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February 1, 2004... A day that will live in infamy among those who live, breathe, and die, PRIME. It also marks the first pay per view event for one, "Pr0t0typ3" Shawn Wright. Shawn has yet to receive high marks, with regards to his talents, from his peers backstage in PRIME. Most of the people backstage regard "Pr0t0typ3" as a fluke, and a nobody compared to the rest of the talent in PRIME. Regardless of how he is seen, he still is entering his first pay per view... And also his first official title match! Shawn made quick enemies of Adam and The English Luchador in his first encounter in PRIME... He stole their Tag Team Championship Belts and claimed them as his own. He then went on to make an enemy out of Kincade, the protector of the "Asian Invasion". Along with creating his own enemies... "Pr0t0typ3" has taken it upon himself to recruit a partner to aide him in his quest of destruction. It just so happened that the man he recruited, Tony Zatarok, also is on the bad side of the World Tag Team Champions, as well as Kincade. That is how the match at PRIME's "Point of Impact" came to pass. Three tag teams will enter this match and all be gunning for the same goal... To officially proclaim themselves as the World Tag Team Champions of PRIME. Another goal, for the two members of The Anarchist Syndicate, is to gain notoriety in their quest to take out Toshiaki Motoki. By becoming OFFICIAL champions in PRIME, they could begin to see the overall leverage of power begin to swing their way.

The stage is set... The match is official... The members of the, newly formed, Anarchist Syndicate are going to be entering PRIME's "Point of Impact" attempting to claim what, they say, is already, rightfully, theirs... The PRIME World Tag Team Titles! Shawn Wright alluded to the possibility of aligning himself with others in PRIME in his last promo. At ReVolution XXII it became official. Shawn Wright went and recruited Tony Zatarok and Justin North to aide him in his quest to destroy Toshiaki Motoki and his associates. Today marks the day in which we will hear from "Pr0t0typ3" Shawn Wright, and possibly others, regarding his match at "Point of Impact". As the camera begins to fade in on the scene, Shawn Wright sits at a completely empty desk looking straight ahead. He has his usual, cocky, smile on his face. "Paradigm" Roxie Wright is pacing back and forth as if she is nervous. Her mannerisms confirm that she is getting antsy for some reason. As the camera approaches the two, the sounds of their conversation can be heard.

Roxie Wright: Shawn... Where is he?!

Shawn Wright: Roxie would you please calm down?! He'll be here shortly!

Roxie Wright: You've been saying that for over 20 minutes now!

Shawn Wright: And?

Roxie Wright: I'm sorry Shawn... But I don't know if we can truly trust anyone here in PRIME!!

Shawn Wright: Rox... Understand that I know who is trustworthy and who isn't. This guy and I have been speaking for a while now. He is on our side!

Roxie Wright: I hope so...

Shawn Wright: Think about it... Do I trust people easily?

Roxie Wright: No!

Shawn Wright: Do I just let anyone into my world?

Roxie Wright: No!

Shawn Wright: Then trust my judgment. He and I have found a common ground to align with one another on.

Roxie Wright: I see that...

Shawn Wright: And he and I know that together we both can achieve our goals if we stand together. We have also found a common enemy!

Roxie Wright: Don't you mean enemies?!

Shawn Wright: Ha ha! Yeah I guess that probably would be more accurate!

"Paradigm" decides to shift the subject a little. She decides to inquire to Shawn about his match coming up at the pay per view.

Roxie Wright: Shawn...

Shawn Wright: Roxie...

Roxie Wright: Don't be an ass with me!

Shawn Wright: Ha ha!

Roxie Wright: Anyway... What do you think about this match Motoki has signed for "Point of Impact"?

Shawn Wright: What do you mean?

Roxie Wright: I mean... What do you think?

Shawn Wright: I think it'll be a day he regrets for the rest of his life that's what I think!

Roxie Wright: Why?

Shawn Wright: Because... He signed this match hoping that with FOUR GUYS coming after me, rather than two or three, he's bound to actually succeed at defeating me!

Roxie Wright: Now where's the part he's going to regret?

