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When it comes to relationships, people usually are willing to do pretty much anything, at the time, to ensure the safety of them. Whether or not that emotion continues in the long run doesn't matter because at that very moment, it means everything. It's true for romantic relationships, and friendships alike.

Since Thorn unexpectedly chastised Jake for his desires, and spontaneously disappeared, Jake has been in a solid state of confusion. It was an entire episode of emotional turmoil that he wasn't prepared for, nor was he anticipating. Since they had begun their mutual respect and friendship building, Jake always had the sense Thorn would be someone who would openly be able to confront him, man to man, and work to iron out any issues they may ever have, or tensions that might grow between them.

Now he wonders if that was ever the case.

Thorn vanishing, and not being able to work out the animosity has been weighing on Jake since the day it happened. The turmoil between he and David Helms has lead him to feel he has no one to truly help him "figure out" why this all happened and went down like it did.

Instead, he's been forced to figure that part out on his own.

Thankfully, the search for Thorn has given him a renewed sense of hope that maybe, just maybe, if they can locate the AWOL superstar, he might get his answers, and the mending process could begin. It's the idea that made him agree to join Helms in his search. It was a greedy reason, but nevertheless, it was the truth. He knows the bond that David and Tommy have is one that is solid, and ultimately will be able to be mended. He doesn't have that faith in his relationship with both men.

Thorn, and Helms too, mark a couple of those few people in life who Jake has felt he could fully entrust with his loyalty, friendship, and reliability. He's seen Tommy and David as someone he can trust around his family. He's put him on a higher pedestal than most... And it's one of the primary reasons he's not willing to allow their friendship, and fraternal brotherhood be destroyed by the likes of a group like Infamous. He believes their friendship is worth fighting for. He believes if their friendship is destined to deteriorate and ultimately die off, it'll be because of issues between them not being brought on by the external forces of a group of "bad guys," but by their own quirks clashing.

So Jake is giving this a shot.

When Helms proposed the idea, Jake was unsure how Helms knew this was the right direction to go in. Jake didn't know why the West Coast was the "ideal" locale to begin in. Upon arriving in California, Jake is then informed that the search would now travel south. They'd head to the area of the world synonymous with underage drinking, drugs, and other bits of debauchery, Tijuana, Mexico!

It was a travel plan Jake wasn't really planning on.

Tijuana is a notoriously rough place to be if you're an American, especially in today's climate. It's a hub of many of the powerful drug cartels, notorious for imprisoning Americans for any reason, and also a place tourists are known to "disappear." In a sense, Jake understands why Thorn could be there. At the same time, he knows, even if he were going into seclusion, he wouldn't be caught dead trying to hide there.

Nevertheless, they go. They've made their way to Tijuana, in the hopes of finding where Thorn was hiding, or even better, finding Thorn himself.

As the pair walk down the ill-kept streets in the Baja city, they each keep a close eye out for a potential sighting of the former SCW Champion. For the most part, there is silence between the two. The tension remains, regardless of their common goal. They both know the reality they are both in, and know that, even if they find Tommy, and can resolve his outburst and disappearance, they still have rivaling views on the issue of Infamous.

Regardless of the tension, though, they have been fairly consistent in working together for this common good. The end result is "worth it," to them both. As the pair approach a "T" intersection in the middle of the more "touristy" portion of Tijuana, they each begin to look down the two possible routes they can now take. To the left is a more "local" portion of the town, complete with a much rougher and tougher climate. To the right, more of the area continued to be frequented by tourists.

Jake Starr: We should go this way...

Jake points to his left.

David Helms: I disagree... We should head that way...

Helms points down the more tourist-riddled portion of their impasse. Jake looks at Helms with a slight bit of confusion on his face.

Jake Starr: Why that way?

Helms glances down the road in the direction he suggested, then back at Jake.

David Helms: ... Because I know Tommy. That'll be the area he'd be in, if he's still here...

Jake shakes his head.

Jake Starr: No... That's precisely the reason he WON'T be down that way.

David Helms: Dude, you're wanting to go down into the slums, and rougher parts, of TJ...

