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One thing that many people never expected from ReVolution XXI, was to see "Pr0t0typ3" Shawn Wright walk out a winner, and with the PRIME Tag Team Title belts. The odds were stacked against "Pr0t0typ3" as he walked in a marked man by Toshiaki Motoki. He withstood the odds and did just as he said he would... He defeated the henchmen of Toshiaki Motoki, and stole a part of their dignity. What is next for "Pr0t0typ3" Shawn Wright? How will he engage Toshiaki Motoki again? Prior to PRIME taking it's brief hiatus, those were the questions left unanswered. Now is a time when those questions could have answers to them. The card for ReVolution XXII has officially been released. As expected, Toshiaki Motoki has booked "Pr0t0typ3" Shawn Wright in a match. Instead of going the route of his last attempt at destroying Shawn Wright, he has elected to go an alternate route. He has left the thought of 2 versus 1... And moved on to a more hardcore aspect. Many believe Motoki feels that Shawn Wright doesn't have a true hardcore side. So by sending him into what has been called a "Bare Buckles Match," he hopes to take the edge out of "Pr0t0typ3's" favor. His opponent in this contest, a man who has posted a 2-3-0 record in PRIME by the name of, Kincade. How will "Pr0t0typ3" react to this? Again... As the world of "Pr0t0typ3" Shawn Wright and PRIME begins to unfold, more questions are brought to the forefront. Hopefully more light will be shed on this matter as time unfolds.

As the camera slowly begins to fade in from black, it sits, perched high atop a building , overlooking a busy street. Cars are screaming through intersections. Disgruntled drivers are honking. Road rage is in the air. Away from the street, people walk calmly along the sidewalks. They stare as they watch one driver flip another the bird. Most of the people walking are dressed for work. Walking briskly trying to get to their final destination before it is too late. Some even stop and hurry into the local coffee shops to get themselves a fresh cup of coffee prior to work. And believe it or not, there are some who just are out enjoying a walk. Two of those "walk enthusiasts" are seen dressed unlike the others. As the camera zooms in on the two "misfits" of the bunch, a glistening of GOLD can be seen shimmering around both of their waists. The gold is quickly identified as the PRIME Tag Team Championship belts. Their identities are revealed instantly as those belts are seen. Shawn Wright and his wife, Roxie, walk calmly amongst the hustle and bustle of the average human being's everyday life, like it was nothing. They converse together as they walk.

Roxie Wright: Well Shawn... You proved me wrong.

Shawn Wright: As I said I would!

Roxie Wright: Don't get too cocky! Remember your "arrogant" character was a puppet.

Shawn Wright: Don't remind me!

Roxie Wright: Just saying...

Shawn Wright: But seriously Roxie... How do you feel about my capabilities now? Now that you have seen me take down those two jackasses who Toshiaki Motoki sent at me... That has to help you feel more confident about me.

Roxie Wright: Honestly it does...

Shawn Wright: Good...

Roxie Wright: Doesn't mean I still can't worry!

Shawn Wright: Oh lord!

Roxie Wright: Shawn... You proved my doubts wrong this time! But there are other times when you can truly be hurt or injured.

Shawn Wright: Yeah... Well those times won't cross my path anytime soon that's for sure!

Roxie Wright: I sure hope so!

Shawn Wright: Besides... When those times come... My long term effects will already be embedded in the hearts, minds, and souls of EVERYONE involved with PRIME.

Roxie Wright: And that is supposed to make me feel better?

Shawn Wright: Well... It's supposed to make you realize that even if I were to get hurt... It would be too late for anyone to stop the inevitable destruction.

Instead of bothering with this conversation, Shawn elects to shift the conversation to a new path. He begins to focus on the events of ReVolution XXI.

Shawn Wright: Anyway... It's time for us to focus on the present. Not WORRY about the present... FOCUS!

Roxie Wright: And what is that supposed to mean?

Shawn Wright: It means that ReVolution XXII is coming up.

Roxie Wright: Ok, and that means?

Shawn Wright: Look what is around our waists right now. When I stole these belts I made a statement directed right at Toshiaki Motoki...

Roxie Wright: That you're a kleptomaniac?

Shawn Wright: ... No Roxie... That I plan on defying every, little, bit of authority he thinks he can hold over me.

Roxie Wright: And that message was sent by stealing these?

Shawn Wright: Roxie... He sent PRIME's Tag Team Champions to try and dispose of me. I took them both down... And I beat them 1... 2... 3!

Roxie Wright: I think I, and the rest of the world, are aware of that.

