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When Jake Starr won at Gang Rulz, he knew there was a possibility the End of the Year Special could mark one of his most difficult matches of all time. Not necessarily from the physical aspect, but the emotional aspect. Arguably the three leading candidates, going into the announcement of the "winner," were Syren, seemingly the leader of Infamous, who as a group have evolved into the arch enemy of the World Champion, Shilo Valiant, one of the few in SCW history to have a clean win over Jake, and one of those few he has yet to reconcile, and lastly, David Helms, the man who has become the focal point of the Brotherhood/Infamous wedge, that seemingly continues to grow by the day.

In his eyes, it would be one of these three who opposed him, and ultimately he was right. As the winner of the opportunity was announced, and David Helms emerged from behind the curtain as the winner, Jake's mind immediately went into "preparation" mode.

With David now officially opposing him, and threatening to take his World Championship at the End of the Year Special, Jake knows he has an emotional battle to overcome. Helms has further distanced himself from Jake by making secret rendezvous with Syren, and continuing to try and convince Jake he was in the wrong when he retaliated against Infamous, an issue Jake has accepted he'll never see eye to eye with Helms on. The emotions will run deep, as Jake faces a man he thought he could trust, and unlike his times he's stepped into the ring with Thorn, he doesn't believe that afterwards, the two will be able to get back to normal.

Nevertheless, Jake accepts it as fact. He accepts he's going to have to fight someone he considers a friend, and fight him until he is capable of ultimately retaining his championship.

As Jake moves forward, with all of this in mind, he's had to battle issues stemming from how to approach it, what is he willing to do to win, and what should he expect out of Helms. The two have never faced, but from the time they've spent together over the greater part of 2010, will ultimately rely on their knowledge of the other, both inside and out, to hopefully gain the necessary advantage to emerge victorious. They'll have to reflect back to their time training together, and the tendencies they've seen the other display while in the ring. It's truly the only option they have.

This opportunity marks a special moment in the career of both men. For Helms, this is a chance to crawl out of the shadows of Jake Starr and Thorn, and cement his name among the truly elite superstars of Supreme Championship Wrestling. He has a chance to validate the fact that he is deserving of inclusion in the World Title picture, and simply isn't a stepping stone for those who are. And for Jake, it's simple. A win would cement his name as the superstar who carried Supreme Championship Wrestling into 2010 and 2011. He would have been World Champion at the beginning over both years, and truly established himself as the man who bears the torch of SCW. He knows that would set him apart from many who preceded him, and who'll ultimately succeed him, and wants to ensure his name is NOT ONLY among the current elite superstars, but among the elite of ALL TIME!

So the stakes are high for both men. The result of either man winning could dramatically alter the course for SCW in 2011.

But before Jake allows himself to sink into the ideas of "what ifs," he knows he must live "in the now." Jake knows that Helms has to break through the tough challenge of beating Stacy Kissinger, in order to retain his Adrenaline Championship, long before he gets to worry about him. Instead of beginning his "worries" about the match now, he's elected to continue his enjoyment of his time with his family, friends, and loved ones.

As Jake sat at home today, he received a call he wasn't expecting. Instead of it being from a friend whom he hadn't heard from, Helms offering apology for his actions, or even a telemarketer trying to sell him something, it was from none other than Dr. Collier, Jake's counselor. It had been some time since the two of them were able to sit down and talk, and Dr. Collier felt that it was time to do so. He felt he needed to check and evaluate Jake's progress, to ensure that Jake was, indeed, making progress and not regressing back into his bad habitual ways.

When the doctor asked him to come down to his office so they could talk, Jake initial thought was worry. He wondered if Dr. Collier had seen something Jake had done on television, and felt it wasn't in his best interest to continue down that path. Jake literally was going into the situation blind. He did feel, however, that he had made good progress over recent times, and hoped that he'd be able to convey that message, should the opportunity arise.

So he elected to do as the doctor asked, and make the trip to his office.

When he arrived, the receptionist simply smiled, and told Jake he was free to go on back to see the doctor. Jake makes his way around the receptionist's desk, and down the hallway, where Dr. Collier's office sits. As Jake reaches the doctor's office, as usual, the door sits ajar. Jake, with a legitimate smile on his face, happy to see the man who has helped him overcome his demons, peeks his head in, and gently knocks on the door. The doctor, hearing Jake's light tapping, looks up immediately, and seeing Jake, smiles. He obviously is just as excited to Jake, and Jake is to see him. The doctor quickly rises up, and extends his hand toward his client, as Jake begins to shut the door behind him.

Dr. Collier: JAKE! So glad you could make it!

