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It takes a big man to admit and accept the fact he's made mistakes. Most men see it as a sign of weakness. Most say they would rather seem "manly" rather than seem like they're admitting to being wrong about something. In some radical cases, some men flat out never believe that they're capable of making a mistake. For former SCW World Champion, Jake Starr, in the eyes of many, he's beginning to understand the error of his ways, and come around.

Since lashing out at management, and openly claiming to divulge secrets of backstage "happenings" regarding Gang Rulz, he's received some guidance from a source whom he believes truly knows what he's going through, his father. It was his father who "sat Jake down," and truly gave him a true idea of what it was Jake needed to be upset about, not upset about, and accepting of.

It was a talk Jeff Starr was quite unsure about the success of.

When Jeff ventured into Jake's office, and tried to reason with his son, he saw the defense mechanisms he once utilized firing right back at him. He remembered days of feeling that he was the butt of every joke, and simply someone used when the company felt they needed to get better ratings. He remembered the days of feeling unappreciated. And being older and wiser than his son has lead him to realizing that those thoughts, those beliefs, and that mentality was ultimately one that cost him the job he describes as, "the only job he ever loved."

As Jeff left his son's office, he had a glimmer of hope, wanting to believe that he may have made that "connection" with his son, but he had no concrete proof. He couldn't say for sure, one way or another, that Jake got the message.

Jake certainly did his best to not show any hint of cracking.

Deep down, however, Jake's shell was shattered. His father had broken through, like only a father, or close loved one could. His father read him like a book, said all of the right things, and forced Jake into beginning to second guess his emotional outburst toward those he felt had wronged him. It forced him to consider the fact that he very well could still win, and ultimately made me truly search for what it was that made him feel the outburst was necessary. What Jake found during his soul searching was difficult to accept.

It was fear.

As he openly said, he was scared of the match. He was scared of the circumstances. Never before, since being in SCW, have those odds truly ever gone his way. He realized it wasn't a matter of not getting his way, he's begun to understand it was just a projection. His brain was finding ways to distance itself from the idea of fear. His brain was trying to rationalize its actions, and do so by not accepting it could be scared. Nevertheless, the clarity helped Jake.

Since having his "moment of Zen," he's opted to try and take a mental break from wrestling, before aiding in a hunting expedition with fellow member of The Brotherhood, David Helms. Helms had called Jake as he and his father were wrapping up their conversation, and Jake was trying to decide whether or not to answer the call. In the call Helms informed Jake of a need to locate the third member of their trinity, who had been AWOL since he was last seen on Breakdown, at the end of last month. Apparently Thorn has taken to vanishing, not returning phone calls or text messages from anyone, and it's come to the point when Helms feels it is their duty as his friend and ally to find him.

Jake's decision after hearing the idea from Helms was simple, and easy to make. He opted to meet up with a few of his local, and boyhood friends, then return to his house to pack, and ultimately fly out to meet Helms on his trip. After enjoy a good time with his longtime friends, Jake makes his way back to his house, hoping to simply prepare for this excursion Helms has planned, and also hopes it could begin a solid mending to their friendship.

As Jake approaches his house, he notices something out of the ordinary. He sees a car parked in front of his house that has never been there before. He pulls into his driveway, and gets out of his vehicle, while never taking his eyes off of the mysterious vehicle. He gazes around at adjacent houses, and sees room for anyone to have parked, if visiting one of his neighbors. With a confused look on his face he begins to make his way up the stairs to his porch. As he reaches the front door, he looks back at the car again. Jake reaches out and slowly begins to turn the doorknob, knowing Roeper's usual tendencies to lock the door when he's not there, or simply out of habit. When the knob turns, Jake's sense of confusion and anxiety begin to build...

He knows his wife wouldn't leave the door unlocked, normally...

