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Coming out of Out of Control, Jake Starr's confidence level is continuing to skyrocket. His stock in SCW is continuing to rise, and his feeling deep down is that his shot at becoming the "top dog" is fast approaching. After defeating Justin Davis, Jake sees more opportunities arising because of it. The feeling is shared between himself and his friends and family. Speaking with his father on the phone, Jake shows his growing confidence in his demeanor and tone of his voice. His father also exhibits his pleasure of hearing a much more upbeat son than the last time they ran into one another.

Voice of Jeff Starr: I really am proud of you son!

Jake Starr: Thanks Dad! I really appreciate it!

Voice of Jeff Starr: I told you that this whole "favor" BS would eventually just blow over, and you'd get back on your stride.

Jake Starr: Well I don't know how much it's really "blown over."

Voice of Jeff Starr: What do you mean?

Jake Starr: You miss Breakdown last week?

Voice of Jeff Starr: I shut it off once I saw you get the three count... Did I miss something?

Jake Starr: Drachewych came and took me on a little "walk."

Voice of Jeff Starr: Oh great! How did that one go?

Jake Starr: Well partially, he was making sure I wasn't able to stop Damian Angel from attacking Shyne, the other reason was to reiterate the fact that I do, and I quote, "still owe him."

Voice of Jeff Starr: He's a douche!

Jake Starr: Well I don't think you'll have many arguments on that one...

Voice of Jeff Starr: Why in the hell is he pulling this crap? Doesn't he realize you ARE the future of HIS company?

Jake Starr: I'm sure he does. I know he sees me as "valuable property" to SCW, but I don't know if he necessarily sees me as the "future."

Voice of Jeff Starr: Well he should! He didn't give you any more ideas on the "favor?"

Jake Starr: Not one! Like I said he just keeps pointing out that I "owe him."

Voice of Jeff Starr: That chaps my ass!

Jake Starr: Ha ha!

Voice of Jeff Starr: Well it does!

After expressing his displeasure with the "favor" situation, Jake's father switches topics.

Voice of Jeff Starr: Anything new with this tournament thing you told me about?

Jake Starr: Aside from my first opponent? Not really...

Voice of Jeff Starr: He any good?

Jake Starr: He's got potential! It should be a good match...

Voice of Jeff Starr: That's good to hear... What about this next Breakdown? Anything new for it?

Jake Starr: Haven't heard anything yet. I am assuming I'll find out sometime fairly soon though!

Voice of Jeff Starr: I'm wondering if everything will come to a head finally?

Jake Starr: Possibly... Or who knows... Drachewych could simply decide to continue to drag the whole thing out. If that's the case it'll just be another day in SCW.

Voice of Jeff Starr: Well let's hope that doesn't happen!

Jake Starr: Yeah I would prefer it just be over and done with.

Voice of Jeff Starr: You think it'll be a one-time thing?

Jake Starr: What?

Voice of Jeff Starr: The favor?

Jake Starr: Oh... Who knows... He may be someone who is always like this... But honestly you're starting to worry about it more than I am!

Voice of Jeff Starr: Well I figured it'd be over by now!

Jake Starr: Personally... If you want my honest to God opinion... If it were something as bad as I was first assuming, he would have cashed it in by now.

Voice of Jeff Starr: Yeah...

There is a loud knock at Jake's front door.

Jake Starr: Hang on Dad... Someone's at the door!

Voice of Jeff Starr: Alright!

Jake sets his cell phone on the counter and walks to the front door. As Jake opens his front door, Shawn Wright is seen outside and comes flying in. His eyes are wide open, and he is mumbling something incoherently. Jake is chuckling as Shawn simply looks like a stuttering boob as he paces around his house. Jake returns to his cell phone and picks it back up.

Jake Starr: I'm back...

Voice of Jeff Starr: What's the commotion?

Jake Starr: Shawn's here, and apparently something crazy has happened...

Voice of Jeff Starr: Bad?

Jake Starr: No... I think just something that he's a combination of excited and shocked about. That's usually when he becomes a stammering ass...

Voice of Jeff Starr: Oh ok!

Jake Starr: I'll give you a call back in a bit Dad!

