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With PRIME going in multiple different directions at once, it is hard to truly focus on one scenario currently taking place. One scenario that, seemingly, is overshadowing quite a few others is the growing momentum of the "Anarchist Syndicate". The group of Tony Zatarok, Justin North, and widely-viewed leader, "Pr0t0typ3" Shawn Wright, have become staples as thorns in the side of Toshiaki Motoki, and now the entire governing body of PRIME. The group has slowly begun to gain support of fans of PRIME as well. With Hin See's interference and cause of "Pr0t0typ3's" first singles loss, the group most certainly is gearing up for their assault on him as well. At ReVolution XXV, the "Anarchist Syndicate" will be able to avenge the tainted loss at ReVolution XXIV, as well as pummel a man who they've owned time and time again, Kincade. Many people wonder if the "Anarchist Syndicate" may have bitten off a little more than they can chew. Now with even more enemies, how can they honestly be successful? Is it possible? ::.[/color][/b]

It has been longer than the usual time since we last heard from PRIME's official "Pr0t0typ3". The uncharacteristic lack of comments about his prior match with Alex Caine worried some fans that maybe, just maybe, something bad had happened to him. Regardless... The viewed, leader, of the "Anarchist Syndicate" is fine and well. The only problem he has... Was with the outcome of his match. Distracted by Hin See, Shawn received a hellacious superkick to the temple. Shawn feels that he was screwed. Shawn is well known as a man who lives by the "eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth" motto. So there are many people around the wrestling world who feel Shawn will quickly retaliate. Shawn, as well as Tony Zatarok who had a grueling fight with long-time enemy Kincade, cannot forget about their task at ReVolution XXV. It will be the two of them returning to tag team action together against Kincade, and the man who scored the tainted win against Shawn, Alex Caine. The two know the magnitude of this contest... They know it well. Along with Shawn's wife Roxie, they sit and talk about their views on the most recent PRIME developments. ::.[/color][/b]

Shawn Wright: A bounty?!

Tony Zatarok: Yeah I think it is kind of out of line...

Roxie Wright: Not to mention dangerous.

Shawn Wright: Hin See thinks that by placing this bounty on my head that every superstar is going to try to collect? I'm sorry but I'll make sure that doesn't happen.

Tony Zatarok: I hope you have something in mind... We could have bounty hunters outside the door right now!

Shawn Wright: They can try all they want... But they won't be able to catch me for one...

Roxie Wright: Shawn... This may be getting a little out of hand don't you think?

Shawn Wright: No my dear... This is what I have been envisioning... The focus of PRIME is shifting. They cannot focus on their superstars... They are being FORCED to pay attention to us.

Tony Zatarok: Shawn is right Roxie... With Hin See's bounty, the attentions of all of PRIME's superstars have turned. We're not going to be overlooked as a farce anymore!

Roxie Wright: That doesn't mean that it isn't getting out of hand... This bounty is basically calling for Shawn's head on a silver platter...

Tony Zatarok: And that's why Justin and I are going to ensure his safety. Shawn made sure that Justin and I knew this was a brotherhood... Shawn made sure we knew that our job, as members of the "Anarchist Syndicate", was to protect one another at all costs. And I know I can speak for Justin when I say, we're damn sure going to honor that belief.

Shawn Wright: Rox... I know it is scary... I've never had a bounty on my head. But I don't worry because I know I have people watching my back

Roxie Wright: But...

Shawn Wright: ... And I know that that they'll ensure my safety... And I will ensure theirs!

Roxie Wright: But...

Tony Zatarok: Our goal is slowly being attained... With Shawn in the spotlight as the "resident nuisance" of PRIME... Everyone will want him taken out.

Roxie Wright: That's what I'm afraid of! And Shawn is my life outside of wrestling. I don't want him hurt to the point where we can't continue our life after wrestling.

Shawn Wright: Rox... Listen to me... We will be able to continue after wrestling. But right now we're at a point where wrestling is a big thing. My goal, to destroy the "suits", is visible to me. I can see it finally becoming a reality.

Roxie Wright: I just hope you don't get seriously hurt!

Tony Zatarok: Roxie I will reiterate that Justin and I won't let that happen...

Roxie shifts the view of the conversation to comments about Shawn's match itself at ReVolution XXIV. ::.[/color][/b]

Roxie Wright: I guess I can say Shawn did have the upper hand against Alex Caine at ReVolution XXIV...

