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In a shocking development at the PWR pay per view, Lost Souls, the PWR Director of Authority, The Jonaconda, was very rudely introduced to one of the premiere independent wrestlers around, Jake Starr. When The Jonaconda saw Jake Starr leading the crowd in a chant that he found "vulgar," he thought he'd try and teach Jake a lesson by knocking him down. What transpired after that was a site that delighted the fans attending the superb PWR pay per view. Jake Starr took exception to the fact that The Jonaconda had placed his hands on him, and proceeded to return the favor with a superkick, and his patented finisher "The Shooting Starr." This turned out to be Jake Starr's "signature on the dotted line" as John "The Iceman" Lugo officially activated Jake Starr to the PWR active roster. It was also announced, later that night, that Jake Starr would be making his PWR debut on this week's Glory card. His opponent is a man who is, seemingly, fairly new to the PWR circuit as well. His opponents name, Hick Hogan. These two men will meet in a match that could, very well, push one of their careers to the lime-light of the PWR. Who will prevail victorious? Sunday's Glory card holds the answer.

The scene slowly fades in from black on a black lit bowling center in San Angelo, Texas. College aged students are enjoying a good time bowling with THE PREMIERE BOWLING MUSIC NETWORK, Rock 300, supplying the music that everyone is rocking out to while they bowl. The camera walks up and down the bowling center, scanning the lanes for any sight of something interesting to tape. As the camera continues to scour the center, a familiar figure is seen illuminated in the black lights. The camera begins to approach the familiar figure. Other people are surrounding the familiar one, and all are enjoying the bowling outing. Once the camera closes within about 15 feet of the familiar looking person, the identity of our mystery figure is revealed as Jake Starr. Surrounding him are many of his friends and family members. Many of the people on the adjacent lanes also have realized who they are standing right next to, and have taken it upon themselves to shake Jake's hand, get autographs, as well as get pictures with the native San Angeloan. Once the rush of the fans subsides, Jake's friends, along with Jake himself, begin to chat amongst themselves. The music seems to semi-mute itself, and the voices of Jake Starr and long time friend, and wrestling legend in his own right, Shawn Wright, can be heard.

Shawn Wright: Damn Jake... Ever since you signed, you've been a f_cking superstar here.

Jake Starr: No joke man! It feels good though!

Shawn Wright: How do you feel being outside of the "independent circuit?"

Jake Starr: We'll see... It will be a big change for me that's for sure!

Shawn Wright: How do you figure?

Jake Starr: The best way I can describe it... Is the independent wrestling circuit is a lot like a cult classic movie.

Shawn Wright: Oh this analogy I must hear!

Jake Starr: Well cult classics, in general, are flops at the box office. Am I right?

Shawn Wright: For the most part, yeah!

Jake Starr: Well, once the movie goes to video and DVD, the audience grows. It never achieves the "greatness" that is associated with a box office success. Those films just have to survive with whatever kind of following they can achieve after they flop in the theatres...

Shawn Wright: Ok you still haven't made the association with wrestling yet...

Jake Starr: I'm getting there Shawn... Just chill out and follow me here...

Shawn Wright: Alright... Alright...

Jake Starr: Ok... Now... The wrestlers, like myself, who are seasoned veterans on the indy circuit, have our own little following. It's nothing like the following I could have in the major market. So... My years in the independent circuit have gotten me a pretty good following in some markets. Columbus, Ohio is one of those markets...

Shawn Wright: Oh I gotcha!

Jake Starr: So... When I got wind of PWR having their pay per view in Columbus, I figured it was my time to take a chance at making the jump from the independent circuit, to the mainstream wrestling circuit.

Shawn Wright: Well I would have to say... That's a good strategy!

Jake Starr: I thought so...

As the two talk about Jake's decision to debut in Columbus, the details of his debut become the topic of conversation.

Shawn Wright: So why did you choose The Jonaconda as your "prey" for your debut?

Jake Starr: Oh please... Did you REALLY just ask that?

Shawn Wright: Well I had to make sure it was still the same old reason...

Jake Starr: Yeah... Same reason... I hate authority jack @$$es like that...

Shawn Wright: Well from watching some of the PWR events, that Jonaconda guy seems like a pecker head if I've ever seen one!

Jake Starr: No kidding! He is like an annoyance to listen to. It's almost like psychobabble when he begins to ramble on and on about NOTHING!

Shawn Wright: The crowd also seemed to get a good kick out of your complete lack of respect for him.

Jake Starr: Well don't you assume that they were as bored of him as I was? I thought the chant would be a good way to both get his attention and get under his skin all at once.

Shawn Wright: Yeah... And once you succeeded at that, he punk’d you!

Jake Starr: Punk’d me my @$$!

Shawn Wright: Dude he shoved you back several rows in the audience. You got flung over chairs!

Jake Starr: But what happened when his stupid @$$ turned around? I returned the "punking" with a "Rising Starr" superkick to the back of his gourd!

