or is filming another promo.

Shawn Wright: Filming?

Jake Starr: Yeah... Let's just say I was watching as it was being done the whole time!

Shawn Wright: Ha ha! Really?

Jake Starr: Yeah... But I figured I'd wait til it was shown all over, and then I'd respond...

Shawn Wright: Makes sense...

Jake Starr: But oh well... It has been broadcasted now.

Shawn Wright: Yeah I saw that...

Jake Starr: Completely inane! Although he did give a little more focus to me, which is great for my ego!

Shawn Wright: Anything that boosts the ego is a plus!

Jake Starr: No kidding! I did enjoy what I heard though. It completely showed how out of touch he is.

Shawn Wright: How so?

Jake Starr: Well to begin with... According to his intelligent self, I am complete and utter bulls#it huh? Wow... Coming from a guy who promotes himself as an "Enlightener," I find that to be quite humorous. I find it funny that a guy who thinks so highly of himself, feels a need to try and continually justify why he is so "super" compared to everyone else. He may have offered some admiration and praise to me, but he sure had a funny way of putting it. Usually praise sounds, well, praising. All I heard from him during his blase diatribe was saying how I thought highly of myself, but none of it was right. To me that sounds NOTHING like praise. To me that sounds like someone who thinks they're actually worth a damn trying to prove it to themselves. I think I am starting to realize the truth... Adam Allocco is continually trying to convince himself he is as "great" as he wants to claim he is. Deep down he is really just as insecure as they come. Deep down... He's nothing but a child! He's a child trying to convince his daddy, in this case everyone else in Greaternity, that he is talented. It's sad to see and watch... A grown man out trying to justify his worth to his "parents."

While drinking his water, Shawn almost chokes as Jake finishes speaking.

Shawn Wright: A child?!

Jake Starr: Yeah... A lot of people are!

Shawn Wright: Well it sounds like, at least from his point of view, you're the one who is childish!

Jake Starr: Oh no kidding. I mean according to him I am "kid."

Shawn Wright: Damn... It's like a real life case of "Don't Be a Menace to South Central, While Drinking Your Juice in The Hood!"

Jake Starr: Ha! Yeah...

Shawn Wright: I mean if you're "kid," that means he has to have been reproducing before his nuts even dropped!

Jake Starr: And more importantly, before he was even a twinkle in the eyes of his parental units.

Shawn Wright: What else has he called you?

Jake Starr: Rookie... Inexperienced... Dumbass... An annoyance...

Shawn Wright: Keep going...

Jake Starr: You waiting for one in particular?

Shawn Wright: Yep...

Jake Starr: Ok... Unintelligent... Illogical... Erroneous... Moronic... Am I there yet?

Shawn Wright: Keep going!

Jake Starr: Jesus I don't have that long!

Shawn Wright: C'mon!

Jake Starr: Dude... We'd be here until the Second Coming...

Shawn Wright: What about the fact you're a homophobe? I mean you DO like making gay references!

Jake Starr: Homophobic? Not at all! I am just calling things like I see them. If he, in all of his INFINITE wisDUMB, see it as me acting like a teenage boy, maybe he should reevaluate the whole situation here. Who is the one fraternizing CONSTANTLY with three other MEN ONLY! Maybe, instead of trying to once again justify his incestuous drivel by pinning this on me, he should think about why he's trying to be "offended" by what I say. Usually... Those who are offended are the ones who really have a SECRET they need to admit to the world, but most importantly to themselves. Maybe he has something he needs to sit down with his fellow Greaternity members and let out in the open? I mean if those guys are really as "close" as they seem to portray, they should be very understanding and welcome him with as open of arms as they always do. Then again... They could kick him to the curb, and tell him he needs to find partnership everywhere but there. Who knows... And the whole thing about me watching South Park... Why shouldn't I watch a show that is entertaining? Good Lord it's like he's trying to mother me here. I don't know why he feels like he should try and point some moral compass for me, but who knows with this guy!

Shawn Wright: You realize you're a hypocrite!

Jake looks at his friend with wide eyes, shocked at his comment.

Jake Starr: What the f_ck?

Shawn Wright: Oh sorry I was trying to get into the mindset of the 100-plus responses I heard you got when you filed your complaint.

Jake Starr: Oh yeah!

Shawn Wright: Was it really that many?

