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"The Decision" was an event that was destroyed by the media for its selfish and completely overhyped display. The world watched, though. The world was curious to see where it was the biggest free agent, arguably in NBA history, would end up.

The stage was setup where LeBron was positioned in front of the lights and the media, in front of members of the local Boys and Girls Club, and across from legendary sports reporter, Jim Gray. It was hyped as an event that would stop the rumors of "where," and give a definitive answer. It was an event COMPLETELY orchestrated by one man, and by one individual...

LeBron James!

From the moment James had made his decision, his camp contacted ESPN about airing the infamous event. They made sure they were in control of how everything went down, and how everything transpired. They got to decide lighting, catering, who showed up, who didn't show up, how the chairs were positioned, everything. LeBron was the one who made "The Decision," and ultimately controlled how it was viewed by the masses.

Unfortunately for LeBron, once it aired, and once it was in the rearview mirror of the public, the criticism came in. Many destroyed James for his handling of his decision. He was mocked. He was ridiculed. He was called selfish.

It was perceived as a media and public relations disaster...

... Yet is something that will forever be the benchmark for how anything of that magnitude gets handled. It will always be what people compare their ideas to, and decide whether or not said ideas are considered "good."

Even though it was a nightmare for public relations officials, and arguably one o the worst moves for anyone to mimic, Supreme Championship Wrestling elected to do their own version of "The Decision," with the hopes it went over better long term. Instead of LeBron James, however, they used the biggest name they had, and arguably the biggest name in professional wrestling, Jake Starr.

Going into Breakdown, Jake was given a "decision" to make. He was presented with an opportunity to salvage his one-on-one opportunity against Lucas Knight, to allow fellow member of The Brotherhood, Thorn, and apparent ally to the faction, and fellow Tag Team Champion, Greg Cherry. In exchange for allowing the extra entrants from his alliance into the match, Jake and Greg would be forced allow their Tag Team Championships to be put on the line, and potentially returned to Dark Fantasy, without any member of Dark Fantasy being involved.

It was an offer that made little to NO SENSE to Jake, when he first heard it. He couldn't understand why he would sacrifice his goals, ultimately to benefit others, and not have the same benefits in return.

So instead of immediately responding to the offer, Jake made a counterclaim. In his counter, he proposed a guaranteed one-on-one match with the World Champion regardless of who wins. He also proposed a conditional disbanding of Infamous should they lose, but admitted that was more of a stipulation he tossed in because he saw EXACTLY what route everything was going, and wasn't pleased. He also said should some of the major "bullet points" not be allowed into the match, he'd be greedy, and he'd take his one-on-one chance.

Then came Breakdown...

At Breakdown, Jake's tone miraculously changed. At Breakdown, Jake's greed seemingly vanished. All of a sudden, he was OK with what Lucas said, and sounded all excited about the opportunities that the original idea provided. Then, completely against his original tone, and his own words, he accepted. He agreed to the match. He sacrificed something he actually put forth the effort to earn, knowing it was something simply handed to some people, who never once earned the same chances.

It caused many fans to be quite confused. It caused many of the superstars, friends, and family, who're familiar with Jake to become a bit curious as to why his tone changed completely 180 degrees in the other direction from where HE made it clear HE stood.

After Breakdown, Jake was confronted about the shift in views. After Breakdown, people wanted answers. At the time, Jake offered none. Jake wouldn't tell anyone why he changed his mind.

Upon returning home, it all came crumbling in on Jake. His mental state, his soul, everything. Everyday since Breakdown occurred, Jake would wake up, look at himself in the mirror, and feel shame and disgust. He would see someone who represented everything he always thought ruined the business he has such a passion for.

His disgust with himself has become apparent with his family as well. They would hear him in his office, trying to cut promos for his matches, trying to become excited, and trying to become the Jake Starr that everyone knows in the professional wrestling world. The whole time, they would hear him struggling. They would hear his frustrations come out, and his voice yell. They didn't know the extent of why, or what was truly causing it, but they knew the scenario, and the situation.

But today, Jake has elected to do things a bit differently. He's elected to trudge through a promo, and instead of trying to be positive, hyping things, and being the traditional Jake Starr, he's accepted that it won't happen. Jake has decided that it's time to come clean, and hopefully cleanse his soul. He's decided that he's simply going to tell things the way they happened, and hopefully be able to, once again, face himself.

As the scene fades in, Jake sits on the edge of his desk, with his head sulked down. As the camera begins rolling, Jake looks up a bit, still avoiding direct contact with the camera lens. The look on his face shows a disheveled man, who looks like he has been through a tough emotional battle.

As Jake begins to talk, his voice sounds like that of a beaten man. It's soft. It's depressed. It's down. Unfortunately, it is Jake Starr.

