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When Supreme Championship Wrestling elected to hold a special edition of Ammo over in Japan, no one thought that it would end up being a turning point in the continually deteriorating relationship between Jake Starr and David Helms. When Jake got wind of Syren and Helms enjoying time together, Jake was quick to respond and react. He did so in a way that is truly synonymous with Jake Starr. Instead of simply talking to Helms at Ammo, and leaving it there, Jake elected to film a special "children's show."

In Jake's eyes, the relationship between Helms and Syren had reached the point, with him, which answered his questions. He had left the option out there for David to choose between the two factions, select his loyalty, and move forward, and in Jake's eyes, rather than taking the time to truly think about things, evaluate his options, and answer him at the End of the Year Special, Jake saw their adventures around the Land of the Rising Sun as his answer.

His "children's show" was one that received mixed criticism from everyone who saw it. From some, they saw it as proof that Jake truly had devolved into the type of person he had risen through the ranks claiming he was out to destroy, and remove from contention in SCW. Those people saw Jake as someone who was petty, self-centered, and unwilling to simply realize that the friendship could legitimately be between two people who seek to become better than what their respective factions have slowly started to stand for. On the other hand, there were people who understood Jake's frustration, and understood that he, in feeling betrayed, reacted in the way he felt was truly suitable to him.

In the eyes of David Helms, it apparently crossed the line. Helms replied in tweets saying Jake had gone, "too f_cking far." It was a reaction that, ultimately, meant to Jake that he had struck the right nerve with his opposition. When Jake elected to go down that path with Helms, and basically drive his own wedge between the two of them by making a parody of his relationship with Syren, and their back and forth tweets together, he was openly saying that he was willing to go into battle, and go to war with a man whom he once called a friend. It was also a way of Jake saying he got Helms's message loud and clear, and was ready to move on.

Unfortunately for Jake, he and maybe just a few others the ones to get the message.

When Jake returned home, he returned home with a sense of clarity, and a sense of acceptance that he hadn't felt in some time. When he landed back in Des Moines, and saw his wife and daughter, he realized that he had basically rid himself of a demon, and a worry. He felt a weight lifted off of his shoulders as, in his eyes, Helms has switched sides, and the worries of "is he" or "isn't he with us" have vanished from his mind.

Now he moves forward to preparing for Breakdown, and being a lumberjack (which he's OK at), and to the End of the Year Special, where Helms awaits him, as the latest challenger for his SCW World Championship. Jake knows he one of the toughest matches ahead of him. He knows that, even with the solace of realizing where Helms's loyalty lie, fighting someone you once trusted is something that is never easy, at any moment in life, but it is one he accepts, and is ready to lead up to.

Before he can do that, he stands in his office, finally getting the opportunity to unpack the belongings he threw together in his impromptu excursion to Japan. Since returning to his house, it's been his primary goal. He's wanted to get it all unpacked so he can regroup before heading out for the End of the Year Special. As he continues to pull items from his computer travel bag, he hears a knock at the front door of his house. Roeper yells out that she'll get it, and Jake resumes unpacking.

As Jake hears the door open, he hears Roeper exclaim and welcome the guest in. Jake can't quite make out the voice, but figures if it was for him, Roeper will direct him to his office. Sure enough, hears Roeper mention that Jake is in his office, and says the guest knows the way. Knowing those who've been to his house, Jake doesn't bother turning around, feeling confident it isn't going to be anyone who "surprises" him.

Jake can hear the guest approaching, and sees the shadow of the figure as they cross the threshold into his office. Jake waits for the guest to say hello, alert him of his presence, or something similar, but all he hears is the slow, barely audible, creaking of his office door being closed. As the door latches shut, Jake finally hears the voice of the person standing behind him.

Voice: We need to talk...

Jake's head immediately pops up, from looking down into his bag. The voice is one he is very familiar with, and honestly, quite shocked to hear.

Jake Starr: What's up Tommy?

Thorn, glad Jake is aware who he is, takes a couple steps toward Jake.

Thorn: What in the hell were you thinking?

