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After last Wednesday's destruction of The Captain and Eric Badger, Andrew Foley has scheduled a match between Andrew Flash, The Young One, and Cody Carson against the premier group in the RWA, the "Social Misfits". Nobody is really sure why Andrew Foley scheduled a match like this. It is understandable that the "Social Misfits" need to be stopped before they cause too much havoc, but why Andrew Flash, The Young One, and Cody Carson? Andrew Flash is a big enemy of the RWA Tag Team Champions... And yet he is being forced to team with them against the "Social Misfits"? Many people, including the "Misfits" are scratching their head. Another thing people are wondering is why the “Misfits” didn’t get more involved in the main event last Wednesday. Many fans of these guys have said they were uncharacteristically quiet. Did something else happen backstage that fans weren't made aware of? It is no question that Jake Starr is out to get the World Champion, no matter WHO it may be. So what will the "Misfits" do from here? These kinds of questions are ones that need to be answered as soon as possible. They hopefully will be answered before the day is over.

As the camera fades in, the outer face of the, newly acquired "SMF Headquarters," is seen. The camera walks towards the front door and looks at the directory in the front lobby. The very top floor of the building is shown to house the penthouse suite of "Social Misfits" member, Jake Starr. The camera quickly turns and heads for the elevator. As the camera reaches the elevator, it joins a group of people getting in the elevator. The number 45 is depressed so that it illuminates and begins to ascend to that floor. On the way up, the other people who got on the elevator depart on various floors. As the elevator reaches the 45th floor and the doors open, Bane is seen walking right in front of the elevator doors. Bane ignores the camera and continues to walk into the main living area of Jake Starr's penthouse suite. As Bane enters the living area, Jake Starr and Kold Killa are seen. As everyone gets comfortable in the same room, Jake starts pacing obviously not in a happy mood. He begins the conversation among the group.

Jake Starr: What in the HELL happened?

Bane: I'm wondering the same thing!

Jake Starr: We were locked in our dressing rooms, guarded by police, and not allowed to leave until "Big Bad" Andrew Foley's little idea for the pay per view could be completed.

Kold Killa: That is total B.S. if you ask me!

Jake Starr: You know why he did this right?

Kold Killa: To kill whitey?

Jake Starr: Not now Killa...

Bane: Why bro?

Jake Starr: To try and low-ball us. He is AFRAID of putting us in the spotlight. Why else would he sign a match for next week between us, The Social Misfits, and three pieces of monkey dung whom we have no connection with?

Kold Killa: Who were they again?

Jake Starr: Umm... Andrew Flash, The Young One, and Cody Carson...

Bane: Can I reiterate Killa's question of... Who are they?

Jake Starr: I must agree with you there. I mean seriously... Putting three guys, whom we've never even expressed interest in doing any kind of battle or business with, against us? It's unadulterated LOW-BALLING!

Kold Killa: Better than blue balling!

Bane: Now Killa has a point...

The camera looks down and sees Kold Killa "pitching a slight tent". Jake notices it too and quickly becomes disgusted.

Jake Starr: Yeah and I don't particularly want to see it... Go whack off in the bathroom then come back when you're deflated!

Kold Killa: Shut up...! I'll be back!

Kold Killa leaves the room, and is assumed to be heading for the bathroom.

Jake Starr: I'm serious though... Andrew Foley KNEW I wanted to lead us out there and bitch-slap that useless excuse for a champion, Shawn Walsh, back to his mother's womb back in Florida.

Bane: And he then decides it's a good idea to protect his little investment, and keep us from leaving the locker room.

Jake Starr: Just goes to show you how much people fear us... And the extremes they'll go in order to TRY and prevent us from beating everyone, and taking everything!

Kold Killa comes back into the room grinning from ear to ear.

Kold Killa: Ahhh! Much better!

Jake Starr: Damn "Speed Racer"... I hope you don't sprint when you're with the ladies.

Kold Killa: Shut up Jake!

Bane: He has a point Killa... As that song by Gillette went, "They don't want no one-minute man!".

Kold Killa: Guys I went and took a sh!t!

Jake Starr: Yeah... And pigs did somersaults out of my ass!

Kold Killa: Really?! Let me see!