Jake Starr: Yeah... You're exactly right...

The confusion shifts from Jake's face, to David.

David Helms: Why?! Why would you voluntarily go there?

Jake Starr: That's easy. If you're trying to hide, why go where people will see you? If you want to avoid the possibility of being identified, and having your location blown to whoever it is you're avoiding, why would you go where the odds of someone knowing you is greater? Now, if you go back this way, the odds of being recognized go down. Tommy would expect us to not go that way, assuming he wouldn't simply to stay "safe."

Helms gently shakes his head.

David Helms: To be quite honest, I don't think Tommy anticipates us looking for him much, if at all.

Jake Starr: Oh believe me, he knows we're looking...

Again, confusion comes over Helms's face.

David Helms: How?

Jake Starr: Because I called and told him we were hunting him down!

That becomes news to Helms.

David Helms: Even with that being said, we're not going that way.

Jake gets a look on his face, showing he's a bit taken aback by Helms's assertion of authority.

Jake Starr: Why are you in charge?

David Helms: Because...

Jake Starr: Who died and made you God?

David Helms: Well if you'd let me finish...

Jake rolls his eyes, then motions for Helms to continue his thought process and explanation.

David Helms: Listen... I've known Tommy for a long time. He's as close to family as you can get, without being related by blood. Knowing him that long has taught me how he thinks, just like you know how your "extended" family thinks. He and I have been through thick and thin, and seen each other at our bests and worsts. That's why I'm taking the lead on this.

Jake Starr: OK... That's all well and good. But you have to understand I know how people who are in this mentality of "I don't want to be found," think. I know what their usual modus operandi is, and I know how they think, probably more so, and better, than you.

Helms simply shakes his head, completely disagreeing with Jake, and his assertion. The impasse puts an err of frustration over Jake, realizing neither he nor Helms is going to budge on their platforms.

Jake Starr: How about this, then... You go that way, and I'll go my way. It'll allow us to cover more of this town at once. Then, we'll meet back at the car later...

David Helms: OK... When's "later?"

Jake Starr: Just...

Jake shakes his head, and his voice lowers.

Jake Starr: ... Later...

David sighs, and shakes his head. He shrugs, turns, and takes off down the street in the direction he believed to be "right." As Helms leaves earshot, Jake shakes his head and mutters...

Jake Starr: Unbelievable...

Jake turns and begins going down his path, through the rougher parts of Tijuana, Mexico. As Jake begins walking, he passes a man leaning up against a wall. The man is wearing a traditional Mexican poncho, and a sombrero. His head is looking down toward the ground, making his face completely blocked. Jake begins passing the man, completely ignoring him, and leaving him be, but from under the oversized sombrero, a voice emerges in a cheesy, obviously fake, Mexican accent.

Voice: Hola senior Starr...

Jake stops dead in his tracks. He begins to slowly turn toward the man, and casts a confuse stare his way.

Jake Starr: Umm... Hello?

Voice: Como estas vato?

Jake Starr: Umm... Do I know you?

The man in the sombrero lifts his head up. Jake's eyes immediately go wide seeing that it's none other than Brandon Evans. Jake is in complete shock at Brandon standing in front of him in Tijuana, Mexico, of all places. When he left his house, Brandon was still there too. Now, he's in front of him, in Mexico.

Jake Starr: Dude! What the hell are you doing here?

Brandon Evans: Roeper sent me!

Jake Starr: What?!

Brandon Evans: Yeah... When you told her you guys may head "south of the border" she kind of dispatched me to find you.

Jake Starr: Ok? Well... How'd you know we'd be in TJ?

Brandon Evans: I've been...

Brandon makes the "air quotes" hand gesture.

Brandon Evans: ... "Covertly following" you over the past view hours?

Jake Starr: Ok... What does...

Jake returns the hand gesture back to his friend.

Jake Starr: ... "Covertly following" mean, exactly?

Brandon Evans: Basically it means I was following your tread pattern... Or... Tracking you like Mantracker... Umm... Ok so basically I've been standing here for a while, hoping you might pass, but I was moments away from simply calling you and asking. I got bored of looking, so I figured I'd stand here and "blend in."