Voice of Jeff Starr: Sounds like a winner! Love ya son!

Jake Starr: You too Dad!

Jake hangs up his cell phone, and realizes Shawn has vanished from the area he was originally pacing in. From the side of the scene, another door shoots open and Shawn comes rushing back into the room. Jake smacks Shawn upside his head, which quickly brings him to a dead stop. He then regains his composure, while still obviously excited, and begins explaining the reasoning of his excitement to Jake.

Shawn Wright: Dude did I hear right?

Jake Starr: About?

Shawn Wright: Breakdown!

Jake Starr: What about it?

Shawn Wright: You didn't hear?!

Jake Starr: Apparently not...

Shawn Wright: You're fighting a CHICK!

Jake Starr: Do WHAT?!

Shawn Wright: It is seemingly common in SCW!

Jake Starr: You have GOT to be joking...

Shawn Wright: I really wish I was!

Jake Starr: I can't do that!

Shawn Wright: Why?

Jake Starr: It goes against everything I believe!

Shawn Wright: Hell I see this as every guys dream!

Jake Starr: What?

Shawn Wright: To bitch-slap a girl, who deserves it, and not get thrown in jail!

Jake's head kind of slumps as he begins to mentally ponder the idea of wrestling a woman. The thought alone obviously has him at a mental stand-still.

Jake Starr: You know... With as many years in this business, you'd think I would have done it all. Hell... I would have thought I had done it all! But alas, it turns out there is one thing I have never done. I never thought this would be something to cross my path either. I'm actually going to be going against everything I always believed and everything I was raised to accept. I'm going to actually put my hands on a woman. Well in a physical manner... Er... Non-sexual manner! There we go! That's a good way to put it! I'm not quite sure how "womanly" she is though. Anytime I hear about women actually wrestling against men, they usually are the equivalent of Nicole Bass or Chyna... Meaning they secretly have a small penis that they claim is a clitoris. Unfortunately, the viewing public always seems to remain in question. But anyway... I digress... I'm apparently fighting some broad named Stacy Kissinger. Who she is... Not quite sure! All I know is she is used to be the United States Champion around the end of last year. Apparently it went from a title for the men to a women's title for a couple of months. Quite an interesting predicament if you ask me. Anyway back to this "shim" that I get stuck fighting... From what I have heard from this hole, she really has the makings to be a running mate with John McCain. Seriously... Put a pair of glasses on this broad and you get a young Sarah Palin. Hell... Women wrestling men is quite "mavericky" if you ask me! So what is there to honestly expect from this "shim?" Well... For one she is a tall bean-pole. I mean 6'0", 148? Holy Jesus! Talk about a tall and skinny bitch!

Shawn Wright: Why does that almost sound out of proportion to me?

Jake Starr: I agree!

Shawn Wright: This is just crazy man! I mean combine both of our careers, we have faught close to 800 matches, and never once have wrestled a woman.

Jake Starr: I guess it is part of the new era of wrestling. I'm not totally opposed to it, but at the same time it brings a lot of morality questions around.

Shawn Wright: But apparently this has been going on here for a while...

Jake Starr: Yeah... I just chose to ignore it. I knew it was almost inevitable.

Shawn Wright: Well do you think it's right?

Jake Starr: Trust me... I am all about equality in the world. I believe women deserve the same rights as men. But I am totally against "shims" trying to get the rights from both sides. Seriously! How is it fair to be sporting the genitalia of both sexes, and actually be rewarded for it? If you voluntarily go out and have your pecker inverted to a vagina, you don't instantly deserve to waltz your happy ass into a women's bathroom, you don't deserve to be considered for Equal Opportunity Employment, you don't deserve those kinds of perks because you decided to make yourself a freak of nature. Now if you were born with both sets of genitals... That's a whole other story! You deserve to be mocked and completely razzed. Why? Because God started the process by making you one of those "family ruiners," and if even God is willing to bring you into the world as a walking oddity, why shouldn't everyone treat you that way? To me... I think Kissinger is the female form of the anteater. Seriously... Have you ever seen anything more ridiculous than an anteater? Anteaters, "shims," and testicles are all the same thing. God had leftover parts to the side, threw them together, and said "TA DA!" I really cannot get past the fact I am going to be wrestling a she-male! Seriously?! I'm going to go into a PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING match against a thing that is proud the fact that he/she/it is confused about whether or not it wants to claim to pee out its clitoris or penis. This befuddles me! What is professional wrestling coming to? We're turning a business that was created to showcase talented superstars, into a P. T. Barnum freak show!

