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Round one... Complete! Sixteen supertars, representing four different federations, have made their way to round two of the "God of Wrestling" tournament. In some cases, the outcomes were easily determined by one individual stealing the show, and clearly being the stronger of the two. In one unfortunate case, however, the match wasn't determined by the two in the ring, but by one certain individual outside of the ring.

Niq Kross and Jake Starr were well on their way to solidifying their "legacy" on this tournament with a match that pit close call against close call, with each man having their chances at scoring a victory. These two men hoped that their combined efforts would end up leaving them both, ultimately, feeling victorious.

It was not to be.

Earlier in the night, Kasheryn, a man who had already secured his slot in round two, confronted Jake in the back telling him that the two would be meeting in the next round. Jake's confusion was apparent, and his instant distrust for Kasheryn become even greater. It was a profecy Jake didn't quite understand at the time.

But time answers all questions...

As Niq Kross was gaining what, he believed, to be the final "upper-hand" of the match, Kasheryn decided to come down to ringside and distracted Kross long enough for Jake to take control of the match with his version of the "Canadian Destroyer." From there... As Jake hurled himself into his patented Shooting Five-Star Frog Splash, the clock struck midnight for Niq Kross and his hopes and dreams of winning.

The aftermath that ensued is violent, and understandable.

Between Niq Kross and Jake Starr, both were disgusted with the way the match ended, but one man must move on, and that man's "Starr" continues to shine bright.

With round one over, Jake Starr now has his sights set on his next opponent, Kasheryn. Since Kasheryn confronted Jake backstage at Sunday Night Fights and told him they'd be meeting in the next round, Jake has had his sights set on the AWF representative. Nevertheless, even though he has known about who he'd be meeting next, the way Kasheryn interfered in his match has had Jake steamed. He is searching for answers. Roeper sees the intensity in Jake's eyes. She can tell how amped up the way the match ended has Jake. Jake is seen pacing back and forth running his mouth at 100 miles per hour, and Roeper just sits back and lets her husband speak his peace.

Jake Starr: How could it have honestly ended that way? Hell.. For that matter WHY did it honestly have to end that way?! Why couldn't two guys who had EARNED their chance to compete against one another, and determine who deserved to win actually have it end RIGHT?! I don't even remotely understand it. I don't understand how, in a tournament of this magnitude, ANYONE could allow someone like this piece of dog s#it, Kasheryn, interfere in our match. That tells me a lot about how much Majestic Wrestling really cares about how this tournament makes them look. This is one of those times, as an owner, President, CEO, whatever, you make sure everything happens like it SHOULD. You treat this completely different from any "regular" event put on by an organization. The fact Kasheryn was able to ruin the MATCH OF THE NIGHT, and ultimately the match that would have become the MATCH OF THE TOURNAMENT, deserves ultimate penalty. If Mr. Allocco has any junk between his legs, he'll toss Kasheryn out of this tournament. NOBODY should have the ability to alter this tournament, or for that matter, ruin a match from being able to end the way it was destined to end. It was destined to have Kross and I give the fans what they DESERVED, and have whomever was the better man that night emerge victorious. Unfortunately, thanks to this f_cking piece of TRASH, Niq Kross and I were neglected what we earned. I get absolutely SICK to my stomach just thinking about it!

Roeper Hart: Did you know Kash-er-whatever his name is was even there?

Jake Starr: Not immediately... All I knew was Kross had his back to me. The way we were going back and forth, I was pretty much running on instinct at that point...

Roeper Hart: Makes sense...

Jake Starr: Once I hit the Destroyer on Kross, I noticed why he wasn't facing me...

Roeper Hart: I'm surprised you didn't go after that guy then...

Jake pulls his cell phone out of his pocket and looks at the screen. Seeing no new messages or missed calls, he locks the screen and slips it back into his front pocket.

Jake Starr: Again, it didn't all click. Hell it really didn't click until after I got to the back and had time to recoup and watch the tape.

Roeper Hart: I gotcha...

Jake Starr: I just HATE that it ended like this...

Roeper Hart: At least you're getting to move on!

Jake shakes his head disgusted with the fact he's moving on in the tournament the way he is.

Jake Starr: That's not the point.

Roeper Hart: The point isn't to win?

Jake Starr: The point is to win, yes...

Roeper Hart: Well then you did what you set out to do...

Jake Starr: It's a matter of principle here. Kasheryn ruined this tournament for me. Hell, had he come after me instead of Kross, Niq would have felt the SAME WAY!

Roeper Hart: How can you be so sure?

Jake Starr: I just know... Two stars who have that much respect for one another, and believe that no matter the outcome, the performance for the fans is the most important aspect, is just something you sense. It isn't something that can be described...

Roeper Hart: I know what you mean... I think!

Jake, once again, pulls the phone out of his jeans and looks at the screen again.

