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When the End of the Year Special approached in 2009, Jake Starr was the World Champion. Jake had finally captured the SCW World Championship from James Exeter, after making two previously unsuccessful attempts, one ending in defeat, and one in Jake's only draw in his SCW career. It was a time when Jake already held one championship, and the SCW World Championship made number two. In less than a year he worked his way up the veritable SCW ladder from a nobody, to the best in the business.

Now... Fast forward 12 months and 15 days later... Fast forward to Gang Rulz 2010...

As Jake approached Gang Rulz, his feelings were explicit. He wasn't happy. He felt jilted. He felt like he was being given the proverbial "short-end of the stick." But after some "pepping up" from his father, he began to become a little more focused. He began to accept the fact he couldn't go in with such a sour and negative mentality. He knew he couldn't allow his emotions to force him into simply bowing out of his opportunity for the World Championship. He knew he had to try. He also knew that his record in the, largly "free for all," matches wasn't the best. He knew it was one of the few instances he's ever faced where his record spoke negatively of his experience and his abilities to emerge victorious.

Nevertheless, he had to try...

So he trained. He prepared. He tried to look ahead, knowing that at some point, with the way the stipulations were, eventually Greg, Thorn, and he would have to begin trying to shift from winning, to keeping the others from winning. He knew that, the odds were, they'd have to turn their focus from Infamous, to each other. He understood that, even in a team atmosphere, it was still largely individualized. If it was going to happen, he couldn't change it, he could only make sure he looked out for himself, just as he suspected Thorn and Greg would be doing as well.

But... Like many "expected" things, plans changed. In a move that stunned the wrestling world, and more importantly, the internal atmosphere of Supreme Championship Wrestling, Lucas Knight, the World Champion entering Gang Rulz, never showed up. Nobody heard from him. Nobody saw him. He was a figment of the imagination. When the announcement was made that he was AWOL from Gang Rulz, many, including Jake Starr, thought it was more of his mind games. Jake said, pretty openly and candidly, that he wouldn't be surprised if Lucas miraculously showed up. Jake assumed that Lucas was trying to get the hopes of The Brotherhood, and their allies, up, with the intentions of reigning on their parade again.

Whether it was fortunate, or unfortunate, Jake was wrong.

Instead, Gang Rules was turned upside down by Sasha Drachewych. Instead of 3 on 3, it became 3 on 2, which then turned into two separate matches. It turned into a card where, if Jake wanted to truly demonstrate that he, indeed, would once again reign supreme, he'd have to go through two hellacious battles.

Gang Rulz began with Jake and Greg defending their Tag Team Championships against the two remaining members of "Team Infamous." Sasha felt it was appropriate that they get the opportunity to do what they were tasked to do in the match, regardless, and that's return the Tag Team Championships to Dark Fantasy. It was a task that they failed in achieving, and gave Jake his first victory, in one way, shape, or form, over the woman who has plagued his existence in recent times, Christy Matthews. It was a battle for Jake and Greg. Both men wanted to ensure they left Gang Rulz with one championship, at the very least, around their waist.

And once their goal was achieved, they knew the war ultimately lied ahead.

The second match that spawned from the absence of Lucas Knight was the main event. It was the battle that many of the fans wanted to see from the get-go. It was the battle to determine the new World Heavyweight Champion. Sasha elected to put the three would-be challengers from the original match into an elimination-style match, with the winner earning the right to call himself "champion."

In a grueling contest, the dream, the desire, the "need," was achieved. After the battle ended, for the second time this year, Jake Starr is the World Heavyweight Champion. After the battle ended, the parity began.

In 2009, dual champion going into the End of the Year Special...

In 2010, dual champion going into the End of the Year Special...

In 2009, Jake flew relatively solo. He had the occasional comradery of Brandon Evans, but ultimately, he was alone.

In 2010, Jake feels the same sense of loneliness.

Gang Rulz, and the events leading to it, really put the bonds of his friendship with The Brotherhood in jeopardy. As it went off of the air, however, Jake had a sense of hope. The apparent semi-reconcilliation of David Helms, Thorn, and Jake Starr seemed to be showcased with the concurrent celebration in the ring, and the subsequent celebration with the fans in the arena after the cameras went off of the air, gave Jake the belief things could be turning for the better.