Shawn Wright: It really is turning into a big joke!

Jake Starr: No kidding!

Shawn Wright: I mean think about this... You two are fighting and you get her on her back, K?

Jake Starr: Ok... Continue...

Shawn Wright: You climb up the turnbuckle, toss yourself into your daredevil gainer you call the "Falling Starr," and land on her...

Jake Starr: Ok... 1, 2, 3, I win!

Shawn Wright: No no no... Not my point!

Jake Starr: Oh God!

Shawn Wright: What?

Jake Starr: You're not getting somehow sexually aroused by this are you?

Shawn's facial expression quickly changes from the excitement he was having while describing his scenario, to shock.

Shawn Wright: WHAT?! NO! Just listen...

Jake Starr: Ok... Listening...

Shawn resumes telling his scenario.

Shawn Wright: Since we're both pretty convinced she's a he, or he's a she, or whatever, those cans of hers cannot be real!

Jake Starr: And?

Shawn Wright: You land that Shooting Five-Star Frog Splash on the twat, you're liable to cause him/her to pop a tit!

Jake quickly does a double-take.

Jake Starr: Holy s#it!

Shawn Wright: EXACTLY!

Jake Starr: I never thought of that!

Shawn Wright: It just kind of sprung into my head!

Jake Starr: I hope those aren't hazardous... We wouldn't want to have to call haz-mat out in the middle of the event to wipe up and neutralize her boobie-juice!

Shawn Wright: Well I don't think it would explode out of her chest!

Jake Starr: Really? I kind of envisioned it being like a pimple.

Shawn returns the double-take.

Shawn Wright: I am never going to be able to look at a set of fake cans the same again!

Jake Starr: I like to refer to them as "feeders!"

Shawn chuckles while shaking his head.

Shawn Wright: If I even was sexually aroused, it would have all been killed by that statement right there!

Jake Starr: What?!

Shawn Wright: Feeders?! Seriously?!

Jake Starr: That's their purpose isn't it?

Shawn Wright: Not the point! They're sexual body parts that, when called "feeders," lose any and all ability to arouse me!

Jake Starr: Ha! Speaking of being sexually aroused... From what I have seen of this... This THING I'm going to be wrestling, is that it likes to act out its sexual fantasies while in the ring. Why else would someone actually sit on their opponents face? Does IT want its ass eaten like a buffet line? Seriously here... And then the old Bronco Buster. Depending on the day it is either getting its jollies from having its snatch eaten or being blown in its penis-clit. Needless to say none of that disgusting sexual deviance will be happening in our match. It will walk into the ring, try and seduce me with its fake womanliness, and then subsequently have the piss beaten out of it. I figure, once all is said and done, I won't be beating up a woman. Hitting a woman isn't right in any sense. I do believe in shaking the s#it out of them. Sometimes you do have to grab them by the shoulders and just go, "WHAT THE F_CK ARE YOU THINKING?!" Know what I mean? I'm going to look at this battle with "Mr./Mrs. Unisex Name" like I would a battle with a transvestite. It's not a real woman! I figure that justifies things. That'll justify me going into the ring with this... Whatever it is... And making yet another example of one of these SCW "elite" members. Nobody thought I would make it through Leon Logan, and I did... Nobody thought I would make it through the Fatal Five-Way, and I did... Then I went a stormed through one of the overrated members of Greaternity to win MY Adrenaline Championship... From there, I was not even thought to have a CHANCE against Justin Davis. What do I do? That's right... I came out on top! "Unisex Name" won't be any different. I'm on a roll that I plan on continuing here in Supreme Championship Wrestling. No THING is going to stop me. It is that damn simple!

After Shawn finishes laughing, he interjects.

Shawn Wright: You really enjoy referring to her as a "thing" huh?

