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**(_/\/\~»{ THE PREQUEL }«~/\/\_)**

A video montage plays of the events at ReVolution XX plays as a voice-over speaks. The first pictures are of "Pr0t0typ3" Shawn Wright laying out the security guard.

Voice Over: The groundwork for a revolution has been set...

The video shows Toshiaki Motoki speaking and being interrupted by "Pr0t0typ3" Shawn Wright.

Voice Over: The first glimpses of what is to come were unveiled...

The video of "Pr0t0typ3" talking is next...

Voice Over: Authority is meaningless... Attempts to prevent it are futile...

The video zooms in on "Pr0t0typ3" all the way up to his face.

Voice Over: He was brought to cause a rift in the current system.

The video concludes with the showing of Toshiaki Motoki slamming his fist upon the table and the chips flying up. The montage slowly repeats itself as the voice continues to speak.

Voice Over: ... A rift that cannot be mended without HIS consent. The new, mystery, co-owner, of PRIME has called upon one of the most vile, vicious, mischievous, conniving, and rogue athletes to begin his reign against Toshiaki. He searched high and low for the man who could do this. He knew that not just any man would "fit the bill" of a "rogue"... He knew he had to go against his own, personal, feelings when he made this decision. Whether he would be one-hundred percent happy with his decision in the long run didn't concern him. He needed someone to take immediate action against the current system. He couldn't just find someone that MIGHT be able to fulfill his wishes... He needed certainty. He needed someone who cared NOTHING for authority and was out for his own personal gain. One man fit that bill. One man fit that profile. One man could help him gain an upper hand regardless of the long-lasting effects. He sought out that one man. He fought countless hours to convince THAT MAN that he was right for the job. He succeeded. At ReVolution XX that man showed himself, and showed that he was openly against the rule of Toshiaki Motoki. That man is "Pr0t0typ3" Shawn Wright. He is a rogue athlete looked upon as a cancer, a virus, an ailment, to whatever federation he encounters. This owner knew he was perfect. The end of this, the year 2003, brings new questions into the eyes of those who follow PRIME. The five W's are out there... Who? What? When? Where? Why? And many people continue to ask the most important question... HOW?! The year 2004 will mark a new age in PRIME. Will it be positive? Negative? Destructive? Nobody knows... The New Year is less than a week away. Will the world of PRIME as we know it become transformed into a world only meant, for a "Pr0t0typ3"?

The prequel ends as the video slowly fades to black.

**(_/\/\~»{ THE SCENE }«~/\/\_)**

Shocking occurrences marked ReVolution XX... One of which nobody in their right mind ever expected. The new, mystery, co-owner, of PRIME, made his presence felt by exercising his powers early. He went and recruited one of the most notorious rebels in the sport of wrestling, "Pr0t0typ3" Shawn Wright. Everyone has been quite curious as to how this will effect the current structure of PRIME. Everyone knows that with a new co-owner coming in, Toshiaki Motoki is not going to be able to run everything to his own, personal, specifications anymore. There will be another who is able to counteract every action he makes. Another question in the minds of many fans is, what long term effects will the signing of "Pr0t0typ3" Shawn Wright have on PRIME itself. Could he come in and single-handedly destroy all of the rules and guidelines that have been around? Will he be the one to defy every authoritative figure that steps in his path? There are so many questions out there that will not, and cannot, be answered until January 1, 2004. That could mark the day in which PRIME, as we know it, becomes obsolete. And if that is the case... Will he be alone in his assault on the authority of PRIME? Or will other join in and aide in his path of destruction?

The night is young, a soft breeze rustles the trees, there is an unsettling calmness in the air. A park is seen by the camera as the current location of this seen. There is nobody around with the exception of two dark figures walking through the grass. It is easily recognized as a male and female walking. The male is wearing a trench coat with both hands in his pockets. The woman walks beside the man also in dark clothes, but holds one hand out on the man's back. The slow pace of their stride shows that the mood is calm. It is also obvious that they are trying not to be seen. The camera gradually begins to pan around the two as if it were flying above them. It slowly comes to rest in front of the two, moving backwards in order to keep pace. The camera slowly begins to pick up the conversation being held between the two. As the camera finally zooms in closely on the pair the conversation becomes fully audible, and is able to be heard by anyone watching or listening.