Jake Starr: Promises... Agreements... Expectations... Technicalities... All of those have lead me to begin to question my existence in SCW, and question if the political struggle that lives behind the scenes is worth the time and effort I've put into this organization over the better part of the last two years. The past few weeks have truly made me wonder if this is a business, a lifestyle, or some form of cheap prank played on those who buy into it, namely the unfortunate fans who're subjected to the garbage.

Jake's eyes slowly make their way up into the camera lens for the first time.

Jake Starr: The truth is, it's time for one of those "fourth walls" to come crumbling down, and the truth to be exposed. The truth is, at the last edition of Breakdown, things were ugly backstage. In fact, the way it was hyped, it was going to be the "epic conclusion" to the promo I cut, and would be my ultimate decision regarding the match at Gang Rulz... Or as I'm now going to refer to it, "Tactical Warfare, Again..."

Seriously... It's the same match... Different names... Same implications...

Anyway, when I arrived in the arena, I had my decision already made. I knew what I wanted to do. I knew who I wanted to face, and be able to benefit from the opportunity that Thorn went out of his way to secure for me... Granted now, everyone realizes it was a waste of his time and efforts. So I arrived, decision made, and ready to give SCW this "LeBron Knockoff-type" event. I was ready to cement my name in the main event, and give myself, and the fans, what they REALLY wanted. Instead, I was handed a pre-written script.

It was a script with my "decision" on it. Yes, my decision was actually a "decision." Not actually one I had any input in. I was given a script that said I would agree to everything Lucas had set forth, and completely go against everything I had already stated I was completely against. I was told I could either read it, agree to it, and suck it, or be omitted from the match, and shown the door.

Yes... I was threatened with the boot.

So, for the sole purpose I wasn't going to give anyone the luxury of finding some way to "write me off," I read the script, and I played along. Then I came home, and I looked at myself in the mirror, and realized I had basically sold myself out, and sold the fans out. I knew the fans wanted to see Lucas and I tangle for the World Championship, and instead, we're all screwed over, and forced to witness a match that simply is a rehash of a match they already saw. Instead of seeing someone who hasn't gotten his one-on-one opportunity, that was promised to him, they're seeing a cluster-f_ck that only benefits three people, and NOBODY ELSE.

Jake lets out an audible exhale of breath, and shakes his head from side to side, in an obvious show of disgust.

Jake Starr: Yeah, you see, this doesn't benefit anyone but Dark Fantasy and Greg Cherry...

Let's start with Dark Fantasy. Let's start with the team who, even over Twitter, has shown unhappy they are with the match. The SCW Management felt it was a good idea to let none of their representatives enter the match, and yet, somehow emerge with a championship.

Yes, the same people who decided that no-sense making stipulation, are also the ones who agreed to give me the match with the WINNER of Lucas Knight and Thorn. Not with the winner, and several other people. It was Thorn wanting to make sure I received an equal offer that everyone else offered.

But Syren and Ravyn get this lovely free opportunity, and as I said, they don't seem thrilled about the idea. And I don't blame them. As much as I loathe the entire existence of Infamous, Dark Fantasy has always prided themselves on EARNING opportunities, and not being HANDED THEM. In fact, they have argued against those who've been HANDED opportunities against them in the past.

So, I know everyone is saying to themselves, "Jake, who else benefits? Don't you? It's got to be you! You get a shot, so you benefit right?" No... I really don't. The other person who benefits, and has truthfully shown his true colors, is Greg Cherry. See, when he came and miraculously wanted to align himself with me and my friends, I honestly figured he realized we had a common enemy, and wanted to pool the resources. Instead, I realize his goal was simple. His goal was to get in with those who actually had opportunities, and continually plant seeds in everyone's head with the hopes that, when it came time, oh how ironic, Greg is involved too.


Jake gives a cheesy thumbs up toward the camera, and couples it with an equally cheesy smile.

Jake Starr: Yeah, I was duped. I thought maybe Greg had grown a set, and maybe was wising up from the ways of his past. You remember those ways? The ways that forced him to miraculously come out of retirement when his precious streak was in jeopardy? Remember that? Remember how "passionate" he was about getting a chance to win the Adrenaline Championship from me, and then go on and win the SCW Championship? Yeah, it's a rehash of that whole ordeal, this time however, it's not for a streak, it's his own greed.

Jake raises the pitch of his voice.

Jake Starr: "But Jake, he's your partner!"

His normal voice returns.

Jake Starr: As far as I'm concerned, that's just something that has potentially run its entire course already. If he even ONCE contemplates taking advantage of the situation at Gang Rulz, and takes the World Championship from me, he can have my half of the Tag Team Titles, and I'm leaving. I'm done dealing with him trying to ruin opportunities for me.

It's that f_cking simple.

What happens at Gang Rulz, will determine everything. The political fiasco, the fake promises, and the saying of things like, "technically you're getting exactly what you were promised, a shot at the World Title. Never was it said it'd be one-on-one," have run their course with me. I'm done with the bullsh!t, and watching everyone who has "proven" their worthy get opportunities, while I sit back, do more, and get less.

