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It seems that it was over as fast as it started, as it pertains to Jake Starr's run atop the Underground Division.

Even after many successful attempts at defeating the creepy and disturbing, Dilliusion, it was the first time Jake had crossed his path within the confines of Dillusion's forte.

In Jake's eyes, it's most likely the last as well.

Jake's attention has now been stolen, once again, by the lines of his chief rival faction, Infamous, as he walks into the next edition of Breakdown with Christy Matthews standing in his path. Many remember the brewing dislike between Matthews and Starr, having began as a trivial, and rather unexpected Twitter war between the two. It culminated in tag team battles, and also in unprovoked assaults, with Jake resulting as the victim.

Now, the two meet head to head. It's an encounter that has been brewing for some time. It's one that has many implications. A victory for Matthews would continue the seemingly unstoppable dominance that Infamous has had over The Brotherhood in recent times, with the only exception being the upset of Dark Fantasy, by Jake and Greg Cherry. For Jake, a victory over Christy would send a defining message through the rankings of Infamous, all the way to the top, and Lucas Knight. It would also mark a shocking upset over Matthews, who has appeared unbeatable.

It's a goal Jake has set for himself, without the burden of the Underground Division and Underground Championship to distract him. Jake really wants to gain some hefty momentum as Gang Rulz approaches. He knows Knight is riding high, and riding a streak of momentum that doesn't look to be slowing down anytime soon. If Jake wants to have ANY chance of truly reclaiming the SCW World Championship, he cannot afford to trip up much, if at all.

So with the loss at Breakdown against Dillusion now behind him, and over with, he looks to regroup. He knows that he can't dwell on it, and he knows he needs to get back into a normal frame of mind...

... For multiple reasons...

As Jake left for Breakdown, his wife began to feel some contractions. He received a call from his mother stating she was driving Roeper to the doctor, to ensure everything was ok. As Breakdown ended, he found a voice mail on his phone stating that all was well, but the doctor had decided that labor would be induced in a mere matter of hours. Truthfully it would be the later the next day, but nevertheless, in the mind of Jake and his family, it truly was just hours. Hearing this shocked and excited the former SCW World Champion all at the same time. His adrenaline began pumping, knowing that the countdown to "due day" has shrunk to mere moments.

As Jake actually got to speak with his wife after her meeting with the doctor, she told Jake to not hurry home that night. She told him to simply get some rest, fly home the next morning, and then he could be there for the big moment.

When Jake arrived at his hotel room, sleep wasn't an option, although he knows if he defies his wife's wishes and comes home early, he'll receive the stereotypical welcome of a husband whose wife has gone into labor. Figuring that is almost a guarantee when the time actually comes, he elects to respect his wife's wishes of flying home the next morning.

Knowing he wouldn't sleep, he decided to do something special for his unborn child. He decided to do something that his child wouldn't truly appreciate until he or she was older. He decided to write his child a letter. In his eyes, it is his way of expressing his feelings and emotions as he feels them, so when it is older, it will have a first-hand account of everything, rather than just hearing Jake and Roeper try and tell them via memory. As Jake sits at the desk in the hotel room, the only light is the desk lamp, illuminating the notepad Jake is writing on.

Jake looks at the blank paper, takes a deep breath, and begins to write, with his inner voice providing the vocal interpretation of what he is writing down.

Dear son,

Jake immediately catches himself, realizing that he and Roeper haven't found out the sex of the child yet. He scratches out the word "son," and begins writing again.

Dear son,

Jake begins to toy with the idea of how to word it. In only the way Jake, or a member of his family, would understand or appreciate.

Dear son, yet-to-be-determined,

If you're reading this, I finally decided it was time for you to read it. This is something I'm writing because I want you to know about your mom and I now, versus what all we may tell you as we grow older. From experience, I know parents often just tell you bits and pieces about themselves, and ultimately you don't have that clear picture of who they were at specific points in their life.

So I hope this helps...

Right now, I sit in a dark hotel room, fresh off a battle with a guy who is notorious for using cheese graters on his opponents. Yeah, pleasant thought, I know. But I sit here having just found out I'm mere moments away from getting to see you for the first time. I am simply a flight away from becoming a father.

It's a feeling that I have been anxiously awaiting and anxiously fearing at the same time.

When I say fearing and awaiting in the same sentence, I mean it. While I can go into battle with loony toons, and faceoff with people who would just as soon watch me bleed as breathe, parenthood is something that scares the daylights our of me. And one day, it will for you too.

