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With just days until Jake Starr enters into his first title defense since winning the SCW Adrenaline Championship, the world awaits hearing from Justin Davis regarding his thoughts about their match at Out of Control. Jake Starr, on the other hand, has been extremely outspoken regarding their match, and after defeating Shyne on Breakdown, looks to be ready, willing, and able, to walk into the pay-per view and successfully defend his championship. At least that is what he and his wife Roeper are thinking. The two of them sit inside their living room relaxing, and listening to one of the satellite-based, sports-talk radio channels. They are awaiting a replay of an interview Jake taped the night after Breakdown in his hometown. The show is syndicated on satellite radio. They have been listening to the show throughout the entire replay, and are about to the segment involving the SCW Adrenaline Champion.

Roeper Hart: So how much longer until the interview?

Jake Starr: It should be the next segment...

Roeper Hart: Good!

Jake Starr: Not enjoying the show so far?

Roeper Hart: No it's not that... I just want to hear how it sounds! It's the first time that you and Chris have had a chance to share a studio in years.

Jake Starr: I have to say, it was definitely a fun experience!

Roeper Hart: I can imagine! But please don't get back into radio!

Jake Starr: Why not?

Roeper Hart: Just because...

Jake Starr: You saying I sucked on the air?

Roeper Hart: No! Not at all! I'm just saying that it was hard scraping by, and on top of that you had girls calling you at the station a bunch!

Jake Starr: Oh! Ha ha!

Roeper Hart: It's true!

Jake Starr: Yeah I remember! Don't worry... It didn't make me want to run back into radio...

Roeper Hart: Good!

Jake Starr: But it was damn sure fun!

Roeper Hart: I don't doubt it babe!

Jake hears the end of the segment that preceded his interview and the show go to commercial break.

Jake Starr: My segment is up after this commercial break!

Roeper Hart: Oh good!

Jake Starr: I thought, personally it went well... Hopefully it sounds good!

Roeper Hart: Have you not had a chance to actually hear it?

Jake Starr: Nope... I haven't heard it either, so it'll be a first time for us both!

Roeper Hart: Well now! Did y'all talk about anything interesting?

Jake Starr: You'll have to wait and find out now won't you!

Roeper Hart: Ugh!

Jake Starr: Oh! Here we go!

As Jake hears the opening to his radio interview he taped with his friend, Chris Daniels, he turns up the volume, and the camera slowly zooms in on the speaker of the radio. As the audio is played, the transcript of the interview is displayed on the screen.

Chris Daniels: Welcome back to the "CD - Chris Daniels Show," here on the Mad Dog Radio Network! Obviously I am your distinguished host Chris Daniels, and I am both honored, and priviledged to have someone who is a very good friend of mine, and professional wrestler in Supreme Championship Wrestling, Jake Starr. Jake, welcome back to town my friend!

Jake Starr: It is great to be home man!

Chris Daniels: For those of you out there who haven't heard this story...

Jake Starr: And hearing your show, I know how many damn times you've told it...

Chris Daniels: ... Ha ha true... Anyway, Jake and I actually met while he was quote-unquote "retired," from wrestling. As many of you out there know, he came to work here, and was the "new jock on the block." He and I were in adjacent studios on the nigh shift, so we got to know one another well. It turns out we we were born in the same hospital, on the same day.

Jake Starr: Irony eh?

Chris Daniels: Serious irony! We actually looked into it because we were curious, and it turned out our mothers were next door to one another.

Jake Starr: So even though we technically "met" here at the station, we've been close since birth!

Chris Daniels: Ha ha yeah!

Jake Starr: I have to say man, things have changed! I mean when I left, you were still the "night-guy" hitting on the callers, and now you have your own hybrid music/talk show. I'd say that is moving up the ranks here...

Chris Daniels: Oh yeah!

Jake Starr: Pay raise?

Chris Daniels: Please! You know the radio business!

Jake Starr: Yeah... You end up getting paid more in female callers who want to hook up with the "guy with the sexy voice on the radio."

Chris Daniels: It's a perk what can I say?

Jake Starr: Makes up for the notoriously low pay...

Chris Daniels: Yeah!

Jake Starr: So how have you been bro?

Chris Daniels: Dude things have been hectic here. Thought about moving, then decided to stay, had a girl, lost a girl, had a few more...

The two share a laugh.