Shawn Wright: That's a f_cking understatement! I had the guy beat... Of course that's when Hin See decided to stick his little nose where it didn't belong.

Roxie Wright: I will agree that you would have won had he not distracted you.

Tony Zatarok: I guess we could say it is a conspiracy...

Shawn Wright: I just call it a sham! The "Asian Invasion" can't take a joke... Then they have to stick their noses where they don't belong.

Tony Zatarok: They'll get theirs soon enough...

Shawn Wright: I'll give Alex Caine credit... He didn't waste any time capitalizing on the ideal situation for him. He's not as stupid as I originally perceived him.

Tony Zatarok: It's odd hearing you actually compliment someone that's for sure!

Shawn Wright: Well that's the extent of the complimenting he'll receive. I can guarantee you that.

Shawn spikes his coke can that he was drinking, on the floor in obvious rage. ::.[/color][/b]

Shawn Wright: I can't believe Hin See stuck his nose in our f_cking business!

Shocked to see "Pr0t0typ3" actually show rage, the two others sit quite stunned at the display. "Pr0t0typ3" is the first to remark at his own actions... ::.[/color][/b]

Shawn Wright:

Sigh ::.[/color][/b] Sorry guys... It's just...

Tony Zatarok: Hatred...

Shawn Wright: What?

Tony Zatarok: It's hatred isn't it?

Shawn Wright: How'd you know?

Tony Zatarok: Remember... I felt the same way about how Kincade put my long-time friend on the shelf.

Shawn Wright: True... I guess now I understand how you felt.

Tony Zatarok: Not a good feeling is it?

Shawn Wright: Not at all...

Tony Zatarok: I'll give you the same advice you gave me... Don't let it cause you to lose your focus.

Shawn Wright: Yeah... But if I start to lose my focus I know you'll help me regain it.

Tony Zatarok: Most definitely! You made sure I was focused against Kincade in that one match... I shall return the favor.

Shawn Wright: I don't consider it a favor my brother... I consider it a duty to my brothers.

Tony Zatarok: I agree with you there.

Shawn Wright: Although I will promise you that before the night is over... I will cause Hin See to be watching his own back everywhere he goes as well.

Tony Zatarok: And how do you plan on doing that?

Shawn Wright: Trust me... You'll see! First I need to make a phone call... I need to set us up a little press conference.

Tony Zatarok: A press conference?

Shawn Wright: Yeah... You know... It's a gathering of reporters where they ask questions on a specific topic... But that's not important right now...

Tony Zatarok: I knew that was coming!

Shawn Wright: I have a special statement I want Hin See and Toshiaki Motoki to hear personally.

Tony Zatarok: About what happened?

Shawn Wright: More like... What's GOING to happen!

Tony Zatarok: Oh lord...

Roxie Wright: Shawn has an idea... This should get interesting!

Shawn Wright: You're damn right it'll get interesting. Now hang on one second!

Shawn picks up his cell phone and dials the number of one of PRIME's staff members in the public relations department. The phone numbers being dialed, ringing of the phone, and subsequent answering of the phone by the dispatcher, are all audible to the audience sitting at home. The phone rings four times and the dispatcher picks up the line. ::.[/color][/b]

P. R. Woman: PRIME Public Relations, may I help you?

Shawn Wright: Yeah... This is "Pr0t0typ3" Shawn Wright...

P. R. Woman: Ahh yessir! What might I do for you?

Shawn Wright: Well I am wanting to call an "official" press conference regarding the incident at ReVolution XXIV as well as some other matters. How do I go about that?

P. R. Woman: Well I need to get some information from you first...

Shawn Wright: Alright go ahead!

P. R. Woman: First... When would you like this to be held?

Shawn Wright: In approximately two to two and a half hours. Is that good?

P. R. Woman: Are you wanting high publicity on the matter?

Shawn Wright: Yes! Very high publicity!

P. R. Woman: Then that should be ample time!

Shawn Wright: Good!

P. R. Woman: Now... What kind of information would you like me to release in the alert to the press?

Shawn Wright: Umm... How about this... Oh should I dictate it to you?