He also knows his wife is notorious for forewarning him of unexpected guests, should he not be home when they arrive. She hadn't sent him any alert

Sensing something was amiss, he slowly pushes the door in, and slowly enters his own house. He quietly latches the door behind him, and stands with his back against it. Like a spy crawling along the wall, he puts his head on a swivel, and begins to see if he sees anyone, or any movement. When he sees none, he opts to call out for his wife, hoping maybe his sense of worry was a complete waste of his time.

Jake Starr: Dear?

From the entertainment room, Jake receives a faint reply.

Roeper Hart: In here babe!

His wife's response shows him he need not worry about someone having broken into his house, or anything being wrong. As Jake begins walking toward the entertainment room, he begins the normal conversation with his wife.

Jake Starr: ... Man you had me worried there! I saw a random car outside and...

As he enters the entertainment room, his sentence is cut short, and his eyes go wide in shock. A second woman sits on Jake's couch, along side his wife, and she slowly begins to stand up, her back still to Jake. As the woman turns around, Jake's initial thought of who the woman was is confirmed. In his living room stands the wife of Jake's friend, fraternal brother, and former SCW World Champion, Thorn, Kirsten Valentine.

Jake stands in shock. Kirsten is the last person he'd expect to be there. He does his best to muster up a greeting to the woman.

Jake Starr: Hel... Hello... Hello, Kirsten...

She walks around the couch, and stops a few feet short of Jake. She looks up at him, with a sense of worry and fear in her eyes. Jake, still in shock, begins to accept what he sees before him is, indeed, reality, and tries to understand what her purpose is.

Jake Starr: Why... Why are you here? I... I mean, that sounded rude... What brought you here?

Jake's nerves and confusion are apparent.

Inside the eyes of Kirsten, a pool of tears begin to form. One drop drips down her cheek, and her body begins to shake as she fights the urge to burst into tears.

Kirsten Valentine: It's... It's... Tommy...

Jake doesn't know any other way to reply but to simply nod slowly back at her.

Kirsten Valentine: He's... He's gone!

As she utters those words, Jake looks over to his wife for the "female perspective." Roeper, too, looks confused, but understanding of Kirsten's situation. Jake begins to realize that Thorn being "gone" is the same reason he was contacted by David just, seemingly hours, earlier.

Jake Starr: Helms called me. He said Tommy was AWOL, and asked me to come help find him.

Still fighting the urge to burst into tears, Kirsten's words come out shaky and scratchy.

Kirsten Valentine: I... I was hoping you knew where he was.

Jake sighs.

Jake Starr: The last time I saw him was when he told me off at the last show he was at.

The tears begin to fall faster and faster down her cheeks. She reaches her hand into her pocket and pulls out a slip of paper she found with Jake's address on it. As her hand quivers from the rush of emotion going through her body, she extends her arm to let Jake see it.

Kirsten Valentine: When I found this, I thought maybe he would have come to see you...

Jake remembers the exact moment he gave this to Thorn backstage. All he can do is sigh again, knowing that Kirsten's hopes of finding out where Thorn was weren't going to be answered.

Jake Starr: Kirsten, I gave this to Tommy long before any of this drama began to unfold.

Kirsten's head slumps down, and she makes a very audible sniffle. Her hands cover her face as she begins to not be able to withold the tears any longer, and begins sobbing.

Being Thorn's wife, Jake looks over to his wife for some guidance of how to handle the situation. The years Roeper and Jake have together have taught them to communicate in nonverbal manners, and with a glance at his wife, Jake is quickly told to simply try and console Kirsten.

Jake takes a few steps forward, and pulls Kirsten into his chest, to which she immediately buries her head and continues to sob. Jake knows that her sadness is partially due to him, and he begins to feel even worse because of it.

With her head burried into Jake's chest, Kirsten lets out a sniffly whimper.

Kirsten Valentine: I just don't know what to do!

Jake gently pulls her away from him, and lifts her chin up so she is forced to look him in the eye again. Jake realizes the severity of the situation, and can only picture if Roeper were in Kirsten's shoes, and Thorn in his.

