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The "Anarchist Syndicate" is off to a fast start in PRIME. At the last pay-per view, "Point of Impact", the "Anarchist Syndicate" OFFICIALLY walked away with the PRIME Tag Team Championship Belts. Much to the chagrin of Toshiaki Motoki, he must now admit that Shawn Wright and Tony Zatarok are the Tag Team Champions of PRIME. How does Motoki plan on rebounding from his third consecutive loss at the hands of Shawn Wright and his "Syndicate"? He puts them against a pair who has been under his skin for almost the same amount of time. Tony Rolo and Joey Troy have been under Motoki's skin for close to a month now... So Motoki is hoping he can kill two birds with one stone. Motoki hopes that these two teams will just destroy one another. If that is the case, both groups, which have been thorns in the side of Toshiaki Motoki, will parish. If that is the case, Motoki will finally be able to refocus himself on the new co-owner of PRIME. If these two teams fail to annihilate one another, Motoki will be forced to fight a battle at two separate fronts. The threat of having multiple battles raging on at once, lingers on the mind of Motoki. As ReVolution XXIII draws closer, Motoki grows more and more anxious. Will this be a day when he can finally rest again? Or will his nightmare grow to an even bigger one?

As February, 16th draws closer, Toshiaki Motoki's level of anxiety increases as well. Why? He has signed a handicapped match between "Crudely Civilized" and the "Anarchist Syndicate". These two groups have been causing grief for Toshiaki for some time now. Now he hopes this match will end his problems. The "Anarchist Syndicate" is definitely NOT taking this match lightly. All three of them know, that the combined talents of Joey Troy and Tony Rolo is almost unmatchable. Nevertheless... They don't plan on giving in to the belief that they don't stand a chance. The group stands ready, all inside a desolate bar on the outskirts of California's Silicon Valley. Justin North and Tony Zatarok are at the one pool table in the facility enjoying themselves. "Pr0t0typ3" and "Paradigm" are sitting at the bar enjoying round after round of drinks provided by the establishment. They seemingly are taking a break from their everyday activities to celebrate their victory at "Point of Impact". They also all know what lurks ahead. They know that, at ReVolution XXIII, they'll go head to head with "Crudely Civilized". As they celebrate, Shawn and Roxie begin to slowly converse about "Point of Impact" as well as their task on Monday.

Roxie Wright: What a victory at "Point of Impact" Shawn...

Shawn Wright: No joke! It proves once, and for all, that I have more brains than all four of those wrestling rejects, combined!

Roxie Wright: I will say you did display a sense of genius in that match!

Shawn Wright: Kincade just was dumb enough not to think. He didn't think about what might happen if he went for the "whole enchilada" that late into the match. So, when I knew I was going to get hit with that move... What was it called again?

Roxie Wright: The 619?

Shawn Wright: No... That's Rey-Rey's maneuver...

Roxie Wright: The 1337?

Shawn Wright: He only wishes...

Roxie Wright: The 187! That's it!

Shawn Wright: Eh whatever... Regardless I saw I was doomed to fall to that move... I made sure I had one arm over his ass just in case he was on his last breath and would be dumb enough to forget to cover me.

Roxie Wright: Very smart Shawn... Very smart!

Shawn Wright: And now... He claims it was a "f_cking lucky" victory...

Roxie Wright: How do you know that?

Shawn Wright: I heard him b!tching earlier... I don't call it lucky... I call it smart! He was dumb enough to waste his fleeting bits of energy on that ridiculous move... And ended up beating himself. That is what you call stupidity!

Roxie Wright: I agree!

Shawn Wright: And the fact that he does align himself with Toshiaki Motoki proves my theory about the "Asian Invasion"...

Roxie Wright: And that is?

Shawn Wright: That they are all stupid! If he is dumb enough to pull a stunt like that... They all are! He was one of their "pride and joys".

Roxie Wright: I see!