Chris Daniels: ... What about you man? What brings you back here?

Jake Starr: You know, honestly I just wanted to come through town... I went down to Austin and saw the folks...

Chris Daniels: They living down there now?

Jake Starr: Yeah... Then I had to fly out to wrestle a match on Breakdown. Then I decided on my way to Out of Control, which is the pay-per view I'm wrestling at next, I figured I'd swing through here and see some people.

Chris Daniels: Yeah! See Jake called me up and wanted to go out and grab a beer, and I convinced him to come on the air again with me and talk a little about Supreme Championship Wrestling, and how he's been.

Jake Starr: Pretty much yeah!

Chris Daniels: Well ok, your parents moved down to Austin, they doing ok?

Jake Starr: Oh yeah!

Chris Daniels: Good good! What made them go to Austin?

Jake Starr: Dude they moved a while back!

Chris Daniels: They did?!

Jake Starr: Yeah!

Chris Daniels: Shows how much I pay attention!

Jake Starr: It's all the ladies you line up outside the studio to "test your mic" while you're on the air...

Chris Daniels: Ha ha! Well what did make them go down there?

Jake Starr: I think they just wanted a change of scenery. I honestly think that was the main reason.

Chris Daniels: Well when you left here, what did you do? I mean, a lot of people haven't heard from you until you resurfaced with SCW.

Jake Starr: I did the radio thing, it was a blast. The Roeper wanted to travel some, so I decided to move on to more of a "full retirement" mentality, and possibly look to start a family. So we went on a few vacations, then as time went on, I really just started getting that "itch" to wrestle again...

Chris Daniels: That works!

Jake Starr: Yeah...

Daniels takes Jake's cue about wrestling to take the conversation down that path.

Chris Daniels: Well speaking of wrestling... You're back!

Jake Starr: Yep!

Chris Daniels: What honestly made you decide to come back? I mean you mentioned the "itch," but what do you think was the source of it?

Jake Starr: Truthfully... I don't have a clue! Firstly, I have NEVER fallen OUT of love with wrestling. I have always, and will always, love the business, whether or not I am in it or not... But I think what happened was just watching the direction of how places like Supreme Championship Wrestling were going, and I really was disgusted. I started sitting around seeing things I knew I could do better, things I knew I could change, and I just decided it was time for me to get back into it.

Chris Daniels: Why SCW?

Jake Starr: It is one of the long-standing organizations in this business. It was an easy decision. I always said that if I returned, it would be somewhere I could have a real fresh start. I didn't want to go back somewhere where I would ultimately just be put back into whatever role I was in back in the day. I wanted somewhere new.

Chris Daniels: Well it seems like things are going good thus far, am I right?

Jake Starr: Oh yeah! Since my return I haven't lost yet. I've been fortunate enough to be able to have 6 matches thrown in my path, and thankfully have won them all.

Chris Daniels: Well that's a plus!

Jake Starr: You're telling me! I honestly thought I MIGHT have some chances here and there to do something special, but if I won a few matches, I would have personally considered the return successful.

Chris Daniels: Really? Just a few wins would have been a success?

Jake Starr: Yeah... In my heart I wanted to think that I still, you know, "had it," but if I could at least win a few here and there, I would have felt I did what I wanted to do.

Chris Daniels: Wow... That is kind of unexpected!

Jake Starr: Yeah... Ultimately my goal was to, at the LEAST, have something positive to call the end of my career, since I never really got that.

Chris Daniels: That makes sense...

Jake Starr: But yeah, I think that is why I am really just riding this while it lasts. I haven't set any overzealous expectations. I know what I WANT to do, but I know what I personally expected out of myself at the same time.

Chris Daniels: At least that leaves you open for being proud of what you've done...

Jake Starr: Yeah...

Chris Daniels: Well we're going to take a break, you still going to hang around?

Jake Starr: Oh yeah! If you got time for me to stay, I don't have anywhere to be!

Chris Daniels: Alright! We're going to take a break! We'll be right back! You're listening to "The Chris Daniels Show" on the Mad Dog Radio Network!

As the radio show goes to commercial, the camera zooms out from the radio and Roeper and Jake resume their conversation.

Roeper Hart: So far so good babe!

Jake Starr: I told you I thought it went well!

Roeper Hart: Well so far it sounds good...

Jake Starr: Chris did tell me that this show got him some of his highest ratings he's seen...

