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Reborn - re-born

Definition... Emotionally or spiritually revived or regenerated.

The term "reborn" is often associated with the world of religion, as in refering to "born-again Christians."

Outside of religion, the term "reborn" can refer to many other aspects of the world, but namely, careers.

In the past 12 months, many careers have already been "reborn." It, arguably, began with Robert Downey, Jr. in "Iron Man." He was able to put his troubled, personal, past behind him, and revive his entire acting career in one movie. As time progressed, Sean Penn had his acting career "reborn" in "Milk."

Then, it was time for the "rebirth" of a star in a slightly different type of field. It still involved an actor bringing his career back to life with one single role. The movie, "The Wrestler," introduced Mickey Rourke as Randy "The Ram" Robinson, a fledging professional wrestler looking to bring his career back to the forefront of the wrestling business, culminating in the epic match between "The Ram" and "The Ayatollah."

It was this simple plot, that motivated the next "rebirth" of the past 12 months.

This one, however, doesn't involve movies. It doesn't involve an actor having to emerse himself in a role to draw in dollars to a box office.

Instead, it involves the business that "The Ram" couldn't lose his passion for, professional wrestling, and a man who desires to return to the greatness of his prime.

This could relate to the lives of many in the world today. Many people have their careers seemingly move on without them knowing, and strive to once again achieve the greatness they once had.

It's a new beginning within the walls of Supreme Championship Wrestling. On Friday's edition of Breakdown, Jake Starr came out of, what many assumed was, retirement. His presence was felt by SCW Supreme Champion, Shawn Winters, as Starr stepped forward and made it clear his intentions to make a run at the champion in due time. For now, he gets to begin that question at the next edition of Breakdown. Eric Anderson has been designated as the first opponent to be thrown at the feet of the man seeking to bring his career back from the dead. Anderson, another relative newcomer to the SCW scene, is seeking to raise his stock in the rankings as well. Jake looks to start his career in the SCW off right in his match with Anderson as he is seen in a gym training with long time friend Shawn Wright. Since Jake's decision to return the two have been continually in the gym making sure Jake is ready to step up and return to the ring.

Shawn Wright: I'd say you're close to being ready my friend.

Jake Starr: Good. This is something I have wanted to for some time. The urges to return to the ring finally became too much for me to stand.

Shawn Wright: I was there once...

Jake Starr: How did you get over it?

Shawn Wright: I realized my moment in the limelight was over. Roxie and I decided to start a family and try and settle life down. Besides, if I hadn't I wouldn't be here now would I?

Jake Starr: Probably not!

Shawn Wright: Truthfully I am shocked it took you you this long to decide to come back...

Jake Starr: Well, for a little while I was helping my nephew Thören while he began his career. I figured since my time had passed, I might as well stand by him as his began. I honestly thought that would help suffice, but honestly, it just helped make that void grow even bigger.

Shawn Wright: I can imagine...

Jake Starr: You think this is a good decision?

Shawn Wright: I don't see why it wouldn't be. You were never really happy about your career just hitting a brick wall and seemingly ending.

Jake Starr: Yeah. I was in the "I guess I don't belong" boat.

Shawn Wright: It happens.. What did the wife think when you told her you were coming back?

Jake Starr: First off, she laughed. She thought I was kidding, or maybe even just insane to think I could get back in shape and return. Then when I mentioned it would be in SCW, she got nervous...

Shawn Wright: Why nervous?

Jake Starr: SCW is definitely the big time bro. You know that! The last couple of places I thought would be my big "comeback" ended up being these half-ass, pieces of s#it federations, that simply couldn't handle such complex personalities as Kold Killa, Bane, and myself. We came in, showed our dominance, and they subsequently decided to s#it the bricks.

Shawn Wright: SCW is huge for you man. With the way you made your "debut," the entire roster has their eyes focused on you...

Jake Starr: It was also pretty ballsy for Winters to insult my family. Yeah for a while I wanted to be out from under my family's shadow. Why else would I have shaved my head and taken the name "Justin Halesz" to wrestle as? But now, I have embraced who my family is. I know it is up to me to make my legacy.

Shawn Wright: You already have a pretty stellar legacy right now bro.

Jake Starr: Yeah I know... But it is time to cement it as one of the best in history.

The two return to working out. Shawn decides the two need to work on grinding the ring rust out of his body. They leave the room with the basic workout equipment for the room with the sparring ring in the back. The scene shifts into the room with the ring as they walk in, a local independent wrestler is standing in the ring preparing to help Jake work out the kinks in his game. The conversation between the two continue as they walk towards the ring.

Jake Starr: ... I do honestly feel bad for Eric Anderson.

Shawn Wright: I think everyone will once they see you're back for sure.

Jake Starr: I mean, he is another upstart here in SCW, and you know he wants to impress everyone so he can move up the rankings. It is just too bad he was given the title of "first victim" to my goal.