Jake Starr: Well you look nothing like the natives...

Brandon Evans: But... I thought they all dressed like this?

Jake Starr: You're a walking stereotype... All you're missing is an oversized guitar, and a box of Chiclets to sell to the tourists.

Brandon pulls out a box of Chiclets from under his poncho.

Brandon Evans: Nope! I got that covered

Jake facepalms himself, then returns to the whole irony of actually being found in the entire country of Mexico.

Jake Starr: Ok... So what if you called me, and we weren't anywhere near Tijuana? What would you have done then?

Brandon Evans: I would have gone to my old hang out, and called it good...

Another look of confusion crosses Jake's face.

Jake Starr: Hang out?

Brandon Evans: Yeah...

Jake Starr: I didn't know you ever hung out in TJ!

Brandon Evans: Yep... I did!

Jake isn't buying into the whole story.

Jake Starr: Dude you couldn't have hung out here long. My "bloodhounds" would have sniffed you out immediately.

Brandon shakes his head.

Brandon Evans: Nah... The local "scent" from the residents drowns out any "normal" scent that may pass through. It's a great way to truly disappear!

Jake rolls his eyes again.

Jake Starr: Lovely!

Out of nowhere, Brandon suddenly has a look of confusion on his face. Jake notices the sudden change in facial expression, and can't resist asking.

Jake Starr: You look lost...

Brandon Evans: Confused...

Jake Starr: OK, confused... Why are you confused?

Brandon Evans: I'm forgetting something!

Jake Starr: Well, start walking with me, maybe you'll remember...

The pair begin to walk down the dilapidated portion of Tijuana, and Jake begins looking high and low for signs of Thorn. Out of nowhere, Brandon pauses, snaps his fingers, and exclaims...

Brandon Evans: NOW I REMEMBER!

The outburst startles Jake initially, but he's then intrigued by what it was he had initially forgotten, and now suddenly remembered.

Jake Starr: OK... Do tell...

Brandon Evans: Roeper said my job is to keep you out of "Mexican Butt-Rape Prison!"

Jake Starr: WHAT?!

Brandon Evans: Yup!

Jake's expression shows he doesn't buy Brandon's assertion. Jake knows Evans way too well to think he wouldn't come up with something like that on his own.

Brandon Evans: ... Seriously! Granted I was the one who explained that prisons in Mexico were more "butt-in-the-bum" than American prisons, and she was kind of horrified.

Jake Starr: Umm... How do you know about, as you say, "butt-in-the-bum" prisons?

Brandon cringes, and shudders.

Brandon Evans: Trust me, you don't want to know!

Jake begins to nod.

Jake Starr: You know, I don't doubt that in the least!

Jake begins to look around, and mumbles to himself again.

Jake Starr: Now where in the hell would Tommy be hiding?

Brandon Evans: Dude... If he's trying to stay away from being caught, I know where he'd go!

Jake Starr: Where?

Brandon Evans: Follow me!

Jake Starr: Where are we going?

Brandon Evans: It's a local bar, but it's kind of a dive. Only locals and those "in the know" know where it is, or how to get to it, but it's right around the corner!

Brandon takes off, and Jake speeds after him. As they round the corner, a man stands outside, presumably acting as the bouncer to this "secretive" establishment, is approached by Brandon. The two exchange greetings and hugs. Brandon goes to pay the man, presumably the cover charge, and the man refuses to take Brandon's money. The man opens a gate, leading to an alley way, and tells Brandon that "he knows where to go." As they make their way down, Brandon begins explaining the club to Jake.

Brandon Evans: ... See, this is a place where guys go hoping they don't get caught by their wives frequenting...

Jake Starr: So... You're saying it's a strip club?

Brandon Evans: Well... Sort of... It's the Mexican variety!

As the two walk, they come to a door with the sign "Casa de los Burros y Cabras" hanging on it. Brandon stops, turns to Jake, and grins.

Brandon Evans: Here we are!

As they open the door, the music immediately begins to blare. They make their way through the curtained off area, and Jake finally begins to inquire about the incident with the "bouncer," being forced to yell in order ot be heard.