Jake Starr: I was kind of shocked you called! It almost felt like being called to the principal's office.

Dr. Collier: No no no! It is nothing like that!

Jake sits down, and his much more upbeat and positive mood definitely shines bright within the eyes of the psychologist.

Dr. Collier: You definitely seem a lot happier than the last time I saw you.

Jake smirks and nods.

Jake Starr: Yeah... Lately I've slowly begun to feel like I'm getting back to my old self. Believe me, it's a nice change of pace.

Dr. Collier: Believe it or not, that pretty much is why I called to see if you could come by!

Jake Starr: Because I've felt better?

Dr. Collier: Ha ha, no... Actually I was just curious how you were progressing, and figured if you had a moment to stop in, I could have a look for myself.

Jake Starr: Yeah it was kind of shocking getting a call from you. At first I thought you had seen me on television and thought maybe I was doing something wrong...

The doctor shakes his head.

Dr. Collier: No no! I haven't watched any of that recently. I've been quite busy. Honestly, I just had realized it had been a while, so I figured I would see if you were available to come by so I could see if I felt you really were making progress. So tell me... What have you noticed?

Jake settles back into the doctor's couch, and begins to open up about the progress he feels he has made lately.

Jake Starr: In all honesty, the dreams have all but stopped. I mean, completely stopped. Sure, like anyone, I'll have one here or there that may wake me up, but for once, they aren't radical like they were. Emotionally I feel like I have really gotten myself a lot more "in check," which in turn has really lead me to feeling more and more like myself.

The doctor simply smiles, nods, and jots down a few notes on his tablet.

Jake Starr: ... I mean, the only negativity that truly has been around me lately revolved around, I guess you'd call them, my "business friends."

The doctor cocks his head to the side.

Dr. Collier: Business friends?

Jake Starr: Yeah... Friends I've made through the wrestling business. They're ones who I never initially "let into" my life deeply, but these I have...

Immediately the doctor has a feeling about the cause.

Dr. Collier: Does this have anything to do with Brandon again?

Jake Starr: No... Surprisingly not this time. Brandon actually came back, recently, accepted everything for how it is now, and truthfully had become an even more reliable friend as of late.

Dr. Collier: I'd say that's good!

Jake Starr: ... And I'd agree! This issue actually stems from some more recent allies I've made.

Dr. Collier: Well, what happened?

Jake Starr: In a nutshell, apparently a little back and forth battle on Twitter caused a gang of fools to attack me on multiple occasions. I honestly didn't approve of their actions, so I resorted to attacking one of them. It happened to be the smallest of their clan, but that was just because she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Well one of the guys who, I guess I can still call a "friend," felt I went a little overboard.

Dr. Collier: How did that whole thing make you feel?

Jake Starr: The attack, or his reaction?

Dr. Collier: Both...

Jake Starr: Truthfully, the whole thing with the attack pissed me off. It was a group of inferior beings trying to remove me from what I love, and ultimately ruin my life. But that passed, simply because I've done everything I can to flip it on them. As for how David reacted... At first it bothered me. I didn't like that he couldn't see why I was doing what I was doing, and where I was coming from. But as time passed, the whole thing has become something I've come to care less and less about...

The doctor nods.

Jake Starr: ... Honestly, I've come to grips with the fact that nothing I say will remedy the situation, and it's not in my power. As I've accepted that, I've accepted the fact that I really shouldn't care about it.

The doctor pauses his writing of his notes, and glances up at Jake.

Dr. Collier: That's a pretty powerful statement...

Jake just shrugs.

Jake Starr: Honestly, I've kind of just accepted that everything will happen as it's supposed to happen. It's slowly becoming something that doesn't bother me much deep down like it initially did.

The doctor continues to nod as he jots down more notes.

Jake Starr: ... And honestly, it's kept me happy, for the most part, stress free!

Dr. Collier: Well that's another plus!

Jake Starr: ... And overall, I honestly feel like things have truthfully progressed.

The doctor looks up and smiles at Jake, honestly feeling Jake isn't hiding anything from him, or masking his feelings.

Dr. Collier: That's good Jake... That's real good! So let me ask you this... How does it feel being a father now?

Jake smiles from ear to ear.

Jake Starr: Remember how I said that I'm MOSTLY stress free? Yeah, that's the stress in my life! But honestly, it's nothing like I expected initially...

Dr. Collier: Oh? How so?

Jake Starr: Well, like I think I've told you, I was scared that I wouldn't be able to be myself. I thought she might not like that side of me. But the more and more I really let it sink in that I'm her dad, and I am who I am, I realize that, that is what she's going to be stuck with. I can't be someone else. Nor would she want me to be. I'm her father, like it or not!