Jake Starr: Son... You get anywhere near my ass I'm going to bitch-slap the white off of you and turn you black!

Bane: OUCH!

Kold Killa: Good insult Jake... I honestly admit that one got me!

Bane, being the older brother, quickly shifts the conversation back to the original topic of conversation.

Bane: Anyway bro... Back to Foley restraining us...

Jake Starr: Lord that just pisses me off thinking about it. It's BLATANT that they're holding us back.

Bane: Well honestly think about this bro...

Jake Starr: MMM kay?

Bane: How long has ANYONE been able to restrain us from ANYTHING we want?

Kold Killa: Now... I can honestly say this Jake... Bane has a point!

Jake Starr: Yeah... True...

Bane: Bro... Andrew Foley knows that once we start taking title belts, we'll never let them go!

Jake Starr: I don't think there is a single soul in the RWA that doesn't understand that.

Kold Killa: I agree with you there! If any of these guys here in RWA think that they could beat us and take what we get, they're bigger idiots than I bet any of us thought.

Jake Starr: I'll make sure, whenever I cut another promo, that I give Andrew Foley a piece of my mind!

Kold Killa: Poor guy!

Jake Starr: Oh... He'll wish he had NEVER tried to dick me over when I get through giving him a verbal thrashing.

Bane: Now THAT I can't wait for!

Jake Starr: I do have a successful knack for telling the "suits" off...

Kold Killa: I've heard it!

Jake shifts the topic again... This time he moves the topic towards the thought of their match on Wednesday.

Jake Starr: You know what else just pisses me off?

Kold Killa: Girls who don't swallow?

Jake shakes his head and smirks at Kold Killa's comments.

Jake Starr: You've been hanging around me WAY too long!

Kold Killa: Why do you say that?

Jake Starr: Because you're picking up comments I would have made!

Kold Killa: I'm assuming that's a good thing...

Jake Starr: As long as you don't try and steal my role as the comedian of the group!

Kold Killa: Nah... Don't worry!

Again Jake moves the topic towards the match on Wednesday.

Jake Starr: Now back to what pisses me off...

Bane: What bro?

Jake Starr: The fact that I adamantly express my DISPISE of tag matches. I hate them! And what does Foley do? He decides to continually book us in matches that are basically against our will.

Bane: But bro... These matches should help our credibility here...

Jake Starr: All they'll do is show we can dominate as a team. It really doesn't do much for our singles careers...

Kold Killa: But what I think Bane is saying... These matches to start off with will help others realize we mean business!

Jake Starr: I still despise tag team contests!

Bane: We understand bro!

Jake Starr: But that doesn't mean I'm not going to participate... It just means I'll want to beat the living crap out of someone before the night's over!

Bane: Then do it!

Kold Killa: You think we're going to stand in your way?

Jake Starr: I'd sure as hell hope not!

Bane: One thing I look at bro is this... Foley is making a HUGE mistake sending the guys after us that he is...

Jake Starr: Why do you say that?

Bane: Because... These are the premier guys in these divisions. He's sending his best to try and stop us before we run over EVERYONE.

Jake Starr: I guess...

In the middle of this conversation, Jake's cell phone rings. The two other members of the "Misfits" look at Jake wondering who it could be. Jake walks over to his cell phone and answers it. The voice on the other end can be heard by the viewers of this promo.

Jake Starr: This is Jake...

Voice: Hey Jake it's me...

Jake Starr: What's up man?

Voice: Not much... I should be on my way shortly...

Jake Starr: Have you gotten your acceptance letter yet?

Voice: No... But I figure with your influence, it shouldn't be too hard.

Jake Starr: That's true...

Voice: So what else is happening there?

Jake Starr: Oh... Andrew Foley is dicking us over again.

Voice: How so?

Jake Starr: He locked us in our dressing room with the fuzz standing outside our door...

Voice: And why in the f_ck did he do that?

Jake Starr: To keep us from screwing up what HE wanted to happen.

Voice: You're kidding me?!

Jake Starr: Nope... He wants to make sure I don't get a hold of his precious World Champion.

Voice: He knows that Walsh wouldn't be able to match you.

