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When a new World Champion is crowned, he has to make the transition from the hunter, to the hunted. It's a transition that, for some, isn't easy. For some, when they finally reach the pinnacle of their career, and their goal, they feel a sense of loss. They feel the urgency of the chase gone from their system, and they ultimately don't know what to do.

They feel like they, simply, have done all they can do.

When Jake initially became the World Heavyweight Champion in 2009, he felt that same feeling. He felt that sense of loss. He felt like he didn't know what more he could do. He felt that he had reached that apex, and ultimately was alone, with nowhere else to go, and nothing else to achieve. He had achieved the goal he had set for himself when he came out of his, self-imposed, retirement, and honestly felt like everything he had hoped to achieve had come and gone.

It was his experience, however, that lead him to not becoming a victim of the same virus that many champions become infected by. It was the years of being in the business, and knowing he couldn't, simply, give up, say he was done, and move on. He, instead, made himself find new goals. He, instead, made himself look at things that were still "obtainable" in SCW, whether by physical accolade, or mere "bragging right." He looked ahead to what he felt he still didn't have.

That desire kept him pushing forward. That urge to achieve kept him fighting for more, and fighting to continue to reinforce the notion that he was the best of the best.

This time around, in his head, is a bit different.

When Jake heard the referee's hand hit the mat for the third time, and knew he had done what he set out to do, part of his thought process immediately went to the worry that he might begin to suffer the same emotional toll again. Initially he had thought that he may be able to confide in his fraternal brothers, with the hopes they'd "understand," and be able to talk him out of the potential issue of falling victim to this peril. When they showed the signs that they were still very distant from him. Even after the show of solidarity, the rift still existed. So Jake thought he should be looking elsewhere for the support he believed he needed. In his head, the thought of becoming World Champion, and fading out, legitimately bothered him.

Then it began to click. It all began to make sense. He began to realize that his worry, and his knowing of the possibility that he, too, could fall victim to the "curse," was the support he needed. He began to realize that knowing the issue, and knowing the potential consequences, would ultimately be the necessary "guidance" he needed to continue to move forward with his reign.

In his eyes, as cliche as it sounds, knowledge is power.

Knowing the possibilities, that the urge to press on and achieve more could vacate his mind with the acquisition of the World Championship, now fuels him to ensure that it doesn't happen. He knows, whether he has the physical support of his wrestling peers, he now has the internal mental support to make sure he doesn't allow himself to become "infected."

It's this attitude he has begun to carry himself with throughout his life. It's this "knowing" mentality that he has taken to his private life, and his professional life. It's this idea that he can truly continue to achieve that, he feels, will ultimately continue to carry him to success in Supreme Championship Wrestling. It's this attitude he plans on having when he enters Breakdown against the negative, demonic, and narcissistic Chad Evans. He wants to demonstrate that he will not fall victim to the ailment of the "curse," and in fact, do as he did, ultimately, in his first reign, and dominate those who try and dethrone him.

To Jake, Chad Evans represents the proof that he is legit, again. Chad Evans, in the eyes of the masses, is one of Supreme Championship Wrestling's premier athletes, and competitors. He's someone that, should Jake emerge victorious against, he'd show he's truly the cream of the crop in SCW, once again.

His more upbeat attitude has carried to his personal life as well.

Since returning home from Gang Rulz, the many who continually surround Jake have all noticed a much more positive attitude from him. They've noticed him more active around the house, and when he's talked about the wrestling business, his attitude has also become more positive.

For his wife, however, she seemingly has been troubled.

Since Jake has returned home, he's noticed something a bit different about her. He's noticed that she has obviously had something on her mind, but hasn't quite come to the point she's opened up to him about it. Knowing his wife, as well as he does, Jake knows that eventually she'll get to the point when she's comfortable talking to him about what troubles her.

As she sits at their dinner table, feeding their newborn, Jake passes her on his way into the kitchen. Her face still shows that whatever is on her mind still troubles her. As Jake passes, he gives her a caring and generous smile, and she simply replies with a slight grin. Jake continues on to the kitchen, only separated from his wife by the wall. He begins to make himself a sandwich, and hears a faint voice coming from the adjacent room...

Roeper Hart: Jake...?

Having the feeling that his wife is about to spill her guts about what is bothering her, Jake puts the sandwich items back into the fridge, and walks back into the dining room.

Jake Starr: What's up babe?