But nevertheless, I anxiously await your arrival. You're something your mom and I have been waiting for. When we first found out, it seemed like your arrival was a long time away. It was months then. Then, the months dwindled to weeks, and now, we're to hours. It's something special, and I can't wait to begin a completely new phase of my life.

Jake leans back in the chair, and takes a deep breath. He lets out a small smile, feeling rather good inside about writing this. After taking another breath, he leans forward, and resumes writing.

Now, having said all of that, I want you to know about me, the person, since the odds are in your favor you'll inherit some of my tendencies as you grow, I figure at least this may tell you who's responsible.

Growing up, I've always been sarcastic. I've always been the guy to try and crack the jokes at the most inopportune times. It's just kind of who I am. I grew up in a wrestling family, which I hate to say it, you probably will have too by the time you read this. You'll probably understand why it is something that, I felt, had its perks, while at the same time, being something that can be kind of depressing. You and your mom will, most likely, become much closer, much faster, than you and I, only because I'll be on the road. But I want to ensure you, we'll have our chances. It is something my father gave me, and I very much intend to give you. I want you to have the chances to enjoy what I do, and what I enjoy, so then as you grow, and find what you enjoy, you can share that with me.

I want you to know that, while I'll be away a lot, you won't have ever drifted from my mind. You and your mom are why I do this, and why I'll continue to do this as long as I can.

As I've watched and witnessed you grow throughout your mom's pregnancy, even though it's been through 3D imaging, ultrasounds, and your mom's protruding belly, I realize that you're going to change me. You're going to change who I am, and it'll be for the better. You're going to make me a better man, and ultimately the best father I can be, for you.

I've never been humbled by anything like I am right now.

I've never been so scared in my life.

I just know this is something that, while I usually try and avoid scary situations, I'm willing to embrace as one that will be for the best. You're worth it to your mother and I do make sure that we do everything we can to make your life as perfect as we can.

And we plan on doing just that...

So as you read this, I don't know if you grew up to have my wit, my sarcasm, my ability to polarize a crowd, your mom's worrying nature, your mom's good beauty, my handsomeness (as your mom once told me I was), my stubbornness, or you decide to pick and choose things that really help define you, I just know you're my kid. You're either my son, or my daughter. But having waited so long to find out if you were even beginning the process of life, to then waiting the nine, seemingly endless months, to the last few long weeks, to now these final hours, I can't wait to see you for the first time. I can't wait to hold you. I can't wait to have the ability to say I have a son or daughter. I can't wait for those days when you hate me for reasons unbeknownst to me because ultimately, it's part of parenthood, and it's part of what will make you grow up to be the child I've always seen in my dreams.

Face it... You've already become a special part of the lives of your mother and I, and technically, I've yet to meet you yet. You're already the "apple of my eye," and I haven't even gotten the pleasure of seeing what talents you're going to have, that I'll ultimately be able to brag on.

And most importantly... Know I love you. Know that, while I may slip up, and not be "perfect," at times, I'm always going to try and be perfect for you.

Love you kid! And see you soon!


Jake quickly smirks to himself, realizing he just signed it like he would sign a letter to his parents, or a friend. He quickly goes back to fixing his error.


Let me try again...

Love you!


PS: I'm learning still... Give me a break!

As Jake begins to lean back, and read over what he just wrote his kid, he smiles as he realizes how he just poured his heart and soul out to his unborn child, and it gives a warm and calming sensation over him. Once he finishes reading over it he seals it in an envelope, with the words "To Be Opened When I Decided, Because I'm The Dad!" on the outside.

Looking over his, in his opinion, masterpiece, Jake now begins to pack up his belongings, so he capable of checking out as soon as he can in the morning and hoping his flight home. His anticipation of his looming date with fatherhood has him unable to sleep, and without any thought regarding his SCW career. It's a moment where he can finally put the world of wrestling out of his mind, and focus solely on something in his personal life. It's also a moment where he knows his personality, and his life could be turned upside down.

How a child can alter someone's mentality varies from person to person, and Jake is extremely anxious to know how it effects him. It's what he's been waiting on, and now, the waiting has shrunk to hours, but they're the longest hours of Jake's life.

Jake Starr: Well that was sure fun while it lasted, wasn't it? I mean wasn't the world all excited about me in the Underground Division, like I was?


