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With the "New Horizons" now in the rear view mirror, the New York Wrestling Alliance has a new look, and a new feel to it.

Newcomer, Jake Starr, made a loud commotion at the recent pay-per view, defeating two superstars to cement his name as the new NUMBER ONE CONTENDER for Tre Crawford's NYWA World Championship. He also, in turn, made the entire NYWA community realize he is someone who will be a power-player, both now, and in the future of this organization.

Before he gets a chance to cash in his "earnings" against Crawford, he must first look ahead to Monday Massacre. It'll be Jake's debut on the bi-weekly telecast, and it's one he hopes to make one for the record books.

His opponent... Cory Wright, a cagy veteran of the Alliance, who, in recent times, has been on a bit of a slump. Jake still knows he cannot take the guy lightly, even though his recent demonstration of his abilities has been extremely lack-luster.

So Jake's plan... Make a splash on Massacre, as he did at New Horizons, send another message to Tre Crawford, and let him know that Jake isn't someone he should overlook at all, and ultimately impress the audience as always.

One person he's yet to fully impress is still his wife...

Even with Jake's triumphant debut at New Horizons, Roeper has still not gotten over the angst of Jake taking on, essentially, a "second job." She knows his abilities, and knows his limitations. She just is unsure if he knows them.

When Jake first told her he signed a contract with the Alliance, she was, if everyone remembers, fairly bothered by the whole situation. She told Jake how she's been worrying, and overall just "not feeling" his decision to sign on with a second promotion.

He still feels it was the right thing to do. He feels his performance also showed that.

Apparently... Roeper is not in that same frame of mind.

As Jake returned home, he noticed his wife was still in a bit of a sour mood. He's been doing his best to stay out of her way while he regroups in preparation for his busy couple nights of wrestling in his two organizations.

After several hours of silence, he decides it's finally time to approach his wife, and break the uncomfortable silence surrounding them. As he exits the bedroom, where he's been unpacking and such, he begins to walk towards their entertainment room, where she was when he initially returned home.

As he enters the room, Roeper slowly looks up at him, and cracks a faint smile towards her husband. She looks back down at her book she was reading, and Jake begins to over-emphasize his happiness from New Horizons, hoping the glee begins to rub off on his wife. He walks forward towards her, and begins to talk to her, hoping to liven her mood.

Jake Starr: What did I tell ya?

Roeper Hart: I don't know!

Jake Starr: Oh c'mon babe! I told you going to a second place would work out ok!

Roeper Hart: I know...

Jake looks down at his wife, seeing she is still hiding something.

Jake Starr: I still sense the notion you're still not thrilled!

Roeper Hart: I don't know...

Jake Starr: What's wrong? You got to see me quite a bit, even with all the different stuff going on!

Roeper Hart: I know...

Jake cocks an eyebrow.

Jake Starr: Wow you're full of two phrases!

Roeper Hart: I know...

Jake Starr: Get the idea from watching Whose Line is it Anyway again?

Roeper smirks.

Roeper Hart: Unfortunately no...

Jake raises his arms to the heavens in victory.

Jake Starr: SUCCESS!

Roeper nudges her husband in the arm.

Roeper Hart: Oh hush!

Jake Starr: So what's up?

Roeper Hart: I... I just am still uneasy with the whole issue. I'm afraid something bad may happen...

Jake Starr: You sure that's because of the two federations or the super show?

Roeper Hart: That's what I don't know.

Jake Starr: I was able to dispatch of two guys at New Horizons, I can handle the super show and handle Cory Wright too. I may be a little sore after it all, but I promise we'll be coming out on top again

Roeper Hart: I just... I just don't want you more than "just sore." I want you in one piece.

Jake Starr: Well if I'm not you'll just have to split your love up among the parts!

Jake throws a cheesy grin in his wife's direction. She looks back at him with the stoic look still on her face.

Roeper Hart: Not funny...

