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Time is ticking until round two of the "God of Wrestling" tournament. Jake Starr has his sights firmly set on his opponent for the tournament, Kasheryn. Since his last promo, Starr hasn't heard back from his opposition, but that will change shortly. Jake's mindset, however, may not be fully within the Majestic tournament, as he now has The Infection to worry about as well. Since Drachewych sent his goons after Starr at Breakdown, Jake knows he now is literally fighting battles on multiple fronts. Even though it is always seen as a guaranteed lost cause, Jake believes he can manage the pressure, and defeat The Infection while at the same winning this tournament. He is still visably upset though. His father, seeing what happened at Breakdown, and knowing his son's ability to allow his rage to get the better of him, has taken a trip to visit his son at his home hoping to slowly relax his son, and get him to refocus his rage and physicality towards the ones who deserve it instead. His attempts at calming his son have, thus far, been fruitless, but being the stubborn father he is, he will not let up trying to get his son back into the proper mentality for his upcoming match this Sunday.

Jake Starr: I can't f_cking believe it!

Jeff Starr: What?

Jake Starr: F_cking Drachewych! That guy is a piece of garbage!

Jeff Starr: Yeah... I warned you about him!

Jake Starr: I know..

Jeff Starr: But think of it this way... You didn't lose still!

Jake Starr: Very true! As far as I'm concerned... I won by disqualification!

Jeff Starr: You know he'll probably say something about it being a "no contest" or some horse s#it like that.

Jake Starr: F_ck him!

Jeff Starr: Damn... You are upset!

Jake Starr: Oh just wait... He has triggered something he will severely regret!

Jeff Starr: What do you mean?

Jake Starr: He's awoken the "Misfit" from his slumber!

Jeff Starr: Oh?

Jake Starr: And I will make sure I ruin his fun...

Jeff Starr: How?

Jake Starr: He said I "pissed him off?" Well just wait... We all know eventually I'll get my chance against "The Infection," and when that day comes, they will all understand why I was once the most avoided person in the business. They'll learn why companies avoided hiring Jake Starr, and why I ALWAYS ended up with the last laugh!

Jeff Starr: You're vague!

Jake Starr: Trust me... It is time for a "Reunion" EPISODE...

Jeff Starr: Oh no... You don't mean...

Jake Starr: Oh yes!

Jeff Starr: Oh no!

Jake has a very demented look on his face, and a grin that can only be described as "evil."

Jake Starr: But first... Kasheryn!

Jeff Starr: Yeah... You need to make sure he's you're first priority son!

Jake Starr: Oh he is!

Jeff Starr: Good!

Jake Starr: You see... Everyone is beginning to do things they'll rue very soon. They're impeding the progress of ME! Kasheryn will be made a f_cking example of, and Drachewych, I GUARANTEE, will be watching very closely!

Jeff Starr: You think he'll care?

Jake Starr: Probably not... He's a full-of-himself, douche. But trust me... Kasheryn will hate the fact that he's now going to be paying the price for what Drachewych did as well!

Jeff Starr: Yeah... I can almost bet most people wouldn't want to be caught dead in the ring with you right now.

Jake Starr: You're probably right!

Jeff Starr: And truthfully I have never seen you this amped up... Not even back in the old OWF days...

Jake Starr: Those days have NOTHING on how I feel now. Back then, I was trying to decide who I was, and where I wanted my career to go. Now I am out to cement my legacy on the WORLD. If people want to try and screw with that, they're going to be f_cked up one by one. Kasheryn started this influx of emotions when he decided to stick his cum-filled ass in my business. He thought it would intimidate me, and help him get an edge over me. He thought I would play into his little trap. Well f_ck him! F_ck him right in his f_ck hole! I was just going to teach him a lesson in respect, as it pertained to tournaments, but now, I'm going to be visualizing him having a "Dirty Sanchez'd," Drachewych mask on. That way, I can see just how AWFUL and DISGRACEFUL of a human being he is, and set an example for the time when I get my hands on the real person! Kasheryn is going to end up being the wrestling-equivalent of a punching clown on Sunday. His main purpose will be to stand there, and be beaten up, and continue to come back for more. It won't be because of resilience... It will be because I allow him to keep coming back for more.

Roeper walks into the room with the, obviously raging Jake Starr, and his father.

Roeper Hart: Sounds like he's still as happy as he was earlier!

