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When life takes a turn, everyone USUALLY can anticipate it. Everyone can usually assume things are about to change, even if they don't know how, or even if it's for good, or unfortunately, for bad. Then you have those times when you know it's coming. You have those moments in life that have a time limit, and when the limit is up, life changes.

Some face that fact with the days of life remaining. Terminal illnesses can force doctors to convey "death sentences" on their patients, ultimately forcing the patients and their families to watch the clock, the calendar, and anticipate the inevitable.

Then you have the good.

You have the happy.

You have the positive.

You have the planned.

You have the opportunity that many spend days, months, even years, dreaming for.

It's these other opportunities that have Jake Starr's life in complete upheaval, for the better. It was less than nine months ago when Jake and his wife received the news they had gone from a mere married couple, to parents-to-be. It was news they had been hoping to hear for some time, and it finally came true.

So the countdown to the inevitable began.

The countdown to their lives changing forever commenced.

It was a road paved with ups and downs. For Roeper, the mother-to-be, she's battled morning sickness, strange cravings of food, random sicknesses, inability to drink or consume certain things, and ultimately, an inability to even go through her daily activities, due to prescribed, almost continuous, bed rest by her doctor.

It was the last thing she had hoped for. She's never been one to be able to be sedentary for very long, and be happy. It was those final days leading up to the "inevitable" that were her most trying. She battled an emotional roller coaster, while being tended to by Jake's mom and dad. There were days where she wanted the pregnancy over due to wanting to resume some sense of normalcy, to wanting it to be over so she could begin her life as a full-time mother.

For Jake, it was a period of time that sent him through a roller coaster of emotions...

The timing of the pregnancy added to his stress that he was battling through, having stemmed from the ill-timed vanishing of Brandon Evans. He began suffering dreams, sleepless nights, worrisome days, and bouts of uncontrollable anger. As many know, this lead him to seek the help and guidance of a psychologist/counselor whom had helped him prior to his disappearance from professional wrestling. Through various methods of coping, and several sessions of counseling, Jake emotional roller coaster, he feels has ended. And now, he knows what his hard work and determination to get "right," will have culminated in... Fatherhood!

After writing his personal letter to his unborn child, he counted down the hours until he would get to leave, and head home, to ultimately see the birth of his child. And as day broke, Jake was out of his hotel room, checked out, and on the road to the airport.

As the scene shifts to the Des Moines International Airport, commercial airliners are taking off, landing, taxiing, and fueling, all transporting people to and from destinations across the United States, and in some instances, across the world.

Amongst the commercial airliners, one private jet is given approval for a final approach and landing. As the jet makes its way in, it touches down on the runway, and begins its taxi toward the hanger adjacent to the main airport. As the hanger is seen, a car is seen parked near where the plane is being guided to park.

As it comes to a complete stop, the scene shifts inside, where Jake sits with his head leaned back against the headrest, and eyes shielded by his sunglasses. He apparently begins to wakeup, feeling the plane coming to a stop, and briefly gazes out the window, seeing his car. Realizing he's home, he begins to gather up his stuff, and reaches into his pocket to pull out his phone.

Once his phone emerges from his pocket, Jake begins to feel an eerie sense. It's the sense of deja vu. A true sense that this exact moment has happened before. He can't pin his finger on why the feeling of deja vu is now surrounding him, and simply shrugs it off due to a combination of nerves, anxiety, and lack of sleep.

He looks up to see the stairs of the plane being lowered down to the tarmac, and simultaneously turns his phone on. As he begins to pick up his belongings, his phone chirps at him, and displays that he has a voicemail waiting. Again, the thought of having lived this moment, and the sense of deja vu comes over Jake. It's a moment he swears he's encountered once before, but still hasn't quite deduced where, when, or why.

Electing to listen to the voicemail as he's preparing to walk off the jet, he hears the voice of Roxie Wright, wife of long-time friend and confidant, Shawn Wright. The tone is dire, and the message, unfortunately, is garbled. Only bits and pieces of the message come through...

Voice of Roxie Wright: Jake... Roeper... Going to the hospital... The baby... Come immediately!

The sense of deja vu hits again, only this time with a clear reason. Jake remembers that dream all too well. He remembers the route he took, and remembers walking into the hospital room only to hear the news from Roeper that the baby had been lost. He can't believe he's living, what was only supposed to be, a dream...

Check that... Nightmare...

Without hesitation, Jake immediately runs for the door, and as the pilot tries to thank him for his services, Jake simply says the word "emergency" and rushes down the steps of the jet. The pilot, having worked for Jake on numerous trips, knows Jake's routine rather well, and knows if he's trying to leave the jet in that much of a hurry, something is seriously wrong.

