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If Gang Rulz wasn't already shaping up to be one of the most epic pay-per views in the history of Supreme Championship Wrestling, the events at Ammo sure made it potentially even more epic.

With Jake Starr not even in the building, Infamous took it upon themselves to come and throw down the gauntlet toward the number one contender, and his commitment to his fellow members of The Brotherhood. They elected to try and end Jake's time, enjoying his newborn daughter, and force him to worry about whatever it was they had to say.

Lucas Knight, the apparent emerging leader of Infamous, issued a challenge to his supposed opponent, trying to entice him into a match that definitely shifts the favorability factor from any Jake may have had, to a solid favorability for Lucas, and his Infamous brethren... How'd he do it?

Quite simply...

Lucas elected to change the rules. He elected to change the match. He elected to involve everyone in The Brotherhood, and their allies, giving them each a chance to win, and become the World Champion, and effectively ending Jake's hopes for a true match for the SCW World Championship. He also threw in a caveat that would allow Dark Fantasy, the team Jake and Greg Cherry defeated for the SCW Tag Team Championships, have the chance to reclaim their titles, without having to try and fight them in a normal match again.

Overall, Infamous laid a gauntlet down that would inevitably protect them from history repeating itself. By the rules and stipulations laid forth by Lucas Knight, it comes across that both Dark Fantasy, and Lucas Knight, know they're incapable of doing things the "right way," and instead have opted to pool their resources.

It was an offer Jake wasn't prepared to hear, nor prepared to contemplate. Jake was mentally too busy away from wrestling, and enjoying the time with his new daughter to know something like this was coming. It honestly caught him off guard, and blindsided him. It took him out of his "happy place" and put him in quite a dark spot.

When Jake first saw the whole segment with Knight on Ammo, he was filled with rage. He was angry that Knight would try and deprive him of the opportunity he earned. Then he realized the opportunity he was given. Lucas Knight gave him the final say. Lucas said it was JAKE'S CALL on what the final solution would be. And realizing that put Jake in a much happier place. He realized he could decide what he would get, and for once, would decide what was best for HIM! The idea of getting to decide the match for Gang Rulz gave him a sense of power that he usually tries to stray from...

But this time... He's going to embrace it!

Before he does so, however, he must embrace another responsibility. He must embrace a responsibility he'll only get to embrace once. He must embrace the opportunity and responsibility of bringing his newborn daughter home!

After being discharged from the hospital, Jake, Roeper, their new daughter Mara, and the rest of the menagerie of people who have been with the new parents since the day of Mara's birth, all have begun their trek back to the house of Jake and Roeper. Shawn, Roxie, and Jake's parents have elected to take Roeper's "ready bag," Jake's suitcase from flying home, and the other odds and ends from the hospital, as Jake and Roeper follow, with Jake driving, and Roeper and Mara in the back seat.

As Jake drives, Roeper gets a chuckle out of her husband, saying it's the most "granny-like" driving he's ever done. Jake laughs, but knows that, in the back of his mind, he's doing it for a reason. He knows that subconsciously, he's doing it because his wife and newborn are in the car. He knows eventually, he'll be able to drive somewhat normally again, but for now, he's "Captain Cautious."

Upon the caravan arriving at Jake's house, the crew who left ahead of Jake and Roeper, arrive first, and make their way inside. With the front door still ajar, the car containing the new, and now complete "family," slowly pulls into the driveway. From inside, Denise sees the car pulling in, and quickly runs to get her camera.

As Jake and Roeper exit the car, Jake takes Mara into one of his arms, and wraps his other around his wife. Roeper leans on her husband, and stares at their daughter. Jake holds onto his wife, supporting her as she still is in some pain from delivery. The trio walk slowly toward the front door, and from inside, the sounds of a camera shutter are heard. Jake fires a quick glance to check and see what the noise is, and notices it's his mother taking photos. He turns his attention back to his wife, and helps her up the couple stairs leading to their front porch, and subsequently in the front door.

Once inside, Denise begins snapping more photos of the newborn's first "steps" inside her new house. Jake looks up again, and gives his mom a chuckle, and shakes his head. She lowers her camera from her face, and inquires.

Denise Starr: Why the chuckle?

Jake Starr: SHH!

With the shush of his mom, Jake goes back to grinning. He whispers to Denise why he reacted such a way.

Jake Starr: She's sleeping, Mom!

Denise's eyebrows raise, and gives a typical face signifying her saying the word "OH!" She then follows the example set by her son, and whispers.