Jake grins, having an inclination as to what Thorn is referencing. Jake turns his head slightly, acknowledging that he is talking back to Thorn, but elects, though, to be naive...

Jake Starr: What do you mean?

Thorn continues to have a stoic look on his face, knowing Jake is merely toying with him.

Thorn: You know exactly what I mean...

Jake goes back to fumbling through his belongings.

Jake Starr: Honestly you could be referencing several things... So which is it?

Thorn: Your "children's show" you decided to put on over in Japan.

Jake continues to smirk, knowing deep down it was something he felt was an effective means of getting his message across.

Jake Starr: What about it?

Thorn: Quite frankly, I have a little bit of a problem with it, and I know for a fact David did too. I know you two aren't really seeing eye to eye right now, but to go out on worldwide television, mock him with a sock puppet, act like the dialog was a "recreation" of events, was just kind of crossing the line, and overall in poor taste!

Jake gives out a chuckle, and even with his back to Thorn, is audible, and noticeable from his body.

Jake Starr: Why?

Thorn: Jake... You know why! You know that mocking him like you have Shilo, Zero, Savior, and even Greg, belittles him, and puts him in a "class" that really isn't in the most astute of company. Honestly, it bothers me that you're willing to tear someone who is a friend down like that, and seemingly have no feeling of remorse for it.

Jake immediately spins around, and his smirk has changed to a much more annoyed, and slightly angered look.

Jake Starr: Bothered? BOTHERED? Bothered that I decided to tear into a, quote, "friend?" You know what you should be bothered with, Tommy? You SHOULD be bothered with the fact that your "brother" has run off and joined the enemy.

Thorn shakes his head.

Thorn: Jake, you don't have a damn clue what you're even talking about...

Jake Starr: Oh really? Is that right?

Thorn: Yeah... That is right! David is merely doing what he feels is the right thing to do, and ultimately will lead to good and positive things happening in the end. I don't totally agree with it, but the fact is, he's pretty damn passionate about it, and for that I give him the benefit of the doubt...

Jake Starr: Tommy, Dave is sucking up to the SAME people who put me in a hospital, and tried to, basically f_cking kill me!

Thorn: Syren wasn't a part of the attack, Jake...

Jake cocks an eyebrow, and tilts his head to one side.

Jake Starr: Is she a member of Infamous or not?

Thorn: She is, but simply because of her relationship with Lucas...

Jake Starr: Then why is she still there? Why is she still a member of this bunch, when she may not agree with them? Why hasn't she exited their little clique then?

Thorn: I don't speak for her...

Jake Starr: Apparently you do now! Hell, you're doing just like Dave, and telling me every reason in the world I should buy into her little lip-service, and believe that she is the "odd man out" of Infamous...

Jake begins to circle Thorn. His posture has gone from relaxed, to annoyed, to now being very adversarial, and confrontational. Jake's tone of voice begins to turn more growly, and the volume continues to increase.

Jake Starr: ... Tommy, I'm not buying her crap! She's the equivalent of a Black Widow, in this sport, and Dave is her next target. If she was so much against what they've done, she wouldn't have participated in their "group" functions. Whether she was f_cking Lucas, or not, it shouldn't matter. She should be able to be honest, and be herself. Instead, she continues to fly their banner, and tries to convince the world that it's simply a case of "guilt by association" with her...

... And even more disturbing than all of that, you've even turned into someone who's sympathizing with them.

without hesitation, Thorn rebuts Jake's accusation.

Thorn: Now that's not necessarily true...

Jake, flanking Thorn on his right side, approaches him slowly. Thorn continues to remain still. The scene resembles a soldier at attention, and a drill sergeant slowly coming in trying to break his concentration. Thorn slightly turns his head, simply enough to ensure his eyes can be seen by Jake, and he can see Jake as well.

Jake Starr: You sure about that? Because from what I hear right now, it sure resembles that very thing.

Thorn: Jake... You...