The doors of Jake's car are already opened for him, and he tosses his bags in the back seat, shuts the doors, jumps into the drivers seat, and immediately speeds away. His exit is so abrupt, he leaves skid marks on the tarmac, and almost clips one of the airport refueling vehicles.

Inside the car, as Jake clearly exits the gates of the airfield, he begins to frantically try and call the cell phones of everyone he thinks may be with his wife. He tries his mother, his father, Roxie and Shawn, Brandon, and even his wife's number, hoping one phone will get service, ring, and someone will answer.

Jake Starr: C'mon! Someone pick UP! ANSWER YOUR PHONE GUYS!

Unfortunately, like his dream, nobody answers...

The sense of panic begins to set in. He knows the routine he followed in the dream, and can't believe it's happening in real life. The events, beginning to end, replay in his mind over and over. The words of his wife, "It's gone," continue to haunt him. The worrying he felt as he drove is as real now, as it was in his dream, although this time, he knows what happened in the dream, and fears he may be about to live it

He begins to weave in and out of traffic, obviously speeding down the main streets of Des Moines, and even comes close to clipping several other cars, trying to simply get out of his way. Many of the annoyed drivers begin showing their displeasure at Jake's reckless driving by honking at him profusely, and even some throwing hand gestures his way. None of which phases him.

He realizes that one part of the dream isn't really happening. He's making it through the traffic lights, and not being delayed. He hasn't been slowed by busy traffic either. His path, minus a few cars he's annoyed by weaving through, has been relatively clear.

As he finally arrives at the hospital, he speeds into the parking lot at a rather accelerated rate of speed, obviously still in a definite panic. As he speeds into a parking spot, he jumps out of his vehicle and, just like in his dream, made a b-line for the door. He darts around cars parked in his path, and finally makes it to the entrance. The sliding glass doors almost open too slow for Jake, as he comes close to running directly into them.

Upon making a noticeable entrance into the lobby of the hospital, Jake sprints toward the receptionist desk, who become a little scared seeing a man of Jake's size and ilk sprinting directly toward them. As he approaches, he begins yelling out toward them.


They immediately begin to look at him, completely unaware of what he's talking about. Jake isn't derailed, and continues to try and get answers.


Jake is seriously short on breath as he continues to press.

Jake Starr: SHE'S... PREGNANT... DUE... TODAY...

The receptionists haven't had the opportunity to get in a word edge wise, but opt to begin looking on their computers to see if any names like that were admitted, and whether or not they were authorized to convey the information to Jake. But before they can relay their findings, another eerie coincidence to his dream echos through the hallways behind him.

Roxie Wright: JAKE!!!

Hearing the voice makes his heart race even faster. He turns, and their stands Roxie Wright, just like in his dream, and to him, at that moment, he swears in the same outfit.

Roxie Wright: THIS WAY!

She quickly darts off down the hallway, and Jake immediately takes off after her. The two make their way down the hallways, winding through corridor after corridor. Jake bumps into a cart of items that spill on the floor, and he looks back apologizing to the nurses who look annoyed that they have to clean it up.

Jake calls out, ahead of him, hoping Roxie can give him answers as they run.


Roxie doesn't answer. Instead, she simply continues to lead the way toward where Roeper presumably is.

They come around the final turn, and Roxie comes to a stop, Jake quickly comes up around behind her, and he looks at Shawn Wright in front of the door, presumably leading to the room Roeper is in, and pacing back and forth. On the opposite wall, Brandon is leaning against it, and looks up hearing the running as Jake approached.

Jake and Shawn lock eyes, and the sense of concern and worry are painfully obvious in Jake's eyes. Shawn's initial look is stoic. As he sees Jake take a gulp, his look becomes more uplifting, and slightly demanding. He points to the door, and commands his long-time friend.


Jake's eyes go from worried and fearful that, arguably his worst nightmare, was about to come true, to shocked and excited. Without anymore hesitation, Jake sprints for the door. Before walking in he pauses, and looks up at Shawn, who simply smiles, and puts a hand on his friend's shoulder.

Shawn Wright: Get in there!

Jake smiles, and gives one of the most genuine happy looks he's ever shown. He turns the knob, and barges into the delivery room, where his mom is seen pacing. She runs up, and hugs her son, and simply says how proud of him she is. Jake then takes a deep breath, walks around the corner, and privacy curtain to see his wife lying there wearing an oxygen mask as a mere precaution. She glistens with beads of sweat, but as both lock eyes, their smiles are easily noticeable by all in the room.

As Jake approaches the bed, the scene begins to face to black as he lifts his wife's hand into his, and holds it. With the screen completely black, the typical stereotypical sounds of a woman giving birth are heard. The voices of the doctors coaching the woman on are also heard, ultimately leading to a sound of a baby's first breath, and first cry. With the screen still black, a title card appears...