Shawn Wright: ... I know, FOR A FACT, Motoki was thinking about getting cocky, and having the champions put these babies on the line. So I decided that he had the right idea. Granted he didn't have the faith in his little champions to do it... I figured what better way to rub salt into the wounds, than by stealing what he almost had the courage to put up for grabs.

Roxie Wright: Frighteningly enough... I kind of understand the concept there.

Shawn Wright: I figured it would make some better sense.

Now that Roxie understands the groundwork behind where Shawn is taking this conversation, she begins to run the conversation in a slightly modified direction. She begins to talk to Shawn about his up and coming match with Kincade at ReVolution XXII.

Roxie Wright: So now... With Motoki steaming mad... He's upped the ante against you for ReVolution XXII.

Shawn Wright: Exactly... He's sending me into a match where I really don't like going.

Roxie Wright: I know Shawn...

Shawn Wright: I'm not afraid... I'm just not keen on the idea of hardcore.

Roxie Wright: I know Shawn... And quite frankly... Neither am I!

Shawn slowly begins to get agitated. There is much more volume in his voice and even more passion behind it.

Shawn Wright: It won't stop me though... It won't stop me from taking down the "suits" here in PRIME.

Sensing that Shawn is slowly getting carried away, "Paradigm" begins to try and calm him down.

Roxie Wright: Shawn...

Shawn Wright: No Roxie... I'm OK... It's just... This match will be one where I really want to make a stand. The Tag Team Champions weren't enough.

Roxie Wright: What do you mean?

Shawn Wright: I'm not satisfied knowing I just beat the Tag Team Champions of PRIME...

Roxie Wright: I didn't figure that would be enough Shawn.

Shawn Wright: When I enter that ring, and look around at all of the bare turnbuckles... I will enter a mindset that I world I thought I would never enter again. I will have to force myself into the mind of a hardcore superstar. I'll have to forget the rules of the ring and just try and end Kincade's career.

Roxie Wright: Yeah...

Shawn Wright: And I guarantee that is what I damn well will do!

Roxie Wright: Good! But I'm still going to worry ha ha!

Shawn Wright: I was waiting for that comment...

Roxie Wright: I couldn't resist!

Shawn begins to talk more and more about his match with Kincade at ReVolution XXII.

Shawn Wright: Honestly... I just see this match, overall, as another stepping stone in the bigger picture here in PRIME.

Roxie Wright: But this match, unlike your first, could turn a lot uglier.

Shawn Wright: It could... But remember the rules, or lack thereof, apply to both wrestlers. I think we're focusing too much on the fact that he might possibly use all of these hardcore aspects of this match against me.

Roxie Wright: Yeah and?

Shawn Wright: ... And we should be focusing on the fact that we can use the same tactics against him.

Roxie Wright: That is true...

With "Paradigm" Roxie Wright continually worrying, Shawn feels it is his duty to make her understand that it is all a waste of time. Worrying about him is going to do more harm than good. He does his best to make her realize that.

Shawn Wright: So, instead of continually worrying about what this, joke, of a wrestler will do to me... Why not worry what I may do to him?

Roxie Wright: Shawn it's hard... I don't care how badly you hurt him. I never will. I care about what may happen to you.

Shawn Wright: It's not a matter of what happens to me. What you should understand is that I am in this business for a reason. I am in this business to kick people's asses. I'm not in it to get beaten up. Even when I was one of the "corporate puppets," look at the success I had.

Roxie Wright: Yeah... I didn't worry then!

Shawn Wright: Why?

Roxie Wright: Because then I didn't worry about EVERYONE coming after you on a whim. I knew it wouldn't be you versus the world.

Shawn Wright: Rox... Listen to me! Just because it is me versus the world doesn't mean anything changes. There have been many people before me to succeed doing them same thing. Look at people like Agent oo6...

Roxie Wright: That's a name I haven't heard in a while...

Shawn Wright: ... It doesn't matter... He showed me that it wasn't about being liked by the locker room. It was about sending a message. He never ONCE let anyone boss him around. And now... He is one of the greatest of ALL TIME!

Roxie Wright: Well... That is true!

Shawn Wright: So you see... Together he and I were the single, most hated professional wrestlers on the wrestling circuit. I learned from the best... And damnit I'm going to continue with what I know. I'm not Adam Driggs... I'm not Justin Halesz... I'm Shawn Wright! I'm a man on a mission to prove to everyone that I don't have to be another "corporate puppet" who is seen as just another wrestling junkie. I can finally make a name for MYSELF and MY BELIEFS.

Roxie Wright: Well Shawn... I know it means a lot to you. And I am going to stand by you 100%.