Jake Starr: ... You know, come to think of it, when Infamous attacked me, and put me in the hospital, nobody seemingly came to save me, or help me out. Then, pretty much right after that, Helms buddied up with Syren, he began to doubt and question me, Infamous began driving a rift between us, you vanished, and neither of you seem to get along with me anyone.

And truthfully... I'm beginning to wonder if the "Next Level" has been playing me all along!

Thorn shakes his head slowly.

Thorn: Now you're being paranoid...

Jake Starr: No... In all honesty, I'm not. See, if I were paranoid, it would be me basing this whole argument and opinion on no factual basis. We both know that there is PLENTY of factual basis for the things I've said, and the assumption that maybe, just maybe, I've been played for a fool. Trust me, I'm not paranoid about it. I'm not worried the world is out to get me. I'm simply starting to notice some trends that don't seem to be pure coincidences...

Thorn continues to shake his head in disagreement.

Jake Starr: ... See, I gave Helms the chance to truly think about things. I gave him the option to make his decision after our match, so he could truly have time to weigh his options, and look at the big picture. I wanted him to be able to realize that, after fighting me, that I was a hard worker, and not someone who whined. But instead, he ran off to Japan with HER, and made his answer VERY clear...

... So I decided to do the exact same thing!

Jake begins to pace around Thorn again.

Jake Starr: Tommy, my loyalty is to The Brotherhood, and all along, I've proven that very fact!

Thorn: If you mean being friendly with Rachel Foxx is a symbol of loyalty, then yeah, you have...

Jake stops, and openly chuckles. He then walks around to right in front of Thorn and stops. He looks right up into Thorn's face, but remains several paces away.

Jake Starr: ... You know, I was waiting for that one. See, the thing is, Foxx Global and Rachel Foxx haven't ever done anything to any of us. They haven't picked a fight against us, or tried to do anything that would drive a wedge between our friendship, or for that matter destroyed The Brotherhood. I mean, have you ever seen that out of them?

Thorn: Of course not Jake... But I'm not going to let you try and use that to act like you're completely innocent from doing anything wrong. We both know you've done some pretty rough things, too...

Jake cocks his eye again, obviously not buying into Thorn's assertion.

Jake Starr: Like what?

Thorn: How about painting David up in blue body paint, and making him stand around pretending to be Marina?

Jake begins to out-right laugh.

Jake Starr: Really?! You're really considering that "mean" and "rough?"

Thorn nods.

Jake Starr: ... Well you know, I distinctly remember YOU laughing your ass of too, so how could it have been mean? It was funny! We both know it! Dave initially saw the humor in it, too!

Thorn: Then what about attacking Rayvn?

Jake shrugs, obviously not truly concerned, or willing to defend his actions. Thorn takes one step toward Jake, obviously trying to make the situation even more heated, and more confrontational.

Thorn: ... Well then listen... I've made my position clear on all of this. I think you were out of line with the whole "children's show." And honestly, the whole fact that you gave David a choice, then five minutes later decided that what he was saying on some stupid Twitter account was his answer.

Jake takes a step toward Thorn, bringing the two virtually face to face.

Jake Starr: Fine... You've made your point... Now I'll make mine. You have the same chance to show your loyalty, too. You're not on Twitter, so I know I won't know anything until the End of the Year Special. But the fact is, before, I didn't really want you to be one to choose sides in this matter. But after what Dave did, that whole outlook has changed.

The Brotherhood was turned on by Dave. So you can either fight against Infamous, and stay with us, or you can be like him, and defect. Dave made his choice too soon, and allowed me to see his true colors. Now, I'm asking you to show yours.

Thorn shakes his head slowly, once again.

Thorn: You still have no clue what you're talking about.

Jake looks Thorn directly in the eye, and begins to show signs of a slight scowl.

Jake Starr: Tommy, believe me that I do... If you don't, then I think I'm ready to accept that I'm fighting alone!

Thorn: Jake... I told you, just like David did, I have your back. We both do.

Jake gets even close, making the two virtually nose to nose. Jake's voice lowers to a whisper.

Jake Starr: Then you'll have a good chance to PROVE it then, won't you?