Mara Jade Hart
Born: October 29, 2010
8 lbs. 14 oz.

As the scene fades in, Jake is seen standing outside the nursery, where behind him his newborn daughter lay. His eyes are fixated through the glass, peering in at the newest member to his family. After she was born, the doctors had asked the new parents why she received her mother's last name. The two explained that had it been a boy, it would have been a "Starr," but if it were a girl, it'd be a "Hart."

When Jake realizes the camera is there, by looking over his shoulder, he merely begins talking, knowing everything he's saying is being picked up. His eyes, however, are locked, still completely enamored with the new "apple of his eye."

Jake Starr: Reality...

Reality is something that, for some people, is something that only exists on camera. If it's not taped, caught somehow on camera, able to be proven as something that "really occurred," then it's not reality. It isn't something that exists to others. It's, in a sense, a figment of the imagination.

Some people in this industry try to play it off like there is some divide between professional wrestling, and anything else that goes on outside of the ring, or outside of a promo shoot. They like to try and convince the public that, no matter how much they "think" they may know about their private lives, in reality, they have no say, because it wasn't filmed. They act as if this industry is their way of living a double life.

I'm not that way...

Reality, for me, lasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and for my Mayan fans, 260 days a year. For me, reality never ends. For me, I live in one world, and I never get to leave it. I don't pretend there are "two worlds" that I get the blessing of deciding which I get to partake in at what time. There's one world, one reality, and one life everyone has to live.

Now having said that, I know people will argue they're simply living their lives in a different manner. They're trying to remain private. Well, let me be the first to say, when you step into the public eye, you lose all sense of privacy as you may wish you knew it. When you decide to embark on that life as a "celebrity," you no longer have your anonymity. You no longer get the privilege of leading a "sheltered" life. There's always someone seeing you, and always someone hearing what you say. So the hopes of this "right" to privacy are dashed. And it's time people accept it.

Along with those who are delusional enough to believe that you can be a celebrity, and still be someone with a secret and private life, you have complete retarded individuals who simply believe that if they continue to say something enough times, it'll become real, and thus be reality. Such is the case with a certain individual in SCW, who seemingly thinks that because he's bestowed a title upon himself, it's real, and he can galavant around making false claims.

Again, the truth of reality is there. He's unaware that his nonsense simply makes him look like more of a retard, and continues to propagate his inability to actually have people think he's worth more than anything but a dirty piece of toilet paper. His total value equals that of, well, I think a coat hanger used in a botched abortion may have more worth.

Nevertheless, these farcical senses of reality are prominent among those throughout SCW. They believe they can live this double life, and be able to truly have a world that is "real," and have SCW, which is like a level of Second Life on the computer. It's there place to not be "real," and be this character they've created, with the hopes people think that this persona is cool, and thus attribute their personal lives of nothingness into the same level of, well, "coolness."

Jake shakes his head, really not happy with the notion that "if it's not seen, it doesn't exist," that has become a definite argument for many superstars on the SCW roster. He turns his back to the window of the nursery, and faces the camera head-on, for the first time since his promo began.

Jake Starr: ... I'm not like that. I don't live in that imaginative platform to which these others do. My personal life, and my professional life coexist. I have no anonymity. When I'm in public, I'm recognized. Kids approach me, adults ask for autographs, and ultimately, I've accepted my place in the world. I'm not Jake Starr, the character, on camera, and then I go home and try to be someone different. I am the same sarcastic ass I am all the time. What you see, is truly what you get. It's not this, "poor me, why don't they love me, maybe I'll be mean, oh look it's Pete Ebdon, maybe if I suckle his johnson, he'll make me someone people care about," type of scenario at home, and on camera this, "I'm a cold-hearted bitch, fans should love me or I'll crush their hero, oh look there's Pete Ebdon again, maybe he'd like a little tea-bag time." I'm not like that. I know what I got into, and I know what pros and cons it has.

And ultimately... I know what comes with the territory of putting myself out there. I know that not only am I recognized, my family is recognized too. Like I said, I'm not delusional enough to believe otherwise...

But today, though... Today is different, in a sense. Today, my life was turned upside down, for the better. Today, I have a new outlook on life, and, I admit, it has altered my sense of reality.

So... I'm already contradicting my point, right? I'm already going to justify that now I can do what I just said I didn't believe was a true way to live ones life, right?

No... My reality was altered to where, for once, I can't really focus on wrestling, like I'd like...

It's a rare time in my life where I really have issues focusing on what's ahead for me in professional wrestling. Usually, wrestling gives me my "out" from my "real life" and allows me to enter a world where I can forget about the troubles going on at home, not have to worry about if I remembered to take out the trash, not worry that I'm going to forget something special that happened that day, or anything else that might cause issues at home. Usually, wrestling gives me that mental escape. But today, I don't have that escape, and I don't want it.