Shawn Wright: If Motoki had any brains in that thick skull of his... He'd recruit himself a "protector" who actually had some skills... Instead of that ex-con who couldn't fight his way out of a wet paper sack!

From the pool table, Tony Zatarok can hear the conversation going on between the husband and wife duo. He quickly interjects his opinion on the match...

Tony Zatarok: Hey Shawn... Don't forget that you weren't the only one in that match!

Shawn Wright: I'm not! You did your part... I did mine! And Kincade, Driver, Adam, and The English Luchador are all still scratching their heads wondering what happened.

Tony Zatarok: They probably swear it was a dream.

Roxie Wright: I'd call it more of a nightmare!

Tony Zatarok: The only person who I think would consider our victory a quote, "nightmare", would be Toshiaki Motoki!

Shawn Wright: I personally think he wishes he didn't sign that match.

Tony Zatarok: How come?

Shawn Wright: Look what we have! We're the Tag Team Champions of PRIME... And NOBODY can deny us that now.

Tony Zatarok: I understand now! But he should have enough brains to know that the nightmare has merely begun!

Shawn Wright: Exactly! Come this Monday... The nightmare will begin to evolve into even MORE of a reality for the f_cker!

Tony Zatarok: You're damn right! Hey North... Rack 'em up!

The camera view begins to move in the direction of Tony Zatarok and Justin North, leaving Shawn and Roxie at the bar. A new conversation is starting to be picked up between the other two members of the "Anarchist Syndicate".

Justin North: Who breaks?

Tony Zatarok: I won... So I break!

Justin North: Fair enough!

Zatarok rears back and bursts the triangle of billiard balls around the table.

Tony Zatarok: You did good for your opening bout Justin...

Justin North: But I lost!

Tony Zatarok: So... You still represented us good out there. That is what matters!

Justin North: Well... Thanks!

Tony shoots the cue ball into one of the solid balls on the table and pockets it easily.

Justin North: Nice!

Tony Zatarok: Thanks! But on Monday... A win is a must for us! We're representing our group as a whole now. All three of us together. You think you're ready?

Justin North: I know I am!

Tony Zatarok: You must be 100% prepared mentally and physically.

Justin North: I know...

Tony Zatarok: You can't let your first match loss linger in your head. It is in the past now.

Justin North: I know...

Tony shoots again narrowly missing another pocketed ball.

Tony Zatarok: Damn!

Justin North: I'm up! Don't worry Tony... I know I'm the newest addition to the group, but I'm up for the challenge.

Tony Zatarok: I know! Shawn wouldn't have suggested bringing you in that day if he didn't think you could handle the pressure.

Justin North: Well I'm glad you guys have faith in me... Am I solids or stripes?

Tony Zatarok: Stripes!

Justin North: Cool! But I promise you and Shawn that I'm ready now... And will be ready Monday to help protect our name.

Tony Zatarok: Good! That's the kind of attitude we need for our group.

Justin makes a terrific shot sinking two balls.

Tony Zatarok: Damn son!

Justin North: It's skills!

Tony Zatarok: It's damn luck is what it is!

Justin North: Ha! I know!

As the two continue to talk as they play, Shawn enters the frame. He leans over the table and watches and North follows up his amazing shot with a miscue. The cue ball slides a few inches and then stops.

Shawn Wright: That's one hell of a shot you got there!

Tony Zatarok: Especially following your last shot!

Shawn Wright: What was his last shot like?

Tony Zatarok: Pure luck! Sunk two balls when he should have maybe made one!

Justin North: I call it my "mad skills"!

Shawn Wright: So what's the series at now?

Tony Zatarok: I'm up 7-5!

Justin North: But damnit I'm making a comeback!

Shawn Wright: Well don't lose focus on our next task at hand...

Tony Zatarok: We were just talking about it! I was telling Justin that he needs to make sure his head is in the game.

Shawn Wright: We all could use that advice...

Justin North: I hear ya!

Shawn Wright: We CANNOT allow ourselves to forget what our mission is here. We can celebrate a victory... But we cannot bask in our glory too much.