Jake Starr: So... How did we get in here so easily?

Brandon Evans: I know the guy!

As they get into the main bar area, Jake notices multiple stages, like many strip clubs have. He also notices a strange stench in the air, and assumes that's what Brandon meant by the local "odor." The DJ for the club begins to welcome everyone to the club.

Club DJ: HOLA! Bienvenida a la "Casa de los Burros y Cabras!" Please welcome to the stage my chica, Lucious Lupita and her Sexy Burro!!

Brandon grins, and begins to get excited.

Jake begins to scour the room for signs of Thorn. As Jake's eyes reach the stage, now graced by "Lucious Lupita" and the "Sexy Burro," Jake's jaw immediately drops. Brandon notices the look on Jake's face, and smiles even bigger.

Brandon Evans: ISN'T THIS GREAT?!

Jake, still in complete shock at what he's seeing, can only muster three words.

Jake Starr: WHAT... THE... F_CK?!

Brandon continues to smile and nod quickly. He assumes Jake is getting as much of a kick out of it as he is. Jake finally is able to pry his eyes from the stage, and immediately turns his shocked expression in the direction of the man who brought him here.


Brandon shrugs and nods.


Brandon's face immediately turns more offended than entertained.

Brandon Evans: Dude... It's not that...

Jake's eyes widen, and his arm gestures toward the stage.

Jake Starr: Dude! "Lucious Lupita" is having sex with a DONKEY!

Brandon shakes his head.

Brandon Evans: That's not what I was talking about...

Jake cocks an eyebrow.

Jake Starr: Then what in the HELL do you mean?

Brandon Evans: It's not bestiality!

Jake is completely taken aback by Brandon's assertion. He looks up at the stage, then looks back at Brandon, then back at the stage, then once again, back to Brandon.

Jake Starr: Then WHAT THE F_CK is it then? Because I'm sorry... Donkey penis, inside human vagina, equals bestiality in my book...

Brandon, again, makes the universal symbol for air quotes, and responds.

Brandon Evans: It's called "interspecies erotica!"

Jake throws his hands to his side, looks back at the stage, becomes horrified once again, and begins making the proverbial "B-line" toward the exit. Brandon quickly darts after him, trying to now say they haven't looked for Thorn in the club.

With Jake now seemingly wishing he hadn't stumbled across Brandon, he begins to realize that the search for Thorn could be one that is in vain. He hasn't heard from him, nor has he received any kind of communique from his friend since the whole incident. In the back of his mind he worries that maybe, just maybe, he'll show up at Gang Rulz, and be calmer. Another voice in his head questions whether he'll show up at all.

Nevertheless, Jake knows that whether Thorn is there, whether he's not, or whether they're on the same page, is almost a moot point. Both of them will have a similar goal if they stand across from Infamous. Both of them will want to be the one who eliminates Lucas Knight.

The question of, whether or not the bonds of friendship can truly overcome the perils that are in front of them right now, will be answered. The question of, who will emerge the World Champion, will be answered. The question of, will Jake and Greg remain Tag Team Champions when the night is done, will be answered. And ultimately... Which "gang" will rule Supreme Championship Wrestling, will be answered. Rarely does one event hold so many answers. Rarely does one match pose such a great threat to the status quo of SCW.

But this one...

... This one isn't normal...

... This one isn't an everyday thing...

... This one will test the boundaries of friendship, alliance, and loyalty...

... This one will ultimately answer everything!

Jake Starr: Everyone, at some point or another, relies on their upbringing and their life experiences to truly guide them, or answer questions they may have about their life. Everyone, at some point or another, gets dealt that proverbial poker hand that forces them to think. It forces them to truly have to avoid just shooting from the hip with an answer or response. Some people have experienced so much in life that, while it may be a situation they can't just jump to a conclusion for, they still almost immediately have an answer. They've seen their share of battles, and know how to approach many. Hell, some situations begin to bleed into one another, and truly give that illusion that history repeats itself. Then, you have others who may initially shoot first, and aim second, realizing it was ultimately something they shouldn't have done. They rely on their emotion and their gut to simply tell them the right reaction, whether or not, in the end, it was the right call.