To put it mildly, it was a championship that never fit me, it never fit who I was, or what I stood for. I wasn't some lunatic who was willing to batter, bruise, and bloody someone to a pulp, all for the goal of attaining a championship. It's a championship that legitimately could change hands at any moment, simply due to who gets LUCKY. I'm not about luck. I don't deal with luck. I don't enjoy flirting with luck. Luck has screwed me in the past, and honestly, I'm not troubled by losing the Underground Championship. I take solace in the fact Dilly, in his FINITE bits of wit and wisDUMB, wasn't able to do the job on his own. He wasn't able to beat me like he had hoped to do. Instead, this guy who calls himself The Real Speed, assisted, and now those two can rekindle some creepy love-fest.

Isn't it sweet?

Isn't it cute?


I will say this, in all honesty. Dilly was right, though. The Underground Division was simply my "side project." It wasn't something I took seriously. It wasn't something I put a lot of hopes and dreams into holding for a long time. It was merely a championship that I got, due to the exploitation of someone else's lack of thought. Lucas Knight was so wrapped up in himself, and so wrapped up in the fact he saw himself as the most superior athlete and talent in this industry, that I had to bring him down a few notches. I had to show him that he wasn't where he thought he was on the food chain. I seized an opportunity to make him open his mouth, and embarrass himself.

Which he did...

And I did...

Now, while I've said all of that, some may wonder about David Helms. He used to take pride in the division. He used to fit into the world of the Underground like Michael Jackson's glove. Some may wonder if saying this might add to the dissension that is there between he and I. Some may believe he may take offense to what I've said. You know, that's fine. If he gets upset at it, all I can say is I'm learning his emotions are something I can't control. If he's upset about my belief of the pure LUCK the Underground Division requires, then fine. It's not going to hurt me inside. It's to the point where my caring is slowly becoming minimal.

Sorry... But it's true...

So to Dilly and his 3 or 4 people who seemingly embrace that world as the "pinnacle" of their lives, here's to you! Cheers! Via con Dios! Au revoir! Asta la bye bye! Enjoy!

Simply put, I'm moving on to things that MATTER...

Jake's facial expression shows that, while he may have decreed he is moving onto things that matter, he may not quite believe it himself.

Jake Starr: ... Well soon, I suppose. Soon, Lucas Knight and I dance again. At Gang Rulz, he and I will tangle in a match that will allow me to make him eat his words all over again. He's riding high, and riding well. He's planning on facing me one on one, and showing the world why the Underground match we had will not have the same outcome. He'll say it now, he'll say it as we get closer...

We all know the typical rhetoric...

But unfortunately, until then, as I was hoping to move to greener pastures, and onto things that, I had hoped, would give me something to become excited about, I get word that at Breakdown, I'm not going to be so lucky. I get word that, instead of having an opponent that, I know, will help me elevate Breakdown, and show the world why I am the best of the best, I get something that is the polar opposite. I get someone who's gender is in question to many, and who, probably, carries more "down below" than the man she idolizes, and secretly rubs one out thinking of every night, the aforementioned Lucas Knight...

... Yes everyone...

... It's true...

... You're going to all get blessed to see none other than Christy Matthews wrestle again.


As of today, I haven't beaten Christy in the ring. She'll make it abundantly clear, repeat it, brag about it, say it's going to be the keynote reason she's going to win, and everyone will listen. Everyone will hear those very words... Well unless she decides to pretend she never did it because cameras weren't around, but that's beside the point. She's going to brag about her successes against my brethren, and say that beating her isn't an option.

BUT... As it pertains to me, she's only faced me in the ring, in tag team competition, and on ONE occasion.

So you know what that means? It means Christy hasn't ever been able to step into the ring with me, in a legitimate match, BY HERSELF, and beat me. She's had her lover to protect her, and to ensure she emerged victorious. This time, she's alone. This time, Christy walks into the ring with me without the insurance of Lucas Knight with her, or to protect her. This time, she faces Jake Starr, one on one, and has to do everything she can to prove she can run with the big boys, ONE ON ONE, rather than with the assistance of someone else...

Jake runs his hand around his mouth, and down his chin.

Jake Starr: But... This booking tells me a lot about my future, the future of The Brotherhood, the future of this little war between Infamous and, well, me, and overall, it is something that probably won't turn out the best in the end...

... For me at least...

See, as I look around me, I see Thorn becoming more and more troubled with my actions, and joining Helms on the bandwagon of, "Give Peace a Chance." They have become blinded to the fact that Infamous has truly masterminded this entire plot to help dissolve us from the inside. They have become oblivious to the fact that Infamous is taking JOY in watching our loyalties crumble from within. Instead, they see me as a bad guy. They see me as someone who is continuing to fuel the fire, rather than simply reacting to the heat as it boils below my feet. They look at me as the one stirring the pot, while Infamous is trying to convince them that they are completely innocent...