Denise Starr: Sorry! Why were you chuckling?

Jake Starr: Because you've been taking photos nonstop since she was born! You even went to the damn gift shop and bought another memory card!

Denise Starr: Well I ran out of space!

Jake Starr: My point exactly!

Denise Starr: It's a grandmother's job to take photos of her grandchildren!

Jake lets out another soft chuckle. He looks up, and all of the rest of the "menagerie" who all share in the humorous exchange between Jake and his mother. Jake looks back at his mom who, like a typical mother, is fighting the urge to shed tears at the sight of her son and his daughter. Jake and Roeper then turn and begin walking down the hall, Jake briefly looks back to whispers their plan to the curious group.

Jake Starr: I'm taking these two to the bedroom. They both have had an eventful few days!

Jake turns his attention back to escorting his wife and daughter to the master bedroom.

As they reach the threshold to the bedroom, Roeper leaves Jake's side, and slowly makes her way into the bedroom. She reaches the bed, and gently sites down on her side. Next to her side of the bed now sits a crib, to which Jake slowly approaches, and lies Mara gently down inside. He looks over at Roeper, and through his facial expressions, tells her she is to lie down too. Roeper, apparently deciding it's OK to be stubborn at the moment, gives Jake a look back showing she doesn't want to do so. In seeing this look, Jake whispers to his wife.

Jake Starr: Babe... It's time for you to finally rest for a bit. You deserve it.

Completely unwilling to fight or argue with Jake, she elects to lie down. She slowly lies back into their bed, making sure Mara is still fully within her visual range.

Once comfortable, she gazes fondly at her new daughter, and then back up at Jake. Seeing her progression of looks, Jake follows suit by looking at Mara, and then looking over at his wife. One side of his mouth shows a gentle grin. Roeper looks up at Jake and gives the same grin, and whispers her first words since arriving back at her house.

Roeper Hart: We did a good job, babe!

Jake's grin turns into more of a smile.

Jake Starr: No... YOU did a GREAT job!

Roeper Hart: You had a part in it too...

Jake chuckles again, and looks back at his sleeping infant.

Jake Starr: She's so beautiful... She looks just like her mom!

Roeper Hart: She has your eyes!

Jake Starr: It's the only proof that I had any hand in the process!

Roeper lets out a chuckle of her own.

Jake Starr: I swear... If she didn't have my eyes, I would have sworn you'd have done it yourself.

Roeper reaches her hand out and covers Jake's, which has been resting on the bed.

Roeper Hart: There's no way I could have done something so perfect by myself.

Jake is completely taken aback and speechless at Roeper's compliment to him, and their daughter. Instead of trying to reply to that one, he simply stands up, and kisses Roeper on the forehead.

Jake Starr: Get some rest, love!

He reaches to the side and grabs a baby monitor, and hands it over to his reclining wife.

Jake Starr: Here love... If you need anything just talk into this. We'll have the other end out there.

Roeper Hart: OK babe... Thanks...

Jake Starr: You're welcome! Now get some rest!

Roeper Hart: I'll try... I love you...

Jake smiles at his wife.

Jake Starr: I love you too...

He leans in and gives his wife another kiss before leaving toward the entertainment room. He stops just outside the door to the bedroom, and looks in on his wife and sleeping child and smiles. He knows this is a new and long adventure in their lives, and it will be filled with ups, downs, positives, and negatives, but he knows that ultimately it will be an experience he never once considers regretting.

As he settles in the entertainment room, with one ear glued to the baby monitor, he does his best to try and settle some, and mentally prepare to return to the world of professional wrestling. He also knows he needs to regroup from the world of "babies," to be able to successfully transition from his private life to his professional life.

With Breakdown on the horizon, Jake knows what lies ahead. He knows Christy Matthews will be out to do everything in her power to destroy him, and his hopes of riding any wave of momentum moving closer to Gang Rulz. If he's not on top of his game, then it could be inevitable that his attempt at regaining the SCW Championship could fail before it ever becomes a reality. Nevertheless, he has a tough road ahead. He has to pull off, what some see as a miracle. And if he does succeed, how will Infamous react? What will happen next in this seemingly endless feud between Infamous and The Brotherhood?

Jake Starr: So, Jake Starr gets to decide? Jake Starr has complete control over the future, and how it all plays out. All thanks to Infamous GRANTING me that privilege.

Isn't that sweet, kind, friendly, generous, and nice of them?