It is only after this jump they bother to take the time to look down, and check just how high they really are...

... And sadly, that was me.

Yes, I fall into that latter argument. I fall into the category of the act first, think later crowd. Thankfully, unlike some people, I'm getting an opportunity to still step back, think, and react again, rather than be forced to stick to my initial verbal assault and reaction. I'm fortunate enough to get the chance to take a mulligan, regroup, and retry this whole situation.

The way I reacted, initially, probably wasn't the best thing I could have done. Hell, I know it wasn't. But I did. I did it for a reason that was more personal than professional. I had to get it off of my chest. At the time, I wasn't thinking of what it may or may not do for this match. Some have questioned whether or not I had ulterior motives, and honestly, all I can say to that is you're thinking too much. The fact is, I had a knee jerk reaction that was right for me, at the time, and truthfully, I accept it wasn't the best move.

I've gotten the frustration, the animosity, and the raw emotion out of my system, and I've started to really try and put this in perspective. I've accepted my fear of this match. I've accepted the fact that I'm truly scared this could be one of my last chances to shine for some time. They're both aspects that have truly tried to get me down, and make me drift back into the realm of raw emotion, rather than rational thought. It's been a struggle to say the least. Looking at all the negativity that I know surrounds me, and this match, makes things difficult to get away from. It's hard not to, again, have that knee jerk reaction, and begin lashing out. It's hard, and honestly, sometimes painful. I just keep telling myself, though, that it's required. I keep reminding myself that if I want this as much as I have said time and time again, and I truly want to prove I'm the best of the best, again like I've said time and time again, I can't keep resorting to raw emotion.

So, now I'm to the point I've stepped back. I've forced myself to try and look at it from a perspective like others have. Others have turned to what they've experienced in their lives to truly give them an outlook as to what they should be ready to expect when Gang Rulz rolls around. One has been very adamant about it, while some of the others, it's simply understood. I need to employ those same strategies. I can't just can't radically pick a direction and steamroll ahead if I don't even know what is ahead. I can't simply look at the surface of this whole situation, and assume that is all there is to it. I can't be the only one who simply tries to shout the loudest, and assumes everyone's going to listen. I have to prove I'm worth listening to, and prove I'm worth the opportunity in front of me.

Hell, look at my partner, Greg. Look at him. Look at how he's looking at this match. He's not simply going, "hey I'm Greg Cherry, former World Champion, and I've worked my way up the ladder, so I'm going to win." No... He's not looking at it like that. He's not simplifying things to that degree. Instead, it's made it much more direct. Greg goes into this match with a mental edge over the World Champion. Hell, he highlighted that himself on his Twitter account. He stated, "Greg Cherry 2, Lucas Knight 0... 3rd time's for the title." You can't get much more direct than that. You can't put the World Champion more on edge than showing the true reason he should worry about you.

Greg's beaten him twice. Greg's toppled the World Champion on two different occasions, the most recent, this past Friday night on Ammo. Ok well Saturday, but it was on Friday Night Ammo. Semantics... Anyway, Greg pinned Lucas in Lucas's second-to-last match before Gang Rulz. Greg, single-handedly stifled any momentum that Lucas could have built over him.

Greg did what Greg needed to do.

Greg planted the seed of doubt in the head of Lucas Knight that maybe, just maybe, Lucas is incapable of toppling Greg... Granted cow-tipping isn't illegal in all countries...


Jake gives a slight smirk, and for the first time in quite a long time, shows a glimmer of his true self that everyone has come to know.

Jake Starr: Sorry, I couldn't resist...

Nevertheless, Lucas, I know, is worried. He's worried that Greg has his number. He's looking across the ring knowing Greg Cherry could spell the end of his reign as SCW World Champion.

But then... Then you have the person that, like I said, may haven't been as adamant lately about her abilities and history. You have a woman who has simply, thus far, been relatively quiet on the matter. Usually a pretty annoying force when it comes to promos, and Twitter for sure, Christy Matthews knows what history tells about her.