Shawn Wright: Well my dear... I believe I made a fairly grandiose entrance.

Roxie Wright: I would have to agree Shawn... Much more than I ever expected.

Shawn Wright: Well the circumstances of my signing made it a must that I show that I'm not taking orders from any sap in this place.

Roxie Wright: I, honestly, was quite shocked when you actually signed with PRIME.

Shawn Wright: How come?

Roxie Wright: Because... I didn't figure with the way everything was structured in this place it would entice you.

Shawn Wright: Just because there currently is a group of executives thinking they are all high and mighty, doesn't mean I can't come in and decimate it.

Roxie Wright: That is true.

Shawn Wright: I was signed to be the thorn in the side of Toshiaki Motoki... What they didn't know is that I plan on being the permanent thorn in the side of everyone.

Roxie Wright: Why everyone?

Shawn Wright: Because I'm tired of the "suits" bossing everyone around, and those fools who don't know how to think for themselves just going along with it.

Roxie Wright: So?

Shawn Wright: So... I plan on making sure that everyone who just allows these corporate rules to exist pay dearly.

Roxie Wright: No exceptions?

Shawn Wright: NONE! If they want to continue to be under corporate rule they're fair game to me. If they choose to rebel and join this new world order, which I have taken under my wing, then they may be pardoned...

Roxie becomes slightly distraught at her husbands comments. She quickly interjects her thoughts on the matter.

Roxie Wright: You sound like such a different person from whom I once knew!

Shawn Wright: How?

Roxie Wright: You sound like you are some prophet... Like you have some mission in life that you have been tasked by the Lord Almighty himself to accomplish...

Shawn Wright: I have seen so much good talent get destroyed thanks to corporate puppet masters. I see so much talent here... I figure if I am able to pull some away from the corporate group... They may understand their own potential.

Roxie Wright: Don't you think they already may?

Shawn Wright: Doubtful! I though during my days as a corporate puppet I was the best damned thing out there. I went down hard when I realized I had not done anything as me... But as someone whom I was paid to be.

Roxie Wright: In a sense aren't you doing that again?

Shawn Wright: In a sense... Yes! But on the other hand I'm getting a chance to fulfill my life-long goal to be someone as nobody else but me, and help destroy another corporate monopoly of a good federation at the same time.

Roxie Wright: I see...

Shawn Wright: I see myself as the judge... And jury... Of this place.

Roxie Wright: And that means what?

Shawn Wright: It's my job to take down the "suits". Instead of doing it behind the scenes... Do it in front of everyone's eyes.

Slightly frightened at the situation, "Paradigm" tries to understand the logic behind her husband's "mission".

Roxie Wright: Isn't that a little risky?

Shawn Wright: It is... I will have everyone and their dog after me... Wrestlers, executives, their wives... It'll be a clusterf_ck if you know what I mean.

Roxie Wright: Believe me I can imagine.

Shawn Wright: It won't be pretty my dear... But it will damn sure be well worth it...

As the two are talking, "Pr0t0typ3" Shawn Wright's cell phone begins to ring. Shawn checks the caller ID and realizes who it is. Through the miracles of modern technology, the voice on the other end can be heard. The camera listens in to the cell phone conversation.

Shawn Wright: Hello?

Voice: Shawn... It's me!

Shawn Wright: I recognized that when you called... Wonderful thing caller ID, you know?

Voice: Thanks for the sarcasm...

Shawn Wright: You know that's definitely one of the things in this world I am good for...

Voice: That's the God to honest truth...

Shawn Wright: Anyway...

Voice: Anyway back to why I'm calling...

Shawn Wright: Yeah I told you to call when you heard anything...

Voice: Well believe me I've heard some major "anythings" through the grapevine.

Shawn Wright: Good... Let me have them!

Voice: It seems that Toshiaki Motoki has officially released the card for ReVolution XXI!

Shawn Wright: You're sh!tting with me?