As the three exited the main arena, and left back to the locker room, they still had relatively little to say to one another. Whether it was due to nerves, due to tension, or due to the fact they all are unsure of how the others feel, is completely unknown. What is known, however, is that they have collectively left as a unit, and made their way to the locker room as a group for the first time in quite a long while. When they arrive at Jake's locker room, Jake leads the way in, followed by his two fellow members of The Brotherhood. Jake walks over to his steel chair, unfolded in front of his locker, and sits down. He still sits in silence, staring at the World Championship, obviously in a complete state of shock. Helms and Thorn, obviously uneasy about how to truly approach the situation, quietly find a place to lean.

After several moments of the unmistakably awkward silence, Jake takes a deep breath, and leans back into his chair. He looks up at Helms and Thorn, who rather than opting to sit down, have taken up refuge against the wall. The look in Jake's eyes differs from what they're used to seeing. They don't see the same man who first entered into the arena today with his sights set on winning the World Championship. They see man much less boastful than normal. They see a man who, normally, would be bragging about what he just did, and now sits silently. Jake finally figures out something to say, and just slowly begins to shake his head.

Jake Starr:I... I just don't believe it...

Thorn: You should... You earned it...

Jake simply looks back down at the World Championship in his lap. He then looks back up at his fraternal brothers.

Jake Starr:... Part of me wishes it wouldn't have happened this way. Part of me wishes I could have really done it just against Lucas.

Helms shakes his head.

David Helms: I don't know why. Lucas wasn't here tonight, so you wouldn't have felt like you "earned" it.

Jake Starr:That's not what I mean...

David Helms: Then... What?

Jake Starr:Lucas, and Infamous too, put this together to drive a wedge between us. Whether any of us admit it or not, he has succeeded some. Dave... You weren't happy with how, you felt, I sounded selfish, and Tommy, well... You didn't like that either, but for different reasons. So, ultimately, I wish Lucas hadn't had the idea. I wish that I could have simply shown him up, brought the title back to us, and called it good.

Thorn pushes himself off of the wall, showing some signs of soreness from their match.

Thorn: Jake... Listen... I told you in the ring that I was sorry about what I did in there, I was just doing what I thought I had to do in order to try and win.

Jake's attention shifts from Helms to Thorn.

Jake Starr:I don't blame you. I don't fault you. I didn't expect either you or Greg to simply lie down to let someone else win. Hell, if either of you had done that, I would have lost some serious respect for whoever did it. So you don't have to apologize for pulling out whatever stops were necessary. We're all competitors here, and we're all striving for a common goal. So why apologize?

Thorn shrugs.

Thorn: I don't know... I just know you won, and you earned it...

David Helms: Yeah... You did... Whoever won that match would have earned it.

Jake looks down at the championship again, and again shakes his head.

Jake Starr:I... I really just don't believe it...

David Helms: Why? Seriously, why?

The slight sound of annoyance from Jake's disbelief begins to come through in Helms's voice. Helms doesn't grasp why Jake, all of a sudden, is seemingly in disbelief that he could have actually won. Jake sighs, and then responds to the inquiry from his brother, with a slight "snip" in his voice.

Jake Starr:Dave... There's a reason. For all intents and purposes, I didn't think it was possible. I, deep down, thought that my only chance was to fight Lucas one on one. The track record I have here has lead to me to have a little bit of self-doubt. Think about it... Tactical Warfare, Taking Hold of the Flame, matches like that don't favor me.

Dave lifts himself off of the wall as well, and returns the "snippy" response toward the newly crowned World Champion.

David Helms: Jake, what about your first pay-per view match in SCW? What about the fact that, in that match, you beat FIVE other guys? FIVE! Not two, FIVE! Then later that night, you went on to win the Adrenaline Championship?

Jake Starr:Those guys were...

Helms immediately cuts Jake off, hoping to reiterate his point.

David Helms: ... Were what Jake? There were FIVE of them. Then after that, what about the 2 for 1 Special? What about the fact you ran through Christian Savior, Jason Zero, AND Greg Cherry all at once? Three of the, and I quote, "legends," of this organization, YOU BEAT. Have you forgotten those times?

Jake just looks away from Helms.

David Helms: Jake... The fact you didn't win at Tactical Warfare and Taking Hold of the Flame doesn't mean you're predisposed to not winning. The fact is, someone finally got through to you that the match was something worth fighting for. Someone finally got through that thick skull of yours, and convinced you to be yourself, instead of whatever it was you were being when you were throwing your little temper tantrum...

Jake shakes his head, while still looking away from Helms.

David Helms: ... So don't pretend like this is so shocking to you. You know you came in ready to do everything you could, so why act like it's such a surprising thing?

