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There are opportunities in life that someone must, simply, take.

Today is one of those opportunities.

After making his return to professional wrestling, after a 4 year hiatus, Jake Starr enters his second organization, with the hopes of achieving equal success.

The possibility is there!

When Jake first burst back onto the professional wrestling scene, within the halls of Supreme Championship Wrestling, it took him a mere THREE matches before he, once again, had his first taste of gold. He mowed through the rankings to achieve the chance at the SCW Adrenaline Championship, which he held for nearly three-quarters of a year. From that point, he wasted no time to climb through the remaining rankings to achieve his current status as SCW World Champion.

That, however, was never enough!

Jake received an opportunity to join the New York Wrestling Alliance, and equal his own "speedy rise" through the rankings of SCW, by emerging victorious in both of his matches within the halls of the Alliance.

Jake plans to do so!

When he was confronted with this opportunity, he wasted no time in seizing it. He wanted to make his name known to an even bigger population than it already is. He knows that by coming into the Alliance, and emerging victorious at its next pay-per view, New Horizons, he'll cement his name amongst the New York Wrestling Alliance elite.

The one thing he has yet to do, is inform his better half of his decision to take on another challenge.

His wife, Roeper, has been extremely supportive of his decision to re-enter the world of professional wrestling. Initially she was concerned that Jake has passed the point at which he could legitimately compete with the current crop of talent out there. Jake's quick surge through the SCW rankings proved her wrong. Now, her biggest concern is always getting to spend some adequate time with her husband, seeing as how he is on the road quite a bit already. The news of Jake's new signing could enlist a myriad of emotions, which Jake is unsure of which to expect.

As Jake stands in his house, outside his entertainment room, he begins to gather up the "courage" to break the news to his wife. With the unknown reaction in front of him, he's fighting his nerves, hoping they do not get the better of him.

He takes one final deep breath, and walks into the room with his wife. He sits next to her on the couch, and casts a creepy grin in her direction. She knows he is up to something, and is quick to inquire.

Roeper Hart: What do you want, or what did you do?

Jake Starr: Babe... I have some special news for you?

Roeper cocks an eyebrow. As Jake gets ready to reply, she quickly becomes excited.

Roeper Hart: You're pregnant?! Oh my God baby I'm so happy!! It is mine isn't it?

Roeper begins chuckling, while Jake quickly begins to glare at her.

Roeper Hart: Ok ok ok I'm sorry! What is it?

Jake takes another deep breath, and delivers the news.

Jake Starr: I've signed with another wrestling promotion!

Roeper's emotions go from jokingly happy to completely shocked and beside herself.

Roeper Hart: Another one?

Jake gives his cheesy grin from ear to ear.

Jake Starr: Yes dear!

Roeper is in shock. Several moments pass without a peep from his wife.

Jake Starr: Dear?

Roeper Hart: A-a-another one?!

Jake Starr: Is that all you're going to say?

Roeper Hart: ANOTHER ONE?!

Jake is stunned by the sudden rise in her voice.

Jake Starr: I'm guessing that's a yes!

Roeper Hart: Was one not enough for you?

Jake Starr: Babe... I've accomplished almost everything I've set out to accomplish in SCW. I wanted to go out and make a statement. I wanted to rise from the ashes of retirement to the best of the best. It's time for me to expand my wings, and take on some new challenges at the same time.

Roeper Hart: But... What about you said about the guys who work both SCW and that other fed?

Jake Starr: IWC?

Roeper Hart: I guess?

Jake Starr: Those guys go between those two feds because they know they can't cut it in both. They sway back and forth hoping to find one they can do well in. I'm not looking for somewhere I can "fit in," I'm looking for somewhere else I can excel in at the same time. It's simply a matter of balance... A wrestling feng shui of sorts!

Roeper Hart: Ah!

Roeper takes in a deep breath of her own.

Roeper Hart: So... How did you hear about this place?

Jake Starr: It had crossed my path a while back, when I first decided to come out of retirement. I didn't come over immediately simply because I wasn't ready. If I'm going to show another fed what I'm about, I need to make sure I can do it where I started first...

Roeper Hart: Ok...

Jake Starr: ... And then I got wind of the World Title tournament that would be taking place, saw if the offer was still out there, and jumped at it.

Roeper sighs again.

Roeper Hart: Are you sure you want to do this?

Jake Starr: Not only is it a "want" of mine, it's turned into a "need!"

Roeper is a bit confused.

Roeper Hart: A need? How?

Jake Starr: SCW has done wonders for the resurrection of my career. But I honestly feel it can only carry me so far in my quest to be seen as the "best of the best" once again.

Roeper sighs, yet again.

Roeper Hart: But I'm barely going to get to see you!

Jake Starr: Babe... I promise you that won't be the case! You have to trust me. I'm doing this for a reason, and it's the right reason. After this pay-per view, everyone, including you, will realize why I'm doing it. And in the end, it'll help me return to the level I have desired to be at.

Roeper Hart: I hope you're right!

Jake Starr: I know I am love! I know it!

With those final words, Jake embraces his wife to console her. She still isn't keen on the idea of him returning to the world of wrestling, but Jake continues to reassure her it's a good thing. With all of that being said, the "New Horizon" for the New York Wrestling Association looms. The impact of Jake Starr's entrance into the Alliance could prove to be one for the ages, and prove to be one that changes the face of the Alliance forever. Will he be able to back his claims up, and truly rise through the rankings with as much gusto as he did in SCW? Or will the competition of two fronts be too much for him to handle? New Horizons will hold the answers to these questions, and lead into more speculation about the future of Jake Starr, and the New York Wrestling Alliance.

