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The time has officially arrived for the man once heralded as the "Czar of the Shooting Five Starr."

Within the halls of the New York Wrestling Alliance, many have begun to clamor about the new sensation, already having earned the title "Number One Contender," now having a chance to brush that title off for another...

NYWA Global Champion!

Having defeated Levinator, James Jefferson, and most recently Cory Wright, Fred Debonair realized that the time is better now, than later, to put the new face of the organization in the limelight. He elected to sign a triple threat match pitting Jake Starr against Ronnie Lester and current Global Champion, Tre Crawford. The best part is, the belt is on the line.

When this match was announced, Jake's initial reaction ranged from "It's about time," to "It's MY time." Both of those sentiments he believes are true. He believes that the Alliance needs him atop its rankings more than ever. He knows that had they waited much longer, the probable success, long-term, may be bleak. He knows that the Alliance needs him to carry the weight on his shoulders.

While thinking that, he also has realized this is the opportunity he came for. He didn't come to the Alliance simply to be a star whose name is associated with the company, he came for the glory associated with it. Since coming back from retirement, he's wanted nothing more than to be a success at all times. He hasn't wanted to back down from anyone or any challenge. He feels he was robbed earlier in his career of opportunities due to his reputation, now he wants to cash in what he feels he is owed.

In order to do so, he must emerge victorious. He must succeed in defeating both Lester and Crawford. He knows, ultimately, it's no easy task. But neither have any of the tasks he's taken on since returning to the ring.

He is accustomed to uneasy tasks. He's dealt with them his whole life. He's battled lying in his father's shadow; he's currently battling the upcoming world of fatherhood; he's fighting battles on multiple fronts in the world of professional wrestling. He knows what it takes, and what it entails.

So now he must prove it. He must show the Alliance he isn't one to be overlooked or underestimated. He is THE MAN!

Another person he must show that to is his wife. Roeper, having found out she was pregnant, has been battling the emotions of happiness and nervousness, knowing what she has coming up for her. She's been going through the constant need to "prepare early" for the baby's arrival, while Jake has been constantly doing everything he can to keep his wife calm.

The two have been going back and forth trying to figure out what to do next. Roeper says one thing, while Jake says relax.

As the scene fades in, that very fact is shown.

Roeper Hart: Oh my God we have so much to do!

Jake Starr: ... And roughly nine months to do it in!

Roeper's eyes quickly dart back the way of her husband.

Roeper Hart: We don't have nine months! I'm four weeks along!

Jake Starr: Ok... So... Eight months!


Jake Starr: You do realize I've done more in the wrestling business in less time than that right?

Roeper Hart: Screw wrestling! You created another life! That's eighteen-plus years you have to deal with!

Jake Starr: So... I should begin killing newborn boys at the same time so they won't mess with her?

Roeper Hart: Oh shut up!

Jake smirks.

Jake Starr: You know... It wouldn't kill you to relax!

Roeper Hart: ... And it wouldn't kill you to help!

Jake Starr: I am! Besides, both of our sets of parents want to help us out!

Roeper Hart: Yes, but this will be OUR responsibility!

Jake Starr: Wow... No kidding!

Roeper's eyes widen.

Roeper Hart: Don't get smart with me!

Jake Starr: Jesus... I thought this "blame it on the guy" crap was supposed to begin at the hospital, not at home!

Roeper Hart: It begins when I say it begins! Now... You need to help!

Jake rolls his eyes and sighs. He decides to humor his hormonal wife, and simply play along.

Jake Starr: Ok dear... What do you need?

Roeper Hart: Here...

She hands him a list.

Roeper Hart: ... I've made a list of things that need to be done before it gets too late.

Jake Starr: And... What's too late?

Roeper Hart: When I'm bed-ridden, immobile, or in labor!

Jake Starr: So... Within 6 months or so?

Roeper Hart: WHO KNOWS?! I may just very well be bed-ridden by then!

Jake Starr: Knowing you... I doubt it!

Roeper Hart: Why's that?

Jake Starr: You're too stubborn!

Roeper continues to glare at her husband. Jake finally looks down at his "Honey-Do" list, and begins to smirk.