Voice: No sir... And you haven't heard the "juiciest" of it all...

Shawn Wright: Do I really want to?

Voice: That I don't know...

Shawn Wright: Well... Hit me with it anyway!

Voice: You're on it my friend!

Shawn Wright: I gathered that by the haste in your voice...

Voice: Motoki hit you hard on this one...

Shawn Wright: You're an expert at beating around the bush... Tell me already!

Voice: You're booked in a handicapped match!

Shawn Wright: Well that is a nice way to welcome anyone!

Voice: It gets better...

Shawn Wright: How did I ever guess?

Voice: Your opponents... Are none other than the PRIME TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS THEMSELVES!

Shawn Wright: Excellent!

Voice: Yeah I'm sorry I had to be... Wait what did you say?

Shawn Wright: I said EXCELLENT!

Voice: Might I ask why?

Shawn Wright: They will be, and pardon the pun, PRIME candidates for my opening "statement" into PRIME.

Voice: Well Shawn... I hope you know what you're getting your ass into...

Shawn Wright: Don't I always?

Voice: Well you seem to! But anyway... I need to go... I can't let anyone spot me or our cover will be blown!

Shawn Wright: Agreed...

Voice: Later Shawn!

Shawn Wright: Bye!

Shawn hangs up his cell phone, and faces forward just like he had before his cell phone had rung... Although now he has a slight smirk upon his face. "Paradigm", intrigued by the one-sided conversation she heard, and the sudden change in "Pr0t0typ3's" facial expressions, begins to inquire as to what exactly just happened over the phone.

Roxie Wright: Shawn?

Shawn Wright: Yes dear?

Roxie Wright: Might I ask what you just found out?

Shawn Wright: Seems like Motoki has officially released the card for ReVolution XXI!

Roxie Wright: And you're on it?

Shawn Wright: Damn right!

Roxie Wright: Against?

Shawn Wright: The PRIME Tag Team Champions, Adam and The English Luchador!

Roxie's level of paranoia increases as she hears about who Shawn's opponents will be in his opening bout in PRIME.

Roxie Wright: You have got to be joking!

Shawn Wright: Nope!

Roxie Wright: Shawn... I know you're anxious to take care of business here in PRIME... But do you really think you can handle the PRIME Tag Team Champions all alone?

Shawn Wright: Listen Rox... These two guys think that just because I am outnumbered, I have no chance. And by the sound of it... You feel the same way. I've lurked around PRIME long enough to see what these two jokers are made of. And believe me when I say it isn't anything either of us should worry about.

Roxie Wright: I just think that this may not be the best way...

Shawn Wright: What choice do I have Roxie?

Roxie Wright: True...

Shawn Wright: The way you are thinking is the way Toshiaki Motoki is hoping I'm thinking. Well to burst your bubble... And his... I'm not thinking that way. So what if they are the bleeding Tag Team Champions?! What difference should it make? They are going to be the EXAMPLE I make here in PRIME. I don't think they understand who I am. They think I'm just another new guy... Well what they don't know... WILL HURT THEM! I'm going into this match with a lot of preparation. I've seen their capabilities. If they've seen mine... They've only seen very little. I have a major advantage over these two...

Roxie Wright: Well I suppose...

Shawn Wright: You need to have faith in me Roxie! You need to understand that these two have no idea the mess they have been put into. I am a one-man wrecking crew on a mission.

Roxie Wright: I can guarantee I won't stop worrying...

Shawn Wright: I think I knew you well enough to know that!

As the two are walking, they come across an empty, park bench. Both sit down and get comfortable. The camera pans around the two and returns to being head on with them. Shawn looks head on into the camera, and seems as if he is about to make his very first, "official," shoot towards his opponents at ReVolution XXI. When the camera notices this it quickly zooms in on "Pr0t0typ3" and readies itself for, what is almost guaranteed to be, a memorable statement.