Jake Starr: Yeah... It was about 10 responses of people actually making a logical debate, and the other 90 were nothing but Justin Davis Prime...

Shawn Wright: Davis Prime?

Jake Starr: Yeah... One in the same...

Shawn Wright: So... Wait... What?

Jake Starr: Never mind...

Again, after a slight pause, Shawn gets it.

Shawn Wright: OH!

Jake Starr: Christ! You'd think by now you'd get it quicker.

Shawn Wright: Eventually!

Jake returns to the point he was making before Shawn became a bit confused.

Jake Starr: Anyway... The other 90 were Justin Michael Prime Davis and Chris "My Jowls Hit The Floor" Lawler trying to be funny.

Shawn Wright: He's like the face transplant lady?

Jake Starr: Oh yeah! Hell... He may BE that face transplant lady.

Shawn Wright: Wow... So there's some serious immaturity in this place huh?

Jake Starr: Oh yeah! I mean, I wasn't going to hide from the fact I filed the complaint, and then you have these rubes come out of the woodwork and act like they can be funny, instead of having a serious discussion on the matter.

Shawn Wright: Just shows how much they don't understand legitimate, intellectual, banter.

Jake Starr: Oh well... Back to Allocco...

With Jake bringing the conversation back to his opponent, Jake tries to refocus his energy back on his opponent.

Jake Starr: You hear him say I should start to evaluate myself after I cut promos and such?

Shawn Wright: Yeah...

Jake Starr: You ever done that?

Shawn Wright: Umm... Only when I wanted to prove a point. I don't usually like to see myself on TV.

Jake Starr: Yeah...

Shawn Wright: I mean I have reviewed match tapes and such to watch how I performed and such, but never really gone back to critique my promos. I try to know what I am talking about, while I'm talking about it.

Jake Starr: So then why should I go watch tapes of myself? I am not some egotistical boob who needs to stare at myself and watch what I say. I know what I say! It may not be something people like, but I don't care. I don't care what Mr. Allocco and his harem of homosexual hard-ons think. I don't know why I should care. I guess I just can't put myself in his mindset here. I don't get why someone would have to go watch tapes of themselves talking, ESPECIALLY when they know what they're saying. I did notice that he didn't go off and call me Jake Starr 400 times. So at least he knows how to take criticism. He may think I'm acting twelve, and need to go watch myself do it, but at least I'm not someone who thinks I'm out to "enlighten" people to my "ways." I don't care if he thinks I'm acting twelve. Although... The only thing is how can I act twelve and only be in fourth or fifth grade? And also acting twelve puts me about 5 years above his mentality... So I don't know why he's bragging there!

Shawn Wright: Maybe it is because he thinks highly of himself?

Jake looks at Shawn, as Shawn smirks at his own sarcasm.

Jake Starr: Well thanks "Almighty Literal One!"

Shawn Wright: You did ask, and I did answer!

Jake Starr: Well I asked more rhetorically.

Shawn Wright: And I answered anyway!

Jake Starr: You know... Sometimes I seriously wonder about you!

Shawn Wright: That's ok... I don't mind! Roxie worries about me constantly...

Jake Starr: She's your wife... She's supposed to!

Shawn Wright: Fair point!

Jake returns the topic to his opponent.

Jake Starr: You know... I'm also glad he realizes how boring he is! He immediately, once again, goes into defending that VERY FACT by saying he doesn't care what people think, he just wants them to know he can "wrestle." How original! Defer the point of your argument to a completely different point, and hope people don't realize it. You can think I'm amateur and twelve, but at least when I make a point to debunk some frivolous accusations you may make, I prove my point instead of changing the focus of the argument, and proving the complete opposite of what I had hoped.

Shawn Wright: I thought you were the hypocrite?!

Jake Starr: Apparently I am... Yet, when I make a point, I make THAT POINT!

Shawn Wright: True...

Jake Starr: Maybe he should watch tapes of himself some more.

Shawn Wright: Or listen to what he says...

Jake Starr: Yeah... I didn't know it was extremely difficult to actually pay attention to the words that are exiting your mouth, as they were exiting.

Shawn Wright: Must be harder than you thought...

Jake Starr: Damn... I impress myself then!

Shawn Wright: Ha ha!

Jake nods his head as if legitimately impressed with himself.