Roeper Hart: He got results that quick?

Jake Starr: They're preliminary results which those guys get every night. They can scan every radio and map out what channels they're on at all times.

Roeper Hart: Oh wow!

Jake Starr: Yeah... Basically they run a scan during the show and the computer randomly selects four different times an hour to pull as much data as it can. Then they get them as the hours wind up.

Roeper Hart: Impressive!

Jake Starr: It really is... The "suits" are able to gauge how well shows perform almost immediately.

Roeper Hart: That's good!

Jake Starr: But it could also be really bad. If computers pick a time that happens to be a low point, they could throw a s#it fit and it'll screw the show.

Roeper Hart: That's true...

Jake hears a sweeper for the show signaling the show is about to return.

Jake Starr: Good commercials are done!

As the commercial break ends, music coming back from break is playing which tells Jake the show is about to start again. The camera once again zooms in on the speaker, and the audio is transcribed on the screen.

Chris Daniels: We're back on "The Chris Daniels Show" on the Mad Dog Radio Network. Still in studio is Jake Starr! Jake, we were talking during the break about this match coming up at Out of Control against Justin Davis.

Jake Starr: Yeah...

Chris Daniels: You're very adamant about the fact this match is big for you.

Jake Starr: Oh yeah!

Chris Daniels: Is it because it is a match on pay-per view? Or is it because it's a match where the title is on the line?

Jake Starr: I'd say some of both. More so the title defense. I haven't had a chance to defend a championship in professional wrestling in years. Back at Retribution, when I walked into the building I had no idea that if I were to win my Fatal Five-Way match, I was going to fight for a championship. So there weren't any real "nerves" going into the match. With this match, I know I'm walking in with the championship, and Davis is going to be gunning for me with everything he has. When you're a champion, everyone wants a piece of you. It is part of human nature to want to dethrone the "King." Right now, in Davis's eyes, I am the "King."

Chris Daniels: You think you're ready for whatever he's going to bring?

Jake Starr: I'm confident I'm going to walk in and out of that arena with my title. Davis is going to be someone who gives me a good run for my money, but in the end, I'm on a roll and he, of all people, isn't going to end it.

Chris Daniels: Ha ha! Good to hear man!

Jake Starr: Yeah... I'm ready!

Chris Daniels: You don't have any worries about this pay-per view?

Jake Starr: In regards to Davis? I don't think there is much to worry about. If I am able to stick to my game plan, and keep him from really getting comfortable in his, I shouldn't be in any danger of losing. The minute he gets comfortable I'm in danger of having my belt stolen from me.

Chris Daniels: Sounds like any sports strategy honestly.

Jake Starr: Yeah...

Chris Daniels: I mean in all of the sports I watch, you want to get into your comfort zone before your opponent. Then they have to change their game to try and throw you off your game plan. When it gets to that point, you have time to execute like you planned and practiced, while they completely alter their style to try and get you to a place you're not mentally at. By then there is a distinct advantage gained.

Jake Starr: Exactly!

Chris Daniels: I watched Breakdown on Wednesday, and I got to see Davis say a few things about you and your match. I'm sure you heard them too, right?

Jake Starr: Oh yeah!

Chris Daniels: For those listening who didn't hear the comments, let me play some for you... Here listen...

Chris pushes play on a CD he has with the recorded comments Justin Davis made regarding Jake Starr. As the text is transcribed, Davis's comments are set off by being italicized.

Justin Davis: Well it just goes to show that when you drop some dead weight and then make sure it really is dead... Good things happen. Iíve now got a beautiful girl in my life. Iíve got a title shot... And I donít have a washed-up has-been looking to make everyone focus on wrestling instead of themselves wasting my time and keeping me at the bottom. Iím now starting to go up the ladder and I got a shot against the apparent rising star of SCW in Jake Starr... No pun intended.

As the first track of comments end, Chris resumes the interview.

Chris Daniels: Jake... Comment?

