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It has been nearly four years since Jake Starr was part of a press conference regarding a match. He has had a couple where he was told to issue "apologies," but those seemingly never seemed to go as those who demanded the apologies had hoped. This one, hopefully, will have a little more class to it. Jake, his wife Roeper, and his good friend Shawn Wright are en route to Jake's first OFFICIAL press conference since returning to the wrestling business. Various media outlets have been alerted, and a quick cut scene shows several media trucks outside the venue awaiting his arrival. Back in the vehicle with the trio, they continue making their way to the event. Jake sits in the passenger seat, staring out the window, while the other two try to cipher whether or not he is nervous, scared, amped, or just zoning out as they drive. From the back seat, Shawn starts speaking with Roeper.

Shawn Wright: Is he still with us?

Roeper Hart: Yeah... I think!

Shawn Wright: Does he realize we're talking about him?

Roeper Hart: Doubtful!

Shawn Wright: Is he asleep? Or is he just staring blankly into oblivion?

Roeper Hart: He's awake...

Shawn Wright: And he really has no clue?

Roeper Hart: Doesn't seem like it!

Shawn Wright: Wow... I wish I had that capability!

Roeper Hart: Oh c'mon... You know you are the same way when Roxie starts nagging you!

Shawn Wright: No... Usually I don't get that luxury.

Roeper Hart: Ha ha...

Shawn Wright: Seriously... If she catches me ignoring her when she's going off, she goes out of her way to get my attention.

Roeper Hart: That should teach you not to ignore her!

Shawn once again looks over at Jake.

Shawn Wright: Maybe he's scared?

Without hesitation Jake quickly responds to the allegation, while still staring out of the window.

Jake Starr: Ha! Right!

Shawn Wright: Hey! He's alive!

Jake Starr: I have been!

Roeper Hart: You've been silent babe!

Jake Starr: I was just seeing how far Shawn would take it... I was hoping for him to stick his foot square in his mouth, and then call Roxie and let her know!

Shawn Wright: You're an ass!

Jake Starr: Well there's your "no-s#it" comment of the day!

Shawn Wright: So why the silence?

Jake Starr: Honestly?

Shawn Wright: No lie to me!

Jake Starr: I'm terrified!

Roeper Hart: Really?!

Jake Starr: Ha! No... He said to lie...

Roeper Hart: Oh!

Jake Starr: Seriously though... I'm just relaxing! I'm not worried, not terrified, not nervous, not really anything. I am kind of curious about what these people may ask.

Shawn Wright: I doubt it'll be anything crazy...

Jake Starr: Neither do I... But you know how it goes having no clue what to expect!

Shawn Wright: Yeah... Been there!

The trio roll up on the entrance to the venue where Jake is to enter. Outside the door to the venue stands the coordinator who is in charge of making sure everything goes off properly. He sees the group pull up and approaches the vehicle as they park and begin to get out.

Coordinator: Oh great you guys made it!

Jake Starr: Oh yeah! Thanks for helping get this all setup... I really appreciate it.

Coordinator: My pleasure! Is there anything you need for me to get you?

Jake Starr: Not at all! I'm not that important ha ha... I just know none of us would have been able to set this up on our own.

Coordinator: Well we're glad we could help!

Shawn Wright: So how is this all going to work?

Roeper Hart: Yeah... Do we have any formal procedure that we need to follow, or is it a free-for-all?

Coordinator: It can be however you guys want!

Jake Starr: I just have a few statements about my match I want to have chances to say. Outside of that whatever is fine!

Coordinator: Did you want to make one of those as kind of an "opening" type statement?

Jake Starr: Works for me!

Coordinator: Any specific amount of questions?

Shawn Wright: Eighty three!

The coordinator looks at Shawn with a shocked look on his face.

Roeper Hart: Oh good God!

Jake Starr: Ignore him... That's what I do half of the time!

Roeper Hart: Yeah... He can be a dick sometimes!

Coordinator: Oh OK! So is there a cap on questions?

Jake Starr: I'm not picky! Whenever it kind of seems like I have nothing left to say, we'll call it good!

Coordinator: Alright! Well then let's go inside and get everything going!

Jake Starr: Sounds like a plan to me!