Jake Starr: Kirst... Listen to me, Helms is "rallying the troops" so we can find him. It's just as important to us that we figure out where he's been, where he's hiding, and get him back for all of our sake. I agreed to help out, and to put all of this drama away because it was more important to have my friend back.

Kirsten sniffles, and wipes another tear from her cheek.

Kirsten Valentine: Is this for real?

Jake gives her a definitive nod, and a smile. It definitely begins to calm her down a bit. She, again, wants some more reassurance Jake isn't pulling her leg.

Kirsten Valentine: Really?

Jake smirks.

Jake Starr: Yes, Kirst... Really... And on top of that I have my own plan to help out too!

Roeper looks up at Jake, as she tries to rock her newborn back to sleep.

Roeper Hart: What do you plan on doing?

Jake Starr: I have my own search party I'm calling in.

Roeper's face, initially showing curiosity to Jake's plan, to concern, believing she knows what and who Jake is eluding to.

Roeper Hart: You... You don't mean...

Jake immediately begins to nod. As Jake signals that his wife's intuition was spot-on, she rolls her eyes. Kirsten, on the other hand, is confused. She doesn't understand what Jake meant. She looks up at Jake confused, over to Roeper with the same err of confusion, then back to Jake.

Kirsten Valentine: What does that mean?

Jake shows a slight grin.

Jake Starr: Just hang tight, I have a phone call to make real quick...

Jake takes a step back away from Kirsten, and turns around. He reaches into his pocket for his cell phone. He looks down at the screen, and begins to scroll through the names. Jake finds the name he was hunting, and clicks on it. He holds the phone up to ear.

Kirsten looks back at Roeper, showing signs of excitement that Jake is calling in more people to search for her missing husband. Kirsten looks over at Roeper, who shows signs of horror at Jake's plan, but knowing Kirsten is fragile, and potentially easy to frighten with the current situation, she simply looks up at Kirsten, shows a smile, and nods.

Jake, listening for someone to answer his call, finally hears the voice of one of his "searchers" pick up.

Jake Starr: Hey man, it's Jake... Yeah, I think we have another "mission" ahead of us... Yeah... Yeah I need your help... No... No not just yours, both of y'all... I need you both... Yes I know I told you it was done, but something came up... No it doesn't involve Evans... No... Thorn this time... Yeah... He's vanished... I haven't a clue where, his wife is here thinking he might have shown up here... No David hasn't seen him either, but he and I are going to search on the other side of the country... Yeah... So here's what I'm needing... I need you two to go to Siberia... Yes the Siberia in Asia... Why?... Because he might have some secret ice fortress there... No I'm not kidding... Yes... Yes I know it's cold... Take a jacket... List... Liste... LISTEN! We have to find him, his wife is worried, and truthfully I don't like that... She deserves to know where her husband is... I don't know why he ran... No I don't... Listen, are you in?... Thanks... I appreciate it... Yeah promise the kid I'll give him some cookies or something later... I don't know what kind... Tell him he's getting cookies, and leave it like that... Thanks man, I owe you... Well... Again... I appre... I appreciate it, man... Bye...

Jake turns back around, with Kirsten still staring him with the look of hope in her eyes. Jake shows a definitive smile on his face, knowing he's adding to the search party, out looking for the missing Thorn.

Jake takes the couple steps back toward Kirsten, and relays the news of what he was just informed of. He puts his hands on her shoulders, and looks her directly in the eye, hoping to convey a much calmer and positive message than the lack of information he's had thus far.

Jake Starr: Kirsten, with the way our search party is going to be branching out to all corners of the world, we're going to find him. Whether it's me and Helms, or my guys I'm calling in, we're going to flush him out.

Kirsten gets more of a glimmer of hope in her eyes.

Kirsten Valentine: Have you tried calling Tommy lately?

Jake realizes that he hasn't. He shakes his head, but knows that he needs to somehow humor the ailing wife.