Jake Starr: You know... He sits there and talks about how he has learned the lesson about dropping dead weight and good things happening. That's all well and good. I'm personally happy he has a trophy-wife-of-the-day he is proud of. Next week's model will probably be named Bill! Maybe Steve, who knows?! He's trying to make a point, and failing miserably. I know he thinks of me as more "dead weight" in this business. He thinks I'm washed up. He thinks I am a has been. That's fine. I expected the young guys in this business to assume I am just some former star looking to make a big comeback. He blames guys like me for keeping him "at the bottom" of the ladder, instead of actually accepting responsibility and realizing it has nothing to do with people like me. You make your own career. He obviously is too STUPID to realize that. He is convinced he has done nothing wrong in his life, and wants to push the responsibility for his LACK of ability onto others. Fine! If that helps him sleep at night, that is all fine with me. I am not going to lose sleep at night because he is blaming me for his lack of accomplishment in life. In his eyes, he thinks this is a step in the right direction for his career. Unfortunately, all it is, is another failure in his COMPLETE failure of a career.

Chris Daniels: Wow... Failure huh?

Jake Starr: Yeah... He deserves respect for his in-ring abilities, but his lack of discipline and his complete lack of motivation to CONTINUE to succeed makes him an outright failure.

Chris Daniels: You know that he said more?

Jake responds in a sarcastic tone.

Jake Starr: OH MY GOD REALLY?!

Chris Daniels: I take it you knew that too!

Jake Starr: Oh yeah!

Chris Daniels: Well let me, again, play these for those at home who didn't hear this...

Chris pushes play again, and Davis's words are set-off in the transcription by italics.

Justin Davis: ... I wish you luck tonight. Because then, youíre going to keep soaring. Just like when you came in here and decided to claim you were all that with Greaternity... But at Out of Control, youíre going to get a reality check. I talk loud, but I hit harder and I plan on knocking you back down to the bottom of the ladder. You got lucky at Retribution. Donít expect the same at Out of Control. Thereís no one holding me back. Iím not worried about anyoneís adulation but me... And thereís one thing I want... And thatís your belt.

As Davis's comments end, Jake chimes in.

Jake Starr: I'm assuming this is where I am supposed to begin being scared and intimidated right?

Chris Daniels: I figured that mood was supposed to begin back on Breakdown...

Jake Starr: Probably... I mean why does he think that I won't keep soaring through Out of Control and beyond? Only because it is him? If he was something important here, wouldn't he be fighting in the main event already? Why would someone as "superb" as Justin Davis be trying to get the Adrenaline Championship?

Chris Daniels: So you're saying the Adrenaline Championship is meaningless?

Jake Starr: No... But how he talks, he should be THE STAR of this business, and he's not! I mean, he had a problem with me standing up to Greaternity from the get-go. He obviously doesn't realize that I stood up to the "big boys" on day one, and then in my THIRD, count it, THIRD match, I win the Adrenaline Championship. I didn't take my time climbing the ladder slowly. I went STRAIGHT into the middle of the game. What kind of "reality check" do I need? The guy is an idiot! My "reality check" was when I didn't have to wait to win a championship. He thinks my "reality check" is going to come thanks to him? Wow... That's crazy. Quite frankly, he can talk as loudly as he wants, hit as hard as he wants, and in the end, he'll continue to be the ONLY ONE WHO GIVES A DAMN! Nobody gives a damn about what Justin Davis is ever saying, or fighting. The only reason this match is garnering any attention whatsoever is because it includes me. Ultimately, as the cliché goes, he can "Want in one hand, crap in the other, and see just which one comes true first." This belt going home with Jake Starr after Out of Control is a non-negotiable topic. It isn't going anywhere with Justin Davis, nor anyone else for that matter.

Chris Daniels: I would honestly bet it is the part with his hand...

Jake Starr: I bet you're right!

Chris Daniels: Wow... So you're really not too worried?

Jake Starr: About Daniels? Not in the least! My only "worry" would have to be Mr. Drachewych...

Chris Daniels: Yeah I noticed that! Actually... Before we get into that, let's break here! You're listening to Chris Daniels and Jake Starr on the Mad Dog Radio Network.

The camera once again zooms away from the speaker, bringing Jake and Roeper into the frame.

Jake Starr: That was a successful break I must say!

Roeper Hart: Yeah... That was the radio-version of Jake Starr finally coming through!

Jake Starr: I just figured I would let loose on Davis while I had the opportunity.

Roeper Hart: I'd say it was an ample opportunity to do so...

Jake Starr: Yeah. Why not do it on something that is syndicated nationwide, and will be heard by thousands, maybe millions, of people?

Roeper Hart: That makes sense!

Jake Starr: I'm still pretty disappointed in not hearing from him... But oh well...