Shawn chimes in again.

Shawn Wright: What about eighty two?

Everyone stops and turns towards Shawn. Jake looks at his friend with the proverbial "what the f_ck" look.

Shawn Wright: What?!

Jake and Roeper follow the coordinator into the venue. Shawn realizes he is being left behind and quickly runs in behind the group. As they walk through this venue, they come up behind the make-shift stage guarded from the media by a curtain.

Coordinator: OK let me go out there and let everyone know the format and you're here!

Jake Starr: Works for me!

The coordinator walks around the curtain. The camera view shifts behind the media and gives a full-frontal view of the aforementioned press conference stage. The coordinator approaches the microphone setup for Jake and addresses the media.

Coordinator: Thank you all for coming today! What we're going to do is have Jake make an opening statement regarding Out of Control, then we'll opening it up for questioning. He said there isn't any limit on questioning...

From behind the curtain, Shawn exclaims...


The media begins to chuckle hearing Shawn's exclamation from the back.

Coordinator: Anyway... He said he had some other prepared comments he wanted to state sometime too. So... Without any further adieu, accompanied by his wife Roeper, and friend Shawn Wright, the long-time leader of the Social Misfits, and current Adrenaline Champion of Supreme Championship Wrestling, Jake Starr!

The media outlets covering the event begin to roll tape or go live, as well as take still photos of the group walking out. Jake is first to come out from behind the stage, followed closely by his compatriots. Jake approaches the mic as the media records and documents virtually every move he makes. As Jake reaches the mic, Roeper and Shawn flank the Adrenaline Champion on both sides, and slightly behind him. Jake grins and nods to the crowd, acknowledging and non-verbally thanking them for attending. As the flash bulbs slowly come to a low murmur, Jake begins his opening statement towards Justin Davis, regarding their match at Out of Control.

Jake Starr: Justin Davis... The days are numbered until we meet inside the ring. For being someone who was gutsy enough to step out of the shadows and PERSONALLY call me out, you sure have remained rather silent about our little upcoming encounter. I can honestly say, I am shocked, and most importantly, disappointed. I was hoping to have heard your inane and retarded comments by now. Oh well... I guess you're following in the footsteps of everyone else I have faced in SCW. I can't that I blame you. Just like everyone else, you're scared s#itless. You can't even put a coherent thought together because you're so terrified about embarrassing yourself. Again, I can't say as I blame you. I'd be terrified too if I were staring down someone I knew, deep down, I stood no chance in hell of beating. I can sense it in the air. You're worried you're going to be decimated at Out of Control. You're worried that this title shot of yours is going to prove that you're undeserving of a title shot at my crown. Mr. Drachewych did you a favor by giving you this chance. Me saying he made the wrong decision doesn't mean much, but when you can't even pull off a victory, you're going to be the one who ultimately looks foolish. Face it Davis, this championship means a lot to me, and defending it means even more. It may not be my ultimate goal, but I am not going to disrespect this belt because it isn't where I will end up being. I will end up atop the SCW rankings, and hold the prestigious SCW World Championship. You, my friend, are ANOTHER mere stepping stone in my quest to be the best.

Jake continues his opening statement towards Davis.

Jake Starr: Davis, don't think I am underestimating you. I know you have a record here, and regardless of the fact you have an inability to DEFEND a championship, you did win one. That tells me that you do have some skills at getting to an apex in your career. Your problem is staying atop said apex. You seemingly reach a summit, and then decide, "Hey, now that I'm here, let's take a leap off the edge now!" Your inability to sustain a singles championship reign says a lot. You're solid, but don't have the maturity to hold onto a belt. I know I have pointed this out to you before, but trust me, it is worth repeating... I also can't stress how much it calls your abilities into question. Trust me kid... You may come into this match with the thought that your experience in SCW gives you an edge against me. Just because you have tenure in THIS organization, doesn't give you tenure in a career. It doesn't give you the knowledge you garner over a long career. That's why I have steam-rolled every opponent I have stepped into the ring against, and that's why it will continue. I don't need tenure in one place to legitimize my career. My record, my accomplishments, and my skills have taken care of that for me. I know that in your mind, you're already the new Adrenaline Champion. In your mind, Out of Control has already taken place, and you reigned supreme. Well, for your performance in your head, congratulations. This is the only congratulations you'll be receiving for what happens at Out of Control.