In fact... The fact I'm admitting this, further proves where I'm more accepting of my role in the world, than the fakes and frauds that try to say they still have a "private life."

So to be blunt, today, I became a father. I became a new man. I became someone who, not only had a wife to care for, but a child to care for as well. It's put a lot of things into perspective for me. It forced me to really think about how I act, and how I want to be perceived when my daughter gets older. It's made me question whether or not Jake Starr would be someone she'd be able to look back at, via tapes, YouTube, DVDs, pictures, anything, and say, "Yeah, that's my dad," with pride and gusto, or if she'd have a sense of embarrassment... But I also think about whether or not she'd be the same way if she saw how I was long before she came to be, and wondered why I wasn't the same person after. The exact same statement could have the same two possible meanings behind it.

So, my reality was definitely altered... It doesn't change the fact I'm still Jake Starr, the last standing Social Misfit in professional wrestling. It doesn't change that I can be one of the most sarcastic asses on the planet. It just changes whether or not I let that side of me show through, both in public and private.

It definitely presents a tough decision for me. It forces me to try and decide what is the best course of action for me, and my family, years down the road. Do I stay the same? Do I change?

Jake rubs his hand around his unshaven mouth, showing the typical signs of someone who has been having some long days and long nights, with the lack of shaven look. He shrugs, and continues.

Jake Starr: I think, after a couple of days of truly thinking about it, and looking at the daughter I helped bring into this world, I may have some ideas of what I think would be the best course of action.

I think...

... So... I have to somehow transition myself from the joy of fatherhood, to the world of wrestling. I have to make myself do it. I have to somehow force myself to stop thinking solely about my daughter, and begin thinking, again, about Supreme Championship Wrestling. I must try and return some ounce of focus to a female who, honestly, doesn't bring me the same bits of joy and excitement that my wife and daughter do.

I have to try and force myself to focus on Christy Matthews...

This is where it's become something of a difficult decision for me. Before, I said I had a difficult decision to make regarding whether to beat her into a pulp like she did me, or whether to wrestle her normally. Now, I have a child. Now, I have to think how this could effect me long term. It's not a question of how it'll effect me now. Now, I know I could still do either of my original plans, and by the time my daughter would be able to look back on things, I will have most likely forgotten about if I had pummeled Christy.

Christy's really not that memorable...

But the issue is still there. No longer is it a question of should I or shouldn't I because of what is "right," it's more or less, what will make me look like the better man in the end to my family. My feelings begin to take a seat on the back burner, and however I may feel deep down MUST be trumped by how it will effect my family.

It's something that, I know, Christy will think that will protect her, and ultimately force me to second guess myself. I know Christy will jump on the fact I'm having doubts about how "far" I can take things, and assume she'll be able to capitalize on some opening I leave. But I promise... No I guarantee that regardless of my decision on how to embarrass her, whether it's by simple pinfall, or by utter destruction, I won't leave those openings it may sound like I could potentially leave open. Regardless of what my daughter may one day think of my actions, think about if I allowed her birth to derail me from another of my dreams? How would she feel knowing that I was more concerned with her feelings 10, 15, maybe 20 years down the road, rather than continuing my goals as well?

She wouldn't want me to abandon my dreams for an reason, as I would wish the same for her. If she has a dream, a goal, a vision, whatever it may be, I don't want anything to stop her from feeling able to achieve that goal. I'm not saying she's asking that I completely ignore her existence, and focus on myself, I'm saying we're from the same bloodline. We're part of a family who, ultimately desire everyone to achieve their goals.

And one of mine happens to be to crumble the walls of Infamous, and send them reeling toward their ultimate doom, just like I did with the Infection.

So there you have it... You have a man, now mentally a bit different than he was just a few days ago. But in my soul, I'm still the same, just with different priorities now. I'm not scared to still do what I love. I'm not afraid to have my daughter know I was once a man who literally fought for a living. I'm not scared to be me. As I continue to embrace fatherhood, I may change. I may evolve into someone who isn't as sarcastic, isn't as violent, and isn't as much a dick. But for now, it's still new. It still hasn't sunk in fully, and I know that. I am still me.

Christy better know that. She better know that, while I may give her a "pass," and not give her the same "luxury" she gave me, beating wise, I still am just as dangerous as I have ever been. I am on a mission that culminates at Gang Rulz, against her precious man-lover. I'm on a mission to reclaim my position atop the world of Supreme Championship Wrestling. I'm on a mission to prove I can do what nobody has been able to do before...

... And truthfully... I'm on a mission to prove reality doesn't just exist inside a ring, or in front of a camera. It exists all day, everyday...

At Breakdown... Christy Matthews's life as a recluse ends, and her world will become exposed for the world to bare witness to.


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