Shawn Wright: I know Rox... But I need to know that you'll try and focus more on the positives rather than worrying about what bad things may happen.

Roxie Wright: I can sure try!

Shawn Wright: That's all I ask!

As the two are walking the view of the cameras shift. Suddenly the view changes to a couple walking in the opposite direction of "Pr0t0typ3" and "Paradigm". The couple obviously are fans of PRIME, shown by their dawning of PRIME memorabilia, are talking about the card for the next ReVolution. The camera begins to follow them as they talk.

Man 1: Dude I can't wait for ReVolution XXII!

Man 2: No sh_t! Rolo and Zyfloi... Lisieux and Frost... "Pr0t0typ3" and Kincade...

Man 1: Motoki has lined up a spectacular card!

Man 2: He always does!

Man 1: Ok... I have to ask... This computer nerd "Pr0t0typ3"... What do you think?

Man 2: Not quite sure yet. I've seen him in the past. He can be dangerous. But I don't know how he'll stack up in PRIME.

Man 1: I'm not sold on him... Although he did make a gutsy move stealing the Tag Team Titles.

Man 2: I did think that was sweet!

Man 1: I just call it signing his own death certificate if you ask me.

Man 2: What's your hang up? Sounds like you may not even be giving this guy a chance?

Man 1: Well like you... I've seen him in the past. He is a pestilence when it comes to wrestling federations. He is a virus... He'll kill PRIME and piss on its ruins!

Man 2: I just think maybe he's here to do damage... But who knows...

As both couples begin to converge on a common point, one of the men bumps shoulders with "Pr0t0typ3" Shawn Wright. He doesn't realize who the man is and turns to confront the man...

Man 1: Hey buddy, watch out where you're going!!!

"Pr0t0typ3" turns around and lowers his sunglasses which always grace his face. The man who verbalized his displeasure with Shawn turns white as a ghost.

Shawn Wright: A pestilence eh? Giving me that moniker is quite upsetting to me... I dare not steal the nickname of my "Brother In Blood".

Quick to respond, the second man tries to apologize for his friends actions.

Man 2: S-S-Sir... He's really sorry! He didn't mean to!

Shawn Wright: No need to apologize for your friend. Skeptics are common in this business. I know I have many. He is one of the non-believers in this world who will be sorely saddened once I prove them wrong.

Man 2: Y-Y-Yes sir!

Shawn walks right up to the man who confronted him and removes his sunglasses. He gets right in the mans face, almost nose to nose, and speaks to him.

Shawn Wright: You had better see the light soon peon... You may want to call me a computer nerd now... But when I climb that infamous ladder to the top of PRIME and eventually hold the company at bay... And the PRIME Global Championship above my head... You'll be begging me to spare kicking your ass along with the rest of corporate sell-outs in this business.

Seeing Shawn's quick anger, "Paradigm" tries to quickly interject and quell the situation.

Roxie Wright: Shawn... Shawn let's go...

The friend continues to apologize for his friend.

Man 2: I swear my friend is really sorry!

Shawn Wright: I know he is... The cruel irony of me being here when his doubts are cast shows that his comments are not safe from the ears of those who may oppose it. He'll be made a believer soon enough!

Roxie Wright: Shawn... We're going!

Roxie quickly grabs Shawn by the leather jacket and pulls him along. "Pr0t0typ3" walks backwards for the first few steps continuing to stare deep into the eyes of his doubters. Then, just as quickly as he turned to see his accuser, he turns back around and begins walking. The camera view instantly shifts back to the superstars from PRIME as their conversation commences.

Roxie Wright: Shawn we don't need you getting into any trouble outside of the federation...

Shawn Wright: Intimidation cannot lead to trouble my dear... It's a form of persuasion.

Roxie Wright: And I hate to say... An effective form at that...

Shawn Wright: Why do you think I use it?

Roxie Wright: And I'm honestly surprised you haven't tried using it on Kincade yet...

Shawn Wright: Funny... I was thinking the same thing!

Roxie Wright: I figured you were... You had that ora about you...

As the two continue to walk, Shawn begins to stare more and more into the lens of the camera. He finally begins to remove his Oakley® sunglasses, and cast a deadly stare at all who watch. His posture changes and his glare begins to stiffen. It is finally known that he is about to speak out towards his opponent for this weeks ReVolution, Kincade.

