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As the days progress toward Breakdown, Jake Starr knows he begins to get closer and closer to a date with, possibly, his my difficult challenge in his SCW career. While the opponent has never proved to be a challenge for the Underground Champion, the matchup itself, in the extreme and hardcore arena, doesn't fit the mold Jake has become accustomed to.

Nevertheless, he approaches it, trying to maintain his typical confident, and at times, down-right cocky, persona.

His lack of experience in that setting has become well chronicled as this match approaches, yet Jake knows the only way to continue to grow within the wild and wacky division is to continue to perform, continue to test himself against more and more insane opposition, and should he continue to win, find the mistakes he did make, the holes in his game, and the places he was beaten during the match, and fix them.

When Jake first arrived on the SCW scene, not many knew of him, or his past. He was an enigma that, within just three matches, was crowned the Adrenaline Champion. He was given a championship that showcased the "high flyers," and the superstars that truly got the adrenaline of the crowd pumping with their performances. Nobody, then, thought he'd be able to carry that championship very long, let alone be one who is deserving of the term "adrenaline junkie." Instead of falling into the trap of proving the "assumers" right, he showed he could carry a division he wasn't completely comfortable with at first, and elevated it to a new level of appreciation.

So he knows, the possibilities are endless. The possibilities of success are there. He just has to show he can, once again, defy the odds, and bring himself to the level of "deserved champion" of a new division.

His path won't be as cleanly laid out as it was before. This path will be riddled with blood, pain, and suffering. But he hopes he can make the path one he can not only walk on, but conquer.

As the date with his Underground destiny grows closer, Jake continues to rest and relax, knowing he's in for one of the brutal contests of his life, and also continues to hang out with Brandon Evans, hoping to continue to bring their friendship back to the level it was before his most recent vanishing act.

Since showing up on Jake's doorstep days earlier, Brandon was invited to stay and hang out until Jake leaves for Breakdown. He graciously accepted, knowing he needs to make up for some of his mistakes that he made in the past.

As the two sit, enjoying a weekend of college football, Brandon decides to try and pitch a new idea he's had to Jake. He knows sometimes his ideas can be a little "far-fetched," but believes that this one could potentially make him, and Jake if he decides to join in, some decent money. With Jake only half-paying attention to the game on the television, Brandon decides this is his best opportunity.

Brandon Evans: So... I've been thinking!

Jake looks up with a sense of concern. He knows Brandon's track record of "ideas."

Jake Starr: That's scary...

Brandon Evans: Thanks! I appreciate it!

Jake grins, and shrugs his shoulders.

Jake Starr: Anytime! So, what have you been thinking about? Girls? Weed? Being a racecar driver?

Brandon Evans: Oh... I'm always thinking about being a racecar driver!

Jake Starr: Like Taco?

Brandon Evans: Exactly!

Jake Starr: What lap?

Brandon Evans: 37!

Jake Starr: Good to know... So was that the big revelation?

Brandon begins to space out, apparently mentally still driving in his race. He quickly snaps out of his trance-like state.

Brandon Evans: Oh... Different than the race!

Jake Starr: I kind of assumed that!

Brandon Evans: It's more of a business venture idea! I have found a market that I don't think has been tapped quite yet.

Jake Starr: Three-Penis Wine?

Brandon Evans: No...

Jake Starr: Oh... I figured with the similarities between you and Taco, it was the logical choice!

Brandon Evans: No... It's a more realistic goal!

Jake Starr: Well that's good to know, then!

Brandon Evans: I'm thinking of selling and marketing Viagra!

Jake goes to respond, then it sinks in what Brandon just said, and he completely is speechless. The fact that Brandon is suggestion that Viagra is an untapped market completely befuddles him.

Brandon Evans: Good idea, don't you think?

Jake Starr: Uhh...

Brandon begins to sense Jake's uncertainty toward his business proposal.

Brandon Evans: Now... I get the idea you're not sold on it, and I understand. Lots of people have tried marketing Viagra. Hell, some companies even made some of those breath strips you buy in the candy section, laced with Viagra. So that's not the whole point behind my idea.

Jake Starr: It gets better?

Brandon Evans: Much!