Shawn Wright: Dude... That was a sick looking kick!

Jake Starr: Well thank you! And after that... I figured it'd only be proper if I throw out "The Shooting Starr" afterwards!

Shawn Wright: Naturally...

Jake Starr: And from there... I guess my message got across if I was offered a job right there on the spot!

Shawn Wright: I guess it did get across...

Jake takes the conversation and begins to shift the topic to this Sunday's Glory card.

Jake Starr: And unlike some of the independent federations, they're actually letting me debut THIS WEEK!

Shawn Wright: When I heard that... I almost crapped my pants!

Jake Starr: Had that happened... I would have died rolling on the floor laughing my @$$ off...

Shawn Wright: I believe it!

Jake Starr: It's true!

Shawn Wright: Like I said... I believe it!

Jake Starr: Good! Good to know I'm a believable soul...

Shawn Wright: Sometimes...

Jake Starr: Anyway... Some of those independent federations that recruited me during my free agency didn't even want to let me have a debut match anytime soon. They wanted to have me on the roster to boost their crappy attendance.

Shawn Wright: At least they picked someone who actually would succeed in boosting their attendance...

Jake Starr: Yeah... But what about me? I'd get to sit around and get rusty in my ring talents. Then maybe down the road I'd get my official chance to shine.

Shawn Wright: I hear ya!

Jake Starr: But by that time I'd be so rusty I'd look terrible. So I figured it was time to make one last attempt to make a jump from the independent circuit to the main stream.

Shawn Wright: And look... A success!

Jake Starr: Yeah... And look... You're up!

Shawn Wright, known in the wrestling world as "Pr0t0typ3," goes up to bowl his turn. The camera watches as Shawn sticks two fingers in the ball, cups it in his arm, and hurls it down the lane. The pins fly around and a strike is marked on Shawn's score. Shawn returns to Jake's side, and the two continue their conversation.

Jake Starr: Nice shot...

Shawn Wright: Thank you thank you!

Jake Starr: I can still beat your @$$ in bowling!

Shawn Wright: I won't argue with that one... That's your hidden talent I'd say...

Jake Starr: What?

Shawn Wright: Bowling dude... That's one thing that you are pretty damn impressive at!

Jake Starr: Well I appreciate it!

Shawn Wright: Now... Where were we before I had to go bowl?

Jake Starr: Talking about me actually getting my chance to debut!

Shawn Wright: That's right!

Jake Starr: I think you've been hit in the head a few too many times...

Shawn Wright: Why is that?

Jake Starr: Your memory doesn't last you more than 2 minutes!

Shawn takes the opportunity to be a smart @$$ towards his friend.

Shawn Wright: What did you just say?

Jake Starr: Smart @$$!

Shawn Wright: I do try!

Jake Starr: Believe me... I know!

Shawn Wright: ... Anyway... Your opponent is some guy named Hick Hogan is that right?

Jake Starr: Something like that...

Shawn Wright: Name makes him sound like a back woods hillbilly...

Jake Starr: Have you not seen the guy?

Shawn Wright: Can't say I have?

Jake Starr: Let's just say... You're right on the money with that mental image of him through his name.

Shawn Wright: You're kidding me?!

Jake Starr: Nope... Take Hillbilly Jim from the late '80s and early '90s WWE, multiply his "hick factor" by about 10, and you have Hick Hogan!

Shawn Wright: Hulk must be ashamed...

Jake Starr: He only wishes his @$$ was related to Hulk Hogan!

Shawn Wright: Well... Maybe Hulk really wishes he was related to him?

Jake Starr: Could be...

Shawn tries to take the mood to a more serious tone to see if Jake is really focused on his debut opponent.

Shawn Wright: So is this guy someone to worry about?

Jake Starr: Oh please! A guy who is from the back woods of Arkansas shouldn't be taken seriously in any form or fashion!

Shawn Wright: I can understand that!

Jake Starr: Although some fans are pretty fond of the guy...

Shawn Wright: Are they from the back woods too?

Jake Starr: Probably... I love the fans, but anyone who would cheer for that piece of work must be someone slow.

Shawn Wright: EUGENE!

Jake Starr: Something like that!

The topic begins to shift directly to Hick Hogan himself.

Shawn Wright: Well... I'm assuming this guy has at least shown his face since the pay per view... He was on the pay per view wasn't he?

Jake Starr: Yeah he was... And no he hasn't shown his face!

Shawn Wright: You're joking?!

Jake Starr: Nope!

Shawn Wright: Oh my Lord!

Jake Starr: What?

Shawn Wright: You're mainstream... And your first opponent hasn't cut a promo yet?!

Jake Starr: You have to consider the intelligence level of this guy. Cutting a promo involves technology. In Arkansas technology isn't really abundant.

Shawn Wright: True...

Jake Starr: So honestly I haven't expected him to say anything!

Shawn Wright: Maybe he just fears you?