Roeper looks back over at Jake with a definite look of concern on her face.

Roeper Hart: Can I talk to you about something?

Jake grins back at his wife, and takes a seat across the table from her.

Jake Starr: Sure babe... What's up?

Roeper Hart: Something been kind of bothering me...

Jake lets out a slight smirk.

Jake Starr: Oh I know... I could tell...

Roeper Hart: How?

Jake Starr: Your facial expressions give it away. But what's wrong?

Roeper lets out a sigh.

Roeper Hart: I... I... I don't know. I just am... Concerned?

Jake Starr: About what?

Roeper Hart: It's probably nothing, and probably just me reading into things, and being paranoid...

Jake Starr: Well tell me... Talk to me...

Roeper Hart: It's about you and wrestling...

Jake assumes he knows what Roeper means.

Jake Starr: I told you if my safety ever became a legitimate issue, I'd make sure to get away so I wouldn't become useless to you and the baby...

Roeper shakes her head.

Roeper Hart: It's not that...

Jake becomes a bit confused.

Jake Starr: Then what?

Roeper lets out yet another sigh, nervous about coming forth with her concern.

Roeper Hart: It's... It's about Rachel Foxx...

Jake is immediately taken back, and shocked. Never did he anticipate his wife bringing up something regarding SCW Underground Champion, Rachel Foxx.

Jake Starr: Rachel?

Roeper Hart: Yeah...

Jake Starr: What about her?

Roeper Hart: Like I said... It's probably nothing...

Jake Starr: Talk to me sweetie...

Roeper Hart: Well... Lately you two have seemingly been doing a lot of "back and forth-ing..."

Jake cocks an eyebrow in confusion.

Jake Starr: "Back and forth-ing?"

Roeper Hart: On Twitter...

Jake's eyes immediately widen, showing he has a sense of what she has been referring to.

Roeper Hart: ... And you seemingly have been being awful friendly with one another. I... I just don't know what to think about it.

Jake lets out a small smirk.

Jake Starr: Well truthfully, love, there's nothing to think or worry about...

Roeper Hart: But... You've never been friends before, then all of a sudden you two are being friendly there.

Jake Starr: She shocked me when she started being cordial, so I reciprocated...

Roeper Hart: But... Don't you see where I'm coming from? You're considered one of the "good guys," and she's, well from what I've seen, not.

Jake Starr: ... And?

Roeper's concern turns to a bit of annoyance, when Jake isn't truly understanding why she's concerned.

Roeper Hart: Jake... Hot girls don't just randomly start being nice to a guy for no reason. They usually have something they want!

Jake Starr: What could she honestly want from me? Seriously?

Roeper's face turns into the typical, female, "you know exactly what the answer is," look. Jake's expression finally shows that he's catching on to what Roeper is insinuating.

Jake Starr: Noooo! She doesn't want that from me!

Roeper Hart: How do you know?

Jake Starr: From what I know about her, which is relatively little, she kind of is taken.

Roeper Hart: So... Jake you should know that in today's world, that doesn't really matter all that much.

Jake Starr: Babe... I doubt she wants...

Roeper quickly interrupts.

Roeper Hart: But how do you know?

Jake Starr: I just have that feeling, you know? I think Rachel looks at me as someone who sees things similar to how she does. She's one of those people who isn't going to sugar coat how she feels, or what she's thinking. She's going to simply speak her mind, and deal with whatever consequences may arise later. You know, just like I do, I'm the same way.

So what that we're on separate ends of the "good guy-bad guy" spectrum, we have a common thing that we respect about one another, and you know, with the way Helms has run over to Zoe, and buddied up with her, it's nice to know that, should anything happen with that, I may have someone I can turn to in order to fight back.

Roeper Hart: I... I just am scared...

Jake stands up, and walks around the table to sit next to his wife. Once he sits down, he puts his arm around his wife, and leans her head over onto his shoulder.

Jake Starr: Babe... There's nothing to be scared of. The tweets between Rachel and I are merely people who have built a mutual respect for one another, and don't really have the most amount of friends around, looking out for one another. If she was a threat, you'd know...

Roeper Hart: How though? How can I know not to worry? When you're on the road, I'm not there... I can't see anything...

Jake looks down at their daughter, who has sense finished eating, been burped, and has commenced sleeping. Jake points at his daughter

Jake Starr: That's how. I wouldn't do anything to make her life, or your life for that matter, hell. But to answer you directly, you just need to trust me. You need to believe that I'm not going to do anything to jeopardize our lives. You two are my world.

