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For the first time since arriving as a member of the New York Wrestling Alliance, Jake has the chance to stare down his opposition, and retort to their comments towards him.

Well... At least one of them!

Since Jake issued his first statement for this monumental event, Ronnie Lester knew it was time to step up, and face the new sensation in the Alliance. He issued a stern, and not to mention direct, warning to Jake about his cocky and candid demeanor. He also wanted to make sure that he wasn't going to be like Jake's former opponents within the rankings of the Alliance.

One thing is certain, Jake heard him loud and clear.

When Jake heard Lester open his mouth, and verbally do his best to chop Jake down, Jake began to salivate. The chance to issue his first rebuttal within the Alliance is a moment he has been waiting for. He's been awaiting an opponent who wouldn't back down. He's been waiting for that first opponent who truly believed he stood a chance in the ring with him. Apparently... That's Ronnie Lester.

Lester isn't a man foreign to the Alliance. In fact, he and Crawford have, arguably, the first real "feud" in the history of the organization. Lester has been trying and trying to get that chance where the stars align, and he is able to defeat Crawford, and become the Global Champion, but that day hasn't come. That day has eluded him.

The frustration, many believe, is settling in. Lester's chances will eventually run out, and if he hasn't accomplished his goal, what then? Will he still strive for it? Will he give up? These are questions people have been asking!

Another question... What will happen if Jake Starr trumps both Alliance veterans, and becomes only the second Global Champion in history? What will that do to Lester's psyche?

Ultimately, Jake knows that this is his opportunity, before Massacre, to get inside the head of his "Wicked" opponent, and he plans on utilizing that opportunity to the fullest extent.

As the scene fades in, Jake is seen in front of his television with a reply of Lester's promo playing in front of him. He watches alertly, making sure he hasn't missed a single minute. At times, he even chuckles. As the promo finishes, he slowly begins to spin his chair around, and begins to look directly into the camera. Before speaking, he lets out a little chuckle, thinking back to what he just had witnessed. He slowly closes his eyes, takes a deep breath, and slowly opens them once again.

Jake Starr: The days are growing short for the current Global Champion. The time is running out on the dreams and aspirations of one, Ronnie Lester. The hopes, the dreams, the desires, the beliefs that something special could happen at Massacre, are fading into oblivion.

Reality is setting in.

No matter what people claim, no matter what people may think, everyone knows the truth. Everyone knew that, when Jake Starr arrived in the New York Wrestling Alliance, it was just a matter of time until he emerged the top superstar under its banner. Everyone knew that, no matter how much opposition he faced, he would emerge victorious. And here I am now, undefeated. Number one contender for the Global Championship. And on top of it all, getting a free chance to skip right over my match as the number one contender, and win the Global Championship at Massacre.

It's almost too good to believe.

But... It is reality. It is the world in which we live. Whether or not some people choose to address it is an issue they must live with on their own, and ultimately is no bother of mine. I am here to become the flag-bearer of the Alliance.

When I first arrived, everyone who didn't know who I was assumed I would just be some other "Moe" off of the street with a desire to become a professional wrestler. Three matches in, some still think that. Some still believe I'm a nobody. That's ok... So is their current champion. So is the man they entrusted with the right to represent the Alliance in the world. He's a "Moe."

BUT... Unlike prior matches here, I seemingly have someone willing to stand up, before it's actually time to exit through the curtain, and try and flex his verbal muscles at me. I apparently have an opponent who feels he can stand up to me, and actually pose a threat to me emerging victorious on Monday.

... And no... It's not the champion unfortunately!

I can say... And this is being as honest as I know to be... I don't know of a time I was more amused, than when I heard him begin to flap his gums, and try and sound tough.

So if not the champion... It only leaves one other man...

And... As to not disappoint the masses, Ronnie Lester did exactly as expected, and predicted. Although, I can say I wasn't expecting a diatribe of inane babble strewn throughout at the same time. Honestly, did anyone emerge from that long, drawn-out, feeble, attempt at entertainment learning anything new?