Jeff Starr: Pretty much!

Roeper Hart: Jake you really need to calm down a little!

Jake Starr: CALM DOWN?! Seriously?! There isn't any way in hell I'm going to be calming down anytime soon. Especially now!

Roeper Hart: Goodie!

Jake Starr: If people want to think they have some ability to manipulate MY CAREER, they will have their livelihoods tested. They will have their careers completely F_CKED OVER!

Jeff Starr: It has been a while since I've seen this side of him Roeper...

Roeper Hart: Yeah... Me too!

Jeff Starr: But honestly... As much as I kind of hate to say it... That is part of who Jake Starr is. He is a man who wears his emotions on his sleeves, and verbally degrades anyone who gets in his way...

Roeper Hart: I'm just glad he doesn't do that all the time!

Jake Starr: I do have the ability to know who, when, and where it is appropriate...

Roeper Hart: I know!

Still pacing, Jake lets out a loud scream.

Jake Starr: God dammit!

Jake continues to pant as his rage and anger continue to control his reactions.

Jeff Starr: Feel better?

Jake's head quickly shoots towards his father, and the gaze of a man on a mission shoots directly through his old man.

Jeff Starr: Ok... Guess not!

Roeper Hart: He'll settle eventually...

Jake Starr: After I get to unleash the hell that is engrained in my mind right now, I will have some reprieve from this emotion. And then at the next edition of Breakdown I plan to physically mame one of the cornerstones of Greaternity, and show how that group of NOTHINGS doesn't deserve the attention SCW gives them. THAT will be when I start to feel some better.

Roeper Hart: Thank God that isn't too far off!

Jeff Starr: I hate to say it Roeper... I kind of like seeing this fire in my son again!

Roeper Hart: Glad someone does!

Jeff Starr: You don't?

Roeper Hart: I just don't like seeing him so angry. I like it when he is focused, but not when he is raging at the same time.

Jeff Starr: Who knows... Maybe he'll end up turning green...

Jake shows he can still be funny, even when his emotions are running high.

Jake Starr: HULK SMASH!!!

Jeff Starr: See!

Roeper gets a bit of a chuckle from her husband's response to his father.

Jake Starr: I know I have said it a lot, but Kasheryn made the biggest mistake of his, however long it has been, career. In fact... It's going to be a damn near fatal decision. I don't know why he would have looked at Niq Kross and ME, and actually come to the conclusion that I was his preference of opposition. No knock on Kross, but the fact is I am the more talented, and more skilled wrestler of the two of us. It isn't logical that, in a tournament where you have to, literally and figuratively, climb a ladder to become both Majestic Champion, and God of Wrestling. Why decide that NOW, of all times, is the time to be brave and bold, and choose the BEST this tournament has? Is it a lack of intelligence? Is it an overzealous ego? I am absolutely clueless. It has to be one of the two is all I know because nobody in their RIGHT FRAME OF MIND would have chosen me. Hell... If I were in his shoes I would have hoped for whoever was the obvious "better wrestler" to lose. I won't lie! In a setting like this, I always hope for the less-skilled individuals to somehow pull of an upset before they meet me. This isn't a time to necessarily pick the best of the best, and do whatever you think you have the ability to do to show off. Now is the time to win, win, win! Trudging through this tournament format, and appearing on the victorious end will be enough to "show off" about. Every opponent you fought could have been worth as much as the spludge he has in his keister after his little cell mate finishes with me, and in the end nobody would reflect on that. People would only see the winner of the tournament standing tall at the end of it all. He just doesn't seem to understand it!

Jeff Starr: Yeah it doesn't make much sense to me either!

Jake Starr: I mean don't get me wrong... There is a time and place to want to "show off."

Jeff Starr: Yeah...

Jake Starr: You just don't do it in an intrapromotional tournament like this. Your only goal should be to emerge victorious, and hope nobody can impede that progress.

Jeff Starr: Yeah...

Jake Starr: If you're in your "home" organization, you want to showcase yourself against the "cream of the crop." You don't want to be down with the loners. But here?! You can look at some of the reality shows out there, when one person gets to choose their opponent in order to keep their own head afloat in the game, do they go after those they know they can't beat? NO! They find the weakest link, and exploit it. They do it in hopes by choosing the weakest link, they're survival will be almost 100% guaranteed. I guess this dumb f_ck just doesn't realize it. He doesn't understand the POINT! You don't call out one of the odds on favorites... You don't interfere and CHOOSE that "favorite" by your hand. That is just absolutely, f_cking stupid!