Jake Starr: No joke... Walsh isn't good enough to even eat the sh!t that comes out of my @$$!

Voice: You'll get his @$$ eventually...

Jake Starr: Oh don't worry... I know I will!

Voice: Well man, I'm going to take off... I just wanted to give you a shout to make sure everything is on track...

Jake Starr: Alright man... Talk to you later man...

Voice: You too... Later!

Jake Starr: Peace!

Jake hangs his phone up and returns to his partners. They look up at him, confused as they only heard half of the conversation.

Bane: Jake who was that?!

Jake Starr: Remember what I told you about a possible "expansion".

Bane: Yeah...

Kold Killa: What?!

Jake Starr: Well that was the "expansion" on the phone.

Bane: Are you serious?!

Kold Killa: What? Who?

Jake Starr: Killa... We'll explain later! But yeah... It was him...

Bane: I was wondering what in the hell had happened to him...

Jake Starr: Now it's just due time... Just due time!

Jake turns the topic back to their match on Wednesday...

Jake Starr: Anyway... Don't worry about that now Killa... We have more important things to worry about.

Bane: He's right man... We MUST make an example of these three punks...

Jake Starr: Hopefully once we make an example of these three jerk offs, we'll be able to get the SINGLES respect we deserve.

Kold Killa: Sounds good to me!

Bane gets an idea...

Bane: Bro...

Jake Starr: Yes sir?

Bane: I had an idea...

Jake Starr: Did it hurt?

Bane: Don't make me beat your @$$!

Kold Killa: Ha ha!

Bane: Anyway... I think it's time you give these two guys a piece of your mind.

Jake Starr: You think?

Kold Killa: Couldn't hurt!

Jake Starr: Works for me...

Kold Killa: YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Jake Starr: Sometimes I'm not sure about you Killa...

Kold Killa: That makes two of us...

Jake just looks at Kold Killa with a blank stare. He shakes his head and smirks. He sits down in his chair and motions for the camera to get in front of the bunch. The two other members of the SMF team stand behind the sitting Jake Starr. Jake looks back at each, making sure they're both ready for him to speak. Both give Jake the "go ahead" to begin his banter. Jake looks at the camera and begins...

Jake Starr: First off... Let me begin with you Andrew Foley. You seem to be the man who calls all of the shots around the RWA, and you also seem to have your own agenda for the RWA too. You have us BARACADED into our dressing rooms so you could have YOUR WAY on the show. It didn't matter what anyone else had planned... It is ALL ABOUT ANDREW FOLEY. Am I right?

Bane: I'd say so!

Jake Starr: You have NO REGARD for those others who may want to have a say in things. But you know what... Listen VERY carefully to what I have to say Foley... Whether YOU LIKE IT OR NOT... The Social Misfits WILL have an impact at Resurrection. We WILL make sure everyone knows what OUR agenda is. And whether you like it or not is irrelevant. You will NOT be able to slow us down again. I personally do not give a DAMN about your agenda anymore. At Resurrection, it will be the dawning of a new day for the RWA. We are NOT going to be treated like you treated us last Wednesday EVER AGAIN! You thought it was a good idea, so that you could have your way. But now your way is OVER. The counter-culture is going to rise to power. Everyone says history repeats itself... Counter-cultures always have risen to power. And we will make our OWN history when we REMAIN in power. You can send whatever half-wits you want our way. Because ONE BY ONE we will dispose of them until finally... I get to meet your precious World Champion face to face... Bane will meet your precious National Champion face to face... And Kold Killa will have his personal choice of Hardcore and Television Champion to meet face to face. You see Foley... Life is about to become a living hell for you. And the belts in the RWA are about to become property of the Social Misfits.

Kold Killa pats Jake on the shoulder, and Jake cracks his neck to both sides. He continues with his comments.