Shawn Wright: January 5, 2004... A day that will live in infamy in the minds of PRIME fans forever. Why? Because it will mark the first altercation any members of the PRIME roster have had with one, "Pr0t0typ3" Shawn Wright. Who will those members be? Those members will be Adam and his tag team partner, The English Luchador. This match was booked by Toshiaki Motoki for one reason... HOPE! Hope that these two could eliminate the, now official PRIME "Pr0t0typ3", Shawn Wright, before he could rein too much chaos on the world of PRIME as everyone knows it. Well Toshiaki... Your two servants won't do much good against me my friend. Why? Because I am too determined. And on top of that... You sent two guys who aren't even in the same league with me. First off you have Adam... A guy who is too religious to even be in such a sport as wrestling... And on top of that... He's Scottish! So you can't even understand him when he speaks to begin with! While I'm on the subject of Adam... Let me first start off by addressing him... Adam... First off why even bother with wrestling? Scotsmen weren't ever intended to wrestle! Look at Rowdy Roddy Piper... His finisher is a bloody SLEEPER HOLD?! How much more lame can you get?! You Scotsmen are supposed to be throwing cabers and wearing skirts! Not wrestling! I've been around this business for many years, and I have honestly never seen a successful Scottish wrestler. I've seen some who thought they were tough sh!t... But when you looked closer they were nothing but mediocre mid-carders AT BEST! They weren't anything to be proud of. You must understand Adam, that when you enter the ring with the "Pr0t0typ3" you're entering a world unlike anything you could ever imagine. When you leave you'll be considered one of the walking wounded... If you're lucky. I am a man who is on a mission to take down anyone who may stand in my way of taking down the suits. I was brought here for a reason... And damnit I plan on doing my job!

Shawn turns back to his wife. They continue to converse about Shawn and PRIME.

Shawn Wright: I figure that may get the message across.

Roxie Wright: If it doesn't some people are hopeless.

Shawn Wright: So are you still worried?

Roxie Wright: I told you... No matter what you say I'm always going to worry!

Shawn Wright: Why?

Roxie Wright: Consider it my job!

Shawn Wright: If you say so!

Roxie Wright: I mean a 2-on-1 match just worries me. You are outnumbered Shawn...

Shawn Wright: I'm aware of that sweetie!

Roxie Wright: Honestly how do you plan on fending off two guys at once?

Shawn Wright: I don't know... Very carefully?

Roxie Wright: Don't be a smart ass!

Shawn Wright: Well... What kind of answer were you looking for?

Roxie Wright: I don't know... An honest one?

Shawn Wright: I would say that seemed honest to me! I'm not going to go in there and just d!ck around... I'm going to take them seriously... And give them a serious beat down!

Roxie Wright: I just hope you're right Shawn...

Shawn Wright: Trust me!

Roxie Wright: I do trust you Shawn... But that WILL NOT stop me from worrying.

Shawn Wright: Like I honestly expected it to!

Instead of continuing to fight the battle with "Paradigm" about her worrying, Shawn tries to shift the conversation into a little more positive light about the match.

Shawn Wright: This match will help me achieve my goals though.

Roxie Wright: What do you mean?

Shawn Wright: It will help me make a name for myself, while at the same time destroying the corporate monarchy.

Roxie Wright: How do you think this match will help you with that?

Shawn Wright: Honey look who they're sending after me... They're sending two of the wrestlers who the "suits" hold in very high regards.

Roxie Wright: Ok... And?

Shawn Wright: And if a newbie to PRIME, like myself, were to down the illustrious PRIME Tag Team Champions... Imagine the publicity... Imagine the power we'd already have under our belts...

Roxie Wright: I guess...

Shawn Wright: Rox... We would have the "suits" already on their heels. They would be expecting the champions to come out victorious against ONE MAN. If I defy those beliefs they will have to retreat to come up with a new strategy.

Roxie Wright: And...

Shawn Wright: And we wouldn't! We could continue our assault on them. They'd be trying to duck and cover and regroup... While on our side we'd continue to press onwards against them.

Roxie Wright: I see...

Shawn Wright: In turn it would shift the advantages towards our side rather than theirs.

Roxie Wright: So you're admitting they're the ones with the power right now?