Shawn Wright: You know... I find it funny. People can cast their doubts about me all they want, and time after time I'll be right there to prove them wrong. Such was the case at the last ReVolution when I beat the undisputed Tag Team Champions of PRIME... And then took their gold for my own. Now... I walk along the streets of any town or city and still hear doubters. Now they doubt that I can beat an ex-serial killer? Hmm... Well if they want to be wrong continuously in life so be it. I'm going head to head with a guy who has won two matches out of the FIVE he has competed in. The two matches he won... Personally I don't much care who they were against because it doesn't matter now. He's stuck here in the present along with me. He will wish, though, that he could live in the past. He will wish he could live in those times when he was actually able to win a match. Because now, in his present day, and near future, there is no victory in sight for him. All that there is, is a severe ass kicking on the part of yours truly, "Pr0t0typ3" Shawn Wright. It doesn't matter how many people believe I can succeed. It doesn't matter how many people stand around and mock me because of my name or background... Because they too will be silenced. Right now... I'm nothing but a new guy. I'm nothing but another guy who looks like he is trying to become someone. What Kincade and those other doubters don't know is this... I've BEEN someone... I've been at the top... I know what it's like. Sure... I may be trying to get back there but instead of being TOLD how to go about it... I'm doing it under my OWN terms.

Both "Pr0t0typ3" and "Paradigm" continue to walk down the sidewalk. Various people look and stare as they recognize the pair. Others just look because the two seem out of place. Regardless, it doesn't stop Shawn Wright from continuing to speak.

Shawn Wright: ... And Kincade... I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that a "Bare Buckles Match" is right up your alley. You think that since you did some "hard time" with your cell mates, as well as a prison sentence, you know how to "rough it up" in situations such as this. I'm sorry son but you are sadly mistaken. You may be some ex-serial killer... But that means a few things. One... It means you softened up. You let yourself become a sweetie to society so you could get out. They don't parole people who haven't become softies. Another thing is... You were beaten both in the ass and in the face while in jail. Why should I be scared of someone who went through that? You were someone's bitch! Plain and simple! You'll be my bitch this time... Although you won't face the ass pounding... You'll face the ass whippings. You're record is as it is for a reason... You've only won twice because there are people softer than you here. You got lucky and were put against them. It is sad that I'm not that soft.

As the two are walking they pass an electronics store. Ironically they are running sales on televisions so some of their best are sitting in the window. To add even more irony as they pass they see "Pr0t0typ3's" opponent Kincade cutting a promo. "Pr0t0typ3" watches like a hawk as the promo begins and ends. He lets out a cocky smirk. He turns to the camera and begins to speak again, as if it were a rebuttal.

Shawn Wright: I give you credit Kincade... By the sound of this, little, pathetic, futile, attempt at intimidation... You have some guts. Doesn't mean you have brains but you have guts. You call me a leader of a "futile revolution"... Well your beliefs will ultimately be your downfall my friend. Believing that my quest is futile makes you OFFICIALLY one of those non-believers in me. I assumed that you were but thankfully... You verified my assumption. You call yourself the protector of the "Asian Invasion"... Damn all I have to know about that is when Asians started hiring Caucasian males to do their dirty work. I've seen "Fast and the Furious"... They seem to be able to handle their matters quite well. I guess they have decided to take the "XXX" route on things and hire ex-cons to do their bidding. Why do that? Is Motoki too afraid he'll screw it up if he does it himself? I must say it is a logical reason... I could have sworn that Motoki sent his little cream puffs the last time I entered the ring... I guess he was saving you for dessert. And then going to send you to fight me. I don't care if this match is your forte of a match... Hear those words Kincade... I DON'T CARE! It means nothing... You can try your damnedest to take me down but in the end... The quest for pure and unadulterated ANARCHY will continue. You are a misguided soul to think you have an edge on me... But I guess I can't complain too much. It makes my job one hundred times easier. So Kincade... Bring whatever it is you think you have. It won't be enough. Humor yourself into thinking you have what it takes to beat me... Again humor yourself. Once you hear the referee count to three the humor will end and reality will set in. Not just for you... But for the whole "Asian Invasion". The time for ANARCHY is upon us all!

With those final words of wisdom, "Pr0t0typ3" turns from the electronics store and, along with "Paradigm," begins to walk off down the street. As "Pr0t0typ3" and "Paradigm" are walking out of the frame, Shawn stops. He walks back to the camera and says this final phrase...

Shawn Wright: ANARCHY is one political ideal that cannot be accomplished alone!!

Shawn quickly exits the frame and continues to leave with his wife. "Pr0t0typ3" Shawn Wright is not one to give answers to some questions without creating others! Could a band of anarchists be in the making? Will Kincade be able to stop the progress of "Pr0t0typ3" before he ruins the "Asian Invasion" even more? ReVolution XXII will definitely be a card to remember.

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