Roeper lets out a sniffle.

Roeper Hart: I hope we are...

Jake lets out a smirk, and kisses the top of his wife's head.

Jake Starr: Believe me... You are...

As Jake continues to embrace his wife, and lightly touch his daughter, Roeper begins to nuzzle in further into Jake's shoulder and chest region. Jake feels she is simply battling the side-effects of postpartum depression. Jake simply believes that the worrying about another woman, when she knows how deeply he feels for her, is simply something that will go away as she continues to care for her daughter, and Jake continues to show signs of an improved mentality at home.

Even with his wife worried, Jake knows his departure for Breakdown is imminent. He knows she'll most likely worry, and most likely be concerned about the whole situation involving Rachel Foxx, especially considering the fact Jake knows the back and forth tweets will most likely continue. Nevertheless, he knows, from how his wife has always been, that showing her the sense of normalcy she craves will be the best remedy for the situation. He knows if he doesn't dwell on her concern, and shows he is still the same man he's always been, she'll begin to trust more in him, and believe that what she's seeing is, indeed, just a figment of her imagination. In Jake's eyes, he doesn't need to focus on Rachel Foxx... He needs to solely focus on Chad Evans.

The question remains, how does this budding friendship, or simply budding relationship of mutual respect, sit with the other members of The Brotherhood, and namely David Helms. His continuing relation with one of Jake's arch nemesis, Syren, has definitely begun to back Jake into a corner. It's the relationship that has added more fuel to Jake's thoughts of potentially forming a tighter bond with Rachel. This back and forth pull between Starr and Helms could be the two of them tugging on the proverbial "wishbone," with the hopes that they're the one who ends up with the better half, and ultimately could mark the demise of The Brotherhood. If that were to happen, in the end, Infamous, and namely Lucas Knight, would have won the long-term war, by accomplishing the goal of bring The Brotherhood to its knees.

Jake Starr: You know, sometimes I seriously wonder why I bother with the whole concept of "reasoning" with someone, when deep down, I know they're so dead set in their opposing ways, they'll never ONCE have the inclination to, I don't know, listen to me? See usually, when I try to reason with someone, it's to get them to realize that their point of view is a bit askew, and if they are willing to look at things through another "set of eyes," they may realize what they've been seeing, assuming, and presuming, has been incorrectly perceived.

It comes to the point when I feel like I'm Richard Dreyfuss in Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and I'm trying to form the basic bonds of communication with an alien race, yet not receiving the resulting "BOM BOM" from the damn UFO...


The whole chronology of events that have lead to this whole ordeal have been well documented. You have me initially verbally abusing a shemale on Twitter, then defeating Lucas Knight for his Underground Championship, subsequently being beaten on numerous occasions by Infamous because I rained on their parade, and culminating with me striking back against Ravyn Taylor. This whole string of events apparently struck a nerve with my friend David, and apparently has him a bit up in arms.

I admit, he and I have had our differences in opinion, but I never anticipated it to go to this level. I never thought that it would get to the point where he was literally verbally lashing out at me, and trying to pin all of the blame on me. I could, at first, understand his whole point of view, wanting me to do things a more respectable way, and not stoop to the level of Infamous. I mean, I can understand thinking that it may be wiser to do things in a more professional manner. But unfortunately, I don't quite understand where he's decided to pick up a lot of his more recent issues. I don't quite comprehend when being "professional" changes to trying to attempting to be the "Switzerland" of professional wrestling. See, Dave jumped my case about how I attacked Ravyn, and I got it. Then it turned into this whole game, gimmick, or whatever, where he decided he wanted to take it to a new level...

... And sadly, I don't see this as the "Next Level."

Dave has decided to take this from a disagreement with me, to basically being outright pissed off at me. It's gotten to the point when he's struck up some relationship with Syren, and tried like hell to be the "peace broker" between Infamous and The Brotherhood. Instead of standing up with The Brotherhood, and defending us in the battle against those who've done everything they can to destroy us, he's elected to start some form of budding romance, and fraternize with the enemy. It's something I truly can't wrap my mind around in the least. I don't comprehend how you watch someone, that you SUPPOSEDLY consider a friend, get completely beaten within in an INCH of their lives, and then, instead of standing behind them, and fighting back, you instead go out to eat with them, fawn over them, and possibly suck on their toes...