... And so now, we have Christy Matthews and I, this time, as I've said, ONE ON ONE...

Jake lets out an unimpressed breath of air, followed by a slight smirk.

Jake Starr: ... And if I decide to go out, and fight, and beat Christy down like I know she deserves, guess what? Thorn and Helms will look at me, again, like I've done something wrong.

It's getting utterly ridiculous!

Christy walks in, almost, with a free pass to win, lose, draw, get beaten, anything, and in the end, and in the eyes of my compatriots, come out looking like the "better person." I, however, don't get that luxury.

So the question is, what do I do? Do I go out there, and make another example of a member of Infamous, and make the statement that, regardless of if my brothers have elected to fight this war along side me, I'm not backing down? Do I go out, simply out-wrestle her, pin her, and exit like a peaceful man, who has no recollection of any wrong-doing done to him by said opponent? Hell, do I go out there, offer to shake her hand, ask her to go to the back, and then offer her milk and cookies?

Jake throws his hands to the side.

Jake Starr: C'mon... Where are the answers? Where are those who are supposed to tell me the "right" thing to do? Obviously my choice in the "right way" has come under scrutiny from those around me, and the fans. So, where are those who are going to tell me what is "proper" so I don't go an offend anyone else?

Come out, come out, wherever you are!

Jake sighs, bites his lip, and shakes his head. His frustration is becoming more and more evident. His rubs his hand through his hair on the back of his head, obviously very jittery, and very flustered at the entire situation. He tries cracking his neck from side to side, hoping to alleviate some of the stress, once again surrounding him.

Jake Starr: I'm just tired of having to walk on all of these damn egg shells for everyone. Everyone has an alternate view of what is "right," hoping I see each one of them as, well, "right." The fact is, what I see as the "right" course of action, I take. Whether others agree, I'm beginning to care less and less for. I'm beginning to realize I have to do what is best for me, and what is going to achieve the goal I see as the more "right," one, period.

So with that said, the question presents itself again. With that said, all of the same inquiries I brought up are, once again, presented to the masses.

What course of action will I take?

Trust me when I say every one of the options have their own sense of temptation.

I still have the desire to unleash hell on Christy, with the sole purpose of returning the favor, and letting her, one of the responsible ones, feel the same embarrassment of being carries out of the arena on a stretcher, and not being able to move. I still want her to be scared that her life, as she knew it, is over. I still believe she deserves to look into the eyes of her loved ones, and have that inner worry that they'll look at her differently, thinking she's incapable of doing what she had claimed to love, due to physical restrictions.

Jake lets out a slightly creepy, and demonic, grin.

Jake Starr: Trust me... That urge and that desire is VERY MUCH still an active part of my mental state. Believe me, the thought of inflicting Christy with the pain and agony she did me brings a smile to my face. But truthfully, I am questioning whether or not I should truthfully go that route, simply because I know that's what her dumb ass will be anticipating.

So that leaves few options for me.

That leaves me with little wriggle room.

I know she's well aware of the conundrum I face. I know she's laughing knowing that I can't simply let my emotions flow and unleash them all upon her. She is living large knowing she, most likely, won't feel my ultimate wrath, and end up looking like Ravyn at the end of the night. In the end, it will lead to her downfall. In the end, whether I cripple her, beat her, or simply treat her like any other opponent, and wrestle her, I'm going to make a statement. I'm going to do something at Breakdown, that impacts SCW, and shows definitively that Jake Starr isn't someone who's become any less of the phenomenal sensation he started his SCW career as.

I'm going to beat Christy Matthews.

Nobody has done it yet. Nobody has been able to conquer this bitch, and some see me as the next victim on her surprising rise through the rankings of Supreme Championship Wrestling.

I'm not...

I'm out to prove myself, again. I'm out to make everyone shocked at the fact I have bucked the odds. I'm out to leave no doubt why I'm the number one f_cking contender for Lucas Knight's SCW Championship. She may be unbeaten... She may be seemingly unstoppable... But as I said, she and I meet in a different manner than she's ever had to face me before...

... As the saying goes, there's a FIRST for everything...

... The FIRST battle between Jake Starr and Christy Matthews ONE ON ONE...

... The FIRST time I've looked into the eyes of one of those responsible for threatening my life...

... And most importantly...

... The FIRST loss of the seemingly unstoppable "Infamous" run, of Christy Matthews!

Face it... It was bound to happen sooner or later. And the bitch just crossed my path alone...

It's my road to Gang Rulz... And my mentality tells me, it'll be my gang who makes AND breaks those rules...


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