Jake scans around the room, and sees everyone still looking directly at him.

Jake Starr: Now with that part said, let me get some questions from you guys... And honestly they can be about anything! I can probably come up with a useful answer to pretty much anything you fire at me! Let's start here...

Jake points at one of the reporters in the front row. The man rises and directs the first question to Jake.

Reporter #1: Jake... It is obvious you are confident going into this match at Out of Control. What would a successful title defense mean to you personally considering you're on your "comback tour?"

Jake Starr: A successful defense would mean a lot, honestly. It has been years since I have walked into an arena with a championship. The last time that happened, the owner of the place and I had some choice words for each other, and I ended up getting fired and stripped of my belt in the same night I defended it. So beating Davis will be a big boost to my return to this business, and it will ultimately give me the proof I need, in my mind, to confirm that I made the right decision.

Reporter #1: OK! Thanks for taking my question!

Jake Starr: No problem...

Jake scans the audience and picks a woman in the back to ask the next question.

Jake Starr: How about you...

Reporter #2: Thanks Jake... Over the past couple of weeks you have had obvious issues coping with the thought of Mr. Drachewych's "favor." Is that still an issue to you?

Jake Starr: To put it simply... No! Thanks to talking to these two behind me, my nephew Thˆren Holt, and most importantly, my father, I have really come to grips with these mental games Drachewych is playing. I'm not letting it get to me mentally anymore. Ultimately if he's going to try and play this game with me, he's not going to like the results!

The same reporter raises her hand to catch Jake's attention. He notices and lets her reply.

Reporter #2: May I ask a follow up?

Jake Starr: Sure!

Reporter #2: Can you elaborate on that last little bit of your statement?

Jake Starr: Sure... Drachewych, I can almost guarantee, is planning on using me as some kind of pawn in his little game of cat and mouse as he struggles for power against guys like Cherry and CHBK. If he tries to pull me into it, I am liable to make sure both sides are completely f_cked over, and proceed to point and laugh at them. I have said it time and time again... I am here to be the best in Supreme Championship Wrestling. Not one of... THE!

Reporter #2: Thanks again Jake!

Jake Starr: That's why I'm here!

As Jake scans the room, Shawn can't help himself but interjecting.

Shawn Wright: Alright folks... Ninety four questions left!

Roeper Hart: My God does the number ever stay the same?

Shawn Wright: What do you mean?

Jake Starr: The number keeps going up dummy!

Shawn Wright: Oh... FOURTY TWO!

Roeper does her best impression of Leroy Jethro Gibbs from the critically-acclaimed, CBS hit show NCIS, and smacks Shawn upside his head.

Shawn Wright: OW!

Another chuckle is scattered amongst the media, and this time Jake even chuckles a little.

Jake Starr: See what I deal with at home?!

The media goes into a defined laughter with Jake's little comment about his wife. In turn she smacks him upside his head too. Jake continues to chuckle even after she gets him. With a grin on his face he sees another reporter with a question for him.

Jake Starr: Alright your turn!

Reporter #3: You mentioned your father being influential on you with regards to the mind games, what all has he done to really help prepare you for this business?

Jake Starr: He's done a lot actually... Growing up in a wrestling family, we all saw the pros and cons that the business had to offer us. Ultimately he made sure we knew what the upsides were, and made especially sure we understood the downsides. He wanted to make sure we knew what was out there before we decided to enter into professional wrestling.

As Jake finishes that answer he scans the audience one more time.

Jake Starr: Alright one more, and I think that'll do for this one. We have to catch a flight out of here. So... How about you...

Reporter #4: I thought there were eighty-plus questions to go?

Jake Starr: He was kidding! Thank you all for coming!

Jake jokingly begins to walk off stage. As he almost is gone he quickly comes back to the microphone.

Jake Starr: I'm sorry I couldn't resist. Go ahead!

Reporter #4: There has been talk you may be entering the God of Wrestling Tournament? Is there any truth to that?

