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Morality - mo·ral·i·ty

Definition... 1) The quality of being in accord with standards of right or good conduct. 2) A system of ideas of right and wrong conduct: religious morality; Christian morality. 3) Virtuous conduct. 4) A rule or lesson in moral conduct.

From the moment of birth, parents begin to instill a sense of morality on their newborns.

It usually begins with a simple explanation of "right" and "wrong," and how to ultimately learn to cipher between the two.

As we age, it is the responsibility of the parents to continue teaching the ability to truly understand those differences, and also teach us how to apply it to various situations in life.

Once maturity fully sets in, the parents begin to slowly wean their young away from relying on them for praise or punishment for the decisions they make.

It is at that moment, it becomes the responsibility of the "new" adult to apply the knowledge of morality to their lives.

They can do it wisely, or improperly.

With those decisions they make, they define who they are, and ultimately define how they're viewed in society, by their peers, by their children, etc.

Fresh off of his first match of the week in the "God of Wrestling" tournament, Jake Starr now shifts his focus to his next challenge that comes in the form of Stacy Kissinger. Kissinger, a former United States Champion in Supreme Championship Wrestling, marks the first woman Jake will have ever fought in his career. He has stated, very affluently, that the idea of wrestling a woman has some conflict against his moral beliefs. He does realize, however, that signing a contract with SCW put this possibility out there, and he refuses to not honor his contractual obligations. He has spent the time, since he was last heard from, working diligently on viewing Kissinger as another opponent, and not as a "woman." As Jake and Roeper come into view, the two are already conversing about Jake's match at Breakdown. Roeper looks more perturbed regarding Jake's views of Kissinger, but sits back and listens as Jake discusses Stacy, and their upcoming encounter at Breakdown.

Jake Starr: ... This thing I'm fighting at Breakdown has proven to be one of the same THINGS I have already dispatched in my stint, thus far, in Supreme Championship Wrestling. Stacy Kissinger has kept his/her mouth shut, proving that he/she fears the fact that I will be exposing him/her for what Stacy truly is, a complete farce in this business. A lot of people have actually verbally picked Stacy to be the SCW opponent who ends my winning streak here. Quite frankly, those people who have chosen Stacy obviously haven't seen what I'm capable of. They obviously have neglected to watch my matches in the ring. To them I simply say... Good! The more stupid people are out there second-guessing Jake Starr, and simply pulling for the people who seem like a "safe pick," the better off I do. I love that, since day ONE, I haven't had the support of everyone here. There are a solid group of guys who simply support their buddies, and believe that the new guys to the federation will never amount to much. Stacy Kissinger will be ANOTHER example of how I am defying that mentality. Justin Davis was the last "superstar" who was supposed to have the destiny of ending the streak of Jake Starr. How did he fair? Miss-ter Kissinger will be the next victim of that fate. Stacy holds the hopes of a lot of the SCW-elite on "shis" shoulders. There are many who want me to finally falter, and that is fine! It's not going to happen at the manly hands of this self-proclaimed "woman" in wrestling.

Roeper is obviously becoming slightly annoyed with Jake and his continual reference to Stacy Kissinger in every form but "woman."

Roeper Hart: I honestly think she's a woman babe!

Jake Starr: And I honestly think it's a gender-confused piece of garbage...

Roeper Hart: How come?

Jake Starr: Because... I...

Roeper Hart: Because women can't wrestle?

Jake Starr: No... I...

Roeper Hart: Because women don't belong in the ring with men?

Jake Starr: No... I...

Roeper Hart: Then why?

Jake Starr: If you'd quit interrupting me I'd tell you!

Roeper Hart: Ok... Then go!

Now showing a similar annoyance to his wife, Jake finally gets to explain himself.

Jake Starr: Chyna paved the way for women to be in this business along with men, so that is NOT the case. What I am saying is... The self-proclaimed "women" in Supreme Championship Wrestling who are wrestling the guys don't really act like "women" at all. Sure... Chyna looked like a man, and had a clitoris that resembled a small penis, but she was a woman. An ugly woman, but a woman none the less. These "queens" in SCW are nothing more than wannabes. They saw the attention Chyna drew when she broke the gender barriers. They realize if they come out here as actual GUYS... They'll be nothing! They're just trying their best to make a "footprint" in wrestling, and having to do it in a completely foolish, and stupid way!

Roeper Hart: I honestly think you're wrong... But that's just me!

Jake Starr: Besides... Why should I treat "her" differently than I would treat any of my other opponents?

Roeper Hart: Umm...

Jake Starr: I mean let me go along with what you're preaching here... You want me to acknowledge "her" and treat her like an "equal." Well if that's the case, I should be saying a lot of this about her. I should be verbally assaulting her, and preparing to do so in the ring. I expect "her" to come out and try to beat me up, so therefore, I am wanting to do the same to "her!"

Roeper Hart: Fair argument!

Jake Starr: Think about it... If this were me talking to anyone else, you'd, ultimately, be fine with it. It would never bother you! Hell at first this didn't. Now it's starting to, which I knew it would!