Jake gently closes his eyes, and shakes his head, knowing the fact it could "get better" could mean anything in the mind of Brandon Evans.

Brandon Evans: So... You know how Viagra effects a man right?

Jake Starr: Not from first hand experience, but yes...

Brandon Evans: Well, what I'm thinking is I market Viagra, and with every purchase, you get a free woman!

Jake, again goes to reply, and is caught off guard, and silenced before he replies.

Brandon Evans: ... Great, right?!

Jake Starr: Wait... What?!

Brandon Evans: Seriously... When a man takes the "little blue wonder," he gets an erection. So I figure why not give them someone to give the Viagra a nice "test drive" with.

Jake Starr: You're talking about opening a brothel!

Brandon Evans: Well, call it what you will...

Jake Starr: OK, so if you're serious about this "idea," why not go out to Vegas, and I could get Eric to loan you a few bucks in startup money. Hell he's willing to give me a casino, he'll damn sure throw a couple bucks to you for startup costs.

Brandon Evans: No no no!

Jake is confused why Brandon would neglect the chance.

Jake Starr: Why?

Brandon Evans: I wouldn't be the only one then!

Jake facepalms himself in disbelief.

Brandon Evans: ... I want to have it somewhere I could be the exclusive provider! Besides, I'm not saying they'd have sex. I'm simply saying the man would have a female companion to converse with. Now what they do behind closed doors, I haven't any control! I simply will offer them someone to discuss whatever it is that...

Jake quickly interrupts.

Jake Starr: ... Let me guess... Discuss whatever "comes up?"

Brandon Evans: Exactly! They wouldn't be paying for sex, so that's not an issue.

Jake Starr: Dude... It'd still be illegal!

Brandon Evans: How so?!

Jake Starr: You can't whore out women like that, for any reason!

Brandon Evans: I said they weren't paying for sex!

Jake Starr: Prosecutors wouldn't see it that way!

Brandon doesn't believe Jake's assumption.

Brandon Evans: I don't think there's a prosecutor that would take that on. Not in Iowa...

Jake Starr: You have no idea about politics and mentalities here do you?

Brandon Evans: Do they not like sex?

Jake Starr: I'm assuming they do, but...

Brandon Evans: THEN NO PROBLEM!

Jake Starr: ... But this is the Bible belt... They fight strip clubs, sex toy shops, girly magazines, everything!

Brandon Evans: What a bunch of tight-asses!

Jake Starr: Trust me... If you want to try this little gimmick, I can get you some funding out of Eric.

Brandon Evans: I'm telling you... I want to be the only one dammit!

Jake Starr: I hate to break it, but then you'll be continuing to have ideas, rather than realistic goals. Nevertheless, I can't chip in directly for this idea...

Brandon is completely taken aback by Jake's revelation. He expected Jake to jump at the chance to invest in his "Buy Viagra, Get a Free Hooker" campaign.

Brandon Evans: Why not?!

Jake Starr: Simple... I don't want to go to ass-rape prison for distribution of pharmaceuticals and prostitution. I value my freedom, and besides, the only other person I let near my cooly-hole is my proctologist... Oh and Roeper if she's feeling a bit frisky!

Brandon's eyes widen in shock. Jake quickly notices his shock.

Jake Starr: Oh c'mon... I'm talking like a knuckle or two... Not five fingers curled up into a fist. Geez!

Brandon sits silently in shock, which is EXACTLY how Jake hoped to silence his good friend, and deter him from contemplating his new financial investment. He then turns back to the television, and turns the volume up as the Battle for the Heartland Trophy, between the Iowa Hawkeyes and the Wisconsin Badgers begins. Jake's attention now solely focuses on his beloved college team, and away from Brandon, who knowing Jake, joins in the enjoyment of the game.

As the scene ends, Jake and Brandon continue to watch the game, and relax at the humble abode of the latest member of the SCW Grand Slam Club. Jake really knows that relaxation is going to be key to preparing for his encounter with Dillusion. He knows if he goes into this match with any kind of ailment, Dillusion will easily exploit it with his experience in the extreme arena.

While his physical preparation has required him to do little, his mental preparation is well underway. While it can't be seen, Jake knows he must continually play out various situations and scenarios in order to do what he can to ultimately adequately prepare for the unorthodox opposition he faces come Breakdown.