Roeper Hart: What's funny?

Jake Starr: Repaint spare bedroom and completely furnish? Buy large supply of pickle slices and peanut butter?

Roeper Hart: YES!

Jake Starr: I figured the first one was one of those "given" things...

Roeper Hart: You never know! You may have forgotten!

Jake laughs. Roeper's spastic attitude has amused him from the get-go.

Jake Starr: Dear... It's time you relaxed!

Jake grabs Roeper by the shoulders, and leads her to the couch in the entertainment room. He presses down, gently, on her shoulders, forcing her to sit. He turns on the television, and hands her the remote.

Jake Starr: It's time you took a mental break. Whether it's for a few hours, or few days, you need it. You're wearing me down just watching you. Hell... It's like you took a hit of speed, and are just unstoppable. The baby can't be this "on go" and be healthy. You have to build in resting time too!

Roeper smushes her face into a pouty look, and continues to glare at Jake.

Roeper Hart: FINE!

Jake Starr: Good! Now... I'm sure you can find something to watch on the television to give your mind a break!

Roeper punches in the channel number of her favorite channel. As the station comes back from commercial, the show immediately begins discussing babies.

Jake Starr: Yeah... Not a good choice!

Roeper Hart: Why not?!

Jake Starr: Because I said you have to get a BREAK from the mental aspect of a baby... Some "hen" talking about her experience isn't going to relieve you of said stress.

Roeper Hart: Ugh!

Roeper switches the channel again. This time she decides to go to a game show, where right as she turns to the channel, the contestant brags about being "due" anytime, but still coming on the show.

Jake Starr: Nope not there either!

Roeper Hart: Jeez!

Roeper tries the Weather Channel, hoping Jake will let her watch whatever it is she wants. The Weather Channel, ironically enough, is running a special on how winter is the prime season for pregnancies to occur.

Jake Starr: CHRIST! Is there anything NOT baby related on?!

Jake snatches the remote, and puts the television on ESPN2, and thankfully, no talk of babies.

Jake Starr: Here you go!

Roeper Hart: But... But... I have no interest in the World Scrabble Championships.

Jake Starr: Well... It'll do!

Roeper Hart: Ugh! Fine!

Roeper sulks as Jake hands the remote back to her, and walks away. He gets a chuckle out of his moody wife, knowing how excited she is deep down inside. He also knows that, with all of the "baby talk" surrounding him, he still has a job he must do inside the ring. He knows that the Alliance is the place where he hopes to secure his latest championship, and prove the world he is still capable of running the show. How will Roeper handle Jake being away for the first time since they found out? How will Jake be able to handle the pressures of two opponents, again, but with all of this extra on his mind? As time grows short, the answers grow near.

Jake Starr: I would like to welcome everyone to the next phase, of the NEW ERA, of the New York Wrestling Alliance. It's a phase that will be complete this coming Monday when Tre Crawford is finally forced to defend his title in a match he, quite honestly, will not emerge victorious from. It's a match that all but spells the end to the initial championship reign of the Global Championship belt.

Coming into the Alliance, I was a nobody in the eyes of the locker room. I was just "another guy" trying to "jimmy" his way into the ranks, and be somebody.

At least... That's what they thought.

They didn't realize who I was because, well, they're ignorant. Unlike the fans of the Alliance, the locker room wasn't all that impressed when they saw I had joined. Quite frankly, it's their own fault for not believing that Jake Starr was, indeed, the best thing to happen to the Alliance, since Freddy D. decided to officially open its doors.

It's unfortunate, I know, but thankfully for me, it makes my job that much easier.

See, when I first signed my contract, I made sure that Freddy knew who I was, and who he was hiring. He wasn't hiring some random and aspiring wrestler to the Alliance. He was hiring someone to be the CORE of the Alliance. He realized, when he came to me, that Tre Crawford, no matter how many times he may have been victorious, was not ready to carry the burden of an aspiring organization upon his shoulders. He wasn't prepared to bare that responsibility, yet, he claims to be the "Global Champion."

All of that doesn't add up to me. I can't imagine being blessed with the opportunity he was given, only to throw it away, and virtually take a giant diarrhea dump in the Alliance ring, in order to display his gratitude.