I mean, we did already know he was a complete, and total jackass already, right?

He has elected to depict himself as a man with various facets in his life, stemming from this insatiable desire to sound "big and bad," to his love of bad-mouthing those around him, in order to seemingly appear "evil." Unfortunately, he simply comes across as your average, run of the mill, faking-it, bad guy.

Seriously... Why is that new or original?

We slowly are getting to see some "insider views" of his worthless life, and are learning that he and his "mother," as she is portrayed to be, have a seemingly rocky relationship.

Isn't it sad already?!

I assume we're all supposed to figure out that THIS is partially the reason for his "evil ways," and attribute said "evilness" to him. Unfortunately, I just see a bunch of hired hands playing roles that aren't suited for them. You know... Like Keanu Reeves in anything but "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure?" He's really trying too hard to make the world think less of him. I only look at him and think less of his acting skills. They seemingly only rival those of Batista, in the wrestling world.

But nevertheless... He doesn't end with horrid acting, horrid casting, and a horrid gimmick!

Oh no! There's more!

He decides to try and, well, talk the proverbial smack to both Tre and I. He has tried to define himself as someone who "doesn't care" about who is opponent is. He tries to establish himself as someone who's, simply, "too cool for the room."

Unfortunately, he doesn't really succeed there. See, I have seen guys like him before in my life. Hell, I've said it many times; this isn't my first rodeo in the squared-circle. I've see these newcomers to the business think they can walk in, act snotty towards the fans, get the cheap heat, and be "over," as they say.

For this "Wicked" guy, sadly, he is falling into that category.

See, he wants to try and insult me by acting like I am a nobody. He wants to act like I haven't done anything in this business. Now, if I were to play his little game, I'd begin getting mad here. I'd begin listing the laundry list of accomplishments I have. I'd give storied matches in my past. I'd do all of that.

But for the sake of not playing his game, I'm not going to!

See, I know what I've done in this business. People who matter, like the fans, and Debonair for instance, know what I've done. See, unlike people like Lester, I am what they call someone who is "sought after" in this business. I have people looking to employ me day-in and day-out, and I have the ability to say no. People like Ronnie Lester don't. He has to accept every gig he gets, simply hoping he will, one day, be able to say no to places. He wants to be that guy who everyone quivers when their name is spoken.

Instead... He's a nobody!

To this guy, I'm a guy who capitalized on an opportunity. And I'll admit, he's right. He really is! When Debonair offered me a chance to vie for the number one contender's spot, why would I EVER turn it down? Hell, why would ANYBODY turn it down? Does anyone think Ronnie Lester would have turned down a chance like that, should he not have already been in the main event?

Lester's arguments aren't adding up here!

I mean, one minute he's saying he knows nothing about me, then he knows I'm obviously talented? It's like saying you ate a steak last night, but you're a vegan who has never eaten a piece of beef. It's illogical! But coming from an ingrate, and a halfwit such as he, I'm not terribly surprised.

Thankfully, he digressed from his illogical banter, back into the attempts at trying to put himself over as a "bad guy" with a "rough past," whose attempted suicide, faced death, and is still here...


I can guarantee the only "rough past" he has is the day he ran out of Cheetos in his mother's basement, and she forgot a new bag at the store.

Jesus this guy is nothing more than a pesky f_ck, who lives in his mother's basement, and plays D&D, WoW, and with his flaccid penis, all in the hopes he'll eventually find a girl.

Good luck there, dummy!

See... Let me explain this as simply as I can...

Lester is one of those guys who will never amount to much. In the back of his mind, buried within the walls of his subconscious mind, he knows he won't win. He knows he has no chance in hell. But, he knows he can't show weakness. So he comes up with the elaborate depictions of, what were most likely, stories he saw on television. If they were "real," they'd be much more detailed, and much more realistic.