Shawn Wright: He'll regret it when he doesn't succeed! He'll regret it when I'm one of the human beings in this federation holding something he claims doesn't already belong to me...

Roxie Wright: Well...

Shawn Wright: Roxie I found that loophole in BLACK AND WHITE... These belts belong to me and Zatarok!

Roxie Wright: Motoki doesn't seem to think so!

Shawn Wright: Motoki doesn't seem to THINK period!

Roxie Wright: Well I agree with that statement!

Shawn Wright: I don't know if there is truly a soul out there who wouldn't agree!

As the two are talking, Shawn's cell phone rings. The voice of Tony Zatarok can be heard on the other end.

Shawn Wright: Hello?

Tony Zatarok: Hey Shawn...

Shawn Wright: Yo! Where are you at?

Tony Zatarok: Outside! Come let me in!

Shawn Wright: Alright! I'll be right there!

Shawn hangs up his cell phone and rises from the seat he has been gracing so far. "Paradigm" inquires as to who was on the phone.

Roxie Wright: Who is it Shawn?

Shawn Wright: It's Tony...

Roxie Wright: It's about damn time!

Shawn Wright: Ha ha! I'm going to go let him in.

Roxie Wright: Ok!

Shawn walks to the door of the warehouse they are in. The camera follows. As Shawn approaches the door, the voice of Tony Zatarok and someone else can be heard outside. Shawn begins to wonder who else is out there with him. Shawn is only expecting Tony so he begins to get kind of skeptical. As he opens the door there stands Tony Zatarok... He is accompanied by fellow Syndicate member, Justin North. Shawn's anxiety subsides and he continues to welcome his fellow members in. The three walk back to where Shawn and Roxie were originally. Shawn proceeds to introduce everyone to "Paradigm".

Shawn Wright: Roxie... I'd like for you to meet Tony Zatarok and Justin North...

Roxie Wright: It is a pleasure to meet you both!

Tony Zatarok: I believe I speak for the both of us when I say, the pleasure is ours!

Justin North: He is right. We're both very glad to meet you.

Roxie Wright: Well I'm very glad to finally meet you both as well.

Shawn Wright: Well now that we're all buddies... "Point of Impact" is right around the corner... We need to make sure we have a good game plan!

Roxie Wright: Exactly! We, as a new group, cannot go into this pay per view with no plan.

Tony Zatarok: We all MUST be on the same page if we're going to make this an Anarchist Syndicate pay per view...

Shawn Wright: ... And not another "Asian Invasion" one.

Justin North: Leave Alex Caine to me!

Shawn Wright: We are... He is your responsibility. And you know that once you succeed at taking down Caine, and Zatarok and I succeed at keeping OUR World Tag Team Titles, we will all be handsomely rewarded.

Justin North: And we'll be one step closer to completely overtaking the "Asian Invasion".

Tony Zatarok: The "Asian Invasion" won't last long now that we've banded together in the struggle against them.

Since North mentioned his match with Alex Caine, and "Pr0t0typ3" and Tony Zatarok have minimally mentioned their match, "Paradigm" chimes in.

Roxie Wright: Shawn... You and Tony need to make sure you both are prepared for TWO other tag teams... Rather than just one.

Shawn Wright: She's right... Granted, we know we can take the both teams individually, they'll be coming at us together. Just like we have a common enemy, they do too.

Tony Zatarok: Oh I know...

Shawn Wright: Adam and The English Luchador won't be an issue for us. I've already proved that JUST ONE human being can take care of them. It'll be Driver and Kincade that we have to really focus on.

Hearing Kincade's name, Tony's eyes become red, and he begins to get energized just thinking about his hatred for Kincade.

Tony Zatarok: Kincade's ass is MINE!

Shawn Wright: Tony you MUST remember... I hate his ass just as much as you do. But we cannot allow our individual emotions get the better of us. The minute that we allow those emotions to fuel our fire, we'll be at a distinct disadvantage.

Roxie Wright: Tony he's right...