Justin North: Exactly!

Tony Zatarok: Damn right!

Now, with the subject of Monday's match against "Crudely Civilized" brought up, the faction begins to talk strategy. They know that they cannot take these two lightly. It'll be a match in which they have to be at 110% for.

Shawn Wright: Guys... This will officially be our toughest challenge ever...

Tony Zatarok: No joke!

Justin North: But we have the numbers advantage?!

Shawn Wright: Honestly... I don't see that as being much of an advantage for us. We're going against two guys who have a proven history together. These two have been a team for much longer than us. They have a strong bond between them. It's what we are striving for.

Tony Zatarok: I've seen these two in action... Joey originally wanted to completely retire from wrestling and just hang around with Rolo... That obviously didn't last, and he has been fairly dominant here in PRIME.

Justin North: I still feel we must have some advantage over these guys...

Shawn Wright: One advantage we have was demonstrated at "Point of Impact"...

Justin North: And that would be?

Shawn Wright: The simple fact that Tony and I were able to dispose of FOUR of PRIME's top superstars. We downed four at once... These two may be just as difficult.

Tony Zatarok: That's why it is imperative that we keep our focus. Our goal is slowly becoming in sight. We cannot allow something like this cause us to lose our focus.

Shawn Wright: Another thing is this... We have something in common with this group. They are almost fighting the same battle as we are. In the future we may need allies such as them.

Justin North: But they're our opponents...

Shawn Wright: Yes...

Tony Zatarok: But in the future they could become potential allies to our cause...

Justin North: So are we just going to let them beat us?

Shawn Wright: Far from it... We'll go out there and treat them as any other opponent we've had. But it won't be merciless. This will be our way of sending them a message. We know they're out fighting the same battles as us... But at the same time allowing themselves to be pushed around by the "suits".

Tony Zatarok: And people like that need a lesson... And we will teach that lesson to Tony Rolo and Joey Troy.

Justin finally begins to start to understand the concept of what they have been saying.

Justin North: I understand... I just don't want to accidentally take them too lightly.

Shawn Wright: Never fear Justin... As long as we continue to double and triple check one another's focus we'll be fine. We think as a team... We win as a team.

Tony Zatarok: You know Shawn... You're sounding like a motivational speaker all of a sudden!!

Shawn Wright: Well I figure it'll help us keep our heads in the game. Our quest is now in full swing. We cannot allow ourselves to be distracted in any way, shape, or form. Every match we partake in is a step towards defeating those who try to control and manipulate us.

Justin North: Hell yeah!

Sensing the subject slightly drifty away from the topic... Zatarok tries to steer everyone back towards their match for Monday.

Tony Zatarok: Guys... I know we must focus on the long-term agenda... But we can't lose sight of Monday.

Shawn Wright: I know Tony...

Tony Zatarok: We seem to start focusing on Monday, and then end up drifting off again. We need to get our game plan together!

Realizing what had happened, Shawn concurs and runs with the new focus.

Shawn Wright: He's right... Tony Rolo and Joey Troy are seasoned veterans here. Together they are a combined 17-19-1. I'm sorry... For any federation at the level of PRIME, that's an impressive record.

Justin North: It's still a losing record!

Shawn Wright: That's not the point... If you can muster 17 clear wins out of 37 matches in a federation like PRIME... That says something!

Tony Zatarok: Shawn's right... We're going into a match with two of PRIME's top superstars. They're going to be the HEAVY... And I mean HEAVY favorite.

Shawn Wright: So now to our game plan... We must concentrate on both of these guys equally. Both of them are potential hazards to us.

Tony Zatarok: They're both going to be difficult to control.

Shawn Wright: I know... That's why we cannot allow two of us to focus only on one of them. We must divide the attack evenly. Are we all on the same page?

Tony Zatarok: I think so...

Justin North: I know I am!

Shawn Wright: Good... Because I think it's time...

Justin North: Time for what?