P. R. Woman: Yes please!

Shawn Wright: Ok... Here we go... "Pr0t0typ3" Shawn Wright to issue formal statement regarding the events of ReVolution XXIV. Hin See's actions have warranted a formal response by "Pr0t0typ3" and partner Tony Zatarok. Other matters that will be discussed will include the future plans of the "Anarchist Syndicate", as well as Zatarok and Wright's match for ReVolution XXV. How does that sound?

P. R. Woman: Much more official than what I am used to writing. That should actually receive quite a bit of media attention.

Shawn Wright: You think?

P. R. Woman: Yessir I do! Now... Where will this conference be held?

Shawn Wright: Umm... Oh I got it... How about in the building right across the street from Hin See and Toshiaki Motoki's offices? In the conference room... Room 4B I believe!

P. R. Woman: Are you sure about that sir?

Shawn Wright: Very! And also ensure security will be EXTREMELY tight around the press, myself, Zatarok, and "Paradigm"... I don't want anyone ruining my moment!

P. R. Woman: I will do that sir!

Shawn Wright: Thank you!

P. R. Woman: You're welcome sir... Have a...

Shawn Wright: Oh and one more thing...

P. R. Woman: Yessir?

Shawn Wright: For the title of this release... Have it say "'Pr0t0typ3' Ups the Ante on Hin See".

P. R. Woman: Yessir!

Shawn Wright: Thanks!

P. R. Woman: Again you're welcome! Is that all?

Shawn Wright: That'll do just fine!

P. R. Woman: I'll have that issued momentarily!

Shawn Wright: Thanks!

Shawn hangs up his cell phone and returns to the group. He informs everyone on his findings. ::.[/color][/b]

Shawn Wright: Alright everyone... We have a press conference in about 2 hours. Tony make sure you have some form of statement prepared. They'll probably ask you a couple things too. Although I'll be honest when I say I'm going to steal the show.

Tony Zatarok: I don't have any problem with that... You seem to be on a mission.

Shawn Wright: Boy am I ever! And it is a mission that will shock the world!

Roxie Wright: Uh oh!

Shawn Wright: No "uh oh" sweetie... Just wait till you hear my plan!

Roxie Wright: I can't wait!

Tony Zatarok: Well we'd better prepare ought we?

Shawn Wright: Yessir... Yessir we "ought"!

The scene actually fades to black as the three leave the premises at which they have been located during the duration of this opening scene. The scene fades back in, not on the "Anarchist Syndicate" but in a news room. In this news room the local team is preparing to report some breaking news. The camera zooms in on the anchorwoman and the breaking news begins. ::.[/color][/b]

Anchor Woman: Hello and welcome to a KLST-TV breaking news report. It seems one of PRIME's most promising, and upcoming superstars has issued a release for a formal press conference to be held momentarily. KLST-TV has sent it's very own Hector Ledezma to the scene to report... Hector are you there?

The camera view shifts to a split screen with the anchorwoman on the left, and Hector Ledezma on the right. ::.[/color][/b]

Hector Ledezma: Yes I am here standing just across the street from the offices of Hin See and Toshiaki Motoki, where one of PRIME's fastest rising superstars is going to speak here shortly.

Anchor Woman: Hector what do you know about the nature of this press conference?

Hector Ledezma: All I know is that it was, in fact, "Pr0t0typ3" Shawn Wright who issued this press release stating he would be holding a press conference. Inside the release it states that he will issue a formal response to the bounty issued on his head. It also states he and partner, Tony Zatarok, will be speaking about their match at ReVolution XXV.

Anchor Woman: Hector...

Hector Ledezma: Yes?

Anchor Woman: What is the security level like?

Hector Ledezma: Well...

Anchor Woman: I assume... Oh sorry for interrupting...

Hector Ledezma: No go ahead!

Anchor Woman: I assume with the bounty being on the head of Shawn Wright security has to be pretty tight?

Hector Ledezma: Like you wouldn't believe. Actually back where "Pr0t0typ3" is right now, there is a group of riot police who will be surrounding him the entire time. We were checked to make sure we didn't have any weapons on us in case we wanted to collect.

Anchor Woman: Wow! That is amazing!

Hector Ledezma: But from what I'm hearing out of "Pr0t0typ3's" "war room" is that he WANTED this press conference to be here and at this time. So I'm not sure what he might have to say but I can guarantee it'll be big if he's gone to this much trouble.

Anchor Woman: I do agree... Do you know when they may actually begin?