Jake Starr: I haven't. Like I said, I haven't spoken to him since he got in my face, and basically told me I was responsible. But, let me try now. If I can get ahold of him, maybe, just maybe, we can find him before we even begin searching.

Kirsten Valentine: Thank you...

Jake pulls his cell phone back out, and dials up the number for SCW superstar, Thorn. He puts it on speakerphone, and after several rings, Thorn's voicemail picks up. Jake, looks up at Kirsten, and takes a deep breath as he waits for the infamous "beep." Once the voicemail beeps, he commences leaving a voicemail for the missing member of The Brotherhood.

Jake Starr: Tommy, it's Jake... I don't know where you are, nor do I really know what this is all about, but we've begun to organize a search party to track you down, and get this all ironed out. I'm meeting up with David, and I've deployed my team of "bloodhounds" to search you out as well. Believe me, if we can't find you, Star Wars Kid can. So please, when you get this, or get found, let me know just so we know you're OK, and I can call off the search from my end... Hope you're OK man...

Jake ends the call, and looks back up at Kirsten.

Jake Starr: We're going to find him...

Kirsten Valentine: I hope so...

Jake looks over at Roeper, and takes a deep breath, as a slight sign of concern begins to show through his eyes.

Jake Starr: ... Well, I guess I better go pack, and get ready to meet Helms.

Roeper Hart: You really think it's a good idea? Especially with all of the drama?

Jake Starr: Yeah... I do... Nevertheless, it's something I have to take a risk on. Some people blame me for it, so I can't not be a part of it.

Roeper Hart: If you think so, then do it...

As Jake begins to leave the room, he looks back at Kirsten, whose eyes haven't left Jake the entire time. He gives her a slight smirk, and a nod, and leaves for the bedroom. As Jake exits, Roeper tries to draw Kirsten's attention away from the worry of her husband, and to the focus of the newborn daughter. She hopes that by playing with the baby, or at least focusing on it, it'll give her that brief moment of relaxation to get her mind clear, knowing Jake and David have been deployed to find her husband.

For Jake, he knows he's walking into a rocky situation. He knows meeting up with Helms, with their recent troublesome times, could prove to be something that brings them closer again, or ultimately continues to become even rockier. Nevertheless, Jake sees their friendship as something worth taking risk for. He also knows that Thorn is a crucial part of the Gang Rulz match, and should he be AWOL, it could dramatically change the abilities for ANY of the members of Jake's team to emerge with the SCW Championship, or let alone win the overall elimination match.

Jake Starr: I always heard the phrase, "when it rains, it pours," but always believed that it was simply people complaining about a streak of luck that didn't jive with what they had hoped would be surrounding them. I never really thought it was something that would ever make me think of the phrase and go, "you know, it's kind of true."

Nevertheless, I am doing just that...

Over the past few months, I've seemingly watched my life snowball into a giant mess. It went from a posh, enjoyable, fun, and exciting lifestyle, to one I simply fear dealing with on a day to day basis. I went from answering phone calls, doing interviews, flying across the globe with friends, and having a good time, to now, anytime my phone rings, I get scared. I worry something else bad is going to happen. I worry I've done something else to upset SOMEONE else.

And honestly, it's a whole scenario that has done a number on me.

A few months ago, hell something like that, I became the target for one of the most vicious, caniving, sinister, and down right mean groups in the history of professional wrestling. I became the guy they constantly felt was deserving of their combined wrath. Week after week, it felt like I was pulling myself off of the mat, being carted off on a stretcher, and having to endure yet another beating. I responded the way I knew how, and I fought back.

It was a move that turned the trickling drops of rain into a downpour.

Everyone knows that when I decided I would play "their game" and fight back, Helms wasn't really thrilled with me. Hell, "wasn't really thrilled" is quite a nice way of putting it. The guy was, and still is, rather steamed. It put a strain on my relationship and friendship with him, because we couldn't agree on how to handle the situation. We were two ends of the spectrum, pulling at the middle. We yanked so hard, it continued to ultimately stretch us further and further apart. It made conversing a challenge, and it made dealing with each other both in and out of the business a chore.