Jake Starr: And maybe if he starts watching his own promos, he'll realize how stupid half of his s#it sounds.

Shawn Wright: Oh c'mon! He's got some mighty good little tid-bits of his gimmick don't you think?

Jake Starr: Seriously?

Shawn has a big smile on his face, which immediately goes to a stoic face.

Shawn Wright: Umm... No...

Jake Starr: Oh thank God...

Shawn Wright: Adam's little quips and catch phrases are about as "cool" as that guy who hosts Mad Money on CNBC...

Jake Starr: No kidding!! I mean how does he think the "Alloccoism" thing is ACTUALLY catchy? It sounds retarded. It is one of those things that simply sounds like he's fishing for something to put on a t-shirt. That is just SAD! Why should wrestlers have to try various "catch phrases" and things like "Alloccism" in order to be popular? Yeah I did it once too. But that was before I realized how stupid it sounded nine times out of ten. It is rare you can pull that "Austin 3:16" out of your ass, and it stick. And clinging to one just makes someone sound like an even more egotistical DOUCHE than they actually are. And then he decides to try and point out that "Enlightener" isn't what he is. No s#it Sherlock! But if you're preaching "ENLIGHTENMENT," you are, like it or not, an "ENLIGHTENER!" Good lord he talks about how I didn't listen, and yet he doesn't even comprehend what I was saying... Wow... Simply WOW!

Shawn Wright: Well he takes everything at simple face value, and that is all. I mean if you say something, and it doesn't EXACTLY match what he says, he's going to throw his little s#it fit.

Jake Starr: That's the damn truth. I mean why else would he have thrown a fit about being called the "Enlightener." I mean I am just trying to help his little attempts to come up with something to whore himself out there with.

Shawn Wright: I'm sure he wants to do it all by his baby self.

Jake Starr: Probably...

Shawn Wright: He don't need no stupid help making up catchy ideas to sell to the public!

Jake Starr: No but he needs some help elsewhere, that's for sure!

Shawn Wright: Yeah... I mean why else would he continually be seen with those three douches?

Jake Starr: Because they love one another very much!

Shawn Wright: Or...

Jake Starr: Because they are incapable of winning on their own.

Shawn Wright: Yeah... Pretty much... But Allocco, as he said, is incapable of being alone because he is out to "enlighten" the tag team division.

Jake Starr: Oh... You don't know how excited I am he decided to "enlighten" me. I mean... He is the "ENLIGHTENER" of Supreme Championship Wrestling right? I don't really care what division he thinks he is responsible for rebuilding. So what if he cares a lot about tag team wrestling. His butt-buddy Ace won't be there to carry his ass at Breakdown. He can hope and pray that his special interaction with other males, which when it gets to the level he is at, yeah it is GAY, helps carry him through this match. I know he doesn't appreciate a woman being there to help get you through tough times, but in life, in the REAL WORLD, when you're not sitting around watching man-on-man excitement, having a family is something that can pull you through better than a group of needle-dicked cuckolds like his little menagerie. But then again... What do I know? I'm just a pest... An annoyance... Not a real competitor! Why should I even be talking?

Shawn chuckles at Jake's sarcasm.

Shawn Wright: Good to see you're accepting the fact you're an annoying pest, who should never been taken seriously!

Jake Starr: I know! I mean, I wish I had just come to understanding this earlier in my career.

Shawn Wright: Yeah... Probably would have been better...

Jake Starr: No wonder everyone always said I was hypocritical, juvenile, stupid, idiotic, moronic, childish, dumb...

Shawn Wright: Ok... Ok... I think I get it!

Jake smirks.

Jake Starr: I find it funny how people actually think a lot of those comments are actually going to effect me mentally.

Shawn Wright: Yeah no joke!

Jake Starr: I mean why would any of those comments actually have ANY effect on me what so ever?

Shawn Wright: Because some of them are true?

Jake Starr: True or not, why would I care?

Shawn Wright: I don't know? Because they think it'll upset you? I don't know dude!