Thorn slowly backs away from Jake, without uttering anymore words to his fellow member of The Brotherhood. After getting enough distance between the two, he turns around, opens the door, and exits Jake's office. Jake stares Thorn down the whole way, until he has left, and is out of his viewing range. As Thorn reaches the front door, he sees Roeper, and tells her goodbye. Jake hears the door open and close, and lets out a deep sigh of relief, feeling like he held his ground in the difficult situation that he was presented with. His head droops down, and he turns to continue unpacking.

Out of nowhere, Jake feels the soft hands of his wife on his back, as she has come in to check on him. Jake turns to her, and shows signs that he feels "rough" from the conversation. She hugs her husband, and shows that she is supportive of him, no matter what path things take, and it gives a slight sense of relief to Jake, knowing someone is supporting him through these tumultuous times.

With the End of the Year Special ahead, and a "date" with David Helms in his sights, all of the back and forth trash talking has definitely brought a new sense of curiosity to the match. Many wonder if the two will do everything in their respective powers to emerge victorious, with the hopes that a victory will add some validity to their side of the argument. If Jake were to win, and show he is truly "the man" to beat for the second year in a row, will David Helms subsequently look at him and realize that things weren't as they seem? If Helms were to emerge victorious, would Jake be forced to realize that there truly is a lot of parody amongst SCW, and nobody holds the title of "the guy to beat" anymore? Also, will Infamous play ANY role in the match, and if it were to end up costing Jake the championship, what would the world think of David Helms's involvement with them then?

On the whole, the End of the Year Special promises to be the fitting end to 2010. The implications, the aspirations, and the conversations that have been sparked by the various matches have everyone excited, and anticipating fireworks as Supreme Championship Wrestling closes another year in their long, and storied, history books.

Jake Starr: One year ago, right about this time, the "known's" of Supreme Championship Wrestling slowly go from, well, known, to completely unknown. It was one year ago that I finally accomplished my goal of toppling James Exeter, and becoming the SCW World Champion. I had made the decision to leave the world of retirement, with the sole goal of proving I could still run with the best around, in the best organization around.

When I officially proved myself, nobody knew how to react. In fact, reactions were mixed. Some people realized early on that there was a reason I came back. They realized that Jake Starr was a force, and winning the SCW World Championship wasn't a fluke. Then you had the doubters. They were the ones who, no matter what I did, decided to give me little to no credit. They always assumed the next match would be the one where I fell, and ultimately continued to bet against me. It was a slew of bets that lost them a lot of money before it paid off even once.

So that was the setting one year ago. I was euphoric. I was ecstatic. I was feeling like I was on top of the world, and I had done everything I had set out to do. Anything that happened from them on out was just an added bonus in my eyes. I also knew that I had a difficult responsibility, even in my first title defense.

See, one year ago, I defended my championship for the second time. I defended it, where else, the End of the Year Special. It was the infamous "vote" that decided who I would be facing, and it was that vote that ultimately put me in a position I never thought I would be in. When the votes were tallied, there was a tie. There were two men who had the most votes. Two men were the ones who their peers felt were most deserving of a shot at the SCW World Championship. It wasn't a Jason Zero, a Christian Savior, or anyone of that ilk, but instead, it was Justin Davis, and veritable, unstoppable, force, Hurse.

In Justin Davis I saw a man whom I had fought, and beaten for that matter, on numerous occasions already.

In Hurse, it was a different story. Hurse was a man that many believed to be someone who, simply, couldn't be beat. He was one of those men who had crossed over from the Cartel, and hoped to demonstrate how dominant they were. Hurse was a man who truly felt he was the key representative in the battle of SCW versus IWC. On the other side of the fence, there I was. I was a man who felt that I could destroy anyone from the Cartel who truly thought they'd be able to come to my neck of the woods, and run rough shod over any and everyone.

So in Hurse, I saw a key opportunity.