Jake Starr: No... I like referring to IT as a "thing!"

Shawn Wright: She may take some offense to that!

Jake Starr: And? It got itself into this business, it should be able to accept how it's treated!

Shawn Wright: I'm sure Roeper would love to hear you talking like this huh?

Jake Starr: Oh she'd kill me! Or she'd totally understand where I was coming from... You never know with that woman sometimes!

Shawn Wright: Women are finnicky sometimes!

Jake Starr: You can say that again...

Shawn uses every inch of self-restraint to keep from repeating himself. Instead he tries to shift the conversation in a more serious direction.

Shawn Wright: So... Tell me... Is this thing actually a decent wrestler?

Jake Starr: I've only seen it compete a couple of times...

Shawn Wright: And?

Jake Starr: I never really paid much attention. Like I said... I have never had to wrestle a "shim" before. I didn't think it was something I needed to pay extra attention to.

Shawn Wright: Ah! Any titles?

Jake Starr: The United States Championship...

Shawn Wright: Really?

Jake Starr: Yeah!

Shawn Wright: Wow... That's a shocker!

Jake Starr: But... With that being said, let me have a look at what this "shim" has done in its career, other than winning the United States Championship... Her last match she wrestled another one of her fellow "shims," and lost. Oh I am sure she is steaming from that one! Or maybe she's just standing in front of the yummy deuce she just dropped behind her, could be either one. Regardless, I guess I am going to be its big "comeback" match. The match that puts IT back on the proverbial "winning track." It's too bad it won't actually happen. Stacy Kissinger is a mockery of what a professional wrestler should be. It calls itself the "Solid Gold Sensation." What exactly is that supposed to mean? What is solid gold? Are you the offspring of Goldmember, and your hairy clitoris-penis is gilded? Maybe you're somehow living back in the 80s when that show was actually on television? I almost expect the corpse of Robert Morgan to accompany it to the ring. Maybe it thinks of itself as one of the Solid Gold Dancers? I mean from what I remember about the show, they were kind of risqué with their little dance numbers. Hell if Stacy really turns out to be of the XX-variety, and is wrestling guys, I would have to say that is pretty risqué too! OH... I GOT IT! Stacy Kissinger is "Solid Gold" because of its overly muscular ass! Hence the face sitting! I can't believe it! It's a descendent of THE "Solid Gold!" Wow... It is definitely of famous genetic lineage in the world of raising sheep and rams. How about that?! I think it should change its name. Instead of being "The Solid Gold Sensation," it should adopt a new name. It should be "Callipyge" Stacy Kissinger!

Shawn looks at Jake with a completely blank stare on his face.

Jake Starr: What?

Shawn Wright: Callipyge?!

Jake Starr: Yes...

Shawn Wright: Callipyge?!

Jake Starr: Again... Yes!


Jake Starr: The story of Solid Gold... Didn't you just hear me?

Shawn Wright: Yes... But... CALLIPYGE?! Nobody will ever get that reference!

Jake Starr: Well then if they don't, they should take time to look it up. It's amazing, there's this thing called the interweb, intertubes, interblog, inter... Inter... InterNET! There we go! It has these features called "search engines..."

Shawn chimes in before Jake can finish his sarcasm...

Shawn Wright: I GET IT! Holy s#it you're obscure sometimes!

Jake Starr: It makes people think!

Shawn Wright: Or their head severely hurt from trying to process it!

Jake Starr: To each their own!

The scene slowly fades out on the two as they walk towards the other end of Jake's house. As they reach the nearby staircase, Roeper is seen briefly coming into the frame and being briefed on what her husband's next task within the walls of Supreme Championship Wrestling will consist of. Being a very new concept to Jake Starr, the idea of going one on one against a woman in a wrestling match is something he enters into as the rookie. Unlike most matches, where he has been at a decided advantage, as far as experience goes, he enters into this match very "wet behind the ears." How will he approach this match differently from his previous ones in SCW? Will he even treat it differently? Could he potentially take Kissinger too lightly, and that come back to haunt him? Only time will and can tell the answers to those questions. And in a little more than a week, the clock will chime on the answers.

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