Roeper Hart: Who knows babe... Maybe he just wants someone to notice him outside of AWF.

Jake Starr: Oh people notice him... They notice his incontinence as he walks around with racing stripes on his pants. They notice that he does his best Iron Sheik impression by pissing his pants. Oh people notice!

Jeff Starr: He s#its his pants?

Jake Starr: Well if you were "pink-socked" as much as he is, do you honestly think you would be able to control your sphincter muscles much anymore?

Jeff Starr: Good point!

Roeper Hart: Ew!

Jake Starr: Well am I wrong?

Roeper Hart: I don't know!

Jake Starr: She is right... She wouldn't!

Roeper turns red instantly with embarrassment.


Jake Starr: Well you haven't been "pink-socked" like him! That's reserved for those who enjoy the taste and smell of man-ass in the morning.

Jake's father quickly reassures Roeper she has no need to be embarrassed.

Jeff Starr: Don't worry Roeper... You don't need to worry about me hearing anything like that. You two are grown adults, and welcome to do whatever!

Roeper turns even redder.

Roeper Hart: Oh my God!

Jake Starr: Ha ha!

Jeff Starr: I couldn't resist! Watching her turn the color of a vine-ripened tomoato is CLASSIC!

Roeper Hart: I hate it!

Jake Starr: It's ok hun...

Jake's father returns the conversation back to Kasheryn, this time in a slightly more serious application.

Jeff Starr: You hear the hype of the match between you two?

Jake Starr: I heard it in the background once... Didn't really pay too close attention why?

Jeff Starr: Oh they're just hyping it as this big class of SCW and AWF.

Jake Starr: Ah!

Roeper Hart: You don't seem to care that much...

Jake Starr: I did!

Jeff Starr: But?

Jake Starr: With the way Drachewych runs his organization, I could give a flying f_ck about Supreme Championship Wrestling. All he cares about is himself. His precious organization can go to hell for all I am concerned right now. I am no longer "proudly" representing SCW, after what happened at Breakdown. Yeah I'm under contract there... But in this match for this tournament, I am representing one person... JAKE STARR! When I walk into Drachewych's office after this tournament, wearing the Royal Majestic Championship, I will happily spit in his f_cking face, and make him realize what he could very well be losing. WHEN I emerge as champion... I may decide to show Drachewych where he can stick his little favors. Hell... I may just take the Adrenaline Championship with me. Wouldn't that be fun for him to try and work out. His "prized" Adrenaline Champion walks out and takes the belt with him. Jesus... Can we just make this match with me and Kasheryn today? I am ready to tear his f_cking face off, and send him back to his little no-name, wannabe, piece of garbage federation. That way he can be a "somebody," and quit involving himself with people who actually have TALENT.

Jake's cell phone rings. The caller ID shows that it is Shawn Wright.

Jake Starr: Oh.. It's Shawn... Hang on guys...

Jake lifts the phone to his ear and answers.

Jake Starr: Hello?

Voice of Shawn Wright: Hey man...

Jake Starr: What's up?

Voice of Shawn Wright: You hear Kasheryn's promo that was released earlier?

Jake Starr: Nuh uh...

Voice of Shawn Wright: Here... Listen!

Shawn holds his phone up to the speaker of his television playing Kasheryn's promo. Jake switches his phone to speakerphone and the three in the room listen to everything Kasheryn has to say regarding Starr. As the promo comes to an end, Shawn returns to the phone.

Voice of Shawn Wright: You hear all that?

Jake Starr: Yeah unfortunately...

Voice of Shawn Wright: What did you think?

Jake Starr: Aside from the fact we were introduced to the man in his relationship, I wasn't impressed. He seems to care a HELL of a lot more about the fact that he is from AWF than anyone else does.

Voice of Shawn Wright: Ha ha!

Jake Starr: Yeah we just talked about the fact that I could give a s#it about the whole SCW/AWF bulls#it.

Voice of Shawn Wright: I don't blame you! I gotta go though now bro! I just had to make sure you didn't miss this!

Jake Starr: Thanks bro I appreciate it!

Voice of Shawn Wright: Deuces bro!

Jake Starr: Seeyuh!

Jake hangs up his phone.