That's when the downpour turned torrential...

See... Unfortunately for David and I, neither of us realized what "the middle" of the spectrum was. I don't think either of us really saw what we were pulling on, and now, we've ultimately "snapped" our "spectrum." It's been pulled in half, and instead of Helms and I trying to decide who had the bigger piece, and declaring victory in our little spat, we instead forced the one who was truly suffering the pull of both sides to pull back, and ultimately disappear.

Jake motions for the camera to come closer toward him. With the motion, the camera obliges, and gets tighter in on the former World Champion's face.

Jake Starr: Yes, I'm talking to you, Tommy...

Tommy... Can you hear me?


I know you're listening... But the fact that there is silence speaks volumes. The fact you disappeared on us, and ultimately on your wife, has made many of us concerned. Truthfully, nobody knows why you're doing whatever it is you're doing. Nobody TRULY knows who's to blame for this episode of solitude. But everyone thinks I have something to do with it. Everyone turns to me, because of what you said.

You directed this fledgling anger my way at Breakdown, and then next thing you know, you're non-existent to anyone.

You brought up what you had to go through to get your shot, and I hate to say it, but it sounded a lot like what I had to go through as well. You talked about being in the hospital, and yet you didn't mention about what Infamous did to me.

Then it turned into everyone wanting what "they" wanted.

See, Tommy, what happened at Breakdown, when Lucas came up with this elaborate match, he came up with it for a purpose. He didn't come up with it to make the match "exciting," or "better" for the buyrates. No, he came up with this because he knew that you, Greg, and I all have a common goal in our careers. Yeah, Greg and I are Tag Team Champions, but like some of the "superstar quality" tag teams, we're truly two individuals with the desire to be the best individual we can be. So, Lucas knew he could play on that desire. He knew he could force the game of greed onto us. And truthfully, you know this as well as I do, no matter what any of us may say or claim about trying to bring this SCW Championship back to the world of The Brotherhood, it's about proving we're the best. It's about going out there, and showcasing why we came to Supreme Championship Wrestling in the first place. It wasn't to try and be the best "supporting cast" we could be, it was to be the best WE could be.

So like I said, Lucas knew he could play off of that emotion. Lucas knew how he could, for the first time in SCW history, put Thorn and Jake Starr's collective desires against one another, potentially in a manner that would shake the very foundation to which we stood. You bought into it. Hell, I bought into it. I bought into the idea that you and I couldn't survive this match with a friendship in tact.

I bought into it all!

I bought into the greed, the desire for "power," everything. Then, since I've actually had some time to slowly compose my thoughts, and not simply go on pure emotion, I began to remember something...

I began to remember March 7, 2010... Retribution... Jake Starr, the defending World Champion, against Thorn...

I began to remember April 18, 2010... Tactical Warfare... Whoever got the pinfall of 8 men, became the World Champion, and it involved both Thorn and Jake Starr getting the same opportunity...

I began to remember May 30, 2010... Taking Hold of the Flame... Jake Starr, Justin Davis, Josh Hudson, and yes, THORN, for the SCW World Championship...

Three events began to creep their way back into my mind. Three events that told me that, in the end, even with the SCW Championship on the line, the friendship remained strong! And it was after the third event that I mentioned, that I began to do exactly what you had done during my reign as SCW Champion. I began to work my way up. I began to take my beatings. I began to support you as the World Champion, and much like you did when I was champion, I also didn't lie that I wanted my chance down the road.

It didn't effect us. It didn't change us. It didn't make us "not friends," or "frienemies," or anything like that. It made us Jake Starr and Thorn...

... Plain and simple...

But Tommy, you've apparently had a change of heart on this. You've apparently decided that now that you and I both are the hunters, even though we have both been once before, you believe you're deserving of something more immediate than I. I get it. I get the bloodlust that comes with losing the World Championship. But it's time for you to get over it. It's time for you to concentrate on what's ahead, and know that you'll get plenty of chances, whether or not this one is successful. It's time for you to get over this self-absorbed idea that you're incapable of sharing the spotlight. Yeah, I was like that. Yeah, I said I wanted my chance to face Lucas one on one.