Hector Ledezma: A spokesperson for "Pr0t0typ3" and the "Anarchist Syndicate" said it should begin anytime now.

The crowd of reporters begin to liven up at the sight of "Pr0t0typ3", "Paradigm" and Tony Zatarok emerging. The flashbulbs begin to cause a strobe effect in the room. The foreman quiets the audience and approaches one of the microphones. ::.[/color][/b]

Foreman: Once the "Anarchist Syndicate" has completed their opening statements, they will open this press conference up for questioning. Not everyone will get to ask a question so I suggest if you know someone around you who is notorious for succeeding in asking questions... Try and get them to ask for you. Now... Here's "Pr0t0typ3" Shawn Wright!

With those words, "Pr0t0typ3" adjusts the microphone sitting in front of him. He slowly looks from one side of the room to the other, making sure to gaze into the eyes of every reporter. He gets a cocky grin across his face and proceeds to speak. ::.[/color][/b]

Shawn Wright: I know what many of you are thinking... I know many of you are thinking how uncharacteristic this is of me. I'm usually someone who just does impromptu messages towards whomever I feel is deserving. Well this is something I wanted to make sure gets out over every plausible airwave. I don't care if it's radio, television, newspaper, flyer, website, I just don't care. This is something that needed to be heard by a vast number of individuals. First off I thank you all for coming on fairly short notice... Good to see I am taken seriously by some accounts. I also expect this to be on either live right now, or as soon as possible afterwards. This is of DIRE importance.

Shawn pulls out a notecard with the highlights of what he needs to mention. ::.[/color][/b]

Shawn Wright: Now let me officially begin... I'm sure many, if not all, of you saw ReVolution XXIV. It was a night in which Hin See unofficially declared war against myself and my companions. He decided that it would be fit to place a bounty over my head for the first person who delivered a "suitable punishment" to me. Following that little announcement, Alex Caine proceeded to superkick me and score a tainted victory over me. So basically... I'm a marked man. I am a man who has a price on his head. Why? Because it seems the "suits" can't take a f_cking joke! So we modified a car... We wanted to see if we could get a career outside of wrestling. Or something like that... Anyway... Let me get to the point of this. Hin See placed a bounty on my head because he sees me as a viable threat to him and Motoki. He figured he could get a rise out of the superstars who are under their mind control, and get them to eliminate me. Well it's time for retribution on my behalf... Now everyone get those cameras pointed on my face... Get your tape recorders rolling... Get the pen against the paper... And LISTEN! I am OFFICIALLY issuing a bounty of my own!

Gasps of shock echo through the audience of reporters. ::.[/color][/b]

Shawn Wright: ... That's right... I am placing a price of $50,000 American dollars on the heads of BOTH Toshiaki Motoki and Hin See! I didn't stutter... You didn't hear me wrong... I am offering $50,000 for each of the two bastards for whomever in PRIME, or anywhere else for that matter, can bring me either one, or both, Toshiaki Motoki and Hin See.

The members of the press frantically write the statement that "Pr0t0typ3" just made. ::.[/color][/b]

Shawn Wright: This is a time where they may want to play dirty... But I can play dirtier. They have the guts to basically try and send me into a reclusive state with a bounty. I can take that feeble attack on me and turn it back around to you. I'm not going to be looking over my shoulder in fear... I'm not going to sit around fearing that if I step outside, my career could be in jeopardy. I'm going to make them feel that fear. I'm going to make them feel that emotion! I told them, just as I've told the world, that I am out to destroy those executives who try and manipulate others for their own personal gain. It is a time for everyone to pick their own path... No one should pick it for them!

Still in awe over what they heard "Pr0t0typ3" just say... They watch as Shawn pulls out another notecard. He gazes it over and leans back in towards his microphone. ::.[/color][/b]

Shawn Wright: Another topic I'd like to address is my match, or should I say our match, coming up at ReVolution XXV. It seems that it is a "reuniting" of PRIME's FORMER Tag Team Champions. Coincidentally... The man I pinned in order to secure us those belts is one of our opposition. And that man is Kincade! The other is the man with the perfected "sucker kick," as I like to call it, Alex Caine. These two, in my mind, form one of those "odd ball" tag teams. Really no affiliation, in my opinion, with one another... And yet I know they feel as those they'll tear the "Anarchist Syndicate" apart. These two jokers will walk into the Glendale Arena thinking that they can take us on simply. Well I'm sorry... It just won't happen like that. I have a personal grudge against the "Master of the 'Sucker Kick'," Alex Caine... And I know my partner here has some beef with the "Anarchist Syndicate's" most repeated opponent, Kincade. They will officially fall at the hands of Tony Zatarok and myself. And I can guarantee NOBODY will prevent that from happening!