See, much like Greg, Christy has that seed planted across the minds of many. I won't lie, it's probably planted in my subconscious. She's stifled many who've crossed her path, and become, arguably, the most destructive force within the faction she comes in representing. She's beaten me, she's beaten Thorn, she's beaten Helms. She's shown that she can run with the big boys. She's proven she's not scared to tangle with anyone. She seeks to continue to do so. So she hopes to continue to let those seeds fester and grow. She wants to know that there is that shred of doubt in the minds of the opposition, just like anyone would. Hell, I would! I'd love to know people worry about me. She's not going to be any different. She'd want the ability to have the psychological advantage, because then she can solely focus on the physical aspect.

Who wouldn't want that luxury?

Another thing is, what about the others in this match? What about Lucas Knight, Brittany Lohan, and myself?

Brittany is a girl who strives to be someone special. She wants that recognition that comes with being associated with the bigger names in the industry. Again I ask, who wouldn't? Brittany desires to be at the top. She desires what we all desire, success. She's now in the mix. She's gotten her wish. She's thrown into a match with the likes of all of the aforementioned names, and she's in the main event at Gang Rulz. So it's obvious she's beginning to find the right path for herself.

Lucas, on the other hand, I believe is beginning to sweat. I sense the beads form every moment he's awake, and every moment he's actually able to close his eyes and NOT see the World Championship going out of his grasp. I get the feeling he is terrified his reign will end one month after it began, and simply make people look at him like a transitional champion, or a lucky champion.

I can speak from experience with Lucas. I know how he thinks. I know he fancies himself as a man who stands taller than most, and a man who is more talented than most. I know he perceives himself far greater than others do. I know him well enough to know that he doesn't desire the label of "transitional champion." He desires a title far greater. He wants to be revered like I was. He also knows that the chances of it are slim. When he looks across the ring, he doesn't see an even fight. He knows it's one of those instances where those across from him have timed him well. He's only beaten one of us, and knows that doesn't bode well. He knows he'd have to hope for two of us to be eliminated by his cohorts, and ultimately stand across from the one man whom he's upset before.

The truth is, though, everyone knows he doesn't have enough faith in his partners to guarantee such an outcome. Lucas knows he'd have to bet on the perfect outcome, and the hopes of greed standing in the way for the entire match, and the pinfalls over his partners, in order to have the stars align that perfectly. And if he were to get that lucky, and have everything happen so perfect for him, then in the end, he would have formulated the perfect plot to protect his championship. He would have orchestrated the greatest scheme in wrestling history, and survived to tell about it.

Jake lets out a deep sigh and looks down. He slowly begins to nod, and then lifts his head back up.

Jake Starr: Then that leaves me...

As I said, I'm hoping to look to history with the hopes I can prepare better. I'm looking to everything that's happened, everything that's gone down, and everything I've either been successful in, or failed miserably at. I'm not going to leave any stone unturned, or any path unexplored. I simply can't allow myself to believe there was something else I could have done.

When I look across the ring at Lucas, Brittany, and Christy, I know they're hoping to divide Greg, Thorn and I, with the hopes of ultimately having our thirst for success be what drives us apart, and loses us the match.

I know, when I look at Christy, she remembers the fact I haven't ever beaten her. I know she knows she's successfully planted that seed of doubt into my head. But it's that seed, and that fear of losing again, that I am constantly focusing on when it comes to her. If it winds up with me and her in the ring together, I don't care if we're the first two, or the final two, the fact is, I'm going to make sure the outcome is different. I'm not one to allow a loss to go unpunished. I'm not one to allow someone to continuously "have my number." I'll keep trying, keep fighting, and if it means I keep losing, fine... I'm still not going to slow down figuring out the keys to win.