Roeper Hart: Why do you keep looking at your phone?

Jake Starr: No reason...

Roeper Hart: Yeah... Sure...

Jake Starr: No it's... Nothing... Don't worry!

Jake slides his phone back in his pocket again, while Roeper seems flustered about her husband's latest mental strain.

Roeper Hart: Just what we needed!

Jake Starr: What?

Roeper Hart: Another event to give you some mental stress...

Jake Starr: Don't worry... This one won't do to me what Drachewych did to me. I think this is more disappointment than mental "anguish" or "stress."

Roeper Hart: Still... It's all the mental game that is causing you to be upset and down a lot of the time.

Jake Starr: It's part of the job babe... Ultimately, everything will play out.

Roeper Hart: I don't care if it's part of the job, it is causing you to not be... Well... You... AGAIN!

Jake Starr: How long has it been since the match?

Roeper Hart: Not very?

Jake Starr: Exactly! I'm just annoyed with how it happened a few days ago. It's not going to be something I dwell on for weeks...

For a third time, Jake pulls his phone out of his pocket.

Roeper Hart: Ok what is with the damn phone thing Jake?

Jake Starr: It's noth...

Roeper Hart: Don't "It's nothing" me! I know better!

Jake Starr: I'm honestly waiting to see if Kross calls...

Roeper Hart: Why would he call?

Jake Starr: Before I left the arena, I put a note on the hood of his car saying I needed to talk to him.

Roeper Hart: What for?

Jake Starr: I know he has to be thinking that I had something to do with Kasheryn coming out...

Roeper Hart: C'mon babe... He has to have seen the fact that Kasheryn confronted you backstage and called you out.

Jake Starr: Do you honestly think that matters to him? Hell me for that matter... Kasheryn is responsible for ruining my match, and the beginnings of my ascension to the top of, not just the rankings of SCW, but Majestic Wrestling as well. It just wasn't supposed to happen that way!

Roeper Hart: I'm sure he understands babe...

Jake Starr: I doubt it...

Jake's cell phone finally rings. The camera gets a close up of the phone's screen, and it reads "Caller ID Blocked." Assuming it is his opponent from round one of the God of Wrestling tournament, he answers.

Jake Starr: Hello...

Voice of Niq Kross: Hey...

Jake Starr: Dude, thanks for calling.

Voice of Niq Kross: Yeah... What's this about?

Jake Starr: I wanted to tell you that I'm sorry for how our match ended. I absolutely did NOT have anything to do with Kasheryn coming out there.

Voice of Niq Kross: I didn't figure you did... You're still moving on... While me, the guy actually in Majestic... Gets screwed.

Jake Starr: We BOTH deserve to be in this next round instead of that piece of s#it!

Voice of Niq Kross: I don't think anyone would argue that...

Jake Starr: Listen... I HATE the fact we were both screwed out of our stellar match, and it doesn't feel right to move onto the next round like this.

Voice of Niq Kross: Regardless, I'm the one who got screwed on it. Congratulations taking advantage of the situation.

Jake Starr: I didn't even know he was there! Listen... I'm f_cking sorry... I don't know what else to say...

Voice of Niq Kross: What else to say? Jake what the hell do you want me to do? Jump behind you and give you my support? Because I honestly can't say I can and be an honest person. I had you beat dead to rights. Even the blind could see that. Yet what happens? Some douche bag that no one has ever heard of before decides to screw me out of a victory. So you know what I want you to say? I want you to say you are going to do what ever the hell possible to beat the living hell out of him. I want you to say that you know just as well as I do that had he not interfered, I would have beat the living hell out of you. We both know I had your number, and that number was six and one. Yet what does it matter what I want you to say. I'm not you and I'm not a fan of putting words in people's mouths. All I can promise is that this idiot thinks he got the better of me, well I can tell you straight up, that i'm not going to let him, OR you have a free ride to the next round. As far as I'm concerned, this is a triple threat match you are going into, and I'm going to completely Kross Out the competition... Don't like it Jake? Well to bad, you've already made your bed. Now Carry that Kross...

Jake Starr: Wait... Hello...?

With those final words, Jake's cell phone beeps, telling him the call has been terminated on Kross's end. Jake pulls the phone away from his ear, and looks as the screen blinks the words "Call Ended." Jake takes a deep sigh and shakes his head. Curious as to what was said, Roeper quickly inquires as to what was said in order to illicit the reaction Jake has on his face.

Roeper Hart: I take it that went well...

Jake Starr: Well I guess I should feel better knowing he doesn't think I had anything to do with Kasheryn...

Roeper Hart: But...

Jake Starr: Apparently he is under the assumption that Kasheryn is the only reason I won. Apparently he thinks he had my number, and it was just a moment until he defeated me.