Jake Starr: I can confirm I have tossed my name out there as an entrant to represent Supreme Championship Wrestling. All I can say thus far is that I hope to represent SCW well, and end up with the title "God of Wrestling!"

As Jake finishes his response to that last question, the members of the media begin to pack up their belongings. Jake decides to speak some more.

Jake Starr: Since that question took up no time... I have a little "concluding statement" regarding Justin Davis...

The members of the media quickly begin to unpack everything again to capture the closing statement.

Jake Starr: Davis... I have to ask this... How old of a fella are you? I mean you can't be very old. Why do I say that? It's simple! You parade around the SCW locker room like you own the place, and the whole time you play dress up like a little child! What do I mean by dress up? Well have you not heard my biggest complaint about you? You are a pretend champion. You're a PRETEND wrestler. But you know what... It's OK! It really is OK to live in a fantasy world like that. Hell psychologists agree it is. Psychologists believe that it is healthy to have a "fantasy" world to let your mind wonder to. They DON'T, however, think it is healthy to actually begin to believe that this fantasy world is reality, and beginning to live by it. You see Davis, your fantasy is my reality. I don't go around pretending to be a talented superstar in a big federation. I don't go around impersonating a champion. I don't go around claiming to be someone deserving of opportunities. Instead, I go around earning my keep. I earned this belt. I earned these chances I have received. If I were like you... I would be walking up to Mr. Drachewych and demanding a chance for the World Heavyweight Championship. Instead, I have to move my way up the ladder like everyone else. I don't expect to be handed things. When you came out on Breakdown and just declared that you were going to be challenging me for my title, that is exactly how you acted. You acted like you are entitled. Guess what... You're not entitled to s#it. At the most... You're entitled to receive an ass kicking courtesy of a TRUE champion. You're deserving of being treated like the little piece of garbage that you are.

The media sits and stares at Jake, as he stands and stares right back at them. There is a quiet within the venue as the media sits patiently hoping to hear more. So to ensure he doesn't disappoint anyone, Jake concludes his press conference with one last statement.

Jake Starr: You ever hear that phrase, "silence is deafening?" I swear it applies to pretty much everyone I ever face in Supreme Championship Wrestling. It seemingly is appropriate for you too Justin. I mean, you are no where to be found. You haven't said word-one about our match. You've only showed up at Breakdown. It actually reminded me of Dick Cheney during his reign of "terror" as Vice President. You know what I mean don't you? The media is all focused on one event, so you run out there say a grand total of twenty words, then the minute the cameras turn off, you're high tailing it back to some secret place so you can hide. You're the equivalent of the "Whoopie Man" from Mortal Kombat. I'm just curious who threw the damn uppercut to make your little head pop out of the corner of the screen. Although... Truth be told, I could be very wrong about you. You very well may have a very valid reason for being a little recluse. Maybe you're too busy spit-shining Asher Hayes's testes to come out and speak. Or did you take part in the retarded teabagging episode, that Fox News and Rush Lim-bore decided to throw together, and not realize it was only supposed to last ONE DAY! Damn have you had them in your mouth that long? I bet they look like your fingers when you've been in a swimming pool too long. Please tell me you're going to take them out before Out of Control? I wouldn't want you to come out there and have him dribbling little cumsies all over the ring, or me for that matter. I realize you're just "supporting" him and what he does, but I don't know if I could live with myself if I kicked you in the jaw and castrated your little "sweetie pie." I just want to destroy your ego, not cause him to not be able to share sexual relations with you, and thusly shatter your heart.

The members of the media chuckle with Jake's finishing remarks. Also with those words, Jake and his fellow "Misfits" begin exit the stage. Jake poses with his Adrenaline Championship briefly for the members of the media to capture some still photos of. Once he is done, he completely disappears behind the curtain. The camera view shifts backstage, once again, and Jake is seen thanking the coordinator for his assistance in getting the press conference together. As the trio exit the building towards their vehicle, the coordinator rushes on stage to thank the media and debrief them on what will follow Jake's remarks. Jake, Roeper and Shawn get to their vehicle, and drive off towards the airport to catch their flight out. Will Davis step up and respond to his opponent? Or will the silence continue to define most of Jake's opposition in Supreme Championship Wrestling?

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