Jake Starr: Ha ha... Well have you ever notice how some things you can say really do set someone off? Like calling Adam a lackey. Boy that really just sent him off the deep end AGAIN! He had to start justifying how he has been able to score pinfalls too. What he DOESN'T mention, is that Ace does all of the work, then he runs in and covers them. He reminds me of a certain unibrowed star in another organization. Ace is definitely the man in the relationship, and Adam is the bitch who takes all of the credit in the end. And as for me stalking him... Let me think here... When is the ONLY time I seemingly see this chicken s#it? I see him either stroking Ace, or kissing Alex. So yeah he's still just a lackey. He always is around those he knows is FAR greater in the talent department.

Shawn decides to play Devil's Advocate.

Shawn Wright: We were all there at some point in are career.

Jake Starr: Yeah... We have... But for someone who is talking as big of a game as he is, he should be on his own more so than he is.

Shawn Wright: You think he's really ready for that level?

Jake Starr: No... Why do you think he is so fixated on saving the tag team division?

Shawn Wright: He has some deep desire to see it survive?

Jake Starr: No... He knows FOR A FACT he isn't cutout for the singles world. He needs that extra person in his corner to save him. He has to have that added insurance policy there to protect him when he screws up.

Shawn Wright: Like I said man... We've all been there...

Jake Starr: Yeah, and like I said, we were also smart enough not to act like our s#it didn't stink either.

Shawn Wright: Most of the time ha ha...

Jake Starr: Just kind of depended on who we wanted to piss off at the time.

Shawn Wright: Which for guys like us, we always liked the enjoyment of pissing others off!

Jake Starr: Well it was always something we were good and successful at doing!

Shawn Wright: Very true!

Jake Starr: I mean how many people made the claim that we didn't piss them off, and it was blatantly obvious we did?

Shawn Wright: Hey kind of like Lawler and Davis-Prime?

Jake Starr: Yeah... Those two are prime examples! You never hear from them until they THINK they have something funny to say, then they'll poke their head out from their mother's basement, make the comment, be the only one laughing, then run away and block people before anyone else can respond.

Shawn Wright: Oh?

Jake Starr: Yeah... Instead of actually going toe-to-toe with someone who they KNOW they can't compete with humorously, they make an unfunny line, and go "QUICK BLOCK EM," and laugh thinking they actually did something special.

Shawn Wright: Wow!

Jake Starr: And what is the funniest part, is the fact they have NO CLUE what people say about them behind their backs.

Shawn Wright: Ha ha... Oh I can imagine...

Jake Starr: If they did, they would be begging their parents to come and demand apologies!

The two laugh.

Jake Starr: But back to Allocco, he just thinks that if he claims I haven't gotten under his skin, I'll believe him!

Shawn Wright: Yeah...

Jake Starr: I mean he knows I have gotten under his skin. How else could he justify going out and having to, well, justify everything I said before? I mean it doesn't make sense. If someone gets under your skin, you have to run out there as quickly as you can and go "NO NO NO HE'S LYING!" And the funny thing is... That's what he did! I mean he says he has already proven himself in SCW. Look at all of the history books, I don't really see his name anywhere. I mean sure, he has a winning record, big deal! Where's the title belts to back it up? Wins don't justify a career when you don't have the accolades to back it up. He seemingly thinks that having NO BELT is better than having the Adrenaline Championship. You see... I know that if I wanted to go after another belt, I'd have to drop this one. I'm not willing to lose in order to move on. I've taken tier-two and tier-three titles and made them worth more than the tier-one title belts. If that happens here, then it will trust me! And why bring up someone like CHBK? He's just like Alex Jr., and some of those other punks... It's like it is all the same person, they all sound EXACTLY THE SAME! All of these boring characters are the same deep down, and he knows it just like I do. And even though I didnít win the ìGod of Wrestlingî tournament, like I should have except for biased views of those who get to make the "calls," and the racism that was allowed, beating Allocco WILL make me an bigger SOMEBODY than his stupid little tournament would have.

Shawn Wright: Yeah... That's pretty rearded how the f_cking "God of Wrestling" tourney ended...

Jake Starr: Well certain people who happen to end up opponents, and their friends, didn't want the guy who actually raised a GOOD POINT about the effects of racism to get a win. So they rigged it.

Shawn Wright: Yeah...

Jake Starr: Now I understand how Kross felt after our match. I figured they told him about the way it was going to end, and apparently they didn't, and the same with how they decided to PURPOSELY screw me over.

Shawn Wright: Yeah...

Jake Starr: I mean why else would I have actually lost?