Shawn puts his notecards away in his pocket. He then returns to the seated position he was at and speaks again. ::.[/color][/b]

Shawn Wright: Now... We'll take some questions from you guys...

Shawn points at the first reporter... ::.[/color][/b]

Shawn Wright: You first...

Reporter 1: This question is for you "Pr0t0typ3"... Can you confirm or deny the rumor that you've gone as far to hire a personal bodyguard since this bounty was announced?

Shawn Wright: I can honestly deny that one. With my brothers from the "Anarchist Syndicate" watching out for me, as I do them, there is no need for me to hire a professional. And even if I didn't have my "posse" backing me up, I wouldn't hire anyone because that would give Hin See and Toshiaki Motoki the benefit of knowing I'm fearful thanks to them. Next...

Shawn points at another reporter with her hand raised. ::.[/color][/b]

Reporter 2: This question is also for you Shawn... What, honestly, is the point to issuing a bounty on the executives of PRIME? What do you hope it accomplishes?

Shawn Wright: The point is simple... The old adage is "two can play at that game"... Well it's true. I figured that if they wanted to come at me with a ridiculous bounty, and hope that some thick-headed reject that is under their thumb will try and claim it, I can do the same. The "Million Dollar Man" always said "Everyone's Got A Price!". Some of those chumps who wanted to collect $20,000 for my ass... Could now collect a combined total of $100,000 if they bring those jerk-offs to me. Now as for what I hope to accomplish... I think it's obvious. I want those two to feel pain. I want them to have a sense of what pain is like. They don't know pain... I want them to realize that we, as wrestlers, are not pawns in whatever sick and twisted game they may want to play.

Shawn points at the next reporter. ::.[/color][/b]

Shawn Wright: Your turn!

Reporter 3: This one is for the both of you regarding your match at ReVolution XXV. How do you both feel about it?

Tony Zatarok: Well I guess since I've been silent I'll speak first. I feel extremely confident going into this match. Why? It's simple... Shawn and I are undefeated together, and I personally have had Kincade's number since he did what he did. My personal grudge still exists with Kincade... But I have learned to take my aggression towards him and exercise it in a much better manner. Alex Caine has been pretty impressive... He has posted a 4-1 record since his inception as a PRIME superstar. But, like Shawn, I know that one of those victories he didn't deserve. He can go around gloating thinking that his victory was legit... But he knows, I know, Shawn knows, hell everyone knows it was tainted. Once we meet those two jackasses in the middle of the ring they'll know that they're not even in the same league as us.

Shawn Wright: I guess now it's my turn... I feel that our match at ReVolution XXV will be another example that we are to be taken seriously. Right now many of PRIME's superstars consider us a joke. Yet... They think Kincade is one of the best around. He is 3-6! And AT LEAST HALF of his losses are to the hands of the "Anarchist Syndicate". Kincade is a joke... He thought he could handle me one on one and I made short work of him. I laid him out like a light. He felt my wrath 100%. Then... He and Driver tried to steal the Tag Team Titles from the "Anarchist Syndicate"... AND FAILED MISERABLY! And just last week at ReVolution XXIV... It was my partner here who handed Kincade his ass on a silver platter. Kincade is a joke... He is one of our many "whipping boys"... We've treated him like our personal B!TCH on several occasions. And we will NOT hesitate to treat him like our b!tch again! Now as for the man who scored the first singles victory over me since I entered PRIME, Alex Caine... I give him credit. He capitalized on a situation which most people would. He was smart not to just blow it off. But he cannot go prancing around thinking he earned that victory. He didn't earn sh_t! All he earned was another round where I will MAKE SURE he suffers the beating he should have suffered last week. Hin See won't be able to pull any tricks like he did last week. Why? Because I can guarantee that $50,000 is enough to make people want to "Hin See" his head on a silver platter. Alex Caine won't be a match for Tony and myself... And that is a fact...