Roeper Hart: Well I can't say I'm surprised on that one.

Jake Starr: Honestly... Me neither. The bitterness that losing puts in someone's mouth is very obvious most times.

Roeper Hart: Yeah...

Jake Starr: And apparently he's looking to make an impact on my second round match because of it.

Roeper Hart: You really think he'll try and get involved?

Jake Starr: Depends on how smart he is honestly...

Roeper Hart: What do you mean?

Jake Starr: If he is smart, he'll harness all of his emotions and dish them out at Kasheryn once I'm done with him. If he's not smart, he'll try to do something to me too.

As Jake continues to speak and think concurrently, he starts to get a little amped regarding Kross's mentality on the phone.

Jake Starr: He needs to realize this isn't between me and him right now. This is between Kasheryn and him. He needs to realize he would have done the same thing if he were in my shoes. If the roles were 100% reversed, I would be sour too. But having the considerable amount of experience over him, I would realize where I needed to focus that anger!

Roeper Hart: Well thankfully the roles aren't reversed.

Jake Starr: Yeah...

Roeper Hart: And YOU need to focus your attention on this Kasher...

Jake Starr: Ryn...

Roeper Hart: Yeah Kasheryn! You need to start devoting your attention squarely on him, and not on what he did.

While sitting in silence, Jake begins to nod.

Jake Starr: Kasheryn is someone who, in my opinion, is a nobody. He did what he did knowing that I would end up victorious. Hell... He did what he did because he WANTED to fight me. He wants to try shut me up. In his eyes, he could return to his glory days in the Anarchist Wrestling Federation. Supposedly this walking anal creampie used to be the World Champion over in AWF. Quite frankly, if that is something he is hoping impresses me, or intimidates me, he is dead wrong. He wants to say he has "plans for me..." Well his little plans will ultimately be ones that bite him square in the ass. He screwed me out of the match I wanted to have, and I know he expects me to thank him for interfering. Truth be told... I was going to win my first round match regardless of his help. Kross can believe that it was purely thanks to Kasheryn's interference. But if Kross was going to win, he wouldn't have let Kasheryn even effect his focus. Kross made a rookie mistake, and he would have made one that would have lead to me walking away victorious regardless. With Kasheryn, the results WILL be the same. He can hang his hat on the fact he WAS the World Champion of the AWF. The fact of the matter is this... He WAS a champion. He WAS someone at one point in his career. He is a NOBODY now. He is a cock-loving, pole-smoking, ass-eating, piece of s#it who is not going to be happy with what he has brought on himself. No amount of dick-sucking will save him from getting slapped around the ring, and embarrassed by me.

Roeper's eyes widen profusely.

Roeper Hart: Umm... Wow!

Jake Starr: Saying that felt good!

Roeper Hart: Apparently...

Jake leans back and grins.

Roeper Hart: But you do realize you actually have to make him submit right?

Jake Starr: What?! OH YEAH! I totally forgot about that one!

Roeper Hart: Do you even know how to submit an opponent?

Jake Starr: Sure! I just am not a fan of it. It's one of those kinds of things that just takes too long for my short attention span. I like throwing myself into a suicide-like gainer and pinning an opponent. Just is an easier method!

Roeper Hart: Ah!

Jake Starr: Besides... That is one thing I know FOR A FACT has never happened in my career. I have never once tapped or given up. In order to beat me, you must BEAT me!

Roeper Hart: I knew I couldn't remember a time you actually did submit...

Jake Starr: Yeah... And bedroom experiences don't count!

Roeper gasps in shock, and then begins to chuckle.

Jake Starr: Well it doesn't!

Roeper Hart: I believe you!

Jake Starr: Good!

Jake's intensity, and emotion begins to increase again as he thinks about his match with Kasheryn.

Jake Starr: I swear... He thinks EXTREMELY highly of himself for reasons that are completely beyond me. I mean he is trying to play this "cryptic mind-game" against me by throwing stupid catch phrases at me like "... your mind cannot handle what is going to be happen next week." Honestly... What the F_CK is that supposed to mean? My mind is handling it just fine! My mind is, quite frankly, enjoying the ideas of beating him up, and taking out my personal frustrations on him for what he is responsible for causing. He caused the fiasco that has become the "storied" fallout from Sunday's event. He is the SOLE reason Kross felt wronged, and in fact left Majestic Wrestling. It is quite disgusting to think Kasheryn has those abilities, and those bragging rights. He is NOT going to be thrilled with the outcome of Sunday's event. A submission match means one thing, that nobody has really illuded to. A submission match means that you can't be disqualified... You can't be counted out... You can't be pinned... You have to GIVE UP! Jake Starr has a dark side full of demons. My closet is FULL of skeletons. Why? I took pieces of s#it like him, and ruined their careers. I didn't do it physically necessarily. I took the enjoyment of the business away from them. I took their "thrill" of competing and demolished it. I made them not even want to be in the same building as me because of the ability to be a pure PEST to them, and ruin their job. I can GUARANTEE that is my goal for round two. When Kasheryn is forced to quit... He'll literally want to QUIT!