Shawn Wright: No kidding!

Jake Starr: But you can't deny it has to be someone. Sadly it has to be him.

Shawn Wright: What do you know about him?

Jake Starr: Honestly not much. Nor do I particularly care. He is someone who is relatively new to SCW, from what I can tell, and so he and I enter as relative equals.

Shawn Wright: Well that's a good thing I suppose.

Jake Starr: Yeah, most likely. It is common knowledge that I'll have the advantage in the experience department. And the fact he doesn't know much, if anything, about me, will be a strike against him. He's entering thinking he can use me as some stepping stone to ascend the rankings, and instead, he is going to fall hard while I begin my climb towards embarrassing Winters.

Shawn Wright: Just don't get too cocky too quickly... I have made that mistake before, and trust me, it is something you don't live down.

Jake Starr: You don't have to worry about that my friend. I know that this is my first match back in a long time. I know he is going to pressure me to make mistakes. It is not going to happen though. SCW is in dire need of new blood, and a new direction. That is why I am here.

As they reach the ring, Jake climbs into the ring with the local wrestler.

Shawn Wright: Jake, tonight I got this guy to really work you from a technically sound ground perspective. This guy has an extensive collegiate wrestling background with the University of Iowa. He has agreed to basically just try and outwrestle you to the best of his abilities.

Jake Starr: That works...

Shawn stands at ringside and rings a bell positioned next to him. The wrestler quickly shoots in at Jakes legs, but is stuffed on the takedown. The camera watches as the two continue to grapple back and forth, until Jake catches his opponent with a quick hip toss, and is given a subsequent pinfall. The local wrestler slaps the mat in disappointment and shakes Jake's hand. Jake retreats to his corner stool and grabs his water. From the outside of the ring, Shawn comes back into the picture.

Jake Starr: Well I'd say that went well.

Shawn Wright: Yeah. At least you remember how to grapple. If you start to suck it up against Anderson, maybe you can get him to wrestle a "points system" based match instead ha ha...

Jake Starr: Oh shut up!

Shawn Wright: What?!

Jake Starr: Hell I could have turned this into my kind of match. I could have taken him to school!

Shawn Wright: Dude... We all know that! I am just giving you s#it. I just set this up to help you with your technical ground game. A little polish never hurts!

Jake Starr: I know... You know as well as I do that I have been antsy as hell about getting back into the ring. I am just...

Shawn Wright: A basket case because you're not there yet?

Jake Starr: I was going to say something along the lines of "more than ready."

Shawn Wright: Close enough!

Jake takes a towel from his corner and wipes the sweat from his face and neck.

Jake Starr: You realize that there's one thing I haven't gotten to practice yet...

Shawn Wright: Diddling yourself with another man in the room?

Jake Starr: What?!

Shawn Wright: Well I'm sure you haven't gotten the practice in that yet have you?

Jake Starr: Well... No... But...

Shawn Wright: See!

Jake Starr: Dammit!

Shawn Wright: Ha! Anyway, what?

Jake Starr: This...

The camera moves to a more direct shot of the new SCW superstar. His head slowly turns from facing his friend, to looking deep into the lens of the camera. A cocky smirk comes across his face and he begins to speak once again.

Jake Starr: Supreme Championship Wrestling is now the home of a revolution. Everyone was seemingly getting comfortable with the "usual suspects" running around the locker room, the shows, everywhere. Now, the new blood has arrived.

Many people may, or may not, know who I am. That, ultimately, will become an irrelevant fact in due time. It due time, everyone will realize who Jake Starr is, was, and will forever be. I am prepared to make sure that the SCW evolves into a new being, and it begins this week at Breakdown. Eric Anderson, I don't know you personally or professionally. I have gone back and seen some of what you have had to offer SCW since you have come here, and ultimately, I don't see anything impressive. I see you as a mere stepping stone in my path to Shawn Winters, and the SCW Supreme Championship. It is unfortunate for you to say the least.

Jake takes another swig of his water.

Jake Starr: Quite frankly, I am happy you were sent out as the first piece of garbage for me to walk through. You are merely someone to be put in a match against me for my first victory. I mean think about it. Who are you? Honestly what have you honestly ever done in this business? Whatever you may look at as "something" you have accomplished, is nothing compared to me. Know of me or not, I could care less. I have been in places that would eat you alive, and force you to fall into the category of jobber. You'd be the beating post for everyone, hence why you have never done anything in your entire life. I, on the other hand, have won countless championships. I have been forced to evolve my game and my career as I began to step into organizations that I, initially, wasn't cutout for. I was forced to become better and more talented. Sadly, if you are hoping to have the same evolution, it won't begin or continue at Breakdown. At Breakdown, you can expect to lose, lose quickly, and lose decisively.