Jake Starr: Today marks a new beginning for myself, in the business of professional wrestling. Just under a year ago, I returned from an unwanted retirement, to bring myself to the top of the rankings in one of this business's top promotions. I showed the world that I still had what it took to be the best of the best.

It's a great feeling, let me tell you!

Then I start to get word about a newer promotion starting up, with some names in it that, well, aren't what I would consider "well known." With that being said, these people were still be promoted as the best around, and I decided to do a little investigation.

What did I find? I found a place called the New York Wrestling Alliance, an upstart promotion with high hopes, and overblown egos. Now, don't get me wrong, it's smart of a new promotion to go out and push itself as the new "place to be" in this industry, but it's rare that you hear that the "star" of the show, dare I say, someone who believes himself to be associated with the term "perfection."

As my investigation continued, my annoyance with this "perfect" athlete continued to grow... It's not everyday you actually hear someone use that adjective with their own name.

I realized that, in order for the Alliance to ever succeed, it would need to, ultimately, have itself someone to actually market itself around. This "perfect" athlete is, well, kind of a downer when you look at his skills in this business. Hell, I wouldn't even consider him someone who'd last more than 10 minutes in places I've been in my life.

So... After much thinking, and watching, I realized that the Alliance had potential. It had potential to be somewhere BIG. It needed someone to lead it though.

The current crop was lacking severely.

So, against my normal "routine," I gave a ring to "Front Office" Freddy, to see what he would think about me joining up, and showing the fans of the Alliance what REAL talent was about. It's safe to say, he was thrilled.

Now, don't get me wrong... I'm not going corporate. It's inevitable, we probably will have a disagreement down the road, and as has become tradition with me and management, we'll decide we don't like one another, but for now, we're on a similar page.

So now, Jake Starr has arrived, and thankfully for the fans, the impact on the Alliance world will be quick.

Appropriately enough, the beginning of the next generation, for the Alliance, is at the aptly named, New Horizons pay-per view. It will be a night where the world witnesses what Jake Starr is capable of doing with an established organization, or a new organization.

My night begins with a fellow newcomer to the Alliance... Oh... What's his name?

Jake looks up to the camera man, who apparently holds up a piece of paper. Jake squints trying to read it.

Jake Starr: What in the hell does that say? Levitator?

The camera man presumably shakes his head, and Jake squints more.

Jake Starr: I can't read that! Here, let me see it!

Jake extends his hand beyond the lens of the camera, and is handed the piece of paper.

Jake Starr: What in the hell kind of name is Levinator? Is this the nickname Mark Levin gives himself?

Oh and for those of you who don't know... Mark Levin is the conservative BOOB who finds himself, somehow, relevant in the world...


So who comes up with that name as their moniker, anyway?

The camera man grabs Jake's attention again. Jake interprets his gestures to mean turn the paper over.

Jake Starr: Oh! A bio! Sweet! Was this off of Wiki? You can't trust anything that's not there!

Anyway... So this guy is an Aussie who fancies himself a legit wrestler. Isn't that cute? Oh, and he's a big f_cker as well. I suppose this is where my level of worry is supposed to go up?

Jake continues reading his biography. He cocks an eyebrow, and is continually unimpressed by what he is reading. He finally wads the piece of paper up, and throws it to the side, returning his eyes directly to the camera lens.

Jake Starr: Ok, apparently this guy isn't interesting enough to have anything of substantial value on his bio. So for one, he needs to call up Wikipedia, and get them to fix it. Otherwise he'll continue to be a boring read!

Now, as I said, my night will begin with the Urinator. It's my first match, in a new organization, and as everyone knows, it's the time to make a statement to those who believe they matter. And I will.

See, I am coming in to the Alliance to continue my reign of destruction over this industry. I've been around this business for damn-near 15 years, and at one point, I was the cream of the crop. Since returning, my stock has skyrocketed. But there is only so far one organization can carry you. It's then time to branch out, and spread your own wings.

Once the Urinator steps into the ring with me, he'll understand why he's overmatched. Hell, he could very well have done several good things in this business. He could be one of the most dominant "big men" around. Unfortunately he's going to encounter someone who doesn't have to be put in a category when talked about. I'm not called one of the most dominant "middle-sized" guys. I'm one of the most dominant superstars in this industry, PERIOD!

He can bring his size. He can bring his brute strength. It won't matter. I've taken on multiple guys at once, and they were a lot tougher than he'll be. He'll be cut down to size. He'll be toppled. He'll go on to be a mid-carder in the Alliance, maybe a top tier guy somewhere that's desperate. But this isn't one of those organizations any longer. With me here, this place is now at another level. He'll learn the hard way.

After the lesson is learned, my night won't be over. No... My night will have just begun. After that I'll be facing whichever joke emerges from the other semi-final match. It'll be two other people who I've never heard of, but people the fans of the Alliance actually know. Instead of an unknown versus a legend, it'll be a legend versus one of two people who end up soiling themselves when they realize who stands across the ring from them.

Yes, it's that simple!

See, I came here to lead the Alliance to it's new level of existence. I didn't come here to just be a "big name" on the roster. I came here for a purpose. That purpose is to be THE GUY who everyone knows is the KING of the Alliance. I want to be the guy who is the imposing force that dominates everyone who he encounters. Right now... It seems like I'll only have one man to beat in order to get that moniker.

Everyone better take warning that there's a new superstar on the horizon. The "champ," which is a term I use lightly, better realize his days are numbered. He can enjoy his time with his "blang blang" while it lasts. At New Horizons, he'll see what lies on his next horizon, and he'll join the aforementioned people I'll see in the finals of this tournament... He'll need new underwear, and a new goal. His days as champion will cease to exist.


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