It's not happening this go round, is it?

I'm not getting what I wanted, am I?

It's something I've begun to come to grips with, Tommy, and it's time you started to as well. As I said to you backstage at Breakdown, this is what Lucas, and Infamous too, wanted. They wanted us to be at each other's throat. They wanted our greed to play into this match. Ultimately, it'd be stupid to think you wouldn't try and stop me from pinning him, just as it'd be stupid for you to think the same of me.

Tommy... It's simple... We have to look at this like we both did Tactical Warfare. We knew we both had the chance to have our hand raised with the SCW Championship around our waist. We both knew that we would do what we needed to in order to win. But in the end, we accepted that our friendship would remain strong. The way you're acting, the fact you're willing to stick your own wife in the dark, this whole charade, it makes me question whether you can think about those times, remember what we both knew and accepted, and competed like we both knew we wanted to compete.

Jake takes a deep breath, and even though the camera is tight on him, can see him raise his arms to the side, and ultimately shrug.

Jake Starr: What else is there to say? I mean, everyone knows my desires, hell, everyone knows everyone on my "team's" desires. We all want to be that one person who pins Lucas, ends his reign as World Champion, and stakes their claim as the "best" that Supreme Championship Wrestling has to offer.

I mean, it really isn't rocket science here.

It's not some big secret what we all want, it's just a matter of who's going to get the chance at the right time to secure it. Tommy, you need to realize that, one way or another, we'll have to make some difficult decisions at Gang Rulz. One, both, or hell all three of us could end up doing things that try and keep the other two from getting that three-count over Lucas. We're going to each want that World Championship. Greed will play into this, as I said. If it didn't, I'd question why any of us wanted to be in this business.

But at the same time, we have to be smart about it... Whether you like me right now or not, Tommy, we need a strategy. If you want this championship, if I want it, hell if Greg wants it, there must be some strategy involved before ANYTHING else happens...

Across the ring we have to realize it isn't one man we're against. We have to realize there are two others who'll do everything they can to simply protect him. They have to protect the World Championship. To them, Lucas is their King. He's their "God." Brittany Lohan and Christy Matthews simply serve as his "guard." If we're smart, we knock them out first. We ensure Lucas has a gauntlet to run through in order to survive. If Brittany and Christy remain, they could jump on any bit of bickering or in-fighting we begin to suffer through. If we begin to fight over Lucas early, if we begin trying to "rob" one another before we're "in the clear," then guess what, someone on our side will be eliminated.

Like it or not... We can't let our greed screw all of us...

Jake takes a deep breath, and motions for the camera to back up. Jake looks down, then back up. The concern for his friendship is apparent.

Jake Starr: Truthfully, I'm looking for some reassurance in this match. I want to know that if I start getting beaten, I have at least one guy who maybe, just maybe, will come in there, and help me out. If I can't even count on that, then what Lucas and Infamous wanted to do has been a success. If I can't even count on those I thought were my friends to be in my corner, and give me the same support I'd give them, then it truly is an ingenious plan by Knight and his cronies.

I won't lie either... My goal is to win the World Championship. I won't lie that I'm ready to do whatever it takes to win. If I have to fight alone, I'll fight alone. If I have support, then so be it. Tommy, you've known me long enough to know I compete. It's what I do. I do it well. I'm not going to stop. we can do it as a unit, and then see who can get lucky at the right time, or I'll do it my way, and simply make sure I pull every trick in the book. I hoped, once I had settled down I could look to my support system for guidance, and support. I hoped I could trust my friends to be strong about this. I don't know if I'm right, wrong, or undetermined yet.

So... If I can't count on you, Tommy, then who can I count on?

... And it begs me to ask again...

Tommy... Can you hear me?


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