Firstly, before I even get into the whole "decision" I was blessed with deciding about, I'd like to really delve into the whole "point" behind his whole idea. To be honest, I can't say as this whole "idea" of his really surprises me. It isn't one that is beyond his realm of thought or mental abilities. It's one that only requires about a grand total of 4-6 brain cells to conjure up...

And between 3-5 of those are simply used to generate the whole notion of fear...

See, when I got wind of his little rant on Ammo, and got to listen to all of his various stipulations, my first thought was, "wow is he scared sh!tless of me." He tried to play it off like it was because Infamous enjoys "spreading the wealth around," and "sharing" opportunities. It's one of those excuses I don't believe for a moment. I believe what he is really saying is, "Jake, I don't believe I can beat you one-on-one, therefore I hope to stack the deck, and put greed on your side, in order to protect ME ME ME!" It wasn't about "sharing" anything. Lucas's only concern is his own safety. Deep down, whether Christy, Ravyn, or Syren, garner any of the spoils, Lucas could give a damn.

But, just to give him some "benefit of the doubt," let me really dig into this whole scenario he presented. To begin with, he claims I was handed the chance at the World Championship. That was the first completely inane piece of garbage he spewed. See, to me, being "handed" a World Title shot is literally days after you have lost a belt, many considered you to be the unstoppable force in. Being handed something is when you failed, yet are rewarded, not when you've beaten the likes of Josh Hudson, Gable Winchester, Jason Zero, Christian Savior, Greg Cherry, Stacy Kissinger, Hurse, and believe me I could go on and on with names. And so Lucas Knight is literally an embodiment of the pot calling the kettle black. Once he lost the Underground Championship to whom... ME... Thank you... He ran out to say he deserved a championship match against Thorn, when the documentation showed, very definitively, Jake Starr is, and was then, the NUMBER ONE CONTENDER.

So... Handed? Try again!

Then he had this whole notion of a team match, where basically Syren and Ravyn would get a free rematch against us, and if they should win by eliminating Greg and I, they're miraculously the new Tag Team Champions. Now, let me address this because this actually completely goes against everything Dark Fantasy once stood for. See, when they started their reign as champions of the Tag Division, hell even when they were chasing the belts, they had to continually encounter the team of Krusty and Bozo. When they finally defeated the Ultimate Warrior Fan Club, they got wind that they'd be getting an immediate rematch. you should have HEARD how Syren was going ape sh!t about it. She was LIVID that the painted duo would just be handed a rematch, without even earning it. So why should Syren and Ravyn immediately be abject to the exact same type of stipulation that, they, completely rallied for in regards to the team THEY beat for the Tag Team Championships?

Oh... Because times are different now right? They had EARNED their Tag Team Championships, but Greg and I were lucky? Am I right? Isn't it a whole different set of circumstances, and because the shoe is on the other foot, they shouldn't be held to the same standards they bitched about others being held to?

Well isn't that just convenient?

So ultimately, Lucas wants me to give The Brotherhood, as a whole, and then it shows how we're as united as Infamous? Right? Isn't that basically what he was trying to get at? And he graciously allowed me to ultimately make the final decision, right? I'm not missing anything am I?

Jake looks like he's looking behind the camera men, hoping one of them will be able to let him know if he has overlooked anything.

Jake Starr: ... I haven't?

Jake nods.

Jake Starr: Good!

So, wow, I have a pretty tough decision to make, I suppose. Do I look greedy, and basically tell him to take his offer, shove it, and man-up? Or do I give my fraternal brethren, and the others he's kind of lumped in with us, the opportunity I EARNED?


Jake puts his hand beneath his chin, striking a pose similar to "The Thinker." He quickly breaks the pose, and returns to addressing the camera.

Jake Starr: In all actuality, my decision has basically been made, but I figure if he REALLY wants me to truly consider this for more than the length of time it takes me to fart, and wants it to be something of more interest than just Jake Starr versus Lucas Knight, which to me would be quite interesting, then I get to make some stipulations as well.

Hey, if he really wants to do this, then you know what, he'd be willing to accept some of my little caveats as well.

Let's start with this... He likes the idea of "spreading the wealth around," so I figure we need to up the ante with his idea. See, if he expects me to give The Brotherhood a collective shot, then you know what, I think every member of Infamous gets the same opportunity. What do I mean? Simple... See instead of this whole knockoff of War Games, I think it would have to be more of an "every man/woman for him/herself" type of thing. One championship... God knows how many people. If he wants to question whether or not my brothers would be willing to sell one another short for a chance at the World Championship, then what would Infamous do if they have the same opportunity?