Dr. Collier: Ultimately I have to say I agree. Your daughter isn't going to want you to be anyone but yourself.

Jake Starr: Yeah... That's what I've really begun to figure out!

The doctor smiles and nods again.

Dr. Collier: You know Jake... I don't really see a reason to keep you anymore today. You seem to feel like you're where you need to be, and I've given you the tools and resources to keep that progression on track.

Jake Starr: Yeah... I feel like I'm on the right path!

Dr. Collier: Just know that you're more than welcome to come by and speak to me anytime you feel things are beginning to go south again.

Jake returns the smile, and shows a definite sense of appreciation for what the doctor has done for him.

Jake Starr: I honestly appreciate everything Doc! I really wish I knew a better way to thank you...

Dr. Collier: Seeing this progress is all of the thanks I need!

The two men stand up, and shake hands, and further pleasantries. The doctor asks Jake to keep in touch down the road, and Jake agrees to do so.

As Jake walks out of Dr. Collier's office building, he turns the corner to begin walking toward his car. After a pause to fumble with his keys, he looks up and notices a man leaning against his car. Due to the sun, he initially can't make out the silhouette, but as he approaches the figure, recognizes it to be, recently enigmatic member of The Brotherhood, Thorn. Jake is instantly filled with a state of concern, still unsure of where Thorn's mind is at, in relation to all of the recent events within SCW, and within their fraternal order. Jake's pace slows as he nears his vehicle, and before Jake can say anything, Thorn breaks the relative silence.

Thorn: Roeper said I'd find you here...

Jake Starr: Yeah... The doctor just wanted me to stop by, and see how I have been lately...

Thorn: Yeah... Well... I really just stopped by to deliver a message...

Jake immediately begins to feel a definite sense of tension beginning to build between them both.

Jake Starr: From Helms?

Thorn: No...

Jake Starr: Then who?

Thorn: Me...

Jake takes a deep breath, and begins to fear the worst is about to be dropped on him.

Jake Starr: Ok...

Thorn: I came to tell you that I have your back...

Jake is immediately shocked. Those words, uttered by Thorn, weren't the words Jake anticipated hearing out of his mouth.

Jake Starr: Well, that's a good thing!

Thorn: Don't get too comfortable...

Jake cocks an eyebrow in confusion.

Thorn: ... If you think this means I don't have the back of the man I consider family, you're wrong. I'm watching his back too...

Jake takes a slight step back, and looks Thorn directly in the eye.

Jake Starr: Good! Because if you didn't, I'd begin to question your loyalty as well.

Thorn closes the gap between he and Jake.

Thorn: I just wanted to make sure you were clear I wasn't "picking a side" in this thing...

Jake Starr: Like I said, if you did, I'd wonder how you could be trusted. But I'll be clear with you... If Infamous even thinks of getting interfering, or for that matter even showing up during our match, I expect your loyalty to be clear at that point!

Thorn: How about you just assume it'll just be you and Dave, rather than anyone else getting involved.

Jake Starr: I am... I'm just making sure you know where I am, in case it happens. You know, as well as I do, sometimes people happen to get involved in a title match, and they weren't supposed to.

Thorn: Like I said... Just worry about Helms...

Jake Starr: ... And like I said, I am... Now if you'll excuse me, I have errands to run...

Thorn steps away from Jake's car, and Jake approaches his driver's side door. He opens it, after remotely unlocking it, and looks over his shoulder back at Thorn. They shoot a stare at one another, knowing the tension has continued to rise since Infamous began to insert a rift between the trio. Jake gets into his car, and Thorn continues to back away, allowing room for Jake to pull away. As Jake backs out, he looks up at Thorn, and gives him a nervous wave as he pulls away. Thorn slowly raises one hand, and as Jake departs, Thorn turns and walks off, presumably in the direction of his vehicle.

With the growing tension, and the apparent growing friendship between David Helms, and Infamous's own, Syren, the likelihood that this entire scenario turns out for the best continues to dwindle. Nevertheless, Starr and Helms will receive an opportunity to clash, and let their respective tensions erupt on one another at the End of the Year Special. They have a chance to push one another to their respective limits, with the goal of becoming SCW World Champion. The question remains, will they be able to come out of this whole situation with a stronger and less confrontational friendship, or will they ultimately be driven further apart, due to the aspects of greed, potential jealousy, and differing viewpoints?