Jake springs up out of his chair and walks toward Helms. The look of frustration on Jake's face from Helms's comments shows that David's words got to him. Thorn quickly gets in Jake's way, hoping to simply break the tension, and keep the two frustrated friends from doing something they'd regret in the long run. Jake stops due to Thorn's interviening, and takes a deep breath.

Jake Starr:Dave... Listen... Regardless of what happened before Tactical Warfare, that match opened my eyes. It made me realize I can lose something, without losing. It made me realize that when the odds are that much "against" me, all it takes is one misstep. All it takes is being distracted. Look at Greg... How do you think he feels right now? Yeah, he got pinned, and yeah, he was eliminated. But do you think he wanted to be eliminated because he made a mental lapse to pay attention to someone not involved with the match? What happened at Tactical Warfare and Taking Hold of the Flame made me doubt myself, plain and simple. Believe me or not, it's true...

Helms simply shakes his head lightly.

Jake Starr:... I'm sorry it's hard to believe, but I'm simply trying to be honest here... I'm sorry you don't buy it, but it's true...

David Helms: It isn't that I don't buy it, but it's like you're trying to pull the wool over our eyes here. I'm sorry but in the whole time I've known you, you've never been this humble person. You're loud. You're boastful. You're sometimes obnoxious, but that's you. So yeah, I feel there is something "not right" about this.

Jake Starr:I've always been honest... Right?

David Helms: As far as I know, yeah...

Jake Starr:Then why should you think any differently about now?

David Helms: ... Like I said, something just seems off.

Jake decides he needs to show and prove his honesty to Helms. Jake turns to Thorn, hoping maybe this will get the point across.

Jake Starr:Tommy, what do you remember about after Taking Hold of the Flame?

Thorn looks a bit confused, but figures he'll at least answer the question.

Thorn: I remember celebrating that I won...

Jake smirks.

Jake Starr:Besides that?

Thorn shows a slight bit of annoyance.

Thorn: ... I don't know... It's not something I apparently have as good of a memory of as you...

Jake sighs.

Jake Starr:Tommy, I was honest with you. I told you that if our paths crossed, and I got a chance at the World Championship, I wouldn't hesitate to give it everything I could in order to win. I wasn't fake about it. I made it clear.

Helms doesn't see it the way Jake was hoping.

David Helms: Sounds more like you were basically saying you were going to hunt him down and take his title by any means necessary... Sounds more like greed...

Jake sighs again. Instead of directly changing over to Helms's accusation, Jake continues trying to make his point.

Jake Starr:... But Tommy, if our paths cross, and you get a chance at this championship, I expect the same out of you. I don't expect you to half-ass anything. I want to know that if you fight me, you gave it your all. That way if you win, I know I was beaten by a better man. But I also would know that if I won, I beat someone who was coming at me with everything they had.

Thorn's face remains fairly stoic to Jake's comment.

David Helms: ... Still sounds like greed to me...

Jake slowly turns his head back towards Helms. He glares at his friend, and issues one final comment.

Jake Starr:The same goes for you too...

Helms takes a step toward Jake, moving within inches of Jake's face.

David Helms: Not all of us are driven by greed like some...

As Helms says those final words, he turns and heads for the exit of the dressing room. Jake quickly tries to make-off after him, hoping to slow him up, and try and convince him that he's wrong is his assumption. As Jake reaches the door, the door slams in his face, and Jake realizes that right now might not be the best time to try and talk to Helms. Jake looks back at Thorn, who still remains relatively stoic in his gaze, but does shrug, showing Jake he's doesn't know what to say. Jake lets out a final sigh, and slowly turns back toward his chair. As he sits down, he leans his head back, gazing toward the ceiling, and mutters the words, "I just wish I knew what to do."

With the drama still surrounding The Brotherhood, how will they each be impacted in their individual efforts to continue their collective momentum? Will Jake be able to turn his focus from mending the broken bond, to acting and serving as SCW World Champion for the second time? If he can't his reign will be short. If he can persevere, as he's done in the past, it could be another lengthy reign for the Social Misfit.

Nevertheless, it is a fact, the Starr has officially risen, for a second time, in Supreme Championship Wrestling.

Jake Starr:Six months has never seemed so long in my life. Hell, to say it seemed like an eternity, would be an understatement. But nevertheless, the six months of waiting, fighting, climbing, waiting some more, and doing everything I could to earn a chance to reclaim the belt I returned to this business to, not just win, but OWN, has come to an end. I would lie, though, if I said that during those six months I ever stopped thinking about this day. I would lie if I said it ever took a backseat to another professional goal. I would lie if I said there was ever a point in which I honestly didn't care about becoming SCW World Champion again.