Tony Zatarok: I know... But Kincade has caused me quite a bit of grief... It will be hard for me not to think about what he did to Terry.

Shawn Wright: You're not required to forget it... Just don't let it cause you to forget what our overall goal is.

Tony Zatarok: I won't... But I will make sure that he will live to regret what he did to Terry for the rest of his life! He will never be the same once I get my hands on him... He put Terry on the shelf... Terry can't do what he loves because of him... He deserves to feel that same pain!

Shawn Wright: Tony... Trust me! He is an associate of Toshiaki Motoki. He's a target of mine too. Since you and I are both members of The Anarchist Syndicate... It makes us "brothers". He will pay in time... Right now, we need to focus on making sure we keep these belts with us.

Justin North: Tony... I'm new here but I will also make sure Kincade pays.

Shawn Wright: Tony you must understand that we're all "brothers" here... We'll make sure we all look out for one another. Kincade WILL pay. Right now we must make sure we keep these belts.

Tony Zatarok: Yeah... I just don't know how I'll react once he is within my grasp...

Shawn Wright: Try to keep from letting your emotions get the best of you... At least until the final bell rings. Then I don't care what you do.

Tony Zatarok: I'll try... I'll try!

Shawn Wright: Now... These belts are our key to beginning to gain the upper hand on the "Asian Invasion". If we keep these belts, we'll begin to cause them to go into a panic. They're bound to make a mistake.

Roxie Wright: Shawn's right... This pay per view is going to really begin to get people to recognize that we truly mean business.

Justin North: It will be our time to shine!

Shawn Wright: It will be our time to cause dissention amongst the ranks of PRIME's "Asian Invasion".

Tony Zatarok: I've been here quite a while... They won't be able to truly hold themselves together once their "hitmen" are disposed of. They will begin to crumble in front of everyone's faces.

Shawn begins to change the nature of the conversation. The camera focuses in on him as that ominous glare begins to come into the eyes of PRIME's official "Pr0t0typ3". The smirk graces his lips... Many can already imagine where he plans on taking this conversation...

Shawn Wright: You know Tony... I usually like to speak out directly towards my opponents in matches. You'll slowly learn that... So what do you think about me going ahead and giving our poor suckers for opponents a verbal lashing?

Tony Zatarok: Ha ha! Those junkies won't know what hit them.

Roxie Wright: Oh boy!

Shawn Wright: What's that supposed to mean?

Roxie Wright: I just can't wait to hear what you'll have to say about these "winners" that you two have been paired against...

Tony Zatarok: Oh I bet it will be good...

Shawn Wright: ... Damn good!

Shawn turns his focus towards the camera that has been listening in on the conversation since it began. He tilts his neck to both sides, letting out thunderous cracks. He cracks his knuckles as well and prepares to speak out about their match at PRIME's "Point of Impact".

Shawn Wright: I'd like to begin my ranting and raving towards the team who Toshiaki Motoki claims are the REAL Tag Team Champions of PRIME... Adam and The English Luchador. You two are coming back for more I do see... I have destroyed you both once... And now I will embarrass you again. Why? Because it is inevitable. You two are hell bent on thinking that you are the single greatest tag team in PRIME today. Well I'm sorry... You may have been pre-Syndicate days... But these ARE the days of The Anarchist Syndicate. These are the days when everything ceases to be what it once was. Black becomes white... Up becomes down... Existence as you know it parishes into oblivion. Why? Because that is just how things go. As sad as it may make you it is true! Tony Zatarok and myself have combined our forces to destroy various targets here in PRIME. What better way to begin than by taking titles that are regarded as some of the most prestigious belts in PRIME? Toshiaki Motoki tried to send you both after me once... I buried you both and made you look like FLUKES for Tag Team Champions. Don't think I won't hesitate to do it again. The only catch is... I'll have help this time. You two couldn't beat me on your own! How in the hell do you think you can beat me when I have Tony Zatarok watching my back? You're right... You can't! You two would be better off just remaining in your dressing rooms embracing each other and thanking God you didn't enter the gates of hell for a second time. Regardless of if you actually do the SMART thing, or the STUPID thing... You'll be embarrassed for a second time. If you dare enter the ring against The Anarchist Syndicate, you'll be just another victim to us. You won't receive any recognition... You won't receive any kind of praise from us for putting up a good fight... All you'll be is mocked and laughed at by us. Why, I ask again? Because you will have made the stupidest mistake a human being could make. You will have tried to break through the "steel curtain" of PRIME. So I dare you to bring your carcasses down to the ring at "Point of Impact", because once we dispose of the supposed "real" Tag Team Champions... There will be NO QUESTION who deserves these titles!