Shawn looks around to pick another reporter to call on... ::.[/color][/b]

Shawn Wright: Alright we're going to take just a couple more questions...

Shawn sees Hector Ledezma in the back and calls on him. ::.[/color][/b]

Hector Ledezma: "Pr0t0typ3", Hector Ledezma with KLST-TV News...

Shawn Wright: Hector, Shawn Wright with PRIME wrestling...

Hector lets out a little smirk and continues on with his question. ::.[/color][/b]

Hector Ledezma: How do you, and even Tony for that matter, feel about the head of the Intense Division, Johnny Capone, being the special guest referee in this match?

Tony Zatarok: Shawn may I answer first?

Shawn Wright: Be my guest...

Tony Zatarok: Capone decided he would stick his nose in our business when Kincade and I were pummeling one another. He handed Kincade the nine iron that I felt so wonderfully in the gut... But then proceeded to bash the bastard in the back of the head with brass knuckles... I guess as long as he evens things out that's fine on that matter. But come ReVolution XXV he had better call things down the middle. Because if he doesn't, I won't hesitate to take a nine iron to his mid-section. And I can GUARANTEE he won't enjoy it.

Shawn Wright: My turn bro?

Tony Zatarok: Go for it...

Shawn Wright: Johnny Capone can just do whatever he wants. He seemingly is out on his own right now. He doesn't really answer to Motoki or Hin See much... He does his own thing. But he is still a suit. He doesn't seem to have the same agenda as most "suits" though... He is just trying to make his division look better. Now I'll be honest... When he started to assist Kincade, I was on my way to the ring with a weapon of my own to even the score... Then he clocked Kincade over the back of the head with the brass knuckles and had Zatarok score the pinfall. So... It's like Tony said... If he wants to be the referee he had better not get involved. Because if he chooses to do so... Once I'm done with Alex Caine I'll come after him like there is no tomorrow.

Shawn ends his comment on that note. He looks around at the reporters one more time. ::.[/color][/b]

Shawn Wright: Now we're going to allow one more question and then we're out of here. You...

Reporter 4: I guess all I can really ask... Do either of you have any final thoughts towards your opponents at ReVolution XXV?

Tony Zatarok: Nah... I'm cool!

Shawn Wright: I'd like to say a few brief comments... Kincade you have been our little "whipping boy" since I came to PRIME. You were originally the "Protector of the Asian Invasion" and since I treated you like the white-trash you are... You've gone downhill! You are this supposed "serial killer" and yet... YOU SUCK! What kind of killing did you do? Are you sure you were a "s-e-r-i-a-l" killer? Or a "c-e-r-e-a-l" killer? Did you get mad at the Fruity Pebbles when the toy required a mail-in card and stab the box? Did Tony the Tiger lie to you when he said Frosted Flakes were "GR-R-R-R-R-REAT"? Did you get mad and kill Tony? I'm sorry... You're no killer... You're a pathetic excuse for a professional wrestler. You've adopted a farcical biography and gimmick because Motoki and Hin See wanted you to. The only prison time you MAY have done is being someone's personal love slave... And I don't mean female inmates either. Although female inmates are still more manly than you... You were "Bubba's" b!tch. He said "suck" and you responded with "how hard"! Now Alex Caine... You got lucky last week thanks to Hin See. ReVolution XXV won't be as friendly to you. You won't have as much luck there. I dominated the match until he stuck his nose where it didn't belong. You won't have that same gratification this time. This time I will MAKE SURE nothing distracts me from destroying you, and showing you what really would have happened had Hin See not bailed your ass out. You had better bring your "A-Game"... When the match ends... It doesn't mean the beating is over. I plan on making sure you get what's coming from last week as well. See you two at ReVolution XXV pecker-wads!

With that conclusion to the press conference, the camera slowly begins to fade out as the members of the "Anarchist Syndicate" exit the building. Security continues to remain tight until "Pr0t0typ3" and his cohorts are safely away from the facility. Now the questions emerge on how EVERYONE will react to the bounty now placed on the heads of Hin See and Toshiaki Motoki. How will that effect how things are ran in PRIME? Will Hin See and Toshiaki Motoki try and protect themselves from being pummeled and brought to the mercy of Shawn Wright? Or will they blow this off as an idle threat? With ReVolution XXV around the corner we won't have to wait long for those answers. ::.[/color][/b]

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