... Although that part is an unconfirmed report!

So after all of this, does he come to me, and say, "Jake, let's figure this crap out, so we can put this behind us?" NO! Instead he goes from being Super-Bat-Green-Man-Lantern, while at the same time trying to also pull off the Super-Kato-Boy-Robin-Wonder, to now having anger issues with me. I mean seriously, did you hear him? He went from the superhero of SCW, to becoming this angry, surly, mean, nasty, and outright aggressive man, who definitely opposes what I have stood for in this industry. He's decided to attack me in his little promos, and at the same time, on Twitter. He's gone from the hero, to the angry villain. He's a clusterf_ck of emotion, and obviously doesn't even understand why...

... And... Instead of realizing the fun, and realizing the humor in things, he opts to go in the polar opposite direction...

Jake approaches the camera.

Jake Starr: So Dave... I want you to listen to what I have to say. I want you to listen closely. I want you to take your little earbuds out of your ears, and focus. I want you to stop staring at "Little Miss Zoe," and give me your undivided attention.

You listening?

Dave, when you and Tommy joined forces with me, you joined up to be members of the Social Misfits. It was an honor that I have ever trusted enough people to bestow. Granted we had no "leader," I got a say on who was, or wasn't, a Social Misfit. I felt loyalty toward you and Tommy, and felt it reciprocated. See, you joined a group who had devoted its entire existence to the destruction of the establishment. You joined a group who went out there, and made a living of destroying the "leadership" in organizations. We weren't a group who went out to play nicey nice with people. We didn't go out worrying about if what we were doing was what Jesus would approve of. Instead, we did things OUR WAY. Then, we figured out we weren't the Social Misfits. We had accomplished our goal, and run our course. We had decided to continue doing things our way, but not necessarily trying to unseat the management who screwed us over.

That's when The Brotherhood was born.

Never, not ONCE, did we ever decide we were going to be the guys who walked around, kissing asses, hugging everyone, wanting to sing Kumbaya in the locker room with those we didn't agree with, and hope we could all share in "Double Rainbow" moments together. We continued to do things the way we saw fit.

But now, you've apparently forgotten that. Apparently you're under the delusion that I've been deceiving you, and being everything I've come out against in my career. Instead of realizing that I'm out to do what's best for me, while ensuring nobody ruins the opportunities for you and Tommy to do the same, you think I have no concern for anyone but myself. Truthfully, if you think that, fine. It's to that point where you've driven me past the point of trying to get through to you. You have this mindset that I am going to step on anyone that I can to get ahead. If that were the case, why didn't I try and screw Tommy over, simply to ensure I'd move up the ladder quicker? Why did I simply make examples of every opponent that got in my way, with the goal of working my way up the ladder?

You don't have an answer do you, Dave?

You don't know do you?

All you know is some broad has approached you in your little sandbox, and wanted to help you build a castle, just moments after destroying the castle of your friend's.

That's what you know!

You know that this could be the crusade that puts you on the map. You see the opportunity to make peace between The Brotherhood and Infamous as something that would cement your name in stone, as someone who did something nobody else thought possible. It, in essence, is your way of doing something simply to get people to notice you, and say, "oh did you see what Helms did?!" Whatever your reasons are for going on this moral crusade, whether it's going for a shot at the World Championship, whether it's ultimately to become a member of Infamous, because you think it'll help you get ahead, whatever it is, you need to realize you need to go back to your roots. You need to realize who your true friends are. If you don't, you're going to get the carpet yanked from under you, and ultimately fall quickly. It's up to you to make sure your REAL FRIENDS are there to catch you. I guarantee Infamous won't be. I guarantee they'll laugh as you plummet.

So you need to make a choice, and you need to make it soon. I've tried getting through to you, and explaining why I did what I did. But the truth is, it's YOUR job to grow up, and realize that this is a big boy world. This isn't some childhood game, or schoolyard rivalry. This is how adults handle their business. I can't be more candid than this... You have a choice to make. You can run with those who've never not been there to look out for you, or you can go with those who've been willing to put you in this situation. Think about who put you here... Not who's been there for you all along.

But also like you... I have something else of importance to worry about, and sorry Dave, it's not regarding you...

Jake steps back from the camera, and assumes his original position.

Jake Starr: ... Instead, it's regarding "God." It's regarding the living embodiment of the Almighty, Chad Evans...