Jake Starr: I'll admit, dwelling on one event can truly drive someone mad, or really annoy those who listen to you continually talk about it, so for that, I'm sorry. But the deal is, Under Attack was, yes a successful night for me, but there was something about it that was weird. Hell, strange even. See, when the match ended, it was time for celebration all around, or so I thought. When we were handed the championships, and were enjoying our moment of triumph over Infamous, and namely Dark Fantasy, I was in a state of euphoria.

Honestly... There was very little that I really could focus on outside of the shear excitement.

But, within that "little bit" of external stimuli getting into my brain, I THOUGHT there was something, oh how can I describe it, odd, maybe, going on around me. So, instead of assuming I was right, I went to the tape. I went and watched the end of the match, and had to definitely work to not put myself back into that euphoric state again. I had to focus to actually see if what I thought I might have heard, might have really happened.

Then the moment came. The match ended. Greg and I were still victorious, and I knew that it was time to pay attention and see if it was real, or in my head. Part of me hoped for a "figment of my imagination" result, while the other part of me hoped it was real, simply so I knew I wasn't going senile.

Unfortunately, it was real...

See, as the bell rang, and we celebrated, most were joining in the festivities, but there was this smattering of others who, well... Booed. There were a few clear boos ringing out as we won, and truthfully, I'm pretty sure they were directed at me.

Now, this isn't a case of me having a guilty conscience, and thinking I deserved it or anything, but with how my actions were received within my own "extended" family, I wouldn't bet against the odds favoring the direction of the negativity.

So, it got me to thinking. It really sent me into a state of "deep thought," trying to figure out why people would have such a deep confusion as to why I did what I did, or at the least, have such a negative reaction to it. As I've said, it's something I stand by, and believe was just in doing.

But instead of trying to explain my reasoning for it, again, I thought maybe I could get through to some people using a different type of scenario. Firstly, I want to say is that I don't know if these boos were from adults, or children. I don't know the age range, but I'll assume it was more the adults than the kids, seeing as how kids usually have a better sense of "good versus evil" than their adult counterparts. So I want the adults to listen closely. I want to put this in a perspective they might better comprehend.

Consider this scenario. You're a parent... Your child goes to a school where, like every school, there is the bully and his group of friends who simply hang around him so they don't get bullied. This group is notorious for finding the weak, or the alone, and exploiting them for their own personal gain and humor. Say these bullies find your child. Say they continually take his lunch money, beat him, tease him, everything. You confront the school and teachers, who are equally fearful of this group, knowing those who "back" the bullies (i.e., their families of bullies) will then subsequently bully them, and they do nothing.

So what do you do?

How do you protect your child?

For some, it involves going to the authorities. Unfortunately sometimes for those who go that route, the amount of fear in the eyes of everyone simply negates the willingness to testify or admit to the bullying. So then, it simply continues and there are no repercussions for it...

... And you're back to square one...

Then there's plan B. The plan that usually exploits a bully's complete facade. The method of "fighting back." For some people, it involves direct backlash against the bully him/herself. It involves a direct retaliation against the primary bully. In a lot of cases, it exposes the bully to the fact they can "dish it out," but can't "take it in return." In other cases, it involves a more indirect approach. It involves a more mental assault on the one who actually does the bullying. It involves trying to obtain that psychological edge. See, a bully will surround him/herself with those weaker than them. They'll want to make sure they are perceived as the "Alpha" of the group, and ensure that nobody could try and "assume power" away from them. So instead of tackling the bully head-on, you begin to decimate their support system. You begin to take out the "hired help" one by one, knowing that eventually, the bully will stand alone.

That's when the bully will crumble.

That's when the bully will fall.

That's when your child receives peace of mind.

Then, after all is said and done, you ask yourself if it was all worth it? Was the fact your child had to sink to their level, even for just a brief period, worth their peace of mind? Was it worth being the bully for one day in order not have to face the horrors and terrors of bullying?

Think of it in terms like that, and maybe, just maybe, you'll begin to comprehend my actions. Think about the aspect of safety, and peace of mind, and then maybe, just maybe, you'll begin to realize that it is not something worth booing.