Roeper Hart: Do you not see why?

Jake Starr: I totally see why! You know I believe in equality!

Roeper Hart: Yeah which is why it is totally different to hear you talking like this!

Jake Starr: I am doing just what this organization wants us to do with the "women" in the company. Treat them like the proverbial "one of the guys." Therefore, Kissinger is a douche who I am going to trash!

Roeper Hart: Still... I'm sure I am not the only one who would find some of the things you said a bit on the "offensive" side...

Jake Starr: And? That makes it different than any other time I have ripped on an opponent?

Roeper Hart: I guess it doesn't...

Jake Starr: Overall, I'm not thrilled about fighting this broad...

Roeper Hart: That I do know...

Jake Starr: But... If this is what they want, then this is what they'll get!

Roeper Hart: Ok...

Roeper still shows definite ill-feelings towards Jake's attitude as it pertains to Stacy Kissinger.

Jake Starr: I know you're not a complete fan of how I've treated "her," but like I said... "She's" just another "one of the guys" being thrown in my path...

Roeper Hart: We've established that!

Jake winces at Roeper's very surly response.

Jake Starr: Damn!

Roeper Hart: Well... You're being an ass!

Jake Starr: And? Isn't that normal?

Roeper Hart: Yeah...

Jake Starr: So it's towards some "woman" this time... Why should she be special?

Roeper Hart: Well...

Jake Starr: Seriously why? If she's going to enter the ring and wrestle me, why?

Roeper Hart: If you'll shut up...

Jake Starr: Alright!

Roeper Hart: I'm not saying she should be "special" in the sense she should receive special treatment. I just think you could go about addressing her in a different way...

Jake Starr: And if I did that, how should I then treat her in the ring? Be all gentle?

Roeper Hart: No... If she wants to get in the ring with you, she should be exposed to everything a man is.

Jake Starr: Then why can't "she" outside of the ring too? It's a damn double standard!

Roeper Hart: Well life is full of double standards!

Jake Starr: Yeah... Well this business isn't! I'm not treating anyone with some stupid "special" treatment because of some difference from another opponent. I am officially to the point where, I know that outside of wrestling, a man lying his hands on a woman is completely wrong!

Roeper Hart: Oh c'mon... I'll admit sometimes women need to have the s#it shaken out of them sometimes!

Jake's "serious" attitude is broken by Roeper's wit. He gets a nice chuckle at the hands of his wife.

Jake Starr: But seriously... In wrestling, if a woman wants to compete with the men, she deserves to be treated just like the rest of them, no questions asked.

Roeper Hart: Eh... I guess...

Jake Starr: But you know... Part of me hopes this match will honestly be a quick one. Another part of me hopes that I drag it out, and make ANOTHER example out of someone the "elite" view as a "star." Regardless of how long the match lasts, I plan on using Stacy Kissinger to continue to hammer home the fact that I am no slouch. I am not someone who is just going to have a nice, short, little, run here, then slowly fade into oblivion. I am not someone who is just another guy off to a "hot start" that will soon "cool off." The time is approaching where people will be forced to accept the fact that I am legit, and you can't just overlook me. You can't just expect someone who is more "seasoned" in SCW to always triumph over someone who may not be as experienced. Like I have said many times, I may be new in Supreme Championship Wrestling, but I am no where near new in this business. It is coming to a point when people need to accept it. The fact people are still looking at me as a "newbie" in pro wrestling, really irritates me. Eventually, the idea that Jake Starr is no pushover will become engrained in the hearts, minds, and souls of those who walk the locker room in Supreme Championship Wrestling. Whether it happens with me beating Stacy Kissinger, or it happens down the road as I climb the ladder to achieving SCW greatness, it is going to happen.

Roeper Hart: Why would the length of the match matter?

Jake Starr: Because... If it's a quick one, everyone realizes I can obliterate these "hopes" that get thrown in my way without any hesitation...

Roeper Hart: And the longer match?

Jake Starr: ... Proves that I can stand toe to toe with them, handle whatever they dish out, and emerge victorious.

Roeper Hart: So what you're saying is, a win will prove your point regardless?

Jake Starr: Not necessarily!

Roeper Hart: Then I'm lost!

Jake Starr: If I win, but barely manage to pull it out... Like I'm getting manhandled and catch "her" when she isn't prepared, and just scrape by, I don't get the appreciation I deserve. Everyone would continue to s#it on me, saying I just squeaked by.

Roeper Hart: Ah!

Jake Starr: Yeah... It's stupid as hell, but that's how people view things in this business. Hell Jesse was like that for a while. He finally shaped up and started doing things on his own. Now he's doing pretty well for himself!

Roeper Hart: Yeah it sounds like it!

The two sit in silence momentarily. Roeper is nodding her head, still thinking about the last statement she made, and continuing to process the whole situation. Jake begins to speak again while she thinks.