Once again, the commercial break ends. The volume is increased, and Jake's interview with his friend continues on the air.

Chris Daniels: Ah we're back! Jake Starr in studio talking about Supreme Championship Wrestling, and its upcoming pay-per view, Out of Control.

Jake Starr: Yep!

Chris Daniels: It's almost like you're doing a promo tour for this thing.

Jake Starr: I know huh!

Chris Daniels: Let me explain... See, we go to break and his cell phone rings. I'm getting ready for when we come back from break, and next thing I know, he's being interviews about his match on the phone. This is like a damn tour for you!

Jake Starr: I know! And sadly I'm not getting paid any ha ha!

Chris Daniels: Sucks for you bro!

Jake Starr: Nah not too bad. It's fun getting to talk about it.

Chris switches to the topic brought up right before their last break.

Chris Daniels: Well before the break you mentioned your boss, Mr. Drachewych, and how he may be your only worry for Out of Control.

Jake Starr: Yeah...

Chris Daniels: How so?

Jake Starr: Let's just say... It wasn't the most comforting feeling having him inviting me places with him.

Chris Daniels: What all happened?

Jake Starr: To be 100% honest... Not much...

Chris Daniels: What do you mean?

Jake Starr: I think his main goal was to just get me away from the ring so Damian Angel wouldn't be impeded in attacking Shyne...

Chris Daniels: You think he was afraid you would have stepped in?

Jake Starr: I can guarantee I would have stepped in! Whether Shyne likes me or not, I would have stepped up for the guy.

Chris Daniels: But aren't there monitors in the back?

Jake Starr: Yeah... But do you think Drachewych gave me any opportunity to see any of them? I was completely shielded the whole way to the locker room by his two mall cops. So I had no idea what was going on. Had I, even back there, I would have been getting back in there... That's just how I roll...

Chris Daniels: Yeah, and as long as I have known you, you've been the same way.

Jake Starr: But as far as worry... That's where mine lies!

Chris Daniels: Well from what I know about the Out of Control card, Drachewych has a lot on his plate already.

Jake Starr: You'd think so! But that guy seemingly likes to get his nose in everybody's business.

Chris Daniels: Well I guess we'll find out huh?

Jake Starr: Oh yeah! Just a few days away my friend!

Chris looks up at the clock and sees that his show is winding down.

Chris Daniels: Jake, my friend... Looks like we're out of time today.

Jake Starr: Yeah I knew we were coming close...

Chris Daniels: Everyone, tune in this Sunday, live on pay-per view, Jake Starr is defending his Adrenaline Championship against Justin Davis as Supreme Championship Wrestling presents Out of Control. Thanks again my friend! It was great having you on the air again!

Jake Starr: Anytime bro! If I'm in town I'm here!

Chris Daniels: See you tomorrow everyone, this is the Mad Dog Radio Network!

As the show ends, the camera zooms away from the radio one final time.

Roeper Hart: Speaking of Drachewych... What happened at Breakdown?! What is going on with him?

Jake Starr: Whatever his little plan is, I am completely oblivious! All I know is, in his mind, I still owe him.

Roeper Hart: Did he talk about that at all?

Jake Starr: Nope...

Roeper Hart: This guy is strange!

Jake Starr: I'm starting to get a clue, but I could be way off base.

Roeper Hart: Oh?

Jake Starr: Yeah... And if that is his plan, I WILL ultimately get the last laugh.

Roeper Hart: And your thought is...

Jake Starr: Let's just say, if he plays that card against me, it'll backfire on him 100%. If I'm wrong, I'm just going to forget about it. His little mind game crap is so juvenile for me to worry about anymore. He can either "cash it in" and have everything blow up in his face, or just worry about his own problems and be smart, and not add to them.

Roeper Hart: I gotcha babe! As long as you know what's going on, and ultimately don't resort to being another player in his little "game."

Jake Starr: Don't worry love... This is a problem I'm annoyed with, and going to resolve period...

Roeper Hart: Good!

Jake and Roeper switch the channel to music and begin enjoying a few drinks while they relax. Once this time of relaxation is over, Jake must kick it into gear and make sure he is both physically and mentally ready for his opponent, Justin Davis. The world is curious if Davis will ever come out and respond to Starr. As the thought crosses the mind of the Adrenaline Champion, a glimpse of his opponent on his muted television captures his eye. He looks over at the television and stands up quickly...