Roeper Hart: Are you really going to let that "version" of you out again?

Jake Starr: Babe... Thinking more and more about what he did has lead me to want to ruin him. To put it nicely, I want to END him!

Roeper Hart: Wow!

Jake Starr: He is trying to be this "dark" and "demented" character. He is hoping he can "get into my psyche" and start playing games with me. It isn't going to be happening! I've been in this business for far too God damn long to even be phased by guys like him. All he is doing is taking one of the old, washed-up, overdone, saturated, gimmicks, and immitating it to the best of his abilities. Granted I use the phrase "best of his abilities" very lightly. His abilities are about as good as mine are in the game of polo. Nevertheless... If he HONESTLY and TRUTHFULLY thinks I am going to be impressed or intimidated by his little "gimmick," he needs to clear the spludge from his eyes and realize he is just another little "newbie" in this business. He is nowhere near the caliber or experience level as I am. He is not anyone who is going to be derailing me from my goal. If he wanted to square off with me so bad, he should have been smarter about it. Instead, he decided he was going to "play God" and decide for himself. If he thinks that is going to help him send some "special" type of message to me, all it does is infuriate me. NOBODY has a right to get involved in my business without me saying it is ok. And as far as Kasheryn is concerned, I NEVER told him it was ok.

Roeper Hart: I don't know if there is anyone you WOULD ok to get involved...

Jake Starr: Not unless I'm completely outnumbered would I even WANT someone involved... Christ this s#it head pisses me off!

Roeper Hart: Yeah...

Jake Starr: And then after all of that... After he took it upon himself to distract Kross, he then decides to sneak into the ring and attack me. What a chicken s#it! He has the "guts" to come tell me he's "chosen" me, like it is some kind of special moment or award, then he can't even come look me in the eye. He has to sneak in the ring and attack me. Wow! Talk about a level of maturity nobody is used to seeing! I mean seriously... In professional wrestling how often is it that someone has to sneak up behind someone, because ultimately they know they stand no chance of beating them one on one. Oh that's right... A whole hell of a lot of times! Like I said when this DOPE decided to try and be all "macho" on Sunday Night Fights, he is just one of those dime-a-dozen, run-of-the-mill, kind of guys. He is nobody special. He is just going to continue to imitate all of the stereotypical "bad guys" and ultimately always be someone easily forgotten as far as history is concerned. This business sees guys like Kasheryn come and go DAILY! How am I supposed to look at Kasheryn any differently than say... Eric Anderson? He is no different... He will be forgotten in a mere matter of minutes! He had his little 15 minutes of fame against whoever EE Bra is...

Roeper double-takes at the name.

Roeper Hart: The poet?

Jake Starr: No that's E. E. Cummings...

Roeper Hart: Oh I was thinking you were saying Kasheryn fought a dead guy...

Jake Starr: Basically that is what EE Bra is. He was a limp corpse in the ring, and it was depressing for Kasheryn... Kasheryn never likes things limp near him!

Roeper Hart: Ew!

Jake Starr: I know! But he had his little time to shine against that guy... Now he actually has to step into the ring against someone with talent, and someone who actually DESERVES to be here. Had he actually faced someone deserving of a chance to be in this tournament, he would have EASILY been one of the proverbial first-round eliminations. Instead, he gets a bye, and will have his hopes and dreams dashed thanks to me.

Roeper seems a bit nervous about the match.

Roeper Hart: I'm just concerned about Kross's mental state.

Jake Starr: Mentally I think he will wisen up, and not get involved. He may still hope for a piece of Kasheryn, or me for that matter, but I don't think he'd want to lower himself to the level Kasheryn did. Niq just seems a little better than that. But if he gets involved, I'll make damn sure he realizes it was a dumb move. After I destroy Kasheryn, and make him QUIT... Then Kross can have him all to himself. If, after he's done with Kasheryn...

Roeper Hart: Or if he even decides he wants a piece down the road...

Jake Starr: Right... If after he's done with that he decides he wants more of Jake Starr, and wants me to prove the FACT that he would have still lost, had Kasheryn not decided to get in the middle, I'm not one to avert the gazes. He'll know where to find me!

With those final words towards Kross, Jake storms out of the room, and Roeper quickly runs after him to make sure he doesn't go around taking his anger out on various items in the house. Jake has to keep himself in check so he can overcome all of the emotion evoked by the outcome of round one. If he allows it to overtake him, he could potentially slip up, and make a mistake that could cost him his opportunity to move on in the "God of Wrestling" tournament.

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