It simply wouldn't be true on any level.

As I've said many times, winning a World Championship in any organization is like a drug. You get a taste, you want it time and time again. You become addicted to the feeling and the high you get when you're on top. It's the very reason that Greg and Tommy wanted me to accept Lucas's initial proposal. They wanted a chance to feel that high again. They wanted their chance to prove they could still be the best. They wanted a chance to become the true SUPREME superstar in SCW. They wanted that high again.

We all did...

Whether or not people will admit it, greed plays a factor in this sport and in this business. Everyone has that inner desire to be the best. Everyone knows that is the number one way to showcase that you are, indeed, the best. Like I said, it was why Thorn and Greg wanted to be involved as well. For Tommy, his motives were simple. He wanted revenge on Lucas. He wanted to show that Lucas's win was, as it turned out to be, a fluke, a mistake, and an outright unfortunate event. Tommy wanted his retribution for that. Greg simply wanted to prove he had been able to climb back up the ladder, and capture the top prize again. His motive was fairly simple, too. But when Lucas failed to even arrive, none of us knew what to think.

While we accepted the fact we'd ultimately be somehow competing for the same prize, we were unsure of the circumstances. Then, when "her majesty" made her little decree, we each realized what was going to happen. We all realized she basically was cutting out the whole process of pretending to have us battle someone else, with the hopes and aspirations that we all begin turning on each other, and just having us battle one another. In a sense, this decree made me happy. It pushed all of the potential "screwing a friend out of the World Championship" out of the window. At the same time, it was one of those things that really sucked a lot of the energy out of the room. See, when Lucas didn't even decide to show up, I realized that whoever became the new World Champion would have the same "honor" that Josh Hudson had over me...

... The "champion" was never beaten for the belt...

Like it or not, agree or not, believe it or not, it isn't the way a lot of people WANT to win. They'll take it, but it isn't ideal. Nevertheless, I can also say that had Lucas come in to fight, and given the same effort he did in not showing up, it would have warranted the same feeling.

Jake takes a deep breath, and looks down at his World Championship sitting in his lap.

Jake Starr:I guess that's why I really have had trouble really taking it all in. First I could care less, then I cared, then everything I thought I was supposed to care about didn't happen. It was such a whirlwind surrounding Gang Rulz, deep down, I don't think I realize what all I did.

I've seen the tape.

I lived the moment.

I just don't quite believe it.

Jake smirks in a manner as if he's saying, "unbelievable."

Jake Starr:I'm here though... I'm the World Champion again...

It really happened...

Jake leans his head back in his chair, and for the first time, closes his eyes gently and takes a deep breath, almost showing that he's finally allowing the whole idea and the whole situation sink in. After a moment of "Zen," his head tilts back forward, and he leans forward. The corner of his lips slowly begins to rise into a much more familiar Jake Starr-esque grin.

Jake Starr:It... Really... Happened!

Jake takes another deep breath in and out of his nose.

Jake Starr:You know, it's been a long time coming. Like I said, it's been SIX DAMN MONTHS since I've had this feeling. I legitimately questioned whether I had "it," or not, anymore. I began to have shreds of doubt in my soul that I can't even remember ever having in the past. But I did going into Gang Rulz. I questioned myself more than ever before. My passion was questioned, my drive was questioned, my desire was questioned, and it wasn't by someone else, it was by ME!

For the first time in a long time, though... I sit here knowing that everything I said, and everything I was preaching about me being "the guy," and "the best of the best," wasn't just me blowing hot air or smoke up anyone's asses. No, it was more than that. It was a LOT more than that.

It was a damn fact!

When I walked into that arena, I knew the likelihood that I'd leave with the SCW World Championship was slim. I knew it. I just kept telling myself that even though it would be damn near winning the lottery odds, which meant there was a chance. It meant I damn well give it my all, or I wouldn't even be able to live with myself afterwards.

So that's what I did...

I did just what I needed to do...

And now I'm back where I have WANTED to be...

So the question is... What's next? Who's next? Where does Jake go from here next? In all honesty, I have options. See, while the World Championship is a drug, it's a drug that kills. It's a drug that can ultimately curse you. Many World Champions find themselves faced with the belief they're superior to the world, and will simply not have to try anymore. Some simply whither away thinking they have nothing left to "try" for, simply proving they're addicted to the chase, and not the end result...

Jake holds up one finger.

Jake Starr:... That's one option! I can simply kick my heels up, assume the comfortable, lazy, laid-back position, and just ride the wave all the way into shore. I mean, it sounds perfect! It sounds like an option that requires no real "trying" or "effort" on my part.