Jake Starr: Now onto our opponents for this Wednesday... Beginning with the, ever so intimidating, Tag Team Champions, The Young One and Cody Carson. Now first off... I know you two aren't that bright, so when I said you were intimidating, that was what most normal homosapiens refer to as SARCASM. Ok... Now onto more criticism of you two. First off... Why in the hell do you two even want to show up this Wednesday? What would be the point? Especially since it is inevitable that you WILL LOSE in one way, shape, or form. How do I know this? Because the odds are so stacked against you, it isn't even funny. First off... You have us three... Two of which are BLOOD relatives. You know weird blood relatives are when it comes to knowing one another inside and out. Then you have our newest "brother" Kold Killa, whom we are just as in tune with. Then secondly... You have your tag team partner, whom you both HATE! What kind of odds does that leave for the "stellar" tag team champions? Definitely not good odds. Besides... Why should WE worry about guys like YOU! You two are midcard wrestlers AT BEST! All three of us have been in the MAIN EVENT SPOTLIGHT in our careers. And this was not in some no-named place. We are the best there is today. It won't matter how you guys try and cheat, it won't work. And when we finish embarrassing you, the crowd, the guys in the locker room, the fans, everyone will realize that you guys will be MIDCARD FOR LIFE! You two will never amount to anything. Face the facts you two blow-tards... You two have no chance in hell of surviving the slaughter that awaits you.

Kold Killa: HELL YEAH!

Bane: Do we need to get you some Ritalin?

Jake Starr: No joke dude... You seem to have some sort of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder if you ask me...

Kold Killa: ... No... I consider it excitement for beating people who only perform menial tasks!

Jake Starr: Dude I'm shocked you can use such big words as "menial"...

Kold Killa: I'm older than you!

Jake Starr: Still... I'm shocked!

Bane: Killa... You're the newbie here... So you're like the baby brother of the group.

Jake Starr: So we rib on you...

Kold Killa: And I rib right back!

Jake Starr: Good! Makes everything more fun usually!

Bane: Ha ha!

Jake Starr: Oh sh!t... I still have one peon to talk about...

Jake immediately puts on a pseudo-serious face, obviously fake. He returns his view towards the camera and speaks again.

Jake Starr: Finally... I'd like to give a brief shout-out to Andrew Flash. Son... Enjoy that title reign while it lasts. Because "The Prodigal Son" Kold Killa here is planning on coming to make your life a living hell. That little piece of tin, which I know you treasure more than life itself, will soon be leaving your little waist. It will be coming our way. But that is in the VERY NEAR future... The present involves you fighting us. Well attempting to. You know, deep down inside, you won't even be able to focus on us because you're teaming with your two bitter enemies. I bet that has to just make your blood boil. You know that you're going to have to make a FEEBLE attempt at becoming a cohesive unit with two people whom you want to see beaten to a pulp. Why do I know you'll actually try? Because if you don't... You'll be an embarrassment to your title. You'll be an embarrassment to wrestling. But don't think that we won't even pay attention to you... We're going to make sure that you receive the same @$$ whooping as your teammates. We'll make sure you leave just as disheveled and embarrassed as the Tag Team Champions. You are going to be just another example of why we are going to be THE dominating force in the RWA. Since Andrew Foley is SCARED to send his beloved World Champion our way... We'll make examples of every other miscreant instead. Then he'll have NO CHOICE but to let me have a shot at the proverbial World Heavyweight Championship. So Andrew Flash... Pray to your Lord and Savior that you don't die thanks to us... Pray that you don't become a laughing stock of the wrestling world. Because once we're finished with you... It will take an act of God himself to keep you from becoming just that. The Social Misfits are on their way to Resurrection... But we plan on making a quick pit stop on Adrenaline to make an example of three champions of the RWA.

Kold Killa: Hey look...

Kold Killa points at a WWE program on the television. The camera quickly moves over and looks at the television as well.

Kold Killa: Isn't that Andrew Foley?!

Bane: And what does that sign of his say?


Kold Killa: Holy sh!t!

Bane: I always knew he was a bit "funny"!

The television pauses on the image presumed to be of Andrew Foley holding that sign. The "Misfits" are heard in the background laughing their respective @$$es off. Now that Jake Starr and the "Social Misfits" have spoken first at their opponents, will the Tag Team and Television Champions respond? Or will it be the "Misfits" who continue to rip on their opponents time and time again? How will Andrew Foley react to the comments made by Jake Starr? Will the "Social Misfits" make an impact at Resurrection like they have prophesized? This week in the RWA promises to be one that is never forgotten.

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