Shawn Wright: An old fashion, anarchy personified, verbal ass whooping!

Tony Zatarok: Aww yeah!

Shawn returns to the bar where "Paradigm" has remained during this entire episode. She continues to sip on her drink as Shawn sits down beside her. The other two members of the "Anarchist Syndicate" get in closely behind the pair. The camera moves behind the bar next to the barkeep. It adjusts itself to face PRIME's official "Pr0t0typ3" and his colleagues. Once the camera has settled in, Shawn checks with his comrades to make sure they are prepared. Once they have verified their readiness, Shawn gazes deeply into the camera and begins speaking.

Shawn Wright: Monday night will be another day in the life of Toshiaki Motoki where he tries to rid PRIME of his potential problems. On one side of things... He is going to be fighting in the MAIN EVENT against "Suga" Shane Wethers... And on the other side... He has the handicapped match in which he booked between "Crudely Civilized" and the "Anarchist Syndicate". This is, no doubt, a match in which he hopes the two groups, who have been giving him hell, annihilate each other. He hopes that by sending two rogue factions into a match... Both will be destroyed. Motoki, I hate to burst your bubble, but neither group will be quote "destroyed". Why? Because we won't allow it. And yes... We are the ones who will dictate the outcome of this contest. Why? It is a simple matter of determination. Tony Rolo and Joey Troy are proven competitors here in PRIME. They undoubtedly are heavy favorites. It makes our task that much more mandatory. You have sent every possible nuisance our way hoping to stop us. Every one of them have failed you. These two fierce competitors are not two of your cronies. They are rogues as well. I know, deep down, that you hope that they are victorious. You would rather have myself, Tony Zatarok, and Justin North gone from PRIME instead of two of PRIME's poster children. We are pests to you. No no no... We are THREATS to you. That is why you feel you need to destroy us as painfully and quickly as possible. You have too much on your mind already Motoki... We add to the mess. Guess what Toshiaki... We're not going anywhere! Tony Rolo and Joey Troy won't accomplish what Adam, The English Luchador, Kincade, and Driver, all together couldn't accomplish. So be prepared to feel YET ANOTHER painful setback in your quest to rid PRIME of my colleagues and I. It will be another step to our ultimate REVOLUTION! It's ironic that almost every step so far has been on the show that, I consider, to now be named for us.

Shawn lifts his drink from the bar, and takes another swig. Condensation from the glass drips down onto his shirt. He flicks the water off as if it were a pesky fly. He cracks his knuckles, and once again stares deep into the lens of the camera.

Shawn Wright: Now... It would be completely unlike me to not say some things to our opponents for ReVolution XXIII. Those two men being Joey Troy and Tony Rolo. Both of these men I have a tremendous amount of respect for... But I don't respect the fact that they allow themselves to be pushed around. They are thorns in the side of Toshiaki Motoki and yet... Still allow him to order them around as if they are his b!tches. I just cannot comprehend that notion. Why? Because it is almost hypocritical. You hate or dislike someone... Yet you still allow yourself to be treated like low-life scum? I know many people think that the notion of a boss being like that is almost normal but... It doesn't have to be. There are ways to make things RIGHT... There are ways to stand up for yourself and win the war against people like Toshiaki Motoki. But "Crudely Civilized" doesn't seem to understand that. These two are poster children... They are deep within the pockets of Toshiaki Motoki. Because he signs the checks, they must obey? I'm sorry son... That's not always how it has to be. These two men are being sent into a match where, even though they are outnumbered, they're still the heavy favorites. Hopefully they won't have that same mentality. If they are dumb enough to share the same mentality as most of the morons who have predicted the first loss by the "Anarchist Syndicate"... Then they are going to be in a world of hurt. They will be shocked when they find out what really lurks ahead. It will be three men who are on a quest... It will be three men who are determined to fulfill what they see as their rightful goal. It will be three men who are NOT going to back down!!

Shawn receives tokens of encouragement from his comrades. Justin pats him on the shoulder and Zatarok gives Shawn a vocal vote of confidence...