As I said... It was worth the brief moment at "that level." It was worth it, and it was necessary...

Jake hopes that this explanation can finally put the questioning of his actions to rest. He firmly believes he was justified in his response to the bullying by Infamous, and refuses to back down from it. He also knows that continuing to not back down from what he did takes a toll on those around him who also question what he did. Nevertheless, he hopes this is the last time he has to try and rationalize the happenings over the recent history between he and Infamous.

Jake Starr: ... Now, moving forward, and hopefully onto a topic more people are concerned with, Breakdown. As Breakdown begins to close in, the nerves begin to increase. I've really begun to think long and hard about what I'm in for, once I face Dillusion again...

Which, I won't lie, annoys me...

It doesn't necessarily annoy me that I'm facing him again. This is the first time I have faced him in a non-wrestling roulette manner. What annoys me is the fact that, regardless of the fact I've OWNED him, and SCHOOLED him in the ring, he actually has me thinking about how I'm going to handle myself, handle him, and survive this imminent war. I'm annoyed that someone who I've been able to handle multiple times, doesn't present the same threat as he has in the past.

It's just... Well... Annoying!

Nevertheless, he's got me questioning what it's going to take to truly emerge victorious in a match with him. In this atmosphere, it's his world, not mine. Granted, I'm trying to change that, it's still currently his world. He's like a zombie when it comes to these matches of pure lunacy. He's likely to take gunshot wounds, and simply keep coming at you. He's not going to back down. He's driven to achieve ultimate success in the division he feels was made for him. He wants to best Jake Starr, and prove that, not only can he beat me, he can show that I am not one who belongs in the Underground Division.

Trust me... It's a division that doesn't want me there, and Dillusion is now the "great white-face hope" for getting me out of it.

But whether or not they want me here, I am the current "Lord of the Underground," and I don't plan on relinquishing my throne to ANYONE, anytime soon.

Jake smirks.

Jake Starr: Now, as I said, Dillusion, this time, presents a different challenge than times in the past. He comes in with the ability to be as demonic, strange, evil, and torturous as he wants. But there is a caveat to all of this that, I guarantee, he isn't taking into consideration as well...


See, while Dillusion walks into his comfort zone, knowing what random objects he can utilize as weapons, I walk in as an amateur, who's willing to literally use ANYTHING as a weapon. I don't have a sense of what is better than others, so I'm liable to use EVERYTHING. Hell, if I feel I can make use of a "Funnoodle," dammit I'll use it! This is why I was attracted to the Underground Division. THIS VERY F_CKING REASON! I want to explore that side of myself. I want to see what all of the fuss is about, why people get off bragging about how much fun it is to use a cheese grater or staple gun on someone, and ultimately, feel the rush when you may be battered and bloody, and are forced to still try and muster energy to win.

It's the challenge that intrigued me!

So, while this may not be my comfort zone, I seek to change that. I seek to make people go, "holy sh!t, Jake Starr took the Underground where it's never been before." I want people to attribute my name to greatness in the Underground, and in professional wrestling.

Simply put... I seek to become THE BEST! Period! I don't want people to think, "oh he was the best at one thing," I want people to think, "he was simply, THE BEST!" And to achieve that, I need to show I can adapt. I've shown that I can stand tall when the odds are against me, but this is a different world. As I've stated... This isn't my forte. This isn't my bread and butter. But, let's see if I can alter that. Let's see if I can make this a bread and butter world.

Jake is then handed a package mailed directly to him, and in a very tattered envelope. He opens it up to find an old school VHS tape inside, marked in crayon, and having his name severely misspelled. Jake asks around, hoping someone actually still owns a VHS player. Surprisingly, one of the camera crew has one in his production truck. A black screen appears simply saying:


When the black screen leaves, Jake is standing there with the VHS in hand, and shaking his head in disbelief. He pats it in one hand, and literally seems to be in shock. He finally begins to open up regarding what he saw.