For Lester, he HOPES that maybe, just maybe, I'll stub a toe on my way to the ring, and he'll MAYBE be able to somehow do something other than embarrass himself.

But damn... That's a lot of "maybes."

I don't live in the world of "maybe." I live in a world where things are CERTAIN. If things weren't certain, I wouldn't be comfortable being as CONFIDENT as I am. Some may perceive confidence as being a complete and utter ass, but honestly, that just means they're uncomfortable themselves. People who aren't comfortable being themselves are incapable of accepting someone else as being such, therefore, they write it off as arrogance...

Now don't get me wrong. There is a certain arrogance to me. I do believe I am better than most, if not all. Hell... Before I accepted the fact I was a Starr, and I accepted my family name, I once had the nickname of the "Arrogant One." I admit it! But... It comes from a long trend of PROVING that I was.

Simply put... If you've done what I've done, proven what I've proven, and beaten who I've beaten, you can be however the hell you want to be!

Now as far as the whimsical, silent, non-existent, champion, goes, I've said a lot. I've made it clear what my intentions are. The Alliance is a place where Tre had a chance to be "the guy," and he, instead, opted to spend his time elsewhere. He decided the Alliance wasn't worth his time.

Pity... Usually when an opportunity for greatness appears at the feet of someone, they usually take it. You know... Much like me becoming number one contender?

But not Tre... No no no... Not Tre! He elected to try the easy route, which for me is great because it'll make my ascension through the rankings, and to the top, that much faster.

When Tre steps into that ring, and realizes it's his last night to be the champion of the Alliance, he'll seemingly have an epiphany. He'll realize he was lucky and fortunate to even have a chance to be considered "champion." He'll realize that his resume will at least have the phrase "Global Champion" on it, regardless of how effective of a champion he was.

I see the potential the Alliance has. Any organization that is relatively new, has to get over that hurdle of being seen, basically, as a new organization. It has to show it's dedicated to giving the people what they want, and it has. Instead of allowing Tre to skip around carrying its most prestigious championship, they're forcing him to the lion's den. Sure, Lester will be there too, but everyone already can foresee the outcome. Everyone already knows that the Global Championship will be coming to the home of the Social Misfit. It's almost a foregone conclusion.

I've said it since day one... The Alliance deserves a champion it can be proud of. It deserves a champion who's willing to lead.

Is Tre Crawford that? Does the Alliance want to put it's entire stock on someone who's really turned out to be a bust of a champion, and unreliable at that?

What about Lester? Is he either of those? When has he done anything to make the Alliance proud? He's put on an act for them. And is he willing to lead? Hell if his "family troubles" are any indication, he's got bigger fish to fry than a Global Championship.

So that leaves me. It leaves someone who's done this before. It leaves a PROVEN CHAMPION.

You know... No matter how much Lester tries to up his stock, and maybe pull in a fan or two, or at least deter them from cheering me on, the fans won't be stupid. They are smarter than he wishes they were. He'll they're smarter than Tre wishes they were. Both realize they're not going to be very well "supported" in this match, and they know it definitely swings the pendulum back in my direction.

That's when they'll both have NO DOUBT about who I am... And then they'll run crying to their mommy's teat.

With those final words before Massacre, Jake smirks, and slowly turns his chair back around. He flips his television back on, and another rerun of Lester's promo begins to run. Jake openly laughs, shakes his head, and droops it down in complete disgust. He begins to wonder if this is truly the best that Lester can offer, or if he might actually be holding back. He also wonders if this will be the same deranged, disorganized, and dysfunctional opponent he'll see on Monday, when the Global Championship is on the line.

If that is the case, he feels strongly about his chances. He knows what he brings to this match, and what he brings to every match. He plans on doing it again.

Now the question is... How will the world react should Jake Starr take YET ANOTHER championship, and add it to his legacy? How will he react knowing he's bested the cream of the crop that the Alliance currently has to offer? What will the next era be, as lead by Starr? When Massacre concludes on Monday, those questions WILL begin to become answered.


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