Tony Zatarok: You tell 'em Shawn!

With the backing of his team Shawn proceeds with his comments towards their opponents.

Shawn Wright: Now... I want to single out each of our opponents in this match. Does that sound ok?

Tony Zatarok: Sounds good to me!

Roxie Wright: Me too!

Justin North: Me three!

Justin gets a funny look from the group.

Justin North: Sorry I couldn't resist!

The group shares a quick laugh together as Shawn continues.

Shawn Wright: First off... We have the man who, I consider, one of PRIME's "Grade A" superstars... Joey Troy. Joey... You are a man whom I've had very little, if any, contact with since my inception to the PRIME roster. Regardless of that little tidbit of information... I've grown to highly respect you. You've shown that you are loyal and dependable to Tony Rolo. That's something that is sometimes hard to come by in our business. Regardless of your dependability, your loyalness, or your reliability, I still consider you someone who is in the "pocket" of Toshiaki Motoki. I don't care whether you are a thorn in his side... Or if you are a thorn in his ass... You still fear him. That is something you cannot do if you really want to succeed in taking him down. You cannot fear someone who truly is powerless. It is a lesson you need to be taught. So our plan for you is simple... We're going to get you into that squared-circle on Monday and take you to school. We don't see you or Rolo with the same hate we've seen our other opponents. We see you two as people who possibly could see the true light one day. It is your job to finally see it too. We'll provide you with the lesson... It's your job to let it soak in. You are one of the top ranked wrestlers here, and could be someone who holds a lot more influence than you think. The only problem is... You still fear Motoki. I also know that you may be carrying something I want. That strap of gold may soon be something I seek. So this match could prove to be a prelude to a much longer journey... That was just to forewarn you my friend...

Both Justin North and Tony Zatarok get a stunned look on their face as "Pr0t0typ3" had never mentioned any interest in the 5-Star Championship Belt before. Both seem intrigued with the idea and both proceed to crack a smile thinking about it. "Pr0t0typ3" doesn't miss a beat and continues on...

Shawn Wright: Now onto the man I personally am most honored to be fighting on Monday, Tony Rolo. Tony... Like your partner I have much respect for you. Before I officially signed with PRIME, I lurked in the crowds and was impressed with your abilities. You are a staple to the PRIME roster. You are one of the names, along with Ignatius Lisieux, Mike Wade, and Ian English, that people think of when they hear the name "PRIME". And I think to myself... What better way to add our name to that list, than to defeat one of those men who currently occupies it. I see you as a way to further our cause Tony... You are a man who has been at the top of PRIME's roster and held the Global Title. You are still one of the few who has ever held that prestigious honor... And on top of it all, you are one of two men in PRIME's Hall of Fame. You are along side, in my opinion, PRIME's greatest champion, Rock Startling. How can I not respect you? But you must understand Rolo that I don't plan on showing you any sympathy... They only thing I can say is, we won't try and make you suffer and bleed like we did with Adam, The English Luchador, Kincade, and Driver. We won't go out trying to destroy your aspect of life... But we will be trying to send you a message, as well as the "Asian Invasion". We'll be sending the message that we won't go down... We will not die... And we will NOT be stopped. So Rolo... You and Joey Troy had better be prepared for a fight. Because I will guarantee we will deliver the fight of your life.

With those closing words Shawn gulps down the rest of his drink and slams the glass back onto the bar. "Paradigm" finishes hers as well. Zatarok and North gather up what's left of the billiard balls and put them into the pockets. They both replace their pool cues and return to the bar by Shawn and Roxie. Once they have finished their necessary business, "Pr0t0typ3" leads his group out the door. All that can be heard as the camera slowly fades to black, is the sound of a car peeling out in the gravel. ReVolution XXIII will be a day when the "Anarchist Syndicate" can really make a vital impact on PRIME. If they succeed against Tony Rolo and Joey Troy their names will be propelled into the limelight. This match will be one to watch.

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