Jake Starr: ... And then... Wow... And then you have this tape. This old school, VHS, pretty poorly produced, and quite foul attempt at humor. Apparently, Dillusion is under the misconception that in this industry, it's OK to send VHS tapes to people, with the hope of it actually being viewed by the masses, knowing that it's of poor quality, and knowing the first, Christ, 20 minutes of it were filled with nothing by a screen saying, "YOU CAN'T SEE THIS BECAUSE IT WASN'T FILMED, BUT IT STILL MATTERS HA HA HA!" It's something I don't understand, but I'm sure someone like Syren or Christy or Ravyn could have better luck ciphering it.

Nevertheless... There were SOME aspects of this video that caught my eye. And, since he apparently missed the whole point of everything I've said about him this time around, I figured I'd actually take the time to address.

Let's begin with Dillusion himself... Dillusion the "man." Dillusion the "character." Dillusion the "accuser." Dillusion the "poor attempt by a half-wit with no creativity to pretend to be Heath Ledger's adaptation of The Joker." Him... Dillusion seems to be having an identity crisis, and really trying to play up the "psychotic" role. I mean, he literally, with that whole opening monologue he decided to try and ramble through, LITERALLY was trying to be a Heath Ledger impersonation . And from what I can see, it's piss poor. The last time I really TRIED to pay attention to his character, he was this goofy guy who tried to be silly, and now he's demonic. It... Well... Doesn't make sense. But I guess his excuse will be because he's Dillusion and a psychopath right? Or is it because he simply doesn't know how to cipher one person from another?

He has that problem too, you know!

He continually likes to call me a knockoff, when he, himself, is just that. He's a knockoff. He's a imitator. He's a "off the strip" version of a failed Las Vegas show that never made it. But yet, I'm apparently the one who is the embodiment, and knockoff of someone else? I'm the one who has stolen someone else's persona? Get the f_ck out of here! Really? He seriously wants to try and go there with me? He wants to associate me with someone I DON'T EVEN KNOW, and say, I'm them? I'm trying to be them? I'm beginning to wonder if the praise I gave him was even worth giving.

But I won't lie... Even amidst his attempt to "find his voice," it was the first time I actually made it through one of his promos. It literally was one I didn't watch for five minutes, get angry, and go away saying. "f_ck this, I value my brain cells." My only question is, why did he wait for a CHAMPIONSHIP to be on the line to do so? What is it about a CHAMPIONSHIP that makes Dillusion actually show up? Does he believe that doesn't reflect on him in the long-term? Seriously? I mean the truth is, if he's simply concerned about a championship and a championship alone, then you know what's going to happen? Underground, or not, I'm making sure I win, plain and simple.

The last thing that caught my eye, was the fact he talked about what he would do if he were in my shoes. He talked about what he would do if he were the Underground Champion. He talked about how much "better" of a champion he would be because he'd defend it more, and not focus on anything else. Well, if pigeon-holing yourself is "better," and "more successful," I'd much rather be a failure. See, while he may contend that he might defend this championship more, rather than focusing on all of the opportunities that may arise, let me be clear, it shows his lack of confidence. It shows why he has NEVER been a successful CHAMPION. It shows why he only ASPIRES to be the one who leads the Underground Division. He can't actually do it. He can't mentally put himself in a place where he is capable of being a champion, and focusing on multiple things.

There in-lies the separation of Jake Starr and Dillusion...

Maybe he should listen to what I say better, rather than just assuming he knows what I'm going to say! It seems to work better in the long run!

See, while he continues to strive to "be in my shoes," he knows, FOR A GOD DAMN FACT, he couldn't walk 12 inches in them. He knows that, while he wishes he could be in my position, he'd succumb to the necessities of it. I'm the champion for a reason. I'm the number one contender for the SCW Championship for a reason. It's not because I simply focused on one area, and tried to dominate it. It's because I strived for more. It's because I desired more. It's because I wasn't going to just sit back and be CONTENT with what I could get easily. Dilly would be content... Dilly would be satisfied being merely one champion, and sitting back and doing one thing... It's all he could handle, and all he could possibly believe he could succeed at. That's not me....

If he wants to be in my shoes, he needs to learn to be more than a one-trick pony. My shoes are hard to fill. So far, many have wanted to fill them, but only one man has...

... And come Breakdown, that man will continue to be the Underground Champion of Supreme Championship Wrestling!


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