Honestly... It just shows his character.

He's a man who'll walk around and brag all day about how he is "The Man," "The Sh!t," and "The Best," but when it comes time to prove it, he ducks into a hole, and expects people to just allow him to continue to have those bragging rights. He doesn't want to have to show that he's the best anymore. He feels one time is enough to have displayed that, and now, he should win on merit.

That time is over!

I'm smart enough, and have been around this business enough, to know what it takes to truly win. I know what it takes to carry a burden on your shoulders, and still aspire to be better. I'm willing to take on the challenge.

Now... Don't get me wrong. I have been in his shoes. I've faced a point in my career where I just expected to win because I was me. I went through a time I couldn't understand WHY I would EVER deserve to lose, and believe me, it cost me big time. It cost me championships. It cost me friends. It cost me my reputation for a LONG period of time.

See... I would go to organizations who, at first, wouldn't recognize my name at first, or I'd go in under a pseudonym. Then, once they figured out who I was, the trouble would begin. They would realize I was out for one person, and that was myself. It wasn't the betterment of the organization. It wasn't, ultimately, for the fans, it was for me. And it would get me in trouble, force me into fake apologies, and ultimately get me fired.

So I wised up.

I realized that if I wanted to be the BEST of the BEST in this business, I couldn't always be the full-blown rebel. I couldn't be the man with no worries but how he looks in the eyes of the fans. I couldn't always be the guy out to destroy management in order to force things my way.

I could step up, and prove it should be my way.

Which leads me to now. Tre Crawford had that chance. At first, he seemingly embraced it. He seemingly enjoyed being the hunted.

But now, he isn't capable of it.

So now it is time for someone who IS capable, and IS ready, to step up and take hold of the reigns of the Alliance, by taking its most prestigious championship, the Global Title.

In order to achieve that task, I have before me two men. I have two men who, seemingly think they have a legitimate chance to emerge victorious.

In one hand... The champion. Tre Crawford. A man who'm I've said quite a bit about. A man who, should he actually show up for this match, will ultimately fall flat on his face, and be embarrassed in front of the world.

On the other hand... Ronnie "Wicked" Lester. Another man who, like Crawford, has been around since the beginning of the Alliance.

For Lester, this isn't his first rodeo within the walls of the Alliance. In fact... He and Crawford battled once before for the Global Championship, and apparently, he didn't win. I can't say I'm surprised, but it seems like that is the case.

Ronnie is a guy who, from what I've seen since coming to the Alliance, fancies himself a "top notch" superstar in this business. He can't stand the fact he's not. He can't stand the fact that, when ANYONE looks at him, they simply point and laugh.

Now, I can't say Ronnie's attempts at beating Tre have been all for not... Hell last time at Monday Massacre, he did emerge victorious. Let's all clap for him. C'mon everyone together!

Sorry just couldn't get anyone to commit on clapping!

Anyway... So Ronnie finally got his little victory over Tre. EVERYONE who has been around this business knows he'll dwell on that for HOURS on end. He'll come out and reiterate to the world that he beat Tre, therefore he deserves the title. He'll talk about how the first time they faced, Tre winning was a fluke. He'll go on and on and on about it.

Then... When everyone thinks he's done talking, he'll then start rambling, and asking the rhetorical question of "who is this Jake Starr anyway?" He'll try and paint me to be someone who is unknown in this business. When in fact, I just am an unknown to those who can't hang in the BIG BOY ORGANIZATIONS, like Lester.

He is one of those guys who couldn't even lace the boots of the janitor in places I've wrestled. See that's what I plan on aiding the Alliance in becoming. I want it to go from a relatively unknown organization to somewhere that looks at people like Lester, lets them sign a contract, and just sits back and watches as they realize they just can't do it.

And as I've said... That day begins Monday!

Monday, when the lights are shut off, when the smoke has cleared, when the smell of B. O. has finally evaporated from the air, and when all is said and done, the Alliance will be looking at a new day. They'll be looking at their new era. It'll be an era they can be proud of. It'll be something they can use to entice new people to come in.

It'll be the era of JAKE STARR!


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