As had become the norm, everyone counted me out. The SCW "regulars" truly believed that Hurse was everything he proclaimed himself to be. They bought into his propaganda, and his rhetoric, that said IWC was superior than SCW. People came up to me saying, "Jake, sorry man, Hurse is going to win the World Championship from you." Literally, I was approached, and told to just go ahead and accept my loss, and accept the fact that my reign was coming to an end at the End of the Year Special. But, again, like had become the norm, at least with my response to these types of confrontations, I scoffed. Nobody believed in me, and nobody bought into me... Hell, people still don't! Instead, they have some boner for everyone who I face.

I'm the proverbial "guy everyone loves to hate!"

... And it was one year ago, where that guy, that man who scoffs at the doubters, emerged victorious.

Jake begins to pace back and forth.

Jake Starr: See, when I defeated Exeter, I knew the responsibilities that came with winning the SCW World Championship. I knew what I would have to endure, and I knew the competition would be ramped up. So when I was booked for the 2009 End of the Year Special, I knew that I wouldn't be facing someone who I could literally beat whether I was healthy or a quadriplegic. So I was ready for what was sent my way. I was ready for Davis. I was ready for Hurse. I was ready to WIN!

Fast forward to today, guess what, history is on the verge of repeating itself two years in a row. Coming out of Gang Rulz, Jake Starr is the SCW World Champion going into the End of the Year Special. Jake Starr is the man who many consider "lucky" or "not deserving" of the title. Jake Starr is the man who everyone is banking on losing the championship at the End of the Year Special. This time, though, it's not Hurse and Justin Davis who await me, it's someone who, at one point, I thought I could trust. It is someone who, at one point in time, I thought was a friend.

This time, as everyone knows, it's David Helms...

Jake lifts one side of his cheek in a smirk, and closes his eyes. He slowly shakes his head, and takes a deep breath. He then resumes pacing back and forth.

Jake Starr: Before this past weekend, I honestly had some hope for this whole "friendship" thing. I had hope that Jake Starr and David Helms could battle it out, and both could move away from the negative influences Infamous has had on us. But when I woke up, and saw this whole thing with he and Syren being paraded in front of me more and more, I began to realize I was one of those people who was literally holding out false hope for something that, in all truthfulness, didn't have a chance in happening.

So instead of continuing to parade around, and try and place nice, and try to verbally convince Helms to get away from Syren and that Infamous group, I accepted reality.

When I saw this whole love-fest going on, I realized where Dave truly stood, and I decided to simply do what I do best, and that's move on. I was honest about not playing games with him. I was truthful with who I was from the get-go. Never once did I ever pretend to be someone I wasn't. I was straight with he and Tommy. But somehow, in his mind, I'm not. Somehow, he's now seen me as someone who cries, whines, and moans, until they get what they want. And the whole timing of this "changing of heart," just has me understanding what the true picture is.

See, when I defeated Lucas, and this whole war began, Thorn was champion. It was during this time, I had already made it clear that I wanted to WORK MY WAY UP, and ultimately get a chance to fight for the championship I never felt like I truly lost the right way. I was never pinned to lose it, and instead of getting to lose it to Tommy like a champion should, Hudson lost it the same way I did, but this time I was pinned. Tommy is one of those champions who at least has the honor of knowing he was actually beaten, rather than having to watch someone else steal it from under him. So when I lost, without losing, my quest was defined. It wasn't in question. Lucas was another stepping stone in that quest. But when I decided to fight back, and not play the role of "Switzerland," then all of a sudden I became the bad guy. All of a sudden, all of these reports of Syren and Dave spending excess time together were coming in. Then, after I win the World Championship, and he, Thorn, and I seemingly make our amends, POOF, the guy flips out again.

So yeah... I think it's blatantly clear...

This whole time, Helms was, in a sense, a double agent. Infamous, as a whole, probably knew that Lucas was a flake, and would immediately vanish when he could actually reach that pinnacle of his career. So they went for the guy who they saw as vulnerable. They went for Helms. They knew he was watching Tommy and I battling for the World Championship, and meanwhile he's just sitting around as a spectator. They knew that, deep down, he had that desire, and deep down, they could utilize him to do their dirty work. So they have been planting seeds, and manipulating his mind to believe that what he thinks he's seeing, is the truth. And now, he's had that seed planted in his head that I'm the bad guy, and they're the believable ones. They made him think about what he could do as World Champion, all the "wrongs" he could "right," and how it would eliminate me from being the "bad guy."