With Lohan, I don't know what to think, honestly. I know why she's there. I know the role she hopes to play. I know she's the one hoping to knock out Greg and I out, and become even more in the good graces with Infamous, and namely Dark Fantasy. I know she looks at this as a match that could give her unlimited opportunities. But that would mean she'd have to, first, succeed. She'd have to complete her mission. She'd have to make sure the Tag Team Championships went back to Syren and Ravyn. If she thinks that's going to be accomplished, she's wrong. While I don't care if she pins Greg and eliminates him in the long run, ultimately, we both have to be gone. We both have to be eliminated. I'm not going to be eliminated. I'm not suffering two defeats in one night. I don't pretend to control Greg or his actions, I do so my own. So believe me, she'll learn my actions are ones that speak loudly.

Finally, the man of the hour himself.

Finally, you have Lucas Knight.

Finally, the man who supposedly was the mastermind behind this whole charade.

Yes, this whole ordeal was put forth by Lucas in the hopes that the imaginary world to which he lives, and ultimately expects everyone else to subsequently live, will cease to have the "shameful meddling" of myself, my allies, and my fraternal brothers. In his eyes, we should be happy he's "nice" enough to show us his attention, and acknowledge our existence... It's a mentality he had several months ago, and ultimately now it's just as prevalent.

See, while I know he fears that the stars won't align, he still has that sense that he is truly "holier than thou." The truth is, if he doesn't win, and he loses the SCW Championship, it isn't his fault. I can tell you that right now. The "Pass the Buck Game" will begin immediately. It'll be due to someone else slipping up, and no fault of his. But the fact is, while others may share the same bragging rights I have of being undefeated against Lucas, one thing sets me apart from the others. There's one small fact everyone has conveniently forgotten. See, while Greg may boast he's won twice, and the third will be for a title, guess what...

I've won one match against Lucas, and it WAS for his title.

When it comes to looking to my past for the clues I need to win, I know how to take a championship from the waist of Lucas Knight. It's a fact he's not comfortable with. In his eyes, the losses to Greg were meaningless. In his eyes, they didn't have any connection to this match because neither were for a championship. Mine was. Mine brought him off of his high horse to the point he called in the troops to beat me down, and make sure I wasn't going to enjoy my victory. And while he had success in ruining my celebration, he never had success in dealing with the mental anguish. It still plagues him, and will continue to do so. How do I know this? How do I know that he has never gotten past losing that stupid Underground Championship to me? It's simple, his whole goal since has been to return the favor, and force me to be haunted by something so painful and troublesome that it never leaves my mind. He knows how much I covet my brothers in arms. He knows how much their friendship means to me. So he's made it a goal to ruin it, just like I ruined his little world.

It's not going to be a success.

I'm not going to allow it.

At Gang Rulz, yes, I am planning on going in, and pulling out all of the stops to become the SCW Champion once again. At Gang Rulz, I'm planning on returning to the top of the proverbial SCW Mountain, that I've stared at, and desired to scale again. Yes, at Gang Rulz, I have one focus. When I enter that ring, I know, as I've said, I share a common goal with the two who'll stand along side me. How long we'll be able to coexist that night, who knows? How long we'll actually be able to work in the whole "team" mentality, again, who knows? The fact is, it's one night. It's one time...

But trust me, time doesn't end at Gang Rulz. This business may have a finite beginning and end. This business may have a day when nobody cares for it anymore. But my life doesn't start and stop with this business. So if his goal is to ruin a friendship, or to ruin my life like I know I did his, he's already failed. I'm not going to let him ruin everything for me.

Instead... I ruin his life again. Instead of getting to watch him succeed in his goal, he'll watch me do it all over again. Instead of it being a night FOR Infamous, it'll be a night that LIVES in infamy. He's caused me so much strife that all I care to do is put it all back on him. Call me selfish, call me someone who only cares for himself, call me whatever you want. Knock yourself out. The fact of the matter is I've suffered all I care to suffer. I've taken all I care to take. If anyone wants to try and stand in my way, so be it. Lucas Knignt has made it a point to try and ruin my life, it's personal now. He's trying to hurt what I covet, so it's payback time.

Like I said, I look to the past to determine my future. My past shows me overcoming adversity. My past shows me beating the odds. My past, will be my future. History comes full circle at Gang Rulz...

... Trust me...

... At Gang Rulz, Knight will fall, and the Starr will shine...


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