Jake Starr: Yeah I wish... My guess is he fears the unknown. I'm not well-known in the mainstream limelight. And it is human nature to fear the unknown!

Shawn Wright: Then why don't more people fear George W. Bush?

Jake Starr: Good point... His speeches usually make you feel like he is telling you nothing... And when he tries to tell you something he sounds like the biggest f_ck up in the nation.

Shawn Wright: Yeah... His speeches are the unknown...

Jake Starr: So are Rumsfeld's speeches...

Shawn Wright: No sh!t!

Jake Starr: Anyway... My guess is, if Hick Hogan fears me, he fears what he doesn't know about me.

Shawn Wright: Well...

Jake Starr: Well what?

Shawn Wright: Why not give him something to undoubtedly fear...?

Jake Starr: Good point... I think it is time for Jake Starr's mug to be seen once again... And I think it's time for my voice to be heard!

The camera swings around the two as the walk up towards the counters behind the bowling lanes. Jake sits back on the counter, and the bigger Shawn Wright stands next to him. The camera lines itself up right in front of the pair and proceeds to prepare itself for the speech that Jake Starr is presumably about to make. As the camera successfully sets itself up, Jake goes from chatting with Shawn Wright to staring deep into the camera lens. His voice, with the murmur of the bowling center in the background, begins to be heard as he lashes out towards the PWR.

Jake Starr: The PWR witnessed the beginning of a revolution at Sunday's Lost Souls pay per view. Unbeknownst to ANYONE attending, I had planned my debut. Whether it was going to work or not, I didn't care. I planned on making an impact. And for those who know me well enough, they would have been able to pick out EXACTLY when I was going to strike. The Jonaconda should have NEVER entered that ring and run his mouth. Why? Because I knew if he did, I was going to ruin his night without any shadow of a doubt. I knew that if I struck when I planned, the outcome of his match wouldn't matter one little bit! And I can guarantee I succeeded!

Jake grabs a Coca-Cola™ from the counter on-which he is perched. He takes a swig and continues talking.

Jake Starr: Now the next thing I want to address is the current PWR World Heavyweight Champion, Nick Dangerous. Nick, impressive showing at Lost Souls. You were able to retain your PWR World Heavyweight Championship even though the odds were HEAVILY stacked against you. But don't let that minimal success cause you to think that you're indestructible. Because you're not! The fact is... You're holding the PWR World Heavyweight Title for the time being. Your reign as champion is one that is slowly coming to an end. Week by week... Day by day... Hour by hour... The clock is slowly ticking down to the day you drop that belt over to the "new blood" in PWR. That "new blood" would be none other than the man who you are looking at right now! Nick Dangerous... You may think that I am just a rookie with high expectations... Well I may be a rookie in PWR... But the truth is, you are no where near this "rookie's" caliber. This "rookie" is going to prove to you, and the rest of the doubters of Jake Starr, that he can take a mainstream federation, and conquer it! Enjoy that temporary reign as champion. My quest for your belt begins NOW!

A fan runs up to Jake mid-promo. The gorgeous girl politely asks for an autograph and a picture with the local hero. Jake obliges without thinking twice. She kisses Jake on the cheek and actually manages to slip the PWR superstar her number. Jake winks at her and faces back at the camera.

Jake Starr: Finally... I want to address the man whom I will make my debut against this Sunday, Hick Hogan. Hick... I was there when you wrestled at the pay per view, so I have seen what talents, or lack there of, you possess. I don't know what actually made you think that you could leave your outhouse in Arkansas and become a professional wrestler. What you did in that ring was one of the most pathetic excuses for wrestling talent that I have ever feasted eyes on. I know you have some fans fooled to actually cheer for your foolish, retarded, back woods, antics, but you haven't fooled me. I personally don't care one lick about what you may or may not have done in your career... What is going to happen this Sunday is simple... Jake Starr defeating Hick Hogan in his PWR in-ring debut. Hick... You are being sent to the slaughter house, and your 10 fans, who also double as Eugene's grade school classmates, will be forced to witness you being beaten, bruised, and embarrassed by a man who is almost a foot shorter than you. I am definitely not intimidated by your size... You don't scare me big man. I am on a mission to be the hottest thing that the PWR has ever witnessed. And I am definitely not letting a oaf like you cause any kinks in my plan. So be ready for a fight you'll never forget... David versus Goliath... And as the Bible states... David defeats Goliath!

With those closing remarks, Jake jumps off of the counter and returns to the settee area. It is his turn to bowl, and he takes it in style, striking for the seventh time in a row. The camera focuses on the PWR superstar and starts to zoom away and slowly fade to black. As the camera fades to black, those watching must now wonder how the entire PWR will respond to the arrogant words expressed by Jake Starr. How will Nick Dangerous feel about a rookie from the independent circuit calling him out for what he has worked so hard for? And fans wonder, will the other man mentioned, Hick Hogan, respond to the comments made by Jake Starr? As the week progresses some answers will be given... While others will remain unanswered until Sunday's weekly Glory event!

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