Jake Starr: I seriously continue to be completely baffled at the fact that this THING is being thrown in my path. It doesn't make any sense. It's like, when they decide on who to pick for my next victim, they line everyone who is worthless in SCW up on a dart board, blindfold Drachewych, have him toss a dart, and whomever it lands on, BOOM! There lies Jake Starr's next opponent. Eventually, holes will be through the foreheads of every single "mid-card sensation" here, and all that will be left will be those who are being PROTECTED from me. I know Drachewych is protecting his boys, hoping nobody notices. I have a feeling his little favor will be something that, ultimately, continues to protect his "boys" from my wrath. The fact of the matter is this... Stacy Kissinger is merely another piece of garbage I hope to expose to the wrestling public. This THING is just another reason I decided to make a comeback in this business. Stacy is making a mockery of this business by thinking IT belongs. There are a TON of people who have this mentality. I didn't do my part, and my family didn't do its part, to help shape this business, to have people like Stacy Kissinger come in and rip it to shreds. I will NOT be standing for it. I will NOT be allowing it to continue. It is time for a "Misfit" to ascend the throne, and take charge of how this business is ran, and how it is percived by the outside world!

Roeper Hart: So do you HONESTLY think that beating her will help your stock?

Jake Starr: I don't know truthfully... Unfortunately the people that keep being thrown in front of me are ultimately worthless.

Roeper Hart: Then why pit them against you?

Jake Starr: All I can figure is either they want to continue to boost my confidence, and allow me to trounce these pieces of s#it, or they just think I'm s#it and don't want to waste, who they view as "real talent," against me.

Roeper Hart: Yeah...

Jake Starr: It also could be they're afraid I might actually get "lucky" against one of their "big boys," and then really screw up plans they may have!

Roeper Hart: I doubt that!

Jake Starr: Hopefully you're right...

Roeper Hart: I hope so too!

Roeper sighs deeply. She tries to lighten the mood.

Roeper Hart: At least if the match were on a marquee it would look good!

Jake Starr: What do you mean?

Roeper Hart: Think about it...

Roeper gazes off into space, and raises her hand as if displaying the marquee.

Roeper Hart: ... "'The Solid Gold Sensation' battles 'The Social Misfit' as Supreme Championship Wrestling presents Breakdown!" Sounds impressive enough!

Jake Starr: Would be better if it said the "The Golden Shower Sensation..." Then it'd be sexy!

Roeper Hart: Ew!

Roeper is disgusted with the thought, but Jake's face lights up. He elaborates on his epiphany.

Jake Starr: Maybe that is what "she" has meant all along! Maybe I was wrong thinking "she" had gilded reproductive organs, or related to callipyge sheep. All along, "she" was just obsessed with having other gender-conflicted individuals simply shower "her" in urine! I wonder if "she" is one of those who likes to take the time to "prepare" by lying out plastic tarps. I can see it now... "She" calls up the transsexual call girl service, requests one of the "girls" who has a full bladder, and once the transaction is processed she runs to the "special closet" to get the tarp. "She" lies it out on the floor, unlocks the door, and lies down in excited anticipation! "She" knows that the minute "her friend" arrives, she is going to be blessed with a baptism by urine. Wow... I am completely shocked I never realized this! I am curious if "she" is one of those who likes to pretend to be a fountain and hold her mouth open the entire time... Hmm! Or maybe "she" likes to pretend "she" is a terrorist at Guantanamo, and "she's" experiencing some "enhanced interrogation methods," also known as torture to normal people.

Roeper is absolutely grossed out by Jake's elaboration. She stares at him with a horrified look on her face.

Jake Starr: Problem?

Roeper Hart: That's disgusting!

Jake Starr: Sometimes the truth is unfortunately...

Roeper Hart: I sincerely doubt that Stacy is into that act...

Jake Starr: How come? You saying "she" can't be kinky?

Roeper Hart: That's beyond kinky!

Jake Starr: Which part?

Roeper Hart: All of it!

Jake Starr: Better than if she was into staring in a remake of "Two Girls One Cup!"

Roeper gags thinking about the viral "shock" video.

Jake Starr: Ha ha!

Roeper Hart: Nasty!

Jake Starr: Although it would be more like "Two 'Wish-They-Were-Girls' and Probably Two Cups!"

Roeper Hart: Two cups?

Jake Starr: Yeah! Two CUPS...

Realizing Jake meant the "athletic supporter" cups, Roeper's eyes get wide.

Jake Starr: SEE!

Roeper Hart: You really like making people think don't you?

Jake Starr: Yep! Makes life more interesting that way!

With those final words, the conversation between the pair slowly begins to fade to silent, and the screen fades to black. Stacy Kissinger will, inevitably, call Jake's moral judgment into consideration, and force him to fight the mental and physical battle at Breakdown. If he comes out victorious, and continues his streak within the halls of SCW, what will be next in his path? Will Drachewych call in his favor at Breakdown, or continue to hold it over the head of his Adrenaline Champion? If he does, will Jake honor it, or join the list of those who defy the will of the boss, and ultimately put an even bigger target on his back?

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