So I'm all in...

I'm putting it all on the line...

It's all or nothing...

All because I'm tired of the bull...

I'm tired of having to feel like my friends are concerned with what I say, and feeling that I have to appease everyone. Before he decided to lose his mind, Thorn understood where I was coming from. Helms did too. Now, who knows what they think. So I figure that if I can't somehow pull the miracle, and surprise everyone, instead of the screwing of Jake Starr actually being a success, it may truthfully be a better idea of I just leave. Maybe that will help salvage my friendship, because quite frankly, I have better things to deal with than the juvenile BS that has become an everyday thorn in my side. If I wanted politics, I know organizations that play that everyday. SCW supposedly was a realm free of it, but instead, it is just better at masking it!

Jake's voice changes pitch again.

Jake Starr: "But Jake, Breakdown has you and Greg in a tag match against..."

Jake just ends the sentence without finishing it. He just looks off to the side shaking his head, continuing to show the shear volume of annoyance surging through his body.

Jake Starr: Truthfully I don't care what happens in that match. Greg decided he was relevant when I was in a SINGLES match, and cost me the chance to win. Why? Because he's a greedy piece of garbage, who I shouldn't have ever given the time of day. I made a bad decision, and it's ultimately caused me to feel like my career is ruined.

Nevertheless, I'll go out there, and I'll be in the corner, and I'll fight. I'll battle two people who, if they try and beat Greg, I'm liable to just walk away as they do it. Truthfully, that's how little I care at the moment. Yeah, that's how bad things are for me. That's how rough my mental state is. Victories mean nothing anymore, because I know somehow, it'll just consist of the carpet being ripped out from under me.

Jake tries to give some "build up" to his match at Breakdown.

Jake Starr: These two guys who oppose me, have done everything they can to get my attention on Twitter. They've tried talking like they're worthy of being in the same division of people like myself. Instead of proving themselves in the ring, and proving they're worthy of being in the same league as myself, they have tried Twitter. How about that?

These two might win. Hell I don't know. If they do it's because my "partner" has somehow screwed us over again, or simply shown how he's only out for himself. See, knowing that fat ass, he'll try and do something to make himself look good. Unlike the idea of going on a diet, he'll simply try and impress management, and hope they agree to keep putting him in matches he doesn't deserve to be in.

So I hope this Captain Pew-Pew, and his buddy Dylan, really take notice of HOW they win, IF they win. If Greg is smart, stays out of my way, and does his job of being a f_cking supporting cast, rather than being a nuisance, and getting in the ways of those of us who are actually talented. See, if I somehow am the one pinned, it isn't because I was beaten. It's because Greg f_cked me over.

Plain and simple, after Gang Rulz, if one of these two want a Tag Title, it probably won't be some sort of "quest" to achieve it. Fatty can't defend on his own, and if we're both pinned, hell it's not even a worry anymore for him. For me, it's no worry anymore, anyway.

So in conclusion... I hope people liked this insight into what REALLY happened. This farce of a "decision" was no decision at all. LeBron had more of an opportunity to truly choose between his options. I had nothing, and it was portrayed in a way that made me sick to my stomach, and flat out disgusted me. What lies ahead for me is anyone's guess. If you see me again for the hyping of Gang Rulz, I will have gotten some motivation back to actually try. If not, I hope my fans enjoy what little I'll probably add. They'll be the sole reason I can guarantee I'll show up. The SOLE reason. If I didn't have them, I would have shown myself the door.

I never thought anyone would be able to mentally drain my excitement like this did. I never thought I would legitimately be able to look into a camera and say, "I don't care." But, it happened. So, I guess we'll see where I go next. We'll see if I can get happy. If I can't, sorry. I apologize in advance. It's just how this "game" has gone down.

So much for promises, agreements, and expectations, huh?

With those final words, Jake sighs once again. He lifts himself off of the edge of his desk, and as the camera slowly begins its fade to black, Jake simply walks past it, and out of frame.

This is a side of Jake Starr that has rarely, if ever, been seen. He's never been a "broken" man before. His will has always been strong. Unfortunately, in his eyes, it's obvious this situation has destroyed him psychologically. He's to the point, obviously, where there isn't much to lose or gain from this mea culpa. Instead, it was more of the precursor to, what Jake sees, as an inevitable conclusion to his career.

Whether or not Jake is serious, or whether he simply needs more time remains to be seen. Whether Jake is serious about leaving SCW should he not win also remains to be seen. Jake just has never been one to sugar coat a situation, or play it off. Instead, he's always been honest, and true to himself. Time will be the key in finding out the legitimacy of Jake's comments and decisions. Nevertheless, he'll finish up his signed matches, and after all is said and done, evaluate his life, his career, and his expectations of those who promise him things.

It's the nature of the beast. Jake simply has had more than he can take.


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