Shawn Wright: You know he'll dispute that one..

Jake Starr: He can dispute it all he wants. Once the match is over he'll understand why he isn't even in my league.

Shawn Wright: Dude you and I both know there are very few people who would even be classified close to our league.

Jake Starr: Very true! Eric, no matter what you may want to believe regarding Breakdown, your chances of winning linger between slim and none. The reason slim even exists is because any day of the week death could come knocking on my door, I wouldn't be able to show up, and thus be forfeiting the match. But should I show up, then slim leaves the room and you're stuck with a blemish on your record courtesy of Jake Starr. You're nothing compared to me. I could have been out of the game for a millennia, and still come back and schooled you in the ways of wrestling.

Shawn Wright: You saw his last match right?

Jake Starr: Should I have?

Shawn Wright: Jesus son, you were at Breakdown. I would assume you would pay some attention to the card.

Jake Starr: You know, as well as I do, that my focus was solely on making sure that Winters knew I was gunning for him. Had I known Anderson would be thrown in path, I might have actually given him some credit and paid attention to him. But since I didn't know that, I treated him like he deserves to be treated. He is a completely irrelevant and a mere stepping stone.

Shawn Wright: Well in case you care, he did lose...

Jake Starr: Oh? Well there's a shocker...

Shawn Wright: No kidding!

Jake Starr: To anyone who matters?

Shawn Wright: Some guy named Logan, or "The Voice" or something...

Jake Starr: Wolverine?!

Shawn Wright: I bet he wishes!

Jake Starr: I'd be legitimately scared of him that's for sure!

Shawn Wright: We all would be!

Jake Starr: But it sounds like ultimately it was a nobody versus nobody match.

Shawn Wright: Ultimately you didn't miss much, but Anderson looked soft. Here's a quick video from it.

Shawn pulls out his smartphone and logs in to the world wide web. He navigates to one of the many video repositories, and shows Jake the video of Eric's match from last weeks Breakdown event. Jake seemingly is amused by the match, and as it concludes he continues to conversation regarding his opponent.

Jake Starr: That's the guy I'm returning against?!

Shawn Wright: I figured seeing that might intrigue you some.

Jake Starr: That's the guy I'm returning against?!

Shawn Wright: Again, yes....

Jake Starr: That's the guy...

Jake is quickly interrupted by Shawn.

Shawn Wright: We get it!

Jake Starr: Oh ok!

Shawn Wright: Good lord...

Jake returns to speaking out at his opponent at Breakdown.

Jake Starr: After seeing what I just saw, I am even more ready to embarrass you at Breakdown, Eric. You inevitably proved that you don't belong in a place of this caliber. You lost to a guy who, to put it mildly, was able to dupe you with mediocre mind games. I would have actually given you some credit against that fool. Instead, you lose? To that caliber on top of that? What kind of excuse do you even have for that? You're supposed to be stepping up and becoming a better wrestler, upping your stock, making everyone actually believe you have some talent in that shell of yours. Wow, I'm embarrassed for you that's for sure. Nevertheless, you will be suffering yet another defeat at the hands of a "newcomer" to SCW. I am a far superior than you, and I will demonstrate that at Breakdown.

As for the rest of Supreme Championship Wrestling, listen very carefully, the era of the new blood is upon you. Gone are the days where everyone is comfortable in their role, and used to the same old faces week after week. Quite frankly, looking at the supposed "talent" that is headed up by Shawn Winters, is depressing. For a place with such an illustrious history and such strong base, you would think the people here might give a damn a little more. I am here to, not only climb my way to the top, I am here to be the new face of SCW. I am here to give SCW something to, once again, be proud of, and eliminate the garbage that has infected this place. You're looking at a new evolution and a new beginning to everything that once was. The official "Social Misfit" of the wrestling business is here, and nobody, and I will prove NOBODY will stop me.

Shawn Wright: BOO YAH!

Jake Starr: You're such a dumbass sometimes!

Shawn Wright: Oh I know... But it adds that comedic factor to it.

Jake Starr: Don't you think I do that well enough myself?

Shawn Wright: Well... Yeah... But extra comedy always is good!

Jake Starr: Good point... Now... What's next?

Shawn Wright: Your wife is meeting us for sushi, so get ready!

Jake Starr: Nice...

Jake climbs out of the ring and walks towards the showers. Shawn starts to clean up the ring of the items he and the independent wrestler had brought in for the practice session. As Jake emerges from the showers he is clothed in his street clothes, and the two are seen exiting the gym together. They head for the sushi bar where Jake's wife is meeting them for dinner. As the time for Breakdown draws nearer, the SCW in-ring debut of Jake Starr subsequently draws nearer as well. Will he be able to backup his talk against Eric Anderson, or will his rust from being out of the business nearly 4 years be too much for him to overcome, and his return to wrestling be cut short?

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