Jake Starr: C'mon... I've been in worse situations than this before. I've always gotten out of them without a scratch. Ok maybe had some scratches, but you know what I mean!

Roeper Hart: I know...

Jake Starr: So why, seriously, the worry?

Roeper Hart: Something just doesn't feel right to me. Something just feels... I don't know... Wrong...

Jake Starr: Are you pregnant?

Roeper Hart: Not that I know of!

Jake shrugs.

Jake Starr: Could be why you're worrisome and moody.

Roeper Hart: Yeah but... I doubt it!

Jake Starr: You may want to schedule a visit to the doctor just to check it out. It would explain the moods lately.

Roeper Hart: Yeah... And we have been trying...

Jake Starr: Yeah...

Roeper, seemingly happy with the thought they could have successfully conceived a child, seemingly has a sense of relief come over her.

Jake Starr: See... There's going to be a reason you're worrying and such, and when you find out, all will be well again!

Roeper chuckles.

Roeper Hart: Or it'll give me a whole new level of worrying to deal with!

Jake chuckles along side his wife.

Jake Starr: Well have you thought about getting one of those piss-on-a-stick, home kits?

Roeper Hart: Piss-on-a-stick?

Jake Starr: Isn't that what they are?

Roeper Hart: Well... Technically yes... But...

Jake Starr: But?

Roeper sighs.

Roeper Hart: ... But they're simply "home pregnancy kits."

Jake Starr: Yeah... I suppose "piss-on-a-stick kit" isn't a real inviting name.

Roeper Hart: Probably not!

Jake Starr: Then how come "douche" actually sells?

Roeper cocks an eyebrow at her husband.

Roeper Hart: Because "rectal cleanser" is not an inviting name either.

Jake nods in agreement.

Jake Starr: Touche!

Roeper Hart: Yep!

Jake Starr: What about "anal alleviator?"

Roeper Hart: Yeah probably not!

Jake Starr: Damn! I thought I was onto something!

Roeper Hart: Yeah... I don't think so!

The two chuckle together for the first time since Jake arrived home.

Jake Starr: So... Should I make a doctor's appointment?

Roeper Hart: Yeah... Probably!

Jake Starr: Alright hun! I will!

Roeper Hart: I'm kind of getting excited!

Roeper Hart: Me too! But let's not get too excited quite yet!

Jake picks up his cell phone and phones their family physician. He informs the receptionist about the situation and says that he needs to make an appointment for his wife to be checked out. The receptionist, extremely giddy for some reason, quickly says she's got them down for an appointment next week. Jake thanks her for the assistance, and hangs up. He tells Roeper the date of the appointment, and they write it down, hoping not to forget.

Now, with that out of the way, Jake gives his wife a kiss on her forehead, and returns to the bedroom to begin getting everything together for his busy next few days. Roeper, hoping that the potential "new member" in the family is the cause for her recent stress, is trying to feel more and more at ease with Jake's decision to undertake a role as an active member of the Alliance roster.

How will the next few days pan out for Jake? Will he be able to continue his streaks in his respective organizations? Or will the burden of having so much weight on his shoulders force him to crumble?

Jake Starr: I hope everyone took notice. I hope everyone saw the message I delivered at New Horizons. I especially hope it was clearly evident to Tre Crawford. It was a message that was clear, and concise...

Jake Starr has arrived, and will soon become the World Heavyweight Champion of the New York Wrestling Alliance.

But... Before that goal can be achieved, I have another little stepping stone standing before me with the name, Cory Wright.

When this match was first announced, I was kind of worried. I called up my long-time best friend, Shawn Wright, to make sure this guy wasn't some form of kinship to him. Had he been, I was worried he might have a problem if I openly trashed him verbally, or beat the piss out of him physically inside the ring. Thankfully... After a long check of his family history, Shawn assured me the surname is a mere coincidence.


Firstly... I would like to say that this Cory Wright character is another name I have absoultely NO CLUE about. He apparently was on the New Horizons card, and yet, was hardly seen by anyone before, during, or since said match. Because of that very reason, I have come to several potential conclusions about said opponent...