Jake Starr: Isn't it amazing how he said I was "complaining" about how he "helped" me. I guess he really is too f_cking stupid to understand how this business is supposed to be in tournaments like this. I mean does he not realize if I saw him as someone SPECIAL I wouldn't be so bothered by the fact that I was fighting him. But unfortunately he is a nobody, and will always be a nobody. He can go around thinking he already is a "God" in this business, and ultimately people with overblown and baseless egos will always think of themselves that way. But, we all know the truth. We all know he is nothing more than a poser in this business. That and a backwoods hillbilly who prides himself on being the "slammer." Oh I mean being IN the slammer. Wow two totally different things there.

Roeper Hart: Ew!

Jake Starr: I also love the fact he thinks I am the "youth" of today. I mean that just shows he knows absolutely NOTHING about me. He doesn't realize I am OLDER THAN HE IS! Oh and on top of that been in this business LONGER THAN HE HAS! Oh my God... If you're going to try and intimidate and verbally abuse someone, KNOW ABOUT THEM FIRST! Otherwise he just sounds like an ill-informed boob. And also the fact he thinks I would have lost if it wasn't for him? Good lord... Once he and I step in the ring, he QUITS, and is sent back to his little pittly-s#it AWF, he'll realize he didn't help or hinder me. He simply stepped in the middle of something he had NO BUSINESS being in the middle of.

Jeff Starr: You don't think he realizes that already?

Jake Starr: No! He actually thinks fans come to see HIM. He is WHO?! A NOBODY! In this business fans come to see people who have been here LONG TERM. I have been around this business for close to 15 years...

Roeper Hart: At least..

Jake Starr: Yeah at least! And he wants to act like he is somehow BIGGER than me? Does he not realize who I am? Apparently not! I mean he was in a match that had to simply have the audio streamed via WEBCAST. He and his opponent weren't good enough BEFORE the match to actually have it be on the REAL CARD. And yet he brags he is the "God" of wrestling? He wants to blame the fact he was on the WEBCAST on his opponent? Umm does he not realize even HE couldn't put his match over on the REAL CARD? He is, too, that much of a waste of space in this tournament! But he is so delusional with his own worth he thinks since he attacked me FROM BEHIND he is the "God of Wrestling" and he was on top? Wow... Last time I checked, fans wanted to see guys who were worth a damn, and not too scared to face someone man to man. Instead he has to sneak behind me and run me over? He is worth about the same as the s#it that I dumped in the toilet earlier today. He is a steaming pile of feces, and nothing more.

Jake cracks his neck from side to side.

Jake Starr: He can go around insulting me and SCW all he wants. I don't care! All is he is doing is running his hickish little mouth, tasting his buddy's ass on the tip of his tongue over and over again, and sounding like a complete DUMMY! He loves to call me "son." Well unfortunately only in a few states could I legally be his "son." Too bad Alabama isn't one of them. But thankfully he does confirm the fact he is a "man-eater" at its finest. He also likes to try and say THE SAME THING I said about him. Wow real original of a GIMMICK there huh? I mean think about it... Didn't I say he had this same gimmick as everyone else in the business, and then what does he say? He comes out and says that I am doing the same things as a fifth grader? Wow... Sure sounds like he is as unoriginal as they come. He just has to resort to repeating the same things his opponent says in order to try and sound relevant. He has to hope people don't go and fact-check him, or call him out on anything. Just like with the "kid" comments, and the "youth" comments, he doesn't have a clue about me. He just thinks if he flaps his gums long enough, he'll actually convince people he is legit. Talk about STUPID!

Jeff Starr: Well that is something I have heard from a lot of people in this business.

Jake Starr: And then they all seem to start these newer promos off with about 20 minutes of worthless, pointless, and mindless CRAP that is irrelevant, and nobody, and I repeat NO ONE cares about.

Roeper Hart: They're the reason for California's rolling blackouts.

Jake Starr: Yeah... Their drivel kills power grid!

Jeff Starr: Yup...