Jake Starr: Have you ever heard people say how everything happens for a reason? It's a cliche that I've heard numerous times over my life, for many different reasons. At one time, before I entered wrestling, I sat around unemployed, trying to find a job, and having zero luck. My mom, who's forever the optimist of the family, always looked at me saying, "Jake, whatever is supposed to happen, will happen," and, "if that one didn't work out, it wasn't meant to be." She always told me, albeit the exact vernacular, that everything was happening for a reason during that time.

The cliche is also one I never really bought into. I never could wrap my head around the concept that everything was already mapped out, and going to happen no matter what anyone did to try and change or alter it. It just never computed in my brain. But with the way things have gone down lately, with the way my life has gone, and with the events of late, everything seems too "perfect" not to be happening "for a reason."

It started a few weeks ago, when this popularity contest began, and everyone began casting ballots to nominate someone they felt was the "most deserving" superstar in Supreme Championship Wrestling, of a shot at the SCW Championship. It was a popularity contest that began when everyone realized there was going to be a new World Champion going into the End of the Year Special, and it really culminated at Gang Rulz. See, Thorn, Greg, and I were all in different dressing rooms at Gang Rulz, and we all kind of tried to limit our exposure to one another. Granted it wasn't really possible to avoid everyone all together, we still did our best to limit it. Nevertheless, when I was backstage, I noticed a lot of people already campaigning for various superstars, as it pertained to who was going to face the new champion this month.

It honestly was quite a funny sight to see!

There was one group of people who were going around to many of the superstars whom they believed hadn't cast a ballot yet, and were saying that it was Syren who was the most deserving. They cited the fact she held the Women's Championship for damn-near forever, and said that having lost the title that night, meant it was her turn for a shot at the biggest prize in the industry.

Then there was the other group. This group, unlike the first, really all pretty much looked alike. It was like one or two men, and 300 clones, all running around saying everyone should be pushing for Shilo Valiant to be nominated. They were bragging about how he had beaten pretty much everyone, including myself, and successfully defending the United States Championship against anyone, and up to this point, everyone, who had come his way to try and take it from him.

See, both of these groups lobbied hard. They were lobbying to everyone, including me. But, the more and more I looked around, I realized a lot of those who hadn't voted, and were holding off, were doing so because the two "candidates," as many began to call them, sucked. On one hand, you had Syren, who's completely inane nature had been shoved down the throats of the masses for God-knows how long, and honestly, people are tired of her. She's "played out." When she lost, those few who perceive her as "unstoppable" and "superior" needed to find a way to push her back to the top, and began her campaign. For Shilo, it was simply those few people who think he's talented. The truth is, he falls into that category where people, as a majority, don't like him, find him bland, find his clown act to be stupid, and find his affinity for sex with dead people quite gross.

It was when I noticed I wasn't alone in feeling these two "candidates," that I began to truly think who I thought was deserving, and who I'd like to see get a shot at the SCW Championship, that I really centered around one man... David Helms. So while the two camps were battling, thinking it was a two-horse race, I decided to start planting a few seeds. I started to try and throw out the idea that Dave had truly become worthy of a consideration in the matter, and the way he's risen to "main event status" was definitely something people should take into consideration.

I didn't ask for them to vote for him. I simply wanted them to think about maybe considering him. Honestly, it's where my knowledge of the human psyche works. I knew if people actually thought about it, they'd see only a few people who were worthy, and neither would really have names beginning with the letter "S." I didn't want to campaign, but I wanted to make sure the idea was out there.

And it paid off...

Honestly, I didn't know if it would. I wasn't running from person to person begging for them to agree to give Dave their vote. I wasn't treating it like a Presidential race. I just treated it as something people needed to make up their minds about on their own, and I'll admit, I did it for both professional and personal reasons.

On the professional side, look at Helms. Look at what he's done this year. Last year, he was considered one of those guys you may see here or there, wrestling in the occasional high-profile match, but for the most part, being occasionally thought about, while mostly forgotten. Then this year, he transformed, and blossomed. David Helms became something better, and something bigger. Dave became something, I don't even think he fathomed he could rise to. He won the SCW Underground Championship from the likes of the demonic Rachel Foxx. He captured the SCW Adrenaline Championship from Masquerade, and vowed to return it to the prestige it once had. He's beaten the likes of two former World Champions, in Lucas Knight, who was the World Champion at the time of his defeat, and Christian Savior.

On those alone, you can't say he's not deserving.

Jake smirks a little, while also letting out a deep exhale of breath.

Jake Starr: But then there's the personal side. There's the side that, we all know, he's going to say shows how selfish I am. There's the reasons that will lead him to accusing me of being in the same category with Jason Zero, Christian Savior, and others of their ilk.