First potential conclusion... He's a ghost!

Since his presence has rarely been documented on camera, who's to say that he really, and truly, exists? I started to become curious of his aperition-status when he failed to appear before his match at New Horizons. It, to me, was quite shocking. Usually when someone has a match, they like to hype it up a bit. They like to, in essence, show off for the camera. They want their opponent to be fearful of what is in store.

Not this guy!

No! See this guy seemingly likes the whole "mysterious" approach. He likes to scare his opponents by NOT being there! How ominous!

Ok I can't even fake that!

Should Wright emerge as a ghost, I have a plan for that, and I'm not shy to tell it! I have already gone to Ted's Ghost Hunting and Paranormal Phantoms Removal Emporium, and gotten the necessary equipment to vanquish another spectre from existence. That kit involves garlic, a steak, and a desk fan. See, I put the garlic on the steak to marinade, then turn the desk fan on to blow the weightless, and worthless, apperition away.

The second conclusion... He's a mute!

Since he supposedly DID appear at New Horizons, I thought maybe that my "ghost" hypothesis was just a bit far fetched. So I knew I had to look for other reasoning for his absence of vocal insertion into this matter.

Since Wright's vocal cavity has seemingly swelled shut, I assumed that it was due to his inability to actually speak in a fluent, or coherent, fashion. I figured maybe, as a child, his mother and father violently beat him, and threw him into a basement to grow, and thus stunting his knowledge of the English language.

It would make sense!

I mean growing up in a dark and dank basement does provide the necessary essentials for growing ones muscle mass. He could practice pull-ups on the piping of the house, he could do pushups on the ground, he could do cardio, he could jerk off and build his biceps (while also ingesting copius amounts of protein), he had options when it came to growing into someone who was physically prepared to wrestle.

But, having no communication with the outside world could prevent someone from learning how to speak. He may fully understand he sounds like someone who hasn't made it out of the womb when it comes to speaking. He could have a full and complete ability to process that kind of information. But he may not be able to express it in words.

Doubtful you say?

Helen Keller was taught to speak, and she was deaf and blind. So don't sell Wright short. He could be capable of cognitive thinking, yet not really understand how to formulate it into a sentence.

The final conclusion, and what I deem the most "likely" of this trinity, he's simply afraid!

Having heard nothing from Wright during this period of angst and curiosity has lead me to honestly believe he is scared for what is in store for him. He knows he's walking into the ring with someone who's career supercedes anything he's ever done, or will ever do, throughout his time as a professional wrestler. He's entering a match where he knows he is completely outmatched. He is against someone he wouldn't stand a SNOW BALLS CHANCE IN HELL against, on any day of the week.

So he sits at home... He bites his nails... He rubs one out... He nervously twitches hoping I hurt myself on the way to the ring so he can actually, maybe, be able to squeak out a victory. His dreams are filled with the notion that MAYBE, if all were to go well, he would at least make people realize he's not a complete waste of space.

Unfortunately for him... None of it will!

See, at No Horizons I made it clear that I was not going to be derailed by any means. I ran through TWO different opponets to earn my chance to stare Tre Crawford down, take his championship, and start the OFFICIAL new era of the Alliance. In its relatively short history, Crawford has been the one reigning supreme, and look where this organization is. The fans deserve something better. The fans deserve SOMEONE better. They need someone who they can look at and realize is a DEFINITIVE champion. Not someone who merely squeaks by, and gets lucky ever now and again.

But until the day comes, where Crawford has to look stare down his final opponent as World Champion, I'll continue to make the statement. I'll continue to bury opponents left and right, no matter who boldly steps up and gets in my way.

I don't care who it is. It can be Cory Wright, Ronnie Lester, your mom, I don't care. The end result WILL be the same. They lose... I win!

Like I said... I'm here for a purpose. I'm here to be the new ICON of the Alliance. And no matter who is thrown in my way, I will still emerge victorious!


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