Shawn Wright: Of course... They made the match didn't they? It's our job to beat them at their own game. I know FOR A FACT that I can take these two. So what if I am outnumbered?! It won't matter in the end. It will be the PRIME Tag Team Champions who suffer the loss... And I plan on taking more than their dignity once I do win!

Curious as to the nature of that statement, Roxie begins to inquire as to what "Pr0t0typ3" exactly meant when he said that.

Roxie Wright: What do you mean by that Shawn?

Shawn Wright: Simple... I plan on taking a piece of them, and the "suits" with me once I win.

Roxie Wright: I don't think I follow Shawn...

Shawn Wright: Again... Just trust me! I plan on making one hell of a statement once I win. The Tag Team Champions will have no dignity left once they lose to one man. But I plan on making sure they have NOTHING AT ALL once they lose to me.

Roxie Wright: Ok... If you say so!

Shawn Wright: I think that once I win, it'll be time that I send a message that the "suits" won't be able to control me... And that I am going to be one continuous thorn in their sides until the day I'm gone from this company!

Roxie Wright: Oh, my guess is that they have figured that out already...

Shawn Wright: Good... But it never hurts to reinforce their beliefs!

For the second time, Shawn looks towards the camera preparing to speak again. And, for the second time, the camera prepares itself to record the comments made by "Pr0t0typ3" Shawn Wright. Once everyone has gotten set, Shawn glares, once again, deeply into the lens of the camera and begins to speak out towards his opponents for ReVolution XXI.

Shawn Wright: I feel that it is only fair that, if I speak out towards ONE PERSON... I should do it towards both. Now Adam's partner, and other half of the PRIME Tag Team Champions, is known as The English Luchador. To me... That is an impossible name! Why? Because Luchadors come from Mexico. Grapplers come from England! There is no such thing as an "English Luchador"... It's like a jackalope... It's a fictional character! Why should I, of all people, fear a religious guru and his imaginary friend? That's right... I shouldn't! These two are, in my humble opinion, the Tag Team Champions here in PRIME by default. Everyone knows that these two aren't worth the contracts they sign their names on. So why should they waste their time when they could be looking for bigger, and obviously BETTER, people to go after. But I am being forced to waste my precious time on you two. It seems Toshiaki Motoki has some vague ounce of faith in you... Again why... I don't know! I guess he feels that you two may be able to dispose of me. Well... He'll be kicking his own ass when he watches me man-handle you two like rag dolls. It will be a sight he does not wish to see repeated. So what is going to happen on Monday? I think it is obvious. The PRIME Tag Team Champions will walk in with their heads held high, and leave wondering exactly WHERE they went wrong. But... I can answer that question for them right now... They will have gone wrong just entering the match all together. They will be competing against an immovable object... A man on a mission... Better yet... The most heinous force to ever enter the world of PRIME.

After finishing his second round of comments towards his opponents, his wife, "Paradigm", looks over at him. She puts her arm around him and speaks.

Roxie Wright: Shawn... It's getting late...

Shawn Wright: I know...

Roxie Wright: I'm not trying to be your mother it's just...

Shawn Wright: You don't feel safe in a park at night?

Roxie Wright: Exactly!

Shawn Wright: Like I always say... I know you too well!

Roxie Wright: And like always... I can't argue with that statement.

The two stand up from the park bench and begin making their way back down the path which they originally traversed. The camera follows the two as the slowly make their way to their car which is parked right next to the sidewalk. When they reach the vehicle, Shawn walks around to the passenger side and opens the door for his wife. She steps into the vehicle and he closes the door. Shawn walks around to the driver’s side and lets himself in. The camera remains stationary as the car drives off into the distance. This coming Monday will mark the beginning of the rein of "Pr0t0typ3" Shawn Wright on the world of PRIME. Who will be targetted in his plan of destruction against the "suits"? Will he be able to recruit anyone to accompany him on this quest? Or will he a solo rogue warrior against a PRIME cast that does not share his belief. At ReVolution XXI we will see how prepared Shawn Wright is. The Tag Team Champions will be his first hurdle in his quest. Will he be able to jump it? Or will he stumble over it and lose serious credibility with everyone?

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