Shawn Wright: Well we all know what the RACIST will say...

Jake Starr: Yeah... But then again if you actually rank someone as "number one" in the federation, and then have him lose, it calls your judgement into question.

Shawn Wright: So you think that's going to happen this week?

Jake Starr: It's inevitable!

Shawn seems shocked that Jake actually believes that.

Shawn Wright: Really?

Jake Starr: Yeah! If I lose this week it'll be completely based on politics backstage and nothing else. I am learning this "legit" establishment is seemingly IDENTICAL to every other one I have ever been in.

Shawn Wright: Goodie!

Jake Starr: Yeah... Reminds me a lot of the old OWF mentality. Whoever is drinking coffee with the boss every morning gets the wins. I'm beginning to think that's why they had the whole "angle" with Stacy joining "The In-f_ck-tion." They went, "We can't put a guy over who isn't willing to come coddle the bosses every single day, so let's have a no contest."

Shawn Wright: Ha ha!

Jake Starr: So that's why I am claiming it as a win by disqualification...

Shawn Wright: I don't blame you!

Jake Starr: So if I end up losing... Everyone will know why! It won't be because of the right reasons...

Shawn smiles and nods.

Shawn Wright: Jake Starr IS back...

Jake Starr: Why do you say that?

Shawn Wright: You're one of those guys who would openly call out stupidity and bias within places. Most people just keep it to themselves.

Jake's phone rings. He looks at the caller ID, but shields it from the camera's viewpoint. Unlike previous instances, where both parties can be heard, the voice on the phone isn't known. Neither is what that person is saying. Jake's words, however, are clear.

Jake Starr: Hello... Yeah... I'm kind of shocked I'm hearing from you... Ok tell me... Yeah I kind of had a match with him, and we all know how that one turned out... Sorry still bitter, anyway... Wait, what?! He's who?! You're kidding! He's another one?! Son of a... Thanks man... Yeah I appreciate the info...

Jake hangs the phone up from this brief conversation, and is visably more upset than before.

Shawn Wright: What was that about?

Jake Starr: Seems like there's another "two-faced" individual here...

Shawn Wright: Ok... Why would it upset you?

Jake Starr: Seemingly would explain a lot of reasons a lot of events took place this weekend, and WHY they went down like they did.

Shawn Wright: Umm...

Jake Starr: Let's just say there WAS a conflict of interest about rules being created for certain individuals, and then on top of that, winners were chosen by the "management" who happen to HIGHLY RESEMBLE those who might be involved in another match with me.

Shawn Wright: Holy Sh...

Jake Starr: Yep...

Shawn Wright: What the f_ck kind of place is this?

Jake Starr: The kind where only those who are "special" get recognized...

Shawn Wright: And put into main events?

Jake Starr: Listen... The only reason any of these guys have been in main events in SCW is because "The In-f_ck-tion" and Greaternity, like I have said, are pretty much the SAME PEOPLE, and they feel SAFE putting themselves in a BORING angle that has happened TIME AND TIME AGAIN! I don't care if he has been in a main event, he has had to do it because he's associated with a group of jizz-filled assholes. It isn't because he is worth a damn. He can try to bring my mom into this, but just know, she's been around this business longer than he has, and ultimately is proud of me and what I have accomplished. And I can say... I am proud of me too!

Shawn Wright: Makes sense... That's how most places end up doing things now a days. They're too f_cking scared to do anything else.

Jake Starr: Yep... Unfortunately, it looks like SCW may be the same way. I guess we'll see at Breakdown, won't we?

Shawn Wright: Yeah... And I fear for SCW if it turns out to be the same way!

Jake Starr: Me too...

With those final words, a very emotional, and troubled, Jake Starr leaves the frame. The recent developments of finding out what REALLY happens behind the scenes comes as quite a shock to the Adrenaline Champion, and the concern that it could ultimately spill over to cause havoc upon SCW begins to grow. Who is the one who called Jake and told him about the link between his opponent in the "God of Wrestling" tournament, and someone else Jake has, or will, be encountering in the ring? Will SCW fall into the realm of being seen as another federation that allows the "friends" to receive credit, and the "new guys" to receive nothing? The decisions that will be made before Breakdown, and ultimately impact Breakdown, will soon be seen... As will the reaction of THE "STARR" of Supreme Championship Wrestling.

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