See, when I won the Underground Championship from Lucas Knight, and was subsequently attacked, and then subsequently attacked again, this time sending me to the hospital, Dave began this mental change. He began to start acting very much unlike the David Helms I had known since he joined Supreme Championship Wrestling. He went from being "Dangerous" to becoming "Darling." He went from supposedly being someone willing to fight, to someone wanting to go around, coddling everyone, and ultimately wanting to broker peace between. So when I attacked Ravyn Taylor, he was purturbed. He wasn't thrilled with my actions. So he started to get pissed off and confrontational with me, while at the same time, snuggling up more and more with Syren.

It's honestly a budding love-fest that I'm not truly feeling very "easy" about.

The two have constantly been meeting up, with at least David being away from his "faction," can't say the same for Syren, and potentially coming up with more and more ways to form more rifts between The Brotherhood. So when I saw a potential chance to get Dave in the ring, and settle this whole cluster-f_ck there, I figured, why the hell not? When I honestly felt I was going to leave Gang Rulz with the SCW Championship, I honestly began to DESIRE and WANT to meet Helms in a match. It's a desire that I wasn't necessarily comfortable with, but one that I saw the beneficial outcomes of. See, if Dave and I battle, and he falls to me, which I plan to ensure happens, he'll begin to realize I don't fight out of greed. He'll realize what I do doesn't showcase my greed, or feeling to screw others, in order to win. Instead, he'll see Jake Starr is just that f_cking good. He'll leave going, "wow, Jake really has that much passion and desire to hold onto that belt."

This match, my chance to fight him, ultimately will be that reality check he needs to understand where his loyalties should lie. In his eyes, I plan on cheating. In his eyes, he already thinks I'm plotting out how to screw him out of the World Heavyweight Championship. He thinks I'm greedy enough to pull out any tricks to ensure he doesn't leave with the title. And in a sense, he's right. I'm willing to go to hell and back, to ultimately defend this belt. I'm willing to give every ounce of energy and effort I can muster in order to remain champion.

So does all of this, ultimately, make me selfish?

Jake shrugs his shoulders.

Jake Starr: ... Probably to a degree. But it also makes him equally as selfish.



Well think about it. Think about how "holier than thou" Dave has been lately. Think about everything he's criticized me about, and claimed it showed my selfishness. Does anyone expect him to do the "non-selfish" thing, by simply looking to "protect" the champion, and ensure he wins, and lie down for me? Does anyone expect him to say, "Jake, you're the champion, and like you did with Thorn, I want to make sure you remain champion as long as possible?"

If anyone does, they're insane, and stupid.

The fact is, Helms is going to walk into this match, with the sole intention of winning. He'll walk in with the sole goal of emerging the SCW World Champion, not because he feels it's something he's earned, but because he wants it. He wants to be the member of The Brotherhood with the World Championship just as much as Thorn and I. He'll want to win because he'll want to show he's not just some shlub stuck in the middle of two "top tier" contenders, but one himself. And if you ask me, that shows a bit of selfishness. That shows the same "faux pas" that he's chastised me about.

So now the playing field has leveled off. Now the "superhero" has been brought down a peg, and shown where reality is. Now David Helms has a chance to be one of the "peons" he's been ridiculing for some time. But the fact is, the end result will be the same. The way the End of the Year Special will end, will be his reality check. Not to the fact he isn't worthy of the World Championship, because he is. I won't lie, the guy has earned the right to be considered in the running. But the fact is, he'll realize he's no superhero, and he'll realize he's as susceptible to greed and selfishness as anyone.

For me, on the other hand, the End of the Year Special will mark a crossroads. See, when the match ends, regardless of who emerges with the World Championship, it's on Helms's shoulders to make a decision. It's on his head to decide where his loyalties lie. I'm tired of reading about him running around with the ENEMY, cavorting with those who have opposed US, to which he's included, and then subsequently pointing at me, as if I'm the bad guy. So... At the End of the Year Special, David gets to choose. As overused as this phrase is, he's either with us, or against us. It's that simple. There's no other way around it. There's no other way to spell it out. I'm tired of questioning who I can trust to the point where I simply am past the point of caring. So he can decide. Infamous, or The Brotherhood, it's that easy of a choice.

That's why I'm starting to understand how things "happen for a reason." This match will show him how righteous he isn't, and how reality truly looks. This match will ultimately put to rest any questions I may have, and make him quit questioning whatever it is he's questioning. It'll also make him realize that when I win, it "happened for a reason," and that reason had NOTHING to do with greed.


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