Tony Zatarok: I don't even know why you'd waste that much energy talking to those two...

Shawn Wright: I figure that everyone deserves to hear their name. That way they can feel special.

Tony Zatarok: The only way those two may be special... Is if they're special ed!

Shawn Wright: I hear you there!

Shawn turns back to the camera and continues to talk towards their opponents.

Shawn Wright: Now let me switch gears here... I want to talk to the man whom I DESTROYED at ReVolution XXII. That would be you Kincade... Yes... The self-proclaimed "protector" of the "Asian Invasion"! The man who was SUPPOSED to come down to the ring and do the bidding of Toshiaki Motoki. Answer me this jackass... What happened? Just like Adam and his fictional character of a partner you were DISPOSED OF! I don't care how you want to slice it. You walked down that very aisle a cocky son-of-a-b!tch... And walked out a man with a broken ego. You walked out a 100% FAILURE! You couldn't even come close to beating me... A ROOKIE to PRIME. No no... Let me rephrase that... A NEWBIE to PRIME! Do you have any idea on how that reflects on you as a human being? Better yet... Do you have any idea on how that reflects on you as a PROFESSIONAL WRESTLER?! You couldn't beat a newbie. You were manhandled... Battered... Bruised... And pinned by me. Not only does that tell me that you are a JOKE in this business... It tells me that your boss, Toshiaki Motoki, only hires wannabes and rejects to do his bidding. He could have at least sent some superstar after me. He could have sent someone who might actually stand a snowballs chance in hell against me. But no... He made you look bad as well as himself for sending you. It makes me smile to know that I get to pound upon your pathetic carcass for a second time. Why, you ask? Because it will just reiterate the fact that I truly am stronger than you and the entire "Asian Invasion". It will reiterate the fact that the "Asian Invasion" is a joke all in itself. That makes me smile Kincade... It makes me smile to know that I truly am better than what I'm given credit for. I will make this GUARANTEE to you... WHEN WE WIN the Tag Team Championship Belts... I promise not to look over your beaten body... Stare into your eyes... And say the words "I told you so!". You do have that promise from me... I hope that makes you smile. Because once you step into the ring with The Anarchist Syndicate the smiles that may grace your face will be slapped off. They'll be dancing on the ground looking for someone to attach themselves to. Because you won't have any room for a smile when your bleeding and have a fat lip.

Again, after hearing the name of the man who injured his close friend, Tony Zatarok's level of intensity increases. He begins to get enraged at just the thought of Kincade...

Shawn Wright: Tony... Calm down man...

Justin North: Yeah man... You can't go into this match wearing your emotions on your sleeve like that.

Shawn Wright: It would give him an added advantage that he MUST NOT HAVE!

Tony Zatarok: It's just hard...

Shawn Wright: I know man... Your friend's injuries will be avenged...

Justin North: ... We promised you that remember?

Tony Zatarok: Yeah... I do...

Shawn Wright: Then trust us my brother... He will face his worst nightmare when he is confronted by The Anarchist Syndicate!

"Paradigm" and Justin North take Tony off into an adjacent room to hopefully calm him down. As they leave Shawn returns his focus to his opponents in this match.