So screw the other option, right?

That's the "right" option, right?


As long as I've done this, I've watched champions come and go. I've watched them skyrocket to a World Championship, and fall faster than the careers of the cast of Saved by the Bell. It's a depressing site. It's a site I never want associated with me. Quite frankly, it's one NOBODY should want, or openly allow themselves to have attached to their name.

So I opt for option two.

I opt for the one that isn't quite as easy, or simple.

Instead of being a failure as fast as I was a success, I'm opting to continue the success. I don't want to be like the, now former World Champion, and simply be unable to ever win again after I won. I don't want that. I want to prove time and time again that I am "the guy to beat." I want my opponents to be excited and terrified at the same time. I want them to want to beat me, but deep down know there's no snowballs chance in hell.

So I say BRING IT!

Jake's smirk turns into a bit of a scowl, and he cracks his neck to each side.

Jake Starr:So that brings me to Breakdown. That brings me to an opportunity I've been hoping and praying for about as long as I can remember in SCW.

See, there's been this guy who has been cavorting around, and acting as if he's somewhat of a deity. He's proclaimed himself, God. It's a proclamation that, when I first heard it, I was quite shocked honestly. I couldn't believe there truly was anyone who had such a high sense of self-worth, and such a strong feeling of narcissism to refer to themselves as, well, "God." So, when I heard of this character, I began to listen and watch him in his matches here and there, and I realized that many in the locker room were clamoring about this guy. I mean you couldn't believe how many people bought into the shtick that he was truly this Supreme Being.

The more and more I heard, the more and more I wanted a chance to face him. I wanted this self-professed "God," to step into the ring with me, and either be proven another blasphemer amongst a sea of blasphemers, or "enlighten" me. The reason I put it into that type of context is quite simple. I fancy myself of the followers of agnosticism, and if you want to break it down further, agnostic theism. I tend to believe there is some form of "higher" or "supreme" being out there, but I am not quite sure how to define it, or what to call it. I've never been "proven" the existence or nonexistence, nor have I ever found someone with the shear ability to "show" me where I am missing...

... So maybe this "God" is the key? Maybe I'll be shown such empirical evidence of the existence of this, said, "God," that I'll have no reason but to acknowledge his existence, and accept him as the "knower of all things," and the "wisest of the wise."

It's either that, or the alternative...

The alternative solution to this conundrum is one that I firmly believe is one that tends to lend itself more toward the side of, oh how can I put this, "reality?" It's the idea that this man, is merely that. He's a man who has elected to become so self-indulged in himself, that he has come to the painstaking conclusion that he is, in fact, "God." If that's the case, and he truly is so absorbed in his own being that he has decided that he is "God," when in all honesty he is a mere mortal like the rest of us, then he's in for a real rude awakening. The way I look at it, while I may not be able to prove the EXISTENCE of a God, I can easily disprove someone who isn't.

Now don't get me wrong. I'm not discrediting the abilities of this guy. I'm not completely saying he's a complete hack who couldn't come up with anything else to call himself, so he chose "God..."

... OK maybe I just did...


I'm not saying I'm going to take this fruit lightly. Believe me, I know better than that. I've watched him in many of his matches, and I've seen what he's capable of. On top of that, I know he has some laundry list of "followers" who are doing nothing but kissing the ground he walks on, and most likely protecting him from any harm that may come his way. I know he's a former World Champion. He's got plenty for me to watch out for in this match.

But the fact is, it goes both ways.

I have my own "credentials" to bring into the ring, and whether he even acknowledges me or not, will ultimately be irrelevant. Quite honestly, I've heard him ramble on enough to know he doesn't really give the light of day to anyone but himself. So to worry about whether or not he acknowledges what I've done is another moot point. See, once the bell rings, once the match starts, all of his trash he will talk, and all of his glorified rants expecting people to "worship" and "praise" him will no longer matter. People will bear witness to, in a sense, the unmasking of the false prophet.

Like I said, I'm not here to be another champion who falls by the wayside. I proved I can be one of the best champions in SCW history, and I'm going to do it again. If some false prophet wants to try and stop me, and ultimately make me one of his new "followers," "believers," or "disciples," he's got another thing coming. I'm on a mission to defend this championship, and my personal honor...

... It started AGAIN at Gang Rulz...

... It continues to Breakdown...

... And to those who doubt me now, remember these words...

"Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold, but he who stands firm to the end will be saved... For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and miracles to deceive even the elect - if that were possible. See, I have told you ahead of time..."


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