Yeah... Right...

He bought it though... Hook line and sinker... And now, as I said before, in my eyes, he's as "Infamous" as they come!

Jake stops, and turns toward the camera. He gives a slight lean to one side, but gazes directly into the camera lens.

Jake Starr: So the question is, what do I do? I know the truth. I know that deep down, he's as greedy as we all are. He may have never verbally asked for this opportunity, but instead, used his "good guy" appeal for it. He ran around, loving everyone, stroking everyone's ego, sucking up to Syren, and all with the hopes that it would be one of those "good deeds" that didn't go unpunished. I didn't buy it. I'm not buying it. If it makes me the "bad guy" because I see through this entire facade, then fine. But the fact is, I've been in this business longer than most around here. I've seen this game. I've seen this shtick. I know how it plays out. So I'm not going to play the game, act like I'm as naive as Helms, and give Infamous credit, like they secretly are fighting the "good fight." Instead, I'm calling them out, just like I am Helms, and even Tommy...

When I officially proclaimed the war with Infamous over, that was that. I had watched them fall from grace, lose all of their gold, and their leader run away scared of losing to me again. I was done with them. Then, apparently, Helms and Syren didn't get the memo...

... Well OK maybe Christy too, but honestly how relevant is she now?

Anyway... This war began when they attacked me. They started the war. My goal was to end it. My goal was to watch them crumble like an imploding building. It happened, I called the war done. But no... They wanted to keep it going, with the hopes they could redeem themselves. They have this underlying goal of simply emerging victorious against me, and proving their superiority. They're utilizing a man who trusts too many people, and honestly is too easily manipulated to do their bidding, and dammit that's why at the End of the Year Special, I will have been pushed to the point where I will make sure I win.

I don't care what it takes anymore.

I have done a lot of soul searching lately, and I know that I walk into this match, for once, as the "bad guy," and you know, it's slowly moving toward the point I'm not bothered by it. I can't be bothered with the fact people see me attacking Superman, and not realizing why, and thus believing I'm doing it with malicious intent. The fact is, he's the one who made the conscious decision to trust them, even when all of the evidence pointed to the fact they were the enemy. The concept of being the "heel," as the fans say, doesn't necessarily hurt me mentally, but my fans that are out there know that I don't subscribe to any term, I simply go and be myself. Those fans have remained true to me for many years, and they're the ones I try not to disappoint. So if I'm the "bad guy," and David gets to walk into the arena with his head high, and the crowd behind him, that's great.

I hope he enjoys it.

Seriously, I do...

Because when the proverbial smoke clears, the end result is a pure guarantee. I want nothing more than to win. I want to drive another dagger into the hopes and dreams of Infamous, and if it means I have to crush the hopes of my friend to do it, right now I accept that as a risk I'm willing to take. I don't see this being David's last chance to shine. But I do see it as his last chance in 2010.

The fact of the matter is, 2009 saw me with my back against the wall, nobody buying that I could do it, and ultimately ME being the one who overcame the odds, and lead SCW into 2010. Now, the fans may be against me, Helms is against me, Tommy may be too, and we all know Infamous is, but I'm damn sure not going to let this goal, this dream, this aspiration, this desire, of leading SCW into YET ANOTHER NEW YEAR pass me by. Not for the likes of Infamous. They've crushed enough of my dreams, and rained in on enough of my parades already. I've slowly battled back. I've slowly fought back against this opposing force, and dammit, I've brought them to a low they haven't suffered before. I've rid them of their gold, and now, I'm going to rid them of their last hope...

Jake slowly approaches the camera, and stops as he's close enough for just an extreme close-up of his face is filling the entire frame.

Jake Starr: ... That's you, Dave... That's you... Brother...


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