Jake Starr: Quick... Turn off the radio...

Roeper turns the radio and Jake quickly turns up the volume on his television. The camera watches as the Adrenaline Champion has a cold stare watching his opponent finally opening up about his championship match at Out of Control. Jake's face remains stoic, and as Davis's comments end, the Adrenaline Champion looks over at the camera that has been filming them this entire time.

Jake Starr: I'm a funny guy huh Davis? Funny for not having obsessed myself with the minute details of your career? Sorry son... I don't care about the little details like that. Those don't matter. All I care about is this championship I earned, and the one you HOPE to somehow win. You are right though... Your life is out of control. You seemingly like to turn on any, and every, partner that befriends you. I feel bad for those guys. It is sad when you can find out someone you thought you could trust is ultimately nothing but a snake in the grass. Every snake has a bite. And I respect that bite. But at the same time... You're no anaconda or python. Your bite IS your only weapon I have to respect. I could care less if you respect me now, or ever. Respect won't help me or hurt me coming from you. In the end... It'll be the fact I am just that much damn better than you that leads me to win this match.

Jake takes a deep breath, and continues.

Jake Starr: You're someone, who I now know, likes to nit pick every single thing someone says. Does that make you feel big and strong? Does that make you feel like your erect penis is actually longer than a bottle of nose spray? If that's the case... Nit pick away. When I said you were the shortest reigning champion, did you not hear the context of it you dummy? It was disregarding those one-day and minute long reigns. Holy Jesus, if you're going to try and prove something wrong, get the contextual relevance right at least. Don't go around flapping your vagina-lips hoping people will just take you at face value! That is retarded! The same thing with the veteran statement I made. Did you not hear me say "Veteran in SCW?" Most of the f_cking roster is a veteran on this roster compared to me. Listen before you queef out babble you aren't even sure about! Don't just go all willy-nilly about it. Be smart! I know those two words are asking a lot of you, but it's something you need to maybe take into consideration if you EVER want to be considered relevant in this business.

Roeper Hart: Relax babe...

Jake Starr: Oh trust me... I'm relaxed...

Roeper Hart: Could have fooled me!

Jake continues his comments towards Davis.

Jake Starr: And what is with this "history" you're talking about. History? There will be no history for you, unless you count the fact you will have lost to one of the best this business has ever seen. Your dreams of being a Triple Crown Champion with this belt are just that kid... DREAMS! My dreams are also my reality. I made it clear from DAY ONE I would making an impact on Supreme Championship Wrestling, and NO LESS THAN two matches later, I'm a CHAMPION. When in your little two-year career have you done that? When in your short life have you ever done something that quick, and that powerful? That's right... You haven't! I come into this business with a track record that spans years. I come into this match with bodies lying in my wake. You come into this match with the notoriety of being nothing. You're always aspiring to be something bigger than you're capable of. It's a fact kid. You may not think I have been challenged here in SCW, which is fine. Underestimate things. Most of those guys in my wake aren't anything to write home about. But some aren't. You'll be one that people MAY remember tomorrow as a man who was destroyed by the "Social Misfit," but on the other hand, you may just be another guy who fails to "push" Jake Starr. Again... I can say that you are right about something though... You're right I won't be getting my rematch with you. There won't be a need for one. When Jake Starr leaves Out of Control, he won't be empty handed. He'll have his Adrenaline Championship in one hand, and your hopes and dreams in the other. You can try your best to pry this belt out of my hands... But it will take an act of God HIMSELF to succeed. I don't relinquish belts very easily, or nicely for that matter. Continue to believe in your little peanut brain that you are willing to do UNTHINKABLE things to win, because in reality, Jake Starr is willing to go that extra two feet, no matter how far you take him. See you at Out of Control Davis... Enjoy the IDEA of being a champion until then. That day, the IDEA floats away, and the REALITY of its falsehood sets in.

As Jake concludes his statement, he glares directly into the camera lens as the scene slowly fades to black. With Davis lashing out at Starr for the first time, Jake's mentality now seems even more fierce and determined than ever. His focus has now been brought to the forefront, and the time for relaxing is over. The eyes told the story. Jake no longer just wishes to BEAT Justin Davis, and retain his Adrenaline Championship, he wishes to DESTROY Davis, and send a message to the entire wrestling community as he retains his belt.

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