So there you have added stipulation number one...

Number two, since he got several, I get several as well! Number two involves something management would have to pony up. See, I've busted my ass to get a one-on-one shot for the SCW Championship, and I'm not going to have it taken from me. Not when others have been truly HANDED one as a f_cking gift. So if this were to happen, SCW management would have to GUARANTEE I'd get my one-on-one shot, have it signed, and ready for me, before THIS MATCH ever even began. It may sound greedy, but dammit having watched others get blessed, and rewarded, only to have ANY CHANCE I seemingly get for the World Championship involve a group of people shows me a little bit of a political fiasco I'm calling out, and flat out making put their money where THEIR mouth is. They promised me something, they better deliver...

Finally... If any member of The Brotherhood were to win this little clash, Infamous would have to agree to terminate their operation, disband, and completely dissolve their relationship together. I'm tired of them getting their way all the time, so if they're really as "close" as they claim to be, and as "caring" for one another as they claim to be, they should be more than willing to put their "commitment" to one another, and show their confidence in one another, and in their relationship.

Jake grins.

Jake Starr: ... And remember, those are simply the stipulations for me to even CONSIDER not just saying, "quit being a chicken sh!t, and fight me like a man, and one-on-one." Two can play at this game... And believe me, I may be a new father, and I may question some of my actions, but I'm sick of being screwed. And if I have to play dirty, then f_ck you, I will!

Jake swings his neck from side to side, cracking it in each direction. Having OFFICIALLY addressed the whole situation with Lucas Knight, Jake now knows he's able to move on to addressing his opponent for Breakdown. His match with Christy is one he has a strong desire to win. It's a match that he knows, should he win, would propel him, momentum wise, into his chance at becoming the World Heavyweight Champion, once again.

Jake Starr: Now with that out of the way... Christy Matthews...

Christy gives me an opportunity that few have given me in SCW. Very few matches I've had could truly elevate me in the eyes of the masses, like this one does. She's perceived as unstoppable. She's believed to be the immovable object. She's moving up the rankings of SCW, and hell, Infamous too, with every match she wrestles. She's showing herself to be someone who could rise through the single's rankings as fast, if not faster, than I did.

In a matter of speaking, she's a beast!

She won't be a pushover. I don't expect this to be a match where I can go in and dominate like most matches I am involved in. I know I usually have that err of confidence surrounding me, and I feel confident. I do... But I know this won't be a match that I can truly go in feeling like the match itself is a mere formality before I am declared victorious.

See, like I said, I care about this match. Unlike the whole ordeal with Dillusion and the underwhelming Underground Championship, I'm going into this match WANTING to win. It's as if I have channeled the Jake Starr of early 2010, when my passion was questioned. I look at this match as a demonstration of my passion and my desire to be back where I want to be. I want to show the world I haven't gone anywhere, nor have I lost a step.

I plan on truly showing the world what passion was brought out by Infamous. They have done a lot to me, and caused me a lot of pain, sorrow, and heartbreak since they decided to select me as their victim. One way or another, it's time to fight back. It's time to show them that they selected the wrong individual to try and beat up, and ruin the life of. It's time to show them that Jake Starr isn't a man who can be broken by numbers. I'm not a man who can be broken by beatings. I'm not a man who can be broken by intimidation.

I'm not a man who can be broken... PERIOD!

She's going to come in expecting my mind elsewhere. Hell, that's probably why Lucas said what he said, made the challenge he made, and called me out when he did. It was all to help try and deter me. It was all to aide Christy. Well, my mind is becoming more and more focused. My mind and my body are beginning to yearn for the opportunity to drive another dagger into the hopes and dreams of Infamous, and their ultimate plan of domination.

Jake approaches the camera, making the shot a lot tighter on his face.

Jake Starr: So... As I continue to do my best to mentally prepare for this match, I realize how important it is for me, especially with what Infamous has now tried to propose. Putting Christy in her place, and truly showing how superior The Brotherhood is over Infamous, and ultimately, it will make Lucas realize that when you go after me, and you face me one-on-one, things don't usually turn out good. It'll send him pleading to management to make the match the way he wants it. It'll force him to realize that should he actually face me, without the aiding of his Infamous posse, his reign as SCW Champion will come to an end, just as quick as it began.

Face it... At Breakdown, one way or another, Jake Starr wins. Infamous loses. It's the nature of the game. It's a guaranteed fact.


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