Jake Starr: And how about the fact he sounds like EVERY OTHER PERSON I have met in this business since I returned to wrestling. The whole "first time for everything" speech. I wonder... How many times have I heard that. Hell... EVERY opponent I have had since returning to the business has given me that speech. Does he not realize I am used to hearing it? And doesn't he realize I DO, in fact, know there IS, in fact, a cliche "first time for everything." Hell people have their lives changed at slot machines and lotteries EVERY DAY. That's usually the FIRST TIME they win it. Eventually my streak will end, and I am not stupid in thinking that isn't going to happen. Unfortunately for him, it isn't going to be to him. ESPECIALLY because of the fact I don't want him to have ANY bragging rights over me PERIOD. Some people, I don't mind. See Niq Kross wouldn't have been someone I would have been disappointed to lose to. He is actually SKILLED. Kasheryn on the other hand is a complete tool, who is AMATEUR at best.

Jake takes a deep breath.

Jake Starr: Now I have to say something about a part of his little bitch-fit that, quite frankly, has made his life become in jeopardy...

Roeper Hart: I knew this had to be coming...

Jake Starr: He actually had the GALL to step up and threaten my wife? My WIFE?! For one... She's a woman, and doesn't have the "special parts" he seeks, but you do NOT call my wife out for any reason. She wouldn't do anything with a NOTHING like him, and if he wants to try and rile me up by saying things like he did about her, he will PHYSICALLY regret it. You do not threaten my FAMILY, or actually call their loyalty to me into question. His FAGGOTY-ASS will rue the day he even CONSIDERED bringing my wife into this match...

Roeper Hart: I knew that part would get under his skin...

Jeff Starr: Well it would have gotten under everyone's skin if they have a REAL family. His stupid kayfabe attitude and comments are simply to get you off of your game plan. You can't let his stupid IN CHARACTER and KAYFABE attitude bust you up.

Jake Starr: He doesn't understand kayfabe. Hell he thinks he really is some type of "divine" being...

Jake takes another deep breath and begins to address another touchy subject in Kasheryn's promo.

Jake Starr: Oh and did you realize the racism he was spouting? I mean is that even allowed in this business anymore? I get it... He is a supremacist who wants to offend EVERYONE out there. Honestly... I hope he realizes that there will be a FORMAL COMPLAINT filed against him for even bringing that kind of attitude to the table. That bypasses everything that should be allowed here, and I truly hope he is severely punished for it. If all else... Maybe we'll get lucky and he can be on the receiving end of some hate crimes against him and his God-less attitudes. He can try and justify the fact he was imprisoned for his lack of wrestling recently. But if he is an ex-con, I hate to even think of what he did to be thrown in jail. My guess is he participated with his fellow BIGOTS, and was caught. He is one of the reasons people in the south get a bad rap. He is unwilling to be acceptive of EVERYONE, and feels he is superior due to the color of his skin. I hope he BURNS IN HELL for his views... Or better yet... I hope he gets a dose of his own medicine and is treated the same way he has treated those he has preached his hate against.

Roeper Hart: Yeah... I have a feeling that won't be viewed very positively by the bosses..

Jake Starr: It better be frowned upon. If it is allowed, it will show the complete failure of management. It will also cause me to rethink my involvement with anything to do with this place. I understand being allowed to "express" yourself, but at the same time, race is an issue that has divided a world.

Jeff Starr: Very true...

Jake Starr: Let's just hope it is dealt with properly. If not, it may show me a lot about the backstage management of all of these "sister" federations.

Roeper Hart: What do you mean?

Jake Starr: Take away the characters you see on screen, you go backstage where the REAL decisions are made, if they allow this, that shows the immaturity of each one of them, and may force me to reconsider being employed in such a bigotry-laden place.

Jeff Starr: I don't blame you!

Jake Starr: I am absolutely disgusted...

Roeper Hart: Everyone should be! Especially the African-Americans and other ethnic employees of this company.

Jake Starr: No kidding...

Jeff Starr: Could you imagine if they were ok with his comments?

Jake Starr: It would show how much they don't appreciate their heritages and the difficulties their ancestors went through to give them the chances they have.

Roeper Hart: Very true...

With those final words, Jake and his family members slowly have their conversation muted, and the scene slowly fades to black. The comments made by Starr's opponent, and the response it may receive becomes the main focus of this next card. Will management allow the bigotry and racism to be allowed on their turf? Or will they step up, like they should, and punish the man who voiced them? Should they not, what will it mean for Starr and his career around SCW/Majestic and the other sister federations? Would something like that really make him seek employment elsewhere? Roughly 24 hours are left until we see the answers to these questions, and curiosity fills the world of the "God of Wrestling" tournament.

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