As I said before, I see Evans as a defining moment in my career. Coming out of Gang Rulz, some question me as World Champion. Some people I simply, "lucked out." Well the truth be told, for a while, and at one point, I would have probably agreed. I would have probably echoed those sentiments toward myself. But the fact is, the more and more I sit here, and realize what I did, the odds that were against me, and the fact that even with my back firmly against the wall, I begin to realize it wasn't luck.

I stepped up in a match where I wasn't a favorite, and I wasn't even given the benefit of even one vote of confidence. I was pointed at, and ultimately seen as a stepping stone for whomever was to succeed Lucas Knight. The fact that I was in the match was merely a formality, in some people's eyes. But nevertheless, I stepped up, and I fought through one of the most intense matches I've ever been in. I walked away with the title of "champion," and once it all kicked in, it felt right. I overcame the odds. I overcame adversity. I overcame distraction. I overcame everything. Plain and simple, Jake Starr overcame.

Unfortunately, many still view me as someone who's very lucky, and simply reaped the benefits of being in the right place, at the right time. That puts me back in the same position I've been in the bulk of my career in SCW. Many doubt me, and many don't feel I can truly muster the ability to carry the championship, and reign supreme. Many feel as if I'll simply be beaten. It's been a common misconception. Toward the end of my first World Title reign, people began to realize that I may not be a fluke. Hell I held the Adrenaline Championship almost twice as long, and didn't get any respect.

So I have to prove myself... Again...

Chad Evans, as I've said, is someone who has that respect from his peers. He is one of those guys who has his serious ebbs and flows, but yet, always seems to receive the admiration of those in the locker room. Whether he's on his game, or off, he's still respected. Me, however, I've never truly received that kind of praise and love. Hell, some even legitimately worship him. Some relish the time they get around him, even if it's firmly planted in his shadow...

... So what do I have to do?

I have to outclass him.

I have to out wrestle him.

I have to out think him.

I have to dominate him.

I have to beat him!

There's no other way around it. There are no alternative choices to it. I can't "do my best" and be in one of those situations where, win or lose, I can garner the respect I want. I HAVE to win. A victory over him would mean a lot. When you beat someone who's done a lot, and won several titles, like Jason Zero, yeah, you get some people who look at you and give you a few rounds of applause. With Evans, it's a different kind of thing. He's won the SCW Championship once. So he's one of those people who has earned respect far beyond that of accolades. He's gotten to a point when he supercedes anything you can tangibly give a man...

... Hell, that alone may represent why he has this delusion that he's some form of God-like being. He could have been praised so much, and told he's so amazing, he doesn't need championships to be seen as amazing, Therefore, he's the guy that, should I be able to beat, will help me officially look at the doubters and say, "now give me a reason you can't respect me now." For me, this match holds more clout than many of the ones I've ever had. For me, I see this match as the potential key to my long term goal of being considered the best ever.

Having said all of that, I know Chad will say I'm crazy for thinking I can beat him. Hell, I know, in his conscious mind, he's already guaranteed victory. He's already said I will, and I quote, "ass f_cked on national television." If that doesn't say, "I know I am going to win, and there's nothing you can do to stop me," then I don't know what does. His group, you know the one creatively called "Chad's Group," has already planned the victory party. And if these geniuses don't realize celebrating too soon is an immediate curse, then they're a collective group of idiots.

The fact is, while I respect Chad's abilities in the ring, and what he's done in SCW, for this match, he's already shown his hand. He's already shown me he knows subconsciously, he can't beat me in an outright wrestling match, or for that matter a brawl. His initiation of the feeble attempt at a Twitter battle showed his subconscious concern for his reputation. Chad Evans, while claiming to be a God, showed the world how much he has to try, and force that persona to be exposed. Deep down, he's scared. Deep down, he's nothing more than any one of us.

This match means a lot to me. I will prove myself "worthy," and I will expose Chad for the fearful, pretend, and false God that he is. At Breakdown, I officially plant my sword in the middle of the ring, and decree SCW to be officially under my reign once again...

... Consider it a mass conversion to agnosticism. With the demise of the false God, many questions will arise...

"But there were also false prophets among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you. They will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the sovereign Lord who bought them - bringing swift destruction on themselves. Many will follow their shameful ways and will bring the way of truth into disrepute. In their greed these teachers will exploit you with stories they have made up. Their condemnation has long been hanging over them, and their destruction has not been sleeping"


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