Shawn Wright: Now finally... Onto Kincade's lovely mistress... I mean chauffeur... I mean valet... I mean tag team partner in this match, Driver. Now Driver help me to understand something... What exactly do you drive? Do you drive a Yugo? A Pinto? Kincade? What exactly do you drive? Is it a nickname given to you by your peers? Oh I know! You were the fat kid everyone picked on at school until you got a car. Then when people actually started paying attention to you, you thought they liked you. They nicknamed you "Driver" and you thought it was a sign that they were your new best friends! Well I have some seriously sad news for you... You really were their B!TCH! Now how does that little story relate to our match you ask? Simple... Once you step into that ring with Tony Zatarok and myself you'll become our b!tch. Plain and simple! You will have no noticeable effect on the outcome of this match. You are just another body thrown in so Motoki's ass goblin of a "protector" can try and beat the two men who have been punishing him mercilessly. In which case... You're being Motoki's b!tch! Regardless of how you look at the situation you're simply a b!tch. No questions or doubts about it. I don't know why you put up with it. Why do you let them treat you like that? It's simple... You crave acceptance! Driver... Listen to what I'm about to tell you. As long as you're only out to gain acceptance from those "higher on the food chain", you'll never EVER succeed. You'll simply SUCK! So just know this... I know why you're in this match. Deep down YOU KNOW why you're in this match. Because you crave acceptance. And acceptance is something you'll never receive as long as you allow yourself to be a little b!tch!!

Thinking his promo is complete Shawn begins to turn away, as if he were signaling the camera to quit rolling tape. Suddenly Justin North comes running in the room.

Justin North: Shawn... Shawn... You have got to come see this!!

Shawn Wright: Dude what is it?

Justin North: It's Kincade... He's cutting one...

Shawn Wright: Oh sh!t!

Shawn and Justin begin running towards the room where Tony and Roxie stand. They are already watching the promo cut by Kincade just hours earlier. Tony's level of anger is increasing rapidly. Shawn quickly tries to intervene.

Shawn Wright: Roxie... Justin... Get him out of here!

Tony Zatarok: NO! I want to hear what this bastard has to say.

Shawn Wright: If you do... You cannot allow yourself to get overly emotional!

Tony Zatarok: I promise!

The group stands and continues to watch Kincade finish his promo. Zatarok is somewhat able to control his anger towards Kincade but makes it clear that there will be NO love loss during the match. Shawn takes this final opportunity to glare one final time at the camera and speak out one last time.

Shawn Wright: It's funny... When you think you're ALL DONE with things to say, you hear Mister Kincade himself speak. That just gives me so much more to say!!! Kincade I heard every damn word you had to say to me. And I know you're going to hear everything I have to say to you. You heard what I said earlier... Well make sure you hear what I say now! You may think I'm a lucky son-of-a-b!tch for beating you at ReVolution XXII, but we both know that is what you're being paid to say. You know deep down that I'm just the better wrestler. I just have more talent. Am I supposed to be scared that you now have some personal vendetta against me? I mean for Christ's sake... Beating you causes that much personal anguish that you must have personal vengeance against that person in order to achieve euphoria? Come on there jackass... It makes no sense! I know you honestly don't think too highly of Zatarok or myself... I know you are going to come after us without any hesitation... But that will be your greatest mistake. You fear defeat for a second time. Your eye isn't on the prize... It's on personal retribution. That will be your ultimate downfall my friend. You are too focused on a personal grudge that you forget that there is a bigger picture to this. Regardless of your obvious mental retardation... The Anarchist Syndicate is not going to make the same mistake you are. We know what the big picture is. We have our eye on the prize. And after "Point of Impact" is over you'll notice that we didn't allow our personal grudges get in the way of achieving our destiny. Keep thinking that you have this all wrapped up... Because it'll make our victory just that much easier! See you at "Point of Impact"!

With those final words, the camera slowly begins to fade to black. The last images seen are of "Pr0t0typ3", "Paradigm" and Justin North trying to help Tony completely calm down. This pay per view could become Kincade's final stand here in PRIME with the way Tony Zatarok is feeling. Could this pay per view be the beginning of the end for the "Asian Invasion"? Will The Anarchist Syndicate truly dominate as they have prophesized? As always "Pr0t0typ3" has left us will more questions than we have answers for. Tune in this Sunday for "Point of Impact" live, only on PAY PER VIEW!

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